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Chapter 466

What are you? “Will you do anything?”

“Abe Zhang looked weird. “Yes, as long as you forgive me, let me go.”

I am willing to do anything.

“Qian Yueying walked to the door, locked the door, and walked over again. Abe Zhang understood what she meant. Is this a dedication?? Qian Yueying said

To be honest, her features are exquisite, her appearance is beautiful, and her figure is superb. She is a perfect woman, and men are really fond of her.

Especially at this time of her, the arrogant and domineering female strong temperament is gone, there are tears in her eyes, so pitiful, and even more so that the man feels pity.

However, what does Abe Zhang say? The purpose of doing these things now is not to sleep her.

Qian Yueying saw that Abe Zhang did not move. She bit her lip and moved closer, “Abe Zhang, I’m sorry, can you forgive me?” “Don’t you have children?” Abe Zhang asked weirdly.

“I…Yes, I have a daughter, but I am very well maintained, no different from other women, what is the difference.” Qian Yueying said, this sentence, she said hard to say!

When did she show off in front of men?

Even if she was married before, she never said this to her husband.

But now, she couldn’t help but say it, and the huge shame in her heart broke her heart again.

Abe Zhang looked at her again. This is really correct. Qian Yueying’s figure is bloated as she has never given birth to a child. On the contrary, it is perfect. Her self-control should be very strong. In addition to daily work, she must have Running, yoga and other sports.

Otherwise, the figure will not remain so perfect.

“So what?” Abe Zhang shrugged.

“So, so, what you ask me to do, I am willing to…” “What? What do you want to do, make it clear.” Abe Zhang said.

The immense shame made Qian Yueying uncontrollable, and tears could not stop streaming out. Abe Zhang was insulting herself, but she had nothing to do.

Get angry directly?

She especially wanted to do this, but what were the consequences of doing it?

She knows.

“I, I’m willing to do what you think.” Qian Yueying couldn’t help herself.

“What do we men think?” Abe Zhang was expressionless.

“I am willing to do whatever you…think, as long as you don’t dislike me,” Qian Yueying lowered his head, Abe Zhang stood up and walked to her.

The shame in Qian Yueying’s heart made her bit her lip!

She saw that Abe Zhang hadn’t moved for a long time. She bit her lip and looked up, and found that Abe Zhang was still expressionless. She was ashamed of herself. What did Abe Zhang want to do?

Want to kneel yourself?

Qian Yueying was about to kneel down.

“This is what you are willing to do?” Abe Zhang said lightly.

“Yes, I am willing to do this.” Qian Yueying lowered her head, ashamed.

Abe Zhang did not speak again, Qian Yueying looked up again, and found that Abe Zhang was still expressionless.

Qian Yueying was ashamed, “You, think now?” “You, a woman who has given birth to a child, tell me about this, don’t you think it’s so… slutty?” Abe Zhang shrugged.

He has no idea about Qian Yueying, let alone Tang’s

Restaurant, do this yourself in Maya Tang Hotel?

Besides, Abe Zhang saw Qian Yueying’s picture.

“I…” Qian Yueying was ashamed and embarrassed. She felt so insulted. She barked, “Then what do you want me to do? What do you want me to do?” “I think you misunderstood. I didn’t let you do anything.” , You came to me on your own initiative and said something like this. Do you think you are very tempting? You are very confident.” Abe Zhang said.

“Yes, I came here to find you. I want you to forgive me and stop dealing with my Qian’s family. Is that okay? I beg you.” Qian Yueying roared, this insult had already broken her.

“Just ask you, you can let me let you go, what are you? I ask you,” Abe Zhang looked at her blankly.

“I, I don’t count anything, I just come to beg you, okay, please don’t fix my Qian’s house.” Qian Yueying cried and broke down to tears.

“Is it because you were wrong, and you said I was wrong?” “I, I was wrong,” Qian Yueying said hurriedly.

“You are wrong, just accept the punishment, understand?” Abe Zhang said.

The simple reason is that Abe Zhang is not a mother b*tch. Why did he come to apologize and let her go?

“No, please don’t do this, please,” Qian Yueying regretted it to the extreme. She shouldn’t take the initiative to speak to Abe Zhang, shouldn’t take the initiative to look down on Abe Zhang, let alone insult Abe Zhang.

“I didn’t let you come over, you go back.” Abe Zhang still wants to eat desserts made by Maya Tang, so he didn’t want to talk to her more.

“One more sentence, if you want to know this, why bother?” Abe Zhang sat down.

Qian Yueying was in anguish. She raised her head and looked at Abe Zhang with teary eyes. She lost the bag in her hand and then untied it.

The only thing she is doing now is this, take the initiative and see if there is room for negotiation.

“Stop!” Abe Zhang raised his hand to stop.

“Abe Zhang, please don’t be like this. I really know I was wrong. I am really the same as other women, me.” Qian Yueying cried.

Is he still unwilling to forgive himself for making such a big sacrifice?

