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Chapter 591

is all waste!

Jiang Ran was really stunned!

She asked about this place. It was the villa of the American super rich Tina Li. This one belonged to her. However, such a rich person?


This is, Abe Zhang is Young Master?

“Abe Zhang is your young master? Who is that from Tina Li?” Jiang Ran knew that she asked knowingly, but she wanted to know for sure.

“Son, of course it is a son, are you?” The man looked at Jiang Ran.

About the same age as Abe Zhang, is it a classmate?


Jiang Ran was shocked. She knew Abe Zhang was rich, but she didn’t expect to be so rich!


Jiang Ran felt incredible!

“Classmate, I am your young master’s classmate,” Jiang Ran muttered to himself, feeling dreaming.

She suddenly felt that she was so funny. At that time, in China, she still looked down on Abe Zhang a little bit. What right do she have to look down on him?


Also, Abe Zhang said that when he lived here, he didn’t believe it.

Why don’t you believe me?


Jiang Ran suddenly found that he couldn’t understand himself.

“Is he inside now?” Jiang Ran asked, since Abe Zhang really lives here.

“No,” the man shook his head. This matter has been spread in the United States, and Tina Li’s son was arrested.

“Then where is he?” The man was silent for a second, “Something happened to my young master,” “Something happened? What happened?” Jiang Ran panicked.

So that’s the case, it’s no wonder that Abe Zhang’s phone has been turned off all the time, but something really happened!


“I was caught,” the man said.

“What??” Jiang Ran was stunned. “Who caught it?” “I don’t know.” “Why is this? How is it? I want to find him.” Jiang Ran ran away and left by car.

The man was surprised.

Forget it, let her find it!

After a while, the car drove over.

It was Tina Li who brought Abe Zhang and the others back.

Abe Zhang feels relieved, he returned home at noon.

“Um, Master, a girl was looking for you just now, saying it was your classmate,” the man walked over.

“Classmate?” Abe Zhang touched his nose. It should be Jiang Ran, right?

After so many days, she is still in the United States?

Didn’t you go back?

Abe Zhang thought he was wrong, so he asked the bodyguard to describe his appearance and figure, and the bodyguard said.

Abe Zhang is not far from ten, it is Jiang Ran, forget it, this one will have a chance to contact again

All right.

But Abe Zhang did not forget those two people who owed him money!


They must be brought over!

Olena Jiang looked at Abe Zhang with calm eyes.

Of course Abe Zhang knew what it meant. “It’s a classmate.” “I won’t listen to you anymore,” Olena Jiang walked in.

Abe Zhang is helpless, Olena Jiang must have misunderstood, there is no way!

The point is that neither he nor Jiang Ran gave birth to anything!

This is a bit wronged.

All the family went in, but Abe Zhang also thought of one person, Du Peixin, where did that woman go?


“You go to the airport now and pick me up with a woman named Du Peixin,” Abe Zhang said to the bodyguard.

“Yes, master, I’ll pass now.” The man left.

When he got home, Tina Li wrapped his apron to make a delicious meal. Abe Zhang really hadn’t eaten anything good on Amazon. Tina Li had asked Beatrice to call the doctor.

After the meal is finished, Abe Zhangtou will be checked.

What is going wrong?

Otherwise, Tina Li couldn’t worry at all.

Tina Li, Maya Tang, Olena Jiang, Abe Zhang, and Beatrice are eating together.

Olena Jiang and Maya Tang both lowered their heads.

Tina Li understood what was going on, so this meal was very quiet. After the meal, the doctor came over, and everyone accompanied Abe Zhang for the examination.

The process was actually very fast, but Tina Li and the others waited a long time, and they were suffering every minute.

After he was well, the doctor came out.

Tina Li asked nervously, “How is my son?” Olena Jiang, Maya Tang, and Beatrice were all nervous!


The doctor was quiet for a few seconds and said, “What do you say about the young master’s situation? His head was hit by a heavy object, which directly affected his brain. Fortunately, the young master’s physical fitness is very good and he resisted coming over, but the neurological memory may be affected. “The four of them looked at each other.

“Then you mean my son will lose his memory?” Tina Li panicked, how could this be?

“The probability is very low, almost none, mainly because it will affect his memory. This is a big problem,” the doctor sighed gravely.

In this regard, it is really not treatable by ordinary drugs.

“Doctor, you mean Abe, memory will decline, right?” Maya Tang was anxious.

“You can say that.” “How should it be treated?” Several people said in unison.

Is it so serious?

Memory decline, this is a big problem. It’s fine to be young now, but when you are old, then the problem definitely arises.

