His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 57 – 58

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Chapter 57

Fanning the wind with her hand, she felt that the enthusiasm had not gone down, on the contrary, it had become more serious, and it came directly to her.

It should be cold in the early autumn evening, but Lisa flushed her face. Gradually, she couldn’t stand, she leaned against the wall and kept breathing deeply.

She would react later, that she had a problem with the dinner just now. But where did the problem go and why other people didn’t have an accident? She had this reaction.

An idea suddenly flashed in her mind.

Lisa understood that it was the orange juice before Xu Xiaotian must have moved his hands and feet on the orange juice because it happened. Other than oneself, other dishes may be eaten by others.

She only drank the orange juice alone, and Xu Xiaotian was very diligent in helping herself to add it from start to finish.

So he was probably pouring orange juice for himself and added something to it.

Lisa realized that it was too late, and the effect of the medicine exploded in the body unpreparably, making her brain dizzy, and the sight in front of her.

Start spinning around.

The heat is very hot, her eyes are red, staring at a vacant underground parking lot, until a man rushes towards herself in panic, with a low voice but worried, Lisa, what’s wrong with you, Gillian Fu, Lisa grabbed Gillian Fu Finally, the whole person fell into his arms.

She was gasping and panting.

It took a lot of effort to finish a sentence. Xu Xu Xiaotian gave me medicine.

How smart is Gillian Fu? People, you can understand when you hear it.

It is estimated that Xu Xiaotian took advantage of pouring orange juice to Lisa, and immediately hugged Lisa and stuffed her into the back of the car.

Lisa heard Gillian Fu finally burst into swearing amidst the chaos.

Such an elegant person would be swearing.

Then I heard Gillian Fu finally dialed a number, probably called a private doctor.

Lisa leaned on his back seat and felt that the leather chairs rubbed her face and made her feel. Very comfortable touch, so he narrowed his eyes slightly and shouted, Gillian Fu’s hands were trembling when he drove. Calm down, I will take you back to my home first.

The doctor will come back in half an hour. You hold on.

Lisa’s eyes were red from the burning, and her body was so hot that she had all the thoughts in her mind.

She trembled and asked if Xu Xiaotian did it.

It’s no accident.

At the crossroads, Gillian Fu finally turned the steering wheel around.

It seemed that Mr. Xu was too benevolent and connivated himself like this.

At the moment, let Xu Xiaotian settle the accounts slowly, so that Lisa’s emergency situation must be resolved first. Gillian Fu end was almost racing back to the villa. When she got out of the car with Lisa, her hand unconsciously encircled his neck, like an invitation.

His thin body was trembling in his arms, obviously Tortured badly. Gillian Fu finally kicked open the door and put her on the bed, and then went to the bathtub to put bath water in the bathtub first, and turned the faucet to the maximum.

The clear cold water quickly filled the bathtub.

Lisa felt that her consciousness was gradually pulling away from her body, and her soul was slowly being swallowed up by the burning feeling.

She grabbed the bed sheet under her body hard, her thoughts were confused, and her mouth was broken and shouted a name. Elbert Gillian Fu finally heard Lisa call the name when he came out after letting out the water.

After that, he walked to the bedside without hesitation.

He apologized to Lisa and was offended. Now let you go to the cold pool.

After speaking, she stretched out her hand and took off the clothes on her upper body.

At the moment when her skin was in contact with the cold air, Lisa narrowed her eyes slightly.

Chapter 58

When the slightly cool fingers touched it, Lisa felt that all the sensations in her whole body had been ignited in an instant, and the following things became difficult to control even before she could think about it. Gillian Fu quickly tightened the other finger hanging on his side, and hugged Lisa into the bathtub.

The cold water directly stimulated her skin, which made her awake for a moment. But a drop in the bucket. On the other side, Elbert happened to have eaten with his partner and came to the underground garage. When he entered, he saw Xu Xiaotian wandering around the underground garage wittily.

He subconsciously asked who that person was a bit familiar.

The son of the jeweler Mr. Xu.

The partner next to Elbert replied that Mr. Xu is quite good, but it is a pity that his son is so ineffective.

I don’t know what to do here now.

That’s it. Elbert replied indifferently.

It happened that Xu Xiaotian walked over.

Seeing Elbert and the others, he immediately said hello, but Elbert only replied indifferently, without saying much.

However, Xu Xiaotian spoke first, Elbert, have you ever seen a woman who wanted to leave by Xu Xiaotian stopped by Xu Xiaotian.

Looking at him, it was obvious that he was confused. What kind of woman Xu Xiaotian came up with a treacherous smile, right? Looking at Bo Elbert, I showed a girl I was fond of, and I felt sick when I saw his face after Bo Elbert. Did Xu Xiaotian have no brains, really think everyone thinks of the brain like him? It’s just Xu Xiaotian Before I realized Elbert’s disgust, he continued to speak to him, but I just put aside the old man from my dad, and now the girl is gone. Ugh. Elbert didn’t want to get too entangled with him. Knowing this kind of person was reducing his style, so he planned to go with his partner as soon as possible. Unexpectedly, Xu Xiaotian murmured him to stop immediately.

He said, “It’s strange, Miss Tang will not be picked up by Gillian Fu. Miss Tang, there seems to be a thunderous explosion in Gillian Fu’s ears, and Elbert suddenly recovered.

A pair of eyes are like sharp blades that have been poisoned.

They are so bitter, you repeat what you just said. Bo Elbert Xu Xiaotian was forced to take two steps backwards by the killing intent in Elbert’s eyes.

Then he stammered, I said Miss Tang will not be Gillian Fu finally picked it up, won’t you know Miss Tang? Miss Tang Elbert only felt that she had a heart hanging from her throat. Xu Xiaotian’s words made his adrenaline soar.

I don’t know which of them is specific.

That’s what my father’s stage name seems to be dawn when my father talked about business today.

The expression on Elbert’s face changed rapidly, and countless murderous intent flashed past his eyes.

The entire face seemed to be covered with a layer of ice. Xu Xiaotian was frightened by Elbert’s emotional change.

He was stunned, and saw Elbert step forward and grabbed his collar, his fierce gaze grabbed.

He, do you dare to drug her? What kind of person is she? Xu Xiaotian still has a hard mouth when she died.

I think she is her blessing. Xiaoye pushed Xu Xiaotian forcefully against the wall.

The man used that extremely cruel look I watched him for a long time and let go for a long time. Your account is slow and you can see that he is cold all over, turned his head and left, leaving Xu Xiaotian and his partner together. Elbert strode towards his car in the parking lot and took out his mobile phone.

Messy Lin was me. Now, I will call out the position of Lisa immediately.

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