“Where did your inexplicable self-confidence come from?” Abe Zhang was expressionless, “I ask you, have you stayed at my mother’s night hotel for a night?” “Yes, I have stayed, I was I want to…” “Who did you sleep with? Alone? Or were there other people?” Abe Zhang asked. The photos in his hand were taken in his mother’s night hotel, like surveillance, but Abe Zhang later I thought, where will my mother’s hotel be monitored?

Besides, even if it is monitoring, why do others send it to themselves?


Isn’t it weird?

“Zhang Tianxue, I live with Zhang Tianxue,” Qian Yueying said hurriedly.

“why would

Live with her?

“I, I think she is pitiful, with you on her face… with a slap, I feel wronged, so I comfort her and let her live with me.”

Qian Yueying said. “She is wronged?”

“Abe Zhang faintly, “What has she been wronged by?”

” “she says.

“She said, “I was beaten by you. If you want her, if she doesn’t want to, you will beat her,” Qian Yueying hesitated. Ouyang Fei was young. At that time, she was very pitiful and touched Qian Yueying. Can’t bear to let Ouyang Fei go down so wronged. Abe Zhang is basically sure, Zhang Tianxue in her mouth is Ouyang Fei. “What is the woman you are talking about?

Abe Zhang asked. “Extremely beautiful, eighteen years old, with long legs and very good skin.

“Qian Yueying recalled as much as he could, Ouyang Fei was indeed the most beautiful girl she had ever seen, and she was deeply impressed. Abe Zhang can be sure of this description, and it is Ouyang Fei! Abe Zhang understands , This photo was taken by Ouyang Fei. Why did you take it like this? I sent it to myself? Abe Zhang still didn’t understand. But, Abe Zhang thought of Ouyang Feifei as a person, so simple and clear, Ouyang Fei wanted revenge Myself. Maybe I can see that Qian Yueying is very rich, so I show off my pity in front of Qian Yueying. Ask Qian Yueying to sympathize with her and let Qian Yueying deal with herself, so I took a photo and wanted to let myself be Qian Yueying is showing off photos in front of him, then after Qian Yueying is angry, it is not logical to deal with herself? However, Ouyang Fei has missed two points in this calculation. First, she is not a person who likes to show off. If there is a photo, it is also a secret look, and will not buy it in front of anyone, let alone see it in front of Qian Yueying. Secondly, Ouyang Fei thinks Qian Yueying will deal with herself? Is it capable of dealing with herself? This is big Wrong! “Are you still sympathetic to her now?

Abe Zhang shrugged. “Me.”

” “Say!


“Yes, I sympathize with her,” Qian Yueying is ashamed. This is originally your fault. What is the act of asking other girls to pay for the house and beating others? It’s disgusting. Did you hate me at that time?

“Abe Zhang asked. “I, yes,” “Isn’t it?”

You hated me from the first sight, right?

“I, yes,” “Did I mess with you then?”

“No,” Qian Yueying thought now. It was really that she looked down on Abe Zhang for no reason at that time. He said to buy a hotel, why did she despise him? “Then you know, the girl who sleeps with you, she did to you What happened?

Abe Zhang smiled slightly.

Chapter 467

You see for yourself “What did she do?”

Qian Yueying, who was surrounded by shame, was shocked, Zhang

Why does Ce say that?

What does that mean?

“This is interesting, you can’t think of it, I ask you, what is your impression of her?” Abe Zhang asked with a shrug.

“She… simple, pitiful, and pure.” Qian Yueying recalled. At that time, Ouyang Fei cried and shed tears from the room.

It was really pitiful, she was usually indifferent and couldn’t help but want to comfort her.

Abe Zhang smiled, “Innocent? Are you innocent or she is innocent?” “What do you mean?” Qian Yueying looked up.

“Tell you, this girl is not called Zhang Tianxue, but Ouyang Fei!” “Ouyang Fei? No, she is called Zhang Tianxue.” Qian Yueying shook her head. How could she lie?

Such a poor girl.

Abe Zhang shook his head and glanced at her again, “No, her name is Ouyang Fei! This girl and I belong to the same school, a freshman, and a new school freshman, do you know what her character is?” “Innocence, kindness. “Hehe, you know this girl, what are the conditions for adding her to WeChat?” “Requirements? What are the conditions?” “At least a sports car worth more than five million yuan can be eligible to add her to WeChat.” “Why? You Are you slandering her?” Qian Yueying frowned.

This is the behavior of a woman who worships gold. As a member of the Qian family, adding her WeChat account, she never reads this, just sees whether she is willing or not.

Abe Zhang ignored her question, “Then a school had a sports car and added her WeChat, and then you know what she did?” “What do you want to say? You are definitely slandering her!” Qian Yueying was angry.

“Stigmatize her? Haha, she and this school grass, oh, you may know this school grass, is Du Peixin’s younger brother, Du Xinye, know?” Abe Zhang asked.

“Du Xinye?” Qian Yueying had the impression that the boy who asked herself to come to the night hotel was very handsome, but she did not eat this set.

