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Chapter 446

Elvina was tricked into going to the capital together with Abe Zhang and Maya Tang!

Here Elvina finally got an answer. A brokerage company looked at her picture and said that she would let Elvina go to the company in the capital to have a look.

It was a man who called and spoke highly of Elvina. He said that Elvina has a very good figure. It is the woman with the best figure he has ever seen and will definitely become a popular star. Elvina heard this, she It’s all light.

Sure enough, in my own situation, it is too easy to be a star. I have buried my talents too much before.

I will definitely become a big hit and become a big star!

She packed her things and immediately bought a plane ticket to the capital, and then went to take the plane to the capital.

Out of the airport, she took a taxi to the brokerage company.

“Wow, this company is so stylish!” Elvina was stunned. Such a powerful company should be able to quickly become popular!

Elvina went in happily, went to the company’s front desk to inquire, and was then taken to a place by the front desk.

Elvina walked in, “This place is so spacious, I am a star, so I am looking forward to it!” Elvina couldn’t wait to see in the room, is this a place for actors to apply?

Soon, a man walked in.

When he saw Elvina, his eyes were bright, young and beautiful, and his body was perfect.

He has been doing this for a long time, and he has never seen a woman with such perfect body proportions. She is twenty years old, full of energy, and full of youthfulness, especially her figure.

“Cough!” The man coughed.

Elvina was nervous, “Hello, my name is Elvina…” The man closed the door and locked it.

Sat down.

“Introduce yourself, three-dimensional.” The man said.

“Okay, my 3D is…” “Well, yes, what do you plan to do? Looking at your resume, do you want to be an actor?” The man opened the file.

“Yes, I want to be an actor, I want to make a movie, I want to be popular.” Elvina walked over excitedly.

“Well, make a sad look,” Lu

Yao thought that she hadn’t seen Abe Zhang for so long, and she was sad, with tears rolling in her eyes.

“Well, yes, specific needs come to my room.” The man stood up.

“Okay, I’ll go.” Elvina was excited, is this going to teach herself?

“Okay, come down with me,” the man opened the door and went out, Elvina carrying the bag, and went down together.

When she arrived at the parking lot, Elvina followed the man into the car, she hesitated a little, “Why did you want to leave the company?” “No why, can’t you get on?” the man asked.

Elvina bit her lip, “Well, come on.” Did you think about it? This company won’t be messy, Elvina got in the car, and men take it for granted.

Drive Elvina to a hotel.

“Why come to the hotel?” Elvina was wary, what’s the situation?


“No why, can’t you go?” The man looked back, Elvina shook her head, “I’m not going, I’m here to be an actor,” “There is a crew filming on it, you’re not sure if you can’t?” The man is indifferent.

“Should I be filming now?” Elvina was surprised, so fast!

“Yes, can’t get on?” “Go on, I’m on, I’m sorry. I just…” Elvina hurriedly apologized. The man glanced at her and went straight out. Elvina followed the car and followed the man to the hotel. , Arrived at the door of the room.

The man took out his room card and went in, and Elvina followed in excitedly.

But after she went in, she didn’t see the camera. What happened?

“Isn’t it shooting? Why is there no camera?” Elvina asked in a low voice.

The man sat down, “Come here.” Elvina hesitated and walked over, “What are you doing?” “All came up with me, pretending?” The man sneered.

Elvina was ridiculed, and she immediately became angry, “I think you have misunderstood, I didn’t come all the way to be with you, I am very disappointed in your company!” Elvina turned around and left, she wanted to dump herself. I slapped myself, slapped myself, follow up?

If she was asked to do this, she would definitely not want to. At that time in KTV, the boss wanted to give 10,000 sleep to herself. Elvina was unwilling. She felt that she was a college student and she was not doing anything. Why did she do that?

“You’re all here, do you still want to leave?” The man laughed and walked over, “I hate a woman like you the most.” “Let go, you let go, did you hear it!” Elvina was angry, and the man suddenly grabbed Elvina didn’t have that much strength, and she was immediately pulled back.

“Let me out, don’t think about it, I am not…” Elvina said angrily, the man laughed, and slapped it out.


After hitting Elvina’s face, Elvina blushed, her aggrieved tears rolled in her eyes, and she was beaten again.

“Be obedient to Lao Tzu,…

“The man walked over with a sneer, Elvina hurriedly ran, but the man slapped again, Elvina fell to the ground. She was in a coma with pain, “No, I have a boyfriend, don’t do this to me.”

Elvina was horrified, she regretted it, she followed up, no brains, how could there be such a good thing? Abe Zhang, where are you? I want to be, woo… The man rushed over, like a beast, “Know Lao Tzu Who is it?

I am from the Qian family!

Dare to resist?

“Elvina was shocked, the Qian family? The Qian family of the four major families? As a Chinese, how could she have never heard of it?” “Got it?”

Then be obedient, I was in a good mood that day and made you red.

