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Chapter 441

Murderous aura from stalking!

Maya Tang felt a little regretful.

What does she regret?

At that time, when Tina Li matched herself with Abe Zhang, she didn’t have any ideas in this regard. Her mate selection criteria were very simple, just as she liked.

But because when Tina Li made the match, Maya Tang felt that Abe Zhang was too young, so Maya Tang didn’t think about it at all.

But slowly, she came into contact with Abe Zhang and felt that Abe Zhang was a very polite and innocent child, especially when she was wearing a cat mask in a bar, and when Abe Zhang kissed herself.

Maya Tang was dumbfounded. The first reaction at the time was not anger, but shyness, because that was her first kiss.

Then, Maya Tang missed Abe Zhang in the next days. She wondered if she could try with Abe Zhang.

But Maya Tang is a person who doesn’t like to express the feelings in her heart, she will not express such thoughts, she is a silent person, just stay with Abe Zhang, after all, Abe Zhang has a wife, Olena Jiang.

But she regretted it a little bit. If she took the initiative to think a little bit when Olena Jiang left, would it be different now?

But there is no regret taking medicine in this world.

In fact, regret is useless. My thoughts have slowly changed, but Abe Zhang has not changed.

You always think of yourself as Aunt Tang!

Thinking of this, Maya Tang sighed in her heart, and healed, as long as Abe Zhang is happy, it doesn’t matter to herself… Maya Tang drove Abe Zhang to the shooting scene, in fact Maya Tang rarely, not, did not even appear on such occasions, Because she herself doesn’t like publicity, she likes to keep a low profile.

Another thing is that Maya Tang is so beautiful. Every time she appears, she attracts the attention of others. Maya Tang particularly dislikes this, especially now that she has Abe Zhang in her heart… Now that she has Abe Zhang, she is even more reluctant to be seen by other men.

It depends… Abe Zhang is good alone, and others can’t be seen!

However, learning to fight is very boring, you have to take Abe Zhang out for a walk, otherwise, Abe Zhang will be bored.

“Here, Abe,” Maya Tang said.

Abe Zhangen, in fact, he also wanted to see how his investment scene was going. When he arrived at the scene, Maya Tang parked the car, but she received a call from Tina Li.

“Aunt Tina, you said Overlord Li has sent someone to China?” Maya Tang’s face was cold.

“Yes, I asked someone to stop it, but I didn’t stop it. I am here to take the initiative against Li Ba. You can help me deal with the people he sent over. You will definitely not let them hurt my son,” Tina Li. It’s a headache!

She was kicked out of the Li family, she didn’t think anything, she had been paying attention to the situation of Li Overlord, and she absolutely couldn’t let him come to China.

So Tina Li decided to solve Li Overlord just in case.

But Overlord Li is too cunning. It has been ten days since he showed up. Even Tina Li doesn’t know where Overlord Li is hiding. If he does not find Overlord Li within three days, then she will consider immediately. Return to China to protect Abe Zhang.

But before that, Maya Tang had to guarantee Abe Zhang’s safety.

“Okay, I will protect Abe, don’t worry,” Maya Tang saw Abe Zhang waiting outside the car.

“You, I have always been particularly relieved. By the way, is Abe by your side?” “No, Aunt Tina, do you want to talk to Abe?” “No, I called him, I want to say something to you Things…” “Okay, then I’ll let Abe go in first, we’re outside,” “Okay,” “Cer, you go in first, I’ll come to you later, be good, don’t run around, don’t you know?” Maya Tang Opened the door and said softly.

“I know.” Abe Zhang shrugged, he walked towards the final battlefield, Maya Tang closed the door, “Aunt Tina, what do you want to say?” “I want to say…” … In a distant car, inside this car is A cold blond woman, she is very beautiful, perfect to the extreme, thick lips, high nose, especially eyes, blue, very beautiful, which is also the most beautiful in the United States.

One of the pretty faces too!

However, her beautiful blue eyes are staring at someone at this time!

There is killing intent in the eyes!

That’s right, staring at Abe Zhang!

This blonde woman, of course, was the black rose that was hit hard by Tina Li last time!

After 20 days of healing, she was considered to have come out of the last injury. She has not taken any killer missions now. She now has only one mission, one of her own!

That is to kill Tina Li’s son and then Tina Li!


This is her goal for Black Rose!

She has been following Abe Zhang for two days, looking for an opportunity to act against Abe Zhang, but there are not many opportunities because this Maya Tang has been secretly protecting.

This Maya Tang’s strength is very good!

She stared at it for a while, took out her phone to read some news in the killer world, and suddenly she saw a new killer, Blood Leopard, who had just debuted for less than a month, killed yesterday in the defense of thirty people. A person!

There has been no such female killer in the killer world for a long time!

This is rare news!

Black Rose frowned, showing sarcasm, this kind of strength can also make news among killers?

It’s simply pulling down one’s own grade!

But she saw it: I heard that this blood leopard is also a great beauty, will it be more beautiful than the number one black rose?

I think it’s impossible, Black Rose is the most beautiful woman in my heart!

