His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 333 – 334

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Chapter 333 Nothing can happen, the information is wrong!

Too many things happened to Christian along the way today.

In the hospital, he even suddenly met his master on the Internet. When he walked in, he sighed like a little adult, as a summary of the whole day.

Lisa laughed in the ward, and went to find someone to complete the homework together.

Christian immediately changed his tired expression to a smile, and looked for Uncle Su.


Lisa frowned slightly, no trouble, right? No.

Christian put the bag in his hand on the sofa on one side, and he also took me shopping to buy clothes.

Lisa was a little dissatisfied, and she didn’t want to involve too much with Marven Su, but helpless Christian seemed to have a good relationship with this man.

Christian saw Lisa’s thoughts and said softly, not next time. Mainly this time he didn’t want to find Elbert, so he thought of letting Marven Su replace him. When the mother and son looked at each other, Lisa sensitively discovered that there was only one difference in Tang. But I couldn’t tell where it was, and it finally fell on his eyes and suddenly realized that it was the look in his eyes.

At some point, Christian’s eyes would show a very thin night expression.

In the dead of night, Tod and ven were huddled in the corner of a house, and each of them had a computer on their laps.

At this moment, they were desperately typing on the keyboard, and countless rows of codes appeared on the screen, their eyes fixed on the screen.

At this moment, ven suddenly whispered and cracked it.

Tod snapped a finger, and then his screen turned into a database, he said, I am fine here too. ve tuned out the dna data of the Tang family familiarly, and next to Tod is still browsing the list, my friend said, I will copy this and send it to you. Well, including their blood.

Halfway through, Tod suddenly tweeted.

There is no Lisa data in my database.

How could my friend frown? I’m sure we entered the Freinvilla residents database.

Lisas are not from Freinvilla.

Tod scratched his head, and there was a doubtful thought on his face.

The task we received was to investigate the background of Lisas. Could it be someone? I found out in advance and transferred the database of Lisa possible. Ven said lightly, and then raised his head to look at Tod. Of course, there is also a possibility, maybe not transfer, but disappear.

This means that the database of Lisa has been artificially erased.

The two people looked at each other and suddenly fell into a dead silence.

Lisa’s identity is becoming more and more confusing, so the identity of his little disciple is also somewhat mysterious. Gee, it’s tricky.

It seems that secretly not only their group of people are entering this mysterious circle, it turns out that there are others secretly acting.

There are already too many people behind the Lisa.

All kinds of forces intervened, Tod frowned. No, no matter how many people are behind, I have to find out.

I can hack into the background to see if there are any traces left. Ven squeezed his eyebrows.

If it was really erased, I could also find some clues.

Tod wants to see who made these smoke bombs behind his back, this is his little apprentice, and we must not let Christian have an accident.

Chapter 334 There is no relative, the six relatives don’t recognize it.

However, all this was going on silently.

Lisa and Christian who were sleeping in the hospital had no idea that there was already a conspiracy slowly spreading to their heels. When they woke up the next day, Elbert came over as usual, carrying He was eating some food, because it was the weekend.

Christian sat and saw Elbert coming in.

He looked up and was stunned. Why did you come, Elbert frowned.

Christian’s words were obviously repelling him, but he didn’t. Express it, just say it softly, this weekend, come and see you.

Christian saw the bag of food in Elbert’s hand.

This was the dessert shop he and Marven Su had visited yesterday. Elbert saw them eating there.

He thought that Christian might like this shop. Packed some more.

He put the dessert on the table, did you have lunch? Christian turned his head and glanced at Lisa, who was sitting on the bed silently, and answered for her.

It was noon when he woke up, and he had not eaten lunch yet.

Such. Elbert also slowed down, so I’ll give you some takeaways.

Christian always felt that Elbert’s voice was almost begging to please.

He nodded, and Elbert handed the phone over.

Christian ordered the barbecue rice he wanted to eat, and ordered the porridge for Lisa.

He returned the phone and said softly, thank you Elbert.

These four words are really strange enough. Elbert twitched his lips and smiled, not knowing who he was laughing at.

After lunch ended, the three people were silent in the room. Elbert felt ironic.

At this time, as long as he changed to another person, Lisa and Christian would not treat it with this attitude.

He just left, stop being passionate. Elbert stood up, his voice was dry, as if he was holding back some emotions, he said, then, I will leave first.

There was silence in the ward, and neither Lisa nor Christian made a sound to stay. Elbert felt boring, and walked out, his steps seemed to be an escape.

Messy Lin was waiting for him outside, observing the situation in the ward, and felt a little intolerable.

Seeing such a desperate Elbert, Messy Lin followed Elbert and left the hospital.

Then the man walked out the gate and glanced back at the building behind him.

His eyes widened, and finally slowly retracted, facing Messy Lin, hoarsely, let’s go. Don’t show up like this again in the future.

The evening in the middle of winter is always a bit cold.

It’s almost the New Year.

Christian and Lisa are in the same bed.

Christian is holding a tablet and making game programs. While looking up at Lisa, Mommy, we will go on a trip on New Year’s Day. Well, Lisa looked down at his son, how did he think of going out for a trip because our Christian’s voice was lowered, and we have no other relatives to spend the New Year together, so let’s go out on a trip by ourselves.

The meaning of Christian’s words, Lisa paused, did he know something was wrong with Braden? Lisa reached out and touched Christian’s head. Pick a place, and mother will take you there. Outside the door, Elbert, Miss Tang plans to take her son out for a trip. Did you say where to go? I’m still discussing it. Just at the time of Chinese New Year, the young master said that they had no relatives to go to relatives. No relatives. Elbert stared at the typesetting on the screen, her eyes hurt.

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