“Know? It’s him. Du Xinye asked Ouyang Fei out, but he gave Ouyang Fei something. You know what it is. I don’t know what it is. Then, I took some photos.” “What did you say??” Qian Yueying was shocked!

Du Peixin’s younger brother does such a thing?

This is impossible!

“It just so happens that Du Xinye and I were a bit conflicted, so he sent me this photo and showed it off to me. He played the school flower.” Abe Zhang said.

“You…” Qian Yueying was stunned. Is there such an operation?


“Ouyang Fei knows this, come and find me.” “So she asked you for a room? Asking you for photos?” Qian Yueying was nervous.

“Yes,” “But why are you hitting her? Why are you hitting a girl?” Qian Yueying hurriedly asked. This is something she really can’t tolerate. The girl asks you for a photo.

Why are you hitting her?


“Why? She came out with the knife, should I beat her? For you, can you beat her?” Abe Zhang said lightly.

“What?” Qian Yueying was shocked. How could that girl do such a thing?

After taking the knife out, this is about to be persecuted, and Qian Yueying will also be angry.

“Then did you give her the picture?” “Yes, I thought she would disappear in front of me, but what? She doesn’t seem to be what I thought.” “Which? What are you trying to say?” Qian Yueying It feels a bit bad.

“After she came out, she met you, but why did she pretend to be pitiful and change her name? You can’t think of why?” “She, what does she want to do? Why did she do this?… She, she wants me to deal with you? “Qian Yueying was angry.

“What are you talking about?” “I don’t believe what you said, don’t believe it!” Qian Yueying felt that she couldn’t judge this by herself?

“She was taken photos by Du Xinye, which changed her psychology. So, she was thinking, she was taken photos of herself, why didn’t she use other methods to take other people? So look, I think you seem to be pleasing to your eyes. One point, then…” Abe Zhang said.

“You, what did you say? What did you say?” Qian Yueying became nervous all at once, and she walked over.

“Abe Zhang, are you talking nonsense?” She suddenly felt a little hair on her back. She seemed to feel it. When she was sleeping, it seemed that her quilt had been uncovered a little bit and it was a little bit cold. She finally had a good night’s sleep. Meijue, she couldn’t wake up at all, so she went to sleep without thinking too much.

Abe Zhang was expressionless.

Qian Yueying sat paralyzed on the ground, “No, why did she take pictures of me?… You, how did you know? Didn’t it?” Qian Yueying got up, grabbed Abe Zhang, his eyes were blood red, I cried anxiously, “Say, how did you know? Please tell me, please?” “Very simple, she wants to retaliate against me, she wants me to conflict with you, imagine if I have a picture of you in my hand, So what will you do to me?” Abe Zhang said.

“You, do you mean you have a picture of me in your hand?” Qian Yueying was shocked, “Show me, show me. Please show me.” “Remember that you stayed that night, and you saw it the next morning. I am, and I said what photos I was looking at. Do you remember this?” “Remember, did you, were you looking at me?” Qian Yueying was weak and trembling when she spoke.

“Yes,” Abe Zhang took out his phone.

Qian Yueying is about to collapse, “Are you lying to me? Are you? Are you…” “No, look at it for yourself.” Abe Zhang opened WeChat and found the strange WeChat account. Photo of Ouyang Fei calling.

Abe Zhang handed it over, Qian Yueying

She took it tremblingly, and after a glance, she slumped on the ground, crying in tears, and the one above was really herself.

How could she not tell this?

One glance is enough.

She looked down. The photo seemed like surveillance, but she knew in her heart that there was nothing wrong with the feeling of ventilation when she slept that night. At that time, Ouyang Fei opened her quilt and took the photo.

It’s just that she didn’t think much about it at the time, how could she think about it, so a very poor girl would do such a thing to herself?


She really didn’t expect that, now she was confused, she knew she was wrong.

It turns out that Abe Zhang can really buy Zhao’s hotel.

It turns out that I misunderstood him from the beginning, and he was justified in beating that girl… He is not a trash man, no.

I misunderstood, so I looked down on him even more and hated him even more.

But Abe Zhang felt inexplicable for what he did, so he finally couldn’t help getting angry… This mistake was that he looked down on him at the beginning, thinking he was just talking about it. After all, where the Zhao family’s hotel is what ordinary people can do Bought it?

She couldn’t buy it even from the four major families.

Abe Zhang?

But he really can.

Qian Yueying raised her head in tears, “I’m sorry, I really don’t know this, I really don’t know…” Qian Yueying was full of regret, why did she believe so much in a woman she just met?

Abe Zhang took back the phone, “This is not important, the important thing is, I said that you will finish the Qian family, then you must finish!” “No, don’t do this to me, treat my Qian family.” Qian Yueying cried.

“You can go out,” Abe Zhang said, “Of course, you can see clearly, I will delete all your photos in front of you, you are optimistic,” Abe Zhang clicked to delete, Qian Yueying grasped Abe Zhang’s hand “No, you can keep it, keep it.” She was really surrounded by shame, she felt guilty and felt that she was too wrong, so she shouldn’t look down on Abe Zhang at the very beginning, otherwise, neither would she Will misunderstand him deeper and deeper.

