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Chapter 621

is the astronomical price! The audience is in an uproar!! Shocked, unbelievable voices are endless! “It’s incredible, who bid?



“There are still 400 million people out there?”

This is an elite!

Everyone boiled in shock. The beauty on stage was astonished. After being shocked, she was surprised, “Wow!


400 million US dollars, this price is from the 16th of the private room!


It’s 400 million dollars. Is there more than 400 million dollars?

“The words come out, silent?! It’s impossible, right? It shouldn’t be possible for someone to bid, right? After all, it is a ginseng worth tens of millions of dollars! In a private room. Yes, the bid is Abe Zhang. This ginseng is OK. Healing his own head, then how could Abe Zhang give up? “Husband, the person who just made the bid, did it intentionally?

“Olena Jiang was unhappy. She felt that this person was deliberate. “It’s okay,” Abe Zhang shook his head. The black rose in the corner said, “The United States still has no shortage of rich people.”

“I know,” Abe Zhang agreed. That’s for sure. People who are really rich, let alone hundreds of millions, will not put them in the eyes. Just when the audience is silent. “800 million.” !


“The voice was indifferent, but it suddenly rang! The audience was stunned, what?! Is there really someone bidding? And 800 million was mentioned? This is golden ginseng? Even if it is gold, it is not so valuable! This What a fairy fight! The bid was of course You Tianle. He thought it was a little bit interesting, but he was just teasing, after all, he is a member of a hidden family, richer than? In this world, he can be with himself Home comparison, just

There are two other hidden families.

Other families, elites, are all rubbish.

Maya Tang was surprised. She was not surprised by the money, but felt that she didn’t know how to say it.

“You want to take this?” Maya Tang asked.

“Yes,” “But,” “I will pursue whatever I like, so…for example, if I like you, I will pursue you.” You Tianle smiled slightly.

Maya Tang shook her head without answering.

“800 million, this is also the number one from a private room!! Unbelievable, unbelievable! Is there a price higher than 800 million?” The beauty herself couldn’t say it.

How could there be any more?

This is really a sky-high price!

It is absolutely impossible for anyone to bid again, including the private room number 16 just now!

The people at the scene looked at each other!

Quiet to the extreme!

However, just when everyone thought that no one was bidding, a voice resounded like thunder, “Billion!!” Yes, Abe Zhang bid again.

This thing is bound to be won!



Silence as death!

Three seconds later, the audience came back to their senses in shock!

It’s boiling!


“My God, there is actually someone bidding? I didn’t dream it?!” “I also feel dreaming. Whose two people are these? That’s amazing!” “Yeah, we are too far behind such a person.” It’s big, one billion to buy ginseng, and no one would believe it!” These people muttered to themselves in shock.

“What, one billion?! The private room on the 16th, the bid was actually one billion!” The beauty screamed, completely crazy and gaffe.

The price is incredible!

In the private room, You Tianle frowned and sneered. Actually, he is richer than himself?


“Are there any more offers? Are there any more?” The beauty was screaming!

“Two billion!” You Tianle said lightly.

The sound was not loud, but it came out like this, it was thunder, it exploded in the crowd!

Boiling, boiling again!

It actually doubled directly, which is amazing!

Abe Zhang’s heart sank, two billion dollars?

“Husband, auntie said that it must be photographed,” Olena Jiang was anxious, and even more money must be photographed.

This is what Tina Li said.

“En,” Abe Zhang immediately bid 2.5 billion U.S. dollars!


This is a dreamlike voice.

The people at the scene are already confused. Is this a dream or is it real?

“Hehe, it’s interesting.” You Tianle sneered, it’s better than money, hehe, no one has played with himself like this for a long time!


He stood up with a little interest. Maya Tang saw in confusion. The private rooms are all single-sided glass. You can see the outside. Maya Tangmei looked at this private room on the 16th…

Think, I want to go there and have a look?

Maya Tang was confused, she stood up subconsciously and wanted to go to this private room to take a look.

… “What? Someone bid three billion dollars?” Tina Li was astonished.

This is just a ginseng, how can there be such an inconsistent price?

“Yes, that’s the case at the scene.” Beatrice was speaking.

She was also surprised.

“Well, who is the bidder?” Tina Li was curious. Of course there are many rich people in the U.S., but there are only a handful of people who can spend so much money on ginseng!


Who is the one?

“I don’t know. Just like the young master, the information in the private room is blocked.” Beatrice wanted to check but couldn’t find it.

Of course, they couldn’t find Abe Zhang’s.

So they are “relatively safe”!

“Well, I see,” Tina Li took out his cell phone and called Abe Zhang and connected.

“Cer, no matter how much it is, this thing must be photographed…” “Oh, it’s interesting, you said Maya Tang was rescued by someone from your family?” On the sofa, there was a trace of the woman’s laziness. accident.

“Yes, it’s the people from the Youjia. Our people at the Youjia told me that they saved a dying woman. I think Maya Tang is the one who has saved her memory. What happened…” the man said cautiously.

This news was just obtained by him, and he was also looking for the place where Maya Tang fell, but he couldn’t find any clues. When he was distressed, the spy who was on the You family sent a message.

“You Jia, You Tianle, wanted to chase me before? Humph, I guess he is also interested in Maya Tang, which is even more interesting.” The woman smiled.

“You don’t want to kill Maya Tang?” the man asked. Since he already knows where Maya Tang is, it is not too difficult to find a way to kill.

“Isn’t it more interesting now? Didn’t you mean that Maya Tang lost her memory? With the character of You Tianle guy, he would definitely take advantage of the emptiness. Let You Tianle play Maya Tang and lie to her. Isn’t it better for Abe Zhang? See When his spare baby Maya Tang was insulted and became another woman, Abe Zhang would only cut off his thoughts on Maya Tang.” The woman laughed.

For a few days, I didn’t expect to have news that made her a little bit happy today.

“Yes, Miss Gao Ming!!” The man flattered.

In this way, Abe Zhang knew that the spare tire that belonged to him had been taken away. He would definitely be disappointed.