“This, I have to go back and study it, President Li, don’t worry, I will do my best for the young master!” said the doctor.

“Doctor Liu, I believe you, but my son really does not lose his memory?” Tina Li asked cautiously


In case of amnesia, this is a big problem!

“This probability is very low and very low. Even if you lose your memory, it will be a short period of amnesia, which has no effect on the overall memory. Doesn’t the young master still know you?” “Yes, yes,” Tina Li breathed a sigh of relief, yes. From Abe Zhang’s perspective, there is no problem.

I know everyone.

Olena Jiang felt the same way, and Maya Tang and Beatrice also felt the same.

“Okay, then I will go to study. In terms of drugs, President Li still needs to have a psychological preparation, which may be very rare.” The doctor took the vaccination in advance.

“No problem, as long as my son is okay, there is no problem with how much or how much it costs.” “Good,” the doctor left.

Tina Li several people went in.

“Mom, there is no problem, right?” Abe Zhang just felt uncomfortable.

“Don’t worry, there is no problem.” Tina Li smiled and comforted.

Abe Zhang feels relieved, because he was hit so hard on the head, it should take some time to repair it, right?

It should be no problem.

“Cer, you have a good rest, tomorrow I will avenge you,” Tina Li’s eyes were cold.

If it wasn’t for the girl from the Luo Fu family, how could Abe Zhang encounter such a thing?


“Mom, it belongs to the Luo Fu family,” “Well, I know, we rest, we are out.” Tina Li said.

Maya Tang wanted to stay for a while, but she went out with Tina Li sadly in her heart.

“Wife,” Abe Zhang called.

“Observe, you have to rest, and I will listen to you tomorrow.” Olena Jiang feels distressed. She touched the back of Abe Zhang’s head. The hair from the wound hasn’t grown much yet, so it must be particularly painful.

“Don’t believe me today?” “No, I said, I won’t listen to you today,” Olena Jiang shook his head seriously.

“Okay,” Abe Zhang also felt a headache, so he should get some sleep.


Olena Jiang ordered Abe Zhang.

“Don’t think about it, this is my biggest concession. Sleep obediently. I will do whatever you ask me to do tomorrow. Obediently, I’m out.” Olena Jiang went out.

Abe Zhang smiled slightly, his wife is so nice!


… “Trash, you are all trash!” The blue-eyed beauty was furious in the villa!


“Miss Hui, that Abe Zhang can’t be found.” Several mercenaries all knelt down. They had been searching in the deep Amazon forest for a long time, but they didn’t find it!

“He, I will find him sooner or later, but what about that person? What about the one who saved me? You didn’t find it either? What did you do for food?” The blue-eyed beauty was furious.

“I’m sorry, Miss, what you said is too vague, there is no sound, no appearance, we are not easy to find.” The mercenaries were helpless.

Nothing, how can I find it?

At the very least, want a look!

Even if it doesn’t look like

, There are also some characteristics, such as where there are tattoos, where there are moles, there are none, how to find them?

“Go to die, you will die if you can’t find it. See if you can find it, don’t you hurry up?!” “Yes!” A few mercenaries went out with a bitter expression.

The blue-eyed beauty was annoyed and was throwing things upset. Her mother, a charming young woman, came in, “Daughter, why did you make such a big fire?” “They are all rubbish, I asked them to find someone who can save me. Here, waste?” The blue-eyed beauties were extremely angry, what do they want these people to do!

You must know who saved yourself, and you must repay him!

Chapter 592

The blue-eyed beauty who likes him has been thinking about these days, what was the person who saved him that day?

Isn’t tall, handsome or not.

Why not show up?


Is it selfless?

She can’t do this for sure, but the only thing she can be sure of is that the person who saved her is definitely a U.S. native!

This is something she can definitely be sure of!

Because, being able to smash three people with a stone, and one of them was killed, this is definitely the power that only Americans have!

No one else!


“Emily, you didn’t see that person at all?” The charming young woman also smiled slightly.

If she can save her daughter, then she will certainly not be stingy.

She still knows some monetary rewards, as long as this person dares to ask for it and can speak it out, then she will give it!


“No, no,” the blue-eyed beauty was disappointed.

Why didn’t the person who saved him move at all?

Why didn’t you come out to see you at that time!

“Don’t worry, they will find it,” the young woman comforted. She felt that her daughter was a little abnormal in anxiousness.

This one is saved by the hero, so?

Fawn bumped into it?


It might be!

“Mom, I think he must be American.” said the blue-eyed beauty.

“Well, I also think so, because only Americans can do that, so you have to find that person, and then??” The charming young woman smiled slightly, with a lot of amorous feelings.

Of course she understood her daughter’s mind.

