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Chapter 451

called me in the car. Elvina is very cautious. She is getting more and more frightened now. She definitely didn’t know the Qian Fangyun just now, but she also knew who that person was. It must be the young master of the Qian family!

However, Abe Zhang actually hit the young master of the Qian family, and she was shocked when she saw this scene just now.

What is Abe Zhang doing?


Elvina looked at Abe Zhang dullly at this time, she could not help trembling all over, this was terrible.

What should I do?

Does he and Abe Zhang already survive tonight?

Definitely, Elvina was desperate, tears in her eyes.

“Why are you crying?” Abe Zhang saw Elvina crying, is this Elvina too painful?

“Abe Zhang, did I impede you? Will we die?” Elvina cried and said.

“No.” Abe Zhang understood. It turned out that Elvina was still afraid.

Seeing her trembling with fear, Abe Zhang wanted to laugh.

Elvina was even more sad, Abe Zhang was still comforting herself, but Elvina was already prepared in her heart, she just thought that if Abe Zhang did not show up, she planned to commit suicide by herself.

It’s all dead anyway.

“Abe Zhang.” Elvina took Abe Zhang’s hand. In Elvina’s heart, she was so touched today. Abe Zhang appeared when she was most dangerous.

At this moment, she wanted to give Abe Zhang a kiss.

Abe Zhang coughed and withdrew his hand, “Don’t think too much, it’s okay.” What did Abe Zhang say to Elvina? At this time, her clothes were torn and rotten. Abe Zhang didn’t think much of her, but he treated Elvina. Yao, Abe Zhang didn’t have any thoughts, although Elvina was in good shape.

What’s more, is Maya Tang still driving?

What does Abe Zhang dare to do in front of Maya Tang?


Of course not.


So keep your distance!

All the handles were rejected, Elvina was sad and aggrieved, and sat in the car rigorously without saying a word.

When she arrived at Maya Tang’s villa, Abe Zhang took Elvina out of the car and followed Maya Tang in. Elvina had never been to such a big villa before. She was more restrained and followed Abe Zhang carefully.

“Elvina, you live here today,” Abe Zhang said.

Maya Tang’s home is very warm, and Abe Zhang actually likes to live here.

Elvina opened the door and went in. This is so big that Elvina was shocked. Why is Abe Zhang’s Aunt Tang so rich?

“Thank you.” “Are you hungry? My Aunt Tang makes delicious food

,” Abe Zhang said. “A little bit,” Elvina was embarrassed. “Then you change your clothes, take a shower, and you will come out to eat later.

“Thank you.

“Elvina is so polite, Abe Zhang is not used to it. Elvina entered the room and closed the door. She hugged her knees and squatted on the ground. Her beautiful eyes were at a loss, fear, and a little sad… Abe Zhang looked at him. When Elvina closed the door, she smiled slightly at Maya Tang, “Aunt Tang.


“You go into the room to change your clothes and put some potion on you, know?

If you can’t wipe it, just call me and I will make you food.

“Maya Tang feels distressed. Several of Abe Zhang’s body was beaten, one spot is blue and purple. Abe Zhang is so touched, Maya Tang puts medicated wine on herself? Her hands will definitely be gentle, but Abe Zhang thinks about it. Forget it, you have to respect Aunt Tang! “Go ahead, the medicinal liquor is in the cabinet in the room, remember, call me where you can’t wipe it.

“Maya Tang said softly, she just wanted Abe Zhang to get better soon. “Well,” Abe Zhang entered the room, took a bath, and found medicinal wine to wipe himself. Abe Zhang was thinking about what happened after fighting with so many people. Experience, should be able to improve one’s own strength. This is what Abe Zhang hopes, otherwise he will be beaten. Without any experience, Abe Zhang will not have a good improvement. Maya Tang will do the food, but continue When I arrived on the phone, I said that many people outside came, and there was cold in Maya Tang’s beautiful eyes! Really dare to come?? She came out of the kitchen and opened the door directly. She saw many cars coming by herself. Maya Tang’s villa did not What kind of family guard? She lives here alone. What kind of family guard is there? But this villa belongs to her, and even this place belongs to her. There are many people in this place, as long as Maya Tang A word can come out, but she hasn’t ordered it! At the very least, Maya Tang’s strength is superior to the four major families, but Maya Tang disdains these, she is low-key. On the car, the money is down, her face still has It’s a little red and swollen. Abe Zhang’s two slaps are not light, and it’s pretty good if he didn’t stun him. “It turns out it’s Mr. Tang,” Qian Fangyun walked over, so beautiful! Even though he is ten years older than himself, he is so Older women are the most attractive time in a woman’s life. Maya Tang’s beauty attracts him, a young man who is less than twenty years old. “So what are you doing here?

“Maya Tang’s voice is cold. Except Abe Zhang, Maya Tang treats other men like this. “Mr. Tang, you don’t have such a bad memory, do you?”

The man you were with just now hit me. Why did you say I came here?

“Qian Fangyun smiled slightly. “Understood, but you can go,” Maya Tang is still cooking for Abe Zhang.

She didn’t want to say more, she’s all in the capital, she definitely can’t be hungry to Abe Zhang!

