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Chapter 481

Who Olena Jiang is very clear about what grade he is now. The price of 100 million yuan is absolutely unwilling to accept the “big names”, and then he has come to his head.

If you can make this list, then you will rank higher in the killer world.

During this period of time, Olena Jiang had already gone from being an unknown little killer, after the baptism of time, and after several missions, she had become famous in the killer world.

One step closer to the killer first!

As for the money, she doesn’t care now, because Abe Zhang has given her all the properties of the Zhao family and she has become one of the four big families again. One hundred million is really not attractive to Olena Jiang!

She had taken a fancy to the difficulty of this task, she could pay 100 million, and it was on her own. The difficulty of this task could be imagined.

Olena Jiang was even so excited!

“Who is it?” Olena Jiang asked again.

“Do you want to answer?” There was a mechanical indifferent voice in the phone.

“Tell me who it is first, you know, I don’t kill women, don’t kill good people, don’t kill…” Olena Jiang hesitated.

She knew the rules of the killer, once she took it, she had to finish it unless she died.

“Yes, your organization knows it, but this person is not a good person. You have destroyed a family. You say it is a good person or a bad person?” “A family has been destroyed?” Olena Jiang frowned.

“Yes, take it?” “Which family was destroyed?” Olena Jiang must be cautious.

“The Zhao family of the four major families of China!” “What? You asked me to kill…” Olena Jiang’s eyes immediately became cold.

“Do you know this person?” “Tell me who is going to kill him!” Olena Jiang said coldly, more than knowing this person himself?


Also grew up together since childhood!

My first kiss, including other things, was given to him.

Now someone spends 100 million to kill this person?

Abe Zhang!

Someone wants to kill Abe Zhang!


black Rose?

It wasn’t her, she herself was a super killer, how could she spend money to kill Abe Zhang?

So who will it be?

100 million?

This price is too low, my husband is only worth 100 million?


No wonder, no one took this order, and anyone who could destroy the Zhao family, as long as it was a killer, knew that 100 million was not easy to earn.

“I need to remind you again of the organization’s rules and will not disclose any customer information! Blood Leopard, do you want to answer?” An indifferent voice came from the phone.

“Who has picked it up now?” Olena Jiang was very upset!

Of course she knows the rules of this organization. The killer organization has strict rules, as long as

It is a customer, even if it only spends 10,000 to kill, the organization will strictly protect any information of the customer.

The amount of money will not be revealed.

“The 16th Nighthawk, the 20th Sirius, the 37th…” “So there are so many killers ready to pick it up?” Olena Jiang’s eyes were fierce.

“Yes, 100 million Huaxia coins! This price is not up to the top ten killer prices. They won’t take a look, and we won’t notify them. The ones below the ranking are looking around again, so I ask you if you want to take this! People, being able to destroy a family, this is something that many killers are scrupulous about. After all, your Chinese Zhao family can also be ranked in the top fifty among the families of the world. It can destroy such a family and the strength of this person. , You can imagine!” The indifferent voice in the phone introduced.

“Do you want to take it?” Olena Jiang’s eyes were cold for a few seconds, “Take it!” “Okay, Blood Leopard takes over this task, but I remind you, listening to what you said just now, it seems to know this person, then you pay attention, just in case This person is not dead, and you are still alive, then your assassin career is about to end.” The indifferent voice on the phone reminded.

Olena Jiang understands this, he must understand.

The organization is reminding itself not to deliberately take this order and release the water, then the organization will never allow this to happen.

She already knew when she joined the killer organization the first day.

“You are thinking, you are hesitating, are you going to do this?” The indifferent voice in the phone became even colder!

“No, I’ll take this task!” Olena Jiang said.

“Remember, as long as something like this happens, your assassin career will not only end, but you will also be chased by the organization! Because you broke the rules of the organization! You must die! It’s no use escaping anywhere, and the consequences are serious! I remind you again!!” “I’ll answer!” “Okay, I will send you the details later.” The phone is about to hang up.

“Wait.” “Blood Leopard, are you still okay?” “This person is not…it’s okay.” Olena Jiang was silent, her husband was a bad guy?

It must not be!

Abe Zhang destroyed the Zhao family for himself.

The call was hung up, and within a minute, a message came from the mobile phone. Olena Jiang clicked to read the details of Abe Zhang.

Olena Jiang grabbed his cell phone, who is this person who wants to kill Abe Zhang?

Is it Li Overlord?


It should not be, then who is it?

Olena Jiang was lost in thought, and she had no results for a long time, but what is certain is that this person who wants to kill Abe Zhang does not know Abe Zhang’s true background!

Otherwise, no one would dare to take on this task except for Black Rose, who had a grudge against Abe Zhang!


Where will Abe Zhang be at this time?

Olena Jiang was thinking.

“Little bad husband, what did you do

What’s the matter?

It is not something ordinary people can do to kill you for 100 million.