“The man saw Elvina’s shocked expression, he was proud. He can only be regarded as half of the Qian family, but this identity is enough for him to play too much like a fish. Today is another one, hehe, say money The family was shocked. “No.

Elvina cried and shook her head. She knows the Qian family and knows how powerful the Qian family is, but she can’t be done this way! She had a boyfriend before and gave it, but recently, after breaking up with Li Wei, she has been She hasn’t been with a man anymore. She feels that since she likes Abe Zhang, the only person who can touch her is Abe Zhang! Other people are definitely not. Elvina is not a prostitute woman, she is not. “I have a man. My friend is Abe Zhang,” Elvina screamed in a panic. At this moment, she can only tell Abe Zhang! “Abe Zhang?

Which garbage is this?

“The man laughed, and the woman said her name. This is to give this nameless boy a face? Is she qualified? He has never heard of Abe Zhang. “In front of my Qian’s house, everything is rubbish, rubbish. Understand?

“The man laughed. Elvina is desperate. Abe Zhang is rich. Of course she knows. But compared to the Qian family, she is definitely not as good as Abe Zhang. What else can you say because they don’t know Abe Zhang? But in the face of this man’s insult, Elvina’s desperate resistance!! Panic grabbed an ashtray and slammed it on the man’s head. The blood flowed out and the man was shocked. He closed his eyes and fell to the ground… “Ah!


“Elvina panicked. She killed herself, killed someone, this is the Qian family! She burst into tears, and the waiter outside happened to pass by. She immediately knocked on the door and asked what happened. Elvina opened the door and the waiter looked at it. When the man fell in a pool of blood, he was shocked. This is from the Qian family. This hotel belongs to the Qian family! “I.


Elvina panicked, tears flowing. “Don’t go, you hit him, you can’t go,” the waiter held Elvina indifferently. Elvina was afraid, “No, it’s his fault, he wants to insult me, I Just beat him.

Elvina Tears of Rain

Ewha, she is terribly scared, why is she so unlucky today!

“You can’t go! Here, Mr. Qian was beaten.” The waiter used the walkie-talkie to call, Elvina was frightened, “I beg you to let go.” Soon, the hotel manager came over and brought a few people. Specialized doctors will treat them immediately. If such a fight is not handled in time, he may lose too much blood and die. He can’t afford it!

“I’m not my fault. It’s him.” Elvina hurriedly explained, the manager raised his hand and slapped it out, and slapped Elvina’s face, “You’re done!” “No, it’s not my fault.” Elvina cried so much that she couldn’t stop her tears. She came to be a star. How could she have thought of encountering such a thing?

She hurriedly took out her mobile phone, only Abe Zhang could save herself, she wanted to call Abe Zhang.

Chapter 447

: He dare to come over?

“You still want to call, is it useful for you to call? Do you know who you are calling? It’s useless for you to call anyone!!” The manager indifferently grasped Elvina’s hand.

Elvina cried and said, “I, I…” Yes, this is the Qian family. Calling Abe Zhang may even harm him. She can’t do this and Elvina is desperate.

How can I encounter such a thing today?


The manager slapped Elvina’s mouth with blood.

she cried.

“You’d better make sure that he is okay, otherwise you die, and the whole family is dead!” The manager is indifferent.

This is the Qian family!

The consequences of killing one of the Qian family members are too serious.

Still want to call other people, call people?

Who dare to come over?


“I…” Elvina was desperate to the extreme.

“Take her to me! How’s Mr. Qian?” The manager walked over. This silly woman beat her so badly, she hit her head and sank too much blood!

If something goes wrong, he can’t blame it!

“I’m afraid there is a problem,” the doctor said solemnly.

The manager became more and more angry when he thought about it, turning around and pointing at Elvina, “Are you crazy? Pretending to be a force? Let Mr. Qian sleep, it is the blessing of your eight lifetimes, but you still refuse?” If you can’t help it, just raise your hand and hit Elvina.

Papa, papa, Elvina has been beaten up.

“Do you still call someone? What is it called a garbage man?” the manager roared.

When Elvina was desperate, her mobile phone rang, she just dialed out, but she didn’t get through, “Hey, what’s the matter?” Yes, Abe Zhang didn’t want to pick it up, but she wanted to go, Elvina Elvina has become a little better when she has been giving herself milk tea at school. Abe Zhang is not too disgusted with her, plus Abe Zhang has been ignoring her, thinking about calling her suddenly, is something wrong?

So Abe Zhang answered, but I heard pops and pops on the phone. This is

For what?

Abe Zhang’s face is full of black lines. Is this Elvina being with the man and then showing off with herself?


Elvina, who was beaten up, heard Abe Zhang’s voice. She immediately cried and said, “Abe Zhang, something happened to me…” “Something happened? What happened?” Abe Zhang understood, just now. Was Elvina beaten?

What’s the situation?

“I hit someone, woo,” Elvina cried hard.

“Battering? What are you doing beating?” Abe Zhang is strange, Elvina’s character, so is it, her character is not good, her mouth is cheap, and it’s normal to fight with people.

