His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 51 – 52

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Chapter 51

Hearing the word pitiful from Lisa’s mouth was undoubtedly a huge insult to Elbert.

He stepped forward, but unexpectedly Lisa took two steps back, his face looked like he didn’t want to be entangled with him more, the disdainful eyes had gone from his eyes. When the overflow came out, Lisa indifferently told his brother not to put on such a defensive posture, as if the existence of Elbert and Stella Jiang could not affect her at all. Even if they made an insult just now, it would be nothing more than a small storm.

She chuckled and looked at Stella Jiang up and down.

How good is a woman who is not as good as Quiet? After talking about it, she pulled Braden’s wrist and walked forward, and directly slammed Elbert’s shoulder. Elbert actually took two steps back, looking at the woman in front of him incredulously, angrily rising in his heart.

It seems that I was indeed too kind to Lisa, so she dared to be so presumptuous in front of him Stella Jiang was wronged and snuggled in his arms, as if she had suffered a lot of grievances, and there was no trace of the arrogant and domineering insult to Lisa.

She said, Elbert, you have to call the shots for me. Elbert didn’t speak, and went home with her arms around her, and saw Milda Cen standing at the door of the house. Obviously, his mother must have witnessed the farce just now. Milda Cen glanced at Stella Jiang. Even if she was middle-aged, the wealthy and noble women still had aura and courage.

That majestic look made Stella Jiang a little guilty.

She just glanced at her, like a warning, but also like an inquiry.

Then he went straight upstairs without speaking. Elbert comforted Stella Jiang, then went upstairs to follow his mother to the study, and then asked, Mom, do you have any opinion on Stella Milda Cen turned to look at him, who really is the daughter-in-law of the Bo family? Can you do it? Five years ago, it was the most amazing eldest Miss Lisa in this city A. Five years later, even an 18-line internet celebrity can come and go freely. Elbert frowned, Mom, you can’t So Ye’er, Mom regrets it. Milda Cen finally did not hold back, and sighed heavily, regretting that she and Sarah An had joined hands to drive away such a good daughter-in-law of Lisa, making you look like this Lisa is going further and further, and the Bo family is getting more and more.

It’s impossible. Milda Cen’s eyes reddened, Ye’er, if you were to investigate it five years ago, Mom was afraid that you would regret Elbert as if it had been greatly stimulated.

She pressed Milda Cen’s shoulder tightly and said in pain, Mom, What do you mean Milda Cen didn’t speak any more, but took a slow and deep breath, and then brushed away Elbert’s hand and said to him, Mom was tired, and never wanted to see you bring back the inconsistent woman. Ye’er, I hope you can figure it out. Elbert looked at the back of Milda Cen walking out of the study in shock, and fell into silence.

In the middle of the night, he called someone to send Stella Jiang back.

At this time, Messy Lin just sent an email, so he started a video conversation with him. Opposite Messy Lin said with a serious face, “Elbert. When we checked, it was obvious.

Someone is blocking our investigation. Elbert frowned, who could not find out the specific IP address, it was a serial number abroad.

Messy Lin shook his head.

It would take a lot of effort to find out. Elbert squeezed his eyebrows, then tell me what was found.

Chapter 52

It was found that Lisa had committed suicide by cutting his wrists in prison.

Messy Lin’s voice suddenly dropped. Elbert, Lisa has always been bullied by other people in prison, and what’s more, she deliberately starved her when she was pregnant, and Lisa could not survive for several times. Who allowed them to do this? Elbert, who learned the truth, furiously threw the ashtray beside him, only to realize that his fingers were trembling.

He clenched his fingers hard, and asked every word, who did this to Lisa.

There are many people involved, so it’s a bit troublesome for us to check one by one.

Messy Lin can’t control his anger, but I will definitely find out all the lists. Elbert took a deep breath and murmured for a long time. Did Messy Lin think that I hated Lisa at that time, so it didn’t matter what they did, even if they let Lisa die.

Messy Lin clenched his hands into fists on the other end of the computer, and there was a bit of resentment in his voice, Elbert, your mind, Messy Lin dare not guess and listen, his good assistant is blaming him Elbert Shu He opened his eyes and opened them slowly.

The man has a delicate face.

At this moment, Jun’s face is covered with a layer of chill, so he is treated inhumanly in prison, and Lisa will become depressed, right? Messy Linbu Speaking, but the look in his eyes proves everything, yes. Elbert, you sent her to prison with your own hands. You turned her into a lunatic with your own hands. Elbert was trembling and tried his best to restrain his calmness.

How did you save the child? Lisa was about to give birth. , It was the hands of black market doctors, they did not even give her anesthetic, they performed the operation on her almost killing Lisa on the operating table.

It was Braden who used everything and even knelt down and begged the doctors to help Lisa survive.

Later, even to pay for the expensive medical expenses, Braden sold half of his kidney to the black market doctor. When he heard this bloody line, Elbert’s heart contracted severely.

His pupils contracted because of shock.

All the bloody facts came so unprepared and sent him to hell.

So Lisa’s fingers were gone at that time.

Messy Lin’s Adam’s apple moved up and down, and finally dug out the darkest past to tell Elbert.

Braden owed usury to pay Lisa for the hospitalization.

Then someone came to collect the debt on the underworld, and Lisa was broken by them.

Took a finger.

Later, because of being imprisoned, the underworld people could not catch up with the prison.

Lisa and Braden escaped.

After being released from prison, Braden sold all the remaining property and paid back the money, bringing Lisa and Christian together Start life.

In these past, just listening to it was enough to shake Elbert a thousand swords and his whole body was trembling.

It is hard to believe how Lisa was able to hold his teeth through this dark day, and how did Braden use it.

She tried her best to protect her sister, so she couldn’t help slap her when she heard Stella Jiang insult Braden, because that was to protect her brother, the only man in the world who would protect her Elbert He hugged his head with both hands and let out a low growl hoarse.

The heart kept contracting because of the severe pain. Why did Lisa be like this? Why did Lisa be like this? He just wanted to send her to prison.

He just wanted her to repay Sarah An’s debts. But the pain Lisa has endured has already surpassed that life is better than death, and her heart is probably already dead. 1,000 times 10,000 times

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