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Chapter 536,

an exception was made when Olena Jiang stretched out his head cautiously. All the family guards who chased him just now all hid.

Only one gunshot sounds occasionally, but as long as it sounds, it will be accompanied by a scream!

This marksmanship is so good, this is one shot per shot!

Olena Jiang was so surprised, who is this?

She was injured too badly, and her eyes were tired. She bit her lip to make herself awake a little bit, absolutely not dizzy!

This place is still too dangerous, her strong willpower allowed her to persevere, even if she is seriously injured, it will not crush her!

She forced herself to absolutely not die here!

She wants to see this person helping herself!


“Who the hell is it? I am the captain of the Jiang Family Guard, I…” the captain scolded angrily.

In just a few minutes, six of his team members died. The key is that I still don’t know where the person who put the secret gun is!

What does this mean? It means this person is too powerful!

He is a master sniper!

Master assassin!

Olena Jiang actually brought a helper. Is this a trick of his own?


“Stop, I am… I C! Hide!” The captain was furious and found a place to hide.

The secret gun shot over, and one of his own brothers screamed and fell in a pool of blood, twitching, his expression of horror before his death freezes… This must continue, plus he will be annihilated!


The captain gritted his teeth, is she? A few people have died, and I don’t even know who fired the gun. This is not too big.

“Retreat, give me back!” He found the opportunity and ran away. Of course the other few remaining people ran away. They were almost scared to death, seeing their brother and companion die.

In a blink of an eye, people ran away.

The gunfire stopped and there was no chase after victory!

The silence of the night has been restored here, and it is terribly quiet!


Behind a tree, a pair of big blue eyes appeared, and a tall figure stood up from the lurking, and swayed his long legs toward the car.

Yes, it was Black Rose!

She had already swore that she would never treat anyone better. When she was about to leave, she suddenly thought of a little.

what is it then?

Tina Li.

Olena Jiang is Abe Zhang’s girlfriend, and Abe Zhang is Tina Li’s son. She hesitated and decided to save it.

Just as it was to pay Tina Li a little favor.

Just a few shots, just a few minutes, she forced herself out of the car.

“It’s you? You shot the gun just now?” A shocked voice sounded behind Black Rose.

The black rose stopped.

Olena Jiang was shocked, but it was Black Rose that saved him?


She endured the severe pain and walked to Black Rose. It was really her.

How could she?


Nan was stunned for a few seconds, Black Rose was expressionless, she still had things to deal with.

“Why do you want to save me?” Olena Jiang was a little complicated.

Originally, the two people were endlessly dying. They used guns to fight each other before, but Olena Jiang had too little experience at the time and was defeated.

But last time, Tina Li punched her three times. When Black Rose left, Olena Jiang also saw it in the room.

this is?


Black Rose looked at her, “I have something else.” Olena Jiang held back for a long time and said a thank you word. Before the other one could say it, she fell to the ground and fainted. He was shot and lost too much blood. In addition, he was blown up by a bomb just now, Olena Jiang could not bear it anymore.

Black Rose frowned and walked toward the car without paying attention.

But after a few steps, her frown deepened. She looked back at Olena Jiang, walked over, picked up the unconscious Olena Jiang, and put it in the car.

At this time, the call came.

“Hey, Black Rose, you should be coming soon?” This is the urging voice in the phone.

“I won’t go today.” “But you just said…” “I said, I won’t go today, tomorrow!!” Black Rose said indifferently.

“Okay, okay, you can come anytime, wait for you…” The people here were a little scared, hung up the phone in a hurry, and didn’t dare to urge anymore.

Black Rose drove Olena Jiang back.

Olena Jiang was injected with a painkiller, and then Olena Jiang was taken out and bandaged.

Olena Jiang continued to fall into a coma and fell asleep, lying motionless.

Black Rose stared at Olena Jiang for a few seconds, “I don’t know how you take care of women.” She walked out and found Abe Zhang’s number. She stared at this number for a few seconds. The person who posted his photo last time!


This person saw his own photo, although it has been deleted, but!

Black Rose was in pain, she had never shown it to a man before, and was actually seen by him… After Black Rose finally got tangled up, she called it.

She has her own business and doesn’t have much time to take care of her. She has to let Abe Zhang pick Olena Jiang away. She doesn’t like taking care of people. She has made an exception today.

After all, the current rule of Black Rose is that it is not good to anyone.

Make an exception today and never again!

… Abe Zhang is attending a party with his mother, and he has already arrived.

“Cer, inside,” Tina Li said.

Abe Zhang has already got off the bus, and my mother on the road said that this gathering is the Chamber of Commerce, mainly because Tina Li wants Abe Zhang to get to know some businessmen in the United States and how they do business.

After all, the only heir of Tina Li’s huge business empire is Abe Zhang.

She has to train Abe Zhang.

First of all, Abe Zhang was contacted by either the top businessmen or the

For ordinary businessmen, Tina Li rarely attended such gatherings, but for Abe Zhang’s future, she still had to attend once.