“Mom,” the blue-eyed beauty was a little shy.


She was rescued when she was most dangerous and desperate.

It’s as if this mysterious man gave himself a new life. What is this?

This is pulling myself out of despair!

Like an angel!

It’s nice that the blue-eyed beauty likes this feeling of being saved.

She wants to find this man now, just to be with him.

American women pursue love directly and decisively.

It’s not easy to feel heartbeat!

“Okay, I know what you are thinking, and I will not object to it. Whatever you like is nothing.

“The charming young woman touched her daughter’s head, showing her doting. There must be no problem with the character of this person who can save people. Then her daughter is moved, and she likes it, she will definitely not object. After all, her daughter is so. I’m old, I don’t seem to have had a girlfriend yet. At this age, it should be. “Thank you,” the blue-eyed beauty is happy. With her savior, she will definitely be happy. Full of admiration!!! “Right.” , How is the person who arrested you?

“Fairy young woman asked. This person, she must have seen him die with her own eyes. She actually caught her daughter in such a dangerous place, and almost killed her own daughter. If it weren’t saved by someone, then her daughter must have died. People, she wants a thousand cuts!! “Run, that person, I want him to die!

“The blue-eyed beauty is angry. If it weren’t for him, she wouldn’t be so dangerous! So desperate! “Don’t worry, right, this person is called Abe Zhang, right?

“Fengyun young woman asked. “Yes, disgusting Chinese!”

“The blue-eyed beauty is disgusted. She still remembers how many slaps she was slapped by Abe Zhang when she was in Amazon. She regrets it now! What do you regret? Regret should not be given to Abe Zhang, she should be stunned at the time. After him, I found a place to bury him and kill him!! In this way, I won’t experience that kind of despair! “Emily, don’t worry,” The beauty of the charming young woman is all cold?! “Mom” , I heard over there, that Tina Li’s son was arrested, did you arrest me?

“The blue-eyed beauty asked boredly. It’s really upset! She wants to see the person who saves herself so much. “Of course not. Why did I catch her son?”

The young woman shook her head, no fun. “Who caught that?”

The Ok family?

I heard that Tina Li asked someone to kill a member of the Ouke family, so the Ouke family arrested Tina Li’s son for revenge?

This is called self-inflicted!

“The blue-eyed beauty laughed. In the eyes of the four big families, the others are not worth mentioning, let alone Tina Li who was kicked out of the Li family? But, she was also surprised because the blue-eyed beauty knew, Tina Li actually attacked the Li family, and she succeeded like sh*t. “Well, her son, I don’t know what the situation is. It may have been secretly killed by a member of the Ouke family,” Feng Yun Young Woman Analysis. During this time, Tina Li was quiet and peaceful. It should be mourning for her son! “If you die, die,” the blue-eyed beauty doesn’t matter. “Well, is my daughter going out to relax?

“The charming young woman smiled slightly. “Forget it, I’m not thinking about it, I think, happy

Love the one who saved yourself,” the blue-eyed beauty was glum. “What if this person is ugly?

“Then I like it too,” the blue-eyed beauty vowed, full of determination. “Well, I won’t interfere with you. Let’s go out and relax. There is an event.

Said the charming young woman. “Well,” the blue-eyed beauty reluctantly stood up. “Change a suit.

“The charming young woman asked someone to come over with clothes. The blue-eyed beauty looked at her mother and felt that her mother’s figure was very well maintained. She would be fascinated by that charm. Good queen! But, her mother divorced The window has been empty. “Look at what?

“The charming young woman asked. “Mom, let me tell you, that bastard Abe Zhang actually said to…” The blue-eyed beauty stopped talking, and she couldn’t speak anymore. Abe Zhang said she wanted her own mother. She heard It’s all hot, let alone telling my mother. “What did he say?

“The charming young woman smiled slightly, charmingly. My daughter, what are you going to say? “Nothing, Mom, let’s go out, and I’m bored.

“The blue-eyed beauty said. She has changed her clothes. The mother and daughter went out, and there were bodyguards nearby to ensure their safety. When we arrived at a reception, it was feasting and full of the atmosphere of noble people! The charming young woman brought her daughter to the party. This reception is here. How can I say that they belong to the four major families of the Luofu family. When they arrive at this kind of reception, they are also noticed, but ordinary people dare not approach because they are not qualified to approach! “Emily,” a The man came here, full of elegance. This man, the blue-eyed beauty knows him, this is his classmate, who has chased after him, is considered a second-rate family in the United States. He is a bit handsome. “Something?

“The blue-eyed beauty is indifferent. “Emily, why have you not appeared for so long, where have you been?”