This is not surprising, but after being beaten and crying, Abe Zhang wants to laugh a little. Is this to complain to himself?

“I hit…” “Hmph, she hit the Qian family!” the manager said indifferently.

Dare to continue answering the phone?

Hearing the words Qian’s family, you are scared to pee, right?


“Qian’s family?” It was Abe Zhang’s turn.

Why did Elvina fight with the Qian family?

“Woo…” Elvina was desperate.

“What’s the matter?” Abe Zhang thought it would be better to ask.

“That person wants to do to me, I refuse, he hit me, I hit him, he bleeds, hum, Abe Zhang, I’m so scared.” Elvina cried.

She is really scared to the extreme, this is not an ordinary family, the four big families!

Who can save yourself?

Abe Zhang was stunned, this situation?

How could Elvina be liked by the Qian family?

But it was also Elvina who was good in figure, young and energetic, and it was too normal to be regarded by others.

Abe Zhang still had thoughts about her back then, but now there is nothing.

“Abe Zhang, can you save me? I’m afraid… if not, thank you,” Elvina cried.

Abe Zhang is definitely not as powerful as the Qian family. Abe Zhang didn’t hear the word Qian family and was so scared that he just hung up the phone. Elvina was grateful.

“Where are you?” Abe Zhang thought about going, thinking that Elvina was crying too pitifully, it was not Elvina’s fault.

“I’m…” “She’s in the Qihei Hotel in the capital, do you dare to come over? Kid?” the manager mocked.


It’s almost too scared, dare to come over?

“Abe Zhang, don’t come here, me.” Elvina cried.

It’s no use, Abe Zhang came here, it will only harm him.

“Haha.” Abe Zhang laughed on the phone, and the phone hung up.

Elvina slumped on the ground, desperate to the extreme.

“This shameless pen is scared to pee. If you dare to call someone, he will come?” the manager sneered.

This is beyond doubt, dare not!

Where is this?

“Woo, don’t say that to him,” Elvina cried.


The manager slapped Elvina, and the phone fell to the ground. Elvina cried and did not dare to resist. Today is over. Abe Zhang must have been laughing at herself just now. He will definitely not come over, and how?


This is the capital,

Abe Zhangren is still at the school, Elvina cried more sadly, if she wants to continue to be insulted, then she would simply die.

At this time, the beaten man opened his eyes swayingly, and he got up angrily, “Close the door to me, I’m going to be killed today, she dare to beat me?” “Mr. Qian, this is not so good, right? , After all, this is the hotel,” the manager hesitated.


The man slapped him, “Are you telling me to do something?” The manager’s face was twitching, and he said “Don’t dare” for a long time.

“Don’t dare to go out!” The man was cold, his headache was splitting, and abnormal thoughts came out. Today, he must torture this evil pen!

Actually hit yourself?

She is from the Qian family!

“Well, everyone go out.” The manager walked outside and the others followed. Elvina cried and said, “Don’t go out, he will kill me, please…” “Get out! Shabi! You are crying now!” , It’s late!” The manager kicked Elvina, and Elvina was going into a coma in pain.

After the door was closed, the man smiled grimly. There was still blood on his face, and his head was bandaged, which made him even more perverted and ferocious. He walked over and beat Elvina.

Slap and slap.

Elvina cried and struggled, “Don’t hit me, please don’t hit me,” Snap!

A heavy slap on Elvina’s face made Elvina dizzy.

“Dare to beat me? I will kill you today!” The man punched and kicked Elvina.

Outside, the manager heard this voice, and others heard it too.

“This shameless woman is here. At a critical moment, she pretended to be innocent and hit someone? She deserved to be killed today,” the waiter sneered.

Isn’t it enough to learn something?

What to wear?

“Stand here, go in when necessary, don’t let him kill anyone.” The manager ordered.

“Yeah, manager,” the waiter obeyed the instructions, and just gave a lesson, just be afraid of her.

The manager went downstairs and was slapped just now. He was particularly upset, but there is no way. That man is from the Qian family, so he dare to fight back?

He got to the front and hooked his finger at the beauty receptionist, who tacitly prepared to go to the lounge with the manager.

But at this time, a car outside stopped at the door.

The manager frowned and looked at the car door opened, and a man and a woman came over.

That’s right, Abe Zhang is here, he thinks, by coincidence, Elvina actually came to the capital, so this is a favor, Abe Zhang thinks, he still has to help!

Otherwise, Elvina would definitely be injured today.

Although, at the beginning, Abe Zhang hated her very much. There are still pictures of her on the phone at this time. Abe Zhang thought, Elvina has changed a little now. I can’t watch Elvina have an accident, right?

Abe Zhang felt unable to do it.



After talking to Maya Tang, Maya Tang agreed with a smile, and went where Abe Zhang said in the capital.

She will always accompany her to protect, and there will be no complaints. As for her company’s affairs, it will be just fine to delay, and nothing is less important than Abe Zhang.

