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Chapter 486

warns you! Abe Zhang and Olena Jiang came over. Maya Tang’s friends are curiously asking what their names are? Of course Abe Zhang Introduced, Olena Jiang now has a different temperament. Because of the killer, she has confidence and calmness wherever she goes. She smiled calmly, and when she saw Maya Tang, she nodded gratefully, Maya Tang knew she was a killer. But she helped herself to hide it from Abe Zhang. She was very grateful for this, Maya Tang smiled and did not speak. She liked Olena Jiang in her heart. If it wasn’t for the conflict between Olena Jiang and Tina Li, she would teach it herself Olena Jiang’s fighting and various assassination methods are all okay, because Olena Jiang is Abe Zhang’s favorite. This reason is enough for Maya Tang to do this. This can make the relationship between the two people become Even better, but, she can’t do this, how can she teach Olena Jiang and let Olena Jiang finally assassinate Tina Li? This is not allowed. Unless Olena Jiang and Tina Li reconcile, but it is possible “The banquet has begun, let’s eat together, so hungry!”

“Everyone found a place to sit down. Abe Zhang finally had a meal with Olena Jiang, so I felt like eating a couple’s meal, and I was envious of others. A few beautiful friends were talking about it, saying it’s so affectionate. Maya Tang ate silently. She didn’t say a word, but felt that when Abe Zhang looked at her with respect, she would raise her head and smile in response. At other times, she would lower her head to eat, not eat much, or even have no appetite at all, but So what? Don’t eat? That’s not good, it will affect Abe Zhang. Maya Tang buried everything in her heart, deeply buried, she knew everything about friends, Olena Jiang, did not feel anything The abnormality… The meal was over, and the gift was delivered long ago. Maya Tang went to greet today’s protagonist with a few friends and was ready to go back. Abe Zhang went to the bathroom, and Olena Jiang was waiting at the door. “Hi, beautiful

Girl, is your husband who just went in?

“A magnetic voice came. Olena Jiang frowned. She turned to see that Master Zeng was coming. What did he want to do? “Yes,” Olena Jiang said coldly. Master Zeng had been in other places just now, adding There were too many people on this scene, so I didn’t see Abe Zhang, Olena Jiang and Maya Tang together! “Beautiful, you like to deceive people,” Young Master Zeng smiled and was handsome. When he came just now, he paid more attention. Looking at Olena Jiang’s legs, he was more sure of his own analysis. The beauty in front of him was still intact. Then, how could the man just now be the husband of this beauty? There is no real relationship between husband and wife, at most it is acquaintance. This beauty really took great pains to get her attention! “A lie?

What did I lie to you?


“Olena Jiang asked indifferently, I lied to him? No, Abe Zhang was originally his husband, and he didn’t hide it, so where did he lie? Of course, Master Zeng would not say this. He just smiled, “Hello , Can you give a chance to meet?


Thank you for helping me. What do you want?

I can give you money, you say the number, and I will give it to you,” Olena Jiang’s mother is controlling the Zhao family, money is not a problem. She doesn’t want to have another relationship with other men. “Money?

Do you think I will be short of money?

“Young Master Zeng smiled so meaningfully. He is a member of the four big families! How could it be short of money! This woman is interesting, she is telling herself that you are close to yourself and attract your attention, not for money? Ha ha , It’s interesting, and something new! Master Zeng is smiling in his heart. “You are not lacking, but between me and you, I can only thank you so much.

“Olena Jiang is indifferent. “You don’t need money to thank you. You can invite me to dinner. You can invite me to a meal,” Zeng Shaoye said handsomely. “No, I won’t invite you to dinner. Give me the card number and I will transfer the money to you.

“Hehe,” Young Master Zeng smiled, this is lust and indulgence, a bit interesting. “That’s not necessary, anyway, do you owe me favor?”

“Young Master Zeng smiled. Olena Jiang frowned. This Young Master Zeng did help herself. Olena Jiang couldn’t deny it. Helping means helping. But Olena Jiang hates this man, but these are two different things. “You don’t.” speak?

“Yes, I owe you favors, but I can only give you money, less than five million,” Olena Jiang said. “Haha, five million?”

“The money, Master Zeng would never even look at it. “Anyway, you owe me favors. That’s it for today. Goodbye.” After speaking, Master Zeng left. “Wait!

“Olena Jiang said coldly. Master Zeng stopped.

Come down, turn around.

“Is there anything? You want to invite me to dinner now?” “I tell you, you can ask me for money anytime, but if you want other things, I will make you regret it!” Olena Jiang said clearly, the man’s eyes, She is particularly uncomfortable.

“Regret? Haha, beauty, you are really interesting.” Young Master Zeng smiled slightly.

“It’s not interesting, don’t mess with me!” “It’s because of your husband?” “Yes, it’s because of my husband,” Olena Jiang nodded coldly. At that time, she and Abe Zhang slept separately, from junior high school, high school, to university, There have been too many people chasing after her, and she hasn’t responded to anything. Now that she has established a relationship with Abe Zhang, how could she care about other men?


This is impossible.

“Let my husband know, you will regret it even more.” Olena Jiang warned.

“Hehe, beauty, you are so humorous, well, I won’t say it today, goodbye, remember what you said, you owe me a favor!” Master Zeng smiled and left.

