His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 43 – 44

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Chapter 43

Here Tang Christian let his mother rest for a while, while Fiore Cheng watched Tang Christian come out, his brows suddenly became vicious.

At the beginning, I thought it was Elbert Bo’s illegitimate child, but she never thought it was the child of Elbert Bo and Lisa Tang.

She absolutely couldn’t think of it here.

Taking advantage of Lisa Tang’s unawareness in the room, Fiore Cheng faced him in the living room.

Tang Christian said carefully, hello, what’s your name, Tang Christian didn’t even look at her, walked directly to the sofa and played Go with himself. Fiore Cheng took a deep breath and went up and asked, hello, I am your daddy’s new girlfriend, don’t you introduce yourself to the aunt Tang Christian directly raised his head to look at her, and the new girlfriend is not in you Dare to say that, auntie, I am not familiar with you.

The implication is that I don’t need to tell you who I am. Fiore Cheng’s smile was frozen, and she froze on her face, then she stared at Tang Christian viciously, aren’t you afraid that I will file a lawsuit with your father, then go.

Tang Christian was indifferent.

I didn’t care anyway.

He didn’t want me, that was just right. Fiore Cheng didn’t expect the child to be so soft and hard not to eat, but she was shocked. For a while, she would not know what to do.

She was also uncertain about Elbert Bo’s attitude, whether Elbert Bo liked the child or not if she did. , Why didn’t he indifferent as soon as he arrived at home.

If he didn’t like it, why did he take him home? Fiore Cheng gritted his teeth, got up, went to the kitchen, unpacked a packet of milk tea powder, and soaked it in hot water Opened, and brought it out to Tang Christian.

As she approached, she said, Auntie made you a cup of milk tea, would you like to drink it? Tang Christian refused without even thinking about it.

However, Fiore Cheng seemed to accidentally fall, and in the next second, a whole cup of hot milk tea was poured on Tang Christian’s body.

It was scalded by hot water.

Tang Christian let out a scream and Fiore Cheng yelled too. With a sound, Elbert Bo opened the door upstairs and glared at him. What happened was that the back of Fiore Cheng’s hand and Tang Christian’s arm were filled with blisters, and she saw her teary eyes dimly saying, I just want to make a cup of milk tea for the child, but it is He didn’t say anything further, as if he couldn’t say it, Tang Christian was frightened, and the severe pain of his body made him shiver in place, unable to say a word.

He hadn’t been so smashed by hot water before he grew up, his clothes were wet, and his blankets were dirty. Elbert Bo strode down and said angrily at Tang Christian, Tang Christian, do you think you are in this home? It can be lawless Tang Christian trembled all over, looking back at the angry man in front of him, his small body was shaking constantly, because of pain and fear.

The blankness in his eyes was so obvious.

Lisa Tang in the lounge upstairs heard the movement, pulled out the needle, rushed down, and pushed Elbert Bo away.

It could not be said that a slap fell on Fiore Cheng’s face. Fiore Cheng yelled, you dare to beat me Lisa Tang to death Tang Christianhu, the dead general, was in her arms, her eyes were red.

She stared at Fiore Cheng, every word, it didn’t matter if you had any opinions on me. But when you attacked my son, you are still not a person.

Lisa Tang, Elbert Bo stood aside and saw Lisa Tang hit someone first, went straight up and grabbed her wrist and apologized to her.

Chapter 44

Apology Lisa Tang also trembled because of anger. Didn’t you see that he was injured? Elbert Bo, he is also your son. What? Do you think you can get away with this? Now let’s talk about family relationships. Elbert Bo sneered and threw away Lisa Tang, the only person in Tang looked up at his father alone, the disappointment in his eyes was so obvious that Elbert Bo’s heart trembled.

The little boy didn’t say a word, didn’t intend to explain it for himself, it was like a grudge. Elbert Bo squinted a pair of beautiful eyes, but unfortunately there was no friendship in these eyes.

He said, do you admit your mistake? The Lisa Tang next to him got up from the ground and rushed over again, blocking Elbert Bo’s sight with his body.

He is only five years old, Elbert Bo, even if you hate me, you can’t even count the children with him.

He’s only five years old. What can he do? He’s only five years old, and he screamed at me like that. Do you know how irritable I see his eyes when I come home every day? He is only five years old, and he knows how to behave like yin and yang and how to act like yin and yang.

Lisa Tang, after all is the good son you taught, what else can he do? Zhen, then looked at Elbert Bo, who smiled extremely harshly, did he see it? Like a wolf cub, just his mother is a white-eyed wolf Lisa Tang looked back, touched Tang Christian’s face lightly, and comforted him in a low voice, but don’t be afraid, mother is there.

Tang Christian slowly closed his eyes, tears falling down his cheeks.

Lisa Tang looked at the large string of blisters on Tang Christian’s arm that had been scalded distressedly.

If it was not treated in time, it would leave scars.

So she stood up and asked Elbert Bo regardless.

The doctor just now was my personal doctor. , You are also worthy to make Xuan Elbert Bo point at Tang Christian, let him apologize first.

Lisa Tang retreats two steps with tears in his eyes, repeatedly saying good.

She smiled and red eyes, and stroked Yiyi, Elbert Bo, do you want to apologize? Okay, I’m here to say that Tang Christian is young.

As his mother, I apologize to you this lady.

I’m sorry to hurt you, please.

There are a lot of adults. Don’t be humble and low-minded with us.

Lisa Tang apologized and turned to look at Elbert Bo. Wouldn’t it be the same as five years ago, asking me to kowtow to Elbert Bo’s heart.

Looking at the Lisa Tang in front of me, my fingers started to tremble slightly.

I don’t know why I always feel that something is falling between my fingers, and I can’t grasp it firmly, so I slip away from him.

Lisa Tang carried Tang Christian to the second floor, leaving Fiore Cheng and Elbert Bo standing in the living room.

The little boy was picked up by Lisa Tang, and his head rested on her shoulder.

The moment he went up the stairs, the boy looked at Elbert Bo and Fiore Cheng with a look a hundred times more fierce than before.

At that moment, the eyes looked like Elbert Bo in anger.

It was a father-son relationship. When they hated a person, their expressions were exactly the same. Elbert Bo looked at the figure of Lisa Tang going upstairs, did not speak, before lowering his voice for a long time, and said to Fiore Cheng, rolling away. Elbert Bo Fiore Cheng was holding the hot place of his hand, and she shed tears because of his grievance. Elbert Bo’s indifferent expression didn’t show a trace of emotion.

He immediately called the servant and stood up. Fiore Cheng, Fiore Cheng was struggling frantically, what are you going to do to let go of my Elbert Bo, the door of Elbert Bo’s villa was closed in front of her, blocking all hope.

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