“Excuse me, do you stay in the store or…” The manager came to receive him. Maya Tang hadn’t seen him before, but he would observe if she worked in a hotel. A woman like Maya Tang was a rich man.

But this man is different, his face looks like pauper.

I don’t know how to hook up with such a beautiful beauty. I am envious. Compared with the reception of my little three beauty, at this time, Maya Tang who walked in was too beautiful.

Simply kill all the beauties in the hotel!

“Find someone.” Abe Zhang said.

“Who are you looking for?” the manager asked.

“I remember your voice, you just said that I dare not come over, I am coming now,” Abe Zhang said lightly.

Chapter 448:

Do you dare to hit me?

Come here now?

The manager heard that the pauper man in front of him was so confident, what would he do?


Come over to Xingshi to ask the crime!

The manager sneered and ridiculed. He understood that this man with the silk was looking for this beautiful woman to pretend, this is a soft rice man!

“Do you know where this is? What if you dare to come over?” The manager dismissed.

He was slapped by that man just now. He was already very upset. At this moment, there are people who come to find fault?


“Qian’s place, I know.” Abe Zhang shrugged.

“You know it’s the place of Qian’s house, don’t you hurry up? Get to know who you are. In front of Qian’s house, you are an ant, and you can run over you with your fingers!” The manager felt that he had touched the pen.

There was also a shabi before. The son of a company boss also played in a hotel of Qian’s house. Women and women disagreed. Then this shabi vented a waiter at the hotel.

This was just a little waiter. The end result was that the father of Shabi came over and knelt down to apologize. The next day, the father and son of Shabi never appeared again, and the company was gone.

This is the consequence of challenging the Qian family.

There is no doubt, it is death!


“Where is my friend?” Abe Zhang didn’t want to go on. At this time, Elvina’s situation is definitely not very good, she may have been tortured in the room, Abe Zhang came over, be it for her, must hurry up to find Elvina. is the most important.

“Do you still dare to ask that shameful pen?? Mr. Qian looked up to her when he played with her, but she refused and beat Mr. Qian. She was looking for death by herself, oh, right? Now I have to pull one and come and die! Haha !” The manager laughed.

This shameful pen is so stupid, I haven’t realized it yet.

Abe Zhang frowned and reached out and grabbed the manager

“I’ll ask you again, where is my friend!!” When Abe Zhang was caught, the manager was not in a hurry, even a little joking, a little ridiculing, “Oh, do you dare to do something to me here? Shabi, you are finished, you are finished today! Let your family come over and kneel and beg for mercy!” The manager has already thought of Abe Zhang’s end, and it will definitely be the same as Shabi, crying and saying wrong, please forgive me, haha!

“I count three, let go, one!” The manager laughed and stretched out a finger. Do you dare to hit me?


Before hitting a waiter, the shame disappeared. Now you hit my manager?


“Two!” The manager lazily stretched out the second finger, you are ready to freak out!



Abe Zhang was too lazy to listen anymore, slapped his hand when he raised his hand!

He has been training for a long time, and his strength and speed have been greatly improved. The slap on the manager’s face almost knocked him out.

The manager is shocked, what?

Why is my face so numb?


I was beaten?

“Do you dare to hit me?” The manager was extremely angry, dare to hit himself with this evil pen?


Abe Zhang raised his leg with his knee. How could this manager’s body stand up to such a beating?

Immediately clutching his stomach, he screamed, “Ah, ah!!!” Abe Zhang kicked him with his leg up, and the manager was about to faint, “Don’t fight, don’t fight,” “Didn’t you say I dare not beat you? What is it now? Tell me what is it now?” Abe Zhang lifted him up with one hand and slapped him like that, snapping, snapping!

The manager vomited blood and was beaten so badly. How could he want Abe Zhang to really dare to beat himself!

“Stop fighting, it’s in the third room on the tenth floor.” Boom!

Abe Zhang hit his stomach with a punch, and the manager was twitching while holding his stomach, and he vomited.

“Aunt Tang, let’s go up.” Abe Zhang glanced at him.

“Okay.” Maya Tang smiled softly. Abe Zhang just hit someone. Maya Tang saw Abe Zhang’s obvious improvement. It seems that he has been teaching him for so long and has achieved great results!

Abe Zhang and Maya Tang went to the elevator to find Elvina.

“Manager, manager, what’s the matter with you.” The beauty reception who was going to the lounge with the manager just now ran over.

The manager got up, resentful, “Call someone over, this shameless pen actually dared to hit me!” This is really intolerable!

He works as a manager in this hotel, and many big bosses come over to give him face. He was actually beaten by this wicked Abe Zhang?

How can he stand it?

“Oh, who to call?” Where did the beauty reception come into contact with this!


The manager slapped her and slapped her. The beauty receptionist covered her cheek, her grieved tears rolled, “Why are you hitting me?” “I ask you, are you making a fool of?” The manager was annoyed.

I have to ask who to call. It must be the headquarters. It must be Qian’s family. Whatever

A descendant of the Qian family can come and solve this problem.