Qian Fangyun smiled and walked in front of Maya Tang, “Mr. Tang, I don’t want much. I will hand over that Abe Zhang and that woman. Will I invite you to dinner tomorrow?” He is more confident, but he is a big family. The Qian family, can Maya Tang not give herself this face?


“No, you leave here!” Maya Tang said coldly.

“Hehe, why is President Tang so short-handed? What’s more, that Abe Zhang is just a driver of yours? Even a subordinate? Am I right?” Qian Fangyun smiled slightly.

When he came over, he received a call from his cousin Qian Yueying. He was very good with Qian Yueying since he was a child, so he told Qian Yueying about this matter. In fact, Qian Yueying heard something wrong and asked about it. .

Qian Yueying’s reaction is particularly big!

She also particularly likes this cousin.

She was very angry when she heard that her cousin was beaten.

Qian Fangyun said that it was Maya Tang’s people who fought, and Qian Yueying was surprised. How could Maya Tang’s people fight it?

In other words, Maya Tang and the Qian family are also considered to know each other. Although they don’t have any business contacts, they don’t want to beat her cousin!

Qian Yueying asked clearly, it was Abe Zhang who actually hit it!


This Abe Zhang is not one of Maya Tang’s subordinates, isn’t he driving?

How dare you beat your cousin?

This is committed in the following!

Qian Yueying said immediately, and Qian Fangyun was of course annoyed!

At this time, Qian Yueying had already rushed here by private jet. She must let Maya Tang explain to herself that she actually allowed a subordinate to beat her cousin?

She couldn’t swallow this anger!

“Qian Yueying told you?” Maya Tang knew the network of the four major families, and knew that Qian Fangyun and Qian Yueying had the best relationship among Qian’s descendants.

“Yes, my cousin told me that she is coming by plane at this time! She also wants to have a good talk with Mr. Tang.” Qian Fangyun smiled, “So, this matter is very simple, that Zhang The strategy is only one of Tang’s subordinates, but it is optional. You can find a lot of them. Manager Tang handed over this person. What else is there to keep such a person? Waste of food.” Maya Tang Meimuzhi Zhong Lengguang appeared, “What are you talking about?” “I said, Mr. Tang, why bother? That Abe Zhang is a car driver. Where can I not find it? Mr. Tang, I will call a hundred tomorrow. The driver will come over and drive for you. If you hand him over, things are very simple. For such a person, it is useless to keep a little bit of use. If it were me, I would have thrown that Abe Zhang into the trash pit.” Yun smiled.

This is very simple. He is such a person. If Abe Zhang follows him and beats people similar to him, he will chop Abe Zhang like a dog that day.

“You just said that Qian Yueying came here by plane?” Maya Tang asked.

“Yes. Of course she has to come over, but I am her most distressed cousin.” Qian Fangyun is proud, Qian Yueying is here, and you, Maya Tang, will hand over people even more!

Maya Tang was hesitating. She didn’t want Abe Zhang to contact Qian Yueying anymore. Then, “You tell Qian Yueying now to tell her not to come here.” “Haha, Mr. Tang, are you planning to hand over Abe Zhang? That’s right.” Qian Fangyun smiled triumphantly, it seemed too simple.

Chapter 452

Can you catch her?

“No, it’s useless if Qian Yueying comes, you can go.” Maya Tang shook her head.

Just kidding, let alone Qian Yueying, it was the Patriarch of the Qian family who came over, and everyone in the Qian family came over and asked them to hand it over. Maya Tang couldn’t hand over Abe Zhang.

Maya Tang said that, the only purpose was to prevent Abe Zhang from contacting Qian Yueying.

This woman, Coff, is also a man!

Rather than believing that there is nothing, but be careful!

What if Abe Zhang is unlucky?


At that time, regrets are useless!

“President Tang, please think carefully! Don’t complicate simple things.” Qian Fangyun’s expression was a bit ugly!


There is fire in his heart!

This is not to put the Qian family in his eyes!

Want to know what your Maya Tang is?

The strength is worse than the four big families, dare to be rampant in front of my Qian family?

“No, leaving at this time is the easiest solution.” Maya Tang said.

In business, she did not have any contacts with the four major families, so she could turn her face at any time. Even when Abe Zhang just said she wanted to give the Qian family some color, Maya Tang would immediately go to the Qian family’s head!

go alone!

After all, Maya Tang had the experience of entering the territory of hundreds of mercenaries at will and successfully killing the leader!

As long as Maya Tang wants to go, it is not difficult at all.

Now that Qian Fangyun is leaving, look at what Abe Zhang meant. If Abe Zhang wants to be held accountable, then Maya Tang will pursue it, if not, then Maya Tang will not pursue it!

“Ms. Tang, do you insist? He is just your subordinate and a driver. I advise you to consider it carefully!!” Qian Fangyun snorted coldly. At this time, he brought more than a hundred people. , The momentum is amazing!

Of course he knew that there must be more than Maya Tang in this place, there must be other people.

However, when Qian Fangyun brought people over, he came here with the majesty of the Qian family, so Maya Tang didn’t give face to you?

“So, you don’t plan to leave, are you?” Maya Tang looked cold.

She is still cooking, Abe Zhang is still waiting to eat, Maya Tang really doesn’t want to waste time here.

