His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 255 – 256

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Chapter 255

Lisa left, with all the questions left, the dust settled.

She chose to give up to find out who was doing it behind her back. Perhaps she was tired of these intrigues and wanted to end the studio and leave soon, or she already understood who it was. Who is the killer behind her.

The cruise ship electronic syllables ended on the third day, and a lot of announcements from the entertainment circle were issued.

Those top 100 djs are also well-deserved. Everyone feels very satisfied to come here.

The main cruise ship is also a perfect hunter.

In the venue, countless men and women rub shoulders and cross each other, seeking a carnival under the cover of electronic music.

Lisa and the people in the studio walked down from the cruise ship.

Little Moon was still excited there. Wow, I really like Martin and the real person is very cute.

I prefer skrillex. Fangfang said that the real marshmallows were also very fried.

The most bombed was zooy.

As soon as everyone was boiling, dubstep should play the dead wall green dinosaur.

He knew everything well.

Standing beside Fangfang, he noticed that Lisa on the other side was in a bad mood, and subconsciously asked, Goddess, what’s the matter with Lisa.

At this time, Elbert walked by her on a small wheel.

She Being led by him, he staggered.

Alas, Marven Su stretched out a hand from behind her in good time and went down the stairs carefully.

Thank you.

Lisa withdrew from his embrace, looked at Elbert’s back for a long time, then turned to look at Marven Su.

She said, thank you for jumping down to save me that night.

Marven Su responded, but Lisa left soon.

She followed everyone in the studio and disappeared from the crowd. Gradually, gradually away.

Lisa submitted his resignation procedures a week later.

Lao Wang was shocked.

Looking at the resignation, he said, don’t let it go, goddess, our studio has just set sail, and without you, no way, Lisa looked at Lao Wang’s expression and the people around him were also blocking it. But she had decided to leave, and there was nothing in this city worthy of her nostalgia. Besides, it has been delayed, and there is another person waiting for her in another city.

Lisa could only sigh helplessly, Lao Wang, I really need to have my own things to accomplish. But Wei has returned to her, everything can be over.

She wants to leave, whether she is loyal or wolf-hearted, just as the twenty-five years of life have followed the wind, and the new year has begun, whether it is love or hate, it will be burned out.

Lisa didn’t cry when she resigned, and when she moved things, she walked out of the studio and her eyes were red when a cold wind blew. People are sentimental, everyone in the studio treats her so sincerely, now to leave, it is tantamount to eating away from her body.

The past scenes reappeared in his mind, Lisa thought, without the company in the future, the comfort of these memories can be regarded as comfort.

She was holding a box with a lot of documents in it, which she needed for her work.

Lisa took a taxi home, only to find that the bottom of the box was filled with instant coffee of various flavors.

Then I saw a note that everyone gave her, with everyone’s signatures written on it, and I didn’t know when it was written and hurriedly stuffed in for her. Dawn, thank you for bringing a new dawn to our studio.

Lao Wang waits for the day you want to come back, remember to find us, Facebook often contact the little moon goddess, next time you want to drink coffee and tell us, we will send you a box of the past and the bag of cat feces coffee to be freshly ground, you Remember to buy a coffee machine, which my dad’s friend brought back from abroad.

Also, if you can stay up late in the future, it will be fine. You are too skinny. You need to care about yourself.

If you find a boyfriend, remember to show us the green dinosaur Lisa.

If you are bullied, tell us, we will help you out. of. Fangfang Lisa sat on the sofa at home, buried her face in the palm of her hand, and finally left the studio, but it seemed as if she had lost something important.

It turned out that the feelings took root and sprouted unknowingly.

They treated her well, she Will also reluctant to bear them.

Lisa emptied the house that night, and then put the house on the sales net.

Christian dragged a small schoolbag behind Lisa, watching her open the trunk of the car and carry some valuable luggage up.

Say, Mommy, are we going to move? Right.

Lisa reached out and touched Christian’s face. We are going to move and we will not stay in Freinvilla anymore.

Then where are we going? Let’s go to see sister Qiqi, OK Lisa took the schoolbag in Christian’s hand, and went to the car, and we set off later.

She packed everything away, then closed the trunk of the car, and just detoured ahead, a life flashed beside her Where are you going? It’s Marven Su.

He is wearing a suit.

He wants to come home from some important occasion.

He is undoubtedly handsome after being well-dressed.

Lisa didn’t expect to meet Marven Su at this time.

He happened to be downstairs at home, and he couldn’t escape.

