His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 189 – 190

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Chapter 189

When the driver heard this cemetery, he glanced at Lisa through the rearview mirror, and then he relieved to step on the accelerator.

Seeing that she is a pretty normal girl, there shouldn’t be any problems.

I don’t know when it started to drizzle, but it is a very suitable weather to go to the cemetery.

Lisa asked the driver to stop the car at the cemetery, thank you sir , I just walk in by myself.

The driver didn’t shirk too much.

Lisa gave the money but didn’t let him find it.

After getting out of the car, the thin figure was submerged in the rain.

She walked into the Datong Cemetery in a familiar manner, and then turned a few turns quite quickly and accurately, to a new cemetery.

This cemetery is obviously new, and even the name hasn’t been written yet.

There is only a bunch of lilies next to it when Lisa came last time. Qiqi, let me see you.

Lisa stood beside the tomb for a long time before making a sound.

Her voice was very soft, and it became more and more illusory under the shower of rain, as if the wind would blow away.

She was in the rain, thin and broken.

Looking at the tombstone with no name engraved, the wordless inscription on it is like Jia Qi’s ridiculous and hasty life, fleeting, and in the end nothing is left, only a blank.

She said, I have missed you for a long time, and I decided to resign and go to the city we agreed.

She knelt down gently, looking at the tomb and muttering, did you know that after you left, Daniel Ye came to me and he came to ask me where I hid you.

Lisa circled his legs, but in fact, where can I hide you, relatives, it’s because you are forced to not survive. You used to give me positive energy, but I’m sorry, when you need me, I can’t save you.

Lisa murmured almost unconsciously.

I saw the shocked expression on Daniel Ye’s face.

I felt relaxed and sorrowful.

He finally laughed hard today, and then stood up from the ground, Jia Qi, I think You will always be braver than me.

I have lived in the shadow of Elbert for so long, lingering alive, but you have the courage to die.

I believe that Daniel Ye must have been hurt by you at that moment.

Lisa’s eyes seem to be empty, and there is a sentence that is really correct, man, why do you always try to get it, and then try to hurt it again Jia Qi, you know what, I occasionally see Ye Shocked once, he seemed to have changed his personality and became irritable.

It was probably because of you.

It’s good that he has already received retribution.

Lisa said a lot, and then stretched out his hand to stroke the tombstone without words, Jia Qi, these are my sincere words, but the real truth is, I hope you are not dead.

If you are still alive, please give me a message, no matter how far away, no matter how far away, I will go to you.

After speaking, the woman noticed that the rain on the top of her head was a little lighter, and she just looked up to see the weather, but found that a black shadow was covering her head.

Marven Su stood behind her with an umbrella in one hand, a cynical smile hung from the corner of her mouth as usual, and her blue-green eyes were blurred by the rain. Countless memories passed through the gaps of time like electric sparks, and she seemed to see through him the man she met on the night of the rainstorm.

Lisa just froze in place, never thought he would appear behind her.

Chapter 190

Lisa probably didn’t expect to meet Marven Su, she stared at Marven Su for a long while, and she uttered a very cold word from her lips, you followed me Marven Su was laughing, the man raised his eyebrows slightly, guess.

The answer is self-evident.

Lisa didn’t speak, and stood there for a long time, until the sound of rain gradually became denser, and she saw the damp marks on Marven Su’s other half’s shoulders.

She said, don’t show up in my life anymore.

Marven Su squinted and smiled.

If I say no, Lisa said, if I live, you will find me, then I must die to get rid of your entanglement.

Marven Su hissed, and then his voice was directly lowered, Lisa, you are getting more and more ruthless.

Lisa fell silent again, and then she turned away and took the initiative to leave the umbrella Marven Su had put up over her head.

She would rather be full of heavy rain than to hide from him again.

Marven Su stared at the direction Lisa was leaving, and called her name behind him, Lisa, I said if.

If you were rehabilitated five years ago, you will choose to do something five years ago Lisa laughed, her heart is already riddled with holes, and what the truth was five years ago is no longer important. Up. Once that was the evidence that could prove her innocence.

She wanted an answer crazily for a time, but later, after a person was so desperate, even the so-called truth had been completely given up. Don’t check it.

Lisa turned around and took a look at Marven Su.

At that glance, there was a ruin in his eyes.

She said that there is no turning back after confessing guilt. Whether it’s black or white, she doesn’t care anymore.

Seeing Lisa’s expression, Marven Su’s heart ached, he chased up a few steps, did you come to say goodbye to Jia Qi or did you say goodbye to this city Lisa did not say anything, just looked back at Marven Su, she smiled at him I laughed, I’m still waiting for her.

The next second, when she turned around and wanted to go away, she saw a person coming from a distance, followed by several assistants.

The tall man came towards her from the rain until the amber eyes were washed away by the rain. Crystal clear, he squinted and laughed, Lisa, I only give you one last chance to tell where Jia Qi is.

It’s Daniel Ye.

Seeing him in such a big posture, Lisa chuckled lightly.

It seems that there are still many people following me.

Marven Su’s expression changed.

Standing behind Lisa, he looked up at Daniel Ye. Ye always came to Lisa, or Jia Qi. Jia Qi is here. Before Daniel Ye could speak, Lisa took the initiative to show him a way. Jia Qi’s grave is here. Mr. Daniel, did you come to see her? Daniel Ye’s body trembled slightly, in the light rain.

The man’s expression also seemed a little cold.

He unconsciously looked in the direction pointed by the Lisa, then sneered hard, and just gave me an unnamed tomb. Can you fool me? Daniel Ye, you kind of When will you pretend to have an indifferent attitude? Lisa shook her head in the rain, her wet hair stuck to her face, she stared at Daniel Ye’s face, don’t deceive yourself, Jia Qi has been completely hurt by you Up. Daniel Ye wanted to step forward, but the woman directly stopped in front of him, using every word, trying her best. Don’t cry in front of her grave, dirty her, reincarnation, samsara, road.

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