His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 407 – 408

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Chapter 407 Daughter Marven Su, Are You Mixed?

I can no longer trap her with marriage.

Speaking of Lisas, Elbert’s eyes seemed to flash some emotions quickly.

These two words had become a thorn in his heart, pierced deeply, and once touched, it would become bloody. Even if she could choose to forgive me, I would not have the courage to be with her again. Elbert looked down at the face of the so-called biological daughter, Marriah Yan, you know, sometimes, the most useless thing in the world is feelings. Because it was created out of thin air, there is no reason at all. But in this real society, too many horizontal gaps cannot be crossed, and feelings alone are useless. Elbert’s words paused, and I could only pay off the debt, not expecting her response. Even if she responded, I couldn’t live up to it. Elbert understood very well, and could no longer implicate Lisa in his quagmire. Marriah Yan frowned, as if distressing Elbert, Dad, like you, life alone will be very bitter. You keep my mother and don’t tear your skin.

It’s also because you are the original sin.

She was cut off from that incident. You can’t get rid of your legs, right? Elbert was silent, but silently admitted. You choose a person to bear all the responsibilities, not to let the big sister know, and to protect her, right? You understand this wrong. Elbert chuckled softly, I was to protect myself.

I didn’t want Lisa to know that he could be so humble, let alone make her feel soft.

He didn’t feel any wronged, it was just a repayment, there was no need to add so many children’s love and hatred so many love-hate dilemmas.

This is Elbert, even if he can do so many things silently for Lisa, it also carries a proud and dignified Elbert.

He kept Anmi, not without a bottom line, and when the day when his compassion and patience were completely exhausted, Anmi would not be a very important person in his eyes. Marriah Yan sighed quite maturely, raised those light-colored eyeballs to look at his father.

Thank you for telling me these things.

I know my mommy has done a lot of wrong things, but I don’t know how to do it.

I hope you are trapped by these things, and I also hope that you can also set yourself free. Elbert smiled, no one can trap me. Except for Lisa. Marriah Yan was relieved now. Dian’er Dian’er passed by and poured Elbert a cup of coffee.

Then I will wait for you in the office, and we will go home when you finish. Come back home. Elbert looked at Marriah Yan’s face, was silent for a while, and suddenly remembered something, and asked her why the color of your eyeballs is so light and gray, it wouldn’t be a mixed race, Elbertxin said that fu(k!ng herself Wearing a green hat on his head is high, and he can’t become a mixed blood. Marriah Yan pointed to herself, wondering, didn’t she? In fact, someone had asked me this before. My mom said that I was young and I would be normal when I grow up.

Sarah An made it clear that she lied to her child.

In the afternoon, Daniel Ye came to find Elbert, because she was too familiar and did not say hello. When she pushed the door in, she saw the little boy in the office and stared at her face.

After a long time, then raised his head and said to Elbert. You fu(k!ng raised his daughter for Marven Su with a short sentence, set off a terrifying wave, Elbert patted the desk and stood up, and asked Daniel Ye, what did you say

Chapter 408 You have a big heart.

As soon as I entered the door, Daniel Ye, who was so crazy, took two steps back, stepped forward and squatted down, looking at Marriah Yan’s face.

Isn’t this Marven Su’s face? How could my eyes misunderstand you? Now, help others raise a child, Elbert stepped forward and pulled Marriah Yan behind him, for fear that she would be frightened, so I can’t talk nonsense. What would happen if she was scared, Elbert also grabbed Elbert’s sleeve and shouted carefully. Dad, who is this uncle? Daniel Ye was happy when he heard the thin and tender voice, and said shamelessly, she’s still a young girl, Loli, come and come, uncle is just like you, go tonight Uncle’s family shows you the star and thin face is so scared to hide behind Elbert, who frowns, you deserve to be thrown by Jia Qi like this. Which pot can’t be opened? Daniel Ye wanted to choke Elbert when she stood up.

This mouth usually can’t make a word of it.

It’s this kind of heart-wrenching when you speak. You still help your rival and raise a daughter, and you lie to others.

It’s shameless to call your father and she was brought in by Sarah An. Elbert took a deep breath, severely suppressed the thought of quarreling with Daniel Ye, and said to Daniel Ye, I don’t know whose daughter she is, anyway, it is not mine, but Sarah An lied to her to be my child. Oh, then you can bear Daniel Ye’s eyes when he glanced at his thin face, thin skin and tender flesh, and blue-gray eyes.

This is a mixed blood.

If you look back and ask Marven Su if you want a piece of hair with her, don’t you know it? He added, anyway, how do I look like it. Elbert was silent. Marriah Yan is holding onto Elbert’s hand, will you send me away, father? Elbert lowered his head to look at her, you know, I am not your biological father. But Marriah Yan forced her tears to fall, obviously wronged, I don’t want to leave you, don’t drive me away, okay Daniel Ye frowned, Old Ye, you are not right.

Sarah An brought a child born with another man to the house, and you let her live.

This is big enough.

It has nothing to do with children. Elbert squeezed her eyebrows and couldn’t spread the bill on her head.

As for Sarah An, Elbert prolonged her tone.

I had to find out the secret behind her thoroughly, otherwise I couldn’t feel at ease.

This is what I owe Lisa, and I have to help her get it back from Sarah An.

Huh. Daniel Ye put his hands on his chest, what’s the matter, to defend Lisa like a jade, I never saw you like this before. Elbert sneered, I never saw you care about Jia Qi so much before. Daniel Ye slapped her knuckles, you just owe you a punch, wondering if you want to fight, if you walk back to the desk gracefully, as if you haven’t heard Daniel Ye’s threat at all, curling her lips, still that deep With his unpredictable appearance, it seemed that no one could walk into his heart.

He tapped on the office desk twice, said business, came to see me, why are you sure you let this little girl listen to it all right? Daniel Ye pointed at Marriah Yan, Marriah Yan shrank in fear.

It’s okay. Elbert looked at Marriah Yan’s face, I believe her. Daniel Ye saw Elbert ignore it, so he sat down and took a sip of water, and something went wrong in the jungle. Elbert was ready to hear news about Daniel Ye’s back, but he didn’t know that he would mention the jungle so bluntly, his eyes flashed, and he asked, what’s the matter.

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