His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 55 – 56

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Chapter 55

However, what Lisa did not expect was that she finally appeared with Gillian Fu this time, and was secretly photographed again.

Soon the news headlines changed to her changing her male companion like clothes.

Last time it was the Su family, this time she became Fu.

Third Young Master, everyone was guessing what the background of this woman was, only Lisa looked at the newspaper after returning home and threw it aside irritably.

Reached out and sent a text message to Gillian Fu.

Sorry, Peter Fu, I don’t know how this will happen and it will affect you. Gillian Fu came back quickly and signaled that it was okay, so Lisa didn’t have to worry.

It seems that he is also used to the Lisa muttering in his head.

However, on the other side, in the office of the president of the Bo Group, Messy Lin carefully watched his boss’s angry look.

The coffee on hand had gone from piping hot to cold, without taking a sip. Elbert just stared at the headlines of the newspaper without moving.

Messy Lin was afraid that he would throw something at that time.

Sure enough, Elbert stretched out his hand and slammed the ashtray.

Messy Lin caught the ashtray with agility. Elbert continued to fall.

Messy Lin continued to pick it up, saying, Elbert, calm down, Elbert’s handsome face is covered There was a chill, whether she had the ability to hook up Gillian Fu and put everything back in the end without saying a word. Elbert patted the desk fiercely to find out what she was going to do when she met Gillian Fu. Gillian Fu’s partner quickly replied.

He forwarded the message to Lisa and then gave the contact information of the partner.

And after giving it to her, Lisa expressed his extremely gratefulness, and began to dock with his partner.

Soon, a few people set the general direction and process. Gillian Fu’s partner was also refreshing.

After looking at the previous works in the Lisa studio, he was full of praise and decided to ask her to cooperate.

The other party agreed on a place to sign the contract, and suggested that everyone have a meal together.

Lisa happily went there. Gillian Fu, the middleman, also came forward and went with him.

Soon the agreed day came, Lisa changed his clothes, put on makeup and went out.

Braden saw how she was in high spirits today, and cheered her behind her back. Go ahead and use your beauty to conquer those partners.

I rely on talent Lisa to turn around and smile at her brother.

Today she wore a bomber jacket. Under a pair of jeans and leather shoes, the whole person looked young and energetic, waved at Braden, I was careful on the way out.

Braden sat on the sofa and said, I’m waiting for your good news.

Lisa arrived at the agreed place in 20 minutes.

It is a western restaurant.

They usually queue up.

Today they must have reserved their seats in advance.

Sure enough, Lisa went in and reported it.

Someone led her by the name of the partner and led her to the door of a very stylishly decorated private room.

As soon as he pushed the door in, Gillian Fu finally sat there, Lisa smiled at him, every time you arrived so early.

Habit. Gillian Fu finally motioned to Lisa to come over and sit down, so she walked over generously, the two were skilled in their movements and didn’t feel inconsistent, just like a pair of old friends.

The partner was an elderly uncle. When he came over, he saw that everyone was already there.

He hurriedly stretched out his hand and held it in a circle.

He smiled and said to Lisa.

He didn’t expect the mysterious dawn in the industry to be such a beautiful person. Miss.

Lisa’s expression is very natural and generous, thanks to Mr. Xu for his affirmation.

This time Mr. Xu came over and brought his own son over.

He was a young man who never left his eyes when he saw Lisa, which made her feel a little uncomfortable.

Chapter 56

As soon as he finished speaking, the son next to Mr. Xu came over to strike up a conversation with Lisa.

The diligence in his eyes was obvious.

He wanted to know her to please her, and gave her orange juice.

Lisa could only smile at him thoughtfully, and said thank you a few times.

After thanking him, Mr. Xu’s son’s hand was placed on the back of Lisa’s hand. Mr. Xu saw it, obviously smiling a little bit aggressively, and using his eyes to signal his son not to be so frustrated. But his son didn’t seem to see him, his eyes kept on Lisa’s face.

Lisa’s smile became a little stiff, and he pulled his hand out with a little effort.

The person obviously didn’t notice it, and even moved the chair directly and moved closer to her body. Gillian Fu finally saw this scene and stretched out his hand to directly embrace Lisa.

The moment he was embraced by the man, Lisa’s heart beat a few beats, and then he whispered to him, thank you. Gillian Fu finally replied softly, sorry, I didn’t expect this to happen. Xu is always a good person but I didn’t know his son would be like this.

He really humiliated his father.

Lisa was very grateful to Gillian Fu for his help. Because of his help, Mr. Xu’s son Xu Xiaotian had obviously restrained a lot, and he was even quieter when eating vegetables.

Lisazheng and Mr. Xu talked about halfway, because the other party gave Lisa two more points because of his son’s impolite behavior.

Lisa repeatedly said no, and while Xu Xiaotian went to the bathroom, Mr. Xu quickly apologized for his son. .

I’m sorry, Miss Tang, I appreciate you personally very much.

I hope not to hinder our cooperation because of my ineffective son. Mr. Xu, I understand that I am not such a stingy person.

Lisa smiled slightly, this President Xu is indeed a good person, but it is a pity that his kindness has led to indulging his son, and this situation is like today.

Lisa adjusted his haircut and raised his glass to Mr. Xu.

I am not ill today, so I stopped drinking.

I will toast you with orange juice instead of wine.

I definitely take this list.

I hope Mr. Xu can rest assured .

In the future, if there is still cooperation, please consider me. Because his son’s behavior was too rude, Mr. Xu happened to feel apologetic to Lisa and repeatedly said goodbye.

So when you came to me, Mr. Xu asked his son to get a document.

Taking advantage of the good atmosphere at the table, Lisa signed the contract. Gillian Fu finally took the contract and read it again.

He felt that the terms in the contract were not unfavorable to Lisa, so he thought it was feasible. Finally, Lisa signed the contract.

This time Mr. Xu took her son to respect Lisa. Xu Xiaotian may have been taught by his father’s eyes, and reluctantly helped Lisa pour the orange juice again and raised the glass. Gillian Fu finally smiled gracefully, and when he stood up he didn’t forget to put his arms around Lisa’s waist to prevent her from falling.

Then the four of them toasted together and took a group photo, which was considered to be a conversation.

After the matter was over, Mr. Xu shook Lisa’s hand. When it was Xu Xiaotian’s turn, he strongly hooked Lisa’s palm with his index finger. Needless to say, Lisa felt the goose bumps all over his body. Mr. Xu left, and Xu Xiaotian turned around in three steps and got into his car. Gillian Fu finally said that she would go to the underground garage to drive, and let Lisa wait in the garage.

So she waited on the spot, just when the dinner was over, and the evening breeze blew into the underground parking lot.

Lisa collected her clothes and suddenly felt Hot and dry.

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