His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 53 – 54

Read Chapter 53 – 54 of the novel His Vengeful Ex-Wife (Translated Version, Tang Jing Character) free.

Chapter 53

Seeing the painful look of her boss on the other side of the computer, Messy Lin felt an indescribable sense of comfort. But along with this feeling, there was a deep heartache for Lisa.

This dark past to the end room tortured her into such a culprit. When he knew these things, he felt terrified. What’s more, how shocking the pain she endured in Lisa at that time, Messy Lin didn’t even dare to think about it.

Lisa at that time must have hated Elbert. For every point of pain, she hated Elbert.

Later, all the love for him turned into hatred, which caused her to suffer endlessly during this inhuman day. Elbert’s shoulders were trembling. When he raised his head again, the man turned his eyes red, and his voice was hoarse.

He pointed at Messy Lin, no matter what the cost, he must find out the foreign ip address.

In the name of Elbert, he had black hands on Lisas and harmed Lisas in this way.

He absolutely cannot forgive Elbert’s heart trembled violently.

The tip of his heart was like a knife slashed past, involving a thrilling flesh and blood.

He felt deep in the ice cellar, and his whole body was utterly cold, as if a basin of cold water was pouring down, followed by the freezing of blood all over his body, even his heartbeat was stinging. Why did it become like this? Who under the guise of his name made such a cruel hand? But Elbert always understood that no matter who it was, there was only one original sin from beginning to end, and that was him.

It was him who sent Lisa to prison, and it was him who made Lisa humiliated in front of everyone.

Later, even if Lisa was treated in prison no matter what, those people were used to it.

Anyway, didn’t Elbert hate her to death, so killing her would count as something.

Anyway, this is what Elbert wanted, right? Isn’t this what Elbert wanted? Elbert closed his eyes, his eyes were slightly red, and his fingers Pulled together tightly, his heart was tormented by huge pain, and he hadn’t thought about his behavior at all, leaving Lisa deep in the region. But this is indeed a tragedy caused by him.

How to deal with the hatred that came to an end? How to save Elbert and start to panic.

The panic in Lisa’s eyes burns like fire, enough to burn her whole body of hatred.

How on earth is he going to explain, it wasn’t me who arranged the person.

All this to you Lisa returned home tiredly, Braden covered his face on the sofa, Lisa walked over to comfort him, and his brother Braden put his chin on Lisa’s forehead with red eyes.

I felt like I was a waste.

I couldn’t even protect my sister. You are insulted.

I didn’t care.

Lisa’s eyes were red, but she pulled out a smile, brother, it’s okay.

Those can’t hurt me anymore.

She has suffered thousands of times more painful injuries than this.

These cold words are nothing but nights.

I will find someone tomorrow. Maybe he can help me.

Lisa doesn’t know why he thinks of someone.

It will point out a new path, maybe you can try it.

Lisa patted Braden on the shoulder, we can’t be defeated so simply, brother, I’m fine.

Braden hugged her very hard, Jia, brother, there is only one younger sister left in this world.

There is no news from parents, only you.

Lisa raised his head and cried silently, yes, where are their parents since then?

Chapter 54

At nine o’clock in the morning the next day, Lisa went to a coffee shop and arrived as scheduled. When he saw the man in position, he smiled slightly. Gillian Fu finally smiled.

To be honest, he was quite surprised when Lisa contacted him, and never thought that she would come to him. When she asked if she could help, Gillian Fu finally felt soft, so he agreed. Because of the Lisa sentence, Peter Fu, the two sentences you sent me are deep in my heart. Gillian Fu finally agreed happily, so he sat here now, waiting for Lisa to come over.

She drooped her eyelids, sorry to keep you waiting. Where is the word. Gillian Fu crossed his hands and sat upright.

He carefully told the waiter that the coffee shouldn’t be too hot.

Then he continued to look at Lisa.

Have you encountered any new problems recently? Actually, I am ashamed that I have asked you.

Lisa’s hands were mixed together, obviously very nervous, Elbert blocked our studio, so there is really no way, and I don’t want to ask someone in a low voice. Fu Sansao, if you can help today, I will definitely repay your kindness in the future; if not, I don’t blame you, I will find another way out. What an arrogant woman. Gillian Fu finally squinted his eyes, I can help you but dawn, I am a businessman.

The deeper meaning is, Lisa, is there anything worthy of my help? Lisa’s face turned white and he tightened his fingers. Gillian Fu finally smiled, saying, okay. Okay, I am teasing you. Just as if you owe me a favor, I will go back and send yours to our partners to see, maybe I can help you.

Lisa’s eyes lit up, really? You mean, the man’s elegant and deep face had a little deep meaning that Lisa couldn’t understand, but she didn’t think much about it, but her red eyes thanked Gillian Fu finally, and then softly said , I really thank you Peter Fu for not calling me so strangely. Gillian Fu looked at her with interest.

Since we’ve seen each other so many times in private, it’s better to be friends.

How, Lisa, he called her by first name and last name for the first time.

Lisa smiled and pulled out the list underneath.

Then I will buy you coffee this time.

Respect is worse than fate.

The man didn’t shy away, he smiled and watched her pay the money.

Their position was just against the outside glass, and the sun was projecting in, warm and very comfortable.

Marven Su whistled and brought his sister back from shopping, and happened to see Gillian Fu sitting by the window through the glass.

Estelle said, oh, look, it’s Gillian Fu, Marven Su rolled his eyes, can you be more handsome than me, Estelle said, don’t be too narcissistic, there is no ugly in our circle.

Marven Su pretended to go to beat his sister, but halfway through the fight he saw Lisa coming back after paying the money and sat down opposite Gillian Fu.

Marven Su blew his nose and glared, and through a glass of glass, he asked his sister what was going on.

Estelle didn’t understand, and murmured, maybe the two are dating, dating your sister.

Marven Su pushed the shopping bag in Estelle’s hand, and what he was doing, Estella poked the glass, and dragged her brother to the parking lot.

Isn’t it just the woman she was fancy and the others are getting better? You turned it over and asked someone to drink coffee, isn’t it the same? The enchanting handsome mixed-race man snapped a finger, it made sense

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