“The man asked with concern. It seems that she hasn’t seen each other for a while, and she’s even more beautiful. “What’s up with you?”

Stop talking to me, I already have someone I like,” the blue-eyed beauty indifferently refused. The one who saved herself is the object of her heart, and she must be with him. Other men should stay away. Right! “The one you like?

who is it?

“The man was astonished, who would be attracted by Emily?! “It’s a hero!”

“The beautiful eyes of the blue-eyed beauty are full of the desire for love. Mysterious man, did you do this on purpose? When you really want to see you, will you take the initiative to appear in front of you? It must be so, you Preparing to surprise me. “Hero?

“The man is still astonished. In the four major families, what kind of person can be regarded as a hero? “Yes, so you stay away from me.”


Beautiful eyes go to her mother.

The man was surprised, who is Emily’s hero?


“Mom, what’s the matter with you?” The blue-eyed beauty suddenly saw her mother, and the charming young lady’s face became cold.

This is a call, then?

what’s the situation?

“There was a fire in a base,” the young woman Feng Yun’s face turned gloomy, and she was surprised. She just received a call saying that a base of her family actually caught fire. The reason is unknown.

You know, as a base, how strict is the security aspect, and it actually caught fire?


This is impossible in normal times.

“It catches fire? It’s their operation error, right.” The blue-eyed beauty immediately analyzed it. This base, this problem will definitely occur, and it is inevitable, normal!

Chapter 593

“Mom, they can put out the fire, it’s just one base, we have fewer bases?” The blue-eyed beauty didn’t care.

There has been a fire before, just put out the fire, even if all are burned out, it doesn’t matter!

Anyway, what I have in my family is, how about one or two bases as identities?

“The key is that it’s all burned and exploded.” The young lady shook her head. This is a bit serious, a serious mistake!

This is not allowed at the base.

“That’s okay, we don’t lack one or two bases in our house, just ask someone to repair it back,” the blue-eyed beauty commented.

“Well, it’s okay, go ahead,” the charming young woman smiled again.

My daughter has grown up and can deal with things without surprise. This is very good!

It is also good to inherit the family in the future.

Because this is what the family wants, don’t panic!

Then we can handle things!

“Well, mom, let’s go to the bar, by the way, the man over there seems to be looking at you,” said the blue-eyed beauty, an old American boy.

“Don’t think about it, I’m not thinking about it.” The young lady shook her head. She managed the Luo Fu family, so be careful in this regard.

“Well, I know, drinking, I’m depressed too!” The blue-eyed beauty wanted to get drunk, so when she woke up, did those mercenaries have any results?

The mother and daughter went to drink.

But at this time, the young woman’s mobile phone rang again, her beautiful brow furrowed, she took it out to look and answer.

“What’s the matter?” The charming young woman said indifferently!

She is the patriarch of the family, she must be indifferent and majestic to speak to her opponent!

“It’s not good, it’s not good.” Inside the phone, there was a trembling voice of fear.

“What’s wrong?” “No.3, No.3 base…” “What’s wrong with No.3 base?” The face of the charming young woman sank suddenly.

“If there is a fire, all the munitions will be burned, and ten newly developed helicopters will also be…”

The voice didn’t dare to continue.

Just now, there was a fire on the bald side, followed by an explosion. They had no time to fight the fire, and the fire spread at an alarming rate.

With the explosion, the most valuable weapons research results of this base were all gone.

“You want to die, don’t you?” The charming young woman became gloomy.

This value is huge, but billions of dollars. What is more important?


Research results!

It was actually burned.

“I, I, forgive me, I’ve watched very closely, but suddenly it caught fire, and I didn’t have time.” The people in the phone were almost crying, “Check, if you don’t know, I want your whole family to Die!!” The charming young woman hung up.

“Mom, what’s the matter with you?” The blue-eyed beauty was astonished. Why did his mother look so ugly at this time?


What is this?

“The No. 3 base caught fire. A helicopter worth 150 million U.S. dollars was burned. Ten of them were burned, and all the others were burned.” “What?!” The blue-eyed beauty was astonished. Why did it catch fire again? This what’s going on?

Is there any relationship between the two fires?

The difference is so short.

“Someone may want to rectify our Luo Fu family!!” The charming young woman had to think about this.

If only one base caught fire, then the management staff of this base had neglected and left their duties without authorization.

However, when the two bases caught fire and everything was burned, the seriousness of this would be great!


In the world, where is there such a coincidence?

“Mom, isn’t it possible? Who dares to deal with our Luo Fu family?” The blue-eyed beauty immediately shook her head in denial.

My own family is one of the four major families. There are only a few that can be compared in the world. How could anyone dare to do this?