“But, what else did the people over there say? What about Maya Tang besides amnesia?” “You Tianle has already started to lie to her. It seems that she is almost successful. Also, You Tianle’s father is going to let You Tianle and Maya Tang get married. “The man elaborated.

“Oh? Get married? When?


“The woman finds it even more interesting. “It’s probably not too far away, maybe it’s just recently!”

“The man was thinking. “Recently?”

You Tianle is uncertain. His father definitely wants him to get married, and he will settle down. It should be soon…” “However, this wedding should not be out there,” the man said. This is a secret family wedding, and others. People are not eligible to participate, except for the other two families. So how do you let Abe Zhang know?! “Of course it won’t be foreigners. After I get married with Abe Zhang, I won’t be foreigners. What qualifications do other people have to appear in the secret family? Where’s your wedding scene?


But my Wanjia will definitely participate. When the time comes, I will bring Abe Zhang in. Abe Zhang saw that his spare tire was played by others and got married. Abe Zhang will definitely lose control and he will make a big fuss. At You Tianle’s wedding scene, with Abe Zhang’s mother’s strength, the consequence was that he was suppressed by the travellers, and I rescued him when it was critical. When the time comes, he will be interested in me…” the woman said lazily with a smile Appeared. Yes, Abe Zhang made a big fuss at the wedding scene, and the consequence is that only he can save him. So, it is not easy

Chapter 622

Olena Jiang was beaten up at the auction scene!! You Tianle smiled slightly and looked very indifferent Because the price is interesting, I have already mentioned the price of this thousand-year-old ginseng to 4 billion U.S. dollars, and the private room on the 16th is still following!!! It’s interesting. Maya Tang’s eyes are at a loss, this bidder is at a loss. Who is it?! “4.5 billion!

Seeing that Abe Zhang made an offer, You Tianle continued to bid indifferently, causing the people at the auction site to be shocked and exclaimed!! “Crazy, crazy today, is a thousand-year ginseng enough?”

“That’s right, today this is a real fairy fight!”

“People at the scene thought it was incredible! Unreasonable, what is the price of millennium ginseng? At this time, the auction price of 4.5 billion US dollars, my God! The scene is boiling. Here Abe Zhang expressionless, four More than one billion, he hasn’t paid attention yet. After all, the last time he was in the casino, he won 50 billion dollars from the behind-the-scenes boss! “Husband,” Olena Jiang was too anxious. This opponent was too fierce, this person Who is it? “It’s okay,” Abe Zhang shook his head. “Abe Zhang,” Black Rose sitting in the corner felt still speaking. Abe Zhang looked at her. “Is this person targeting you?

“Black Rose sees it. As long as Abe Zhang bids, this person will definitely add a lot of bids. What is this? It’s completely targeted! Even Black Rose has the illusion that this person who has been bidding with Abe Zhang, right? Are you playing with Abe Zhang? Use Abe Zhang as a toy? “It doesn’t matter,” Abe Zhang shrugged. Just aim at it. Black Rose

Wrong, okay, it doesn’t matter?


It doesn’t matter if it is targeted?

He talked too much, Black Rose was a bit speechless!

She sat in the corner again, and simply closed her eyes. No matter what, what did she do?

I just protect him, and I don’t care about anything else!

“Thank you for reminding,” Abe Zhang said in his voice.

Black Rose was astonished again, opened her eyes, and found that Abe Zhang was smiling at herself. This smile is so ugly… Black Rose closed her eyes again, and muttered in her heart, I want you to thank you?


“Five billion!” Abe Zhang said lightly.

The people at the scene are simply crazy. The two people are asking for a price, which is really terrifying.

This is money, not numbers!

The horror is extreme!


“Oh, it’s interesting,” You Tianle smiled, and he raised his hand, ready to bid again!

This is a piece of his fun, how can he give up lightly?

Must play to the end!

After all, in the eyes of the hidden family, money is not considered money, it can only be regarded as a number that can be called casually.

“Are you going to continue to scream?” Maya Tang was perplexed, and she felt that she could not scream.

“Maya Tang, what do you think?” You Tianle smiled slightly.

Of course I have to please Maya Tang.

“Stop calling, people should be in a hurry.” Maya Tang shook her head.

This is considered competitive, there is no need to call it. What was originally worth tens of millions of dollars is now worth five billion.

This is really a sky-high price, how many times has it been doubled?


It can’t be like this.

“Well, if you don’t bark, then stop barking,” You Tianle laughed.

Of course, he sneered in his heart: I don’t play anymore, you are lucky, but it’s okay, it gave me a little bit of fun just now, not bad.

Maya Tang Meimu continued to look.

There is no sound from You Tianle, and the scene is already silent.

The people in this private room have stopped calling?


That’s right, this is a real sky-high price, it’s impossible to bid!

There was silence for a minute!


Abe Zhang was expressionless and stopped screaming?

How much money has to follow!

Olena Jiang was relieved.

The scene was extremely quiet. At this time, the beauty as an auctioneer finally recovered.



“Private room on the 16th bid for 5 billion US dollars, the first time, 5 billion US dollars for the second time, 5 billion US dollars for the third time, congratulations to the guests of the private room on the 16th!!” The beauty was screaming, she did The auctioneer has been so long, and this auction is really a roller coaster ride.

The price keeps rising, it is amazing to the extreme!

“Huh,” Olena Jiang felt relieved. She had suspected just now that the price would be tens of billions. How amazing is that?


Abe Zhang is weird, but it’s okay.

After this beauty screamed, the audience was boisterous again, all guessing this

Who is this elite who bought a thousand-year-old ginseng worth only tens of millions of dollars?

There was a lot of discussion, but no one came out. After all, the private rooms are all closed, and the customer information inside is closed.


How could these people know?


“Wife, you go to the car and wait for me, I will pay,” Abe Zhang said.

“Okay, husband, be careful,” Olena Jiang cared.

Abe Zhang shrugged and went out. Of course, the black rose sitting in the corner followed Abe Zhang.

When the two of them went out, Olena Jiang was relieved to go out.