“Olena Jiang muttered to herself. She thought, Abe Zhang was mostly in Maya Tang’s villa. She had been to and lived in before. Of course she remembered how to go. She drove towards Maya Tang’s villa. Abe Zhangrtainly didn’t know. Someone spends 100 million to kill himself, so he can’t laugh or cry, he’s only worth 100 million? Is it so cheap? At this time, Abe Zhangg and Maya Tang have trained to fight. He is taking a shower, and Maya Tang has gone to the kitchen to cook. Abe Zhang really feels different. At the very least, his fighting strength has improved, but Abe Zhang is rather strange. After so long, Black Rose hasn’t done anything yet. What’s the situation?? Did Black Rose give up killing herself? It should be impossible! Abe Zhang went to the kitchen to find Maya Tang. “Auntie Tang, why the black rose hasn’t appeared yet?

“Abe Zhang asked. Today, Maya Tang’s beautiful, casual suit can’t conceal Maya Tang’s superb figure, but Abe Zhang didn’t look at it much. Although Abe Zhang was very eye-catching, Abe Zhang was afraid that he could not get his eyes back. Maya Tang discovered that , How embarrassing? “Cer, I don’t know about this, but don’t worry if I am here, she can’t hurt you,” Maya Tang said softly. She has been strange recently. Why hasn’t the black rose appeared yet? Is it going to carry out a rigorous assassination? Of course Abe Zhang is relieved. “Okay, Abe goes out and waits, and it’s ready soon…” Maya Tang smiled. Abe Zhang saw a sweet and sour pork ribs, he couldn’t help using his hands. He took one and stuffed it in his mouth. “Be careful, it’s hot,” Maya Tang cared. Abe Zhang smirked and ate, “Aunt Tang, your cooking is really delicious,” “Then Abe, as long as you are willing to eat, I will make it for you at any time. …” Maya Tang still had the following sentence in her heart:

Do it for you at any time for a lifetime, as long as you want.

Abe Zhang was moved to go out, but what happened to Maya Tang suddenly, Abe Zhang asked, “Aunt Tang, what’s the matter?” “I, I forgot one thing,” Maya Tang got a headache. She got used to it every day. Training Abe Zhang, and then cooking her, I am accustomed to doing this today, but I forgot an important thing.

“What’s the matter?” “My classmate got married today. I have to go and join in. I forgot,” Maya Tang said in a low voice. She really forgot. The news received yesterday, she said she was going to go, but after training Abe Zhang today, she I am very happy because I see Abe Zhang improving.

So I cook happily, and don’t want Abe Zhang to be hungry and forget about it.

“Then go,” Abe Zhang shrugged.

“Cer, are you going to be angry? I suddenly said to go somewhere else,” Maya Tang said softly, she really felt sorry.

“Why? Aunt Tang, want me to go with you?” “Yes, but Abe you don’t want to, then I won’t go,” Maya Tang shook her head. Good classmates are definitely not as important as Abe Zhang!

She has to stay with Abe Zhang!

“Yes.” “Thank you, then, we won’t make this meal now. Let’s go to the banquet.” Maya Tang unwrapped her apron, and Abe Zhang looked at half of the dishes. He swallowed a bit. How can Maya Tang cook the banquet? Is it delicious?

Abe Zhang took a sweet and sour pork ribs to eat, Maya Tang smiled, he likes to eat his own dishes.

Chapter 482,

wait a minute! “Aunt Tang, you are so beautiful.” Abe Zhang was full of admiration. Because of the wedding, Maya Tang changed her clothes. The standard self-cultivation dress has drawn Maya Tang’s exquisite curves, outlines, and vividly. It is so perfect and beautiful. Now, there are people in this world who wear dresses so beautifully.

“Thank you,” Maya Tang said softly as she walked over to help Abe Zhang lead the lead.

This was tailor-made by Maya Tang for Abe Zhang long ago, and it really fits, thinking about when Abe Zhang will wear it, but she suddenly put it on today.

Abe Zhang is embarrassed, “Aunt Tang…” Maya Tang was happy, is Abe Zhang shy?

This child is too innocent.

She put her tie on quickly, and Maya Tang let go.

Abe Zhang breathed a sigh of relief. He now respects Maya Tang, so he won’t think about it, but when Maya Tang gets closer, Abe Zhang will feel that this woman is perfect.

The skin on the face, even the corners of the eyes, did not have any wrinkles, but the light makeup showed perfect exquisiteness. Abe Zhang was dumbfounded just now. In Abe Zhang’s mind, Maya Tang and Olena Jiang are equally beautiful women.

Fortunately, I came back in time just now, otherwise, I was discovered by Maya Tang, so how embarrassed I would be?

“Cer, let’s go.” Maya Tang said.

Of course Abe Zhang is obedient, and Tang

Wan walked outside together.

Get in the car and go to Maya Tang’s wedding scene!

As soon as he left, a car drove over. It was Olena Jiang who had arrived. She saw a car coming out of this villa area just now. Is this Maya Tang’s?

So Maya Tang took Abe Zhang out?


