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Chapter 247

At the end of the month, the Jungle Cruise Ship’s electronic syllable was approaching, and Marven Su also received an invitation letter because he was a child of a senior cadre at home.

As soon as he received the guest, he went out of the house and turned to the next door, knocking on Lisa’s house. Why did Lisa open the door and asked bluntly.

Here, Marven Su showed his invitation letter to Lisa. Do you know who is the organizer of this Jungle Cruise Electronic Syllable? A bad idea flashed in the mind of Jungle Jungle Lisa, this surname is correct.

Marven Su lowered his voice, Cyril Cong was from this jungle.

Lisa was so shocked that his face changed. Why did you have an invitation letter? Marven Su suddenly made a joke.

He was rich and handsome, so he naturally sent me an invitation letter.

Lisa felt that it was superfluous to ask him this kind of question.

She wanted to close the door in the next second, but Marven Su saw through her thoughts and quickly pressed her foot against a crack in the door.

Said Lisa glanced at Marven Su and told me the news about the jungle. Why are you so smart? Marven Suyang raised his good-looking eyebrows, here, the invitation letter says I can take a female partner, so e, I want to ask if you can go to Lisa with me.

I just wanted to say rejection, but Marven Su said, are you sure? Maybe you can see Cong.

Shan Oh, you can solve your doubts about his identity, and I heard that he hasn’t gone to work for several days. Everyone in the studio is very worried. You might as well meet him and ask him what happened. .

This man has always grasped what she wants most.

Lisa pursed his lips, hesitated for a long time before saying, okay, I promise you, but I know.

Marven Su raised his hands above his head, I won’t mess around, okay, as long as you are my female companion and find Cyril Cong, I will help you call him. Deal.

Lisa quickly closed the door, and I went to sleep first. With a bang, Marven Su was locked outside again.

The blue-eyed, blond, mixed-blood beautiful man pouted his lips, really ruthless, but after thinking about it, he finally tricked her into being his female companion. Well, it’s not too bad.


Little Moon: Wow, can you go in? Fangfang: I remember that the organizer also invited some media. My dad’s company also received an invitation letter.

If Little Moon wants to come, I will take you together.

I won’t go if I go alone, it’s boring.

Little Moon: It’s okay, I can go with my brother.

See you there then.

Lao Wang: Yes, your brother is Rocky.

If he didn’t let him in, he just led a group of people to say something about anti pornography by special police, and the whole electronic syllable was ruined. Green Dinosaurs: You are really amazing, like the one I can only buy with money.

Lao Wang: You are even more powerful.

It is unimaginable how rich a nouveau riche who directly spends tens of thousands of dollars on tickets to dig oil is really unimaginable. Green dinosaur: My family bought it. Buy ten and get one free.

They bought ten. Now there are only four people going. Do you want it, Pharaoh, I will give you a ticket. Dawn: Haha, isn’t our entire studio going to the cruise festival? Lao Wang: I haven’t gone to the Die Di for hundreds of years, so let’s leave it as everyone’s vacation. Fangfang: I rely on me to write that the story of our game heroine going on a cruise ship and meeting the hero is really exciting.

There is a little moon: What dregs are in your head.

The end of the month is coming, Lisa and everyone in the studio take time off to go shopping. When I went to the mall to buy clothes, it happened that Elbert came out and brought her female companion to pick out the dress.

Thinking about it, I was also preparing for the next day’s cruise ship electronic syllable, Lisa glanced at the woman next to Elbert, and sighed.

It turned out to be Estella.

Estelle obviously saw Lisa too, poked Elbert with her arm, and then looked at Lisa.

Lisa has no feelings for Estelle, and just smiled routinely as a greeting. Elbert found that Lisa was ignoring him, and he couldn’t help feeling a little irritable.

He lowered his voice, you hurry up and I will pay the bill.

It’s rare that you pay the bill.

Estella is used to being arrogant and indulgent, this time being able to become Elbert’s female companion is also for her grandfather to come forward and ask Elbert to come. Elbert still respected her grandfather, he had to show some face.

It’s like eating with Estella last time.

After Estella picks out the dress, I will buy it myself. Don’t do it.

Her attitude towards Elbert has changed.

She used to chase Elbert, but the result was a woman like Fiore Cheng next to Elbert.

She is a dignified daughter, when has she been humiliated by such a comparison It took a long time for Elbert to say, then buy it yourself. Both of them were too lazy to care about each other’s attitude.

Estelle felt that she might like Elbert and that was the end. Ever since she discovered that this man Jin Yu was defeated outside, she did not have the same enthusiasm that haunted him.

After swiping the card and paying for the bill, Estelle asked, is it different from the coquettish bitches you used to keep? Elbert didn’t speak.

Estelle smiled even harder, alas, if I were Lisa, I would have to regret that I knew you were this kind of person. Elbert sneered and closed your mouth.