“Mom, I have to follow you all the time today.” Abe Zhang whispered.

“Why?” Tina Li was stunned, shouldn’t Abe Zhang be allowed to play by himself?

“I don’t know English.” Abe Zhang was not confident.

The study was too bad, and I didn’t bother to study it. When in China, Olena Jiang taught, but Abe Zhang didn’t study either.

“You, you must be lazy to study! This is not right, quickly learn to know? You have to sit slowly and learn the languages ​​of at least ten countries!” Tina Li said solemnly.

When Tina Li was studying, he was always the first, every time, no matter what, he was the first.

Abe Zhang did not inherit this gene.

Lazy, don’t want to learn.

“Ah? Ten countries?” Abe Zhang was stunned. Is this going to die?

“Yes, you must understand? I tell you, I bought a few small countries, you are the king of that country, understand? You don’t understand your own language? How can you do it?” Tina Li said simply It must be learned.

Abe Zhang was stunned. “Mom, am I a prince.” “You are not a prince, there is no prince now,” Tina Li smiled and shook his head.

“Oh, can I find an interpreter to follow along?” Abe Zhang discussed.

“No! Obedient, it doesn’t hurt to learn more, you have to live and learn,” “Mom, I’m not as smart as you,” Abe Zhang frustrated.

“Stupid boy, what is smart. Hard work is the most important thing, you know?” Tina Li said with a smile.

Tina Li has done it by himself. It is really impossible to reach this height with intelligence alone. How many years of hard work has it been?

“Well, I see,” Abe Zhang nodded. This study must be obedient.

“Go, follow me today and I will translate for you,” Tina Li took Abe Zhang in. How good is her English?

Inside is the lobby of a hotel. Many people are in suits and ties. This is indeed a small party. But, Tina Li’s cell phone rang, she took it out and said, “Cer , I answer the phone, hey, there is food over there, you are hungry to eat something, you drive today, do not drink,” “I know,” Abe Zhang walked over.

Tina Li came to a point and answered the call. Yes, Abe Zhang’s father, Zhang Qingyang.

“Aren’t you coming to see Abe? He just said that he wanted to see you,” Tina Li said about Abe Zhang’s thoughts.

“Something happened to me, you can transfer some money to me,” “Well, don’t you have my card in your hand? There are three thousand in there…” “Not enough.” “Well, I’ll transfer it right away.” Here you are,” “That’s hanging up.”, “What are you doing? Where are you.” Tina Li sighed, Abe Zhang

But here, this is my son.

“You never asked, why did you ask today?” The voice was strange.

“Well, don’t ask, I’ll transfer it to you right away, goodbye,” Tina Li hung up, she sighed, “Qing Yang, do you have any questions?”

Chapter 537

was tricked Tina Li never doubted his dearest relatives, and it was the same this time.

Don’t think about it, believe that the man you like, he must have something to stop him.

Money is a trivial matter, not even a matter, as much as you want.

Tina Li stopped thinking about her, she called Beatrice.

“Pay one hundred billion dollars to Qingyang’s account!” Tina Li said.

In the U.S., Tina Li has his own private bank, so you only need to make a call.

“Yes, President Li,” of course Beatrice did it immediately.

“Ms. Li, is there anything else?” Beatrice was astonished. She was waiting for Tina Li to hang up, but she could hear Tina Li’s breathing before Tina Li hung up.

“No, it’s okay, you are ready to pay,” Tina Li hung up.

Beatrice was puzzled by looking at her phone, and her suspicion in her heart was deeper. Recently, Zhang Qingyang has spent money like running water. He doesn’t treat Tina Li’s money as money at all. Although Tina Li doesn’t mind at all, but the speed of using money, Abe Zhang is not as good as a horse. … Beatrice knew her identity, she couldn’t say anything, although she said it, she said nothing, Tina Li wouldn’t blame her, but Beatrice hesitated, so she didn’t say anything.

She went to make money, and Tina Li should do it herself.

Abe Zhang was a little hungry, so he was really eating and drank a little drink without drinking.

“Islander?” Someone came to ask.

This is the island language. Abe Zhang has watched movies, of course he knows it.

The status of islanders in the United States is still higher than that of Chinese.

Abe Zhang has never been abroad before, and he knows this, so it is quite normal for your countrymen to ask Abe Zhang to be from an island country.

“No.” Abe Zhang spoke in English.

He can only say a few words, but not the others.

“It turns out to be from Huaxia, but Huaxia is not good.” This is a boss said.

Abe Zhang shrugged and didn’t understand, he could only smile politely, how to say he also came to meet people.

I can’t shame my mom!

“So you don’t understand English, how did you come in?” the boss said sarcastically.

He saw that Abe Zhang was well dressed, so he wanted to come and meet him. He didn’t expect that he couldn’t speak English. He was disappointed.

Abe Zhang didn’t understand, just laughed.

