His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 417 – 418

Read Chapter 417 – 418 of the novel His Vengeful Ex-Wife (Translated Version, Tang Jing Character) free.

Chapter 417 Don’t Give Up, Go to the Door and Make Trouble!

However, in the face of everyone’s excitement, Lisa just smiled. Who can understand how desperate she was for Elbert back then, how much she expected, how disappointed she is now. When the expectation fell through, all the feelings for him were sealed in the deepest part of her heart, and never uncovered.

Later, Lisa drank the soup stewed by Elbert’s mother, and even took Jia Qi away.

Han Rang’s chef is also full of praise, um, this silky chicken is really fat, and the soup tastes very fresh.

It is estimated that it took no time. Jia Qi smiled and said to Lisa that it was probably the treatment of the daughter-in-law of the Bo family.

Lisa just responded with a smile, Bo’s daughter-in-law did not have that blessing, nor did she have the courage to think again.

Later, everyone got together and asked about Lisa’s recent situation. Christian sat quietly, watching his mommy smile on her face, and watching her chatting with a group of good friends with satisfaction in his eyes.

That’s it.

As long as you can protect the smile on Lisa’s face, you will give everything at your disposal.

This is an agreement between him and that man.

It’s just that the laughter didn’t last long, and there was an intruder directly entering the room at the door.

Lisa and others unexpectedly looked up and saw Sarah And Old Lady Bo.

It’s them again.

It’s just that they came to the door this time to make trouble.

Lisa frowned.

Christian reacted faster than her.

He jumped off the chair and came to the door.

He stood there without fear of being beaten by the old lady Bo last time. What are you doing here? I can’t come to the hospital anymore.

The old lady Bo was so angry that she came to the hospital from Bo’s house when she heard that Milda Cen was making soup for Lisa.

She wanted to ask, instead of cooking for her mother-in-law, Milda Cen gave soup to a divorced slut who had been in jail. Why is this woman so talented and capable, that she tricked her into the Lisa On the bed, she no longer needs infusion, and her body is recovering day by day, and her mental state has been very stable recently, but when she saw Mrs. Bo, she was still shocked. Every time the old lady came to the house, she was intent on killing her.

Christian stared at the old lady Bo, you can come naturally.

It’s just that we don’t know you very well.

Those who are not good will not come. What do you want to do with us?

Chapter 418 Don’t understand the rules, will you teach me?

Jia Qiken stood up and spoke, and the few people in the studio behind him followed the arrogance, especially Fangfang. When Lisa was bullied by Gillian Fu, she took a wine bottle and fell directly on the back of the head of the third master of the Fu family. , I’m also afraid that someone like a thin old lady, sitting in a wheelchair, feels that the whole world will open the way for her, tsk tsk, moral kidnapping, I am a weak person, and Fangfang skillfully rolled his eyes, discussing the yin and yang strangeness, No one can beat her, a famous gossip reporter at the time. Not only her mouth is poisonous, but she can also turn white into black.

Isn’t she a wheelchair bitch hahaha you also tailored a word specifically for her, wheelchair bitch little moon Fangfang’s mouth was poisonous, and he was a bit more manly.

After all, the family came from a military background.

Looking at the old lady Bo, her eyebrows were frowning high, disrespectful for the old, and selling old for the old. One relied on his own age, and the other relied on his physical disability, and organized a group to bully Lisa.

Really shameless people are invincible in the world. Why do we give her face to this kind of person? Christian giggled and brought a child with him. Maybe after that, he could cry and feel wronged. Marriah Yan’s eyes reddened, and he heard the green dinosaur shaking his head and swaying his brain to continue, saying that even such a small child must be brought out.

Should you say that you make the best use of your things, or should you say that you are very awkward and peaceful, and that old lady Bo is a companion of Lisa.

His expressions made his face turn pale, especially the old lady Bo, because Fangfang’s mouth was fast, and he didn’t know what to say to refute. Only a few unqualified swear words were left, and his mouth was full of shit and he didn’t look at what he was.

Are you worthy to talk to me? Unexpectedly, Fangfang was even more proud, and she took out her ears, thinking that she didn’t care.

Hey, someone was talking to me just now, why can’t I hear the dog calling you? Don’t deceive others too quietly, just talk with tears Here again, we came here today just to talk about things. You can’t help but say insults.

It’s too unruly.

The little moon laughs.

I don’t understand the rules.

It’s better to let you, the junior who got involved in people’s marriages, teach you. What is my life as a person? The most taboo thing in my life is being said that Xiaosan was poked at the backbone and said that Xiaosan had no choice but to marry Lisa. Even if she got his heart, it wouldn’t change her marriage.

The facts of the small third outside, what do you want me to do? Lisa raised his head, his eyes were as quiet as water, as if the quiet noise was nothing but a farce that had nothing to do with her.

She is so calm and sensible now, it really makes people dare not speculate. Compared with the irritated madness before, Lisa’s composure now makes Sarah An even more unsure of how to attack. Yes, as long as she irritated the old lady Bo, that’s right, Sarah An wiped her tears, and showed her gentle and generous side in front of the old lady Bo, and said to Lisa, Mom made the soup for you, right? It turned out to be for this.

Lisa grinned and smiled, which mother is your mother, sorry, I don’t know your mother.

These words were just making Sarah An’s face.

Sarah An was talking about Elbert’s mother.

She proudly called Milda Cen to mom, but Lisa didn’t care at all, and asked, which mom.

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