His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1982

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Chapter 1982

Wei Xin has been busy going abroad a while ago, so these days the family is all alone with Han Qingyan. Naturally, no one makes breakfast for her. He saw Wei Xin’s face hitting her face. For the box lunch, Han Qingyan didn’t care about his mocking tone just now, his face was full of surprises and surprises, “Are you back from Paris?!”

This reaction.

It is rare for Wei Xin to hook his lips, as if he was in a good mood, “Yes, I also brought gifts for my mother and your mother.”

Han Qingyan didn’t even bother about the big scene at the company, and went up and dragged him up. Wearing the hat on the back of his sports sweatshirt,

“What about mine! What about mine!”

Wei Xin put the exquisite and beautiful boxed lunch on her office table, spreading his hands,

“You white-eyed wolf, nothing.”

Han Qing The smoke made her mouth pouted. She and Wei Xin grew up together. What good things would be the first to think of Wei Xin, but when Wei Xin went abroad, he didn’t even bring her souvenirs!

So angry that Han Qingyan returned to his job, turned on the computer, and said, “I don’t want to see you anymore, go away!”
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Wei Xin didn’t care about her, and hummed twice with a handsome face, and then Said, “Then I’ll go back and pick you up from work later.”

Han Qingyan said, the two of them have always been like this. Sometimes when Wei Xin is busy, Han Qingyan will go to his company after work.

It turned out that the two of them were so familiar with the relationship as their relatives, which shocked the colleague next to him. Before Wei Xin walked out, he heard the colleague behind him whispering, “Han Qingyan will not be stepping on his feet. Two boats, right?”

“Who knows, this Gu family recently walked so close to her, and turned his head to another handsome guy, tut…”

“Well, rich daughters, rich and minded, where are the little people like us watching? It’s clear?”

“I can’t see it. Han Qingyan looks like a pure sister. In private, it won’t…what’s so messy, right?”

Wei Xin’s expression turned cold for a moment.

However, after thinking about it, it was in the company of the Han family. Wei Xin clenched his hand in his pocket subconsciously. He straightened his back and left as if he hadn’t heard it. Only Han Qingyan was busy wearing headphones. While listening to the voices sent by others, I didn’t even hear the discussion just outside.

When she was about to leave after work, she was yelled at by a caring person, and asked, “Qianyan, will that little handsome guy come downstairs to pick you up in a while?”

The soft cigarette yelled, just like her own.

Han Qingyan is a big fool. He didn’t hear the strange smell of yin and yang. What’s more, she and Wei Xin have always been like this, and they can both brush the same toothbrush. This relationship has reached the point where you and I are irrelevant. She is used to it, and she doesn’t think she is like Wei Xin. There was something weird about that person, so others looked ambiguous, Han Qingyan didn’t notice it personally, and nodded particularly honestly,


Just now he sent WeChat and said that he was downstairs.

Unexpectedly, that person laughed and said sarcastically,

“Then if the Gu family picks you up later in the morning, you won’t be afraid that the matter will be exposed?”

Han Qingyan’s face turned pale, and suddenly she understood that the person who was talking to him was What do you mean, the malice that Ming Huanghuang stabbed at herself made her feel a little bit confused. Han Qingyan pursed her lips and said, “It’s not what you think…”

“Explain to me what I’m doing. I’m not a leader.” I just asked casually~”

“Hey, are you talking too much yin and yang, right?”

Someone stood up to help Han Qingyan, and others shook the fire.

“You are not afraid to turn your head and annoy our little princess and ask her family to treat you. Open it~”

“Open me?

I didn’t make any mistakes at work. If you open a person for no reason, I will go to labor arbitration. If our Han enterprise is so big, it shouldn’t do everything according to the princess’s wishes. Well, in the future, there are so many workers in the world who would dare to work in Han’s enterprise, and the reputation will be bad!”

Han Qingyan’s expression is particularly embarrassing, she wants to explain but can’t say anything. Gu He did come this time. It was too diligent to find her, and she also faintly noticed that something was wrong, but she herself understood that she refused, and she didn’t know why these people still held on.

“That person hasn’t affected the company’s development. What does your private life matter to you?”

“I can’t bear to see a young girl stepping on two boats!” The man shouted, as if he was still provoking Han Qingyan. “It’s shameless to walk through the back door because of having a family to support yourself!”

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