“Please keep it,” Qian Yueying cried. She really mustered up her courage with these words. The couple wanted to delete them as soon as they met women, but what qualifications do they have to delete?


If Abe Zhang keeps it, does it mean that he still has another chance?

“Don’t stay,” Abe Zhang shook his head. Abe Zhang had already seen this photo first. He didn’t have much interest in seeing it. He didn’t want to look at it again, and even more so, he spread the picture.

Even though it was disseminated in this way, Beatrice certainly had various channels for dissemination of his word. It could be seen by many people, and it could make the Qian family more influential, but Abe Zhang was not prepared to do so.

Chapter 468

Yang Fei was shocked because of doing so, he felt that it was unnecessary, nothing more.

It’s almost time to turn the Qian family into a pauper. Why let this photo be distributed? Abe Zhang didn’t want to do that.

“No, keep it, please keep it, OK?” Qian Yueying took Abe Zhang’s hand, crying and begging.

It turned out that he had already seen himself.

“Don’t keep it.” Abe Zhang shook his head, and deleted the photos one by one in front of Qian Yueying, without leaving one.

Qian Yueying sat slumped on the ground, feeling weak.

Abe Zhang put away the phone and said, “You can go out.” Qian Yueying raised her teary face, and said, “How can you forgive me? I really want everything, you just have to say, say I’ll do it if it’s done.” “You can go out,” Abe Zhang was expressionless.

Abe Zhang decided on this matter, and the Qian family must become a pauper.

Do you have Qian Yueying’s superiority.

“Abe Zhang.” Qian Yueying covered her lips and wept. “I also have a daughter. She…” “What does it matter to me if you have a daughter? Is it mine?” Abe Zhang asked.

“It’s not yours.” Qian Yueying shook her head, and got up with ashen face.

She dragged her body to the door. The regret in her heart made her unable to move. She opened the door and went out.

Qian Fangyun, who was waiting outside, saw his cousin crying so badly, he ran over, “What did he say to cousin? Did he already treat you…” He felt that Abe Zhang must have done it with his cousin Qian Yueying What, because such a beautiful woman took the initiative to give her arms, this is a man who can’t refuse it!

“No, he didn’t touch me,” Qian Yueying was in pain, what should I do now?

Abe Zhang said that to make his money family a pauper, according to the current situation, he can definitely do this.

Because it was really Abe Zhang who destroyed the Zhao family!

What is it to Abe Zhang to turn his money into a pauper?


“What? How could he not touch you?” Qian Fangyun couldn’t believe it.

“Me, me.” Qian Yueying couldn’t say it, saying that Abe Zhang looked at herself?

Say that Abe Zhang hates having children?

She couldn’t say it.

“What the hell did you do just now? Cousin, what are you crying for? Say it!” Qian Fangyun was also desperate. His cousin was crying like this, so what room is there to keep?

“He didn’t do anything, he showed me something, I know, I have always misunderstood him, he should be angry, but.” Qian Yueying cried.

“But what?” “He said, we must make our family a pauper.” Qian Yueying collapsed, the pressure was too great, she couldn’t breathe!

“What?” Qian Fangyun was about to faint.

“What should we do? What should we do?” “Go back and say,” Qian Fangyun can only do this

Say, my cousin was crying like this, he thought that Abe Zhang abused her just now, but he didn’t!

So now there is no other way, so we have to go back and discuss!

Qian Yueying was helped back by Qian Fangyun.

Money family!

Qian Yueying cried and said, the head of the Qian family slapped him angrily. Qian Yueying was slapped on the ground, “What did you do?” Everyone in the Qian family scolded Qian Yueying, what’s the situation?

Is it just because Qian Yueying is alone that she has no money in her family?

This kind of involvement is terrible!

“Qian Yueying, look at what you do! Why do you treat him that way?” “That’s right, people didn’t mess with you. You looked down on him the first time you met. Why did you do this?” It’s a shameful pen, it’s rubbish, and it’s targeted at him everywhere. It’s irritating to anyone? Yueying, what are you doing?” The people in the Qian family are angry, desperate, and sighing.

“Grandpa, I’m sorry, I’m sorry everyone, I want to accompany him, he is unwilling, I said he wants me to do anything I am willing, but he is still unwilling, I really don’t know what to do.” Qian Yueying cried and said .

She couldn’t think of a way. She had already crossed this hurdle. You must know that she was still attractive to men, and she was so proactive. Abe Zhang still didn’t mean anything, she really couldn’t help it.

“Mom, why are you crying.” A little girl ran over, six or seven years old, and she sadly helped her mother up.

“Mom did something wrong,” Qian Yueying wiped tears herself.

“Mom, what did you do wrong?” “Mom shouldn’t look down on people,” “Mom, why should you look down on people?” the girl asked purely.

“I.” Qian Yueying was speechless, yes, why should she look down on Abe Zhang?

When he first met, he said he wanted to buy Zhao Yunlei’s hotel, so he believed it, why not?

