His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 185 – 186

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Chapter 185

She sent Christian to the school early the next morning. When he entered, Christian waved to her at the school gate. Mom, you go back.

I can stand alone at the gate of the school where Christian left. , Suddenly felt a little emotional, she sighed, Christian is already growing up slowly, and she is also gradually getting old, thinking back to her 25 years of life, how did she come over? Someone watched Christian enter the school gate and began to call Elbert. Young Master Bo, Young Master has already gone to school, Miss Tang took him to an aristocratic school, Young Master should not be bullied. Elbert’s eyes grew deeper, and then he called me as soon as he had any questions. Yes, thin.

The people over there answered and hung up, and then took a few secret photos and sent them to Elbert. When Elbert opened the email, his eyes fell on those photos and he froze.

As if unable to move, he actually started to look at the mother and son in the photo like a demon.

Lisa smiled and Christian was excited.

The two lived very well in the world without him, carefree.

A slight pain passed through her mind like this, Elbert thought to herself, is it true that Lisa will be completely happy only if she leaves her.

He was jealous, seeing Christianneng smiling so happily in the photo, he felt like he had been punched so hard, he didn’t even have the strength to fight back.

Christian would never show the expression full of happiness when facing him, he clearly hated him to the bone. Even at a young age, he dared to threaten him with his own life.

It would be sad that his father had reached his level, and he could not even keep his own son. Elbert didn’t speak.

He stared at the photos for a long time before exiting.

He looked at the computer interface that returned to the desktop, and it took a long time for him to take it back.

At this time, Messy Lin pushed in from outside the door, and Elbert, the men around Lisa had already investigated. When Messy Lin said this, there was a slight dissatisfaction in his voice.

He never thought that Lisa was that kind of woman.

At the beginning, Lisa loved Elbert loved so desperately, but in the end, it became the kind of inferior in their eyes. woman.

Really, it’s not worth it for her. Elbert noticed the emotions in Messy Lin’s words, but he didn’t point out, so he reached out and took the report handed by Messy Lin. Who has she been close to recently And a designer named Cyril Cong.

Messy Lin endured his own inner resistance and said that they are colleagues in the company, and it seems that they have become Miss Tang’s co-tenant because of the move. Originally, the house belonged to Jia Qi, but after Jia Qi died, the house was under the name of Lisa.

After Jia Qi’s death, these four words made Elbert shrink his pupils.

He didn’t have heard that Daniel Ye’s temperament has changed drastically recently, and Daniel Ye’s company is saying that Daniel Ye’s temperament is irritable these days.

In the past, he was always cold, and only recently he lost his temper easily.

Later, he inquired about it and realized that it was Jia Qi who had died.

The woman who hadn’t even looked at Daniel Ye’s eyes before her death made Daniel Ye become a person after her death. Elbert thought to himself, I don’t know if Daniel Ye has any regrets in his heart, and even thought about it, if one day even Lisa loses information like Jia Qi, he will be even more mad.

Chapter 186

When you said that you moved the house, you meant to put your mind back on the report. Elbert lowered his voice and asked, they are now living in a cohabitation relationship.

Messy Lin defended Lisa, and Elbert, Cyril Cong found Miss Tang only through normal online sharing news. , Now they are just colleagues, not the kind you think.

I think Elbert sneered, then you might as well talk about what I think.

Messy Lin’s expression changed when Elbert asked him.

He buried his head lower, and I didn’t dare to speculate about Elbert’s thoughts. Don’t dare Keep saying that I don’t dare, but he also dared to taunt him openly and secretly.

He is worthy of being his own good assistant. Elbert stared at Messy Lin for a long time, and then faintly said to look up the guy named Cyril Cong. We can’t find it. When Messy Lin said these words, Elbert’s face changed. Who is Cyril Cong? You can’t find out that Messy Lin looked at Elbert’s angry face and tried to keep himself calm.

Thin, Cyril Cong’s identity should not be simple, he seems to be just a game studio designer. But in fact his past is nowhere to be found. Elbert’s eyes deepened all of a sudden, and even his voice got a little chill. Do you know what this means? Messy Lin didn’t speak. Elbert patted the table to look like it means that he can’t just find Lisa and he can’t just find it casually.

It’s possible that he has a plot.

He is like a timid husband who is afraid of his wife being taken away.

Since Cyril Cong’s background is so suspicious, it’s not a trivial matter.

He probably found Lisa deliberately and moved to live with Lisa deliberately.

This is how he can bear Lisa living with a man all day. Even work is in the same place, which means that they have been together almost all day, leaving work on the way, and going home together.

This tells him how he can endure Elbert and be a little upset, and a Cyril Cong appeared out of thin air. , Making him anxious all over. Was he caring about Lisa as much as he does now? It’s impossible.

In the past Elbert didn’t put Lisa in his eyes at all.

This was obviously a confession to her. Was it so difficult? Messy Lin owed her so much.

Looking at Elbert’s eyes, Elbert’s sharp eyes frightened Elbert’s sharp eyes when you saw Miss Tang.

To shut up.

He probably thought of what Messy Lin wanted to say, so he simply told him to shut up.

Impossible, he deceived all the thoughts in his mind like he was deceiving himself.

He just couldn’t let go of the truth about the previous kidnapping, so Elbert was so self-brained, and then he asked, is there a way to check Cyril Cong again? It might take some effort.

Messy Lin’s answer is not very sure, after all, he tried it before. , All the information about Cyril Cong has been deleted completely, which shows that there is a big force behind him blocking him.

It’s just that Messy Lin’s inaccurate tone was particularly ironic when it reached Elbert’s ears, causing the man to explode again. Cha continues to check this Freinvilla, there is no one I can’t find, Elbert roars, unless he came out of the world out of thin air, he won’t believe it, how could Cyril Cong not find out who is Cyril Cong?

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