But in the eyes of this person, this is a giggle.

“Are you a fool from China?” The American boss teased Abe Zhang, with a smile on his face.

The tone of this question fell in Abe Zhang’s eyes. Abe Zhang thought he was asking if he was from Huaxia, and he nodded.

“Haha, you

Is it a fool?

“The American boss laughed. “Well,” Abe Zhang shrugged. “Come on, take a video.” The American boss took out his cell phone, and he had to take the video and post it online. It was hard to come across someone who could not speak English. What a shame, how can he not tease? Abe Zhang thought about it and agreed. “I ask you, are you a fool?


“The American boss made a video. “Well,” Abe Zhang nodded. The American boss smiled, and he was happy in his heart. It’s so terrible. Why did you come here if you don’t understand English? “You, follow along.

“The American boss communicated in crappy Huaxia. Abe Zhang happened to be learning English, so he nodded and agreed. “Okay, I am a fool from Huaxia.

“I am a fool from China.

“Abe Zhang also learned it again, and I feel pretty good, and I can speak standard. With time, I can speak as standard English as Olena Jiang. “Very good.

“The American boss laughed and went to say to his friend. Abe Zhang said thank you, this is English, he understands. Haha, I said you are a fool, do you still thank me? The American boss laughed, “Fool.

He walked over. He showed this video to his friends, and after a few friends watched them, they laughed. “Where is this idiot?”

“Here from China, you can’t speak English when you look at him.”

A few friends laughed at Abe Zhang. They secretly looked at Abe Zhang and found that Abe Zhang was still eating. What did you do here? Eat? “We continue to tease him and teach him more “English.” To make a video.

“Go, go over and tease him, this kind of shameless pen is hard to come across!”

A few friends followed. “I’ll introduce friends to you,” the American boss said to Abe Zhang. Look at Abe Zhang, they are all bosses in suits. A beautiful woman is pretty pretty. After a few glances, it would be nice to know a few people. “Good.

“Come on, this is your grandpa.

“The American boss pointed to a man and said. Abe Zhang nodded, considered to know him. “Come on, call grandpa to the video.” This man took out his mobile phone, and he was so sarcasm in his heart that there is such a silly pen!! “Grandpa,” Abe Zhang thought it was a little strange, why is it a little familiar? But he still yelled. “Hey, I took the photo. It’s really a shame.

“This person laughed happily, and communicated with friends in Abe Zhang, who didn’t understand English. “Then I will.” This is a blonde beauty. Looking at Abe Zhang, her eyes are really strange. She turns her eyes and thinks Abe Zhang is pretty good. A little muscular, but Chinese men are far worse than American men. She doesn’t like it. “I am your queen, you are my slave!

Come, learn from me, I’m the queen’s slave,” the blonde girl took out her phone.

There are a lot of click-through rates, right?


“I am the queen’s slave, what does this mean?” Abe Zhang was more curious.

Just know how to say it, not knowing the meaning.

“You mean very beautiful,” the American boss explained in crappy Huaxia.

The blondes were all laughing, let alone the others.

Abe Zhang understood, read it a few times silently, and learned another sentence of English. After returning this English, she told Olena Jiang that she would definitely be happy.

“It’s me, your mother is my woman,” this is a bald man, who also took out his cell phone.

Shoot against Abe Zhang.

“What does this mean?” Abe Zhang asked, feeling strange.

“I’m going to work hard, you can follow along and learn well,” the American boss can’t hold back anymore, what a shame!

Abe Zhang thinks this sentence can be learned, and he said it.

The bald man smiled triumphantly, “I actually have such a big son, this is an incompetent boy!” “Haha! I can’t stand it anymore, it’s so shameless, have you all taken pictures?” The American boss laughed.

“It’s done, I’m going to post it online, saying that I met a Huaxia pen today, learning things like a dog.” The blonde girl smiled triumphantly.

She came to this party without much gain, she was having no fun, she did not expect to meet such a fun.

“What are you laughing at?” Abe Zhang felt even more weird.

“We say you are smart and learn fast,” the American boss smiled slightly.

Oh, that’s kind of friendly.

Abe Zhang deliberately said the last sentence several times, and will talk to his mother later.

“Thank us,” said the American boss, and several other people looked at Abe Zhang, waiting for Abe Zhang to say thank you.

“Thank you,” Abe Zhang said.

“You’re welcome, learn slowly,” the American boss took his friends to other places, and they were almost laughing.

“Haha, is this fun?” “Yes, it’s super, don’t say, I’m going to post a video.” The blonde girl proudly posted the video.

“I also post it.” “I want it too.” Several people were playing videos posted on their mobile phones, and they laughed at Abe Zhang while posting it back.

Abe Zhang spoke a few words and found it good, and learned a few words of English.

He continued to eat a little bit. At this time, his mother came over. Abe Zhang saw that his mother was absent from snacks. Abe Zhang asked, “Mom, what’s the matter with you?” Why did he answer a phone call and write it?