Of course Olena Jiang followed. First, she followed far away, of course, not for other reasons, but watched vigilantly to see if Black Rose was tracking somewhere.

However, Olena Jiang was more surprised, because after following all the way, no suspicious vehicle was found. What’s the situation with this black rose?

Olena Jiang’s eyes kept turning.

After a while, Olena Jiang followed a very luxurious hotel far away!

Maya Tang’s car got in, but her car couldn’t get in.

“Hello, do you have an invitation letter?” At the door of the hotel, four people strictly checked.

These people are all capable of fighting, Olena Jiang can tell.

“Who is getting married inside?” Olena Jiang asked.

“Miss Yan,” the man replied.

Olena Jiang was a little bit stunned. The Miss Yan that this man said, she hadn’t heard of it, and didn’t pay attention to it.

But if you can afford such a big hotel, it is definitely not an ordinary person.

“If there is no invitation to get married, please go to another hotel these three days.” The man reminded.

Ms. Yan is not the four big families, but she is also a person with a face. As the most important day of her life, it is normal to hold the most luxurious hotel in the capital to hold a wedding without letting all idlers and others enter!

Olena Jiang looked inside. She saw Abe Zhang in clothes and Maya Tang in tuxedo coming out of the car.

She didn’t have an invitation letter, so she would definitely not be able to enter, but, as a killer Olena Jiang, using other methods to enter, then it is certainly not difficult.

Olena Jiang drove away temporarily. After finding a place to park, she got out of the car. She usually wears a peaked cap and convenient jeans. Now Olena Jiang is still like this.

She looked around the hotel for a while, found a loophole, and went in easily.

Being a killer, going in and out of this kind of place is nothing at all, otherwise this kind of place will stump Olena Jiang, so what kind of killer does Olena Jiang do?

Olena Jiang mixed in, but the women on the scene were all beautiful dresses, showing their bodies.

She didn’t have Olena Jiang, and she didn’t come to attend the wedding, but simply dressed, even with a peaked cap, she was still the focus of many men’s eyes.

But how could Olena Jiang care about this look?

She wanted to find Abe Zhang quickly, and then… “Kill him”.

However, a lot of men are looking at other women. They were looking at Maya Tang just now, but now they are looking at a woman who is not wearing a dress?

This must make women jealous, many women are staring at Olena Jiang.

“Are you a waiter?”

A noble lady came over and stopped Olena Jiang. It was very simple that her man was staring at such a woman, she must be upset!

Olena Jiang frowned.

“I’m asking you something, did you hear it? This is Miss Yan’s wedding. You don’t wear a dress. Why do you come in? Did you get in for nothing?” The lady was angry.

Olena Jiang’s eyes made her too uncomfortable.

“Security, security! Someone has come in!” the lady yelled.

Many people have seen it.

Olena Jiang’s eyes were cold, and he didn’t do anything, so he came over to provoke himself?


“Still angry? A low-level person who got in, you still have the right to be angry?” The lady laughed.

This is originally the place where high-end people come here. Those who can attend this wedding are all high-end people. The appearance of this kind of woman with a peaked cap is not a downgrade of the wedding?

Bring down their own grade?

This must not work!

Olena Jiang was silent for a few seconds. At this time, many people watched over because of the woman’s yelling, and there were also security guards with indifferent faces coming over here.

These security guards are definitely not Olena Jiang’s opponent.

But Olena Jiang didn’t mean to do it, because since Abe Zhang came here to attend the wedding, he must know the person who got married, maybe a friend, so how could he make trouble at Abe Zhang’s friend’s wedding?

This is to save Abe Zhang.

Olena Jiang didn’t want to do this.

“Does this person have an invitation letter?” The security guard came over and asked indifferently.

“Looking at her kind of virtue, how could it be Miss Yan’s friend? There was absolutely no invitation letter to get in. You say, why are there such shameless people now? Even if you get in, you are still dressed like this. Isn’t this just telling others that I am here?! There are people with such horrible pens, it’s amazing!” The lady was too lazy to say.

The women at the scene, except for the waiters, are all wearing noble dresses. How can anyone wear this?


It’s really spicy eyes, and it feels like a rat sh*t and a pot of porridge.

Some onlookers all looked at Olena Jiang, and the security guard said indifferently, “Is there an invitation letter?” “No,” Olena Jiang didn’t lie, because of this situation, lying is useless.

“Then please go out!” Security guards came over.

Olena Jiang was still looking for Abe Zhang, but there were too many people to see, she was so helpless.

If this is a strange place without Abe Zhang, then Olena Jiang would have done it a long time ago, and would not wait until now, because she has this strength.

As a killer, after a bloody baptism, she has improved as quickly as possible!

These security guards cannot be Olena Jiang’s opponent at all!

“I said that this person was mixed in, eating and drinking, really

It’s shameless. It’s a happy day for people to get married. Why did Li Hun come in?


“The lady said sarcastically. Olena Jiang glanced at her, her eyes chilled. “What do you look at?”