She walked to the parking lot and drove the car out, then Abe Zhang Hei Rose came over, so she could leave directly.

But she was a little angry, angry for Abe Zhang. After all, she was not the person in the private room. How could the price of this thousand-year ginseng reach such an astonishing level?

“So yin my husband, huh, I want to see who you are!!” Olena Jiang went out angrily to see who this person is. She was wary of being a killer and silently went to a private passage.

She suddenly saw a familiar back in the car, the dress, the back was very beautiful, so familiar, who is this?

Olena Jiang was shocked, and subconsciously chased after her. Suddenly she turned around, because her back appeared a little cold.

This is a knife!


“Hush, don’t move!” This was the voice of a stranger.

With indifference.

Olena Jiang didn’t move, but she was not afraid. She stared at the beautiful back of the car in the distance. Yes, she saw Maya Tang.

But absent-minded Maya Tang did not see her.

“Who are you?” Olena Jiang is indifferent. At this time, she has a knife behind her back, but she is still calm without any fear.

“It’s still a big beauty.” This was You Tianle’s voice. He came out afterwards and saw that his bodyguard had caught a woman.

He didn’t bother to come over at first, but seeing Olena Jiang’s back was particularly annoying, he reluctantly came over to take a look.

Seeing Olena Jiang, he was surprised again, just like seeing Maya Tang.

After all, Olena Jiang and Maya Tang are beauties of the same level.

Olena Jiang’s eyes were cold, she wanted to turn around to see who this person was, but the knife on her back was stinging!


“Who is the woman who got in the car just now?” Olena Jiang asked.

This figure is familiar, with uneven and very beautiful.

You Tianle frowned. Did you know Maya Tang?


How else would you ask?

“Beauty, what’s your name?” You Tianle asked, and Olena Jiang also made him interested. After all, he was as beautiful as Maya Tang and the same perfect body.

“I can tell you, Olena Jiang, my name is Olena Jiang, who is the woman who got in the car just now?” Olena Jiang was indifferent.

“Olena Jiang??

You Tianle was stunned. He snapped his fingers. Someone immediately came by and quickly found out the identity of Olena Jiang. “This Olena Jiang is Tina Li’s son and Abe Zhang’s girlfriend…” “Oh?

What a coincidence?

“You Tianle was stunned. Of course he knew that Maya Tang knew Tina Li, but he didn’t expect to meet him here. “Master checked it at that time. Maya Tang and this Olena Jiang’s boyfriend, Abe Zhang walked very close. Near…” You Tianle frowned, and there was murderous in his eyes. So, Maya Tang, the woman he was fond of, might have been touched by Abe Zhang a long time ago? With You Tianle’s murderous intent, he actually picked up Abe Zhang’s torn shoes? You Tianle has in his heart. Anger, there is also an astonishing murderous opportunity! “Master, what about this woman?


“The bodyguard asked cautiously, after all, he felt You Tianle’s murderous intent! “Kill?

It’s a pity, stun her,” You Tianle said lazily, he had the idea of ​​catching Olena Jiang back. After all, in the process of conquering Maya Tang, there is fun, but you can also play other things! “You Tell me who that woman is…” Olena Jiang was shocked. When she turned her head suddenly, she felt that her neck was about to be broken. The man with the knife hit Olena Jiang on the neck! Plop, Olena Jiang She fell on the ground and did not move.

Chapter 623

I was beaten Olena Jiang was knocked out. “Master, just let her go?

“The bodyguard asked carefully. “Let her go?”

“You Tianle snapped his fingers, with a cold smile on his face! “Maya Tang is waiting for me, forget it, let her go this time, let me find out what else Olena Jiang has, and Tina Li, especially That Abe Zhang, can you find out for me?


“You Tianle’s voice is cold! The bodyguard nodded. You Tianle walked towards the car, and several bodyguards followed and left. Get in the car! Maya Tang looked outside the car window. In that dark corner, was there a person lying there?” “What happened outside just now?” What’s going on?

“Maya Tang asked in surprise. “It’s okay. A crazy woman asked me for money. I gave her ten thousand. She was still not satisfied, so she taught her a lesson,” You Tianle said lightly. Maya Tang watched beautifully and saw as much as she could. The person lying in the corner can’t see clearly, the corner is too dark. “Drive!

“You Tianle ordered. “I want to go back,” Maya Tang said. “Your head is still not good, in a few days.

“You Tianle smiled slightly and wanted to go back? Is it possible? Maya Tang felt her head hurt all the time. She was trying to remember. Her beautiful eyes kept looking outside, the person lying in that corner… The car took Maya Tang away. Whoosh! Olena Jiang, who was stunned, woke up suddenly relying on strong willpower. She got up and found that the car had already left. She should have been in a coma.

Three minutes.

Olena Jiang was angry, she touched her neck, the strength of this self is really amazing!


What kind of strength is this?


The phone rang, it was Abe Zhang, Olena Jiang calmed down and answered.

“Hey, husband, it’s okay, it’s okay, I just went to the bathroom, come here right away,” Olena Jiang ran to the car. She wanted to tell Abe Zhang about it, but Abe Zhang was impulsive and would definitely be angry that she was beaten just now. .

Or… Olena Jiang thought about it and decided to tell Tina Li about this. The figure just now was too familiar.

After driving back, Olena Jiang asked Abe Zhang to rest first. Abe Zhang had a headache and was tired, so he did so, accompanied by Black Rose.

Olena Jiang bit her lip and knocked on the door.

“Come in.” Olena Jiang entered, and Tina Li saw Olena Jiang, she was astonished, and then smiled.

Olena Jiang handed the Thousand-Year Ginseng to Tina Li, this kind of thing, of course, is not eaten directly, it still needs the doctor’s refinement.

“Well, I will ask the doctor to deal with it immediately,” Tina Li said.

“That…” Olena Jiang bit her lip.

Tina Li put aside the things in his hands, and said after being astonished, “Is there something else?…You, are you going to fight me now?” Otherwise, what else?

But Tina Li didn’t expect it to be so fast!

“No, I saw a figure from the back when I came back just now. When I was about to chase after, I… was beaten,” Olena Jiang lowered his head, feeling difficult to speak.