“It’s okay, your dad will come back in a few days.” Tina Li said dotingly.

“It’s okay, dad just keep him busy if he has something to do,” Abe Zhangrtainly knows that men put career first, and he hasn’t seen each other for so many years, so he is not in a hurry.

“Well, are you full? I will be an interpreter for you, and I will take you to meet people.” Tina Li said.

“Mom, I just learned a few words of English, I think

I have talent.

“Abe Zhang wants to talk. “Really?”

Then tell me what you learned.

“Tina Li smiled slightly. Many Chinese people don’t like to learn English. Fortunately, Abe Zhang has learned English. There are many benefits! Seeing Abe Zhang’s excitement, she is also happy. Abe Zhang talked about what the American boss taught him. In one sentence, “I am a fool from China.

After Tina Li listened, the smile on his face froze. He was stunned, and he didn’t even blurt out subconsciously, “Cer, what did you say?”


“Abe Zhang repeated, “Mom, am I wrong?”


“Wrong, you are not, you are my son, tell me, who taught you just now?”


“Tina Li touched Abe Zhang’s head and said, with cold eyes!

Chapter 538

Delete everything! “The few people, they taught me.

“Abe Zhang finger passed. What are these people still laughing at. Tina Li saw it. “Well,” Tina Li nodded, “Come here, I’ll take you to find them,” Abe Zhang followed Tina Li. “Mom.” ,What does it mean?

“Abe Zhang feels something is wrong, his mother’s eyes have changed, what does this mean?” “Mom,” Abe Zhang watched his mother stop talking, is this? “Don’t learn other people’s English in the future, I, Beatrice, Olena Jiang will teach you that you are a silly boy.

“Tina Li couldn’t continue. Abe Zhang was annoyed at once, he really felt something wrong, how could it be? Let yourself call yourself a fool? These bastards! “Mom, and I also learned a few words ,” Abe Zhang wanted to know other meanings. “Then tell me,” Abe Zhang said everything. When Tina Li heard “Your mother is my woman”, her eyes were cold. “Mom, what do you mean?

“Abe Zhang saw that his mother’s eyes were wrong! Are they all cursing?? Tina Li whispered, and Abe Zhang was immediately annoyed, “Is she…” “It’s okay, just pay attention later, learn things, I , Beatrice, there is time at any time, you know?

“Tina Li said, this is true, no matter how late, no matter how busy, Tina Li is now mainly the family, that is, Abe Zhang, and Zhang Qingyang. “Well, mother, I will not go to school anymore,” Abe Zhang regrets now. Ah, when I was studying, why didn’t I learn English at all? If I did, wouldn’t the things just happen? Abe Zhang decided to learn more quickly and learn other languages ​​as well. There must be no such thing again. Abe Zhang is unbearable!! “Cer, which one taught you first?

“Tina Li brought Abe Zhang to these people. These people are posting a video and saw that Abe Zhang was brought over by a woman. What are they doing? Come over to Xingshi and ask the crime? Come over, this is much

It’s useless!

“He.” Abe Zhang pointed at the American boss who came here first.

“En,” Tina Li nodded.

“Why do you teach my children those words?” Tina Li looked at him.

“It’s fun, don’t you understand?” The American boss laughed.

Several of his friends, especially the blonde beauty, laughed sarcastically.

Now the video has been posted online, and the click rate is so high!

“What about you?” Tina Li looked at the others.

“Is there a silly pen?” “You’re the f*ck, aren’t you? I didn’t expect to be so beautiful. I said you are my woman. He said it himself, hey beauty, about…” The bald man smiled triumphantly.

He is also happy to be able to take advantage of this kind of temperament woman verbally!

“Beatrice, lock me the phones of these people, delete the video they just posted, and clean it up!!” Tina Li took out his phone, took a shot at them, and then sent it to Beatrice.

“Okay, right now,” Beatrice replied.

This kind of video client, the boss behind the scenes is Tina Li, who post videos on her internet, she can delete them at any time.

Beatrice saw these videos, she was also annoyed, and immediately deleted them all.

“Delete, who do you think you are? Dare to delete my video, I will kill you, do you know?” The American boss laughed.

“That’s it! My video is posted online, how do you delete it? Neurotic!” The blonde sneered.

How can this be deleted?

“If you guys teach my son normally, I will promote your companies, but if you play with my son like this, then it won’t work. You will have to pay the price today!” Tina Li said indifferently.

She hasn’t gotten angry for a long time, but today her precious son has been tricked so much. She can’t bear it. In the United States, she doesn’t need to be patient either!


“Also promoted, what are you?” The American boss laughed. He is also the boss of the company, and he just came to find some business cooperation.

Those who can come here are all with similar net worth. He thinks that he should be the top among this group of people. Who is qualified to promote himself?


“Yeah, my mobile video is gone? Has it been deleted?” The blonde girl was suddenly surprised. They were all there just now. The click-through rate was high. How could it be gone?

Network reason?

