His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 59 – 60

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Chapter 59

The door of Gillian Fu’s final home was kicked open by Elbert from outside. When the two men raised their heads to meet each other, they did not expect each other to appear in each other’s field of vision. Without thinking about it, Elbert went up and grabbed Gillian Fu by the collar, and pushed him straight back against the wall.

A pair of sharp eyes stared at him like this, and the man made a cold voice, regardless of his past affection. You also want to look for death. Do you want to look for death? Gillian Fu curled his lips and smiled, funny.

It turned out that the relationship with Lisa was to die. Elbert’s angry face was handsome and compelling.

He opened his mouth and tried to say something but held it back fiercely.

Then he let go of Gillian Fu. Both of them panted roughly, and they could see that they were all there.

Suppress their emotions.

It took Elbert a lot of effort to say, where is she in the bathroom. Gillian Fu finally calmed down first by Elbert.

She was prescribed medicine by Xu Xiao.

I know. Elbert strode directly towards the bathroom on the second floor of Gillian Fu’s final house. Xu Xiaotian’s account will be figured out by myself.

After finishing talking, she opened the door of the bathroom and saw Lisa hanging on the edge of the bathtub. When she saw someone coming, she raised her head.

Her white face had been dyed pink by the medicine.

This look is undoubtedly tempting. .

Thinking of her being seen by Gillian Fu before, Elbert felt an unstoppable anger in her heart. Pulled the bath towel from the side shelf, and then directly wrapped her, the wet body was lifted out of the water by him, Lisa put her head on Elbert’s chest, she unconsciously murmured, Elbert’s voice was small. , But it was like a heavy hammer that hit his heart hard, as if a piece of psychological defense had collapsed. Knowing that she was delirious, Elbert still responded.

He said, yes. When he came out holding the Lisa, he passed by Gillian Fu who was standing outside the bathroom. Elbert’s eyes were slightly narrowed, his fingers were tight subconsciously, and he still said to Gillian Fu, thank you Peter Fu for your help.

Ah. Gillian Fu finally curled his lips and smiled, turning a blind eye to Elbert’s defenses.

I’m not helping you, I’m just for Lisa.

I feel honored that you value my ex-wife so much. Elbert sneered even more.

There was a chill on the evildoer’s face. Gillian Fu finally knew his hostility well, frowned and asked, Elbert, brother doesn’t want to do it, it depends on you. Elbert hugged the woman in his arms tightly, and when he raised his head, a sharp and beautiful eye made a sharp stroke.

I warn you, don’t shoot anyone who shouldn’t. You are so wide. Gillian Fu finally laughed at that time.

It doesn’t matter if your ex-wife and you are already divorced. Why are you still entangled in it? If you admit that you are in love with Lisa, I don’t mind having a fair contest with you.

I mind. Elbert’s eyes narrowed, he was smiling, but his tone was terrifying, and you didn’t deserve it.

After finishing talking, he left Gillian Fu’s house with Lisa.

The man was tall and straight when he left. Gillian Fu stared at the back of Elbert walking out for a long time before he retracted his gaze and sneered hard. Boring. Gillian Fu finally took out his cell phone and dialed a number expertly.

Hey, it’s me.

I want to find out what Lisa went through five years ago and where are their parents now

Chapter 60

Lisa was heavily thrown in the passenger seat by Elbert, covered with only a bathrobe and a long bath towel under her body. When Elbert stepped on the accelerator, the sports car made a roar, and almost immediately ejected and flew away.

In situ. Gillian Fu’s home is exactly 20 kilometers away from Elbert’s private villa outside, but Elbert’s speeding drive only took ten minutes and he rushed there. When he pushed the door with his fingerprints, he went straight upstairs and Lisa was thrown on the big bed.

Lisa felt that the whole figure had gone through a catastrophe, the world was spinning around, the vision was chaotic, and the medicine on her body could not be relieved.

She was like a fish lacking water, about to drown on the shore.

Suddenly, it seemed as if someone was pressing up.

Lisa was weak, even opening her eyes was in vain.

She tried her best to see who the person in front of her was, but only saw a vague figure.

The familiar temperature and breath struck, Lisa yelled in confusion and infatuation.

After Elbert didn’t know her consciousness, she felt that she was falling in the darkness, decomposing, and disappearing.

Tears silently fell on the sheets.

It was like howling in her silent but painful heart. When Lisa woke up the next day, her side was empty.

She suddenly remembered what she had done last night, her scalp suddenly tightened, and she looked around.

It happened that this movement disturbed the man who was having a video conference in front of him. Elbert turned his face, wearing a pair of glasses on his fair and handsome face, and he looked a bit scumbag. Wearing a turtleneck sweater, the morning Guangdu outlines a delicate layer of gold on the body, warm and gentle, at first glance it looks very elegant at home.

Lisa stared at Elbert for a long time, until the man sneered. Why, his brain was stupid after being drugged Lisa suddenly got up, but found that he had no clothes on his body, and immediately retracted into the quilt.

The helpless expression on his face was reflected in Elbert’s eyes, he sneered even more, looking for clothes, Lisa did not speak, and his shoulders trembled slightly.

She was afraid of him. Elbert gave a tut, went up and opened the closet, turned out a lady’s shirt and threw it on Lisa, while throwing it away, said, “I moved them all that you didn’t take five years ago, because I found it an eyesore.”

In this villa.

This means that these clothes that belong to her are not worthy of being kept in the Bo family’s house.

Lisa endured Elbert’s humiliation and put on clothes, and then went to the closet to get a pair of leggings.

Her legs were very straight and thin, which was different from the malnourished ones.

They were symmetrical and slender legs.

Type. Elbert stared at Lisa’s legs, her eyes deepening.

Lisa stood up and found that her whole body was sorely sore.

Thinking about it, she knew that she was tossed by Elbert last night.

Annoyed, she stretched out her hand to cover her face, and stood by the wall next to the wardrobe for a few seconds, as if she was breathing deeply.

Adjusting my emotions, it took a long time to speak softly to Bo Elbert, I left. Oh, I want to go after a sleep. Elbert hooked her lips and sneered, calling her, wait a moment.

Lisa turned around, Elbert threw her mobile phone at her, don’t forget the mobile phone.

Avoid when someone wants to contact you and cannot be reached.

The last sentence deliberately gritted his teeth, as if alluding to someone.

Lisa took the phone and stuffed it back in his pocket, and straightened his back. Whoever contacts me has nothing to do with you.

Lisa, this is how you treat your benefactor. Elbert squinted, staring at the woman’s thin back and said.

Lisa smiled, I didn’t ask you to help me

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