“I…” The beauty receptionist was even more aggrieved, “If you say that to me, I will never carry my boyfriend to accompany you anymore.” Pop!

The manager slapped his hand again, “Did you or she turned you?” “Woo,” the beauty receptionist cried and ran to the lounge to weep. The useless man knew he would beat me as a woman.

Angrily, the manager took out his cell phone and called someone respectfully and politely. It took a long time for the call to be connected, “Hey.” This was a particularly lazy voice.

“Hey, Master Qian, I’m Xiao Huang, there is a disturbance in our hotel, can you come here for a while… Yes, it’s just a horrible pen making a disturbance, and you beat me, look…, okay, okay, Waiting for you.” The manager hung up the phone with a sneer, sternly, you are finished today, the whole family is finished!


Wait to kneel down and beg for mercy, haha, I won’t let you go!

The manager has already imagined Abe Zhang kneeling and begging for mercy. Haha, it must be interesting, I can’t wait!

… “Don’t hit me,” Elvina cried and begged for mercy. This man had been beating her abnormally for a long time, and she had to tear her clothes just now. She clutched her hands and ran to the corner, but this man was even more abnormal and hideous. Came over.

Elvina is desperate, is she really going to be insulted today?

She don’t want this!

“Don’t come over, I will commit suicide if you come over again!!” Elvina picked up a broken glass on the ground and pointed it at her neck.

The man laughed, “It’s quite Zhenlie, I like it! But, are you sure you want to do this? Dare to do it?” Elvina’s hands are shaking, she is only twenty years old, is she going to die here?

Her tears seemed to have opened the faucet, and she couldn’t stop streaming out, she was especially scared.

“Be good, let me play, I will let you go, otherwise, you committed suicide, then I have more fun, after all, people still have temperature right after they die, haha!” The man laughed abnormally.

Elvina was terrified, and her hands trembled more severely. What did he want?


Elvina scream, don’t!

When Elvina hesitated, the man seized the opportunity, slapped it out, slapped Elvina’s face hard, Elvina screamed, and her head hit the wall, she was almost dizzy, “No, please. Don’t do this to me,” Elvina cried.

“No? Oh, by the way, didn’t you call just now? Why hasn’t the one called Abe Zhang come over for so long?” The man mocked, he would come over?

Surely not, this is something a fool would not do. Someone knows that there are tigers in the mountains and go to Hushan?

“Abe Zhang…” Elvina cried in despair.

Why did Abe Zhang come here?

The relationship between myself and Abe Zhang is not so good, I used to laugh at him, Abe Zhang

It’s good to fall into the pit.

Elvina didn’t expect Abe Zhang to come over, in fact it was useless to come, because she offended the Qian family!

When Abe Zhang came over, he was harmed, not to mention that he would not come.

Elvina is desperate to the extreme, is she going to play in her life?

She was crying, crying sadly.

When the man saw this, he had more perverted thoughts and walked over with a sneer.

“You should not pretend to be in front of me, you should not pretend to be in front of me, understand? You still hit me? I let you know today, what are the consequences of hitting me!” “No!” Elvina covered her head, what should she do? do?


At this time, the door was suddenly kicked, and Elvina was stunned in fear. The man frowned and was annoyed, “Who dare to kick my door and don’t want to live anymore? Get out of here!!” Elvina was desperate. , Trembling.

“Zhang… Abe Zhang, isn’t it you?” She can’t think of anyone else, is it Abe Zhang?

Chapter 449:

You really can’t leave. Yes, after hearing this sudden kicking sound, Elvina’s first thought was Abe Zhang, because she only called Abe Zhang!

But how could it be?


Abe Zhang is still in the square, right?

How could it be in the capital?

How could he… come here for himself?



That hope just appeared, and a deep disappointment followed, Elvina sighed, this kick was definitely a wrong kick, it wouldn’t be Abe Zhang.

She stared beautifully at the shards of glass on the ground, and she wanted to make herself decisive.

She couldn’t bear these insults and pain.

It is better to solve yourself.

But disappointed Elvina suddenly heard a voice, she turned to look at the door, tears bursting into her eyes.

“It’s me.” This is Abe Zhang’s voice.

how come?

how come?


Why is he in the capital?

How could he come to save himself regardless of the predecessors?

He doesn’t know this is Qian’s place?

Hearing these two short words, Elvina was surrounded by questions, “Abe Zhang, Abe Zhang…” “Haha! The shameless pen you said is really here? Haha, that’s fun!” The man laughed. .

In front of Elvina, first clean up this Abe Zhang, and then clean up Elvina in front of Abe Zhang, how wonderful!

How interesting is it?


The door was kicked open by Abe Zhang. His strength was not enough. If Maya Tang kicked, it would only take a half foot.

Elvina got up moved, really Abe Zhang!

He came to save himself!

Elvina cried and threw herself into Abe Zhang’s arms, “Woo, Abe Zhang, I’m so scared, so scared…” Elvina was really moved, and she felt so safe to hold Abe Zhang like this.