She clicked again, and her account was actually blocked.

“Are you wrong? How could it be gone? Didn’t you see me well?” The American boss smiled, he opened the phone gracefully, and the click rate was high just now!

But when you open it, he can’t open the software at all. Is the account locked?

“What’s the matter?” “Yeah, mine has been deleted too,” Several people were surprised. They were all there just now. What’s wrong?

Several people looked at each other!

“It’s you

Teach my son first.

“Tina Li walked in front of the American boss. Tina Li is very tall, 1.7 meters, with high heels, the aura is not so strong, and this person is a bit uncomfortable. “Yes, how about I teach?”

What if you can delete the video?

It’s nothing more than knowing someone in this software. Do you think you are great?

“The American boss sneered. What kind of person, can you come out and pretend if you are an individual now? It doesn’t matter whether you have this ability! “Yes, you think you are amazing?”

Just know a few people, do you really think this website belongs to you?

Are you paranoid?

“Blonde beauty disdain. Several other companions are cynic. “Do you think I just deleted your video?”

Said Tina Li. “Otherwise?”

What else can you do?

What else can be deleted?


“The American boss sneered. “I see, her son is not unreasonable. The mothers are all stubbornly writing and expecting his son to be smart?”

Don’t you Huaxia say that if you have a father, you have a son?

I think there must be a son if there is a mother!


Several companions laughed. This is a mockery! They have never seen Tina Li, how can they believe it? They all think it is funny! “Ding!

Suddenly, the American boss got a text message on his cell phone. He took it out and looked at it, and was stunned. “What’s wrong?”


“Yes, why are you stunned?”

Several companions looked at each other. “What did you do?”


“The American boss suddenly became angry because everything about him was deleted, including the representative of the company, and he became an empty person?” “Delete the trash,” Tina Li said. “Ah, what’s the matter?

Mine, everything, is everything gone?

“The blonde beauty turned pale. Didn’t she make a mistake? How could this be possible? All the property, money, company, and even the car are no longer their own. How did this happen? Delete everything? She panicked. Have you become a pauper? “Mine too.

“Ah, me too, how is it possible?”


“A few people were stunned. What did they encounter? How did this happen? “What the hell did you do?”

“The American boss was furious. This is not an illusion. I was a rich man a second ago, but now I am a pauper? I am going to be on the streets? “I said, delete the trash!”

“Tina Li repeated what he said just now. This kind of thing is too simple for her. There are too many unexpected things in the country, which belong to Tina Li. She can delete everything from many people. “You, you , Did you really do this?

I just made a video of your son, you, what did you do?

“The American boss slumped on the ground

Now, at a loss.

Could it be that the promotion this woman just mentioned can really promote her company?


Invisible, not only did he miss an opportunity for improvement, he also turned this opportunity into his own disaster?

“Woo, I just taught your son to say a word, I didn’t do other things, don’t do this to me, return my things to me, and return to me.” The blonde beauty cried and cried, she immediately It collapsed. Did you lose your money and everything?

“Yeah, I am…” “Yes? You are not qualified to teach my son, and you don’t even have the qualification to know my son. Do you think it’s over now? Did you just start to know?” Tina Li was really angry!

Abe Zhang was full of joy just now, but now that he looks like this, Tina Li can’t watch it!

Chapter 539

did not resist. “Just started?” The blonde girl cried in fright.

The American boss was shocked. Several other people were already confused. What did they do?

In less than a minute, my video was deleted, everything about me was deleted, and now it’s just started?


So what’s next?

Delete yourself?

“No, what do you want to do?” The blonde girl was terrified.

“I said, you just taught my son well, I will not treat you badly, but what you do is hard to say in one word, do you think my son is stupid, right?” Tina Li looked at them.

“No, no, your son is extremely clever!!” “Yes, your son is smart, we are stupid, we are stupid.” “Yes, it is our evil pen, we are the evil pen, we are the rubbish! Sorry!” Begging, what did you do?

I am a wicked pen. I have such a great ability. I didn’t seize this opportunity to climb high just now. I am a wicked pen!


“I don’t know now? It’s late,” Tina Li shook his head, “Cer, will this party continue today?” “Mom, I don’t know anyone yet.” Abe Zhang said.

Isn’t this the purpose of my mother and me coming here?

You can’t waste your other time because of these garbage, right?

“En.” Tina Li smiled slightly. She thought Abe Zhang had no thoughts. She had asked Abe Zhang to come and meet people. After all, doing business in the U.S. should start from the bottom!

“No, please return my things to me, can you return it to me? I just taught him a word.” The blonde girl cried and pleaded.

“Just one sentence? Are you the queen of my son? What are you? Tell me.” Tina Li looked at her indifferently.

“I, I was wrong, I shouldn’t say that, I am your son’s slave, I am, please return my things to me!” Blonde beauty

Female crying.

At this time, the arrogance and domineering disappeared, and he actually became pitiful.