He got in the car, and the driver asked, “Master, that woman…” “Interesting.” “Master, do you need someone to follow her?” The driver asked vigilantly.

“No, this kind of woman is just playing tricks with me, she will appear in front of me by herself.” The driver did not speak, yes, Master Zeng is so charming, women are all crazy, and never slipped through the net. , This woman is no exception.

“Drive!” Master Zeng saw his eyes and found that Abe Zhang and Olena Jiang were walking together. He closed his eyes, but there was a bit of sarcasm at the corner of his mouth… “Wife, why are you looking bad? ?” Abe Zhang came out of the toilet and saw Olena Jiang’s face full of coldness. What happened?

“It’s okay, husband.” Olena Jiang shook his head, why is he angry for such a man?

Abe Zhang said in Olena Jiang’s ear, Olena Jiang blushed, “Okay, go home with you, listen to you, I will do what you say, little bad guy…” Abe Zhang was in How could Olena Jiang be assured of Abe Zhang after being assassinated by someone other than Black Rose?

She came to the capital to find Abe Zhang, and she would definitely go home with Abe Zhang!

Abe Zhang feels happy.

“Cer, we can go back now,” Maya Tang had finished greeting today’s protagonist Miss Yan, and she came out.

“Okay, Aunt Tang,” Abe Zhangrtainly had no objection. The three of them got into the car.

Maya Tang drove two people back.

Got home,.

Maya Tang said to Abe Zhang, “Cer, you sleep at ease. I sleep in my room. Call me if you have anything, you know?” Maya Tang felt sad. She wanted Abe Zhang to sleep on her lap. She watched Abe Zhang sleep. It would be very interesting, but not anymore. She seemed to be pushing her beloved out.

“Good.” Abe Zhang felt

Well, Maya Tang has been taking care of herself recently, and she must be tired too, so let her rest well!

Maya Tang smiled softly, watching Abe Zhang and Olena Jiang enter a room, her beautiful eyes were sullen, she sighed, and walked around outside, confirming that there was no danger before she returned to the room.

She couldn’t sleep, reading books or watching movies didn’t work, and her heart was confused. She sighed. At this time, Abe Zhang and Olena Jiang should be doing something.

Maya Tang had no other feelings, no other thoughts, just feeling sad, she took out the cat mask, and slowly, she smiled and remembered what happened outside the bar that day.

“Cer, you kiss, I really like it…” Maya Tang smiled unconsciously, but when she recovered, her heart became even more sad…

Chapter 487

One Hundred Billion! Maya Tang was sad in the room.

Olena Jiang lay on Abe Zhang’s heart and said, “Husband, what have you done recently?” Olena Jiang must tell Abe Zhang about someone trying to kill Abe Zhang.

Asking this question, Abe Zhang didn’t conceal much. Olena Jiang was shocked when he talked about the Qian family’s affairs recently. Then it shouldn’t be the Qian family who secretly contacted the killer organization, so who would it be?

“Husband, you are more dangerous recently, I want to follow you,” Olena Jiang is very serious, she feels more and more strange, who is this person?

“Follow me?” Of course Abe Zhang is willing, but it is still more dangerous to follow himself.

The recent Black Rose, as well as Lord Li, have to kill themselves.

“Yes, follow.” Olena Jiang looked at Abe Zhang seriously.

Must follow!

Abe Zhang was moved and couldn’t help but say something in Olena Jiang’s ear. Olena Jiang blushed after hearing this, “Little bad guy…I belong to you, you are alone. What you want me to do, I will What do you do, but my problem with your mother has not been resolved, I can’t give it all to you, husband, will you be angry?” Olena Jiang is also getting more and more entangled, one side is the death of his father, and the other is growing up together. Abe Zhang’s grudge against her is going to be reported, but Abe Zhang…she doesn’t want to hurt a bit, even a little bit.

So what should I do?

Too tangled.

Abe Zhang embraced her, Abe Zhangrtainly knew Olena Jiang’s pressure, so Abe Zhang has not been married to Olena Jiang for so long.

This is to respect Olena Jiang and not to put too much pressure on her.

But Abe Zhang sighed, what will happen to Olena Jiang afterwards?


This Abe Zhang didn’t know it himself, anyway, what he knew was that neither his mother nor Olena Jiang wanted any harm to either of them.

Abe Zhang knew that he was selfish, but what could be done?

Both were silent. Olena Jiang didn’t want Abe Zhang to be unhappy. She whispered, “Husband,

Little villain, do I need to do anything?

Abe Zhang looked at her and sighed. Olena Jiang was tender, “I promise, before I do anything to your mother, I will definitely tell you, absolutely, can I promise?”

Of course Abe Zhang believed, sighed in his heart, but smiled. Olena Jiang kissed Abe Zhang, “That’s right, husband, little villain.