Seeing this, Black Rose sneered. In this case, she had heard too much, which was boring.

But then some people continued to say:

I think that the blood leopard should be more beautiful than the black rose. After all, I like Chinese women. I think this blood leopard is so fierce that it may replace the black rose and become the new first female killer!

Black Rose is not interested in watching it anymore, because an unknown junior also wants to take my place in Black Rose?


is it possible?

Black Rose turned off the phone and continued to stare at Abe Zhang from a distance!



… Abe Zhang walked into the finale scene. How can I say that this scene was a little messy and crowded. Abe Zhang looked very happy. At least the movie he invested in is about to bear fruit.

How much money will this movie make for yourself?

A literary film with a box office of more than 100 million is considered very good, but is it possible for three to four billion?

Abe Zhang is still looking forward to it!

“Hey, who are you, how can you come in casually?” A field worker scolded, who, don’t you know the shooting scene?

Why did you come in casually?

I don’t understand the rules too much.

“I’m a producer, don’t you know?” Abe Zhang was also not angry. The atmosphere on the scene was good!

“Are you a producer?” The staff member was suspicious. There was a producer who seemed to have only missed the interview. What was Abe Zhang’s name? Is this this?

The filmmakers are all rich, so why doesn’t this look like 300 yuan?

The staff did not believe, “Are you Abe Zhang?” “Yes, I am, you can ask the director Yue Buying to come out.” Abe Zhang said.

The staff immediately asked the director on the walkie-talkie, “Director, director, there is a person called Abe Zhang…” “What? Abe Zhang? Where is it?” “I stopped.” “Bastard thing, he is from this play.” Producer!” On the intercom, the director scolded!

“Ah? I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” The staff hurriedly apologized to Abe Zhang, “I’m sorry,” “It’s okay.” Abe Zhang waved his hand. At this time, the director Yue Buying came out, and he was relieved when he saw Abe Zhang, “You Why don’t you tell me in advance when you come here?” Today is the day when the show is finished, and it is also the birthday of the heroine of the show, Ye Zimei, so the scene is going to celebrate Ye Zimei’s birthday. Star!

“No, I want to come and have a look.” Abe Zhang smiled slightly.

“Today is Ye Zimei’s birthday. You came here to celebrate Ye Zimei’s birthday!?” The director was a little confused, otherwise Abe Zhang, who had never cared about it, would come here suddenly?

Isn’t this interesting with Ye Zimei?

It’s not bad to create a little scandal now, you can build momentum before the movie is released!

“No,” Abe Zhang didn’t even know it was Ye Zimei’s birthday. How could he come here specifically?

“Production, I think you should be.” The director said.

“What do you mean?” Abe Zhang was confused.

“I suggest you wait and kiss Ye Zimei,” the director continued. Abe Zhang was stunned. Why did you want to kiss and kiss Ye Zimei?

Chapter 442

is really good at saying “Why do you want to kiss Ye Zimei?” Abe Zhang is confused, what does this director mean?

He and Ye Zimei simply knew each other, so why did you kiss her?

“This, the new drama is about to be released, and it has to create a scandal! This can create a topic and make the whole people pay attention to this matter, then the box office will be much higher.” Director Yue Buying said.

This is nothing more than a marketing method, creating a topic, then the movie will have a good heat when it is released, and the box office will definitely not be bad.

Abe Zhang collapsed, “I don’t want this, I need to kiss to find topics, create hot spots, or find other people.” Abe Zhang understands this, then he must be unhappy, he has no feelings about Ye Zimei, why do you want to Kissing her?


When the news and videos all come out, then don’t you become a celebrity?

This is not in line with Abe Zhang’s usual thinking.

Too high-profile is not enough.

“Producer, this is the best for you, pretending to come over to celebrate her birthday specially, you go up and kiss her, I will say hello to her, Ye Zimei will cooperate with you,” said the director Yue Buying.

This is a common technique, and there is nothing wrong with kissing. Besides, Ye Zimei is also a big beauty!

How many people want to kiss!

“No,” Abe Zhang still refused, surreptitiously, maybe it’s okay. Olena Jiang will definitely feel sad when Olena Jiang sees the news.

She would not say it on the surface, but Abe Zhang knew that she would be particularly uncomfortable. She did so many things that I was sorry for Olena Jiang. With Gina Mo, Chen Qingqing, and Murongqing, now Abe Zhang doesn’t want to continue doing this It’s up.

You have to be well with Olena Jiang, that’s all.

“Um… Think about it.” Yue Buying got a headache.

“What are you thinking about?” A nice voice came. Abe Zhang looked back and saw the beautiful Maya Tang approaching with a smile on her face.

She finished the call.

“Well, I want to create a little scandal when the new movie is released to increase the popularity of the movie, so I want the producer to cooperate and kiss the heroine Ye Zimei…” Yue Buying said.

“No!” Maya Tang shook her head, her face was particularly serious, without hesitation!

She found that Abe Zhang looked at herself with a bit of sorrow, and she continued, “He has a wife, don’t take him to the hype, look for other people.” Of course not, let Maya Tang watch Abe Zhang kiss other people, how can it work?