“Have you been beaten?” Tina Li came over seriously, and quickly looked at Olena Jiang’s body. Soon she raised her hand to uncover Olena Jiang’s hair and saw that her neck was bruised and black.

Olena Jiang dodged subconsciously, preventing Tina Li from watching.

“Did you resist?” Tina Li said, and at the same time took out a needle from his body.

“Yes, but I can’t resist, I was suddenly subdued.” Olena Jiang felt lingering in his heart, too soon, she couldn’t react at all.

“Come here, I’ll help you deal with it.” Tina Li said.

Olena Jiang was cautious, but did not dodge. Tina Li used a needle to pierce the bruise on Olena Jiang’s neck. There was black blood flowing out. Olena Jiang felt that his head was not so heavy and he felt much more comfortable. After all, when she came back just now, she felt that her head was not her own, as if it had been chopped off.

Olena Jiang lowered his head, his lips were about to be bitten, “Thanks…thank you,” “It’s okay, you can tell me the process of discovering people carefully, don’t miss any details.” Tina Li’s eyes flickered.

Olena Jiang’s strength is good. There are not many people who can stun Olena Jiang without any resistance.


Olena Jiang said in detail.

Tina Li’s eyes are more refined, “Is the figure familiar?”

Well, very familiar,” “Compared with Maya Tang?


“Aunt Tang?”


“Olena Jiang suddenly woke up. By the way, I feel familiar, like Maya Tang! But where did Maya Tang appear? “Does it look like?”

Tina Li asked seriously. “Like, it seems to be Aunt Tang.

“Olena Jiang is basically certain. She really hasn’t seen a few people with that kind of beautiful back. Except for Maya Tang, there is no one who can make her a woman who feels amazing from back. Who is it? “Huh!

“Tina Li breathed a sigh of relief. According to Olena Jiang, it should be Maya Tang, but why didn’t Maya Tang come back? Why didn’t Maya Tang come back? Tina Li thought about it and thought there was only one possibility. Then it was the same as Abe Zhang. When he fell, his head was hit, which may have caused some amnesia. “Then who saved Maya Tang?

“Olena Jiang thinks that Maya Tang’s life should be pretty good, although she has lost her memory. This can make her feel less guilty. “You have to check this carefully. By the way, you don’t tell Abe first, I check I’ll tell him after I know it,” Tina Li worried. Abe Zhang has been so decadent lately. If he suddenly tells Abe Zhang about this matter, Abe Zhang doesn’t know what to do. In this case, there is only calmness. Check, then it will work. “En,” Olena Jiang understood. “You didn’t see the person who beat you clearly?

“Tina Li wanted to ask a little clue. “No, I turned my head and I was knocked out.” Olena Jiang shook her head, and she bit her lip suddenly. “Auntie, can you also kill me with one move?”

Tina Li, who was meditating, was stunned, “You are still young, and you have a great opportunity to grow. Don’t be discouraged.”

“Well, then I’m going out,” Olena Jiang understood and felt sad. There is still a big gap between himself and the real master!! “Wait, take this one,” Tina Li gave Olena has a needle. This can make a silent attack while saving lives. “I don’t want it.” Olena Jiang stepped back cautiously, with his hands behind. “Take it, you were very dangerous just now, didn’t you want to kill me?

How to kill if something goes wrong?

“Tina Li said. Olena Jiang bit her lip in pain, she took it, said thank you in a low voice, and then ran out. Yes, Olena Jiang also felt that she should have a way to save her life. Tina Li’s needle is The special metal is so hard that the steel plate can be pierced through with hard work. “This child.

Tina Li sighed and shook his head. After Olena Jiang went out, Tina Li immediately called Beatrice, “Olena Jiang should have seen Maya Tang. At the hotel where Abe had just participated in the auction, I wanted to check everyone who went in. This person finds out…” … Abe Zhang comes over

Looking for Olena Jiang, but Olena Jiang’s neck is very painful, and the sequelae has no strength. Abe Zhang asked, but Olena Jiang didn’t say anything, just that he was a little uncomfortable.

Abe Zhang had no choice but to leave with Black Rose.

Last night, Abe Zhang asked Black Rose, can the boss behind the killer organization find Maya Tang?

Black Rose thought for three seconds and answered, maybe.

After all, the killer organization collects information, that is amazing!

How many killers have joined the killer organization in the entire world, and even the number one Black Rose is not clear, so it means that the eyeliner of the killer organization is all over the world!


Black Rose said so, of course Abe Zhang wanted to meet the boss behind the scenes.

After all, last time, Abe Zhang felt that it was pretty good. Let’s see if she can help this time.

There was no separation this time, and Abe Zhang took the Black Rose’s car to find the boss behind the scenes.

I went to the bar too.

When Black Rose called, the boss behind the scenes answered, but lazily refused. Hei Rose mentioned Abe Zhang, and the boss behind the scenes agreed.

Black Rose hung up, “She let you in alone,” Black Rose didn’t plan to go in either.

Abe Zhang nodded, and the two of them were taken in. In the innermost luxurious private room, Abe Zhang knocked on the door.

“Come in,” Abe Zhang pushed the door in, and saw the charming boss behind the scenes. He was astonished. She was very beautiful today, wearing jeans and sitting lazily on the large sofa.

“Well, good auntie.” Abe Zhang said hurriedly, after all, he was asking for help.

Chapter 624

No Benefits When the boss behind the scenes just answered Black Rose’s call, she laughed when she heard Abe Zhang was outside.

This little bastard is coming to see me now?

She is so smart, of course she thinks too much about what Abe Zhang came over to find herself for!

But when I saw Abe Zhang and heard Abe Zhang called his aunt, the boss behind the scenes was a little unhappy, “Who told you to call me aunt? Sister.” Abe Zhang was speechless, but he still called.

“Hey, come here, my sister invites you to drink,” the boss behind the scenes waved to Abe Zhang.

Of course Abe Zhang came, and I have to say that the boss behind the scenes is really beautiful.