“Slave, are you qualified to be?” Tina Li asked back.

If you want a woman, Abe Zhang can do whatever you want. Ten samples a day will do, but Tina Li wants to establish a correct concept for Abe Zhang, so Abe Zhang is not allowed to do that.

Otherwise, how many slaves can Abe Zhang find?


Of course, Tina Li felt that if he died, then it would depend on Abe Zhang.

“Me,” the blonde beauty cried miserably, where is she qualified?

People are so powerful, how beautiful are you looking for slaves?


“Cer, let’s go over there,” Tina Li said.

Abe Zhang shrugged and followed his mother to meet people.

Tina Li took out his mobile phone, “Beatrice, let the owner of this hotel take these people out. Since they say my son is a fool, then I will let them become real fools!” “Yes, I will call. !” Beatrice said, this is too simple, although this hotel is not Tina Li’s, but the hotel owner will listen to Tina Li.

Because people like Tina Li, as long as they know Tina Li’s strength, they will flatter.

Several American bosses have been confused.

“We went to find her, she actually deleted everything about us, so we will die with her?!” “Okay! We will die together! We are not easy to provoke!” Several people are already showing fierceness. Just kidding. It’s not vegetarian either!

The American boss took a wine bottle and ran towards Tina Li. He asked for a wine bottle to explode Tina Li’s head and disfigure you.

The American boss is hideous!

But how could he sneak into Tina Li?

Tina Li turned his head, just raised his hand and punched him. The people at the scene were all ordinary people. They didn’t even see what was going on. The American boss had already screamed and flew out!


He spit blood on the ground and passed out.

The other people of the blonde beauty were shocked. What happened just now?


Everyone in the audience was also stunned, all looking at each other, what’s the matter?

Falling down, or what?

It has become silent here!

Soon many security guards came over and took out the stunned blonde beauty. The American boss had already been carried out.

The scene was calm again!

No one sees anyone making the move, then it is an accident!

The chattering voice sounded again.

The blonde beauty was taken to a dark room, and a heavy slap was slapped on the blonde beauty’s face. She was terrified, “You guys, what are you doing?” “Yes, what are you doing? Who are you?” Several other people It is also fear.

They were all dumbfounded just now, only then did they come to their senses.

“It doesn’t matter who we are. The key is that you did what you shouldn’t do. Your next generation

You don’t have to do anything, because you are going to be fools!

“Someone said coldly. The blonde screamed, “No, I know I was wrong, I know, ah!


“Someone punched her face, the blonde beauty screamed and fell to the ground, immediately someone punched and kicked her, fear spread in her heart, no, no,… The other people were treated the same, in a dark room. , Punching and kicking, they knew what they did at this time. They really did what they shouldn’t do! … Abe Zhangg was taken by Tina Li to meet a few people, but he didn’t expect that the phone rang, but he still watched It’s a familiar number. This is Black Rose’s? Abe Zhang is weird and didn’t plan to pick it up. After all, what did Black Rose call herself for? It should be a wrong number! It’s not the same, it’s all even, I’ll see you in the future. That’s a problem. However, Abe Zhang still answered, “Hey, what are you calling me for…” Abe Zhang didn’t finish speaking, so Black Rose’s voice was interrupted, “Olena Jiang is here. Come here!

American Manor!

“The phone was hung up, and Abe Zhang was stunned. Olena Jiang was on her side? Why? “What’s wrong with Abe?”

Tina Li saw that Abe Zhang’s role was wrong. “Mom, Black Rose seems to have caught Olena Jiang.”

“Abe Zhang was anxious. This call gave Abe Zhang this feeling. My mother let you off last time, but Black Rose actually wants to get revenge? She is so unsure of what is good or bad, this is touching Abe Zhang’s bottom line again!! I won’t let you go this time, you must be killed to eliminate the troubles! “Catch Olena Jiang?

“Tina Li is surprised, Black Rose’s character won’t do that? Is there any misunderstanding in this?” “Mom, she asked me to go to the American Manor!”

“Abe Zhang can’t wait. Black Rose caught Olena Jiang, and he will definitely torture Olena Jiang! “Well, let’s pass now, don’t worry,” Tina Li took Abe Zhang out. Of course Abe Zhang can’t wait. Let my mother drive. My mother drove too much? Abe Zhang didn’t want to waste any time. Tina Li drove, and the roar of the engine made the car roar toward the place Black Rose said. After half an hour of galloping, he arrived at the American Manor. Abe Zhang couldn’t wait to get out of the car, and Tina Li stopped, “Cer, don’t worry, I’ll take care of it!


“If Black Rose did this, then Black Rose would be particularly dangerous at this time. How could Tina Li put Abe Zhang in danger in front of him? Abe Zhang saw the Black Rose standing at the door, and he rushed over. “What happened to Olena Jiang?


“Black Rose is indifferent. She saw Tina Li getting off the car. She lowered her head and said nothing. Abe Zhang was annoyed, and punched Black Rose with an amazing weight!! The anger of Abe Zhang, Jiang

Olena is Abe Zhang’s Nilin, whoever touches Abe Zhang will die.

