His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1983

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Chapter 1983

Going through the back door, shamelessly, these stereotyped prejudices about the children of wealthy people are really true.

Han Qingyan didn’t know where to explain, she could only say earnestly and eagerly, “I didn’t come in to open the back door at home. I also passed the interview…”

“Come on, don’t pretend to be pure here. Everyone You don’t have to pretend if you know.” The aggressive colleague smiled sarcastically, “Actually, it’s the same me. If I were you and my family had money, I would also go through the back door. Who would tell me not to reincarnate? So you don’t have to. It takes a lot of effort to explain to us that you are not relying on your home. There will be no people who leave the company at home. They will go outside and suffer hardships for internships, right?”

Han Qingyan was so bad that she could not say a word. No matter what the preconceived stereotype is gone, no matter how she explains it, it is useless, but if she is said to be the daughter of the Han family, is it not fair enough for her? Because she worked on her own all the way into the company, and didn’t show off her eldest lady’s cards…

Han Qingyan took a deep breath, her eyes flickering with tears, Jia Qi and Han Rang carefully cultivated her, and she worked. I rarely make mistakes on the Internet. Naturally, I have never been pointed to the nose and said that after a while, people who met each other saw this aggrieved picture of her, and then deliberately stepped back and said, “Oh, I’m sorry, our little princess. Blame me, blame me for being rich, blame me for sourness, it’s ~ blame my life is bad~”

“If my life is bad, go to death.”

Before the voice fell, a decisive voice came from outside, indifferent and simple, and finished. He walked in, against the young jealous face, and dragged Han Qingyan over, “Go. How long do I have to wait for you downstairs?”

Han Qingyan’s eyes were still red, and he called out. “Weixin…”

When she never called him so wronged, when she couldn’t catch Gu He before, she was full of energy like a sunflower to cheer herself up-this kind of Han Qingyan is the head of Wei Xin. See you once.

I don’t know where the nameless fire came from, and Wei Xin’s teeth were clenched. He took the bag for Han Qingyan, and then said, “I went to my house to eat at night, my mother said that I did your love. Eat it.”

Han Qingyan pouted and tears were about to come out. Wei Xin was helping her to speak. She nodded, bit her lip and said, “Then let’s go first… Anyway, we’re off work…

“Wait a minute, what do you mean? Find a boyfriend to come over and scold us to die?”

That colleague seemed to be provoked too much. Seeing Han Qingyan and Wei Xin planning to leave and ignore them, he deliberately choked. ,

“I thought I was in the palace for the princess as a spare tire, this little handsome guy.”

Wei Xin’s expression changed, even Han Qingyan noticed the drastic changes in his surroundings, and wanted to speak for Wei Xin. , As a result, Wei Xin turned his face away with murderous intent, and said to the colleague from a condescending manner, “I originally really didn’t want to pay attention to you who are so sour and weird at all. If you care about you, you will automatically orgasm, no With her, can you go up as the president of Han’s enterprise?

How about bringing you up to the top to feel the pressure and atmosphere of the horror of big companies? What is the place in your mouth for the top 100 companies that are upright in business? Actually, you want to become her? You really don’t want to see other people’s kindness. You have to be kind to you because of Han’s kindness. Don’t worry, I cover the sky with my own hands, unlike Han Qingyan who doesn’t care, you are like you. I can’t even step into the door of my company’s internship.”

After saying this, someone echoed, “Yes, she’s sour. When a colleague around her is promoted, she has to say a few words behind her. Han Qingyan, everyone who is better than her will be scolded by her again. She is not a hatred of the rich, as long as she is rich, she will not hate, if others are rich, she will not be used to this kind of human psychology Dark.”

“What do you mean!”

The colleague who pointed at Han Qingyan just now went back to fight with the surrounding theater. It was good now, and the conflict suddenly became a lot of trouble. She just broke the news and said again, “If the team leader did it, you also said that people must be pleased with the high-level rich woman as a little white face! The mind is very bad!”

“Don’t make a noise, don’t make a noise…”

Han Qingyan was helpless on the side, “It’s all off work, please stop arguing …”

“Who is arguing with her is that she says that there are too many others behind her back. I can’t help it. It won’t be true. Some people think they dare cynical Han smoke is equivalent to challenge the authority of the handsome, right? “

Wei Xin Han smoke patted on the shoulder, then said,” we go first, something about this thing to go to work tomorrow. “

Han Wei smoke is Xinla stumbled and walked out, “But…Isn’t this not so good.”

“You just don’t think of yourself as a daughter, and others will step on your head. People are cheap.” Wei Xin gritted his teeth, cold. With a face, “Class struggle will always exist. The gap between the rich and the poor in society will cause class contradictions and various involutions. People with status and ability will inevitably absorb more social attention and malice. At that time, if you If you haven’t consciously, or if you don’t have enough to carry these, you will be so yin and yang strange every day.”

Han Qingyan was taken aback.

Wei Xin seldom said big things, but today seems to have said a lot.

He looked at the problem thoroughly and hit the nail on the head. Han Qingyan went back to the car in silence, and then watched Wei Xin start the car. She asked, “Then are you still angry?”

“I am angry?” Wei Xin heard the joke. It seemed, “What am I angry about? It’s not that I was scolded.”

“I think you are more angry than me…”

Wei Xin narrowed his eyes with a smile, and squeezed, “To be honest, it seems a bit .”

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