“This wine is precious, and your mother doesn’t have any, but when you get to me, this bottle is yours,” the boss behind the scenes smiled, with a lot of style.

Abe Zhang took a polite sip, “Sister, I came here…” “What did you come here for?” The boss behind the scenes pretended not to know.

“I came to see you first,” Abe Zhang knew this woman and liked others to flatter her. Of course Abe Zhang would just like it.

“Also first? Then?” The boss behind the scenes was unhappy.

“Then I just want you to do me a favor. My Auntie Tang is missing, but was rescued, but I don’t know who saved it… I want you to find it for me,” Abe Zhang said

It’s out, can’t wait.

He was really happy when he heard Black Rose said that the killer organization might have news.

“Find someone?” “Well, find someone, okay, sister?” Abe Zhang blinked.

“Little guy, did you still use a beautiful boy on me?” The boss behind the scenes smiled.

Abe Zhang feels that her personality is still very good. Last time, she not only lifted Olena Jiang’s killing order, but finally gave herself a red envelope.

“Can you?” Abe Zhang was nervous. The boss behind the scenes didn’t have a good relationship with his mother, so Abe Zhang didn’t let his mother come over.

“It can be regarded as okay, but what good do I have if I help you? Forget it, you still promised me a few things not to do!” The boss behind the scenes smiled and looked at Abe Zhang.

“As long as you agree, I will do everything,” Abe Zhang said.

She has some inside information about this?


“Do everything? You little fellow, relative to my graphic media?” The boss behind the scenes reached out and grabbed Abe Zhang’s hair.

Abe Zhang is embarrassed, “Sister, you agree.” “If you don’t agree, it’s no good for me, why agree?” “I let my mother give you money.” “I don’t have as much money as your mother Tina Li, but yes. For me, that’s enough, my sister is not short of money!!” The boss behind the scenes shook her head, she is really not short of money.

After all, her business is so big!

“Then what do you want?” Abe Zhang felt bad, did he want to tease himself again?


“I want you.” The boss behind the scenes smiled.

The last dream made her feel very special and very interesting.

Abe Zhang was embarrassed, “I have a wife,” “I know, then you can be my lover, I don’t mind.” The boss behind the scenes smiled.

Abe Zhang was speechless. This woman could really say anything. Last time she said she liked her, but when she really touched her, she got angry again and made herself get out.

Abe Zhang was confused at the time.

“Um, are you serious?” Abe Zhang touched his head, feeling a headache.

“Of course it’s true.” “But last time I sat a little closer to you, you scolded me,” Abe Zhang complained. Of course Abe Zhang didn’t dare to touch her wherever he would touch her at that time.

I just wanted her to agree to let Olena Jiang go.

“Of course I’m going to scold you, who should I be my sister?” the boss behind the scenes pouted.

She must have been annoyed at the time. She obviously took the initiative at the time, but she was suddenly turned around by Abe Zhang. She must be angry.

How could you show Abe Zhang a good face?


Abe Zhang was frustrated. “What do you want?” “I just said,” said the boss behind the scenes.

Abe Zhang was silent for a few seconds, “Really?” “Yes, really, be my lover.” The boss behind the scenes smiled in his heart. Isn’t he taking the initiative this time?


Abe Zhang was thinking, “You make me think

Think, first help me find my Aunt Tang,” “Are you playing with me?”

I found it for you, and then you regret it, what should I do?

“The boss behind the scenes said. “No,” Abe Zhang sighed. Of course he didn’t think the boss behind the scenes liked him, she probably just wanted to play. “If you don’t believe it, then…” Abe Zhang held herself in his hand. Buttons on his clothes. The boss behind the scenes hummed, “Little guy, you really take the initiative. I won’t make you cheaper. Okay, I promise this. If I have news, I will tell you!

“Thank you,” Abe Zhang breathed a sigh of relief, relieved, the killer organized so many people, and there should be results soon. Abe Zhang stood up, “Then sister, I’m going back,” “Hold on, I’ll be my lover, and just leave. gone?

Who let you go?

Really disobedient, come here, my shoulder is sore, press me.

“The boss behind the scenes said. Abe Zhang was speechless, so he could only go over and press her shoulders. The boss behind the scenes couldn’t help but laugh after drinking. Interesting, how interesting is the call? “Little guy, be serious,” This shoulder of mine, no one else has touched it, press it firmly, my sister will give you a red envelope…Oh, no, it should be a tip, after all, you are my lover,” the boss behind the scenes laughed, this smile is really charming Ten thousand kinds. Abe Zhang is worried about Maya Tang in his heart. Where can I read it? “By the way, sister, Ouyang Fei…” Abe Zhang thought of Ouyang Fei, the woman, but followed the boss behind the scenes. It has been so long, Abe Zhang I wonder if the boss behind the scenes was shot by the perverted Ouyang Fei?? “It’s time to beat another woman before me.

“The boss behind the scenes snorted. “Uh, I care about you, where did Ouyang Fei go?”

“Training, she has been trained, and has recently gone to pick up the task.”

“Ouyang Fei’s growth rate, the boss behind the scenes is still particularly surprised, may surpass Black Rose! The price of the first order, Ouyang Feidu has already surpassed that time, just as the killer Black Rose. Ouyang Fei has a good momentum. , You can definitely make a lot of money for yourself. “Then, is Ouyang Fei alone with you?

“Abe Zhang wants to ask this. “No, why should I be alone with her?”

“The boss behind the scenes questioned. Abe Zhang also thought it was impossible. The boss behind the scenes, shrewdly, how could Ouyang Fei take pictures of her? This is impossible, Abe Zhang thinks, think about it. Of course, Zhang If Ce knew that Ouyang Fei had succeeded, he would definitely be shocked!! Shocked how Ouyang Fei did it? After pressing for a while, Abe Zhang wanted to go back, “Alright?


“The boss behind the scenes shook his head. Abe Zhang can only continue to press her shoulders. This is really the first time Abe Zhang presses other women apart from Olena Jiang.

The black rose outside is so sleepy, what is Abe Zhang doing inside?

Why is there no sound at all?

