His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 77 – 78

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Chapter 77

Lisa smiled with red eyes, pointed at Elbert and smiled tremblingly.

She even said her voice like a cuckoo crying blood, chanting his name, as ambiguous as five years ago, but the cold pain that swept through after joy Engulfing her completely, all the senses are magnifying countless times and crying, Elbert, Elbert, my brother is dead, why don’t you laugh, if I were you, I would laugh out loud in my dreams, and you kept saying I was lying , But do you know that today is really my brother’s birthday, his birthday turned out to be his death day, don’t you want to avenge me, don’t you want me to die? Congratulations, you succeeded Her last words were broken.

She tried her best and pointed to the door.

There was already a smell of blood in her throat. Gu Zhiye felt panicked for no reason.

Looking at the Lisa in front of him, he had a whole body exhausted. feel. Why did it become like this? I said go, I let you go.

The old Lisas wouldn’t be like this.

She loved him, even if she was wronged, she wouldn’t be so hoarse and make such a big fire at Elbert Bo, but you two please Calm down for a moment.

The medical staff next to the mourning saw such severe emotional fluctuations in the family members, for fear of affecting the normal order of the hospital, they persuaded them.

However, the deceased had already had four words, and all of a sudden the blood on Lisa’s face disappeared completely, as if he was nailed to a cross in the next instant, blood dripping, knocking bones and marrow, pain, severe pain, Every cell and every inch of skin is clamoring the pain that life is better than death.

I am a murderer.

Lisa suddenly gave a weird smile.

I was really a murderer.

She killed her brother. When Elbert heard the three words “murderer” appearing in her mouth, she didn’t know why, but her heart shrank violently as if it was swept over by a sharp blade. No, no, even if the Lisas were pointed out by thousands of people, she stood upright.

She has never admitted everything about Sarah An, even if she is sent to prison, she still has hatred and resistance in her eyes, but it can be realized that Lisa actually smiled at him.

I am really a murderer, Elbert. Why didn’t you catch me again this time? You shut up and Elbert stings all over your body, but the more Lisa smiles, the happier you are. Don’t you just want me to admit it, don’t you just want to avenge her? Look, I admit it now Ah, you have the ability, let me die again, Elbert stepped back a few steps, looking at the Lisa in front of me, a panic suddenly filled.

Looking at the situation in Lisa, the medical staff immediately called a young nurse to get a tranquilizer, and then turned to ask Elbert whether the family of the deceased had mental illness or depression, and she had depression. Elbert quickly explained the situation of Lisa, and asked the hospital to reserve a place for Lisa.

She needs to rest.

She is now under such a great stimulation, she will definitely collapse. You want to turn me into a lunatic? Is Lisa being treated? The staff pressed it.

She raised her head and pointed at Elbert, clearly smiling, but her face was filled with painful expressions. Elbert, the last thing I regret in my life in Lisa is that when I met you, the language was turned into a sharp edge.

Stabbing at his heart, he felt a dull tearing pain deep in his body.

Lisahu was in front of the hospital bed and prevented the medical staff from pushing her brother away, but the person had turned into a corpse and no longer belonged to this world.

Someone injected a tube of tranquilizer into the back of her hand, and then the worried voice of medical staff sounded in her ears.

The family members also need to be hospitalized immediately.

This gentleman asks you to go through the hospitalization procedures for your wife.

I’m not his wife, I’m not Lisa.

I want to explain it out, but found that the brain is gradually chaotic, and the consciousness is slowly moving away from her. Brother, she wants to leave this world with nothing.

Chapter 78

Lisa had a long dream.

In the dream, she was still the daughter of the Tang family, she was amazing and noble.

Braden was the elder brother who loved her the most.

His appearance was outstanding and the status was superior.

She gave her brother a birthday, this year Lisa 25, Braden 27, the two brothers and sisters stand close together, their parents are healthy, and the family of four enjoys themselves.

Lisa laughed loudly in her dream, as if she was going to use her life’s strength.

After waking up from the dream, she was still Lisa, but she was lying on a strange hospital bed, and the moment she opened her eyes, all the warmth was gone.

The picture finally freezes on Braden’s face, and then from the middle, small cracks spread out, like the glass gradually shattering, little by little, the old man’s voice and smile are cracked by the cracks, and instantly fall apart.

Lisa looked around with trepidation.

This was the high-level ward of the hospital.

She woke up suddenly from the bed, as if she had had a nightmare, and looked around with a pale face.

There is only silence, as if even the echo I gave myself has been swallowed.

This made her feel a huge sense of loneliness as if she was the only one left in the world.

Lisa hugged herself subconsciously, the needle that was being infused on the back of her left hand was affected, and a small bag was bulged on the back of her hand, but she As if not aware of the pain, he hugged himself hard. Brother, her eyes were red, but no tears came out.

She gasped for her breath, feeling that she was about to breathe.

The body, like being torn apart, came with intense pain.

How much Lisa wished that he was in a coma at this moment, so that he could not have to bear these clear and cold pains. Until Elbert rushed in from the door and turned on the light, what are you doing crazy? Lisa pulled off the needle on the back of his hand.

In an instant, blood poured out crazily from the tiny hole.

Soon, it slipped from the back of his hand, dripping. On the sheets.

It’s a pity that the wound is very small, and the blood won’t flow after a while.

Since it doesn’t flow, Lisa didn’t bother to wipe it, looking at the man in front of him.

It was still the face of a handsome enchanting evildoer, but the difference was the shock and pain from the soul tumbling deep in his pupils. Elbert looked at Lisa, her voice was trembling, Lisa, don’t call my name She seemed to be cruel suddenly, pushing Elbert hard, and the whole person ran wildly in the corridor, as if against the time, the years flowed past her, and she ran back desperately in the torrent of years.

Run back, run back to the place where Braden is, run back to the first place. Until the hospital morgue.

Lisa paused, and the whole person shook as if she was about to fall, but she just didn’t let herself fall.

She held the wall in the next second of brain pain.

She gritted her teeth, clenched her teeth hard, and tried hard enough.

There is bleeding in the gap between the gums. What to do if the door of the morgue is locked, brother, I am locked out of your world.

Lisa glanced at the keyhole and grabbed her own earrings directly.

She even ignored the steps of removing the earrings, regardless of the force of pulling it down, blood splashing and tearing in pain. Blood is permeated at the earlobe.

Lisa was so painful that she shivered, took a deep breath, straightened the earrings tremblingly, and then pierced into the keyhole, calmly and deeply took a deep breath, and there was a slight noise inside, the lock was opened by her, Lisa was locking The next second after opening, a surprisingly bright light burst out in her eyes, she pushed open the door hard and ran towards Braden.

Struggling against one’s life is like a child running towards the arms of his parents, like a fish that is about to lack water swimming into the ocean, like dying.

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