His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 309 – 310

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Chapter 309 I can’t keep her, she must die!

An icy voice sounded in her ears, Lisa struggled, but was suppressed again.

This was a man who had practiced, Miss Tang, sent to the door, why pretend to be a strange and bloody voice, Lisa wanted to struggle, at this time It coincided with the dark clouds floating in front of the moon in the sky, and the room was dark and bright.

Lisa could see the man in front of him clearly.

The handsome eyebrows, but it’s a pity that those eyebrows carry a chilling intent to kill.

Let me go.

Lisa endured fear, you are from the jungle, right. Cong Xi smiled, and then squeezed Lisa’s neck forcefully.

I heard that you are the person my father wanted to accept as a righteous daughter.

I would like to see who is so bold to grab this piece of cake from the jungle. Obviously, he had been trained for quite a while like Cyril Cong, Lisa kicked him with all his strength, but Cong Xi easily avoided. With a big hand tore, the fabric turned into fragments, Lisa struggled hard, let go of me, but I looked at you quite expectantly, it’s a pity to die like this, my brother gave you a way to die, he licked his lips, outsiders dare not dare The jungle you come here is too beautiful.

The jungle is never a sacred place.

It’s a purgatory.

Lisa wants to say that she didn’t agree and was forcibly locked here, but the man didn’t explain it to her.

Time, she has red eyes, you dare to move me, your father won’t let your Cong Zheng trade with others, so you must be intact.

If she is dead, Cong Zheng don’t want to get rid of me.

I hate two people most in my life. Cong Xi gritted his teeth, one is my brother, and the other is my father. Obviously, you dare to use my father to threaten me Cong Xi giggled, I really don’t know how serious it is, damn woman, enough.

I don’t know when a cold voice came from the door, and the man pressing Lisa was startled.

A figure seemed to continue passing by in the darkness, and then Cong Xi groaned and left Lisa’s body heavily.

The light was turned on, he clutched his stomach against the wall, and smiled at Cyril Cong who suddenly broke in. Cyril Cong just looked at him with very cold eyes, Cong Xi, I only Say once, Billowing Cong Xi is like hearing a joke, I wanted to get rid of you a long time ago, and it happened that you brought this woman to death. Kill me, you don’t have this skill yet. Cyril Cong’s brows were murderous.

After he didn’t wear glasses, the blood in his eyes was quite obvious. Usually wearing glasses is just lazy, but now it looks like a fierce beast. Cyril Cong, do you know where this woman comes from? Most of the children in the jungle have no emotional connection.

They are strange and indifferent to each other.

They will advance and retreat together only when they encounter common interests.

At this moment, Cong Xi is pointing at Lisa, don’t you think I don’t know what you’re thinking, this woman can’t stay Cyril Cong silent.

Lisa was shocked.

Is there any ulterior secret behind him? Cong Zheng tried his best to bring her to the jungle, and then suddenly he asked to accept her as a goddaughter.

A series of things didn’t give her time to react. What secrets were hidden?

Chapter 310 Come to me if you have anything!

I don’t care if she will become our enemy in the future. Cyril Cong spoke with a cold voice, but Cong Xi, if you move her, you are looking for death. Cong Xi was stunned, and then sneered fiercely. Cyril Cong, your bereaved dog is qualified to say such things and he left with his stomach. Before leaving, his eyes were straight on Lisa’s face, Lisa, you can’t live.

Lisa’s limbs were weak and weak, and the whole person was paralyzed on the bed, breathing deeply and gaspingly.

The trance and fear of the rest of his life came together, and her voice was trembling. What happened to Cyril Cong, do you know her? He looked up, but Cyril Cong’s silence answered her.

The night was long, and the huge shadow gradually engulfed everything. Elbert and Daniel Ye obviously did not expect that someone would suddenly break in when they had a meeting.

The person who broke in is not small.

Han Rang, the youngest son of the Han family in Baicheng next door, is said to be running all the way, who stopped and beat the other, broke into the office of the two of them, Jia Qi was still waiting for Daniel Ye’s summons, so Han Rang rushed in. . Daniel Ye always thought that Han Rang was incapable of this.

He wanted to fight against the Ye family, and he had to wait for him to completely take over the control of the Han family.

He didn’t expect to meet Han Rang in this way so soon. Jia Qi’s temptation is too great. Jia Qi was stunned, watching Han Rang break in, Han Rang Han Rang looked back, watching Jia Qi standing next to Daniel Ye, his body was thinner, his life was obviously bad, and his heart became sore.

The woman he likes is right in front of him, but he has no ability to snatch her back.

The disparity in strength is so cruel.

Han Rang was still panting, and said, Daniel Ye, what happened to me. Daniel Ye raised his eyebrows slightly.

Although he was ready to be rushed to the door by Han Rang one day, he never thought about it.

He would say such a line. What do you have? Daniel Ye sneered.

Han Rang’s appearance made him feel betrayed. Jia Qi can only belong to him. Other men dare to think that it is a dead end. Of course I don’t mean it.

This one.

Han Rang’s eyes are red, Jia Qi, I will grab it from you personally, you don’t have to use those nasty methods to force me.

The word nasty makes Daniel Ye frowned uncomfortably.

I don’t understand what you are talking about.

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