She was surprised, but she didn’t bother to think about it.

In the end, Abe Zhang pressed it for half an hour, and the boss behind the scenes nodded in satisfaction, “It’s really good, come here, my sister will tip you, don’t let it, take it.” She gave Abe Zhang a card, and Abe Zhang was speechless. I don’t want it, after all, what is going on if I want it?


“Take it, don’t you behave?” The boss behind the scenes was angry.

Abe Zhang could only accept it, and did not ask how much.

But she is generous, certainly not less than one million.

However, Abe Zhang is still at ease, as long as the boss behind the scenes does what she wants, it doesn’t matter.

After all, pressing on the shoulders of beautiful women is not a common opportunity.

“Thank you sister,” Abe Zhang was about to leave.

“What are you doing in such a hurry? Haven’t eaten yet, you are my lover, you are mine, do you know? If you are not obedient, I won’t help you find something Maya Tang…” The boss behind the scenes smiled and stood up.

She drank too much and was shaking, Abe Zhang supported her, “You drank too much.” However, looking at her up close, she was really beautiful.

“Drink too much, then what are you going to do? Do you really like my sister?” The boss behind the scenes molested Abe Zhang.

Think about it, Abe Zhang still has an appetite for her, after all, when he pressed his shoulder just now, he was honest.

It’s kind of like a kid who makes mistakes.

She thought of that dream, and Abe Zhang acted like a baby to her.

She thought it was ridiculous.

“No, I just think you should be lonely, sister,” Abe Zhang sighed, because of the character of the boss behind the scenes, there must be no friends.

“Who said I’m lonely? Do you know how many lovers I have? You are after a hundred,” the boss behind the scenes hummed.

Chapter 625

, there is no money to find me. Abe Zhang was amused by the words of the boss behind the scenes. Yeah, since Maya Tang went missing, I really haven’t laughed much.

“Just have a ranking.” Of course Abe Zhang doesn’t matter.

“Little guy, are you disappointed when you hear this?” The boss behind the scenes smiled charmingly.

“Uh, disappointment.” Abe Zhang shrugged.

“Hehe, that sister now ranks you. You are now the first. Are you happy?” The boss behind the scenes was amused by Abe Zhang.

Although she knew that Abe Zhang said that on purpose, it was not bad.

“Happy,” Abe Zhang chose what she liked. Abe Zhang didn’t want to be her lover. Of course, Abe Zhang must know that the boss behind the scenes was “playing” himself.

This play is not malicious.

Really make this shrewd woman fall in love with herself?

How is this possible?


Abe Zhang is self-aware about this. He is not short of money, is beautiful, and the standard is white and rich. He makes himself a “lover,” just for no malice.

The “play”.

After all, there is something to ask for.

“It’s boring, just perfunct me,” the boss behind the scenes grunted and sat down.

Abe Zhang is speechless, what is going on?


The only thing he can do now is to continue pressing her. Abe Zhang continued to press his shoulders. The boss behind the scenes looked up at Abe Zhang, “So good?” “Sister, what’s your name?” Abe Zhang wanted to ask this.

“I don’t usually tell others, but I can tell you that my name is Bella.” “En, remember,” Abe Zhang nodded.

The name is pretty good.

After pressing for a while, Abe Zhang laid his hands on her.

Behind the scenes boss Bella looked at Abe Zhang weirdly, “Taking advantage of me, right?” “Of course not.” How can Abe Zhang have that thought?

Now Maya Tang doesn’t know where it is. It can be said that Abe Zhang closes his eyes, thinking of Maya Tang squatting in a corner, helpless… Maya Tang, Abe Zhang wants to see Maya Tang too much.

“Humph,” the boss behind the scenes snorted. Abe Zhang thought she didn’t like it, so he stopped. Should he be able to go back now?


After all, Black Rose has been waiting outside for a long time.

“Who told you to stop? Keep pressing.” The boss behind the scenes said.

“I’m sleepy,” “I have a place here, so I sleep here when I’m sleepy. Did I even drive you away?” The boss behind the scenes was unhappy and a little angry.

“Okay,” what can Abe Zhang only do?

Take the initiative in the same way as last time and lean on her, hoping that she scolds herself to get away.

But to Abe Zhang’s surprise, the boss behind the scenes didn’t scold him, but he was stunned. “Little guy, did you use me as a pillow?!” “Why don’t you scold me to get out?!” Abe Zhang looked up at her because the boss was sitting behind the scenes. Abe Zhang leaned his head on her lap.

Last time, Abe Zhang sat down, and she became angry before she even approached her. This time she didn’t respond or curse.

“Last time your mother was outside, I definitely wanted to scold you and let your mother Tina Li see that I was soaked by you. What’s the matter? Do you want my face anymore?” The boss behind the scenes hummed.

Abe Zhang understands, forget it, in that case, what is he doing with her?


Abe Zhang sat up.

Behind the scenes, the boss refused, “If you say rely on it, leave and leave, what should I do?” Abe Zhang is completely speechless, okay, whatever it is. Anyway, I haven’t slept well for a long time. I slept on her legs and let Abe Zhang thought of relying on Maya Tang to sleep.

The boss behind the scenes hummed, “I know the man who did this last time, what happened to me?” “I don’t know,” Abe Zhang closed his eyes.

Behind the scenes, the expression on the boss’s pretty face changed, and he was a bit more romantic. After saying a word in Abe Zhang’s ear, Abe Zhang jumped up in shock.

He was going to run out.

“Wait, who let you go? Take it,” the boss behind the scenes took out another card.


“Sister, do you want to support me?” Abe Zhang shrugged.

“Cut, I like it. You are now the number one lover of mine. Of course, I have to spoil you well. I will tell me if I lack money in the future, how much I want and how much I will give you.”

Abe Zhang didn’t refuse, and put it away. Anyway, I don’t need it. After all, Abe Zhang doesn’t want to use her money.

If you really need money, just talk to your mom.

“I want it all, don’t you give it?” Abe Zhang joked.