Olena Jiang blushed and looked at Abe Zhang. Only Abe Zhang can make her like this. She would never look at other men. Abe Zhang hasn’t been with Olena Jiang for a long time. Olena Jiang is now It really cooperates with Abe Zhang. As long as Abe Zhang says, Olena Jiang will definitely cooperate. With such a wife, what else do you want? One night passed. The morning smelled the fragrance. This is Maya Tang making breakfast. Two people get up, Abe Zhang was so happy last night that she had no choice but to have a good wife. When the two went out, Maya Tang saw that they were in good spirits. She must have been in good spirits last night. She was sad that she didn’t have it last night, and she won’t because Abe Zhang and Olena Jiang are together, and she has the idea of ​​a woman, but she doesn’t. She just didn’t sleep much all night, just watched movies all the time, read books when bored, or just exercise. She never felt that a night was so difficult. But Maya Tang has no other thoughts besides being sad. She is even more jealous. Maya Tang is a gentle woman who will not be jealous of others, and will not do anything to hurt Abe Zhang and Olena Jiang’s relationship. Yes. She will bury this sadness in her heart and keep burying it… Seeing Abe Zhang and Olena Jiang have finished their breakfast, she went to clean up and kept smiling all the time. When they arrived in the kitchen, Abe Zhang and Olena Jiang were no longer there. , Her beautiful eyes are bleak… At this moment, Olena Jiang walked in, “Aunt Tang,” she could only call like Abe Zhang. “Well, what’s the matter?

“Maya Tang smiled slightly. Olena Jiang closed the kitchen door. Maya Tang looked surprised and put down the bowl in her hand. She asked seriously, “You didn’t come here suddenly, right?”

“I… received a homicide mission with a reward of 100 million yuan.”

“Olena Jiang said bluntly. Maya Tang knew she was a killer, so she didn’t need to hide it. “A hundred million yuan in reward?”

That’s great, wait, who are you killing?


“Maya Tang looked surprised. Olena Jiang was silent. Maya Tang understood, “Are you here to kill Abe?”

No, you are here to protect Abe?

“En,” “So, someone paid a reward of 100 million yuan, is the one who wants to kill Abe?”

You took this order?

“Yes, I took it.”

“Maya Tang has a cold light on her beautiful eyes. She knows the rules of the killer organization, and she certainly can’t ask, but there are people who kill Abe Zhang at such a low price? Yes, for Abe Zhang’s life, 100 million is too low. Maya Tang thought What happened,

“Then you are not breaking the rules of the killer?” “My husband is more important than anything,” Maya Tang looked at Olena Jiang again, she was a little relieved, at least, even if Olena Jiang had hatred with Tina Li, But Olena Jiang still knew that Abe Zhang was innocent.

“Well, I know,” Maya Tang will be more vigilant, but Olena Jiang is a killer. There is a time limit for killing. During this time, except for Olena Jiang, the killer organization will not let other killers come. Kill Abe Zhang, so this period of time is considered safe.

Can fully solve the black rose.

Olena Jiang felt a little relieved, “Auntie Tang, thank you for taking care of Abe Zhang during this time.” “It should be.” Maya Tang smiled.

Olena Jiang went out, Maya Tang’s beautiful eyes flickered, who was it?

In the next few days, Olena Jiang and Abe Zhang have been inseparable. It was not until last night that Maya Tang was too tired to fall asleep and fell asleep. She dreamed of the kiss outside the bar. After the kiss, the two people chatted and kept talking. Maya Tang liked this dream and she didn’t want to wake up… Qian Yueying was shocked. Suddenly her mobile phone had a stranger’s number and she wanted to add WeChat. She added it, but the other party sent one. Smiling face, when Qian Yueying couldn’t figure it out.

This person sent a series of photos, his own photos!

Qian Yueying was angry at once, Ouyang Fei!


She went over and answered the voice call. The other party was Ouyang Fei, but when it was connected, Ouyang Fei smiled jokingly.

“What do you want to do?” Qian Yueying was angry. The thing she didn’t want to see the most happened was that Ouyang Fei still had too many photos, the key is that there were videos… Ouyang Fei, but to no avail, this Ouyang Fei seemed to be missing and could not be found. She became more and more panicked, worried that her photos would spread.

Looking now, Qian Yueying panicked and angry!

She must know what Ouyang Fei was doing when she sent the photos, which was blackmailing herself.

“Haha, Qian Yueying, why are you so angry? The photos I took of you, do you think they are artistic? Haha, I think they are. Your figure is so good that I am the envy of a woman. How do you take care of it? Yes? What do you eat?” Ouyang Fei sneered, but she really envied Qian Yueying’s figure.

“You are shameless! What do you want to do? Say!!!” Qian Yueying was extremely angry. Such a photo of herself was taken by such a woman. She regretted how she didn’t choke Ouyang Fei that day!

“Nothing, I think, you are so good, it seems not good for me to appreciate it alone. So, I decided to let more people appreciate and appreciate you Qian Yueying, the four major families, among the Qian family The most beautiful woman’s body, do you think

how about it?

“Ouyang Fei said with a sneer. She was so happy that she thought this revenge was too interesting. “How much is it!”


“Qian Yueying word for word! “Hehe, you are so refreshing, then you have changed my mind, well, I don’t want too much, 100 billion!”


Ouyang Fei said excitedly. “What?


“Qian Yueying is angry, 100 billion? This Ouyang Fei can really say it! Because of Abe Zhang, many industries need a lot of funds to fill the vacancies. The 100 billion can of course be easily used in the past, but now In this situation, the Qian family can’t afford much money at all! Ouyang Fei’s lion opened her mouth to this point. Her ambitions are too great!! “Why are you so surprised and angry?