“It’s not that I don’t leave, but you, Mr. Tang, don’t give me face!” Qian Fangyun said.



“Maya Tang was talking. At this time, a sports car drove over, the car stopped, and a superb beauty came out, with long legs, beautiful and perfect! Qian Yueying! Maya Tang frowned slightly, come here so soon??” cousin.

Qian Fangyun smiled and turned around to greet him. Qian Yueying glanced at Maya Tang, her eyes were cold, and she saw that her cousin had slap marks on her face. How heavy was the slap? Qian Yueying Suddenly angry! “Cousin, how are you?

“Qian Yueying cares, and feels distressed. “Cousin, I’m fine, but Mr. Tang won’t give it to anyone.”

Qian Fangyun looked at Maya Tang in the distance. “Well, it’s okay. I’ll go over and tell her, dare to protect the person who beat you?”

“Qian Yueying’s anger appeared, it is really unbearable!! Qian Fangyun is pulling her, “cousin.


” “what happened?

Does it hurt?

“Qian Yueying feels distressed. “Don’t do that to Mr. Tang.”


“Qian Fangyun’s eyes lit up. He really has never seen such a beautiful woman as Maya Tang. He is the eldest man, what kind of woman has he never seen? But Maya Tang, such a unique beauty, totally attracted him.” What do you mean?

“Qian Yueying found out that her cousin Qian Fangyun’s eyes were wrong, but she was a person who came over, and she immediately understood that her cousin was in love with Maya Tang. For the family, Maya Tang is worthy of her Qian family, but she is old. No, how old is Maya Tang? How old is her cousin? Not at all! “I, I like Mr. Tang a little bit, so beautiful,” “You, love at first sight is always a change of heart, do you know how old she is? ?

As old as me.

Qian Yueying sighed helplessly. “I know, but it’s so beautiful, I like it very much, cousin, don’t make her too ugly, I want to invite her for dinner tomorrow!”

“Qian Fangyun said, getting upset? Yes, Qian Fangyun really got up. Maya Tang, the ultimate woman, if a man is unintentional, that’s not normal. “Cousin, let me try it.”

“Hey, can you catch her?”


“Qian Yueying was suspicious, at least she wouldn’t like being younger than herself, not to mention that no one would dare to like her Cuff. “Yes, I have confidence.

“Qian Fangyun is confident, at the very least, chasing Maya Tang crazily, she will definitely be moved by herself! “Then you can do it yourself.

“Qian Yueying sighed, she can’t actually be too much. After all, she knows that Maya Tang suspected that he knew Tina Li, who killed the Zhao family! I can only say that it is definitely not possible to force it, but it is just one subordinate, and she personally talks to her. Said, she should agree! Qian Yueying came over. Qian Fangyun was proud. “President Tang, look at that person to my cousin.

“Qian Yueying came over and said, Abe Zhang, she hated this person after the last time.


He beat Ouyang Fei and asked Ouyang Fei to pay for the house. The key is to say that Tina Li is his mother without shame?

A little driver’s hand, such words can be said!

How shameless is this to say?

What’s more, at this time, he actually beat his cousin. This is intolerable and must be severely punished!


“No, you leave!” Maya Tang’s face was very cold.

She didn’t hear what Qian Yueying and Qian Fangyun said just now, but it was obviously not a good thing.

“President Tang, you don’t need to do this. He is just your driver. If you are short, I can match a few for you and hand him over!” Qian Yueying said.

“Cer, why did you come out? Hungry?” Maya Tang was about to speak when she saw Abe Zhang walk out of the villa.

She didn’t want Abe Zhang to contact Qian Yueying, so she walked over.

“Aunt Tang,” Abe Zhang frowned. Is this going to come here to ask someone?

He just heard the movement and came out. He didn’t expect so many people to come.

“It’s okay, you go in and rest, your injury must be very uncomfortable, go in and rest for a while, I will immediately cook for you.” Maya Tang said softly.

“Aunt Tang.” Abe Zhang was moved. Maya Tang obviously wanted to solve the matter alone!

“You!! Come here!” Qian Fangyun pointed at Abe Zhang!

Dare to come out?

Well, you have no chance to go in again!

Abe Zhang glanced at him, then at Qian Yueying.

“Ms. Tang, leave him to me.” Qian Yueying stared at Abe Zhang, disgusted to the extreme. You lied to yourself before and didn’t care about you, but you dare to beat your cousin. This is touching your own negative scale. , Make you regret it!

“It’s just a small attendant, Mr. Tang, you have to think clearly!” Qian Fangyun sneered and walked over.

“So you don’t go, right?” Maya Tang said coldly.

“President Tang, you don’t need to do this, protect him, you will lose a lot of money!” Qian Yueying advised.

“No, it’s you! Let me tell you, he is not my follower, it is my Abe, I am his aunt.” Maya Tang said.

“Auntie?” Qian Yueying frowned. Is this to protect him to the point of lying?

Qian Yueying was angry.

“Haha. Mr. Tang, you can really make a joke, isn’t he the driver you called to and from? How come you are his aunt again?!” Qian Fangyun laughed.

Two people are not alike at all, how could they be aunts again?

Of course Qian Fangyun doesn’t believe it!