Qian Yueying hugged her daughter and wept.

“Qian Yueying, what you did yourself, Li solved it for me, otherwise you should stop entering the Qian family’s door!” The Qian family’s owner said angrily.

Just now, the property under his family has been exposed to problems one after another, and he is about to collapse. If this goes on, within a month, the Qian family will be completely in debt. Then it will not be. Pauper is that simple!

“Grandpa, I can’t help it.” Qian Yueying cried and said.

“There is no way you can think about it!” Qian Yueying hugged her daughter in despair, what should be done and what should be done?

Today is the quietest day for the Qian family. In the hall, there is dead silence!

… In college, Ouyang Fei had just finished class. She knew that Abe Zhang hadn’t been here for so long. She was very happy.

Was it done by that Qian Yueying?

She checked it later!

How did you find it?

At that time, Qian Yueying had a limited edition watch. She asked. According to the description, she thought it was the Qian family, the Qian family of the four major families!

She later checked and determined that there was really a person named Qian Yueying in Qian’s family. Otherwise, what could she do with tens of millions?

When Ouyang Fei knew about this, she was so happy, what about Abe Zhang being rich?

In front of the Qian family of the four major families, it is not like the ants, that Qian Yueying can kill you Abe Zhang with a single hand!

Let Qian Yueying know that there is a picture of Qian Yueying on your Abe Zhang phone, so you are not dead?


Let you Abe Zhang look at my photos and beat me, this is the end of your Abe Zhang!

But when she first got in her BMW car, she bored her mobile phone to read WeChat to see if she could have any activities today.

But when she was pushing the news, she clicked on it curiously and was stunned immediately. What happened?

Why is it all news from the Qian family?

What happened?

Ouyang Fei watched for a long time, and was shocked, all of them were. How could the Qian family have such a serious problem?

She is not stupid, knowing that this is the Qian family who has been rectified, but who has the ability to rectify the four major families!

Ouyang Fei was stunned. Now that the Qian family is suffering from internal and external troubles, how can he be able to deal with Abe Zhang?

Didn’t that make Abe Zhang cheaper?

Ouyang Fei absolutely didn’t want to see such a thing. She drove to the night hotel and looked at it from a distance. It turned out to be fine. Abe Zhang has nothing to do?


Then, what I did before was in vain, and let Abe Zhang see a superb photo for free?

Ouyang Fei was so angry that Abe Zhang was so cheap. She couldn’t tolerate it. She had to let Abe Zhang know what the cost of beating herself was. It could not be that simple.

She tried to find a way again, but after reading the news, she saw that Qian’s problems were exploded more frequently. Who did this?

Who has such great ability!

Ouyang Fei is hard to understand!

She was thinking about it, and she couldn’t think of anyone with this strength, it was amazing.

Ouyang Fei was about to leave, but saw a car driving into the night hotel.

She continued to look puzzled, but she saw a woman with a good figure. She got out of the car and looked absolutely beautiful from her back. Who is it?

This woman turned her head haggardly, and Ouyang Fei was shocked. This is Qian Yueying. What is she doing here at this time?

Shouldn’t the Qian family be overwhelmed at this time?

Why come here?


Ouyang Fei couldn’t figure it out, but she definitely couldn’t let Qian Yueying see herself. If she let Qian Yueying know what she was doing, what would happen to her?

She wanted it herself.

But why did she come here?

Came to find Abe Zhang?


Yang Fei suddenly became happy, she must have come to find Abe Zhang to settle the accounts, haha.

Have a good show!

Abe Zhang, do you regret being so to me now?


Chapter 469

Ouyang Fei came to the capital Ouyang Fei to see the happier, she couldn’t wait to see Abe Zhang being troubled by Qian Yueying.

Last time she was slapped by Abe Zhang, she already had a huge shadow in her heart, and she could dream of her crazy torturing Abe Zhang in her recent dreams!

She wants revenge!

It now appears that taking Qian Yueying’s photo at that time was really the most correct decision.

Even Ouyang Fei felt that she had a base map in her hands. In case she ran out of money, she could still sell the photo. It was easy to get tens of millions of money and that was no problem at all.

After all, Qian Yueying, the most beautiful woman among the four families of Qian, is a model of nobleness. Who doesn’t want to see pictures of this woman?


As long as you do it yourself, how many people are rushing to ask for it?

Ouyang Fei is struggling.

Ouyang Fei saw Qian Yueying walk in, she was also a little bit jealous!

Recently, there have been a few more prettier than me. That Olena Jiang and Qian Yueying in front of me are all top beauties.

At this moment, Qian Yueying’s high-end clothes showed her figure to the extreme. Looking at this figure, Ouyang Fei became more jealous as she looked at it.

“Hmph, when I reach your age, my body will definitely be better than you!!” Ouyang Fei snorted.

She hasn’t been in her twenties yet, and there is still room for growth. After she is sensible, she has been practicing yoga and squatting to maintain her perfect body. She continues to practice until she is in her twenties. No one can compare to yourself!