Are you afraid that if you do this, the whole family will die?

“There may also be some desperate things,” the charming young woman analyzed.

This is still possible. Among the four major families, they would not do such things blatantly. After all, if you did, wouldn’t you do it yourself?

At this level, the overall situation is very important, so sometimes, when something like this happens, the other four families can be directly excluded.

“What should I do?” The blue-eyed beauty was angry.

This loss is nothing to their family.

However, this is openly challenging the majesty of the Luo Fu family!


This is intolerable.

The majesty of a family is particularly important. If it is said that some people dare to do this, then they must be severely punished, or others think their family is easy to bully.

“I will let other bases be fully monitored!” Feng Yun said the young woman. In fact, it is the same in normal times, but how should I say.

She is also a little strange, base

The guard is too tight, it can be said that it is really difficult for a fly to fly in!

Even if I flew in, I knew it.

But in this case, how did you get in?


This is a particularly big problem!

However, as soon as the young lady of Feng Yun took out her cell phone, she rang by herself, and the call came, and it showed Base 6 on it.

The blue-eyed beauty was surprised.

The charming young woman’s eyes were all cold, she answered.

“Say!!” “No, it’s not good, Base 6 was attacked and caught fire…” The voice in the phone was terrified!

“What?!” The young woman was so angry that she dropped her mobile phone.

The three bases in my home actually caught fire in such a short time?

this is?


“Sorry, I…” “Check, check it out, you are all going to die!” Young Feng Yun was so angry that she didn’t have any thoughts to stay here.

She hung up the phone.

“Daughter, we won’t attend today’s reception, and we will go back.” The young lady knew that this matter was a bit serious.

Maybe I have met a madman who is not afraid of death.

“En,” the blue-eyed beauty must know the severity. In this case, the obvious problem is serious.

It must be dealt with immediately!

The mother and daughter left quickly.

The other people in the reception were left looking at each other!


“What’s the situation? What happened to the Luo Fu family?” “I don’t know, maybe something is going on,” “I saw their mother and daughter very angry just now, maybe something happened.” “What can be the matter, they are The four major families…” “Hush, I just received a call, her home base on the third was on fire…” “What?? Man-made, or something else?” “How do you know this? But look at their mother and daughter. An angry look, more than one base should be on fire!” “Is this someone trying to deal with the Luo Fu family?” “Who dares to do this?” “Anyway, there is a good show!” These people say you, I say. I came up with my own ideas, but all thought that there was a good show.

After all!

This kind of thing is not often seen!

… “It’s all rubbish!” After arriving home, the young woman was extremely angry. It was only 20 minutes on the way, and she actually received another call, saying that there was a fire on the 11th base.

This is serious!


How could it catch fire in such a tight base?

How did the others get in?

“Mom, what is going on? How do I feel that this is done by the other three families.” The blue-eyed beauty was angry.

This is completely trampling on the majesty of her Luo Fu family!

This is a shame!

“The other three families?” Feng Yun’s beautiful eyes were cold.

“It’s impossible for the Li family. They were attacked by Tina Li. They were too busy to take care of themselves and had the courage to provoke me.



As for the Ouke family, he was also fighting with Tina Li in secret, and there was no time to provoke me. As for…” The charming young woman stopped. Because at this time, her sister came back, the young woman in jeans. “Sister, Emily, What exactly is going on?

I just received a call, and all four bases caught fire. What happened?

“The young woman in jeans is extremely annoyed! “There is no news from the four bases,” said the young woman Feng Yun. This is the most serious problem. The loss of these four bases has exceeded 30 billion US dollars! Those research results, but Worth tens of billions! “a*shole!


Dare to mess with our Luo Fu family!

Wait to die!

“The young woman in jeans is furious! “Sure!

“The young lady still wants to talk. Ding ding ding! The phone rang again, and the young lady’s eyes were twitching. She looked at it, and the call from the 18th base… It was her in

Chapter 594

“The young lady of Feng Yun answered the phone, the blue-eyed beauty and the jeans young woman are furious! It’s obvious, this 18th base has been burned again. However, the base is strictly monitored! How this is done. Ten seconds later, the young woman Feng Yun looked ugly, “Check it out for me, I can’t find it, your whole family will die!


Hang up the phone! “Sister, the 18th base was burned?”

“The young woman in jeans asked weakly. “En.

“The charming young woman said. The two looked at each other!? Really! “Who the hell?”

These people can’t do it with ordinary means at all,” the young woman in jeans analyzes. This problem is too big! “It really should not be able to find a base, but successfully traversed a lot of surveillance, in the arms of hundreds of people. , Burned the base, we all know how difficult this is!