This way Maya Tang would be lost. Maya Tang thought of Abe Zhang kissing herself that night.

“Well, since Mr. Tang you said so, then I will arrange for others.” Yue Buying was surprised how Maya Tang’s reaction was so big.


This is a little strange!

Yue Buying went in and talked to Ye Zimei.

“Auntie Tang…” Abe Zhang felt.

Maya Tang’s reaction was so subconscious!

“Cer, do you want to kiss Ye Zimei, right?” Maya Tang compromised. If Abe Zhang wanted to do anything, she would agree.

If Abe Zhang says yes, then she will immediately call someone to make arrangements.

“No, I don’t want to,” Abe Zhang shook his head.

Maya Tang was happy in her heart, she could see that Abe Zhang really didn’t want to be like this, she was a simple little boy.

“Yeah, let’s go to a place with few people,” Maya Tang smiled slightly, Abe Zhang and Maya Tang went inside.

The crew was finished, and Ye Zimei had her birthday today, so the scene was very lively.

After Abe Zhang and Maya Tang entered, Abe Zhang saw today’s protagonist, Ye Zimei. She is especially beautiful today. Her small suit and jeans exude the beauty of a woman.

Jeans are the best way to show the beauty of a woman’s figure. Abe Zhang can see that Ye Zimei has a very good figure.

This is a charm.

“Abe, is it good-looking?” Maya Tang smiled softly, whispering in her heart, look at it, wouldn’t it be regretful that she wanted to kiss her?

“You look good without Aunt Tang,” Abe Zhang said seriously, which is the truth.

In Abe Zhang, Olena Jiang is the most perfect and the best figure, Maya Tang can be tied with Olena Jiang, because Maya Tang’s temperament is flawless, face, body, voice are all perfect.

At that time, Abe Zhang was still thinking about telling Maya Tang to wear jeans to show a woman’s figure.

However, Abe Zhang didn’t think so much now. Maya Tang didn’t like to reveal these things in his bones. Abe Zhang knew that, plus Abe Zhang had only respect for Maya Tang at this time, so Abe Zhang didn’t think so.

Maya Tang’s temperament is better when she wears the skirt now. At least Abe Zhang looks very charming with admiration.

Maya Tang’s beautiful face was reddened a little. This made Maya Tang very happy in her heart. She was really able to talk.

“Aunt Tang, I’m serious, Ye Zimei is much worse than Aunt Tang you,” Abe Zhang continued. This is also the truth, this light temperament is not of the same grade.

What’s more in terms of body?


“Okay, thank you.” Maya Tang smiled softly. She was particularly disgusted when others praised her, but Abe Zhang praised her so much that she was happy and special in her heart.

Abe Zhang breathed a sigh of relief, and told Maya Tang that this topic was not appropriate, and how could he respect her.

At this time, the two were too close, Maya Tang thought of the kiss in her tender heart. If Abe Zhang was the same as that night, she would not refuse, but Abe Zhang did not move.

Maya Tang felt lost, what should she do?

It’s better to protect him silently.

After thinking about it, Maya Tang felt better

A little bit.

Abe Zhang looked at Ye Zimei, who was surrounded by people, and she really wanted a man to kiss, but Ye Zimei was particularly unhappy, because this man was particularly annoying, but she could only do this to match the heat.

But when she saw this man approaching, Ye Zimei was disgusted, she refused, her beautiful eyes were turning, and suddenly she found Abe Zhang behind the crowd, biting her lip and squeezing away the crowd.

In any case, she didn’t feel much about Abe Zhang, but at least the man didn’t seem to disgust him anymore.

Then you have to kiss, or you can kiss Abe Zhang, at least to complete this propaganda.

Suddenly came over like this, and without saying a word, she kissed Abe Zhang. Abe Zhang was surprised. What was she doing?

“Wow, is this Ye Zimei’s new boyfriend? Why is it so strange!” “Just take a picture!” “This picture will be taken, and it will be the news headline tomorrow!” “Why do I think it is hype? This man looks She is not worthy of Ye Zimei, speechless, why is Ye Zimei looking for this kind of male propaganda.” “Follow him, this man is lucky,” The people at the scene were all taking pictures, Abe Zhang was broken, why With so many people at the scene, why did Ye Zimei choose herself?

Do you like yourself?

This is impossible, there is no intersection between herself and her!

Maya Tang sighed in her heart. She was happy just now when Abe Zhang said that about her, and now Ye Zimei has come over on her own initiative, also!


Maya Tang wanted to stop it, but she couldn’t stop it… “Hold me and cooperate with the publicity,” Ye Zimei said in a low voice, Abe Zhang sighed and could only do so.

The next day, the headlines of major entertainment news were: the popular star Ye Zimei’s mysterious boyfriend appeared.

Who is this mysterious man?

Nobody knows.

At school, college students love to watch the news. Abe Zhang hasn’t come to school for a long time. Everyone in the class almost forgot about Abe Zhang. Elvina sat in a chair and was unhappy. She sent a message to Abe Zhang, but Abe Zhang wouldn’t reply. What did you do?