You scared me, so I want to spread your photos, hehe, you big beauty, many people want to see you…” Ouyang Fei sneered haha!

Chapter 488

A Careless “Don’t ! “Qian Yueying is angry, embarrassed, and painful! She has always been very conservative in this regard. If her photos are spread out in this way, how will she be a person? Where is the face of the Qian family? Qian Yueying has suffered too much before. The painful pressure is gone, and finally because of Abe Zhang’s forgiveness, the painful pressure is gone, but now, the pain is reappearing. With such a bad degree, Qian Yueying now wants to kill someone! “No?

Haha, don’t say it is useless, you have to take action!

One hundred billion, one point cannot be less!

“Ouyang Fei laughed. One’s confidence comes from strength! During this period of time, Black Rose’s training for her, Ouyang Fei has improved a lot. It can be said that in terms of cruelty, it has surpassed Black Rose, who just became a killer. It’s cruel and powerful, so this is the reason Ouyang Fei can speak loudly! “Do you think I can spend so much money now?”

“Qian Yueying said coldly. “This is your problem, one hundred billion, one piece can’t be less!

“The current situation of my Qian’s family can’t afford so much money at all!”

“Hehe, are you deaf, or are you crazy?”

I said, this is your business, anyway, I want so much money!

“Ouyang Fei feels happy that he can’t give out so much money, so your Qian family is bankrupt, and Ouyang Fei is even more happy! Who told you Qian Yueying to beat me back then? This is what you deserve! you you!


“Qian Yueying was trembling with anger! “Hey, let me post a few more photos to stimulate you. That night, I took a lot of photos. Come on, let you see how you feel about yourself. What?


Ouyang Fei posted a photo, but accidentally, she clicked on a photo of Black Rose

And sent it… Qian Yueying saw her own photos being sent one by one, she felt a shame!

She was so angry that she was about to faint. Suddenly, she was stunned, and subconsciously clicked on the last photo. Is this person not herself?

This is a foreign big beauty with the best figure, is this also taken by Ouyang Fei?


Yes, this foreign beauty seems to be in a coma, her eyes closed, and more importantly, this beauty has injuries on her body, but this beauty is still holding a gun in her hand… Who is this woman?

Qian Yueying was subconsciously puzzled, but felt disgusted. This Ouyang Fei was really frantic, and she actually took pictures of a wounded woman!

How many photos did Ouyang Fei take?

Qian Yueying saved it subconsciously regardless of other things. She felt that this photo might be useful. If she could find the woman in this photo, would it be useful?

… “I C, I sent it wrong!!” Ouyang Fei saw that she actually posted a black rose photo. She quickly withdrew and withdrew the photo, she was relieved, but she didn’t know, here Qian Yueying has already saved… “Give you a day to think about it! Otherwise, men all over the world can appreciate you! I’m happy to give men all over the world this wonderful welfare…” Ouyang Fei hung up the voice call .


Black Rose knocked on the door, “Are you still getting up? Training!” “Okay, right away, right away!” Ouyang Fei took the phone and put on clothes and went out.

Seeing the indifferent Black Rose, she was thinking in her heart, to make you proud. When my strength surpasses you, I will use the same method to ask you Black Rose to give me all the money, or send your photos out and let the whole The world appreciates what the world’s number one female killer is like!


Ouyang Fei followed Black Rose to train, and she was also willing to train. In fact, after Ouyang Fei came back, she would train herself alone. She wanted to strengthen herself so that all men would be trampled underfoot.

Here, Qian Yueying is sitting on the ground, one hundred billion, she can’t get it now. What’s more, if so much money is made, what if Ouyang Fei still has a base map?

So isn’t it endlessly blackmailed?

Qian Yueying felt hopeless again, what should she do?

The Qian family can’t afford so much money.

When I thought that my photos would be seen by many people, I was desperate, sad, and ashamed, and Qian Yueying secretly shed tears, tears rain pear blossoms, arousing love.

“Mom, what’s wrong with you?” Her daughter found out and ran over to care.

“Mom’s okay, be good, go and play by yourself.” Qian Yueying wiped her tears, but couldn’t stop it.

She has no choice.

I tried to find Ouyang Fei, but I couldn’t find it!

“Mom, did you encounter something?


You can go to that uncle to help you,” the daughter said seriously. “Look for Abe Zhang?

“Qian Yueying feels sad, looking for him, how can he help herself with this? “Yes, find uncle, he will help you, uncle is a good person,” Qian Yueying knew Abe Zhang is a good person, but Abe Zhang I just forgave myself, why should I look for him? “Well, mom knows, you go play.

“The daughter was obedient and went to study by herself, Qian Yueying hugged her tightly, “Hey, mom, go out, you have to be good, you know?

“Well, I’ll be obedient.”