“Don’t be afraid,” Abe Zhang was speechless, what did Elvina do with her arms around her?

He saw Elvina blushing and her clothes were tattered

Rotten, this was tortured and collapsed, his mentality exploded, and he could only say a few words of comfort.

“Abe Zhang.” Elvina hugged Abe Zhang and refused to let go.

“Don’t be afraid? Haha, it seems I want to remind you, who am I!!” The man laughed, not afraid?

You will feel better later!

Pretending to be coercive in front of your girlfriend is a price to pay!

Elvina came back to her senses, “Abe Zhang, let’s run, this is from the Qian family.” Elvina was shocked, yes, Abe Zhang is here, how could she be the opponent of the Qian family?

He must have read it for the sake of being a classmate, so he came here, but after he came, the Qian family will definitely cross Abe Zhang.

Abe Zhang is still a little bit surprised, Elvina actually thinks about herself?

Then the decision to save her by himself was not wrong, he looked down at Lu in his arms

Yao, doesn’t she really like herself?

No reason, what does she like about herself?


But, Elvina hugged herself so well, she was so good, Abe Zhang collapsed and could only push her away.

Elvina was overwhelmed with tears and was particularly aggrieved at a loss. She wanted to comfort her!

“Qian family? It’s okay.” Abe Zhang calmly.

Elvina was crying and anxious, how could she be okay?

Abe Zhang definitely doesn’t know who the Qian family he is talking about is!

“It’s okay? Who gave you the courage to say it’s okay?” The men all amused, it was all right?

This kind of nameless pawn, the Qian family doesn’t know how much to destroy with a finger, when you cry.

“Kneel down, I will give you a chance to kneel down obediently now, I may be in a good mood, I will let you go and kneel down!” The man ordered, this is a gift of himself!

Abe Zhang smiled slightly.

Elvina panicked, “Abe Zhang, I will kneel for him,” Elvina is going to kneel down, Abe Zhang will be over if he doesn’t kneel down!

Abe Zhang grabbed her, “No need.” Elvina cried badly.

“Abe Zhang, I beg you to stop trying, this is the Qian family, the four big families.” Abe Zhang glanced at Elvina, walked up to the man, and the man taunted, “Kneel, count your wit! See you are so good. For good reason, lick my shoes clean first, and kneel down. Let’s start!” The man lifted one foot.


Abe Zhang slapped out and slapped him on his face with a sneer!

The man screamed, “What are you doing? Do you dare?” Pop!

Abe Zhang didn’t bother to listen to his nonsense, and slapped him several times!

The man was beaten up and forced, is this a shame?

Knowing that he is a member of the Qian family, still beating himself?

Looking for death, looking for death!


“The Qian family is great, isn’t it?” Abe Zhang slapped him in the face, and the man couldn’t escape!

After a few slaps, his face was swollen like a pig’s head.

Elvina covered her mouth, what is Abe Zhang doing?

Who beat Qian’s family?

It’s over, it’s over!

Elvina shed tears in despair, did she harm Abe Zhang?


Abe Zhang didn’t bother to talk nonsense with this man, grabbing a cup on the table and hitting him on the head.

“Ah!” The man fell to the ground with an unbelievable expression on his face. He couldn’t accept it. He was actually given by a desperate trash, and he fainted unwillingly.

Abe Zhang glanced at him, it was a waste of energy to hit this kind of garbage!

It’s a sigh of relief for Elvina, it’s all right.

“Elvina, let’s go.” Abe Zhang came over.

“Abe Zhang, ah, hurry up, let’s hurry up,” Elvina took Abe Zhang and ran outside, and must leave here quickly!

Otherwise, the Qian family will come, and no one can leave today.

Abe Zhang shrugged. In Elvina’s heart, her own strength is much worse than that of the Qian family?

If you tell Elvina, you will kill the four

Zhao family, one of the clan, what would she look like?

“Ah? This is…” Elvina was stunned, feeling shocked!

Maya Tang just walked over outside, she was so beautiful, she was the best beauty on the same level as Teacher Olena Jiang!

“This is my Aunt Tang.” Abe Zhang said.

“Hello, Auntie,” Elvina said quickly.

Maya Tang was a little bit surprised. Is she very old?

Forget it, Abe’s friend, it doesn’t matter if you call it that way.

Maya Tang entered the room and took a look. She knew this man, he was notorious in this circle, and it was reasonable to be beaten.

“Aunt Tang, let’s go down,” Abe Zhang felt, Elvina was terrified, so she should find a place to settle Elvina first.

Let’s talk about other things. What is Abe Zhang afraid of anyway?

“Okay,” Maya Tang smiled softly.

Abe Zhang went down with the dazed Elvina. Elvina felt pain in her heart. She hurt Abe Zhang by herself, and she regretted that she wanted to die. Why did she make the call?


The three people got out of the elevator and were blocked by the manager. The manager frowned. He saw that Elvina had come down. Then Mr. Qian was beaten again?

For sure!


“You are so courageous,” the manager yelled, “Security, security!” More than a dozen people gathered around, fierce and evil!