She felt that she was broken in love, and Abe Zhang couldn’t come, and she didn’t even think about going to school.

“Wow, look, Abe Zhang, Abe Zhang!” The classmates who were reading news in the class jumped up, he couldn’t believe his eyes, because he saw Abe Zhang in the entertainment news!

This is still kissing Ye Zimei!


“What’s wrong? Right, what’s wrong with Abe Zhang?” The classmates gathered around, and Elvina rushed up immediately. When she saw the news, she was stunned. What happened?


How could Abe Zhang be Ye Zimei’s boyfriend?

Could it be that he has been missing for so long to become Ye Zimei’s boyfriend?

Elvina was upset and discouraged at once, and she was in good shape, much better than Ye Zi. Why would Abe Zhang like this?

Is it Zhang

Ce likes stars?

Elvina vowed to be a star herself!

“Isn’t it Abe Zhang?” “Abe Zhang is a rich second-generation, but he’s too ridiculous, I don’t think it is. You see this photo is so vague, it is used to shoot dragons? No, it must not be! It is just like, What is Abe Zhang’s good luck!” “I think so, everyone is gone, Abe Zhang is just kissing you man with Ye Zimei like this.” Everyone talked.


Chapter 443

I was beaten Abe Zhang’s classmates think so. It’s right for Abe Zhang to be rich, but Ye Zimei’s big stars can’t be made by anyone, right?

Abe Zhang is a rich sling, and he has this sling temperament all over his body. When he is rich, even if he wears gold and silver, he still has the sling temperament, which penetrates into his bones and cannot be changed.

Is Ye Zimei’s new boyfriend?

This is just like it.

“Are you blind? Isn’t this Abe Zhang?” Elvina was sad because Abe Zhang hadn’t been here for so long. It was even more sad to see this photo. Now that she hears these classmates so sad Abe Zhang, how can she Can you stand it?


“Elvina, don’t think you’re great when you hook up with Abe Zhang,” “Yes, who do you think you are? You are still complacent when Abe Zhang plays with him? Are you too complacent?” Some classmates are unhappy. , Upset.

“Shut up, you rubbish, Abe Zhang didn’t play with me, and, although this picture is not clear, but is it Abe Zhang, you can’t see it, right?” Elvina was annoyed, she was annoyed!

Are these people crazy?

The classmates looked ugly. How could they be happy to be scolded by Elvina?

They are all around.

“What about Abe Zhang?” “Yes, what about him? I don’t envy! You think it’s great that he became a boyfriend of Ye Zimei? No one knows who plays with it, Ye Zimei kind of beauty, Can he keep it?” “Elvina, you are amazing. You dare to scold the whole class. Abe Zhang is gone and dropped out. What are you going to do? Who will protect you?” “You are blind. Shabi, you all can’t eat grapes and say grapes are sour. This is obviously Abe Zhang.” Elvina yelled angrily!



A girl slapped Elvina, and a red slap mark appeared on her cheek!

“Elvina, do you try another sentence?” the girl said coldly.

Elvina clutched her cheek, aggrieved, tears of shame rolled in her eyes, “You hit me?” Snap!

“I’ll hit you!” The girl slapped again, and immediately shot out Elvina’s tears.

It hurts, my face is numb.

“Tell me again!” The classmates scolded!

They are all around Elvina.


Say us?

I was too lazy to care about you before, but now Abe Zhang is no longer there. If you have a b*tch, I will kill you!

The girl pointed her finger at Elvina. She was so ashamed that Elvina became angry. She opened her teeth and bit her finger. “Ah!


“The girl cried bitterly, she raised her hand and slapped her. He slapped it on Elvina’s face. “It’s her, give me a punch!”

Dare to scold all of us?

“The girl is angry. Boom. Boom. Boom! Basically everyone slapped Elvina on Elvina’s face. Elvina’s hair was caught and her face was swollen. Woo ran out, and when there was no one, she covered her face and cried. There are too many people. How could she be the opponent? “Abe Zhang, I was beaten…” Elvina cried and said, if Zhang Will Ce see it, will she give her a head? Elvina cried and shed tears, and wanted to send a WeChat message to Abe Zhang, but he would definitely not reply. Elvina cried and watched the entertainment news and saw the kissing photos of Abe Zhang and Ye Zimei. She More tears, “Abe Zhang, do you like stars?

Then I go to be a star, will you like me?


“Elvina is confident. Although her face is not particularly beautiful, it is of the goddess level. Once she was walking on the street, someone asked her to be a model because she was so good. Elvina felt that she should be a model. There should be no problem with the star, she even regrets a little bit, she should go this way early! Anyway, now the milk tea shop Rosy Yang manages over there. However, the pain on the face, on the stomach, on the back, let Elvina I cried more sadly… … When Murongqing was bored, she watched the news and saw a photo of Abe Zhang and Ye Zimei kissing. She fell off her phone in anger, “a*shole, you?