“All? Then if you marry me, I will give you all. I am yours, so of course the money is yours, but are you willing?” The boss behind the scenes smiled slightly, all on his pretty face Smile, with indescribable beauty.

There are so many styles, just such a woman.

“Um, it’s better to be a lover,” Abe Zhang ran out as if fleeing, mainly because she was too beautiful and the flattery was just right.

It’s not the kind that is low, it doesn’t look like a good woman at first glance, but the kind that makes people feel pretty.

This degree is really difficult to master, but she masters it very well.

“Little bastard, you run very fast,” the boss behind the scenes smiled slightly, flushed and sat down.

She was a little drunk and found it interesting. She thought of the dream again, and felt that if Abe Zhang was really acting like a baby, she might really show him.

But, obviously dreams are dreams. How could Abe Zhang, who was so honest just now, make such a request?


This is impossible.

She shook her head, and the drunk would fall asleep.

However, the door opened again, and Abe Zhang’s head came in, “Sister, be careful of Ouyang Fei, really, don’t be hurt by her…” The boss behind the scenes was astonished. Does this little guy really care about himself?


She was surprised.

When she wanted to talk, Abe Zhang had already slipped away. After all, at this time, the boss behind the scenes looked drunk and beautiful to the extreme.

“Run again?… Be careful Ouyang Fei? Well, you will… Abe Zhang, stop for me and run again?? Still not coming in?” The boss behind the scenes called out.

Abe Zhang, who had just run away, was astonished, and Black Rose became even more weird. “What did you two do in there?” “What can I do with her kind of person?” Abe Zhang smiled bitterly.

Of course, Black Rose did not expect to go elsewhere.

After all, she knew the boss behind the scenes, how could she let Abe Zhang do anything?


She meant to ask Abe Zhang if he was abused inside?


Abe Zhang smiled wryly.

“Want to run? If you care about me so much, I don’t want you to go. I stay today and stay with me.” The boss behind the scenes pointed his finger at Abe Zhang.

Abe Zhang was speechless. He had already known that he would not say anything.

Abe Zhang passed by and lay on her lap to sleep, “Can’t you accompany you like this?” “Why do you still want to do it?”


Take advantage of me?

Take advantage of me?

I asked you to rely on it, it’s good enough for you, other lovers, don’t even want to touch me, know?

…” “Uh, stop, I’m asleep,” Abe Zhang was originally sleepy, but he got a promise from the boss behind the scenes just now, which made him relax a little temporarily. After a few days of exhaustion, Abe Zhang fell asleep quickly.” Really sleep?


What a little guy!

Forget it.

“The boss behind the scenes came out with his mobile phone, and immediately called his killer organization. The voice was also lowered, and Abe Zhang didn’t bother sleeping. “Let all the killers listen and give me Maya Tang who is investigating China secretly. Who has news about Maya Tang? Regardless of the size, it is 10 million dollars, accurate clues, 50 million dollars!


The phone hung up. She looked down at Abe Zhang who was asleep, and she snorted, and she hesitated a little. What about the hesitation? In fact, she was open on the surface, but she really didn’t let a man touch Abe Zhang and suddenly fall asleep like this. She was at a loss. But she also thought it was okay. After all, the honest Abe Zhang still made her feel pretty good. She thought, she was sleepy, and she was lying on her head and closing her beautiful eyes… Maybe in the morning. Now, she woke up, drunk and woken up by the mobile phone. She looked at the mobile phone and her beautiful eyes were exhausted… Abe Zhang was still asleep, and the boss behind the scenes hummed, “Little lazy bug.

She gently let go of Abe Zhang. She couldn’t stand up firmly and her legs were numb. She walked to the door, astonished, because she saw the black rose squatting in the corner at the door, her big blue eyes closed. Black Rose woke up instantly, she got up, “Boss, last night?


“She found that Abe Zhang hadn’t come out, so she was curious and didn’t think about it, but she felt that something was wrong. She wanted to rush in yesterday. “Nothing happened last night, Black Rose, if you tell me what happened last night Tina Li is gone, then I will definitely give you a kill order!

“The boss behind the scenes said indifferently. Regardless of the fact that Black Rose is stunned, what does the boss behind the scenes mean when he says that? Last night, what happened to Abe Zhang? She was originally a pure person in her heart, one I didn’t think about it at night, but the boss behind the scenes warned at this time, this is to show what happened? She looked in with her big blue eyes, and found Abe Zhang lying on the sofa, sleeping fast, his clothes intact. Is it? What’s the situation? “Boss, you two slept together last night?

“Black Rose is really stunned. How could this happen? How could Abe Zhang sleep with the boss behind the scenes? She was so observant that she found that the boss behind the scenes was walking unnaturally. This is a numb foot? Black Rose thought of it instantly, and Abe Zhang yesterday. Why did you fall asleep late, nothing happened, but fell asleep on the boss’s legs behind the scenes? Yes, no

There is no doubt.

However, a woman with a personality like the boss behind the scenes actually made Abe Zhang lean?

Black Rose felt incredible.

“What do you think? I let him touch me?!” The boss was expressionless behind the scenes.

Black Rose was speechless, she muttered in her heart. She was in the same room all night, no matter how pure she was, she would subconsciously think about it!

“Well, I see, I won’t tell Tina Li,” Black Rose agreed.

Behind the scenes, the boss took out a card and stuffed it to Black Rose, “Shut your mouth tightly, let Tina Li know, you know the consequences,” In fact, she definitely didn’t want Tina Li to know. Or is Tina Li the boss?


Now he is with Abe Zhang.

The boss behind the scenes is a little happy, Tina Li, your son Abe Zhang, but my little lover… But, she is happy, what else?

She still didn’t want Tina Li to know.

So, seal it.

“Uh, no, right?” Black Rose returned to the boss behind the scenes in embarrassment.

Black Rose doesn’t have as much money as her, but she has made a lot of money since she debuted for so long. She has no other expenses, and she has saved them, which is also a considerable number.

She didn’t need to take the money, because she didn’t have any merits.

“No, you just want to tell Tina Li?” The boss behind the scenes became cold.

“No… well,” Black Rose reluctantly put it away.