“President Tang, what are you talking about?” Qian Yueying was particularly angry.

“I’m not clear yet? I’m his aunt. Do you think I will hand him over to you?” Maya Tang said coldly.

“Also, stay away from my Abe!!” Maya Tang said bluntly.

To be straightforward, Maya Tang was worried that Abe Zhang would be drawn to bad luck so close.

Qian Yueying is angry

“Maya Tang, you are too much! What are you talking about?” Of course Qian Yue knows what this means. This is saying that he is denying men, and he would go to such garbage men?

Such a trash man will fail all his life, so he still needs to overcome it?


Qian Yueying felt that he was greatly insulted.

“I said you leave me right now!” Maya Tang got angry. She really rarely gets angry. At this time, she was still cooking, and she was disturbed. She kept talking about Abe Zhang. How could she endure it?

Abe Zhang said, she wanted to deal with Qian’s family.

Chapter 452

I fell in love with!

“Maya Tang, don’t go too far, do you think I will believe what you say? Hand him over!” Qian Yueying was angry. As a member of the Qian family, how could she not pay attention to Maya Tang’s relatives!

Maya Tang has no relatives like Abe Zhang at all!


“I think you really don’t know what you are doing, you don’t know!” Maya Tang said coldly.

“I know, of course I know, this person beat my cousin!” Qian Yueying was really annoyed, she now wants to teach Abe Zhang immediately!

Abe Zhang shrugged, Qian Yueying was even more annoyed!

Are you still proud?

Are you still proud of her?


Qian Yueying wanted to raise her hand and slap it out. Abe Zhang didn’t bother to look at her. Maya Tang resolved the matter, so she could just stand behind Maya Tang.

Because at this time, Maya Tang, who was angry, was very charming.

This fire was made for himself, which made Abe Zhang feel a little strange, but he was immediately suppressed by reason, and he had to respect her.

Abe Zhang just looked at Maya Tang without saying a word.

The feeling of being protected by Maya Tang is really good!

“You don’t know other things! I can tell you!” Maya Tang stared at Qian Yueying.

Since the method last time did not allow Qian Yueying to completely avoid Abe Zhang, it is so simple, let Qian Yueying be jealous!


Then Qian Yueying would not appear in front of Abe Zhang.

“If you don’t leave today, then the consequence is that I will go to your Qian’s house!” Maya Tang said coldly.

It must be done!

“You mean to break with our Qian family? For your subordinates?” Qian Yueying was annoyed!

“I said, he is not under me, I have to cook for the blind me, if you continue, then I will do it!!” Maya Tang finished speaking coldly, and turned around, her face was no longer cold, yes Abe Zhang smiled slightly, “Cer, let’s go in, cook and eat.” Abe Zhang shrugged, he was also hungry, and he didn’t bother to continue talking to such a person, no need!

Abe Zhang followed Maya Tang into the villa, and Qian Yueying really didn’t move during this process!

“Cousin, cousin…” Qian Fangyun was so wronged that his cousin let him leave like this?


Qian Fangyun thinks

My cousin is going to get angry!

Qian Yueying’s beautiful eyes were cold, and Maya Tang’s words would irritate her. If it were before, then she would definitely turn her face with Maya Tang on the spot, but now, she hesitated!

It is not the others who hesitate, but this Tina Li who can destroy the Zhao family!


What is the relationship between Maya Tang and Tina Li?

This is something Qian Yueying is considering. If it happens, then the Qian family must be cautious!

“Cousin, don’t worry, I will help you deal with this matter.” Qian Yueying comforted.

“Cousin, what are you afraid of Maya Tang doing? I just asked you not to make her ugly, but I didn’t make you regress to this point!” Qian Fangyun didn’t understand.

My cousin, Qian Yueying, is famous for her anger!

Qian Fangyun thought that when Maya Tang said that, Qian Yueying could not help but slap her.

He is still worried about this, but the result?


Maya Tang put down her harsh words.

My cousin didn’t even hear it?


Just let her take someone back?

“Not for this reason, but there may be someone behind this Maya Tang.” Qian Yueying said cautiously.

“People? Who? There are people who make our Qian family scrupulous?” Qian Fangyun didn’t understand even more.

In fact, he already had the idea of ​​persecuting Maya Tang. He used his family to act on Maya Tang to force her to stay with himself. Qian Fangyun felt that he could still do it easily!

It’s just that his cousin didn’t speak, he was so anxious to death.

“Do you know that the Zhao family was destroyed?” Qian Yueying was meaningful!


“Cousin, what are you going to say? You mean, the Zhao family was destroyed by Maya Tang?” Qian Fangyun laughed. Although he liked Maya Tang, he thought it was particularly ridiculous!

Your Maya Tang is strong, why is there no Tang family among the four big families?

This shows very well that Maya Tang, your strength is not as good as the four big families. If not, can you destroy the Zhao family?

This is impossible!

“No, I found it. The Zhao family was destroyed. It should be a woman named Tina Li. This Maya Tang knows Tina Li.” “Tina Li? Why haven’t I heard of it? Cousin, have you made a mistake? !?” Qian Fangyun frowned. This name is too unfamiliar. I have never heard of it. The Zhao family was destroyed. Of course he knew, but was it destroyed by Tina Li, who had never heard of it?