“Daughter is cute. Qian Yueying is reluctant to give up. Qian Yueying went out in confusion. She can’t tell the Qian family about it now. She is unwilling to say it to the Qian family. She drove out by herself, as if she was dreaming. Knowing where to go. Maybe she was thinking where to end herself. Unknowingly, she drove to a place, she stopped, she was astonished, why did she come here? She sighed and prepared to leave, inside When a car drove out, it was Maya Tang that brought Abe Zhang and Olena Jiang out. Qian Yueying lowered her head subconsciously, not daring to look, she shed tears sadly. “Cer, Qian Yueying’s car is over there. “Maya Tang found out. Abe Zhang took a look and he saw it, but what else did Qian Yueying come over for?? Didn’t you let her go? Olena Jiang looked over, “This woman is crying, why is she crying?”

She turned to look at Abe Zhang. Abe Zhang asked Zheng, “Wife, what do you see me doing?”

“Little villain, what do you think?”

“Olena Jiang said in Abe Zhang’s ear, she felt a little sour in her heart. Abe Zhang collapsed. At this time, Qian Yueying got out of the car with courage. She had no choice but to find Abe Zhang. Her eyes were red and swollen and came over, “Tang, I’m sorry, can I chat with Mr. Zhang alone?

She saw Olena Jiang in the car. She was wondering, who was this beauty? She was so beautiful. Maya Tang was unwilling, because this woman overruled a man, she didn’t want Abe Zhang to have too much contact, but Qian Yueying cried so pitifully, Maya Tang moved her compassion! “Cer, are you willing?”

“Maya Tang asked Abe Zhang. Abe Zhang glanced at Qian Yueying, but he had no choice but to get out of the car. If he didn’t get out, Qian Yueying would definitely be wasting time. When he stepped aside, Qian Yueying said with a sigh of relief.” Thank you Mr. Zhang for giving me this opportunity.

“What’s the matter?”

I have to go out.

Abe Zhang was expressionless. “Me, me.”

” “Say!

“Abe Zhang is indifferent. Qian Yueying cried, as if being wronged, “Mr. Zhang, I’m sorry, can I ask you to help me?”

“Between the two of us, can you still ask me to help?”

Abe Zhang looked at her. “I

I know, I know, I can’t help it, it’s really gone.

“Qian Yueying cried and became even more pitiful. Abe Zhang didn’t say a word, so he looked at her like that. “Me, Ouyang Fei sent me a photo to blackmail me. I don’t have that much money.

“Qian Yueying said grievingly. “So, you want me to pay to help you buy your photos?”

“Abe Zhang is indifferent. This Qian Yueying has a peculiar mind, how did he think of herself? “No, Mr. Zhang has great powers. I want to trouble Mr. Zhang to find her for me, okay?”


Qian Yueying begged. Abe Zhang was expressionless. I didn’t expect Ouyang Fei to have the guts to blackmail Qian Yueying. Is this stupid? “How much do you blackmail?”

” “One hundred billion.

“Qian Yueying cried even harder. Abe Zhang was stunned. Where did Ouyang Fei come from? Extorting so much money? Abe Zhang rubbed his nose strangely. “Mr. Zhang, this Ouyang Fei also photographed many other women.” She had a premeditated picture,” “Oh?

Also took pictures of other people?


“Abe Zhang became interested. This Ouyang Fei is amazing. In addition to Qian Yueying, he actually photographed other people?

Chapter 489

is stunned (3,000 words) “I don’t know,” Qian Yueying certainly doesn’t. Now, she has never been in contact with murder organizations, and even more so has never seen Black Rose. “Then how do you know?

“Abe Zhang looked at her. “When Ouyang Fei sent me a photo, she accidentally sent another one. Look, Mr. Zhang.” Qian Yueying took out the phone, found the first saved photo, and handed it to I took a look at Abe Zhang. Abe Zhang glanced at it, and subconsciously felt weird. The woman in this photo is actually Black Rose? What’s the situation? Ouyang Fei is actually with Black Rose? Is this possible?? Abe Zhang is a little confused. Oh, Ouyang Fei’s method is really clever, even the black rose photos can be taken, how did this take it? At the very least, Black Rose will definitely not cooperate with Ouyang Fei, then…Abe Zhang looks at the photos, Black Rose is injured? So, Ouyang Fei seized this opportunity to take it?? If she showed this photo to Maya Tang, Olena Jiang and the others, they would be stunned… Abe Zhang Laughing, Black Rose, you are also the number one killer, and you will be taken photos like this by a woman like Ouyang Fei. If you know Black Rose, do you have to vomit blood? Qian Yueying is surprised, why Abe Zhang laughed? A photo of a foreign beauty, so he laughs? It should not be. How could he not have a foreign woman because he is so powerful? Then the reason for the laugh is that Abe Zhang knows the foreign beauty in this photo? “Send this photo to me ,” Abe Zhang said. “Okay,” Qian Yueying received

If you have a mobile phone, send it using WeChat.

Abe Zhang took a look and put the phone away.

“Mr. Zhang, can you help me find this Ouyang Fei? Please,” Qian Yueying begged, she had no other way.

Abe Zhang didn’t want to be nosy, after all, he is not a mother b*tch, a woman crying in front of her, should she help her?


Abe Zhang couldn’t do it, but Ouyang Fei was able to take photos of the black rose, so it shows a problem. If you find Ouyang Fei, it means you can find the black rose!

Abe Zhang can understand why Black Rose has not appeared recently, it turned out to be injured.

“Please,” Qian Yueying shed tears.