Murong Qing was sitting on the sofa with cold eyes, how could I give you the body? … After Elvina waited for the swelling of her face to disappear, she went back to put on makeup, and then checked on the Internet to see if there is any broker. The company, she wants to be a star, of course, the company must praise her, otherwise how would she be popular? Why would Abe Zhang notice herself? She submitted some resumes and some photos, all of which are full-body photos. Elvina is confident, at least she can do it. Models, then become popular, then make movies, sing songs, do everything, then she is a star, Abe Zhang will definitely like it. Elvina is looking forward to closing her eyes to sleep, she can be a star… Abe Zhang was The news was so big. He didn’t expect that the news was overwhelming. He sighed, the movie became popular, so he was miserable. Fortunately, Olena Jiang didn’t call. But Abe Zhang was ready to take the initiative. Tell her. I posted a link to the photo and said it was hype and caused a topic. Come here for a while, Olena

Hum hum.

Abe Zhang is worried, is this Olena Jiang angry?

Abe Zhang immediately spoke about this, Olena Jiang called, “My husband, I am not happy in my heart, but I will not blame you,” Abe Zhang felt relieved, “Thank you, wife, where are you?” Olena At this time, Nan was on a mission. She had already received a new killer mission. She didn’t want to return it, but it was her husband Abe Zhang. How could she not return it?

“I have something.” “Well, then you are busy and say you love me.” Olena Jiang was serious at this time. He blushed when Abe Zhang said so and whispered, “I love you.” The phone hangs up Olena Jiang’s heart is sweet, and she was really obedient. Olena Jiang was shy and was brought by Abe Zhang. “It’s so cute.” She puts away her phone. At this time, she is tracking A person, she wants to be assassinated, if the murder is successful, then she can be famous in the killer world, but.


Suddenly, Olena Jiang stopped because she saw a person… Here Abe Zhang received his mobile phone. At this time, it was already night. He was learning to fight with Maya Tang just now and was exhausted. He came back to rest. When lying on the bed, thinking about the kiss with Ye Zimei.

In any case, Abe Zhang didn’t feel anything at all, but it reminded Abe Zhang that when he was in the capital, outside the bar, kissing the woman in the cat mask was a beautiful kiss.

At that time, Li Shidao said it was Maya Tang, but wasn’t it?

This is no longer important, but I respect Maya Tang!

Abe Zhang no longer thought about it and was about to go to bed, but suddenly there was a knock on the door.

“Cer.” This is Maya Tang’s.

Abe Zhang hurriedly got up and went to open the door. Outside was a vigilant Maya Tang.

“Auntie Tang, what’s the matter?” Abe Zhang asked. Maya Tang was so vigilant. Could it be that Li Overlord’s people came over?


It should not be so fast!

“I found someone, Black Rose? I’ve been monitoring you!” Maya Tang said coldly, telling her alertly that she had been monitored for a few days. She thought it was an illusion, but it wasn’t.

Abe Zhang’s eyes cooled down, Black Rose?

It just happened!

This woman is playing herself very badly!

After so many days, Abe Zhang’s fighting strength has been greatly improved!

I couldn’t beat Black Rose, but she was injured. It is impossible to do it so soon, so if I met Black Rose, we must take revenge this time!

How I tortured myself last time, how to torture me back!

“What should we do then?” Abe Zhang asked Maya Tang, she should have a way, who is Maya Tang?

Her strength is much stronger than Black Rose, but Black Rose is too overcast. She always likes to attack and use dark guns. This is a big problem. How can one resist the main gun?

“I just feel it, but where

Here, I am not sure, so in these two days, I decided to stay with you!

“Maya Tang is serious and serious. It must be like this. That black rose is really terrifying! If she shoots Abe Zhang, she will regret it for a lifetime! “Then, thank Aunt Tang,” Abe Zhang was moved. “It’s okay, you go to sleep,” Maya Tang smiled slightly and took out a bulletproof vest, “Hey, put on this.” Abe Zhang nodded, put on the bulletproof vest, worried, “But Aunt Tang, how do you rest?

“I, on the sofa, go to bed early,” Maya Tang said softly. Abe Zhang was touched, Maya Tang was so kind. How could Olena Jiang in

Chapter 444

With Maya Tang’s protection, Abe Zhang can certainly sleep. Feel at ease, just guilty, how can Maya Tang sleep on the sofa? “Aunt Tang, you are ready to sleep,” Abe Zhang pulled Maya Tang to the bed. I am a man, how can I let the woman who protects herself sleep on the sofa? Abe, this is your bed.