He thought it was impossible!

“It shouldn’t be wrong.” Qian Yueying shook her head.

“So you are afraid of this?” “Well, what if Maya Tang has a good relationship with this Tina Li? Then we may have trouble dealing with her by force,” Qian Yueying considered carefully.

In case Maya Tang persuaded Tina Li and turned around to deal with Qian’s family, then the trouble would not be a little bit, it would be particularly dangerous!

“No, I haven’t heard of Tina Li who Maya Tang knows.” Qian Fangyun still didn’t believe it.

He was even annoyed, so he wanted to let go of Abe Zhang?


This can’t be tolerated!

“Cousin, be cautious, is it still painful? I’ll take you to dinner,” Qian Yueying thought about leaving here first.

“Cousin, look at my face.” Qian Fangyun pointed at his slap-printed face.

“Cousin, hey, wait, I’ll go in and tell her by myself.” Qian Yueying could only do this, and she couldn’t swallow that breath. In her heart, she didn’t believe Abe Zhang was called Aunt Maya Tang. It doesn’t matter, the reason for protecting is to pretend!

Implying that he has a mysterious figure like Tina Li!

“Well, cousin, be careful, I’ll be waiting for you here,” Qian Fangyun was proud, his cousin still loves herself!

Qian Yueying went to Maya Tang’s villa. She knocked on the door, and the door opened. It was Abe Zhang.

Maya Tang was already cooking, Abe Zhang shrugged and looked at her, “Is there anything else?” “You are not qualified to talk to me, I want Maya Tang.” Qian Yueying’s eyes were angry.

“Are you looking for my Aunt Tang?” Abe Zhang asked lightly.

“Auntie Tang? I said you want to be shameless? Do you want to be shameless? You start saying that Tina Li is your mother, but is it? Really? Now you say that Maya Tang is your aunt, but is it? Really? The face is at its extreme!” Qian Yueying was angry!

Such a trash man, she has never seen him, can tell lies so confidently, what realm is this?

Did you lie to your own realm?

It’s completely shameless!

“I’m really Tina Li’s son.” Abe Zhang shrugged. Since Maya Tang has changed his methods, what else can Abe Zhang conceal?

What’s more, if it wasn’t for Maya Tang last time, Qian Yueying would have known that he was Tina Li’s son.

“You! Shameless!” Qian Yueying pushed Abe Zhang!

She didn’t want to see such a person for a minute.

“What are you proud of? I will catch you. You hit my cousin, you can’t escape! No one can protect you!” Qian Yueying was so angry that she had never been so angry!

She decided to give Maya Tang 10 million, 50 million, 100 million yuan for her love, and let Maya Tang hand over this trash man!

Must be handed over!

“Oh, is it?” Abe Zhang suddenly smiled. The Qian family, the Qian family, Abe Zhang has learned a little recently, he has no intention of moving, but if someone pushes him, then he won’t be polite.

“Do you think so?” Abe Zhang smiled.

“I’m sure! I’m sure, I tell you, I have decided to give Maya Tang a sum of money to compensate, and give her a step down the stairs, and she just needs to speak, I only want you!” Qian Yueying said straightforwardly, making you proud and disgusting!

“So generous, so your money family has a lot of money?” Abe Zhang laughed deeply.

“You are ignorant, you can never imagine the money of my money family, do you understand? You only

Lie to yourself, trash like you will never reach the threshold of our money family, forever!

“Qian Yueying said coldly, she was extremely hot. “Haha.

“Abe Zhang shrugged, “Since your Qian family is so rich, then I am interested.”

“After the Zhao family was destroyed, Abe Zhang’s mentality changed. He felt that such a family really didn’t need to exist. In fact, Qian Yueying and Abe Zhang didn’t hate it much, but today, Abe Zhang hates it. Such a woman’s superiority. Too strong, thinking that her family is rich if it is rich, isn’t it rich? Then I, Abe Zhang, will let your family have no money! See if you still have a sense of superiority!

Chapter 454

becomes a pauper! “Look On it?

What qualifications do you have?

What do you think you are?

If you say these words, it means you are going to die, understand?


“Qian Yueying has cold eyes, yes, this is a blatant challenge to the majesty of the Qian family! What do you like? You are in love with the money of the Qian family? Hahaha!! Qian Yueying mocks, this is what she really wants to laugh at. Now, this rubbish man is actually going to say that he is interested in his own money family? This is a funny joke! “I don’t understand, anyway, I fell in love, your money family is ready to prepare,” Abe Zhang shrugged. “You are Not a shame?

“Qian Yueying can’t help but swear, how horrible is this to say? It’s just a fool’s speech. “In my eyes, you are. Go home and prepare.”

Abe Zhang was expressionless. “You like my money from Qian’s family. Okay, let me see how you take it.”

“Qian Yueying sneered and disdain. Today, she opened her eyes. This person first said that he would buy the hotel of the Zhao family, and then said it was Tina Li’s son. Now he actually said that he would take the money from the Qian family. This person’s bragging ability is shameless. How far is your ability? “Then you are optimistic.