Shameless, shameless, you still have the face to look at me?

If I hadn’t pierced you, would you still want to steal something after eating and drinking?


“The lady stared at Olena Jiang. Olena Jiang frowned, and the others pointed at Olena Jiang. That’s right, this place is mixed in. Isn’t it necessary to do other bad things? People at the scene Wealth is expensive, but you can’t go with someone of unknown origin, in case you steal your own things? It’s not a good thing for a thief to get in! “I said the security of your hotel is like this?

Such people can come in. I think your hotel has serious problems!

Said the lady. “Mr. Li, I’m sorry.

“The security guard is polite. “Huh, why don’t you drive her out?”

Still want me to keep my eyes on hot?


“The lady was impatient. She saw that her husband was still staring at Olena Jiang. Isn’t this shameless woman so beautiful? Isn’t it just a better figure? She was so annoyed! “Yes, yes!

“Please go out!”

“The security guards were indifferent. Several security guards surrounded Olena Jiang. Olena Jiang did nothing else, forget it, waiting for Abe Zhang outside was the same. Olena Jiang didn’t care about this. He was taken outside by some security guards. The lady sneered, but at this time, an elegant man’s voice sounded, “Hold on!

Chapter 483

I’m here to kill you! This is an elegant voice.

Olena Jiang was taken aback, turned his head to see that he was a handsome man in a suit, holding a glass of red wine with his mobile phone.

But Olena Jiang has no feeling for this kind of man, no feeling at all!

But when the others heard this voice, they all stepped aside subconsciously and didn’t dare to stop this man at all.

Even the lady who laughed at Olena Jiang just now dare not speak any more.

“It’s Master Zeng!” The security guard of the hotel trembled. This is Master Zeng from the four major families!

“She is my friend.” The man walked over.

Smiled slightly at Olena Jiang, amiable.

“Huh?? It turned out to be a friend of Master Zeng, I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” several security guards apologized hurriedly.

He didn’t dare to surround Olena Jiang anymore. This was Young Master Zeng’s friend. Didn’t they see that they would continue to surround him?


“Just now you said she was eating and drinking?” The man rolled his eyes to look at the lady.

The lady shuddered and hurriedly apologized, “I’m sorry, it’s me who looks down on people.” She is rich in the capital, but she is nothing compared to the four big families.

How dare to talk back to this man!

Unexpectedly, this woman is actually a friend of Master Zeng, is she, a friend of Master Zeng, why is she dressed like this?


“Dog? What kind of dog?” the man asked.

“What kind of dog you say is what kind of dog.” The lady turned pale.

“Go eat your food, and look at people low, I can…” the man said.

“Master Zeng, don’t worry, I will never have another time.” The lady ran away quickly, she was scared, what if this b*tch made herself apologize?


“Everyone, is there anything good here?” The man looked at the people around him faintly.

The people watching around hurriedly dispersed. How can the security guards continue to stay?

Also left in a hurry.

The man smiled and walked over, “Hello,” “Thank you,” Olena Jiang said, “But I am not your friend, I don’t know you,” “My name is Zeng Changke!” The man was handsome.

“En, thank you,” Olena Jiang didn’t look on his face, but his tone was still thankful.

“Excuse me, what’s your name?” “Thank you.” Olena Jiang didn’t want to say more, she came to find Abe Zhang, and she hated this kind of conversation.

“No thanks.” The man shook his head.

Olena Jiang walked into the crowd, the man followed, Olena Jiang turned around, “Is there anything wrong?” “Take this, then no one dares to let you out.” The man took out a card.

This is the highest VIP card of the hotel!

His name is on it!

“Thank you, when I find my husband, he won’t let me be kicked out,” Olena Jiang didn’t answer this.

If you find Abe Zhang, you will be kicked out?

“Do you have a husband?” The man was a little surprised.

“Yes, I have a husband, thank you for your help,” Olena Jiang walked into the crowd without saying much.

The man squinted his eyes, and the corners of his mouth curled up, “It’s a little bit interesting, knowing my body

You are still so calm, is it pretending?

Hehe, it’s so beautiful!

Last time there was a woman who pretended not to know me. Isn’t this?


“He became so interested. Suddenly, he looked at Olena Jiang who walked into the crowd and smiled, “Do you have a husband?”

Hehe, I don’t believe it.” As the young master of the Zeng family, he has read countless people. Olena Jiang’s walking posture tells him that there is an 80% chance that Olena Jiang is still intact, so why would he have a husband? He has a lot of research on these aspects of women! Olena Jiang certainly didn’t know that she had been seen walking, otherwise, she would be very angry! Even murder! … Among the crowd, Abe Zhang and Maya Tang were in the corner. Maya Tang didn’t entertain anyone, anyway, after attending the wedding, she would take Abe Zhang back. The Black Rose never appeared, and Maya Tang felt that she must be cautious. Abe Zhang was actually a little hungry and wanted to eat something, he told Maya Tang Talking like this, Maya Tang smiled, anyway, there is something to eat, you can eat something to cushion, and then wait for the banquet to start. Feeling getting along with Abe Zhang, Maya Tang is very relaxed and happy. She likes the feeling of getting along. At this time, someone came to say hello to Maya Tang. This is Maya Tang’s business friend. They are all beautiful women. Maya Tang introduced Abe Zhang. Abe Zhang is called her sister. These beautiful women are giggling, and there is a beautiful woman in Maya Tang’s ear Said, “Ms. Tang, this is yours…” “I am his aunt.