“How does Maya Tang describe her feelings? She especially wants to chat with Abe Zhang. Even if she stays together, she doesn’t say anything. At least Maya Tang will not feel lonely. She has never felt this way before. There is no problem in life if one eats alone. But now there is someone in her heart, and she always wants to be with this person. Maya Tang is the kind of woman who has a very low mind, she can never do it, but she wants to see the person in her heart. Then, if she can know his situation, then she will be very satisfied. Desire has no temptation to her, what she wants is companionship, intimate companionship. Abe Zhang did not explain, and took Maya Tang to sit down. Maya Tang She smiled slightly, she couldn’t sleep. After all, Abe Zhang was monitored by Black Rose at this time. Who knows when a bullet came? But Abe Zhang said that, she couldn’t refuse. Okay, Ting Ce If you’re done, don’t sleep, just sit on the bed. “Okay, Abe, you sleep at ease, it’s okay,” Abe Zhang breathed a sigh of relief. He sat on the sofa and closed his eyes, but Maya Tang was in the room, how could he sleep well? He opened his eyes and saw that Maya Tang was also opening his beautiful eyes. The two looked at each other. Maya Tang smiled, got off the bed, and sat beside Abe Zhang, “Can’t you sleep?

Are you afraid?


“No, Aunt Tang, why are you so good?”

“Abe Zhang is in a daze, Maya Tang is too goddess. Every time I see her, Abe Zhang feels like a dream, a woman who is perfect enough to have no shortcomings, and actually treats herself so meticulously! “I,” Maya Tang smiled, “because You are my good strategy, so you have to be nice to you,” Abe Zhang was so touched that his nose was sore, he couldn’t help but hug Maya Tang lightly, “Thank you.

“This hug, Abe Zhang didn’t have any thoughts. It was just thanks and respect.


“Thank you? I’m going to bed, it’s late, or I won’t have energy tomorrow.” Maya Tang said.

Abe Zhangen.

Abe Zhang let go of Maya Tang, and then went to bed. Maya Tang sat beside him all the time. Abe Zhang fell asleep, relying on Maya Tang’s legs to fall asleep. Maya Tang was so gentle, “Sleep well, don’t have nightmares…” He saw the far away Black Rose, for Maya Tang, she was particularly jealous!

Last time I was on par with myself!

The strength of this woman may surpass her.

He actually protected Abe Zhang personally, so what should I do?

In Black Rose’s beautiful big blue eyes, there were frightening gazes. She stared for a while and felt that there was no chance to start. She frowned and prepared to rest.

She stood up, her figure is particularly good, because she is a standard American, with perfect lines to the extreme, she is a coveted, but fearful rose.

She shook her long legs to rest, and suddenly, she frowned!

She heard the movement!


A bullet came from one place!

Black Rose had long been vigilant and squatted down to hide.

Her face is ugly, someone assassinated herself?

If she hadn’t been alert just now, she might have been shot.

She slowly raised her head and walked to the window. As soon as she looked up, a bullet came over!

That’s right, Olena Jiang was the one who shot!

When she was going to prepare for the assassination mission, she found Black Rose while driving. She immediately gave up the assassination mission, followed it from a distance, and then went to Black Rose to live in the opposite building.

This place is too close to the night hotel, she knew Black Rose’s thoughts at once, this is to assassinate Abe Zhang!

How could Olena Jiang allow it?


Black Rose must be killed!

Otherwise Abe Zhang is dangerous!

Olena Jiang has just learned this thing and is not so used to it, but she feels that she has talent and calmness is the best helper for assassination.

She can kill Black Rose by herself!

She pulled the trigger and the bullet shot out!


But she didn’t shoot her again.

Olena Jiang is not impatient!

What she didn’t know was that even though the grid was far, far away, the super sensitive Maya Tang still heard the movement!

She frowned and looked down at Abe Zhang sleeping soundly on her lap. She said softly, “Cer, you sleep at ease, let me see.” She moved her body gently and let Abe Zhang lie down on the sofa. He was covered with a blanket, and she went to the window and took out a highly sophisticated binoculars to look.

She stared at a place for a while. Suddenly, she noticed that there was a fire. Maya Tang immediately moved the binoculars to look at the place, and slowly zoomed in until she could see a side face in the corner.

The lack of experience exposed her.

“Olena Jiang


How could it be Olena Jiang?

“Maya Tang was particularly surprised. How could Olena Jiang have this thing? Could it be? Maya Tang thought of something all at once, is Olena Jiang being a killer? This should be impossible! How could she be a killer? Maya Tang saw Olena When Nan’s spear pointed at a place, Maya Tang was stunned. Olena Jiang must have found the black rose and used this thing to kill the black rose. “This Olena Jiang is really different. No wonder Abe likes you so much, but You don’t have enough experience, so Black Rose will find you soon, and you won’t be able to shoot a few times, it will expose your position, and you must change your position.

“Maya Tang muttered to herself, she turned her head to look at Abe Zhang who was asleep. She walked out lightly and reached the door. Beatrice was also sitting in the outside room and heard the movement. “Mr Tang, this is.


Beatrice came over. “It’s Olena Jiang and Black Rose.

“Maya Tang said. Beatrice was also immediately surprised. “How come?”

Olena Jiang is not.


“In Olena Jiang’s bones, there are genes in this area. As a killer, she can be number one,” “Would you like to tell the young master about this?”

Beatrice asked. “Not for the time being. I don’t know what Abe looks like. Then you should wait for Olena Jiang to tell him. You protect Abe now. I will help Olena Jiang or she will die.