“What are you crying for?” Abe Zhang frowned.

Qian Yueying wiped her tears, “I’m sorry.” Abe Zhang was in Qian Yueying’s heart, and she could really scare her. What’s more, Abe Zhang didn’t help, she didn’t know who to look for!

I couldn’t find anyone to help me, and I couldn’t spend so much money. In the end, I can only say that my photos will be seen by many people.

“Mr. Zhang, I know it’s hard to be strong, but my photos will be seen by others, me, I…” “I also watched it.” Abe Zhang is indifferent.

“You, you can see it.” Qian Yueying felt ashamed, but there was no way. Abe Zhang watched it. She bit her lip and said, “But other men will watch it too. Please, I don’t want to be like this.” Don’t cry, wait here!” Abe Zhang finished speaking and walked to the car.

Qian Yueying nodded aggrievedly and wiped away her tears, “Okay, I’m waiting for you.” She herself felt incredible. Now she is crying in front of a seven or eight-year-old boy?


Abe Zhang walked over and showed the photo to Maya Tang and Olena Jiang saw it.

The two of them were stunned, their expressions were very stunned.

“Husband, where did you get it?” Olena Jiang was stunned, what’s the situation?

This is a photo of Black Rose!

“Cer, you…” Maya Tang was also stunned, she was surprised, how did she get it?


“Hey, Ouyang Fei blackmailed Qian Yueying and sent Qian Yueying’s picture. He accidentally sent the picture of Black Rose.” Abe Zhang said.

Olena Jiang and Maya Tang looked at each other.

Ouyang Fei, they have both met, but the two of them are surprised. How does this Ouyang Fei achieve this?


“Then this Ouyang Fei black rose together?” Olena Jiang analyzed it.

“It should be, otherwise you can’t take pictures, but how can this girl be like this? The method of taking pictures of women is really… hard to say.” Maya Tang was a little bit dumbfounded.

This she, she definitely can’t do such a thing, everyone is a woman, is it necessary to do it so sly?


Maya Tang looks down on this

This girl is so vicious at her young age!

Olena Jiang was relatively speechless, “How many pictures of people did this Ouyang Fei take?” If this is encountered by herself again, she will definitely teach her a lesson!

As a woman, insulting a woman so much, is this a thing done by man?

“I don’t know this, anyway, be careful, especially you two,” Abe Zhang is serious!

If Ouyang Fei took pictures of Olena Jiang and Maya Tang, Abe Zhang would not hack her to death!

Maya Tang smiled softly. She is not stupid. She is caring, but she won’t have it for anyone. How could someone take a photo?


Most people can’t get close to her.

Unless Abe Zhang wants to shoot, this…impossible, Maya Tang is not such a person, nor is Abe Zhang.

Olena Jiang may have been confused before, but now it is impossible. As long as a woman like Ouyang Fei appears now, Olena Jiang will be vigilant!

“But women like Black Rose have been filmed, Ouyang Fei still has this method!” Abe Zhang said.

“Well, we will be careful.” Maya Tang smiled.

Olena Jiang nodded, “What do you mean now, husband?” “Ouyang Fei blackmailed Qian Yueying, so there is a way to show her, she has appeared, it shouldn’t be difficult to find the black rose.” Olena Jiang, Maya Tang was quiet for a few seconds, and Maya Tang nodded, “En, Abe, you can think about it. Let Qian Yueying give me the phone, and I will check the location of Ouyang Fei.” She returned the phone to Abe Zhang, Abe Zhang I was thinking, what would she think if Black Rose saw this photo and it was in her own hands?


Abe Zhang walked over, Qian Yueying was nervous, her lips were about to be bitten, and she said, “Mr. Zhang.” The voice was particularly aggrieved and restrained.

“Give me the phone, and I will ask Aunt Tang to locate Ouyang Fei for you.” Abe Zhang said.

“Thank you Mr. Zhang,” Qian Yueying was pleasantly surprised, and she hurriedly took out her mobile phone.

Abe Zhang took it, “Don’t thank me, I didn’t help you.” To be honest, Abe Zhang would not help Qian Yueying at all without the photos of Black Rose.

“Is it because of the foreign woman just now?” Qian Yueying was right in his own analysis, and Abe Zhang really knew the foreign beauty in the photo.

Abe Zhang nodded.

“Thank you, Mr. Zhang, especially.” Qian Yueying lowered her head, feeling lucky that she saved this photo fortunately.

“What can you thank me for? Thank you all day long,” Abe Zhang looked at her blankly.

“I…” Qian Yueying bit her lip, feeling ashamed and speechless, “Mr. Zhang, I still said that. I am willing to listen to Mr. Zhang, and I really want to listen.” “No need.” Abe Zhang shrugged. The phone is given to Maya Tang. He doesn’t need this. Qian Yueying is beautiful, good-looking, obedient, and sometimes very poor. This is good, but Abe Zhang doesn’t need it.


Qian Yueying bowed her head, she sighed, Abe Zhang was too oppressive, and Qian Yueying couldn’t help it. How could she be thankful?

No one lacks anything.

In fact, Qian Yueying knew what Abe Zhang didn’t want to do to herself. She meant to work for Abe Zhang.

