His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 45 – 46

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Chapter 45

In the end, Elbert Bo called the previous doctor, treated Tang Christian’s wound, and after applying the ointment, Tang Christian said the first sentence.

He said, Mommy, my tears fell all of a sudden when I hurt Lisa Tang.

It’s Mommy’s fault to hug his child.

It’s that Mommy is not strong enough.

Tang Christian also cried, with red eyes.

It’s not my fault.

It was the aunt who wanted to give me milk tea.

I didn’t even touch her.

After turning over, Mommy knew that our family was not that kind of person.

Lisa Tang let go of him and wiped away his tears. Mommy won’t let you stay at Bo’s house like this, it’s too dangerous.

Tang Christian nodded, and I waited for Mommy to pick me up home. Mom, can you stay with me in Bo’s house these days, the child was designed to be burned, and there was still a shadow in your heart.

There was no sense of security for a while, and Elbert Bo was not the person who could give him a sense of security. .

Lisa Tang thought left and right, and nodded emphatically, OK, Mommy went to discuss with Elbert Bo.

After talking about the Lisa Tang, he stood up and walked out the door, only to see Elbert Bo at the door with a deep silence on his face.

Lisa Tang laughed bitterly, did you hear it? Even though the voice was so calm, the body was still trembling. Elbert Bo was silent.

Lisa Tang said that you blamed him, but you never admit your mistakes.

This was the case five years ago, and it will be the same five years later. Elbert Bo, you are too arrogant after all. Only then did Elbert Bo speak. Why didn’t he explain to me that Lisa Tang laughed twice, his eyes were reddish and looked towards Elbert Bo, Elbert Bo, do you listen to his explanation? You don’t trust him like this, saying he is the head White-eyed wolf, you still want him to explain that you are his biological father, but when he said this in front of his son, Elbert Bo’s face turned pale, and his pupils shrank a little.

I really want to take Weiwei home.

In your house, he lived like this, I can’t accept it. Elbert Bo, can you let Lisa Tang stand firm, for her son, she must face Elbert Bo and can’t shrink back. Elbert Bo gritted his teeth, don’t miss my Elbert Bo’s son, it’s impossible to let it out, but if you let him live like this, won’t your conscience hurt? Lisa Tang stepped forward, not knowing where his strength was, grabbed Elbert Bo’s chest of clothes, Elbert Bo, you ask yourself, where did my Lisa Tang provoke you, even my son will be framed by your outside lover’s design for five years.

It’s not enough to offset your hatred, so now what do you want to do is directed at me.

How can you attack your own son. Elbert Bo was forced to say a word by Lisa Tang’s heartbreaking remarks, and he grabbed it I took Lisa Tang’s wrist and pulled her wrist away from her clothes.

After a long time, she slowly said in a dangerous voice, coming to Lisa Tang at you, I want you to die, as simple as pinching an ant.

Then let me die.

Lisa Tang laughed absurdly twice.

She stared at Elbert Bo.

The hatred in her eyes was amazing.

Time passed. Over the years, her hatred had come to an end. Elbert Bo, I asked you if it was me.

Since Lisa Tang has died, you are willing to let my son die.

At the moment when she dared to say the word death, Elbert Bo seemed to be gripped by his heart, pulled hard, causing intense pain.

Chapter 46

Staring at the face in front of him, Elbert Bo suddenly felt unfamiliar.

Lisa Tang from five years ago would show him such a look. Couldn’t it be her five years ago, Ming Carita loved him to the point of selflessness, Lisa Tang noticed Elbert Bo’s dazedness, no Knowing where the strength came from, he pushed the man away, without even thinking about it, when he raised his hand, he slapped Elbert Bo’s face with a slap, and even with Elbert Bo, he was shocked by a woman. Even if I slapped my face, I slept with Elbert Bo, who I didn’t want, reached out and grabbed Lisa Tang’s hand.

Lisa Tang was held tightly by him, but he didn’t panic at all.

His eyes were red, staring at the man in front of him and laughing.

Sheng, Elbert Bo, don’t tell me what you owe me here. Elbert Bo, whose slap is a light slap, caught Lisa Tang’s neck again in anger, but the woman laughed wildly, as if desperately. Note, strangle me, Elbert Bo, if you have this ability, just kill me.

If I die, it’s better that I don’t have to bear your pain anymore.

I’m dead.

It’s better that Elbert Bo’s body trembled severely and suddenly released her. .

Those words unconsciously stabbed the most painful place in his heart. Five years ago Sarah An died five years ago, and Lisa Tang had no idea of living.

In the end, who is causing all this? Elbert Bo slammed Lisa Tang’s face with a punch, and slammed it against the wall with a gust of wind.

Lisa Tang’s eyelashes trembled, but he never asked for mercy from beginning to end. For a long time, it was Elbert Bo who was screaming dumb, you go, from now on, don’t show up in front of me Lisa Tang laughed a few times with tears in her eyes, as long as you return my son to me, I wish that Elbert Bo was far away from you with fierce eyes Lisa Tang’s face seemed to see her through, but it’s a pity that Lisa Tang’s disguise was too strong. Compared to five years ago, it was a thousand times ten thousand times stronger. What made her cross the long dark time, from Coming in the dark, he made a look like a stone-hearted thin night without a word, still a handsome face, evil and evil, he has the capital to make women crazy, but he can no longer influence the person in front of him.

Lisa Tang chuckled and shook off Elbert Bo’s hand fiercely.

As she passed through the corridor, her voice was indifferent, but she was still in the room.

I didn’t want him to see me and you.

Her back is slender, and she speaks with a sense of tenacity, as if nothing can shake her.

She was once the back staring at Elbert Bo leaving, but now, it seems that Elbert Bo is watching her leave. When Lisa Tang walked to the gate of Bo’s villa, he paused, stopped and turned half of her face, looking at Elbert Bo, she muttered, Elbert Bo, from knowing you to getting married, to later prison, a total of ten Five years.

How many fifteen years does a person have to waste? I have wasted fifteen years on you, Elbert Bo.

This sentence shocked Elbert Bo’s body, and the man raised his head slightly, with deep eyes on his unpredictable face.

Some emotion seemed to pass through his eyes, but it quickly turned into nothingness.

Lisa Tang opened the door and Fengshuang rushed towards her face.

She stepped forward into the cold autumn air, still with a sickly weak breath on her face, her eyelashes trembled, as if she had been chilled. But she said nothing.

In five years, too much blood and impulse have been smoothed out.

She is no longer the Lisa Tang five years ago.

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