He stared at Lisa, you are moving.

Lisa glanced at him, his voice was a little indifferent, yes.

Marven Sugang and Lisa are getting closer, and I don’t want to be separated from her so soon.

However, Lisa took out his hand and smiled at Marven Su, not wanting to stay in this city anymore. From now on, let’s settle down anywhere in the world.

She said that she didn’t intend to tell him her future plans.

Marven Su is a little anxious, because Elbert forced you to leave, isn’t it Lisa, you believe me, he won’t have me Marven Su.

Lisa was still in that gentle tone. When she looked at Marven Su, she looked at him face-to-face and respected him.

She didn’t lack tutoring.

Her voice was soft, but every word stuck into Marven Su’s heart.

Things, give each other some face.

Marven Su was stunned. For a long time, the man’s breathing was a bit short, and he was a little trembling. What do you mean by her, and what he knows when he looks at Lisa, suddenly became uneasy.

Have you heard of Lisa? Although I didn’t treat you before Okay, but I am serious now.

I thank you for saving me once.

Lisa interrupted Marven Su’s words quickly, still in a tepid tone, but Marven Su’s heart cooled a little bit, because you chose to jump down to save me that time, so I didn’t pierce the paper.

She looked at Marven Su with cold and firm eyes.

Marven Su took two steps backwards, and suddenly covered his face and laughed at himself.

He forgot that Lisa was never the same as the group of women.

She was so icy and smart that she would definitely be able to detect something.

Marven Su, I will stop here for a lot of things.

Thank you for being kind to me.

I keep them in my heart, but let’s stop here. When she was about to break, she was always swift and neat, just like that between the time and Elbert, since love is dead, even if she is wronged, she will go to jail without saying a word, and she will suffer everything.

Marven Su’s hands trembled a little, but Lisa’s eyes were so clean that he couldn’t say a word to introduce him.

Chapter 256

The city was prosperous at night but lonely.

Lisa drove Christian away in the car.

Marven Su stood under their house for a long time, until it rained heavily later, and the man’s whole body was soaked in heavy rain.

He suddenly raised his head, covered his eyes with one hand, and firmly grasped the collar of his suit with the other, and pulled it firmly.

Lisa, did I do something wrong so that our relationship will never turn back? At this moment, Lisa driving on the elevated bridge can no longer know the true heart of Marven Su, and now she feels particularly relaxed and leaves this place.

The city was finally able to breathe.

She glanced at Christian who had fallen asleep in the car for a long time, and a casual smile appeared on the corner of her mouth.

Hello, it’s me.

Let’s start from the elevated and arrive in about two hours.

Lisa dialed a call and then continued to drive.

The black car in the rain screen was like a sword breaking through the darkness, starting from Freinvilla and heading for Baicheng. Elbert and the others knew that Lisa was no longer in Freinvilla the next day.

As soon as he went to work, Messy Lin heard news that Lisa had resigned. Where else can I go after resigning? Elbert said on the spot, to check where she planned to go next, but the list that Messy Lin pulled over ten minutes later surprised him.

Lisa’s house is being sold online, which means that she doesn’t even need the place to live.

She is leaving Freinvilla, Elbert almost without hesitation, buying the house, and speeding up the investigation. Where is she now? She said, “Freinvilla, I can’t find it.

I can’t find it.

These four words made Elbert’s whole body tremble.

Lisa wants to leave, wants to finish everything, and then completely leaves her and sells the house.”

I don’t want to stay in this city at all.

She pretended to be so peaceful and impermanent, but how long she planned to leave this scene in her heart. Elbert suddenly remembered a sentence, and tried her best to say that she was leaving.

They all hope to be retained, and those who really want to leave are always silent. Maybe on a sunny afternoon, I will simply pack all my luggage, say goodbye to you, and never appear in your world again.

Today’s Lisa has already passed the urge to shout again and again.

She has indeed left without a goodbye, and there is no need to say goodbye to anyone. Everyone in this city is just her passing. Elbert fell into an inexplicable panic.

He said, check Lisa’s license plate to see where the car had appeared recently.

After Messy Lin answered, he went down, Elbert got up from his office chair, looked at the large floor-to-ceiling window behind him, his heart was barren like a graveyard.

Lisa, the world is so big, how easy it is to avoid a person, if I really lose your news, will the next reunion come? In the center, as soon as it entered under the Central Elevated Road, there was a red mustang parked there, driving a double jump, flashing and flashing, as if greeting her.