Maya Tang opened WeChat and saw Qian Yueying’s photo. She sighed. This Ouyang Fei is hateful. She did so while others were asleep.

She sent Ouyang Fei’s WeChat account to a person and said, “Find out where this person is!!” “Cer, okay, you return the phone to Qian Yueying.” Maya Tang smiled and sent it out. .

Abe Zhang took it and walked over to Qian Yueying.

“Thank you,” Qian Yueying accepted the phone, and she was nervous, “Ouyang Fei said that I would give me one day to think about it.” “I see,” Abe Zhang said. How could Maya Tang’s strength still be unable to locate Ouyang Fei’s position using WeChat? What?


“You go back and wait for the news,” Abe Zhang was about to get into the car.

Qian Yueying bit her lip, “Wait.” Abe Zhang frowned.

“I mean, I am willing to work for you, Mr. Zhang,” Qian Yueying said. She thought it was nothing before, but this time Abe Zhang gave hope to despair. This must be thanked.

“Work for me?” Abe Zhang touched his nose. Qian Yueying’s strength is still good. If he works for herself, she can still work, but Aunt Tang will definitely not agree.

“Yes, just as Mr. Zhang ordered. I am willing to do everything. Thank you Mr. Zhang for this help.” Qian Yueying knew that Du Peixin was the same, so you can do it yourself!

“No, I don’t want me to contact you more, I don’t want to be unlucky,” Abe Zhang said bluntly.

Qian Yueying’s body trembled. This gram man was the biggest pain in her life. When others said this, she would turn her face, but Abe Zhang said that her tears came out all at once. Qian Yueying bit her lips and eyes. There were tears inside, which was really pitiful.

“I, if I don’t marry someone, I won’t be able to deny men. You don’t believe me at all. You don’t believe me, me,” Qian Yueying swallowed and was on the verge of an outbreak. “Mr. Zhang, I really Don’t kill men…” Abe Zhang was speechless. I said this sentence just now. I shouldn’t say that. It’s too much. Abe Zhang can only take comfort, “Okay, don’t cry,” “Well,” Qian Yueying convulsed, “Mr. Zhang can call me if he has any needs, then I will wait for the news.” Regardless of whether Abe Zhang uses himself or not, Qian Yueying has made this plan and repays his gratitude.

“All right,” Abe Zhang really couldn’t stand it anymore, and suddenly felt that this woman is really so pitiful. After all, she is married, and she has been single until now, raising a daughter by herself. How does she spend this time? of?

It must be stressful.

“Okay,” Qian Yueying

I got in the car and felt wronged. The sad tears could not stop. She cried in the car, and she was crying so hard in front of him.

Chapter 490

Locked Position! Qian Yueying saw Maya Tang drive Abe Zhang and Olena Jiang left. She stayed in the car for a while. She stopped crying and shedding tears. She wiped away the tears. She was worried that her photos would be distributed.

Abe Zhang.


I should be able to find Ouyang Fei!


Qian Yueying sighed and went back and waited for the news. She was going to drive back, but thinking of the last few disgusting words Abe Zhang said just now, her aggrieved and sad tears came out again.

Overcoming a man by yourself is not something you can choose!

This is born.

She stayed for a long time until she called from home, then she wiped away her tears and drove back hurriedly.

When she got home, she took care of the Qian’s affairs, dragging her exhausted body to find her daughter.

“Mom, did you go to find your uncle just now?” the daughter asked sensibly.

“Well, mom is looking for him,” “Will that uncle be willing to help mom?” “Yes,” Qian Yueying hugged her daughter.

“I just said, uncle is a good person,” the daughter was happy in her heart, and she continued in a low voice, “Mom, will you be with uncle?” “Don’t talk nonsense, no.” Qian Yueying shook her head. How is this possible?

He has no other feelings for him, and there is no feeling between men and women. Qian Yueying can still clearly know this.

If something happens to Abe Zhangzhen, it is also thankful, so staying with him can be said to be a deal.

He is so young that he can easily destroy the Zhao family and make his Qian family like this. Such a person himself is not worthy.

What’s more, he obviously dislikes himself, he has been crying in front of him recently, so he must think that he is a crying woman.

So this is impossible!

“Why not? Uncle is also a man. Men like beauties. Mom, you are a big beauty. So uncle must like mother.” The daughter asked innocently.

Of course she knew that her mother was beautiful, or that kind of beautiful and unbelievable. How could Abe Zhang not like it?

“That’s not the case. There are many beauties around him. His mother is nothing. Besides, his mother is not the same age as him, and his mother is almost his sister.” Qian Yueying put her arms around her daughter and relaxed a little.

However, having said that, how qualified is he to be his sister!

“But, I think my mother and uncle match well, and I want my uncle to be my father.” “Daughter, don’t talk nonsense,” Qian Yueying shook her head. My own daughter just likes to think everywhere.

This is impossible.

“But I think,” the daughter got in aggrieved.

Qian Yueying’s arms.

“Don’t think about it, mom alone is enough to support you, and you don’t need dad.” Qian Yueying comforted, as it was, she was used to sleeping at night without a man by her side.

What if you spend a lifetime like this?

Only occasionally I feel lonely, empty and cold, and when I get used to it, forbearance will pass. After all, if a person cannot live for a hundred years, how long can he live?