She looked at Abe Zhang who was still sleeping inside, and she asked, “I’m going to wake him up?” “Who asked you to call? He sleeps for as long as he likes, why call him?” the boss behind the scenes asked.

“Um,” Black Rose was speechless, “but boss, it’s not nice to get up too late, right?” She always wakes up at six o’clock, and it’s the kind of wake-up call.

“I’m willing, he is with me, do whatever he wants, do you still want to manage?” the boss behind the scenes hummed.

“Okay,” Black Rose certainly wouldn’t continue to be boring.

“Don’t peek, or I will poke you in the eyes,” the boss behind the scenes closed the door and entered.

Black Rose is speechless and headache. She is not a voyeur, why should she look inside?


“Little guy, still get up?” The boss behind the scenes shook Abe Zhang.

Abe Zhang rubbed his eyes, looked at the time, and hurriedly wanted to go back. Olena Jiang must have been in a hurry if he didn’t go back all night. Sure enough, there was a call, but Abe Zhang was too dead to hear it.

Olena Jiang was really worried last night, but Abe Zhang couldn’t get through the phone. She immediately called Black Rose. Black Rose simply said, Olena Jiang was relieved.

After all, Olena Jiang was particularly worried about what Abe Zhang would do.

Fortunately not.

“Who let you go?? Sleeping on me last night, my legs were numb,” the boss behind the scenes hummed.

Abe Zhang can only come back and press her.

Do not

Having said that, I still slept soundly last night. I didn’t expect that besides Maya Tang, she could still find the feeling of quiet sleep in her.

However, the difference is still great.

After all, what is the biggest difference?


Maya Tang is a Chinese woman and has no sense of taste, but the boss behind the scenes is from the United States and she has too many sweat glands.

This is inevitable, but, she and Black Rose are basically the same as the Chinese woman.

The difference is still not big.

“Sister, can I go back now?” Abe Zhang said.

“Not yet, accompany me to a place today, and if I go, I will let you go back,” the boss behind the scenes said with enjoyment.

Abe Zhang is quite professional.

“En,” Abe Zhang felt that he couldn’t refuse, so he agreed.

Abe Zhang continued to press for a while, scraping his stomach and shouting, “Sister, I’m hungry,” “What do you want to eat?” “Whatever,” the boss behind the scenes immediately asked someone to bring in, but Abe Zhang was halfway through the meal. , Thinking of Black Rose, she took a hamburger and ran out, what Black Rose was thinking about.

“Here you are,” Abe Zhangsai gave her.

“Give it to me?” Hei Rose was surprised, she was really hungry, and she didn’t expect Abe Zhang to give it to herself.

She also plans to go out and buy one for the branch to eat.

“En.” Black Rose was taken aback, and Abe Zhang had already ran into the house.

Black Rose looked down at the burger, opened it and took a bite, her beautiful big blue eyes had a little memory, and said, “The mung bean cake is not as delicious as last time, so I really want to eat that…” After eating breakfast.

Abe Zhang asked the boss behind the scenes, where is he going?

The boss behind the scenes hasn’t said yet that Abe Zhang wants to know the selling point. He mainly wants to know, how long will he go?


Abe Zhang wants to go to Maya Tang non-stop!


“Just follow me,” the boss behind the scenes changed his clothes, without the luxury and sense of behavior, but with a hint of purity.

Jeans, T-shirts, flat shoes, and very simple clothes, they feel like a sister next door. Abe Zhang was surprised. What is she doing?


Come back home?

Abe Zhang rushed to follow her out, got into her car, and of course Black Rose followed.

Two hours later.

The boss stopped behind the scenes, and Abe Zhang saw a manor-like villa. It was so beautiful, and there were many cars and people in it. What kind of family gathering is this?


“Sister, what are you?” Abe Zhang was confused again.

What did she bring herself home for?


“This my house, then… today you are not my little lover, you are my genuine boyfriend,” said the boss behind the scenes.

She received a call from her home just now.

She knew that this was a family gathering in the family.

But she doesn’t want

go back.

But, she saw Abe Zhang and thought she could go back. After all, she was too old to be urged to marry by her parents. She had no choice but to let Abe Zhang pretend.

“I have a wife,” Abe Zhang was serious.

“No, your wife today is me,” said the boss behind the scenes.

Abe Zhang was helpless. Looking at this beautiful manor, he hesitated and said, “I don’t know how to speak English.” Yes, Maya Tang is gone. Where is Abe Zhang thinking?

“Hey, it’s okay, what are you afraid of with me?” The boss behind the scenes pinched Abe Zhang’s face.

Abe Zhang is speechless, he’s a kid?

Abe Zhang wanted to refuse strictly, but he thought about it, forget it, it’s all here!


“Okay.” Abe Zhang agreed.

“Well, I will allow you to kiss me when necessary,” “When it’s not necessary?” Abe Zhang had a bitter joy.

“Little guy, are you still teasing me? Come out.” The boss behind the scenes has gotten out of the car.

Of course Abe Zhang followed.

Sure enough, this manor is her home, because of what?

The temperament of the boss behind the scenes has changed, and he has become intellectual and sensible.

It seems that her family still doesn’t know that the boss behind the world’s biggest killer organization is actually her.

“Bella.” Someone came over to say hello.

“This is my mother,” said the boss behind the scenes. Abe Zhang has seen it. This woman is in her fifties, but she resembles the boss behind the scenes. When she was young, she was an absolute beauty.

The boss appeared behind the scenes, and all her relatives came over.

After greeting each other, her relatives looked at Abe Zhang.

Some relatives are not happy anymore. There is not a Chinese person at the scene. They are all Americans. Why do you bring a Chinese person here?


Doesn’t this seem out of place?

“Who is this Huaxia? How to be with Bella?” “Isn’t it a boyfriend?” “Don’t be a boyfriend, right?” Looking for a man like this? It seems that he is still young…” “Oh, let’s persuade Bella together. How many men are there in the U.S.? Why are you looking for a Chinese?” Several relatives talked to the boss behind the scenes. They are all contempt for Abe Zhang.

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