“The young woman Feng Yun analyzed. “Yes, I know, but there are not many people in the world who can do this!”

The young woman in jeans shook her head. “Is it a killer?”


“Analyzed by the blue-eyed beauty, there are still a few killers in the world who can do this! I heard that the number one female killer, Black Rose, can do it. “Killer?

Emily, you mean, what kind of black rose or something?

Said the young woman in jeans. “Probably.

“This shouldn’t be the case, the boss of the killer organization, I know, what we do, she knows what we do, she is irritating me, I let a bomb go past, so that her body can not be found.

The young woman shook her head. The boss behind the killer organization shouldn’t be involved in such a thing, because of the anger of the Luo Fu family, she can’t bear it!! “Then it’s not Black Rose, who else?”

Can this be done?


“The young woman in jeans also feels

It has to make sense, but who else?

“Emily, you go and close the door.” The young charming lady suddenly became serious.

“En,” the blue-eyed beauty immediately went to close the doors and windows.

The three women looked at each other.

“Sister, what do you want to say?” the young woman in jeans asked.

“Hidden family, did I tell you?” Young Feng Yun felt that the other three families had no time to deal with herself, even if they dealt with it, they would not be so blatant!

So they can exclude it directly!


As for other families, dare?


Have that kind of strength?


How many bases did you destroy in a row?

No other families!

“Sister, do you mean that the hidden family took action against us? But sister, don’t you say that they will not show up at all and will only make money silently? They shouldn’t do such a high-profile thing?” Shaking his head late, I feel unlikely.

She was surprised when she heard the young lady talk about this before!

Because my family is already one of the four strongest families in the world, now is it?


There are three more powerful hidden families, which makes her unacceptable!

“Yes, mom, the hidden family won’t do this, I asked them and didn’t offend them.” The blue-eyed beauty was also negative.

There must be a reason for everything, right?

For no reason, the river does not violate the well water. Why do you do that?


The blue-eyed beauty cannot understand!

“But only people from a hidden family can do it with this strength. I heard that their family’s bodyguard is the most powerful person in the world. It’s not difficult to get in and out of our base!!” There is light in the beautiful eyes of the charming young woman. .

What she was thinking about just now denied the other families, so there are only hidden families with this strength.

This spearhead had to be directed at the hidden family!

“So…” The young woman in jeans and the blue-eyed beauty were dumbfounded.

“If it is really done by someone from a hidden family, then how should we deal with it?” “This is difficult, I don’t know what they want to do.” The charming young woman is in pain.

It’s really a hidden family, so what should she do?

This is a big problem!

It’s silent!

All three women are in trouble!

The whole night passed and none of the three women slept. The reason was simple, because halfway through, they received five more calls.

It means that ten bases were destroyed in one day, and hundreds of billions of dollars were lost!


This is just a trivial matter. The key is that your family’s face has been slapped so severely, and ten bases have been destroyed, so ten slaps in the face of your family’s face!

Overnight, the Luo Fu family boiled in the United States.

This news could not be blocked at all.

Everyone is discussing

On this matter, is there someone trying to deal with the Luo Fu family!

The Luo Fu family destroyed so many bases overnight, is it about to go bankrupt?

“It’s too much, if this secret family made it!” The young woman in jeans was extremely angry!

This face, she herself feels hot!


The charming young woman has an ugly face, and overnight, the majesty of the Luo Fu family has been provoked too much!

The three women were overwhelmed with anger!

at the same time!

Ok family!

The core members of these families are confused!

I don’t know what happened.

“What’s the matter? This Luofu family base was destroyed. Who did it?” “Who knows, is it the Li family or…” “The Li family? It’s almost over. You can’t see it. Dare to mess with the members of the Luofu family? Are you looking for death?” “Yes, who did it?” There are all doubts in the Ouke family. This thing is too sudden, there is no sign!

… “What do you think about the Luo Fu family?” The Li family, the head of the Li family’s eyes flickered.

“Did someone from the Ok family do it?” Someone analyzed.

They only learned the news overnight, so they were very surprised!

After all, the Li family is tired now!

Knowing this is undoubtedly big news.

“It shouldn’t be. The Oak family isn’t really fighting with Tina Li? How can there be time to distract and deal with the Luo Fu family suddenly?” The Li family didn’t know how to say this, it was too sudden.

It has been quiet for more than ten minutes, and the Li Family Patriarch suddenly spoke, “Where is Tina now?” “I don’t know, what the hell is she doing?” Someone curled his lips.

“Yes, what does she care about?” The Li family immediately became dissatisfied.

Tina Li’s last sneak attack made Li’s family a laughingstock for others during this period of time. Isn’t that enough?