Lisa also drove the car closer, pressed the window, and a woman with gorgeous eyebrows was sitting in the driver’s seat of the opposite Mustang.

She raised her eyebrows at her, oh busy man, finally Freinvilla was finished, and she was willing to come to me. .

Lisa smiled at her and then called Christian to wake up. Wei Wei, look at who will pick us up.

Christian rubbed his eyes sleepily and yelled, Wow, sister, bastard, did not forget me, Jia Qi smiled and waved with him, and then the two cars turned around together.

She drove in front and Lisa drove in the back.

She led the way to the community where she currently lives. When he arrived at the Liyuan Garden, Jia Qi parked the car, and then gave a way to Lisa.

The two of them stopped the car and got off.

Lisa took Christian around to the back of the car to get things. give it to me.

There was a clear boy next to him.

Lisa looked up and his eyes lit up.

Isn’t this the manager of the Internet celebrity restaurant? Han Rang smiled and took the luggage from Lisa. You didn’t bring much. Yes, there was nothing to bring.

Lisa locked the car, Christian said, thank you brother. You’re welcome.

Han Rang walked forward with his luggage.

It seemed that he had come together in Jia Qi’s car before. Jia Qi was leading the way.

I thought you had a lot of bags, so I called a coolie to come and help.

Han Rang is carrying the suitcase.

It’s not you. You have to drag the moving company to send two cars once you move.

Lisa laughed as soon as he heard it.

A few people walked into the elevator in the underground garage, and then watched the numbers jump up. Your family lives on the fourth floor, four to four, and it’s not lucky. Jia Qi said nonchalantly, “It’s okay, this house is Han Rang. Besides, Duo Lai Mi Fa, the fourth one is Fa Fa, Fa Fa Fa, I can’t tell you.

Lisa smiled and said to Han Rang, bothering him. Excuse me, what excuse me. Jia Qi waved his hand again.

The real estate of this guy’s family is all over the country, and there is an island abroad. Just pick a house for us, you don’t need to worry about it.

Lisa was pleasantly surprised, why didn’t Han let you be so powerful before? There are so many rich people in the world who are hidden from view. Jia Qi’s words were right.

Lisa thought of his partners in his studio, all of whom were low-key celebrities.

Han Rang’s posture is very modest, without the arrogance and domineering of the rich children.

I have been used to indulging outside since I was a child.

It is my dream to open a restaurant, and there is no shame in having a good attitude towards customers.

This is also the reason, seek a position in it. When a few people arrived on the floor, they dragged their luggage in.

The whole floor was made by Han Rang.

The inside was opened directly.

The first floor was decorated with the living room and bedroom.

After Han Rang came in, he took Christian in and gave it to you.

I bought small slippers and waited to go in and choose a room. Wow, I have a private room.

Christian is full of excitement.

Thank you brother. You’re welcome, go pick it, I’ll put things for you.

Han Rang followed Christian to look at the room while Lisa and Jia Qi sat on the sofa and looked at each other for a long time before they chuckled. Jia Qi said, you have lost weight. You too.

Lisa blinked at her, Daniel Ye spent a lot of effort to find you. With you, I naturally don’t worry about wearing a gang. Jia Qi picked up the hair in his ear, he didn’t embarrass you, what can he do with me? Lisa smiled and picked up the cut fruit pieces on the coffee table, and sighed, oh who is this prepared? Han Rang, who else is there besides him? This cut fruit looks like a five-star chef’s handwriting. Jia Qi used a toothpick to insert a piece of apple cut into the shape of a white rabbit.

How about it? Isn’t it amazing? This is treating you as a queen.

Lisa lowered her voice to her, it was good, you are considering whether you want to follow her. Jia Qi was serious, chewing the apple, eh, tell me about you and Elbert.

The expression of this Lisa collapsed at once.

If there is anything to say, it’s nothing more than that. Did you know if you left this time? Jia Qi asked gossiping while eating an apple.

According to Elbert’s personality, he might be able to turn Freinvilla upside down.

I do not care.

Hearing Jia Qi mentioning Elbert, Lisa’s eyelashes trembled, but soon he maintained a calm look.

He didn’t want to think about him anymore and suffered enough. Be smart and learn to behave. Jia Qi patted her on the shoulder. Otherwise, I would help you simulate a car accident and pretend that you were hit and killed.

Then Elbert would be desperate.

Lisa was laughing to death when she heard her bad idea. No, I still want to live well.

I can stand upright in this life, and I don’t have to live secretly.

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