His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 415 – 416

Read Chapter 415 – 416 of the novel His Vengeful Ex-Wife (Translated Version, Tang Jing Character) free.

Chapter 415: Absolutely No, Give It Up!

A few hours later, Christian had dinner with Elbert Marriah Yan and returned to the hospital where Lisa was.

The Lisa was curled up at the time, watching the novel on the phone, and seeing Christian come in and laughed and went to play again.

Christian blushed a little, probably because he lied to his mommy, and his voice was soft and soft.

I had dinner with Elbert and the others.

How could it be that Elbert and Lisa were stunned.

They didn’t expect their son would have dinner with Elbert.

Happened to meet.

Christian raised his head and said to Lisa, Mommy, don’t be afraid, now you are safe by your side, and I will protect you. fool.

Lisa gently touched Christian’s face. Mommy didn’t protect you.

Remembering that Christian was slapped twice because she was arguing for Lisa, she couldn’t calm herself. Countless times in my dreams, I wanted to fight them for life and death, but after waking up from the dream, it was completely empty.

Lisa’s fingers tightened, but I believe Mommy.

She slapped you in the face sooner or later, and we all have to return.

She is not a virg*n, she was bullied to her head and smiled generously, so she would never let go of her humiliation to her son.

How good is the wild woman outside haunting Elbert? She will let her grandson throw away his armor and let her grandson be devastated.

She will take back everything she has been robbed, and give her room for regret. Nothing Christian held Lisa’s hand, saw the necklace on Lisa’s neck, and asked curiously what happened to this necklace. One day Cyril Cong came over the wall and gave it to me.

Lisa looked down and confessed to Christian that he had come secretly, even Elbert did not know.

And tell me, no matter how big things happen, don’t take this necklace off.

Christian stared at the shaking pendant on the necklace. For a long time, he seemed to think of something suddenly.

I knew that Lisa frowned and watched his son’s face change drastically. You know what, but Christian didn’t answer her, just held Lisa’s hand. , Mommy, Brother Cyril Cong is right. You must never take this necklace off, and usually don’t show it to others. Fortunately, now that the Chinese New Year is over, it’s still winter. Now Lisa wears a high collar that can block the necklace around the neck, but spring will come soon I’m afraid I can’t hide Not being able to hide it revealed that Christian’s face changed several times, and finally took a deep breath, suppressing the shock in his heart, and said to Lisa, it’s nothing, I just think it looks good.

I also think it’s pretty, it shouldn’t be cheap.

Lisa fiddled with the pendant, and looking at the shape, it should be meaningful, right, and significant. But Christian didn’t say, he kept everything under his heart, and said to Lisa, Mommy, rest, my ears have not hurt recently.

It doesn’t hurt.

Lisa’s face is full of worries, and when you look back and check it again, you must not have an ear accident. Will not.

Christian smiled sweetly, this bit of pain can’t beat me.

After talking about jumping out of bed, stay with Lisa, rest early, and I will review it tomorrow. Ok.

The light was extinguished and there was silence in the ward. Elbert, who was waiting silently outside the door of the ward, turned around and stepped forward, leaving the hospital corridor lonely from behind.

Chapter 416 Specially visited the sick, not to send it away.

When Lisa woke up the next day, there were many people standing beside him.

Han Rang, Jia Qi, Little Moon, Fangfang, Lao Wang, Green Dinosaur Lisa was stunned, what kind of posture are you guys? Ouch, I heard that you are in the hospital again, come and see you. Fangfang sat down and looked at Lisa.

If the hospital has a VIP points system, you can be sure that you will be the gold member with the highest points here.

Lisale is now.

Is this making fun of me for being hospitalized? Yes, there are 20 days in a month in the hospital. When the green dinosaur came to the hospital, he was wearing the green dinosaur pajamas.

The hat was turned up, and he stared at a huge dinosaur head.

A tail behind his buttocks swept around.

This appearance attracted people in the hospital to look up and down.

Thinking it was a patient from the mental hospital next door ran out.

Little Moon smiled, my brother still missed you when he went back, saying that the stockings you wore in that truth or dare adventure were very s*xy. Oh, Lao Wang is smiling, there are not many people who can make Rocky worry about it. Do you want the goddess to try it? Go away Jia Qi squeezes Lao Wang away, Lisa belongs to me, what Rocky and Elbert What Marven Su, all of them are rolling away.

It happened that Elbert came in carrying a can of soup. When I saw so many people inside, I was shocked. You just talked about my name. Jia Qi smiled like a dog, no, no. , Just praise you for being handsome.

In the hearts of everyone: Elbert carried the soup and placed it next to Lisa’s bed. Everyone was shocked at the sight of the boss whose jaws were open. What’s the situation? Elbert specially came to visit the patient and brought soup to Lisa.

Is this Elbert? Hey, brother, did you go to the wrong set? Elbert ignored the shocked expressions of everyone, and said coldly, my mother stewed in the morning The old duck soup, you have time to drink.

Relying on the soup stewed by Uncle’s mother’s hands is almost a god. Everyone brushed their eyes on Lisa, looking forward to Lisa’s response. Unexpectedly, their goddess just glanced at the insulation pot lightly, and then said coldly, oh, good.

Two words. Everyone in the theater gasped.

Is this such a noble and glamorous person setting the opposite of that of Lisa? When Jia Qi was shocked, he wanted to slap his thighs and laughed. Mom’s thin night, you also have a Feng Shui turn today. Who will God spare? Look at the way you were ignorant of Lisa, but now Lisa, you can’t hold your mouth high. Before I could close it, Elbert said again, I’ll go now, and I will see you at night.

Lisa didn’t lift his eyelids, so he didn’t give it away.

It’s so cool. Elbert endured the feeling of being ignored and walked out, and then closed the door. Everyone felt that the atmosphere had come alive all at once, and they all took a breath.

I just saw the goddess of a blockbuster movie of the century. You are so handsome, ah, Fangfang hugged Lisa very hard, and the person who can show her face to Elbert, the whole world is only one Han Rang on the side, and thin Ye also bowed his head to you alone.

It’s so cool, ah ah, the little moon screams.

I rely on the plot of an idol drama.

Tell me how you tame the wild horse Elbert, so that he is now willing to give you soup

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