His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 419 – 420

Read Chapter 419 – 420 of the novel His Vengeful Ex-Wife (Translated Version, Tang Jing Character) free.

Chapter 419 I have the final say, what?

Are you and Elbert married? Just so cheeky to call to my mother Sarah An, her face pale, what she wanted to say, the old lady Bo made a voice, but her voice was cold.

In Bo’s house, I always have the final say.

I said An’an is the future of our Bo family.

The granddaughter-in-law of Lisa sneered, saying that Bo’s family is your master, so why don’t you marry Sarah An for Elbert and walk the red carpet? Wouldn’t it be Mrs. Bo, you and Miss Sarah An? As soon as the mocking words came out, everyone in the room suddenly Laughing.

The little moon clutched her belly, oh, I was so ridiculous that Mrs. Bo married a daughter-in-law haha instead of Marrying a daughter-in-law in the place of Elbert. Very powerful.

I can’t understand you rich people. What Fangfang did with the color, laugh so hard, maybe it’s really like this.

Look at Elbert’s bright and beautiful outside, maybe it’s a dog under the feet of old lady Bo, she is the real Wu Zetian. Wu Zetian hahaha, the green dinosaur laughed so that the tails on the pajamas were pouting.

Look at the old women, their faces are green.

A lot of them are still worrying about their age, and they may not live long. When Old Madam Bo heard they cursed that she would not live long, she was trembling with anger on the spot. You are a group of people, there is no one in your eyes. Yes, you are probably not a human in my eyes.

Lao Wang sneered. You respect us and we respect you. But you have such an attitude of getting into the door first and pressing every step of the way.

I think about it, there is no need to save you any face. What are you, what are you? Little Moon has a straight temper and threw it directly over a stool.

She doesn’t undermine the old lady. Fang Sheng smashed in the direction of Sarah An, Sarah An let out a scream, and a cut on her forehead, dripping with blood. Go down to the first floor and ask a doctor to sew it on for you. My sister will reimburse your bill.

Little Moon took out a stack of money from her wallet and threw it in front of Sarah An. You can use the extra money to buy some supplements and make up yours.

The brain water light needle straightened your brain circuits, right? Don’t you have eyes to come to your door to bully Lisa. What kind of thing are you taking an old woman, and you really treat yourself as the young lady of the Bo family.

Sarah An was scolded and cried by the little moon on the spot, and the old lady Bo saw Sarah An’s forehead The blood on the blood, the eyes are wide, okay, you guys are still hurting people.

If you fu(k!ng don’t fu*k, I’ll fight you

Chapter 420: It’s a Big Thing

The old lady Bo was scared in her eyes, An’an, bleeding, it hurts, grandma will help you see, take you downstairs to see the doctor, a few people watched the scene where the two of them seemed to be dependent on each other, only a sneer remained at the corner of their mouths. When Tonny Jiang rushed in, he heard that there was another disturbance in Lisa’s ward.

If Elbert knew that he might be able to cut himself with a knife, he quickly ran over to see the situation.

It was Sarah And Old Madam Bo. You said these two women I’m so dead I’ve been trying to provoke Lisa. Don’t you know that this will make Elbert even more disgusted? Tonny Jiang went in to host the scene.

Lisa sat on the bed, his face pale, but his eyes were surprisingly bright.

Christian stood aside and his eyes were red with anger, and when he saw him walk in, he cried out, Tonny Jiang brother. Ouch, Tonny Jiang’s heart was broken when he heard it.

All of a sudden, he squatted down and touched Christian’s face. Did they beat you again? The hearts of the people watching the show were brightened.

It turned out that this group had come in to bully the people inside more than once.

As a result, it happened to be here this time that they did not succeed in bullying, but were scolded by their friends. You said that this is not a good reincarnation, because Christian saw Tonny Jiang coming, and his voice was even more aggrieved.

They scolded me and said that they beat me because I deserved it.

I don’t know what I did wrong.

I just want to stop them. Because as soon as they entered the door, they wanted to bully my mom.

Hearing the words of other boys’ words, weeping blood, and when they were beaten, they had to protect their mothers. What a great little boy, watching the crowds sigh with emotion, these years, the shameless more More and more.

That is, when I saw an older person in a wheelchair, I thought they were all kind-hearted.

I didn’t expect that the more this kind of person, the worse I felt.

I remember that they also came to make a fuss before, I heard that they beat that little boy.

I don’t know how cruel hands I put on my eardrums.

How come this kind of old woman hasn’t died.

That old woman beat it right, can’t you tell.

The wheelchair person is not a good thing, so he would cry, thinking that crying would make people home Sympathize with her.

It’s disgusting, take it quickly, hurry up.

I think the old man is a bit familiar.

The expressions of old lady Bo and Sarah An changed and changed, the old lady was there shouting, “No filming allowed, I said, “You are not allowed filming?” But none of the onlookers was afraid of her, and he was not a great person.

She was so old and shameless. What you dare to do to give her face is to say that you can’t live with the Bo’s family. Everyone’s actions were taken. Followed by shock. Why is the Bo family real? This old woman is from the Bo family.

Isn’t the Bo family a well-known family? A while ago, Elbert even broadcasted her apology.

At any rate, she was a responsible man.

How could this old shrew the woman in there? Who can’t be Elbert’s ex-wife Lisa? Everyone was in an uproar. Did your grandson cheat outside the marriage and made Mrs. Bo unable to say a word.

Her face was pale and she didn’t talk nonsense there.

The woman who has been in jail can’t afford our Bo family.

Some people can’t stand it anymore.

They say in the crowd that there is a grandma like you, but Lisa is unlucky and Bo night follows unlucky

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