“Maya Tang said seriously. She doesn’t like such gossip. “Then do we have a chance?”

I like small tender grass.

“The beauty laughed. Maya Tang is serious, “Don’t be kidding, my family’s strategy is simple,” Yes, in Maya Tang’s heart, Abe Zhang has always been particularly innocent. “It can be seen,” the beauty knows Maya Tang’s character, of course not. Dare to make jokes. After all, people gather together, and people who can become Maya Tang’s friends will be enough. “Then Abe Zhang, do you have a girlfriend?

My niece can introduce him to him,” said the beauty. “He…has a wife,” Maya Tang felt disappointed and did not hide it. Abe Zhang did have it, and it was Olena Jiang, who was younger than him. ?

Shouldn’t it?

He should be only twenty years old?

“Several beauties were surprised. “Well, I grew up together,” “That’s no wonder, childhood sweethearts!”

“The beauty suddenly came. Abe Zhang has been pleasing to the eye a lot. It is still very innocent to be able to be with the childhood sweetheart. After all, men like the new and dislike the old. It is really rare to be able to do this. “Well, yes. “Maya Tang looked at Abe Zhang gently. Abe Zhang was eating. Of course he didn’t mean to listen to these women. “Aunt Tang, I’m going to the bathroom.

“Abe Zhang said after drinking. “I’ll be with you.” “No, Aunt Tang, I’ll be back right away. Let’s chat with some older sisters.” Abe Zhang shrugged, and the toilet is right next to him. Besides, Maya Tang can’t Enter the men’s bathroom! “Okay, just call if you have anything to do.” “En,” Abe Zhang went to the bathroom. “You care about him too much, right?

Follow the toilet?

“The beauty was greatly surprised. “My family Abe is in danger, so I must follow.” Maya Tang didn’t look away from Abe Zhang, waiting for Abe Zhang to enter the toilet. She was not at ease, but was even more worried. To be honest, she thought Followed in, it doesn’t matter even if it is a men’s bathroom. “No wonder, this Abe Zhang has a good aunt like you, he is happy,” “Yes, he is happy too!

“Maya Tang is a bit bitter, aunt? Okay. Maya Tangmei watched and didn’t leave a bit, but suddenly, she was a little bit astonished, “Why did she come?”


” “Who?

“Cer’s…wife,” Maya Tang felt uncomfortable. “Really?”

Then we will see what his wife looks like,” “At the very least, it can’t be uglier than Tang.

A few beautiful women said with a smile. Abe Zhang entered the toilet. He washed his hands after going to the toilet. Suddenly, there was a voice behind him, “Husband, don’t move…” Abe Zhang was pleasantly surprised. He turned his head and saw Olena Jiang with a peaked cap. She just saw Abe Zhang entering the toilet, so she followed in. “Wife, why are you here?

“Abe Zhang really can’t describe the feeling at this time, so surprised. It’s been a long time since Olena Jiang was here?? Olena Jiang is wearing a cap, but his beautiful face still can’t hide it. “I…I’m here. “Doing things,” Olena Jiang said, “husband, let’s go out and say okay, this is the men’s room,” Olena Jiang was embarrassed. She thought it was nothing, but now she thinks it can’t work. But, she saw Abe Zhang Wearing a suit, she looks so handsome today. She is a bit idiot, and thinks Abe Zhang is the most handsome. That young master just now is ugly. Abe Zhang smiled, “What are you doing here?

“Husband, don’t you go out?”


“Abe Zhang was joking. It was so hard to stay alone with Olena Jiang. “That’s good.

“What are you doing?”

” “I?

“Olena Jiang said to Abe Zhang, “Husband, get closer and I will tell you.”

“Abe Zhang laughed, Olena Jiang was shy, originally in this place, but fortunately no one came in. Abe Zhang approached, Olena Jiang in Abe Zhang’s ear was going to say my husband, I’m here to kill you, but, I said so. , Does Abe Zhang know what he does? “Husband, I miss you, come to see you.

“Olena Jiang said.

Chapter 484,

introduce you to a boyfriend! Abe Zhang listens When Olena Jiang missed himself, he smiled, “Miss me?” “Yes,” Olena Jiang knew what Abe Zhang meant. She kissed Abe Zhang, “I really want to.” Abe Zhang smiled, but Olena How about Nan this equipment?

What do you wear with a peaked cap?

Abe Zhang stretched out his hand and took it down. A black hair fell down, absolutely beautiful, Olena Jiang put down his hair, beautiful, with a little bit of shyness of a woman, wearing a hat, and heroic.