Ouyang Fei is so confident!

However, she came out after seeing Qian Yueying going in for a while, and her face was even more haggard. What’s the matter?

Yes, Qian Yueying really has nothing to do. She wants to beg Tina Li, but how can Tina Li meet her?

What’s more, Tina Li is still abroad, it is even more impossible to come to see her.

She walked out sadly. She didn’t expect this to be the case. She sighed, got into the car and shed tears. In the past few days, she had collapsed.

What should I do?

The Qian family’s situation is getting worse, and it won’t last long.

When she came here just now, she wanted to see Abe Zhang, but Abe Zhang didn’t see herself at all. She couldn’t bear the tremendous pressure. She was going to be beaten when she returned. She was scolded and angry by the family. Even last night, she was The three elders slapped her in pain.

Not daring to resist, but can only afford to be beaten silently.

“Woo.” Qian Yueying dared to cry when there was no one in the car.

“What should I do?” Qian Yueying cried!

Of course, Qian Yueying was crying in the car, how could Ouyang Fei see it?

She feels

Yes, what is going on with Qian Yueying?

Didn’t you see Abe Zhang?

Yes, she hasn’t seen Abe Zhang recently. Is this Abe Zhang hiding?

Haha, I was afraid of revenge from the Qian family, so I hid like a turtle?

Ouyang Fei laughed, what kind of rubbish, a little money, in front of a family like the Qian family, it is rubbish!

Not even rubbish, Qian Yueying is angry, you Abe Zhang will hide!

It’s just a tortoise with a shrunken head.

Ouyang Fei looked for a while and saw Qian Yueying driving away.

Do you already know where Abe Zhang is hiding?


Ouyang Fei couldn’t wait to see it. She drove far behind Qian Yueying and found that Qian Yueying had entered the airport. Where did she go?

Ouyang Fei decided to take a look at it. At the very least, she wanted to see Abe Zhang being taken care of by Qian Yueying with her own eyes. Then she would feel better. If possible, she would like to take photos.

I went in and found that Qian Yueying was on a private flight, that is to say, a private jet. How do I ask?

Ouyang Fei was upset, but Qian Yueying was walking in the front, and she called and said that she would be in the capital immediately.

Is Abe Zhang in the capital?

Really, I actually hid in the capital. Abe Zhang, the tortoise Ouyang Fei, immediately bought a plane ticket and prepared to go to the capital. Anyway, there was no class. After waiting for a while, Ouyang Fei boarded the plane and arrived in the capital. Knowing where Qian Yueying is, she feels a little bit upset!

But, she had come to Beijing before, and when she was playing in the bar, she met some friends, all of whom had five million sports cars, and several of them added their own WeChat!

She agreed. After all, she is eligible to add her WeChat account.

However, Ouyang Fei hasn’t done anything about it. How can I say that men use it for fun.

She took a self-portrait photo, which happened to be the word “Jingcheng” in the Beijing Airport, and posted it to Moments with:

Bored to come to Beijing for a walk… As soon as the circle of friends came out, someone immediately responded to the contact.

“Ah, the little beauty has come to the capital, I will come to pick you up!” “I happen to be in the capital too, I will drive a sports car to pick you up!” WeChat kept thinking, Ouyang Fei glanced at it and laughed, “Chang Na Virtue, come and pick me up? Do you want me to vomit?” “Also, this evil pen doesn’t look good, come and pick me up? Go to hell! And you, like a winter melon, short and fat, evil pen You are handsomer than you, the key is that you are still pretending to be handsome? I am so disgusting.” Ouyang Fei snorted, more than a dozen people sent messages and said to pick him up, so just pick one that is more pleasing to the eye. None is pleasing to the eye.

“It’s all rubbish, no one is handsome, forget it, that’s it.” Ouyang Fei reluctantly clicked on one person, “Come over and pick me up!” “Okay, I will be there soon!!” This person replied. Up.

“I’m only waiting for you for ten minutes!” Ouyang Fei sent a message, yes, ten minutes is enough. In normal times, she doesn’t bother to wait.

Ouyang Fei is looking for a place to sit down and wait.

After waiting for a while, Ouyang Fei grumbled, “It’s been eight minutes, but it’s not enough, is it such a rubbish? Give you a chance if you don’t catch it, it’s your waste. Forget it, find the next person.” Ouyang Fei took out her phone impatiently, how precious her time is, wasting her time in vain?

Ouyang Fei can’t tolerate it!

She sent a message to another man who was a little more pleasing to the eye, “I’m so tired, come and pick me up,” “Okay, I’ll be there soon!” This person responded in seconds.

Yes, Ouyang Fei is beautiful, and that kind of youthful temperament is difficult for men to resist. This is the simplest operation.

Ouyang Fei despised, “Ten minutes, I will only wait for you for ten minutes.” However, at this time, a sports car drove over, and inside was a tall man, “Feifei, I’ll be here in ten minutes, get in the car! “The man is handsome, Ouyang Fei muttered, “You count your acquaintance.” She shook her long legs and stood up. The person who sent the message just now replied, “It must be there in ten minutes!” “Forget it, I’ll take the car by myself, get off.” Second,” Ouyang Fei replied. She didn’t bother to wait for ten minutes again. How could she say that there is a car now, so she will be seated.