Black Rose didn’t resist at all, because Tina Li was in this place, she didn’t dare to resist, but… couldn’t resist.

Because Tina Li is kind to Black Rose, she can’t resist.

Black Rose stepped back and hit the wall. There was blood flowing from her mouth and she didn’t say a word.

“You speak, didn’t you let me come over? I’m here, what do you do to me, let Olena Jiang go! You cruel woman!” Abe Zhang’s eyes were blood red.

Black Rose must threaten herself with Olena Jiang!

Abe Zhang punched Black Rose again. Black Rose still did not resist, and the blood from the corners of her mouth flowed out more. She was seriously injured. Now she was hit by Abe Zhang twice in a row, and she couldn’t hold it anymore.

The black rose bit her lip and said nothing.

“You’re looking for death!” Abe Zhang was irritated, and he smashed Black Rose’s head with his fist!

Chapter 540

I’m sorry, “Cer, stop!” Tina Li ran over.

“Stop for a while, she didn’t fight back,” Tina Li said. If Abe Zhang strikes such a punch, the consequences will be serious!

After all, Abe Zhang’s recent fighting strength has improved a lot, and the power of a punch should not be underestimated!

Abe Zhang stopped, of course he wanted to listen to his mother!

Yes, Black Rose was actually beaten twice by herself, and she was bleeding. She didn’t fight back. Abe Zhang thought it was a trick just now!

“Say, what’s the matter?” Abe Zhang was annoyed and grabbed Black Rose by the collar. As long as there was something wrong with her, Abe Zhang would immediately kill her!

“Black Rose, what’s the matter?” Tina Li said.

She knows the character of Black Rose, Tina Li is very accurate, otherwise Tina Li will not let her go last time, even if she knows she will do what she says and will not deal with Abe Zhang again.

“I, saw her being besieged on the road, and I brought her back,” Black Rose said.

“Will you save Olena Jiang?” Abe Zhang immediately suspected, this is possible?


Regarding Abe Zhang’s doubts, Black Rose did not speak out and said nothing.

Tina Li nodded, it seems that he did not see the wrong person.

“Cer, let her go,” Tina Li shook his head.

Abe Zhang was surprised and let go, “Did you really do that?” “Just give it back to you.” Black Rose said.

The last time she went to China for the first time, she abused Abe Zhang. At that time, Abe Zhang was too weak and was beaten so badly that she had no power to fight back!

At that time, if his mother hadn’t arrived in time, Abe Zhang would have died last time.

“Cer, Olena Jiang is inside, you go find her.” Tina Li said.

Of course Abe Zhang was anxious, and immediately ran in to find Olena Jiang. According to what Black Rose said earlier, Olena Jiang was actually besieged.

Who is besieging this?

what is the problem?

“How is it?” Tina Li was also a little embarrassed.

It was Black Rose who helped Olena Jiang, but Abe Zhang actually beat her just now, and she didn’t fight back or complain, so she just endured it.

“It’s okay, last time…Thank you for letting me go,” Black Rose said after being silent.

After she became a killer in her life, she never said thank you again, but what Tina Li did let her say.

“You don’t need to be so polite.” Tina Li shook her head, she thought, she was right.

If Black Rose is killed, will Olena Jiang die without anyone saving it?


“I… have something to go out,” Black Rose said.

“Wait, I ask my son to apologize to you,” Tina Li said. Abe Zhang did something wrong in this matter, so he should apologize.

After all, Tina Li could see it. She was about to faint. Just now, Abe Zhang hit too hard with two punches, which made her hurt.

“No,” Black Rose has no confidence.

Ask Tina Li’s son to apologize to herself. At this time, when she faced Tina Li, she was very cautious, as if she had seen the illusion of her elders.

There was no before, but now there is.

“I want, wait a while, he will come out immediately.” Tina Li said.

Black Rose bowed her head and said nothing.

Abe Zhang ran into a room and saw Olena Jiang who was lying in a coma. Abe Zhang was heartbroken. What happened?

I only went out for a few hours!

How could Olena Jiang become like this?

There was a gunshot wound on his body, and his face was as pale as paper.

“Wife, what’s wrong with you?” Abe Zhang kissed Olena Jiang on the forehead.

Olena Jiang was in a coma, her eyelids were beating, she opened her tired eyes, and saw Abe Zhang, “husband, am I dreaming?” Olena Jiang remembered that she was in a coma and she was saved by Black Rose. , This strange room, where is this?


“No, what’s wrong with you?” Abe Zhang felt relieved, and Olena Jiang unexpectedly woke up.

“I’m fine, I…” “Tell me, Black Rose saved you?” Even though Abe Zhang saw this, he still didn’t believe it.

After all, how could a person like Black Rose save Olena Jiang?

Nothing else?

