His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 269 – 270

Read Chapter 269 – 270 of the novel His Vengeful Ex-Wife (Translated Version, Tang Jing Character) free.

Chapter 269 is arrogant and the situation reverses.

Jia Qi was shocked by Daniel Ye’s words and sweated all over his body.

He meant to die or go back.

She hadn’t spoken yet, but the suppressed Christian spoke.

He smiled, uncle, why are you always so arrogant and arrogant like Elbert? Daniel Ye was taken aback by the sudden voice of this young man, and then suddenly returned to his eyes, his eyes are fierce and sharp, kid, you Do you know the fate of what you said? What’s more, Elbert is his real father.

How dare he directly call his father’s full name? Did he put Elbert in his eyes? Daniel Ye thought of the time when Lisa left, Elbert Desperate and piercing, but the family took his son away and flew high, living well, leaving his pain aside, and even begging a thousand times and ten thousand times at night, there was no moment of relentlessness. Daniel Ye sneered. What did he think of Jia Qi at that time.

In fact, when he found out that she was not dead, there was a moment of surprise.

The mood of surprise disappeared before he could linger for a long time.

A feeling of betrayal was flooded. Jia Qi, a woman who doesn’t know good or bad, really dared to fake death.

She actually dared to run away from him. When he tossed and turned for her, she was living in another city happily living her life.

Is she worthy of her? Pity withdrew from his recollection, Daniel Ye looked at Christian’s face.

This kid had a face like Elbert, perhaps from a certain angle, it was also bloody similar to Elbert. Elbert’s boldness and fearlessness, he inherited ten percent of Jia Qi watching Daniel Ye staring at Christian with that dangerous look, for fear that Daniel Ye would have an impulse and ignore that this is the son of his good brother.

Started, yelled quickly, you let go of Christian, I don’t need it with you.

The immature voice interrupted the communication between the two of them.

Christian raised his head.

Those dark pupils were astonishingly bright as the stars in the night. Uncle, what did you just say, either let the sister come back to you, or let I died with her Daniel Ye was silent, but his heart beat violently.

Christian grinned, that smile was no different from Daniel Ye’s previous cruel expression like a devil.

Sometimes this kid’s mind was almost as cold as Daniel Ye’s cold adult.

His voice is crisp and tender, why do you always like to persecute people again and again? Do you really think we are the weak ones who will be threatened? He is silently fighting back. Just as Daniel Ye wanted to say something, Christian laughed terribly.

At that moment, a six-year-old child was as cruel as Shura.

It’s a pity that I was tired of being persecuted me, and tired of someone threatening others with my life, you This disgusting energy is exactly the same as Elbert. Exactly the same.

Instead, I want to try what it feels like to disappear. You let my sister and I die together. Forget it.

Christian showed two tiger teeth when he smiled.

It was a bright and innocent smile, but what he said was nothing. Daniel Ye’s threats were countless times more cruel.

He actually chose the latter without embarrassment. Daniel Ye’s attack on him and Jia Qi had already reversed. Now the threatened person is no longer Christian and Jia Qi, but he is Ye Jing.

Christian personally gave Daniel Ye the opportunity to kill him, and he was forcing him to do it.

If he didn’t dare, then he was reluctant to let Jia Qi Boye’s son become such a powerful monster.

Chapter 270 I won’t let you, take her away!

Christian’s fearless expression was printed in Daniel Ye’s eyes.

The man was forced by a child to shrink his pupils. Just about to say something, a voice came from the door, Qi Qi looked up, Lisa’s face changed drastically.

Looking at Daniel Ye in the room, he yelled at him when he reacted, let go of Jia Qi and Christian. Daniel Ye laughed at that time, and Elbert was looking for you all over the world.

I didn’t even understand the family affairs of my mother’s phone call. , Don’t come to mix with other people’s affairs.

Lisa stood there, neither stepping forward nor backing away, every word, I told you to let go of their dreams. Daniel Ye smiled extremely hard and narrowed his eyes, Jia Qi , I must take away today.

I won’t let you take Jia Qi out of this door.

Lisa stepped forward without fear and came to Christian’s side.

Seeing those people put their hands on Christian’s shoulders to prevent him from struggling, Lisa’s eyes looked like Dao, tell your dog to let go of her hand.

She has nothing to be afraid of.

In the past, Elbert threatened her with something, let her look forward and was pinched by others. Now she will not repeat the same mistakes in Lisa. Jingtang was a little bit astonished, and then the man returned to a deep look, he was a spine, but unfortunately, they had already stood on the opposite side of them. You can’t keep yourself, let alone protect Jia Qi, Daniel Ye sneered, let go of Christian, take Jia Qi away, don’t think Lisa went to the door and slammed the door, either, let go of her now; or you took Jia Qi and jumped down on the 4th floor. , I will definitely not stop her and went straight into the kitchen to turn on the natural gas, or die together.

I dare you. Daniel Ye stood up, just a Jia Qi, this woman, this woman does not consider the consequences of doing things Lisa is just delaying time. Maybe the situation can be reversed when Han Rang comes.

Han Rang must have a way to contend with Daniel Ye.

She only needs to delay Daniel Ye to stand up from the sofa, regardless of Lisa’s obstacles and people around her.

Hold on Jia Qi, he acted decisively and took the people away.

Lisa stepped forward and blocked the steps of the people in black with his body.

The woman was so decisive that Daniel Ye couldn’t bear it. Don’t force me to clean up Jia Qi with you.

I was so scared and sweaty, you are not allowed to hurt Lisa Look, look at how they depend on each other for life.

He is a devil in their eyes.

Is there a man in black impatiently entangled with Lisa, stepped forward and punched Lisa’s stomach, Lisa’s whole face pale and dull With a grunt, he fell heavily to the ground. Jia Qi’s eyes are red, Lisa Daniel Ye, you madman, forcibly took me away and beat a woman. You are not a man. Daniel Ye’s face was blue when Jia Qi’s accusation was scolded, and even the last pity for Lisa was left.

After a tsk, I don’t know what it is, he took Jia Qi away from Mommy Christian and chased up from behind, watching Lisa lying on the ground, the whole person trembled violently like a spasm, and then vomited a mouthful of blood.

Christian screamed in a long and slender voice, mommy, don’t have any trouble.

The little boy wants to help Lisa, but Lisa has no strength at all now.

She is in severe pain, and she doesn’t even have the strength to stand up. Watching Jia Qi being taken away by Daniel Ye, her eyes were blood red.

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