Olena Jiang didn’t feel any discomfort. After she became a killer, she just wore a peaked cap. If other people touched her hat, she would definitely be angry, but Abe Zhang touched her, she was not at all.

“My wife is so beautiful,” Abe Zhang sighed.

Abe Zhang feels this way more and more. Olena Jiang is so beautiful that he can’t describe it. The gaze in his eyes can change, he is indifferent to other people, and he is a little bit shy to Abe Zhang.

Olena Jiang was happy, “But you don’t even call me my husband, I…” Yes, Olena Jiang is sometimes very boring when doing killer missions. If Abe Zhang calls, then Olena will feel much better.

“Sorry,” Abe Zhang has been training recently. He was so tired to sleep after eating, so he didn’t call Olena Jiang.

“Don’t, I’m just talking,” Olena Jiang covered Abe Zhang’s mouth and stopped him from speaking.

Abe Zhang smiled, “My wife, you suddenly appeared here, do you have other things?” “No, I just miss you.” Olena Jiang shook her head. She still doesn’t know how to say this. The reason why she took this task , Then just to delay time.

At the very least, if someone else picks it up, isn’t someone going to come and assassinate Abe Zhang right away?


If it was Olena Jiang, then Olena Jiang would definitely not kill Abe Zhang, but also to protect Abe Zhang.

But Olena Jiang was also sad at the time. She still wanted to be the first killer, but if she did this now, she would be chased by the team afterwards, so she couldn’t be the first killer.

But being the killer first, compared with Abe Zhang’s safety, Olena Jiang did not hesitate to choose Abe Zhang’s safety.

“Then let’s go out. You shouldn’t have a meal. You will have a banquet later,” Abe Zhang said.

“I’m hungry,” Olena Jiang came all the way, but really didn’t eat anything.

Abe Zhang took Olena Jiang and walked outside. Olena Jiang bit his lip and hugged Abe Zhang. “Husband, stay a while. We haven’t seen each other for a long time. Can I talk to you?” This is the toilet. “Of course Abe Zhang is willing, but he is afraid that Olena Jiang will be wronged. What if other people come in?

Olena Jiang is shy in nature.

Olena Jiang snorted, “Little badass husband, at that time you still…you don’t want to stay in the bathroom with me now?” Abe Zhang was a little embarrassed, “Okay.” He also wanted to ask Olena Jiang about the recent

What the hell is Olena Jiang doing? He looks at Olena Jiang………… It’s been so long and haven’t come out yet, what is this doing in the toilet?

Maya Tang’s beautiful eyes were always watching, and during the whole process, she never left the bathroom.

“What else can you do? Two young people are together, and it’s still a toilet, you can’t help but chant.” A beautiful friend of Maya Tang said.

is it?

Maya Tang was a little surprised, then sighed in her heart.

Because she didn’t want this at all and her mentality was as calm as water, so just now, she didn’t think in any other direction, thinking what the two people were talking about. Now, looking at it, her friend is right. It should be. Otherwise it won’t be out for so long.

Maya Tangmei wanted to leave, but she just wanted to keep watching without worrying about it. In this way, she would feel relieved that no matter what Abe Zhang was doing inside, she would protect him.

She was thinking that she had been in the same room with Abe Zhang recently. Of course, Abe Zhang occasionally slept on the sofa, with her head resting on her legs.

Maya Tang will feel that she has adapted to this feeling.

Although there was suddenly a person in the room, and he was still a man, it was not against the peace. Maya Tang liked this kind of spiritual communication.

Talking, listening to Abe Zhang’s snoring voice, she would find it particularly interesting.

But today Olena Jiang came over, so I definitely can’t stay in the same room with Abe Zhang, so myself?

Sleeping at the door?

Then Abe Zhang and Olena Jiang in the room will definitely have a psychological burden and will disturb them.

And Maya Tang would also feel sad. She would not have any strange thoughts because of what Abe Zhang and Olena Jiang were doing inside. She would not, she would only feel sad.

Because Maya Tang admitted that she had Abe Zhang in her heart, but seeing what Abe Zhang and other women were doing, what else could she do besides being “indifferent”?

She would only bury the feeling in her heart silently, without showing it, not disturbing Abe Zhang, not disturbing Abe Zhang, and making him happy, then this is what Maya Tang wants.

In fact, Maya Tang sometimes thought, if she suddenly said affectionately to Abe Zhang:

“Cer, I seem to like you…” How would Abe Zhang react?

Can you say this by yourself?


Maya Tang sighed. She thought a lot about this kind of things, but she should not be able to say it because Maya Tang’s temperament would not say such things.

Then do not sleep at the door, then sleep in your own room?

But what if something goes wrong?

What if the black rose comes, and you can’t stop it in time?

Maya Tang is in entanglement, what should I do?

“President Tang, what are you thinking about?” her beautiful friend asked.