“Feifei, I’m on my way, I’ll be there soon,” the man replied.

Ouyang Fei didn’t bother to go back, “When should I make a mistake? Just sent you a message, you were on the road? Pretending to be!” She put her phone in her bag, walked over, and got in the car.

“Feifei, it’s been a long time,” the man smiled slightly.

“Long time no see,” Ouyang Fei said lazily, “I’m hungry.” “Well, I have already booked the best restaurant, let’s go eat!” Male

People laughed. When he came, he immediately booked the best restaurant. At the very least, he had to make Ouyang Fei feel that she valued her. Otherwise, how could she have other opportunities?


“En,” Ouyang Fei played on her mobile phone, and the man turned his head to look at her. He hadn’t seen her for a few months, hehe, she’s so much more beautiful, her figure is better, and she is really a little fairy!

The man drives, can’t wait!

After arriving at one of the best restaurants in Beijing, Ouyang Fei took a look and thought it was OK.

“By the way, who was the Qian family rectified recently?” Ouyang Fei asked casually.

“I’m not sure about this.” The man shook his head. Yes, the Qian family has been rectified these days. It has been spread in China, but no one knows who rectified it, because no one released it. The news is out!

“I guess it is from the other two families.” The man analyzed.

“Okay, I think the Qian family should be able to resist, after all, she is the four major families.” Ouyang Fei expressed her opinion. She also wanted Qian Yueying to clean up Abe Zhang, of course she didn’t want anything to happen to the Qian family.

Chapter 470:

Are you hiding here?

“Yes, the situation of the Qian family is now serious, but the Qian family should be able to solve it,” the man also analyzed.

The most basic reason is that the Qian family is one of the four major families. This reason is sufficient!

“Well, go in for dinner, I’m hungry,” Ouyang Fei said.

The man shrugged and nodded, eating with the beautiful woman, why is he unhappy?

Two people came out and walked into this restaurant.

Ouyang Fei came in and thought this restaurant was very good. She was a little curious, “Who owns this restaurant? The decoration is pretty good!” “Hey, I know, a friend of my dad works here as a manager. This restaurant seems to be President Tang in the capital,” the man chuckled.

Mr. Tang, of course it was Maya Tang.

She can be low-key, many industries in the capital do not know that she is the boss.

“Ms. Tang?” Ouyang Fei was too lazy to ask more, maybe she is also a capable boss!

Not interested in knowing.

She asked just a little bit curiously just now, and would like to know other things?

She didn’t want to.

“Hello, Master Wen, please here!” The reception came to the reception.

This Young Master Wen often brings beautiful women over here for dinner, and all these receptionists know.

The man felt that he had saved face, “Well, Feifei, here!” Ouyang Fei followed, the high-end restaurants were different, they all looked so comfortable.

The two were taken to sit down, the man asked Ouyang Fei to order, she ordered a few randomly, and then the two began to chat!

The money in this man’s own family is tens of billions. This is the reason Ouyang Fei asked him to pick it up. However, he is not good enough, and he is not as ambitious as Du Xin.


Du Xinye, Ouyang Fei is coming!

Taking photos of herself unexpectedly made Ouyang Fei wary, and now she absolutely does not drink anything given by others.

Just in case you get caught again.

“By the way, have you heard of the Zhang family?” Ouyang asked a little bored.

“Zhang family? Which Zhang family?” The man hesitated.

“There is a person named Abe Zhang, do you know?” “I don’t know, China has no famous Zhang family,” the man is sure, his family is considered to be the upper-middle family of China, and Zhang family has never heard of it!

Yes, doesn’t the tortoise Abe Zhang have a square hotel?

What really counts in front of the Huaxia family!

“Feifei, who is this Abe Zhang you’re talking about?” “A coward, there is a square in the house and a five-star hotel,” Ouyang Fei said.

“Oh, that’s normal strength. What’s the matter with Feifei, this Abe Zhang offends Feifei? Make you angry with Feifei? It’s okay, tell me where he is. I will let him kneel down and apologize to you!” the man said.

Ouyang Fei wants to talk. Abe Zhang hid in the capital anyway, so I can really let this man deal with him, but, forget it, Ouyang Fei doesn’t want to owe favors, even though this man is willing to do so, he should Do this to please herself, but Ouyang Fei thinks that a money house is enough. What else can this man make a living?

“No need.” Ouyang Fei shook her head, and the man smiled, “Okay, Feifei, you know, as long as you say a word, I will let this Abe Zhang kneel down and apologize honestly.” Ouyang Fei dealt with. “Well, I know your strength.” After coming over for a while, the food is here, Ouyang Fei also thinks she wants to eat a little bit. She thinks the food here is good. After eating, she continues to play on the phone. She has to find a way to find Qian Yueying. Where did she go? She wants to see Abe Zhang being cleaned up by Qian Yueying!