“Well, in fact, mother also likes uncle, right? Otherwise, I won’t go to uncle for help.” The daughter said innocently.

“Oh, good deed, don’t talk nonsense, okay?” Qian Yueying was speechless, her own daughter, really.

I couldn’t help it, so I went to find Abe Zhang!

She kissed her daughter, “Stop talking nonsense, let’s go to bed,” “When will my mother let my uncle sleep next to him?” Qian Yueying is going to be speechless by her daughter’s childish speech, so she really sleeps next to you. This girl is leaving too!

Oh, what are you thinking about?

Qian Yueying put her arms around her daughter, and began to worry whether Abe Zhang could find Ouyang Fei?

Get your own photo back?


… “Cer, the specific location of Ouyang Fei has been clearly located, I will go now.” Maya Tang said to Abe Zhang.

She has made it clear that she is a hundred kilometers away from here.

Abe Zhang and Olena Jiang look at each other!

The last time Black Rose made herself so miserable, she had to be caught and killed. Of course, she would not die so easily!


This woman must be exhausted and die of shame and anger!

“Okay, let me prepare. The strength of this black rose is very strong,” Maya Tang looked at Olena Jiang.

Of course Olena Jiang knew that if she hadn’t had Maya Tang last time, she would definitely have died.

In fact, Maya Tang’s preparation is to prepare the gun!

“You two, wait for me at home.” Maya Tang thought about going, but still didn’t want Abe Zhang to go, after all, it was too dangerous.

If you are not careful, you will be killed by Black Rose.

“Aunt Tang,” Abe Zhangrtainly didn’t want to. During this period of time, Maya Tang took care of herself in every possible way, and now she asked Maya Tang to face Black Rose alone?

How does this work?

Maya Tang was rather helpless. She couldn’t bear Abe Zhang’s eyes. How could she refuse?

“Well, you two can just follow, be careful!” Abe Zhang and Olena Jiang nodded.

Must be careful!

Maya Tang drove home to prepare the gun, and soon got home and was ready. Maya Tang drove to the locked place, Abe Zhang’s eyes were cold, black rose!


… Ouyang Fei and Black Rose completed their training today. Ouyang Fei returned to the room tiredly and continued to send messages to Qian Yueying, “Time is running out, how are you thinking about it? Give money, or want the world Do you see your body?” Qian Yueying panicked here, Abe Zhang has not found Ouyang


If you can’t find it, isn’t you?


She didn’t dare to startle the snake, “You let me think clearly, didn’t you give me one day?” “You gave you one day, but I suddenly changed my mind. I’ll give you another hour to consider and don’t give me money. You will be appreciated by men all over the world.” Ouyang Fei sneered.

It is also very interesting to play money around.

“One hundred billion, you let me think about it clearly!” “No, I didn’t think about it for too long, I guess, are you making people look for me? Haha!” Ouyang Fei sent it mockingly.

Qian Yueying was scared, did she know?


“It’s a pity, you can’t find me!” Ouyang Fei was proud, she followed a woman like Black Rose, so vigilant, how could it be discovered by others?

This is impossible.

Qian Yueying breathed a sigh of relief, but she saw that Ouyang Fei was so proud, she panicked, worried, this Ouyang Fei must be hiding in a very hidden place, can Abe Zhang be found?

Qian Yueying slowly despaired.

“See it clearly. After an hour, if you still haven’t answered, then I will send out your photos one by one,” Ouyang Fei received the phone and sneered triumphantly.

She was taking a bath and was about to rest. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door outside, and Ouyang Fei frowned. She walked to the door vigilantly, “Who?” “Me,” it was the voice of Black Rose.

Ouyang Fei disdain, why come here to find herself?

She opened the door, Black Rose walked in with a cold face, and Ouyang Fei asked, “Sister, you are looking for me…” Snap!


Suddenly, Black Rose slapped it down and hit Ouyang Fei’s face hard.

Ouyang Fei was stunned, she had anger in her eyes, and she covered her cheek, “Sister, what are you doing?”

Black Rose slapped again!

Ouyang Fei stared at Black Rose viciously, “What are you doing? Why did you beat me?” “What did you do?” Black Rose said coldly, murderous!

“What do you do? Sister, what are you talking about?” Ouyang Fei panicked, no, she knows she took her photos?

Probably not, she didn’t look at her cell phone, it was impossible to find out.

So what happened?


Black Rose slapped out, Ouyang Fei fell to the ground and backed away in fear, “Sister, I didn’t do anything, no!” “Phone, give me the phone!” Ouyang Fei was shocked, she was training this time , Her ability has been improved many times compared to before, but she is not Black Rose’s opponent, she is not a fool, to turn her face is to wait for her and Black Rose to be about the same strength before turning her face!

But Black Rose now wants her own phone. Did she find herself taking photos?

Isn’t this dead?

Ouyang Fei got up, “Sister, don’t hit me, are you not

Is there any misunderstanding?

“I’ll say it again, give me the phone!”


“Black Rose said coldly. Ouyang Fei trembled all over, what should she do? Rebellion? She must be dead too, Ouyang Fei burst into tears and knelt in front of Black Rose, “Sorry sister, I know I was wrong… “

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