“Abe Zhang said lightly. Dealing with the Qian family is better than dealing with the Zhao family. It is not a problem to destroy the Qian family directly, but Abe Zhang does not want to do this, he wants to take all the money from the Qian family.

“Qian Yueying was angry and didn’t want to say another word to Abe Zhang at all. Talking to her was an insult to her own brain. Such a person did not speak through his brain. She came in to talk to Maya Tang, and Abe Zhang took the money. I bought this rubbish and watched you pretend it at that time! Kill you! Look at you still saying you want to take money from the money house? So easy to take? Can you get a point? She sneered and went in to find Maya Tang. Maya Tang was in the kitchen to Zhang When Ce was cooking, she heard the footsteps, she looked back at Qian Yueying, her brow furrowed, “Isn’t it obvious enough?

“I actually came in again, and I don’t know if this woman will bring bad luck to Abe Zhang. “I want to talk to you, you can count, I will not bargain, and then you let me take him away!”

“Qian Yueying is confident, isn’t this Maya Tang

Want to find a step down?

Just give it to her.

Use money to make steps for her!

This is enough to give you Maya Tang face.

You know that there are not many people who can get money from Qian’s family!

This face is big enough!

“Make a count? Your money family doesn’t have enough money to buy a hair from our family, did you know?” Maya Tang said coldly. Qian family has a lot of money, but it doesn’t appeal to Maya Tang.

Because Abe Zhang is Tina Li’s son and the person who took his first kiss… How could Maya Tang offer a price?

“Maya Tang, don’t go too far!!” Qian Yueying found it ridiculous, and Maya Tang was shameless.

Say that the money of the Qian family can’t buy Abe Zhang’s hair?

Such rubbish words can actually be said?

Yes, really, what Qian Yueying didn’t know was.

Her family’s money is nothing in the eyes of Tina Li. After all, Tina Li has a global layout. This business vision is not comparable to that of the money family.

“I’m cooking now, don’t disturb me, go out!” Maya Tang issued an order to evict guests!

Qian Yueying stared at Maya Tang angrily. She wanted to say, if there is no Tina Li, what are you, my Qian family will find a way to destroy you.

But she didn’t say it, she can’t say that!

She decided to find another way.

She shook her long legs and walked out coldly.

Abe Zhang shrugged and closed the door.

“Cer, you can eat now, come here.” Maya Tang called Abe Zhang with a gentle smile. At this time, nothing matters, and the most important thing to eat with Abe Zhang.

Abe Zhang was also hungry, so he called Elvina.

At this time, Elvina had already taken a bath and changed her clothes, and she opened the door very cautiously.

“Come and eat together.” Abe Zhang said.

“En.” Elvina felt like a dream. She had seen so many people suddenly come outside just now, she was scared.

I thought it would be dead today, because the Qian family brought so many people here, so Abe Zhang can still handle it?



But Elvina was shocked because she actually saw Abe Zhang being brought back by Maya Tang.

She couldn’t understand at all, what was going on?

Who is Abe Zhang and how can he have the strength to compete with the Qian family?

“Abe Zhang, who are you?” Elvina asked weakly.

“Your question is very strange, I am me,” Abe Zhang shrugged.

Elvina was sluggish, she couldn’t see through Abe Zhang, she thought, definitely thought that Abe Zhang must have no money, that’s for sure!

But everything today has broken this affirmation, Abe Zhang is much more powerful than she thought… And herself, before laughing at her… Elvina felt scared.

“It smells so good.” Abe Zhang couldn’t wait to see the dishes on the table.

“Eat more.” Maya Tang is gentle, she rarely cooks, but as long as Abe Zhang likes to eat, she will keep doing it.

Abe Zhang picked up the bowl and chopsticks to eat

Elvina sat down stiffly, feeling out of place, she was not a person of the world at all, she had inferiority complex in her heart… “Cousin, how?” Qian Fangyun felt bad, he saw Qian Yueying’s face especially ugly. !

Is this why Maya Tang still refuses to pay someone?

“Go back first,” Qian Yueying didn’t want to say more. She had to deal with this matter carefully. She was almost sane, all because of that rubbish Abe Zhang!

“Cousin, what did they say?” Qian Fangyun followed unwillingly, his cousin had already spoken, and he couldn’t help but listen!

Qian Yueying said, and also said that Abe Zhang wanted to take the money from Qian’s family. He liked the Qian’s house. After Qian Fangyun heard it, he laughed loudly, “Haha, cousin, what are you talking about? Home money? Want to take it? Haha, I’m so ridiculous! How did he take it? I want to see him!” Qian Yueying was not in the mood to laugh. In her heart, this rubbish Abe Zhang was already annoying her.

“Let him come over to get the money, Lao Tzu killed him with the money!” Qian Fangyun ferociously, since the Qian family’s surname is Qian, those with more money can kill many people.

He and Qian Yueying got in the car together, “Cousin, this Maya Tang…” “Don’t think about it. I heard that this Maya Tang was pretty good before, but she was also a shame after contacting this time! I actually said that our Qian family All money can’t buy that trash a piece of hair!” Qian Yueying was annoyed, the more he thought about it, the more angry he got!

