His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 2025

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Chapter 2025

Wei Xin was ready to be ignored by Han Qingyan, and even thought that this lunchbox he sent himself might be thrown out without even looking at Han Qingyan.

But I never thought that Han Qingyan actually walked out of the room like this. They hadn’t seen each other for a few days. Their complexions were not very good. I think it was caused by the recent low mood and poor appetite.

Even so, Han Qingyan’s eyes were still clear. Even after so many days of depression, she knew exactly what she wanted, so she called to Wei Xin.

Wei Xin’s throat moved up and down, calling her name, “Qingyan…”

Han Qingyan walked down from the second floor and glanced at the lunch box that Wei Xin had brought. The print on it was her favorite two-dimensional anime. Han Qingyan’s heart was sour for a moment, but Wei Xin didn’t expect Wei Xin to remember…

Opening her mouth, she said, “What can you do for me, A Xin.”

She still called him A Xin as usual. Just two words made Wei Xin feel redeemed.

It seems that so many days of inner suffering can be easily let go.

Wei Xin immediately stepped forward and said, “What hurt you the other day… let’s talk about it.”

Don’t run away, don’t be afraid.

Now that those past injuries have been done, it’s better to face them calmly.

Han Qingyan took a deep breath, looking at Wei Xin’s solemn expression, she suddenly smiled in relief, “Okay, after dinner, let’s talk together.”

Han Rang praised his daughter. With his eyes, Han Qingyan, who was able to solve the problem in this way, seemed to have become a more mature adult.

The Han family owned Wei Xin’s tableware. Han Qingyan took the initiative to invite Wei Xin to join him. Han Rang also gave Wei Xin the face of his daughter. Then a few people sat at the dining table. Wei Xin was right now. Tensed.

In line with the idea of apology, the decisively came, unexpectedly Han Qingyan’s attitude gave him room for a turnaround.

Jia Qi went out to accompany Tang Poetry, and now Han Rang is at home. The three of them are sitting at the table and eating. The etiquette is very good, and nothing else.

But Han Rang got more and more eager to eat. He found that Wei Xin’s level was very good, not even worse than himself. To be recognized by Han Rang’s level of chef, Wei Xin’s craftsmanship must be good, so Han Rang thought, if Wei Xin has really come, and there will be someone to cook at home in the future.

He can still relax.

Han Rang thought so much in his heart, his mouth was still fierce, “After eating, you two juniors go to the study to talk. I will free the study for you.”

Han Qingyan smiled and led Wei after he finished eating. Xin went to the study.

The door closed, before she had time to say anything, Han Qingyan was hugged from behind. Her breathing was so fast that she did not dare to turn her head, but subconsciously pulled Wei Xin’s hand, she cried out, “Axin… …”

These two words made Wei Xin’s defenses completely softened. He was incoherent. He didn’t know what to say, so he could only hug Han Qingyan with his instinct, hugged tightly, and said in a choked voice,” I’m sorry… let me hug you well.” When did this relationship start?

I want to hug her when I see her.

I don’t want to see her cry.

Don’t want to see her being bullied.

With hands trembling, Han Qingyan gave up and pulled Wei Xin away. She lowered her hands, and the two of them leaned against the wall in the corner of the study, listening to each other’s chaotic breathing and accelerating heart.

After a long silence, Wei Xin shivered and said, “I’m sorry…I hurt you at the beginning.”

Whether it’s your spirit or your body.

After so long, Han Qingyan turned red again. She had never heard Wei Xin’s low-pitched voice, and…

it seemed to be true, doing a futile confession.

“Give me another chance… I really want to protect you well.” Wei Xin hugged Han Qingyan, “Blame me, blame me, hit me, if you don’t get angry, can you beat me? Gu He has already suffered his mistakes. Punished, it’s me next.”

Punish me.

Punish me.

Han Qingyan turned around and looked straight at Wei Xin for several seconds. Then the woman smiled with red eyes and said, “How do you want me to punish you?”

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