Elvina was frightened, tears came out all of a sudden, “Don’t hit us.” “No? You don’t know your situation! Today is not a question of whether you can fight or not, but whether you can live or not. “The manager mocked.

“I see who can touch the three of us today,” Abe Zhang shrugged, nothing to be afraid of.

“Haha!! Boy, I should have said it straight, you are a big deal! Are you going to escape?” The manager is disdainful, where can you escape?


“I didn’t plan to escape. I had escaped through the first year of junior high school, but not at the fifteenth day. It is unnecessary.” Abe Zhang needs to escape now?

It’s really unnecessary!

“Abe Zhang, please, you can escape, I’m sorry,” Elvina cried. Abe Zhang must be comforting himself at this moment. Has he already lied in his heart?

She could have imagined that Abe Zhang’s square, Abe Zhang’s car, and everything about Abe Zhang would be destroyed. The Qian Family’s anger can’t be resisted by anyone!

Even if Abe Zhang is rich and has a background, what can he count in front of the four major families?

It can’t be counted, because the four big families are the richest and the others are not at the same level. Then Abe Zhang can imagine the result of this huge disparity. Now he escapes, and there is still a little chance. If he doesn’t escape. , Absolutely finished.

“Haha, you still have a little awareness, you really have escaped past the first day of the first year, but not the fifteenth!!” Suddenly, an indifferent voice came in lazily from outside.

“Master Qian!” Manager Mad

Hi, haha, the tenth young master of the Qian family has come here in person. This young master is famously cruel and cruel. You are done with this wicked pen today. Get ready to kneel and beg for mercy!

No, there is no begging for mercy!


Chapter 450

My name is Abe Zhang!

Money Fangyun!

The tenth young master of the Qian family is only eighteen years old, but he is cruel and is already famous!

He is here, so he was beaten up just now, so he can take revenge.

Qian Fangyun is not tall, even a little thin, but it’s kind of cold, as if the air conditioner is on!

This is the young master of the Qian family!

The manager greeted the past with a sneer, “Master, it’s the three of them!! Especially that man, with a horrible pen, knocked out Mr. Qian, and beat me just now, saying that the Qian family is worthless… “I see!” Qian Fangyun was bored just now, and now he comes over to have fun, but this fun seems to be vulnerable!

The manager looked at Abe Zhang triumphantly in his heart. Seeing your wicked manners, your nightmare has come!

“What’s your name?” Qian Fangyun walked over and unquestionably ordered.

The voice was so cold, Elvina’s face turned pale suddenly, and her body trembled, feeling that death was coming.

For people like himself, this Qian family is the god of death.

However, Qian Fangyun saw Maya Tang behind Abe Zhang. His eyes appeared astonishing. This woman is so beautiful!

But, how come you look so familiar?

Where have you seen it?


Qian Fangyun couldn’t remember anymore.

Yes, this is normal. When Maya Tang was in Beijing, she was extremely low-key, and basically did not attend any activities. This Qian Fangyun was only seen from a distance.

He still wanted to go over and strike up a conversation, but when he walked over, Maya Tang left.

But what about such a beautiful woman!

Qian Fangyun smiled slightly, thinking that it was particularly interesting to come over today.

Abe Zhang will not answer such questions, “I asked you, are you trying to stop me?” Just ask cleanly.

No need to talk nonsense.

“Yes, I want to stop you.” Qian Fangyun smiled. There are more than a dozen people behind him. These are good bodyguards!

With a word of his own, this person has to lie down today.

“You don’t know what you did, it doesn’t matter, I tell you,” Qian Fangyun said with a smile.

“No, I already know it very well,” Abe Zhang shrugged, Qian’s family?

Ha ha!

“No need?” Qian Fangyun frowned and his eyes became gloomy, “Give me his hand first!!” Dare to talk to himself like this?

Don’t know how to praise!

Here, no one dares to do this yet!

A few bodyguards walked over, fierce and vicious, Abe Zhang expressionless, these bodyguards just let him practice.

Abe Zhang fisted out.

Elvina was terrified

, It’s over.

Maya Tang smiled softly, Abe Zhang’s attack method was very good, and she wanted to see where Abe Zhang had reached.


Several bodyguards fisted over, but they were good fighters. They were ordered to protect Qian Fangyun. How could they do it without the skills?


Abe Zhang was able to stop him from punching and kicking, and he became more excited as he fought. This shows that his strength has improved, and it is great. Abe Zhang is happy!

Suddenly, a big foot kicked over.

Abe Zhang didn’t notice that he was kicked. He stepped back a few steps and bumped into the coffee table, embarrassed.

Elvina was frightened.

Qian Fangyun sneered, “Fight! Give me his hand!!” “Yes!” A few bodyguards came with punches and kicks, Abe Zhang seized the opportunity and punched out!


The bodyguard was holding his stomach.

Squatting on the ground, the pain made his face pale, Maya Tang told Abe Zhang, hitting someone, where the pain is the most painful, Abe Zhang is very clear now, just hit the position with a punch.