“Maya Tang didn’t look down on Olena Jiang. In the simplest terms, Olena Jiang had just come into contact with these. How could he be Black Rose’s opponent? Even though he has a high talent, Black Rose has been able to remain a female killer for several years. The first position, this talent is too unobtrusive! If Olena Jiang has enough time, then there is no big problem to surpass Black Rose, the point is not! “Okay!

“Beatrice walked to the door of Abe Zhang’s room and pushed the door in. Maya Tang walked to a cabinet and took a box out… Boom! Olena Jiang’s eardrum was hurting, and the bullet hit the person next to her. On the wall, her ears were almost deaf by the explosion. Black Rose is worthy of being the number one killer. She reacted too quickly and quickly found her place. After Olena Jiang fired a shot, there was no reaction on the other side. Olena Jiang Surprised, I didn’t shoot her, so suddenly there was no movement. Either the other party was luring the enemy, or the other party was looking for a better position to give him a fatal blow! Olena Jiang immediately shifted his position, but the bullet moved from one Olena Jiang. The shot came out from an unexpected angle and hit Olena Jiang’s shoulder. Olena Jiang fell to the ground. Her face was covered with cold sweat and her lips were white. She rolled her head and looked at her shoulder as if a piece had been taken away. The blood just flowed out. Olena Jiang took a deep breath and controlled her heartbeat. She had to shift her position immediately, she moved her body away, and a bullet again

The shot came and hit the wall with a bang. The stone on the wall was broken. Olena Jiang was hit on the ground, vomiting blood.

Olena Jiang’s lips trembled, and the pain made her almost dizzy. She bit her lip, and the biting was bleeding, and the sting made her sober up a little, and she couldn’t die here!

I have to be the first killer myself!


Here, Black Rose’s face is full of mockery, “It turns out to be a rubbish, no wonder it’s so useless!” She stared at the locked place, and suddenly saw something lifted up, stupid, too rubbish, so she dared to come over and kill her. Yourself?


She sneered, “Go to hell, the game is over!” Pulling the trigger, a hot bullet came out of the muzzle!

Chapter 445

does not want him to know that Black Rose is confident, this shot can blow the head of this person who dares to assassinate him!

She is the number one killer in the world!

But when this bullet came out, it hit this headshot, and there was no blood?

Black Rose’s beautiful blue eyes immediately felt cold, bait?


A bullet came from one place and almost hit the black rose!

She evaded immediately, her blue eyes staring at other places, this was shot from another direction, is there a helper?


Who is this guy?

It’s quiet here!

The injured Olena Jiang found the gunshot, and she immediately looked for it, but she couldn’t find the source of the gunshot. This is a master!


A bullet was fired again, almost hitting Black Rose. Black Rose knows, who is this!

Maya Tang!

Huaxia Tina Li is not there now, only Maya Tang has this strength!

Black Rose stared at the search with blue eyes, she hummed… There was no gunshots in this place. Olena Jiang was just about to lure Black Rose to take action, and then she shot it out again. She couldn’t win her chance, but suddenly There is another person on the scene.

This is something Olena Jiang did not expect.

This place has been quiet for a few minutes. Olena Jiang didn’t know what was going on. She was going to take a look, but the phone vibrated suddenly.

She endured the sharp pain in her shoulder, she took out the phone to see that it was a stranger’s number, she hesitated to answer.

“Hello.” “It’s me, Maya Tang, Black Rose is gone.” This is the voice in the phone.

Olena Jiang breathed a sigh of relief, “Well, thank you.” “You…should be injured. Wait for me there. I will come to find you.” “Okay.” The phone hangs up. Olena Jiang can relax. For the first time in such a head-to-head confrontation with Black Rose, I would lose so badly, the gap between myself and her was still too big.

Olena Jiang was a little bit disappointed. After coming over for a while, Olena Jiang saw Maya Tang appearing carrying the box.

Olena Jiang stood up immediately, but the pain in her arm had already numbed half of her body.

Maya Tang squatted down

Come, take out the processing tools.

“Don’t move, I’ll take care of it for you,” Maya Tang tore Olena Jiang’s clothes, with a shocking wound on her shoulder.

Olena Jiang closed her beautiful eyes.

Maya Tang is better than a doctor in this area, so the treatment was completed quickly, and Olena Jiang did not feel any pain.

“When did it start?” Maya Tang asked while dealing with it.

“Huh?” Olena Jiang was subconsciously surprised.

“When did you start being a killer?” “Just this time.” Olena Jiang lowered his head, like a child who made a mistake. Although Maya Tang could not be too old for him, Abe Zhang called her aunt!

Olena Jiang respected her in his heart.

“Are you going to keep doing it?” “Well, keep doing it.” This difficulty can’t overwhelm Olena Jiang. What if he is injured?

Olena Jiang will continue. Only in this assassination and killing can she grow.

“Did it, then kill Abe’s mother, right?” Maya Tang looked at Olena Jiang, otherwise what would Olena Jiang do?

I definitely want to improve myself!

Olena Jiang lowered his head, “I… she killed my dad, I…” “Don’t talk about this, but you have to know that the person you killed is mother Abe,” “I know, especially know. “Olena Jiang raised his head, pain in those eyes.