“Is Tina still in the United States?” Patriarch Li repeated these words.

“Yes, isn’t she looking for her son? I don’t know if I found her. Anyway, someone saw her a few days ago, Dad, what else did you ask her to do? She is not our Li family anymore, she was kicked out… …” “Shut up! If Tina is in the U.S., then she should have done it,” Li Patriarch yelled.

“She did it? Is it possible?” Everyone in the Li family didn’t believe that she had the strength to challenge the Luo Fu family?

“Maybe, Tina’s personal strength can do this… I tell you, today, if it spreads out, no matter who it is, I will kick him out! Hear you!?” Li Family Patriarch majestic Huh!

The Li family looked at each other, they must not dare!


But Tina Li really did it?

Then she is too courageous!

Dare to provoke the Luo Fu family


The Luo Fu family is here!

The three women fell into silence, and no one spoke.



The phone rang again, and the face of the young woman was gloomy. Is this another base destroyed?


She took a look, it was from Base 3 just now!

“Say!?” Answered, the charming young woman was expressionless!

“I found it, a monitor saw someone…” “Send it to me!!” “Yes,” the phone hung up.

“Mom, how is it?” “Sister,” the blue-eyed beauty and the young woman in jeans both asked, tense.

“There is a result, I got it.” The young lady is also nervous. If it is really a secret family, what should I do?

After all, the hidden family is particularly terrifying. The whole world is divided by three families. The so-called four big families are nothing but leftovers.

The gap is huge!

Ding, here comes the message.

The charming young woman clicked on it and took a look. In the dark night, a person passed by, and the picture was frozen, it was a woman!

The young woman Feng Yun immediately furious, “It’s actually you!!”

Chapter 595

I saw that the person on this screen was wearing black clothes with his hair tied up. He was particularly capable, and that was Tina Li!


Such a moment of anger, the charming young woman is indescribable!

She always thought it was a hidden family, because only the hidden family could do this, and under her tight base guard, she could intersperse freely!

Is this something the average person can do?


Unexpectedly, it was not made by a hidden family, but by a bereaved dog!

To be honest, after the young lady of Feng Yun confirmed that her family was attacked yesterday, she immediately denied Tina Li!


First, Tina Li is not strong enough!

Second, Tina Li was kicked out by the Li family!

Third, Tina Li, regardless of family friendship, unexpectedly attacked his Li family, this is worse than a pig!

Fourth, Tina Li is looking for her son and has no time to provoke herself. Dare to provoke herself?


But it happened to be done by such a person who denied it!

The anger of the charming young woman at this time is no less than that of a volcano!


“Mom, this is…” The blue-eyed beauty felt a little familiar seeing the stop-motion photo of the surveillance screen.

Because she rarely sees Tina Li!

“It’s actually her! Is this Tina Li looking to die?? How dare to provoke our Luo Fu family?!” The young woman in jeans was surprised and angry!

She also didn’t expect that Tina Li actually did it, how could it not be done by someone from a hidden family?


“What? Is she Tina Li?” The blue-eyed beauty was surprised.

what happened?

Why did Tina Li deal with his Luo Fu family!

Are you looking for death?

Impatient to live?

For a moment, the blue-eyed beauty couldn’t understand it!


It’s a bereaved dog, so bold!

“Sister, why did she attack us? Do you still want to attack the Li family last time? Tell others that she is looking for her son?” The young woman in jeans is too cold.

“Maybe! Tina Li, I didn’t bother you, you actually provoked me on the initiative!” The charming young woman has cold eyes!


From yesterday to today, the ten bases were actually destroyed by Tina Li, and Tina Li slapped him in the face of the Luo Fu family!

How does this count?


“Hmph, no matter what she means, dare to treat our Luo Fu family like this, and let our Luo Fu family lose face overnight. She must pay back ten times for this matter! Sister, let me clean up her company. , It also made her company on fire!!” The young woman in jeans was extremely angry.

This matter, fire!

The majesty of the Luo Fu family was actually destroyed by a bereaved dog!

This is so angry!

“Okay, you arrange for someone to do it now. Remember to be more beautiful. My Luofu family will not do things as covertly as hers, and burn it in an open manner. I want people in the U.S. to know the fate of offending my Luofu family. What is it!?” The charming young woman narrowed her eyes, full of coldness!

This anger must be washed away with blood!

“Okay, sister, I will do it beautifully!” The young woman in jeans sneered, and she walked outside!

But at this time, suddenly the phone rang.

It’s a charming young woman.

The young woman in jeans who came to the door stopped. She was annoyed, “Is another base destroyed?” The charming young woman stared at the phone with her home number on it.