Qian Fangyun frowned, “I actually said that, this Maya Tang is so mindless? But cousin, she is so beautiful, I…” “No, I said no! This Maya Tang can’t, what do you think, I Clear, no, have you heard it?” “Cousin, can’t I just play around?” Qian Fangyun whispered, since Maya Tang is so crazy, she can only play!

“What are you talking about?” Qian Yueying was angry, “Cousin, women should be respected, you understand? No matter what the woman is, respect in this respect!” Qian Fangyun was speechless, “Oh, cousin, stop talking, go back first. “You remembered it to me. I hate other people playing with women. You are my cousin and you can’t do this.” “I know, go back,” Qian Fangyun dealt with, but he was more eager to Maya Tang in his heart. Now, such a beautiful woman, you must see her clearly… “Well, go back and find a way, don’t worry, I will not let you be beaten in vain, especially by that kind of garbage.” Qian Yueying It’s all cold light.

“Thank you cousin!” Qian Fangyun was relieved. With Qian Yueying’s assurance, then there is no problem.

He just waits to torture Abe Zhang, and it must be particularly interesting when the time comes!

“By the way, cousin, don’t you plan to continue to find a man to marry? At least try to continue to fall in love.” Qian Fangyun is really concerned, after all, it is his cousin.

Sometimes he feels that his cousin is very pitiful, because her husband is dead, and there is no other man, who is so beautiful and in such a good body!

No man dared to touch it.

“Don’t say it.” Qian Yueying sighed and said to himself, who would dare to be with himself?

All cowards!

Qian Fangyun didn’t say anything. He was also more curious. Who would be bold enough to be with his cousin?

He asked, Qian Yueying frowned, “Nothing big or small, tell me about this topic? Shut up!” “Yes, yes…” Qian Fangyun smiled… Abe Zhang finished eating, Maya Tang To clean up, Elvina stiffly went to the room to rest. Abe Zhang took out her cell phone and found out Beatrice’s number, “Hey, Sister Li, I want a family to become a pauper!”

Chapter 455

You Have you had a boyfriend?

Beatrice was a little surprised, but of course she would listen to what Abe Zhang said, “Master, you said, which family do you want to become a pauper?” “The Qian family of one of the four major families!” Abe Zhang said.

This makes the Qian family out of money, and it’s much more difficult than destroying the Qian family. Abe Zhang knows this, but it can make Qian Yueying’s woman feel that her family’s money is passing bit by bit. Where else can her superiority come from!

But the strength of his mother, Abe Zhang feels that it is still no problem to achieve this.

“Qian Family?” “Is it difficult?” “Master, you are willing, of course it is not difficult.” Beatrice smiled rarely, how difficult is this?

Tina Li’s strength is global. It really takes a while to make a family without money, Beatrice admits, because it’s not comparable to destroying, just go directly to the family base camp.

“That’s good, let this Qian family be a pauper!” “Okay. But master, how do you want to make the Qian family a pauper?” “There are several ways?” Abe Zhang didn’t think much, but Beatrice said so. , Abe Zhang wanted to hear.

“Yes, the easiest way is to suppress all of the Qian’s business, but this effect is slower. The more straightforward way is to find the Qian’s loopholes, and then rectify!” Beatrice said.

Abe Zhang thought about it, so he must find out the loopholes in the Qian family directly and rectify it directly.

Because if it is suppressed, then with the Qian family’s wealth, it will not be a problem to hold on for a few years, then this time is too long, and Abe Zhang has no intention of waiting that long.

For sure, the sooner the better, let this Qian Yueying know that her superiority will soon disappear.

“Okay, Master, I will organize the information of the Qian family, and I will start to do what the Master said tomorrow.” Beatrice said.

Tina Li has dedicated information centers all over the world, and he can collect such things at a very fast speed.

“Well, it will start tomorrow. Sister Li, go to bed early,” Abe Zhang sees it is too late at this time.


“Okay,” Beatrice hung up the phone here, with a little bit of astonishment. Master let herself go to bed earlier. Is this caring for herself?

Beatrice smiled slightly.

After Abe Zhang finished the phone call, at this moment, he heard Maya Tang’s sound in the kitchen, and Abe Zhang went out to say goodnight to Maya Tang. It has been a long time since he lived here. Abe Zhang still feels very warm.

“Auntie Tang, good night.” Abe Zhang actually wanted to chat with Maya Tang, how?

Abe Zhang actually…no, he just wanted to sleep on Maya Tang’s legs, but Abe Zhang couldn’t say this.

I’m sorry to say that, although Abe Zhang didn’t have any evil thoughts, he just felt comfortable staying with Maya Tang and felt surrounded by gentleness. After all, Maya Tang spoke softly, but it sounds nice.

It’s just that I’m in the capital, can I still do this?

“Where are you going?” Maya Tang came over gently, “Be careful of Black Rose, you have to stay with me and come and sleep here.” Maya Tang intends to let Abe Zhang sleep in any room, but he must stay with Abe Zhang. , What if the Black Rose sneak attack?

Abe Zhang has a surprise, “Auntie Tang, where is it? Your room or mine?” “You can do whatever you want, listen to you,” Abe Zhang actually wanted to sleep in Maya Tang’s room. How can I say that Abe Zhang sneaked in last time Maya Tang’s room is now, and I feel that Maya Tang’s room is too fragrant, staying in that kind of room is absolutely comfortable.

