His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1995

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Chapter 1995

Qin Hu looked at Han Qingyan’s white face and felt that he was one and two big, “Do you know that her father is Uncle Han? You just kidnapped people to our house like this. In addition, how did you know Han Qingyan?”

Qin Ruo didn’t hide it, and even directly said the process of meeting Han Qingyan in front of his own brother. Qin Hu glanced at his sister with a bit of speechlessness. , And then sighed and said, “You have to change your behavior.”

“I broke the law?” Qin Ruo pointed to himself, “You care how I live, and I don’t fight with you for family property. I am an illegitimate daughter. Leave your private life alone.”

Qin Ruo’s words sound hostile, but when you think about it carefully, what she said actually makes sense.

Han Qingyan also envied her for being so free. Perhaps in the eyes of the common people, Qin Ruo is a very bad woman, because she only makes things happy on her own. If she changes her gender, she may still be out-and-out. Scumbag, but Qin Ruo doesn’t seem to care what others think at all. She sat down next to Han Qingyan, holding Han Qingyan’s small face, and whispered, “Weixin is so fierce to you, don’t talk to him again in the future.

I’m very angry.” “But he has always been taking care of me.” Han Qingyan still wanted to help Wei Xin to speak, after all, they have known each other for so long. “Actually, he is very smart and will always help at critical moments. I, so… Recently, he may be in a bad mood and lost his temper with me. It’s nothing. We grew up together, so I should give it a little too.”

Han Qingyan is reasonable. She is a person who understands right and wrong. Jia Qi taught her very well, so even though Han Qingyan felt sad at this time, she didn’t feel much resentment towards Wei Xin. She looked at Qin Ruo’s face seriously and said, “Perhaps according to your way of living. She will be very reckless and comfortable, but I still need to contact when I live in this world, because those important people lower their heads, I don’t think it matters.”

Han Qingyan doesn’t actually lower her head, she is very stubborn.

But if it is Wei Xin.

What’s wrong with lowering your head.

Hearing Han Qingyan saying this, Qin Ruo reluctantly pulled his old brother over, “I understand, but…you and Wei Xin really have nothing? Then anyway, you are single, and my brother is single. You can recognize me, although my brother is a scumbag, but because he is a scumbag, he will make girls happy. You can use him as a tool to distract and please yourself, even if you find a few more guys outside. My friend, as long as you don’t let my brother know, it means it didn’t happen.”

No… this is too naked, right?

Qin Hu slapped his face and covered his face, “Qin Ruo, don’t teach Han Qingyan…”

“I really want to see her go bad.” Qin Ruo’s eyes were gleaming, “She is so beautiful and so good. You should fall in love with a handsome guy more, then engage in a career, become the kind of rich and bad woman who has the power to turn hands for the cloud and rain! “

Isn’t this… isn’t it set by the male host in the domineering president?

Han Qingyan touched Qin Ruo lightly, and said with a smile, “I actually… can feel that you are comforting me.”

It’s just that Qin Ruo is not good at comforting people and speaks awkwardly, but Han Qingyan can understand. She is changing the way to prevent her from being sad about Wei Xin’s affairs today, hoping that she wants to be more independent.

Fierce people will not be gentle. Qin Ruo didn’t expect that she could be relieved by Han Qingyan’s soft attitude. She opened her mouth and said, “Why are you so behaved? I’m so sorry for you. I started talking to you so fiercely.”

However, before Han Qingyan had time to say anything, there was the sound of a sports car outside the door. Three people in the living room looked out, and found that Wei Xin got out of the car with anger and rushed into Qin Ruo’s house. “Where are you taking Han Qingyan?”

Wei Xin was stunned when he raised his head and made a face-to-face encounter with Qin Hu.

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