It is because of Abe Zhang, who grew up with him, that Olena Jiang fell into painful entanglement!

What if Tina Li is nothing and has nothing to do with Abe Zhang?


Then I can do it myself, without any consideration, but, things are not what I thought, I really killed Tina Li, then what would Abe Zhang do?

Olena Jiang is not afraid of death now, but is afraid of becoming an enemy with Abe Zhang, then she will be more sad and painful.

“Okay, you know it,” Maya Tang helped Olena Jiang treat the wound. “Don’t touch the water these days.” “Well, thank you, please don’t tell Abe Zhang, I’m a killer.” Olena Jiang Pulled Maya Tang to pray.

“Why don’t you tell him?” “Because, I don’t want him to know what I’m doing,” Olena Jiang was sad.

Maya Tang looked at Olena Jiang for a few seconds, “Well, you can tell him by yourself. Can you go?” “Yes, but I want to stay by myself for a while.” “I’m afraid it won’t work, the black rose is still nearby,” Maya Tang was beautiful. The eyes are turning around, this black rose is a dog skin plaster, which can’t be shaken off.

Maya Tang helped Olena Jiang up.

Taking Olena Jiang out of here, the black rose saw that something was wrong, and immediately left decisively. It was not so easy to solve this wary woman.

Go downstairs.

“Olena Jiang, you’d better find a place to rest for a few days,” “Please protect my husband, I want to work,”

Yes, Olena Jiang’s task has not been completed yet.

She has another person to assassinate. After doing this, she will temporarily stop taking the task, and talk about it after solving the black rose, otherwise, she will never be at ease.

“If you don’t tell me, I will protect him.” Maya Tang would definitely do so.

“Thank you, my husband, now…” “Fell asleep, but you can go see him.” “No, I have an injury on my shoulder now, so it’s hard to see him,” Olena Jiang shook his head, definitely not letting him. Abe Zhang sees it, otherwise how can I explain it?

“En.” Olena Jiang glanced at the night hotel in the distance, then turned to leave, Maya Tang kept watching, sighed slightly, and returned with the box.

This time Black Rose is pressing, she may be doing it in the next few days.

Maya Tang must be personally protected. After returning to the hotel, Beatrice breathed a sigh of relief. Maya Tang was okay. She was able to judge the degree of thrill just by the gunshots.

“Is Olena Jiang okay?” Beatrice walked over and asked.

“Injured. But the problem is not too big,” “The Black Rose…” “Running, this woman is very smart,” Maya Tang could see through her eyes.

Beatrice was a little worried, but Black Rose was the first person to assassinate!

“Go and rest, I’ll look at Abe,” Maya Tang gently pushed the door in while Abe Zhang was still sleeping.

She closed the door and put the box away, then went to the sofa and sat down, lifted the sleeping Abe Zhang, and put it on her own lap. Abe Zhang seemed to be sleeping soundly, he rubbed his face and held Maya Tang. .

Maya Tang smiled softly, “Sleep obediently, it’s okay,” Then, Maya Tang closed her beautiful eyes.

When he got up in the morning, Abe Zhang felt that he had a good dream and didn’t want to wake up. However, Maya Tang was no longer on the sofa, but Maya Tang’s voice could be heard. She called from the balcony.

Yes, in the morning, her mobile phone vibrated suddenly, and the company called. She said that there was a problem with the company and she needed Maya Tang to go back to the capital to deal with it, but Maya Tang had no time for her instructions.

She must protect Abe Zhang every step of the way.

Other things, no matter what they are, must be put aside.

But when Abe Zhang heard this, Maya Tang’s company had a problem, so what about going back to the capital with Maya Tang?

As soon as Maya Tang hung up and turned around, she saw Abe Zhang, and she was astonished.

In fact, it was Abe Zhang who was surprised. She saw that Maya Tang’s skirts were all wet. This was because she leaned on her to sleep last night and drooled.

“Auntie Tang… or go to the capital,” Abe Zhang said.

“What are you going to do in the capital? Just stay here, safe,” Maya Tang smiled softly.

“But Aunt Tang has a problem with your company. Anyway, I haven’t been to the capital for a long time, so I think it’s a vacation,” Abe Zhang walked over.

Moved to the extreme,

Maya Tang is too considerate of herself.

“Aunt Tang, okay? Go to the capital?” “Cer…” Maya Tang was gentle and moved. Abe Zhang heard his own call, so he was going to the capital with himself!

Why did Maya Tang refuse? Actually, when she went to the capital, Maya Tang could better protect Abe Zhang. After all, the capital was her base camp for development.

Will also catch Black Rose by surprise!

After all, Black Rose has been guarding here!

Can she react when she goes to the capital suddenly?

Maya Tang thought about going, and decided to go back. “Okay, I’ll just listen to you.” Abe Zhang sighed, “Aunt Tang last night…” “It’s okay,” Maya Tang grabbed Abe Zhang’s hair, “I’m hungry. , I’ll make breakfast for you, and we will go to the capital after eating.”

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