Abe Zhang didn’t stop either.

How did these bodyguards think that Abe Zhang was still a good fighter, and when they were shocked, they besieged angrily!


Abe Zhang grabbed a vase and hit his head, then kicked!

For a few minutes, Abe Zhang was out of breath, but these people all fell to the ground, injured to varying degrees, and temporarily lost the ability to attack.

Qian Fangyun frowned, raised his hand and snapped his fingers, “Come on, unload his hands for me and see how he fights!!” There was a little surprise.

The rest of the bodyguards gathered around, and Abe Zhang was serious. These ten people should not be able to beat them. There are too many people, and they are all good fighters.

But Abe Zhang didn’t back down either.

Crackling, Abe Zhang was beaten with a fist and kicked, especially embarrassed. Maya Tang felt distressed. She wanted to take action. However, fighting is useless by training, and it must be improved through actual combat.

This is the only way.

She couldn’t help. If she helped, Abe Zhang would not continue to improve.

She can’t bear to look at her beautiful eyes, Abe, don’t blame me, I’m doing it for you.

Maya Tang’s strength really didn’t have any problems with these people.


Abe Zhang vomited blood on his lips. He grabbed an ashtray and smashed it. The man covered his head in shock and fell to the ground.

Abe Zhang has already repelled six people, and there are four remaining. Abe Zhang is full of fighting will and must improve himself!


“You are looking for death!” Several bodyguards punched and kicked Abe Zhang, Elvina cried sadly, “Abe Zhang, Abe Zhang…” Abe Zhang panted. In the end, he hit more than a dozen people, and his whole body hurts. , But with ten smiles on his face, he was beaten and beaten others. In this process, he was promoted and he knew his shortcomings.

Fighting is not good, then

Next, practice fighting!

Practice speed!

Qian Fangyun frowned and said calmly, “I didn’t expect you…” Snap!

Abe Zhang slapped Qian Fangyun when he came over!

Qian Fangyun was stunned. The manager was dumbfounded. What is this silly pen doing?


This is the young master of the Qian family!

Elvina was stunned.

Maya Tang breathed a sigh of relief. Abe Zhang’s fighting will was very strong and he refused to accept defeat. Even if he was so embarrassed just now, he would not ask himself to take action. If Abe Zhang called, then how could Maya Tang stay still?


As long as Abe Zhang said a word, even if he looked back at him, Maya Tang couldn’t be cruel, and would immediately solve these people.

“Do you dare to beat me?” Qian Fangyun was so angry that this person dared to beat himself?

Do you know who you are?


Abe Zhang slapped again!

Qian Fangyun screamed and sat on the ground, “You, you!!” “Aunt Tang, Elvina, let’s go.” Abe Zhang was a little tired, and beat more than a dozen people. This is his own improvement!

But I have to rest.

Maya Tang smiled slightly, Elvina stayed till she couldn’t recover.

“Remember, my name is Abe Zhang!” Abe Zhang said lightly.

Walked out with Maya Tang and Elvina.

Qian Fangyun got up from the ground, and the manager hurried over, “Master, are you okay?” He lied. Where did he want to get it, Abe Zhang actually dared to beat Master Qian. This was a desperate move.

“Ah!” The manager covered his head, because Qian Fangyun grabbed something and hit him on the head. The manager lay on the ground in disbelief and was shocked. How could the young master beat himself?


The other bodyguards gathered around, and Qian Fangyun sneered grimly.

“Dare to hit me? Huh, Abe Zhang? I will let you know what the end of hitting me is!!” He took out his mobile phone, “Track me the license plate number!” Qian Fangyun saw Maya Tang’s license plate number, he said After coming out, someone inside said, “Master, are you sure?” “Yes, sure!” “This is Maya Tang’s license plate number.” “Maya Tang? Tang… Oh, it was her, I said she was so familiar. “Qian Fangyun suddenly realized that Maya Tang was familiar with it just now, it turned out to be Maya Tang!

This woman is the number one strong woman in China!


“Do you want to continue tracking?” “Chasing, you must chase, this Maya Tang person, if I hit me, can I give up?” Qian Fangyun mocked. Of course he knew that Maya Tang’s strength was about the same as the Qian family, so Abe Zhang just dared Beat yourself.

However, my own money family is not easy to provoke, so when I deal with myself, nothing can happen to me?

Must let this Maya Tang apologize to herself!

Must apologize, or break with you Maya Tang!

The strength of the Qian family is not comparable to you Maya Tang!

That Abe Zhang?



Who is this Abe Zhang?

It’s definitely not Maya Tang’s relatives, probably friends

Friends, then this person must pay the price even more!

Maya Tang would definitely be pressured to hand over this Abe Zhang. It’s that simple. Just watch Abe Zhang be tortured.

“Yes!” The phone hung up, and he made other calls, “Call a hundred people to wait!” With this tone, he was about to come out now, he wanted Maya Tang to bow his head and let Abe Zhang die in front of him!

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