His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1968

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Chapter 1968

He was right that Han Qingyan was silly and sweet, but he didn’t expect Han Qingyan to have a big Buddha to escort her!

Taking a look at Wei Xin unwillingly, Gu He thought angrily in his heart that he would have to wait some day when Wei Xin was away before starting to attack Han Qingyan. This is easier to succeed.

It’s just that I’ve come here today…

Gu He bit his head and followed Wei Xin with a smirk, “Alright, since Master Wei said so…”

Wei Xin raised his thin chin and watched Gu He look like he was in front of him. As a clown, he couldn’t understand why Han Qingyan grew up in a wealthy family, so he fell in love with such a second-rate guy Gu He.

Gu Ye is much better than Gu He. After all, Gu Ye is the real son of Gu’s family and he is a dragon and phoenix.

It’s just that Wei Xin didn’t say it. He watched Han Qingyan go to work and clock in. Gu He was like a dog smelling meat. He followed Han Qingyan all the way into the elevator with her, under the name of cooperating with the Han family. , But it was an attempt to use Han Qingyan as a stepping stone.

Wei Xin’s eyes flashed, and then turned to go out. At this moment, the young lady at the front desk of the Han Group shyly shouted, “Master Wei.”

Wei Xin paused.

The young lady at the front desk stretched out a small note, “Well, this is my contact information…”

Wei Xin looked at the young lady at the front desk who was chatting with him. He squinted his eyes and said, “What’s wrong? “The young lady at the front desk looked at it coldly and handsomely, she was simply the hero in the comics, her eyes were full of love, “I just want to get to know…”

“Submit your resume to our company and call the personnel department for an interview. You can come to work officially after you pass it. You should know the process of these formal work.” Wei Xin threw the small note into the trash can at the door, “You don’t need to use this method.” The young lady at the front desk suddenly paled. It was as if a fire was poured into a pot of water, and then looking at the back of Wei Xin leaving, she bowed her head in shame and embarrassment.

However, Han Qingyan didn’t know what was happening behind her. She and Gu He were in the same elevator room, and they were even a little nervous.

Gu He looked down at Han Qingyan, who was a little shorter than himself. In fact, to be honest, Han Qingyan’s appearance was not bad, if it weren’t for being engaged to Fu Shuman…

Gu He glanced at Han Qingyan’s white neck. The idea of ​​Xia San was passing through his mind.

This Wei Xin probably hasn’t touched Han Qingyan yet, right?

Gu He stepped forward and gently touched Han Qingyan’s hand.

Han Qingyan’s face flushed suddenly, and he took two steps back in the elevator, “Agu, you…”

“I’m sorry to make you embarrassed in front of me and the company.”

Listen, how green tea is Gu He’s words? Er even apologized, but since you don’t want Han Qingyan to be embarrassed, don’t do this kind of thing!

But where does Han Qingyan have Gu He’s scheming and greasy? In her eyes, Gu He looks affectionate and gentle now. She can only blush and say, “No, I really want to help you too, but I can’t mess around and break the rules in the company. I will take you later. Go to dad’s office, you and my dad have a good chat…”

Gu He repeatedly thanked him. With Han Qingyan’s ride, he estimated that he would be able to pull Gu Ye from his position soon and out of the elevator. He looked like Like leading his girlfriend, he took Han Qingyan’s hand and swaggered through the Han group. Han Qingyan had never seen this scene. He would only lower his head and be ashamed and anxious, but it made the employees around him stare eye.

“This won’t be… our little princess’s boyfriend?”

“Oh, he’s pretty handsome, he looks familiar…”

“Come to the company’s official announcement?”

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