This is the purpose of her coming here!

However, this is not so good, so ask, Ouyang Fei is a little helpless, how should I find it?

She didn’t want to miss the scene of Abe Zhang being cleaned up by a woman!

She has to appreciate it!

“I’m going to the bathroom!” Ouyang Fei said lazily.

“Okay.” Ouyang Fei swayed her long legs and stood up to go to the bathroom. The man looked at Ouyang Feifei’s back, and he smiled, “This is better-looking than any woman I have ever seen, young and energetic. It’s really the best!” Ouyang Fei went into the bathroom. , Come out after going to the toilet.

At the door, she suddenly laughed, because she saw a person coming out of the private room, this person, she wanted to see him for too long, Abe Zhang, haha, she actually saw Abe Zhang.

Yes, Abe Zhang came out to go to the toilet.

This guy is still in the mood to hide here?

Ouyang Fei laughed, he no longer has a picture of himself, then

What are you afraid of?


Ouyang Fei wanted to laugh, but she didn’t expect you to bump into it yourself.

She was thinking: Shrink the head tortoise, did you know that I was the one who fixed you?


If you know that I took Qian Yueying’s picture, and then gave it to you, let Qian Yueying fix you, let you hide here, you know this will go crazy!


Ouyang Fei felt proud.

Abe Zhang came over. He was eating very well just now. In the past few days, Maya Tang has been taking care of her personally. She learned to fight after eating. For Abe Zhang, this kind of life is quite fulfilling!

It’s just that Abe Zhang is guilty, Maya Tang didn’t deal with the matter of Maya Tang’s company!

Abe Zhang thought, it’s better to find time to solve the company’s affairs with Maya Tang.

Otherwise, Abe Zhang wouldn’t feel relieved.

“Are you here?” However, a familiar voice came, and Abe Zhang was taken aback. He looked up at a mocking beauty, Ouyang Fei?


she was.


Abe Zhang was stunned, she still dared to appear in front of her?

What is this for?

“Why did you hide here?” Ouyang Fei smiled slightly, feeling too comfortable in her heart.

“Hide?” Abe Zhang is weird, why did she come to the capital?

Seeing a joke?

“Haha,” Ouyang Fei smiled, still wanting to pretend, right?

“What are you laughing at?” Abe Zhang touched his nose, what the hell did this woman do?



This made Qian Yueying caught, and she is estimated to be killed!

“Laughing at you,” Ouyang Fei triumphed.

“Laugh at me? What’s so funny about me? Does your phone have a picture of me?” Abe Zhang shrugged.

“Shameless! Are you still qualified to mention this now?”.

Ouyang Fei thought that her body was actually seen by this tortoise with her head shrunk, and the anger in her heart became angry, and she wanted to slap this horrible pen right away!


“Then what do I mention? You have a good figure?” Abe Zhang smiled. Actually, Ouyang Fei’s figure is really good, not comparable to Elvina’s, but it is.

Much better than too many women, but unfortunately, it has been deleted.

“Go to hell! Shabi!!!” Ouyang Fei raised her hand angrily to slap Abe Zhang!

How could Abe Zhang let her fight?

Back a little, Ouyang Fei slapped her.

Abe Zhang is too lazy to care about her, this woman dare to appear in the capital like this?

This is really a model of not being afraid of death.

I wonder if Qian Yueying hates you at this time?


“Abe Zhang, you were played by me, do you understand? Do you understand?” Ouyang Fei was furious, and it was really hot.

“You play with me? How did you play?” Abe Zhang wanted to laugh, what was this woman thinking?

“Still pretending, you are afraid to die now, what use do you have?” Ouyang Fei was annoyed. She felt that she should immediately contact Qian Yueying and ask Qian Yueying to come and clean up Abe Zhang!

The least

, To smash Abe Zhang’s mouth!

Really cheap!

“I ask you, what are you doing in Beijing?” Ouyang Fei stared at Abe Zhang.

Said with a sneer.

“You can’t control this.” Abe Zhang shrugged.

“Ha ha ha! Can’t help? Don’t think that you came to the capital, I don’t know the reason, you hid here, right?” Ouyang Fei laughed, really a turtle!

Abe Zhang looked at her again, this hide?

Abe Zhang doesn’t think that Ouyang Fei knows what?

Like the black rose?

How else can you hide yourself?

But Abe Zhang is not hiding from Black Rose. If Black Rose comes out, Abe Zhang still wants to fight her a bit. How can I say that he has been training for so long.

Unfortunately, the black rose has never come out.

“Stop talking? Admit it? Ha ha, Abe Zhang, I said that you were pretending to be useless in front of me,” Ouyang Fei disdain. At this time, Abe Zhang was pierced by himself, did he pee scared?


Thinking of this, Ouyang Fei was too proud to let you hit me and let you see my photos. This is your fate and Qian Yueying took care of it.

“I advise you, find a place to hide,” Ouyang Fei continued mockingly, Abe Zhang was speechless, haha, so comfortable!

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