Anyway, Abe Zhang doesn’t really believe in Black Rose, this woman’s nature of revenge is always hard to change!

“Well, she saved it.” Olena Jiang would definitely tell the truth. She wanted to thank Black Rose.

Really are?

Why save?

Could it be because my mother had released her because she was sympathetic to Black Rose’s photo shoot by Ouyang Fei, and Black Rose gratefully did something that she would never have done before?


So just hit her twice?

Abe Zhang is a little embarrassed

, I didn’t expect that Black Rose was released by my mother once, and her personality changed?

Abe Zhang is a little unbelievable!


“Wife, tell me, what did you do? Who is so bitter about you?” Abe Zhang said solemnly.

This time Olena Jiang suffered such a severe injury, how could Abe Zhang bear it?


“I…I went to my house,” “Your house? What are you in the U.S.? You, did you go to your cousin’s side?” Abe Zhang was shocked.

Last time in Huagang, Olena Jiang almost went to the United States to find her cousin. Of course Abe Zhang knew about this!

Unexpectedly, Olena Jiang would look for it alone this time.

“Well, I caught him, and then took him to the house to get my things back, but I didn’t notice it. He was shot in secret. I had to escape, and finally I met Black Rose…” Olena Jiang Said.

She has learned the lesson this time, and it will never happen again in the future.

“You go, why didn’t you tell me?” Abe Zhang sighed, that kind of family, my mother can help Olena Jiang get her things back.

“I… I’m sorry,” Olena Jiang lowered his head. He still didn’t want Tina Li to help. However, Tina Li helped with the killing order last time. Olena Jiang was already in a tangled state.

“It’s okay, I will take you home to recover from your injury, and then I will accompany you to get back what belongs to you.” Abe Zhang has cold eyes, is he so rascal, occupying what belongs to Olena Jiang?


Abe Zhang will never tolerate it!

“I, I want myself.” Olena Jiang immediately shook his head.

“If I don’t tell my mother, I can’t go with you? You are my wife, and your things are coming back, and I want you to support me…” Abe Zhang said softly.

The situation in Olena Jiang’s house should not be good anymore. When the time comes, Beatrice will call someone and Abe Zhang will take Olena Jiang.

It should be resolved quickly.

If it really can’t be solved, then my mother can only help secretly.

Olena Jiang was so moved that she didn’t know what to say. She was helped by Abe Zhang. Abe Zhang simply hugged her, and the princess hugged her up.

Olena Jiang blushed, leaning on Abe Zhang’s heart, listening to his heartbeat, Olena Jiang knew again, how happy it is that he is still alive?

Abe Zhang brought Olena Jiang out and saw the black rose outside. Abe Zhang said, “Just now, I’m sorry.” I didn’t expect that he would say this to Black Rose, but I just punched Black Rose with two punches. The previous thing was completely wiped out.

Black Rose shook her head, still saying nothing.

She also felt like dreaming, he actually said sorry to himself?

Black Rose looks at Abe Zhang.

It’s really like a dream. When two people met, you were dead and alive. Now they are reconciled?

Black Rose has complications in her heart, this man,

How to say, he is Tina Li’s son, she will definitely not touch him again.

No matter how much money others paid, she didn’t move.

It’s just that Black Rose has a grudge in her heart, and the only grudge, that Abe Zhang saw her own photo, but the first man saw it.

She was particularly entangled. According to her previous character, she had chased Abe Zhang a long time ago, but she couldn’t do it now.

Abe Zhang is Tina Li’s son, how can she hunt down?


So she was particularly entangled, especially after seeing Abe Zhang.

Fortunately, the only relief for Black Rose is that Abe Zhang understands his body, but he does not look at him.

Forget it, forget it, let this matter be forgotten, anyway, the photo is gone, and Black Rose can’t let others take her photo, even if it is taken, it is impossible to transfer to Zhang again Take care of it!

It’s just an accident last time. If you think about it this way, Black Rose will feel better.

“Thank you for saving me.” Olena Jiang must say!

Without Black Rose, she might be really dead this time.

Black Rose still shook her head.

Olena Jiang didn’t dare to look at Tina Li, she lowered her head and bit her lip, like a child who did something wrong, restrained.

“Cer, you go to the car and wait for me.” Tina Li saw Olena Jiang, very badly injured. Fortunately, he was still alive.

“Well, mom,” Abe Zhang put Olena Jiang in the car and let Olena Jiang lie down.

Abe Zhang is as gentle as possible, “My wife, if you run out, I will hit you…” “No,” Olena Jiang’s pale face turned red all at once. What is Abe Zhang talking about!

“Well, I’m going out,” Black Rose said cautiously. Tina Li was smiling, but she still felt afraid to look at her!

This is a gap and a gap in character.

“Well, by the way, what are you doing recently?” Tina Li asked.

What’s the secret of Black Rose?

He is a killer, he must be killing someone too!

Black Rose said, Tina Li smiled slightly, “Then I let you do one thing, will you agree!”

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