His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 295 – 296

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Chapter 295 doesn’t matter, don’t doubt.

Christian was stunned.

He didn’t expect Lisa to be in hospital for so long, and suddenly he would ask this question.

He was afraid of stimulating Lisa’s fragile mental state.

She now has amnesia and mentally unstable.

If she knows what Elbert has done to her, what should one do if she can’t think of short-sightedness.

Christian clamped her leg and said and Elbert The exact same answer, it doesn’t matter that Lisa stared at Christian’s face for a long time, really? Did you hide anything from me before Christian calmed down quickly? No, I don’t know him either. , Really unfamiliar.

Lisa pulled Christian’s face and continued to lie to me.

Then why do you look like him. Did she ever have a marriage with Elbert.

As a result, her son Christian took the words of Lisa quite neatly.

I’m still young, why are you? You can see that it is different when you grow up. When you are young, everyone looks alike.

Christian also added with a hum, why don’t you say that I look like you? You suspect that your biological son Lisa has stopped talking.

It took a long time for her to let go of Christian, as if in a trance, murmured to Christian, but Wei Wei, I always feel that my feelings are so complicated when facing Elbert.

It’s so complicated that it can’t be summed up with simple love or hate.

Christian lowered his eyes, turned his face away, and said dullly, but Mommy has lost her memory now, so the people around her who are a bit sensitive will heal after a long time.

I hope.

Lisa said to himself in his heart.

The wounds of Lisa are healing these days. Once when Christian was helping to change the dressing, Elbert walked in.

As soon as he opened the door, he saw the woman with a naked back.

There were a few shocking scars on the original smooth back.

The scars made Elbert His eyes shrank fiercely, then closed his eyes and walked out the door.

Lisa put down the hospital gown and retracted into the quilt. Elbert turned around and came in.

She asked him, why are you here.

He hasn’t been here for a while, and I don’t know what he’s up to.

He appeared again without saying hello today, which shocked her. Elbert looked at Lisa’s face.

He went to work on a case before, so he didn’t come to see you.

How is your health? Lisa said nervously, okay, much better. You can go out after another two months in the hospital. Elbert looked back at Lisa, are you going to leave Lisa was also stunned, why didn’t you leave? She didn’t belong here originally, so she still had to go back.

There is no news about Jia Qi’s affairs, and she can’t leave for too long. Elbert’s eyes deepened, can’t you return to Freinvilla? Freinvilla Lisa’s brain hurt, as if some thoughts flashed past, but she couldn’t catch it, and then facing Bo Elbert, I should stay in Baicheng. Elbert belongs to Freinvilla.

She knew that he had to travel a long distance to see her every day.

Lisa couldn’t figure it out.

If it really had nothing to do with Elbert, why would he spend so much for a stranger? Elbert was silent, sitting on the side of the office, just as Christian had just finished changing the gauze for Lisa, she shrank under the quilt, looking at Elbert’s back, a little dazed.

This man always came to her life so forcefully, he couldn’t tolerate her half-word rejection, what on earth did he think Lisa didn’t say a word, Christian beside him sighed lightly and said, take a nap, Mommy.

Lisa took the medicine and soon fell asleep.

Christian confirmed that she was asleep and walked to Elbert. Elbert was typing, and he noticed Christian’s approach and stopped typing on the keyboard.

Then he looked at him and his voice was low, why? I have something I want to talk to you.

Christian stood in front of him, frowning, Xiao Shao, why would you do this? I want to talk to you about something.

Christian stood in front of him, frowning, Xiao Shao, why would you do this? I want to talk to you about something.

Christian stood in front of him, frowning, Xiao Shao, why would you do this?

Chapter 296 You want to save it, it’s better to get away.


Christian’s question surprised Elbert himself. Why did he do this, but Elbert couldn’t answer.

Christian thought that Elbert didn’t understand the question he asked, so he asked carefully why, she was so bad to Mommy before, but now she desperately protects her from her finger stiff, looking at Christian’s eyes, the words in her throat hesitate. No, I wanted her to die from the very beginning.

Christian took a deep breath and looked directly into Elbert’s eyes, but in the end, it was you who wanted to protect her. Xiao Shao, I don’t understand you.

If you don’t love my mummy, let us go, why do you hurt him again and again? And it happened that when she had an accident, she was silently waiting for him in the shadows. Feelings are too morbid, Christian can’t understand or understand.

I do not know either. Elbert laughed lowly after being silent for a long time.

Christian, I don’t know why this happened. From the beginning, I believed that something was wrong, so my previous behavior was also wrong.

I don’t know how to compensate. , I don’t know why, I want to keep your mother by my side. Do you regret it? Christian looked directly into Elbert’s eyes, one big and one small, and stared at each other silently. Do you now know the truth? Some evidence has been found out, and the only thing that is not clear is a mysterious person behind it. Elbert looked out the window, and then moved his gaze back. Your mommy was innocent. When Christian heard these words from Elbert’s mouth, the little boy blushed.

He is usually very strong, like a Lisa, he doesn’t say a word when the sky falls, but at this moment his eyes are red.

He blames his father, why did you only give us this truth now? Do you know that someone recognizes me? When Mommy was a murderer back then, he poked our backs and cursed so many ugly words? He didn’t understand anything.

She ruined everything with her anger and self-righteousness. Now she is innocent and says he regrets it. What qualifications does he have to look at Christian’s tears in the night, and couldn’t help but reach out to help him wipe it off, but Christian seemed to be electrocuted, shaking him off hard, breathing deeply and sobbing, thin, thin, you can be sincere.

Ruthless As if someone hit his heart with a heavy hammer, Lisa kept saying similar words in his ear at the beginning, and then tossed and turned, and said this sentence from their own son. You are really cruel. Elbert laughed at himself. Everyone said he was ridiculous and cruel and cold-blooded. Everyone said he was cruel, but he would also hurt and regret, but because he was wearing a ruthless and numb skin, everyone thought him.

Hard-hearted. Elbert looked at the cry of the little boy in front of him, but said softly, don’t cry.

I don’t know how to comfort you at all.

I was late for many years in the lives of you and Lisa.

Christian wiped his tears and faced Bo Elbert.

I could see that you want to make up and make it back, but my mommy has lost her memory, and the best way is to let us go. You, do not appear in our world anymore. Tonny Jiang had said this to him at the beginning, but Elbert didn’t listen.

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