His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 281 – 282

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Chapter 281 Bloodstain Splashes, You Can’t Pay Off!

Lisa was pressed so hard by Anguo, the surrounding crowds were red-eyed, but none of them dared to act rashly. When Elbert came here, he followed the police force and heard that gangsters and hostages took place in the supermarket.

His heart was tense at the time. When he came inside, he saw the woman who was framed by the knife, and Elbert yelled, Lisa Elbert.

Anguo’s eyes were like stagnant water, without any breath of life.

Since he lost his two daughters, his life has no meaning to live.

Revenge is only revenge for killing this woman who mistreated him.

His only wish is Elbert. When Elbert saw the middle-aged man in front of him clearly, the whole person was shocked and muttered softly, Uncle An, don’t call me peace. Uncle Anguo yelled hysterically.

This poor father lost his two daughters, one big and one young, one died, the other fell into a coma and turned into a vegetative, all because of falling in love with the man in front of him, and you can’t escape. Blame tells me why the woman who killed Sarah An was still alive.

A forced question hit Elbert’s heart, Bo Elbert, Uncle, don’t go on, there is no room for turning back anymore. Put the knife down and don’t follow me. Negotiating something, Anguo’s eyes were red, and his eyes were cloudy and bloodshot.

It is conceivable that despair has forced this originally glamorous middle-aged man to the point where you don’t understand the pain of losing my daughter, why didn’t you kill Lisa five years ago, why didn’t you kill her, she was the murderer with a blade embedded in the neck, a lot of The blood poured out shockingly, Lisa only felt that his whole body was getting colder and colder.

Later, Anguo grabbed her face and banged her against the wall. When the pain came, all the internal organs seemed to be knocked together and twisted and knotted.

She felt that the pores all over her body were shrinking, and her strength was gradually being drained, and she felt that she was taking a breath of blood even after taking a breath. Bloodshot fell down the corner of her mouth. Elbert saw this scene, and the nerves all over his body were tense.

The police next to him made preparations for blasting, so that Elbert continued to attract Anguo’s attention so that they could find him. When he was unprepared, Elbert stepped forward and said, Uncle An, you have revenge on the wrong person.

Anguo was taken aback, Lisa even felt that the knife around her neck was shaking, but Anguo did not let go of her, gritted her teeth and refused to admit defeat, you are delaying time now, Elbert, in front of you, this is a harm in my hand.

The murderer who killed my daughter was the criminal who killed your lover back then. You don’t come and let me fire smoke bombs.

I’m ready to die with her today.

I won’t let go of her Lisa, her eyes are red, and her anger is like gossip, if I say , The real murderer is not me, Anguo saw the eyes of the woman in his arms, his nerves were all confused, he said confusedly, no, it is impossible to say that the Lisa you pushed down by yourself gave a smile with blood in it, was it me The last thing I regret doing in my life is to stretch out my hand to your daughter.

If I were not so kind, this dirty water would not spill on my head.

It’s a death anyway, and Lisa is not afraid at this time.

Since you think you want to avenge your daughter, then come, hit me and chop off my head.

Anguo is an ignorant and poor father who only knows himself.

Her daughter had a miserable end, but she didn’t know her true face. Being kept in the dark, revenge indiscriminately.

Lisa laughed. Didn’t you start to say that you are ready to die together? What? When things come, you find that you still have a small life.

Isn’t your daughter everything to you, you’re not afraid, just like you, are you worthy of being a father? This stinky female cousin professional special police already knew that it was Lisa deliberately angering Anguo to expose his flaws, so that they could have a chance to play, but this method of angering prisoners still shocked them.

Lisa was caught by Anguo again. When he stretched on the ground, a needle-stick-like pain came from the back spine, and Lisa felt that his bones were about to be broken.

Then Anguo stepped on her, aimed at her chest, and gave it a hard shot.

Lisa lay on the ground and sprayed a bloody mist.

Lisa Elbert was blushing with hatred, Anguo, stop, do you really want to go to jail for a lifetime? You feel sorry that Anguo picked up Lisa like a broken doll, with the tip of the knife against her face. What you did was a thousand times more cruel than I was, a hundred times more cruel, I found someone to break her little finger in prison. , Why didn’t you fart? Now I kick her feet, do you feel distressed? These words made Elbertru stand where he was struck by thunder, and then, there was a huge wave in his chest.

His once beloved uncle, An Quiet father Elbert couldn’t believe it, his voice was trembling, it was you who told people to go to prison to bully Lisa. What happened to me? She killed my daughter, and I let her live in prison as bad as death.

Isn’t it fair? It’s irrational, arrogant laugh, Elbert, all of this is not your connivance, it’s what you said at the beginning to make her live better than death, it’s what you said, whether she lives or die without your words, how can I dare to make a move? Thank you for giving me this opportunity.

Lisa’s eyes are blood red.

At this moment, the pain in the body is not worth the tear of the heart.

It turned out to be Anguo.

It was Anguo who bought so many people to commit atrocities in prison.

