His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 93 – 94

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Chapter 93

Elbert saw Lisa again at a social dinner a week later.

She is holding a man in her arms, wearing a red dress, black hair, lazy black lips and s*xy red lips, and her robe hunts into everyone’s field of vision. Next to her is Mr. Chris, the world-renowned blue blood brand design director.

He is 30 years old and has a delicate face and a perverted personality.

The women in the audience are calculating how Lisa hooked up with him. Chris smiled at Lisa, they are all looking at you.

They turned a deaf ear to Lisa.

Is Mr. Chris referring to someone? Really smart. Chris lowered his voice and said, your ex-husband is watching you.

Lisa looked up and just saw the thin night in the crowd.

Across the crowds, the two eyes collided in the air, and then each moved away flatly.

Lisa thought that she really looked more and more like Elbert.

She once saw him trying to escape, but now she can disrespect each other and match the code names. Elbert, thank you for hurting me over and over again, and for fulfilling my hard-hearted heart.

That night, the appearance of Lisa was something that everyone did not expect.

The slender body seemed very familiar to everyone.

It seemed that they had seen such a similar face a few years ago, possessing an expensive body. Noble temperament. Who is it, young and frivolous, who was amazing after exporting a story, the red dress is fluttering, and a glance can deceive the world. Five years later, she came from the sea of swordsmanship and wore this red dress again, which surprised everyone’s eyes. Chris praised with satisfaction, Lisa, you should have called me.

I haven’t dared to bother rashly for fear that the male god will have a bad impression of me.

Lisa blinked his eyes, good things are hard to come by, don’t you have them now? You really can say beautiful things. Chris squinted his eyes and watched Elbert shuttle through the crowd.

The man’s appearance was noble and cold.

His exquisite face was indeed outstanding. Just looking at him from a distance can feel that he is not to be underestimated. momentum.

Is a man. Xerry made an evaluation, he certainly didn’t have much of the same kind, so Elbert can get his four words, which is enough to reflect his excellent ability.

Lisa made a joke, but unfortunately, he didn’t like men.

As if he knew what she was thinking, Kesley teased that you would not be disadvantaged by such a man.

Really, I feel quite a loss.

Lisa stepped forward on high heels. Every step seemed to be in the hearts of the men around.

They couldn’t help being attracted by her.

The woman raised her chin and her eyes were squiggly, the most feminine but ruthless, she took it all the way.

To Chris, greeted gracefully and freely in front of the media camera, his posture was calm as if he had experienced countless spotlight attention. Yes, she has experienced it. Five years ago, during the frame-up, she was driven into a police car by the police, and Elbert called countless reporters to surround her.

At that moment, she was panicked, innocent and helpless. When the shutter sound rang in my ears, it was like an old dream that came through overlapping memories.

Those scenes returned to Lisa’s mind again, and the old wounds were aching. Yesterday was normal again.

At this moment, five years later, she returned to the public’s field of vision again with brilliance, with a decent smile on the camera, and she did not see that she was in a hurry five years ago.

She understood it a long time ago, she understood at that time, even if she was kneeling and smiling under the spotlight

Chapter 94

At this social party, she effortlessly became the focus of everyone’s eyes. Chris led her through the central booth.

The two signed their names with a pen on it, and then stood in front of the media camera with a holding The reporter of the microphone asked, Mr. Chris, could you please introduce the lady beside you, Chris answered elegantly and gracefully, and he smiled slightly. Of course, I want to introduce her to everyone tonight.

Her name is dawn, which translates to dawn, which means breaking dawn. You can also call her Miss Tong En.

Hello, Miss Tong En, are you the mysterious dawn on the Internet whose identity is difficult to guess? The reporter handed the microphone to Lisa.

Lisa curls her lips, smiles perfectly, yes, the dawn on the Internet is me. Everyone was shocked. One year ago, a designer named dawn was born.

She has extraordinary creativity and excellent design.

She has her own unique ideas on many space concepts, including the joint styles with some private brands.

At a very high level, someone tried to ask this dawn out in private, but dawn almost always refused.

Therefore, more people think she is mysterious and unpredictable.

She has a studio that regularly releases some of their handmade bag styles, each of which is limited, so every pre-sale will be robbed.

It can be said that the name dawn is a gleaming but unknown planet in the design world, but now I didn’t expect this dawn to stand in front of them, and he was so beautiful and beautiful.

Lisa smiles decently and kindly.

After knowing that she was dawn, she was a little nervous, and her soft smile brought a relaxed atmosphere.

So the reporter asked again, what is the meaning of the name you first chose, and Lisa seemed to ignore countless emotions in her eyes, and her eyes instantly Faced with Elbert in the audience, she unexpectedly collided with her eyes, and she seemed to go back to the past in a daze, glancing at ten thousand years.

After gathering his emotions, Lisa laughed a few times before speaking. Mr. Chris also said before that dawn means dawn, breaking dawn.

I used to spend a period of dark days, and that period of time had a great impact on my life.

It can be said that it once plunged me into darkness.

Therefore, I want the dawn, I look forward to the dawn, if I can, I am willing to do it myself Own dawn.

I believe that the darkness will finally usher in the dawn, so I’m back now, standing here again, telling myself that it’s already dawn.

This line of speech is very sincere and moving.

If someone said that there were people who were able to speak highly of Lisa. Mr.

Reese still had doubts, so at this moment, everyone had already surrendered to her.

The light in the eyes of a woman cannot be ignored when she speaks, yes, who she is, she once stood on such a publicly focused occasion, and then she was so energetic, and then the light fell, five years in prison, tortured her to death, and now she is back again After that, she returned to the public eye. Who is she? Her name is Lisa.

This Freinvilla has always only had one Lisa. From the beginning to the present, even if she fell into despair for a while, she will finally usher in the dawn, and no one should want to smash her spine, brother, if you have the spirit, can you see me at this moment, I will step back to the upper class circle Oh, I am now carrying your beliefs, and fighting alone

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