His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 405 – 406

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Chapter 405 You changed your heart because of Lisa.

On the next night, Christian received an email from Tod. When he clicked it, he clicked on the various unrest in the jungle recently.

It is said that Cong Zheng’s body was out of hospital and Cyril Cong was not there.

So now Jungle is Cong Xi alone, so it’s no wonder that he wants to kill others.

Christian saw that at the end, he found that Tod also found a hospital where Cong Zheng was hospitalized.

It was a fairly high-level and strict military hospital.

The identity of the people who could enter was not simple.

Christian sent the message to Elbert to protect Lisa.

In one thing, father and son are at the same height. Elbert was having a meeting in the company, and Sarah An was pushed over again by his subordinates, holding Marriah Yan by her hand. Marriah Yan’s face was pale, Elbert frowned, why did you guys come up again without saying hello? The disgust in Marriah Yan’s eyes made Marriah Yan a little timid, whispering, Dad Elbert took a deep breath, no She lost her temper in front of Marriah Yan, just squatted down and came to see me.

Sarah An realized that Elbert no longer put her in her eyes. Why did it become like this. Brother Ye belongs to her. From the beginning, she belongs to her. Why did Lisa come? He is like a ghost, a heart leaping on that bitch, but I hold it back and force it. With a smile, she pretended to be gentle, brother Ye, Yan Yan, she said she missed her father, so I took her to find you, Elbert holding her little hand, and I noticed her shivering.

The little girl was scared in her eyes, worried that Elbert would drive her away with a cold face in the next second.

She knew that the Elbert in front of her didn’t like herself, but only because of the Lisa last time she gave her a good face. But if he could really become his own father, it would be so good to be pure and innocent, but because he couldn’t get the care of the family, he pretended too much hopelessness. Elbert looked at her squarely, saw the fear and desire in her eyes, and finally resisted her dislike. For any man, someone cheating a daughter who is not his own to his side is unforgivable. Elbert slowly said, okay, let Yan Yan keep it. Marriah Yan’s eyes were almost shining, as if she couldn’t believe it, she asked in a low voice, Dad, do you agree that I accompany you? It is ironic to shout the word Dad from her mouth. Elbert looked at the child in front of him.

Although his heart was turbulent, he was still calm on the surface.

Then, holding Marriah Yan’s hand, I stood up and called Messy Lin to send you back.

As for Marriah Yan, I will take her when I get off work.


This is the meaning of leaving the thin face and driving away Sarah An. Brother Ye, if you don’t love me, Sarah An burst into tears, you drove me away, right? I really don’t know what I did wrong. Once you come back, your attitude towards me is like this.

Is it because of Lisa? Did I do something I’m sorry Lisa did? Elbert squinted at her, Sarah An, stop using my last patience with you.

Sarah An’s face turned pale, you changed, Brother Ye, you changed. Woman hysterical, you changed Elbert because of Lisa. You lived up to my expectations of you. Facing the woman’s accusation, Elbert did not refute.

Chapter 406 Why Did You Keep Her And Another Love?

No, no, you are mine.

How can you treat me with tears for the peace of other women? I was also one of the victims back then.

How can you treat me like this and her questions are pressing every step, Elbert He just frowned and said nothing, until the quiet choking stopped, Elbert let Messy Lin come in.

He winked and motioned Messy Lin to push Sarah An out to take him home.

Sarah An slapped the wheelchair desperately, with blood red eyes. Brother Ye, you changed, how could you betray the feelings between us.

I watched Sarah An being pushed out of the office by Messy Lin. , The whole room gradually quieted down. Elbert didn’t say a word to explain those peaceful accusations during the period just now. Marriah Yan was innocent, and saw that Elbert was unhappy.

He raised his head and looked at his father hard, and said softly, Dad, don’t you like my mother Elbert sitting on a chair and holding Marriah Yan’s hand, sometimes , Likes and dislikes are words only used by children.

Adults are no longer qualified to use these words.

He felt guilty about Sarah An’s legs.

As for Lisa, he can make up for his life, even if he wants his life. Do you like that big sister in the hospital, right? Marriah Yan came to Elbert’s knee and reached out to hold his trouser legs.

The child’s eyes were full of innocence and doubt.

I also like that big sister.

If Marriah Yan is choked up, It would be great if she was my biological mother. Elbert reached out and touched Marriah Yan’s head.

Sarah An was different from before, but Sarah An’s child Marriah Yan was at least innocent, and he couldn’t hurt her tender feelings.

I had a marriage with that big sister. Elbert didn’t know why, looking at Marriah Yan’s eyes, her mood was a little calm, and she told her past in a low voice.

At that time, I still loved your mother, but I married that big sister by accident.

After marriage, I treated her very badly, even wronged her and sent her to jail. Marriah Yan was stunned. Unexpectedly, the pale-faced big sister had experienced so many blows.

She felt a little pain.

Later, the little girl unconsciously tightened Elbert’s trouser legs.

She could see that she was a soft-hearted and kind child.

It’s all worries, then does she hate you to death, Elbert twitched his mouth and smiled, not only hated to death, even if I died, there was no way to offset her hatred. When Marriah Yan heard Elbert’s words, she lowered her head and murmured. No wonder she wasn’t very happy when she first saw me, because my mother is also a party. You are different from your mother. Elbert stretched out his hand and rubbed the top of Marriah Yan’s head. Don’t be like your mother, trapped by love and hate, trapped yourself and trapped others.

I hope you will be free in the future. You should know that I am not your biological father. Marriah Yan nodded timidly, I know, but Dad, I also like you very much.

I didn’t mean to lie to you, it doesn’t matter. Elbert’s eyes are deep, and when you find your biological father, let him save you and leave your mommy. Marriah Yan asked immediately, do you also know that my mommy has a bad personality, then why should you keep her by your side? You obviously want that big sister to be with you, right?

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  1. Elbert was an idiot he couldn’t see through Sarah An”s dirty tricks when they were still cheating, and doesn’t have a back bone to confront her about the father of the child. How coward an he be


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