“Nothing.” Maya Tang shook her head. These beauties looked at each other a few times, and one of them said seriously, “Maya Tang!!” “En?” Maya Tang looked at her friend in surprise, why is she so serious?

“What’s the matter?” “What’s the matter? Maya Tang, you don’t know how serious you are now. We know what kind of character you Maya Tang is, but you have to change yourself now!” the beauty friend said solemnly.

Maya Tang was even more surprised.

“Yes, look at how many of us are the same age as you, we are the same as you, we are not married, but we are different from you, how many boyfriends have we changed? Old flower, last Yue made three boyfriends at the same time! But what about you? Don’t you think that you are so out of place among us?” “Yes, too out of place.” Another beauty agreed.

Maya Tang was so speechless, she knew what her friends were going to say, and they had said this topic many times.

“So you have to change a bit. Let’s not say that you are the same as us. Make a few boyfriends at the same time. You have to try to make one person at least!” Staying together, this time I finally saw a little fresh meat, it was called auntie, my god, Maya Tang, did you use money to buy Yuelao, so that he wouldn’t draw a red line for you?” “No, “Maya Tang shook her head speechlessly.

“Then you try to make one. If you don’t, then our sisters will find a good one for you. Don’t worry, we will find you the one that we have never touched before. Don’t worry, Maya Tang!” “No need, “Maya Tang shook her head. On this topic, many of these friends kept telling themselves that Maya Tang knew that these friends were for their own good, but she didn’t have that kind of thought.

“Hey, Maya Tang, are you going to die alone? People have lived for 70 or 80 years in this life. We have money and we can buy all kinds of medicines, and see good doctors, so we can live a little longer, but not just to survive Are you in your nineties? You are in your thirties. What else do you want to do?” The beautiful friend sighed, feeling a little bitter for Maya Tang. I have known Maya Tang for so long, but I keep seeing Maya Tang alone.

They are doing

Urgency is useless.

Maya Tang knew that she was thirty, but she… Maya Tang was sad, her age was really bad. If she was in her twenties, twenty-five, or twenty-six, would she have the courage to tell Abe Zhang that she likes him? Up?


If so, then Maya Tang will give up all wealth, but is this possible?


“Maya Tang, you haven’t had a boyfriend? You are not… lonely at night?” asked the beautiful friend, and several other friends looked at Maya Tang.

Maya Tang shook her head, “No, except for men and women at night, I can actually read books, watch TV, and watch movies that I invest in. It’s not lonely at all.” Why didn’t you tell him in

Chapter 485

“Oh my God, Maya Tang, isn’t it lonely? You have spent the past 30 years, except when you were young?” Maya Tang’s couple were shocked.

It can be said to be shocked.

Men and women have ideas, this is natural, but Maya Tang actually watches movies, reads books, and spends every night?

“Don’t you do anything else alone?” The beautiful friend pointed out, with an expression you understand.

Maya Tang didn’t understand what she meant, so she nodded.

Several beautiful friends looked at each other a few times, and laughed as you know. Everyone is a woman, best friend, and there is no problem talking about these.

It turns out that Maya Tang still has other ways to “relieve boredom”.

“What are you laughing at? This smile…” Maya Tang was stunned, and then she understood what her friend meant. She shook her head speechlessly, “No, I didn’t do what you thought. If I don’t watch movies or read books, then Can exercise and learn.” Indeed, Maya Tang is at home alone, will enrich her life, study, this is Maya Tang’s favorite thing to do, she likes fighting, she learns to fight.

Exercise, running, boxing, and various fighting methods can keep her young.

A few of my friends are speechless. If this kind of thing is said by a few of them, they will definitely not believe it, but Maya Tang said it, they believe it!

Absolute letter!


They knew Maya Tang’s character and they also knew the difference!

Because the simplest difference is that several of them are the same age as Maya Tang, and one of them is even three years younger than Maya Tang.

However, Maya Tang looks much younger than them. In addition to her natural appearance, this is exercise!

Exercising makes Maya Tang’s skin delicate and perfect, without any wrinkles, and looks beautiful without makeup.

These friends are totally incomparable in this respect.

Without strong restraint, it is impossible to achieve this.

So what Maya Tang said is true. Apart from reading, she may be exercising.

In other words, Maya Tang has always spent this way.

“Maya Tang, I have served you, let us, one day

If you don’t ask your boyfriend to do something, you will feel uncomfortable, but you are fine…You are really like a saint!

“A few beautiful friends feel sorry for Maya Tang, how can you do this? “Maya Tang, how did you do it?”

“Yes, say it quickly.”

A few beautiful friends twittered. “Be at peace, just have your own things to do, and you can sleep if you have nothing to do.”

“Maya Tang said with a smile. Several beautiful friends looked at each other! “Then Maya Tang, I ask you, are you still… the same as when you were a kid?”

That is, you know what I mean, that’s…” Maya Tang was speechless, her friends were really, “refused to answer.

“Cut, you must be intact, I’m sure.”

“I dare,” Maya Tang collapsed a little bit, “Stop talking, yes, I still.”