But forget it, what would Maya Tang think if he said he wanted to stay in her room?

“Aunt Tang, my room is ready,” “Yeah. I’ll come over when I clean up.” Maya Tang smiled and went to her room.

Abe Zhang is a little nervous, what’s the worry?

With a strange feeling, he returned to the room. After a while, Maya Tang opened the door and walked in. Maya Tang changed into a sportswear, which was very loose, but how could she conceal Maya Tang’s figure?

“Cer, you sleep at ease.” Maya Tang sat on the sofa. Abe Zhang hesitated and sat down, “Aunt Tang, can I sleep here?” “Why? The bed is not more comfortable? Why sleep on the sofa?” Maya Tang had that. A bit of a surprise.

“I said, don’t be angry, Auntie Tang,” Abe Zhang was anxious.

“How can I be angry?” Maya Tang smiled softly, but Abe Zhang didn’t say anything, just lay down and leaned against Maya Tang.

Maya Tang was shocked, what does this mean?

Like to sleep on your own?

“Aunt Tang, I think I slept very soundly with you.” Abe Zhang told the truth. In fact, Olena Jiang was missing at that time. During Abe Zhang’s period, Maya Tang was comforting, and he slept like this, maybe that Then Abe Zhang got used to it.

“Then…” Maya Tang blinked her beautiful eyes. What does this mean?

Like to stay with yourself?

“Aunt Tang, will you be angry?” “No, sleep at ease, I said, I promise you what you want,” Yes, Maya Tang has always been like this

Thought, being so leaned by Abe Zhang, she is willing.

This is so convenient for her to protect Abe Zhang. Actually… Maya Tang also thinks that it feels good to stay with Abe Zhang like this.

The only accident was that Abe Zhang leaned forward on his own initiative, and Maya Tang felt like a child.

“Auntie Tang, I can’t sleep, let’s chat,” Abe Zhang looked at Maya Tang in this way.

Maya Tang looked down, and the two looked at each other, “Okay, what do you want to talk about Abe?” “Aunt Tang, do you have a boyfriend?” Abe Zhang asked, just to find a topic at random, Abe Zhang thinks it, Maya Tang is a perfect woman , From childhood to most of the beautiful embryos, maybe in kindergarten, many boys like it.

“No.” “Have you ever had a boyfriend?” “No.” Maya Tang shook her head.

“Why?” Abe Zhang is really surprised, Maya Tang has never had a boyfriend?


How shocking is this?

Abe Zhang never thought of this anyway.

At the very least, when Maya Tang was in college.

It should be handed in!

But no!

“I don’t want to hand in, feel, feel, don’t want to.” Maya Tang said softly, how to say, what Abe Zhang doesn’t know is that Maya Tang didn’t go through college, didn’t go to junior high school, came out at a very young age, her current knowledge is all Learn slowly after doing business.

Cultivation is her natural temperament.

“I don’t want to,” Abe Zhang laughed, and Maya Tang was stunned. “Why laugh? It doesn’t work if you don’t want to?” Abe Zhang must want to laugh. Maya Tang is single now. How outrageous is this?


However, Abe Zhang didn’t know whether it was a bad pen or something. He looked at Maya Tang’s lips and Abe Zhang asked, “So Aunt Tang, is your first kiss still there?” “Ah?” Maya Tang’s face became unnatural. Embarrassing, are you?

It’s gone, you took it… But you don’t know yet!

“No longer,” Maya Tang said.

“Ah, I’m sorry, I asked these questions,” Abe Zhang said hurriedly, what did he say about this?

However, when he heard that Maya Tangchu, who had been single, had no more kisses, Abe Zhang was still a little bit disappointed. Who would take away such a perfect woman?

“It’s okay, chat, you can talk.” Maya Tang is not open, but this topic can still be talked about. After all, I talked with Abe Zhang and didn’t talk with other people.

However, when talking about other male and female topics, Maya Tang couldn’t talk anymore. She was not the kind of woman who talked about sex. If she really wanted to say, she would feel shy and could not go on and talk about it. Scenes.

How should I put it, Maya Tang has been single until now, for thirty years, she has always had no desires and desires, and life has let her not think about it.

After contacting Abe Zhang recently, after she has Abe Zhang in her heart, all she wants to do is take care and meet Abe Zhang’s requirements, so that Abe Zhang is well, and she will feel at ease

, Other, she didn’t think about it at all.

It can be said that Maya Tang is a woman who pursues spiritual and material things?

She does not pursue the body.

In ancient times, this is a spiritual friendship.

Abe Zhang breathed a sigh of relief. He thought Maya Tang would be angry. It seems that this topic can still be discussed. He is curious, who took it away?

“Auntie Tang, can I continue to ask?” “You, what are you going to ask?” Maya Tang was embarrassed. Is this going to talk about that kind of topic?

She didn’t want to, and she wouldn’t, because she was not such a person in her bones.

“Who wanted your first kiss?” Abe Zhang wanted to know.

Maya Tang was stunned by mistake, and she thought with a chuckle in her heart:

It’s you little fool.

But she can’t say this, what should I do?

So Maya Tang said, “A special man.”

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