The blue-eyed beauty was astonished, “Mom, take it!” The charming young woman answered, “Say!!!” “Tina Li said I want to see you!” This was the voice of the captain of her family’s guard.

“What?” The charming young lady became extremely hot all at once.

This is a self-investment?


Even if you don’t find a place to hide, you still dare to come?


The young lady of Feng Yun sneered, “How many of them? Shouldn’t they bring a lot of people?” This is the way to repeat the same tricks, just like attacking Li’s house, attacking herself?


It’s a pity that she is a big arms dealer, and the investment in the family guards every year is impossible to estimate.

Want to attack?

is it possible?

The blue-eyed beauties and the young women in jeans looked at each other. For three seconds, they were astonished, and then they were cold, and they took the initiative to send them to the door!

This is looking for death!

“Just a few people! It’s just a car!” The captain of the family guard was also astonished. He didn’t know that the base was destroyed by Tina Li.

So it’s surprising!

Why did Tina Li come here suddenly?

After all, at the very least, the Luo Fu family and Tina Li have nothing to do with each other. Why did they drive over to visit?



A car?

“The charming young woman who was still sneer was stunned at once. She thought it was a lot of cars, plus planes and the like! Actually not, what’s the situation? Are you going to apologize? The young woman sneered once again on her face. Come in?

“The captain of the family guard asked cautiously. He heard the sneer of the charming young woman, what’s the situation? “Let it go, why not let it go?”


Let them in!

” “Yes!

The phone hung up. “Tina Li brought a few people over.”

“The charming young woman smiled slightly, like a spring breeze. “How many people are there?”

Haha, I know, she must know, we know she did it, so she came over and knelt down to apologize!


“The young woman in jeans chuckled. So it’s much simpler? Tina Li has been sent to the door, so what else is going out for? The charming young woman sneered, “It is estimated that she has only one car after all!

“But, isn’t Tina Li very powerful?”


“The blue-eyed beauty thought of this question. “Daughter, it’s useless to fight fiercely. In this world, there is no one who can resist bullets. No matter how good she is, there is no use for her in our house!”

“The young lady of Feng Yun laughed. It was heavily guarded in her own home! There were guns everywhere, so what happens when she comes in? “Yes,” the blue-eyed beauty breathed a sigh of relief. How safe is her home, since she was a child Growing up here, don’t you know?? Tina Li came in and it’s useless. “Fortunately, it’s Tina Li, if it’s a hidden family, then…” The jeans young woman has a little lingering fear. The hidden family is really not their Luo Fu family. Comparable, the difference is big! If it is really a hidden family, then all they can do is to open one eye and close one eye. Are they still fighting against a strong hidden family? That is too dangerous. “Yes,” The hidden family should not do this to us.

“To tell the truth, the young woman breathed a sigh of relief in her heart. Now Tina Li took the initiative to come out, this is still very good! Now, she wants to vent all the anger of last night. This Tina Li ruined her like a mad dog The base, this hatred must be reported! “Tina Li brought people in.

“The phone rang again. The charming young woman, the young woman in jeans, and the blue-eyed beauties all stared outside. The first person who came in was Tina Li. A calm look. The beautiful eyes of the charming young woman shot cold. “Tina Li, give me an explanation?

Why destroy my base!


” “Say!

Actually doing this, let me tell you, you are looking for death!

“The young woman in jeans scolded! The blue-eyed beauty saw Tina Li, she was a little bit stunned, what’s wrong?


She rarely sees Tina Li, but why do you feel that she is a little like a person today?

Did you read it wrong?

Well, it should be wrong.

“Reason? Are you asking me the reason?” Tina Li’s eyes narrowed.

Under this tight guard, he was still so indifferent.

“Yes, I’ll give you a chance and explain why! Otherwise, I will let your whole family die!” The charming young woman said.

She was very angry when she saw Tina Li. This person was the one who embarrassed her Luo Fu family last night!

At this time, she felt that her face was hot.

Because I was beaten by Tina Li last night, this grudge must be reported today!

“My reason is simple, because of your daughter!!” Tina Li stared at the blue-eyed beauty.

At this moment, murder came out.

“My daughter? What are you talking about?” The charming young woman scolded!

“Yes, because of Emily? Tina Li, what reason do you want? Kneel down!!” The young woman in jeans sneered.

“Tina Li, make it clear?!” The charming young woman stared at Tina Li coldly!

The blue-eyed beauty was shocked, and then very angry because of herself?

Why didn’t I do anything because of myself?

“Your daughter arrested and tortured my son. You said I shouldn’t destroy your base?” Tina Li said.

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