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Chapter 626is more attractive?

The family of the boss behind the scenes is not so obvious, but it has been passed down for more than two hundred years, so the family is very repulsive to outside men!

In the eyes of relatives, the boss behind the scenes is a good woman, obedient, sensible, and successful in business.

Such a woman is also very popular in the United States. Why was she soaked by a Chinese person?

This is, swan meat was eaten by toads?


These relatives, including the mother of the boss behind the scenes, are unhappy.

How can the pride of the family be seen by such a person

Go up to Huaxia people to defile it?

“Daughter, he…” “Abe Zhang, my current boyfriend,” said the boss behind the scenes.

Abe Zhang understood this, and came over appropriately, approached the boss behind the scenes, and said hello to these relatives.

Several relatives looked at each other.

Abe Zhang’s English is not good, it is very jerky, maybe he just started learning.

Abe Zhang also understood a little bit, but he didn’t answer, and responded with a smile. Anyway, just be her boyfriend on the surface. Others, Abe Zhang can’t manage that much!


“Daughter, what’s the matter with you? I asked you to bring your boyfriend back, but I didn’t ask you to bring such a person back.” “Yeah, it looks so young. Did he take your money back? Eat soft rice?!” “Hurry up and break up, I’ll find a boyfriend for you, definitely ten times better than him!” Several relatives were haggling.

“No, he is my boyfriend,” the boss behind the scenes looked at Abe Zhang and gave Abe Zhang a look.

Abe Zhang understood and kissed her in public.

Everyone was stunned, and the expression of the boss behind the scenes told them that the boss behind the scenes really liked this Huaxia, so what should be done?


Black Rose, who was staring at him, was stunned, “Why did you kiss Abe Zhang?” She was surprised just now, why did the boss behind the scenes bring Abe Zhang here?

Thinking now, is this asking Abe Zhang to pretend to be her boyfriend?

However, this is too casual.

Black Rose didn’t want to see it.

“Daughter…” The mother of the boss behind the scenes was shocked, and then deeply disappointed, “Daughter, your boss is not young, I urged you, but you shouldn’t just find someone who just fills up the count, and it’s a Chinese native.” I didn’t make up for it. If you let me in today, I will go in. If you don’t let me in, then I will go back.” The boss behind the scenes shook his head, solemnly.

“Farewell, I’m looking at you, he… doesn’t matter,” the mother behind the scenes sighed. What else can other relatives do?


I can only watch the boss behind the scenes pull Abe Zhang in.

Abe Zhang whispered, “Your lips…” “Little guy, what’s wrong with my lips? Do you know? I haven’t been kissed properly. I gave it to you. Do you still hate it? I haven’t hated you yet. , And ah, don’t wear it to help, otherwise, I won’t let you go.” The boss behind the scenes said.

Actually, when Abe Zhang just clicked on it, she actually felt like first love. It was a bit strange.

She felt that this decision was a good one, she must accept Abe Zhang as her little lover.

“I know, I don’t dislike the door. I’m hungry. Go and take me to eat.” Abe Zhang doesn’t care. There are still cheap things to take advantage of. What can’t be done?

Besides, you can go back after dinner.

The boss pulls Abe Zhang to eat


“Take whatever you want,” the boss behind the scenes said to Abe Zhang.

There was a lot of food in this place, but Abe Zhang is a Chinese, and he is not used to it. However, he is hungry, and he is still accustomed to it?

Take a donut and eat it.

“Slow down, stop choking, I will show you what you want to eat.” The boss behind the scenes smiled slightly.

I think this little boyfriend is good, obedient and sensible.

“Is this hungry ghost reborn? How come you come in to eat?? It’s still such a big mouth, my goodness, I can’t stand it anymore.” A relative said unwillingly, with contempt in his words.

“That’s it, it’s really impossible, why did Bella find him?” The boss’s mother behind the scenes sighed helplessly.

“This can’t work. Other relatives are not happy anymore. He saw that other people were unhappy, and he could still eat, alas.” The words of several relatives made the mother of the boss behind the scenes a little angry. She felt that she should do something. , After all, my daughter is so good, how can such a Chinese person be so cheap?


For example, let the behind-the-scenes boss and Abe Zhang break up in public.

Several relatives discussed it and all sneered.

“Let your daughter come over and find a chance to seduce this Abe Zhang into the room. I will let my daughter come over and let her see what Abe Zhang really looks like! I will definitely break up with him on the spot.” The mother behind the scenes said proudly. .

After all, she has done such a thing more than once, she has experience.

Although she feels that this is not good, but compared to Abe Zhang’s fire pit, as a mother, she must find a way to pull her daughter out of the fire pit!

“En,” a relative went to call her daughter.

This daughter, but an invincible young girl, will definitely fascinate Abe Zhang, so when the time comes, let the boss behind the scenes watch, she will definitely slap Abe Zhang and break up in public.

After a while, a beautiful woman came over, pure and beautiful, especially her skin, as white as snow.

“That’s it, from Huaxia, called Abe Zhang,” said the owner’s mother behind the scenes.

When the beauty saw it, she smiled slightly, “I see,…he seems to be going to the bathroom, I went and taught me…but, don’t let Sister Bella beat me at that time.” “No way. , You helped her recognize the true face of this Huaxia person. She thanked you that it was too late, how could she beat you?” The boss behind the scenes was comforted.