Anguo broke her. Xiaoye’s little finger, and all this is Elbert’s indulgent, indifferent knives, all the knives pierced her body in front of his face, he can do it lightly, regardless of whether she lives or die, let her pay so The tragic price Lisahate, the soul torn apart by hate, Elbert’s wrongdoing, Anguo’s harm, everyone’s insensitivity, ruined Elbert’s eyes towards Shang Lisa for the rest of her life, and her whole heart became cold and she trembled.

He was trembling in Lisa.

Later, when Anguo raised his knife, a special police rushed up behind him, and lay them on the ground together with Anguo and Lisa. Elbert immediately stepped forward, but Anguo seemed to be returning the dead to the light, and he forced the policeman on him.

After turning it down, he seemed to have lost his mind.

He started to be confused about the person in front of him.

He said to Elbert, Lisa, you bitch, I want you to die. Elbert just set up Lisa, so he stabs him head-on. But in the next second, a woman rushed up behind her and hugged him back.

The blade slammed into her thin back.

She was blocked and hugged by her at night.

She cried out in pain.

At that moment in Lisa, tears followed The loud shouts spattered, Anguo couldn’t help but pierced again, Lisa vomited a mouthful of blood, and the hand holding Elbert gradually lost strength.

Her body was cold, and the blood left her body in large quantities.

The tingling was accompanied by a coma of consciousness, and Anguo was subdued by the special police again.

She saw the man who had always been indifferent and ruthless, turning his hands over the clouds and raining his hands, holding her, trembling like a child crying hurriedly, with a cry and crying , Save her, call 120, save her, the policeman Lisa grabbed Elbert’s clothes with his last strength, and stained his shirt with bloody fingers, she said.

Chapter 282 The big dream has been awakened, and the mistake has been done.

Lisa had a long, long dream. Dreaming of all the people she met in her life, from the very beginning her parents and brother, those prisoners in the five-year prison, Christian, Gillian Fu, Marven Su, everyone in the studio, and finally stopped with a face on.

A face with delicate but indifferent features, with dark eyes like midnight.

Lisa wanted to wake up, but she couldn’t control her brain.

Her brain seemed to not listen to her own words.

She sent instructions to wake up, but her brain still fell asleep.

I can’t open my eyes.

I can’t move my hands.

She felt that her state was very vegetative, her senses had come alive, and even occasionally, she could hear voices outside. But she couldn’t open her eyes, she couldn’t see anything, she repeated the nightmare over and over, again and again, falling to death from the abyss. What should she do about this situation? A week later, Elbert stood in Tonny Jiang’s office with anxious expression on her face.

The man was still bright and beautiful, but her eyes were extremely hot.

She was in a coma for a week.

Her body is gradually recovering now. Tonny Jiang assigned a cigarette to Elbert.

He is a doctor and does not usually smoke.

He only thinks about smoking when he is really relieved from stress.

It can be seen that his mood is not very good now. But her brain was still in a coma. Tonny Jiang smoked and vomited the smoke, then turned his head to look at Elbert, Elbert, I’ll be honest, you are not doing this thing authentically. More than just these three words can describe it. Tonny Jiang was a friend of Elbert, so he gave him face. Elbert didn’t speak, and was silent for a long time.

He lit the cigarette but didn’t smoke it, just let it burn at his fingertips, burning, as if it was his life that was burning.

Later, Tonny Jiang’s whole cigarette was exhausted, and Elbert’s cigarette burned out.

The two men raised their heads to look at each other again. Elbert was talking, and his voice was so hoarse.

Then you say, what should I do about Lisa, can you wake up? Come, neither you nor I can decide. Tonny Jiang put the cigarette out in the ashtray, Elbert, she was blocking the attack for you. Elbert didn’t speak, but his eyes were scarlet.

How was the truth investigation in prison back then? Tonny Jiang looked up. Even if there is no conclusive evidence, the clues can show the innocence of Lisa. Elbert didn’t speak, his brain was in severe pain.

Some of him dare not think about it.

Admit it, Elbert, you are wrong, terribly wrong. Tonny Jiang looked at him and saw that his good friend aloft had become what he is now.

He didn’t know how to comfort him, perhaps he shouldn’t comfort him.

All of this was the evil that Elbert had done in the first place. Yes, he was wrong, but how can he make up? Tonny Jiang seemed to see through Elbert’s thoughts and smiled, with a little sadness in that smile, Elbert, sometimes it was too late.

The only thing you can do is to wake up Lisa, and then leave, staying away.

He is still euphemistically speaking.

To put it bluntly, in fact, you go away, the farther away from Lisa, the better.

If you make a mistake, you have to pay a price, but if the mistake you made was framed, then the person who made her bear the price should also pay back to Elbert by a thousand times.

Lisa was in jail for five years, and he was burdened with murder.

He was charged with five years, a small finger was broken on his hand, and dozens of scars on his wrist.

Later, a person raised his son and lost a loved one.

These things, just being picked up and placed on someone else’s body, can crush people. dead

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