“That’s right, Maya Tang has no boyfriend, let her keep it till now. Several beautiful friends are shocked, no boyfriend, and no nightlife? How did you spend this? “Maya Tang, you don’t have a boyfriend, then You are thirty, there is always someone you like?

“Yeah, it’s impossible not to have it, Maya Tang must be like jade for the one she likes in her heart.”

“A few beautiful friends asked Maya Tang expectantly. Maya Tang was silent for a moment. Like it? Yes, doesn’t I just like Abe Zhang?? “Haha, finally right, Maya Tang actually has someone he likes, say ah, I want to know Who is this happy man, let us all like the saint in our hearts.

“Who is it?”


“Maya Tang, why don’t you speak?”

” “No way?

“What will not?”

“I have never seen Maya Tang with other men. This man didn’t appear, and Maya Tang didn’t introduce us to a few. Maya Tang is unrequited love, this is a secret love!”

” “impossible?

Maya Tang still needs a crush?


In a word, people who chase Maya Tang can go abroad!

“A few beautiful friends are shocked! In their hearts, Maya Tang is the most beautiful woman, so perfect, still need a crush? What a happy man is this to make a woman like Maya Tang fall in love? This is simply incredible! Maya Tang, isn’t it?

Do you really have a crush on someone?

Don’t worry, we won’t say anything,” several beautiful friends asked carefully. Maya Tang looked at a few friends. Although these friends had a messy private life, they were absolutely good people in terms of personality. She was silent for a while and nodded slightly. “Yes.

Several beautiful friends looked at each other and didn’t speak for a long time. Because they were so shocked! “Maya Tang, who is this person?”

” “I.

I don’t want to say,” Maya Tang shook her head, feeling sad, what’s the use of saying it? When Tina Li made the match, she didn’t think about it, but waited for her to think.

, There is no chance, I missed this opportunity.

“Hey, Maya Tang, does this man like you?” Maya Tang shook her head, “I don’t like it.” Yes, she knew that Abe Zhang and herself were together every day, but Abe Zhang looked at her in all his eyes, I don’t like what I have at all, some just respect.

So this is like?


Even if she doesn’t have a look she likes, it’s all respect. Thinking of this, Maya Tang feels sad, is she too old?

Don’t Abe Zhang?

Or is Abe Zhang always treating himself as an elder?

It should be the latter!

“Why? It’s men who like you? My boyfriend was so stunned when he saw you last time…” My friend was particularly confused.

“Maya Tang, have you ever told him?” “No.” Maya Tang shook her head.

“Why didn’t you tell him? Even though I told him, this is chasing backwards, but you like it, what does it matter? Tell him,” “Yes, Maya Tang, you tell him that you are the most beautiful in our hearts Goddess, I said, the person you like will be so excited to cry,” This is absolute. Such a super goddess has a crush on him, so she must wake up before she sleeps?


“No.” Maya Tang shook her head sadly, how could it be?

Let’s not say whether I can say the words that I like you. Now that I say it, there is only Olena Jiang in Abe Zhang, and he doesn’t like him at all.

Having said that, it will only embarrass the relationship between himself and him!

“Why not?” “He doesn’t like me,” Maya Tang said sadly.

A few close friends once again looked at each other.

“Why? Don’t be sad, Maya Tang, you are so beautiful, and the person you like will definitely like you,” “Yes, Maya Tang, you have to believe in yourself. We have many people like them. Boyfriends can choose whatever they like. People you like will like you crazy one day!” Several friends comforted.

Maya Tangen said, sadly thinking, will this happen?


He respects himself so much, will he think in the direction he likes?

He is so innocent… will he?

The more Maya Tang thought about it, the more sad she became. At this time, her emotions broke out, and she especially wanted to tell Abe Zhang that you kissed me and I like you.

However, Maya Tang is a sensible person. How can she do such impulsive things that she can’t do?

“Stop talking,” Maya Tang saw Abe Zhang and Olena Jiang finally come out. Of course, a few friends shut up, but seeing Olena Jiang’s real body, their eyes were also amazing.

Compared with Maya Tang, Olena Jiang is simply not letting go!

Body, appearance, and temperament, completely side by side.

No wonder,

When I just said that when I introduced my girlfriend to Abe Zhang, Maya Tang would say no, and indeed no, this woman is too beautiful, who can introduce it?

Unless Maya Tang comes in person, is this possible?

Does Maya Tang have a favorite?

Not to mention Abe Zhang’s elders.

Therefore, they did not think about that in their hearts. The person who thinks that Maya Tang has a crush is Abe Zhang… “Sure enough, Abe Zhang’s girlfriend is beautiful!” “Yes, she is really in good shape, and I am afraid that only Maya Tang can compare it. It’s perfect.” “Seeing that the two of them look different, they absolutely love each other. They are both talented and female. They are a perfect match! Several beautiful friends expressed their opinions in surprise, like a needle piercing Maya Tang’s heart. Sad, but yes, the two of them are very good and very good.

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