His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 413 – 414

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Chapter 413 Cong family blood, no way to know.

There was dead silence in the room.

Later, Elbert slowly withdrew his thoughts.

The so-called true identity had been dazzling under their noses for so long, and they hadn’t noticed it.

Christian was the first to discover the truth.

Christian’s voice was shaking.

Is it Elder Cong? You investigated my mommy’s background from the beginning, right? You already knew that my mommy was from the jungle, and even later asked someone to change my mom. Mi’s identity information, because he was afraid of being discovered.

Tod told him that there are traces of man-made deletions in the materials on him and Lisa, and I want to come because of this. Cong Zheng asked Cyril Cong to hide the true background of the Lisa, fearing that one day Lisa was discovered to be a person in the jungle, and then he was involved in this dispute. But it was still a step too late. Cong Xi knew about it, so he tried everything possible to kill Lisa. Because the existence of Lisa is also a threat to him. Cong Zheng’s fingers trembled violently, as if he wanted to say a lot, Christian stared at his palm, what do you want to say and what else we don’t know Cong Zheng just moved his fingers, his eyes closed tightly, without asking Signs of awakening.

Christian finally gave up. Elbert pinched his eyebrows.

It was too difficult.

If there is a way to take Cong Zheng out and go to another hospital, maybe he can try to recover.

He glanced at the equipment here, and did not resuscitate Cong Zheng at all, just hanging his life.

This must be what Cong Xi did, and it is better for Cong Zheng to be a vegetative for a lifetime.

If Cong Zheng is shipped out, they can find a better doctor to conduct a comprehensive treatment and examination on Cong Zheng, and perhaps there is a chance of awakening.

So here comes the problem. Daniel Ye looked at Elbert’s face, how to transport Cong Zheng out is not easy talk about half an hour. Elbert sighed, can he come in again? I can’t come too hard. Daniel Ye looked at Elbert’s face, and the information he got so far was that Cong Zheng was unconscious and Cong Xi wanted to be the young master of the jungle, so he hunted and killed Lisa everywhere, and he was defiant.

If you want to quell all this, either, force suppression, or just let Cong Zheng wake up and solve it inside the jungle.

It’s not justified to suppress this by force.

The jungles are all underground people, and they are sloppy, and they can’t find a reason to arrest them suddenly. What if there is a gun conflict that hurts innocent people. Daniel Ye thinks this is very tricky, so I have to ask my father when I turn around.

That iron-blooded Ye Hao.

Let’s talk about this with the Fengshen team.

I will contact Rocky and think of a way. Elbert murmured, neither the Jungle nor the Fengshen group could get out of the relationship. Daniel Ye glanced at him, you know a lot.

It seems that he has not been secretly investigated behind him. Daniel Ye felt that he had to guard against his good brother Elbert in the future.

He might have dug up all the dark history by him. Elbert sneered, holding his hands on his chest, and then It’s a cool sentence, my son found out.

It must be your son again. What is your son showing off? There is a son that is amazing. Marriah Yan witnessed everything between them.

Later Tod urged you to solve it. Our video is almost finished.

If you don’t come out, you will be seen. Clue.

Chapter 414 You don’t deserve to cry, father pays his debts.

Okay, here comes out. When Christian received the news, he immediately faced Elbert said, Elbert, we should go. Well, come here again at some time. Elbert glanced at Cong Zheng, whispered, Cong Da is the master, let’s go first. We will try our best to protect your safety and hope you can regain consciousness soon.

I know you can hear these words.

If you want to protect your only daughter Lisa, please wake up quickly.

Then a few people opened the door softly and left. Cong Zheng lay on the hospital bed alone, falling into silence around him.

In the indifferent air came the dribbling sound of the machine running, and the machine was stable, as if this person had never been awake for a moment.

The only daughter Lisa. Elbert had been thinking about a question on the road, why Lisahui had contact with Cong’s family.

So who are Lisa’s biological parents? They are still missing now. Elbert could not find the trace of Lisa’s parents.

Since five years ago, the couple The world evaporated.

Later, a few people returned with a heavy atmosphere. Daniel Ye said, I am especially worried that we have not saved Cong Zheng, and he will belch halfway. Elbert gave a cold glance, you dare to say that you opened your mouth, Daniel Ye said helplessly, I rely on, my side is also under great pressure, okay, if you have new news to tell me, I will go home and report to my dad. .

It is good.

After sending Daniel Ye away, Elbert looked at the two children sitting together in the back of the car, feeling inexplicably that Christian, who had a cold face, matched his thin face carefully. Elbert glanced at the rear-view mirror and said, Don’t you like Marriah Yan, Christian sneered.

If you like it, you will have a ghost.

Her mother is not a good person, and she is definitely not a good thing either.

I don’t want to refute it, but when I say it, I feel something is wrong.

Christian sneered even more.

He couldn’t even say anything, and his IQ was estimated to be negative.

Low energy. Marriah Yan’s face flushed, and his expression was a bit aggrieved and angry.

I didn’t do anything bad to deserve it.

Christian glanced at her indifferently.

If your mother did something bad, you have to carry it on her back, who made you her own.

The eyes of the thin face turned red all at once, which is not fair.

Christian’s eyes were cold, which was fair.

Have you ever heard a word? Father’s debts are paid. Your mother can’t pay back what she owes us in this life, and you still have to pay the rest for her.

Christian frowned and looked at Marriah Yan’s expression about to cry.

It seems that you have learned the skills of pretending to be poor from your mother.

He was so familiar with the wounds at a young age. Elbert faced Christian, but Wei, that’s enough, don’t say too harshly, and Marriah Yan is still small.

I’m too young, why don’t you feel sorry for me? Christian is sharp and ironic, just because she cried, you think she is weak. You can turn the situation around with a few tears. No wonder you have been deceived by Sarah An for so long.

In fact, it was me and my mommy who were suffering. Why did she have the right to cry? Elbert was dumb. When it came to Lisa’s experience, Christian had such a firm and cruel stand.

He had already experienced this kind of iron heart. Obviously he is a six-year-old child, and his bones are not much worse than an adult.

Anyone who makes his mummy suffer is his enemy.

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