Estella is reluctant, not letting you see for yourself what you used to play. Nothing is your turn. Elbert squinted and mocked.

Save your snacks.

If you change the route, I won’t pay more attention to you. Don’t add drama to yourself.

Chapter 248

Estella Fei left on the spot almost in tears, and left Elbert alone in the mall.

The counter chosen by Lisa and the others was next to the Elbert counter.

After watching the whole farce, she chose a white dress and went in. Fitting room. When they walked out, Fangfang and Little Moon exclaimed that the goddess was so beautiful.

Lisa wore a strapless white dress with black hair like a waterfall.

The eyebrows were beautiful.

Little Moon said, if I were a man, I would definitely fall in love. When you Elbert came by alone from the counter next door, passing by the front of this store, you happened to see Lisa in a white dress.

She smiled lightly at her good friend, her facial features were exquisite and picturesque, her aura was elegant and noble, half of her face was turned, and the curve from the chin to the neck was amazingly beautiful.

Like a precious white swan. Elbert’s eyes were deep. When they married Lisa, they secretly obtained the evidence.

He didn’t even give Lisa a decent wedding.

She married him with a hot heart, but was poured cold water countless times.

Later, she finally became cold and turned into a stone, a stone with ice.

All women have fantasized about how grand and luxurious their marriage is.

They all dream of a dreamlike wedding, but Elbert has never been so moved by Lisa.

He treats her as a toy, casually insulting and treating each other coldly.

Later, when the mountains and rivers were exhausted, she said in his ear, I regretted loving you in this life. Now that I see Lisa wearing a white dress, Elbert stopped because of her beauty, and couldn’t help thinking, if they had announced their marriage five years ago, they would have a dream of red makeup for a hundred years, and thousands of miles would send Lisa at their wedding.

It must be more dazzling than this time.

It is a pity that love did not come back.

He looked obsessedly at Lisa wearing a white dress, as if she was his bride at this moment.

Lisa noticed a fiery line of sight next to him. When he looked up, he saw Elbert standing there in shock, his eyes burning naked and burning like fire.

She was startled by the burning emotion in his eyes, and took a step back. Elbert noticed Lisa’s resistance, retracted her gaze, and pressed her heart deeply together with the amazing expressions on her face. Everyone also saw Elbert, and when they saw it, they had to take it seriously, so the little moon shouted, hello, big boss.

Hello there. Elbert nodded, still looking cold, as if losing his mind just now was just an illusion.

He has been deeply restrained by his own reason throughout his life, even if the pain is deep, he will try his best to maintain a terrifying calmness.

The big boss, did you come to pick clothes too? Fangfang asked in a low voice.

She saw Elbert staring at Lisa in a daze, knowing that he stopped because of Lisa. Elbert responded indifferently, eh.

The big boss would also go to Lao Wang to take a look at Elbert, only to see Elbert walked to the counter front desk where they were located, and whispered a few words to the front desk lady in English.

Then he turned his head, yes, see you on the cruise ship.

I saw the green dinosaur waving on the cruise ship and watched Elbert go.

He said to Fangfang over there, hey, hey, the overbearing president is the overbearing president really has an accent. Don’t look at it. Generally, those who are called to be overbearing presidents are scumbags. Fangfangle, pointing to the Lisa, let’s look at the goddess and buy it from the goddess. Just this Lao Wang is paying for the card.

The studio reimbursement for today’s dress is really generous.

The little moon claps, don’t Lisa Be polite and expensive, but don’t be soft, but when Lao Wang went to pay, the waiter told him that all their expenses had been signed by the gentleman just now, and the bill would be sent to him after the end. Pharaoh murmured, the big boss paid for us.

The green dinosaur was trying on a suit.

Hearing this sound, he came over.

The big boss paid the bill.

The lady at the front desk nodded, just try it on.

Lisa wrapped up the dress, and then asked, how much my dress is about sixty thousand seven, miss.

The waiter smiled, don’t worry, we will personally send the bill to that gentleman.

Sixty thousand seven.

Lisa replied, thank you, I know.

If you have time, you should give the money to Elbert.

After all, she doesn’t want to be favored by him for no reason.

This made her feel ashamed.

She had been ruined by him for a lifetime, but she still had the sweetness from him.

A group of people bought clothes and came out carrying bags of those luxury brands, feeling that they were still dreaming.

I must be dreaming.

Today, these things cost more than 200,000 but they were all bought by the big boss.

If I knew I would buy another pair of high heels, anyway, the big boss treats me.

Little Moon blinked, and you said, did the big boss rush to our Dawn Fangfang, the former professional paparazzi, to smell the gossip all at once, you might just make sense, maybe that’s what he did before.

I’ve been in a daze for a long time looking at the goddess wearing a white dress.

I can’t help it.

The green dinosaur is carrying a shopping bag and yelling, goddess, you are in our studio. From then on, we don’t have to worry about eating or drinking.

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