His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1981

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Chapter 1981

The recent situation between Luo Youyou and Sakura Kurosawa seems to have eased. Gu Ye, who took the skin care products to the hospital, looked at Sakura Kurosawa sitting next to Luo Youyou’s bed, finally panting in his heart. Sighed.

These two people may have grown up from this unsuccessful relationship, and they can already be on their own. Even in love, they will not lose their minds, mature adults.

Putting down the health care products, Gu Ye said, “I feel like you have been rounded recently.”

“My mom and I changed the menu every day…” Luo Youyou smiled helplessly, “I’m so afraid that I will get fat.”

“Alright, so at least you and your children are healthy, you are too thin in the past, and winds can blow away. “Gu VOLUME then said,” or else you both get married is also very good, but also saved me elements of money. “

edge Sakurahara Kurosawa immediately took a mouth, “Why don’t it settle, don’t you take the money?”

Gulliver Gu felt so angry and funny, “Why can you miss my money so much?”

“Ex-boyfriend Well, I always want to squeeze your wool.” Sakurahara Kurosawa smiled with teeth, because his facial features are good, or his expression can scare others, he said, “By the way, what did your brother say about that?”

“He recently ran to the Han family diligently, probably because he wanted to attack the daughter of the Han family.” Gu Yao frowned slightly, “but he has a fiancé outside, which is not so good.”

“It’s not good this way .” “

At the same moment, Han Qingyan was holding the breakfast from Gu He frowning, intending to put it back into He’s hand, “There are so many people in our company, you come and give me breakfast every day, and everyone will gossip when they go back. “

Just say, I don’t do bad things, and I am not afraid of shadows.”

Recently, Gu He appeared in front of Han Qingyan so frequently. Had it not been for witnessing his proposal to Fu Shuman, Han Qingyan would really think that She was in a relationship with Gu He, she pursed her lips and said, “You and Sister Fu Shuman’s matter has not been resolved, so it’s not nice to come to me all the time…”


Han Qingyan is actually right. Maybe the little girl knows everything in her heart. Although she likes Gu He nonchalantly, she also knows that she can’t do bad things. If Fu Shuman goes abroad to talk to Gu Something happened to the river, didn’t it take advantage of others?

So Han Qingyan shook her head, “Take the breakfast back, don’t give it away, and recently my father noticed this, in case it should be passed on to other families…”

She didn’t want her family to be affected too.

But Gu He is a person with the highest interests. He wants everything from Fu Shuman to Han Qingyan. He has great ambitions. So the man grabbed Han Qingyan’s hand and said, “I see. You think it’s unfamiliar. Isn’t it bad, right?”

Han Qingyan couldn’t resist Gu He’s sudden passionate pursuit, so he could only step back a bit, “Anyway, don’t be like this really, it’s not a question of indecent status, I I don’t want to intervene between you and Fu Shuman, please return to the original track, Gu He!”

After speaking, Han Qingyan turned around and left. She was still panting when she returned to the post. She felt uncomfortable when she refused Gu He. She was a little desperate, but what could she do? She fell in love with a man with a fiancée, so she couldn’t do that kind of sorry for others.

So, what can I do if I like it again. It’s better to refuse altogether and watch him happy.

As a result, not long after Han Qingyan sat down, the colleague at the side said, “Qianyan, there is a handsome guy looking for you…”

Han Qingyan said without thinking, “I didn’t tell Gu He to come again

” He has been looking for you these past few days?” A familiar and pleasant voice came, Han Qingyan was taken aback, turned to see Wei Xin standing at the door of their department, carrying a bag in his hand, buttoning the door, and wearing a sportswear. Stepping on a pair of sneakers, his face was full of youth and jealousy, and he smiled lightly at Han Qingyan, “It seems that he wants to chase you.”

Han Qingyan stunned for a moment. Up.

Wei Xin’s handsome face, which is full of unpleasant daily life, has already reached her. Then the man lifted the bag in his hand and said, “Morning, meal.”

The boxed lunch made by Wei Xin?

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