“Yes, then I will go.” The beauty passed.

A few of them, of course, go to the boss behind the scenes, find an opportunity, take her over, and see Abe Zhang kneeling under the woman’s pomegranate skirt!


“Do you want me to take you?!” The boss behind the scenes wanted to take it. After all, she felt that Abe Zhang was her little lover, so she couldn’t let him be wronged.

“No, sister,

I go by my own.

Abe Zhang shook his head, and went to the toilet inside as the boss said behind the scenes. Abe Zhang went to the bathroom and called Black Rose. “Hey, what are you doing?”

“Hei Rose was shocked, her voice indifferent. I didn’t want to care about Abe Zhang, so I just kissed others, how could I do that?! “I will bring you food later, what do you want to eat?”

“Abe Zhang felt that Black Rose followed him, and he still has to make sure that he eats it! “No need!”

“The phone hung up, and Abe Zhang was stunned. What’s the matter? What’s the fire? It’s really amazing. Abe Zhang silently received his mobile phone, finished the toilet, and just opened the door, a beautiful woman came in, Abe Zhang nodded and said hello politely. This girl is pretty, about the same as Emily of the Rover family. But, there is no overbearing and unreasonable Emily in her eyes. It looks good. Abe Zhang is going out, in the toilet, what are you looking at? “Hello, I have studied Chinese language.

“The beauty smiled slightly, innocent and special. Abe Zhang breathed a sigh of relief. Just now, the boss’s relatives behind the scenes were all English. Abe Zhang was uncomfortable. Now he actually met someone who speaks Chinese language. Abe Zhang feels like he has met a fellow in a foreign country. “Hello,” “I’ve been to Huaxia, and I think Huaxia’s boys are very cute,” the beauty smiled, with that look in her eyes, ecstatic. Abe Zhang couldn’t laugh or cry, cute? That’s right, Huaxia Men are generally not as tall and strong as American men. In the eyes of American women, this is petite, so cute? Abe Zhang laughed, “Thank you,” “To be honest, you look a bit like my boyfriend in America, but You are cuter than him,” the beauty leaned over. Abe Zhang was embarrassed, “really?

“Well, yes, I had feelings with him in the bathroom, you reminded me of him,” the beauty smiled, that beautiful smile really ecstasy. “But you are better than him, I think I like you, Do you like me?

“Beauty asked. Abe Zhang stunned, what’s the situation? “Beauty, are you wrong?”

“Abe Zhang was dumbfounded. Such a beautiful girl actually said something like this to herself? Is she so attractive? Abe Zhang looked at her, but suddenly she was confessed by a beautiful woman. It felt good. Six hundred and twenty The eighth

Chapter 627

performed well. “Of course I’m not mistaken.” The beauty smiled and approached Abe Zhang. The beautiful and ecstatic eyes were really beautiful to the extreme. Abe Zhang looked at her again, jeans shorts, and a white T-shirt on top. A standard American beauty. But Abe Zhang “is not familiar with the place of life, right?

“After all, in an unfamiliar environment, this beauty hasn’t seen this beauty yet, so active? This

What’s the situation?


“How about being my boyfriend?” The beauty smiled.

This voice is very nice.

Abe Zhang looked at her weirdly, “I have a girlfriend.” Abe Zhang came here for the boss behind the scenes to play a scene with the boss behind the scenes. Now he has no intention of picking up girls, and he is still in this toilet.

“It’s okay, we Americans pay attention to eye contact, and if we have feelings, we can also be boy and girl friends for a day. Can you say okay?” The beauty put two hands on Abe Zhang’s shoulders.

That smile is really fascinating.

… “Daughter, hey, I just saw your boyfriend pulled Alice into the bathroom, what does he want to do?” The mother of the boss behind the scenes was worried and came over angrily.

“Yeah, I saw it too, Bella, why is your boyfriend acting like that?” “Yes, it’s too shameful!” Several relatives were very unhappy, and they snapped sharp teeth.

The boss behind the scenes was astonished?



Abe Zhangira, Alice go to the toilet?

how can that be?

“Mom, are you wrong?” The boss behind the scenes shook his head decisively.

“No, how could I read it wrong? If you don’t believe me, then follow me to see, that kid, I must do something to Alice in the bathroom, bastard!” “Yes, go and see!!” Several relatives pulled Behind the scenes the boss goes to the bathroom.

The boss behind the scenes was astonished. She was extremely helpless, “No, how could Abe Zhang do that?” She knew Abe Zhang’s character, and she was timid. After all, she asked Abe Zhang to press on her shoulders and hands, Abe Zhang last night. But they are all honest, without any outrageous behavior, really honest.

How could such a timid character take Alice to the toilet?

The boss behind the scenes was the first to not believe it.

“Mom, don’t push me, Abe Zhang wouldn’t do it like that,” the boss behind the scenes was helpless.

How would it hurt Abe Zhang’s self-esteem if he suddenly broke in?

“No way, I saw it just now, you’ll know if you go in and take a look!” The boss mother behind the scenes was angry.

She doesn’t want Abe Zhang to take too much advantage, so is it too bad for Alice?


Behind the scenes, the boss was helpless, “Mom… he won’t.” “Ah!!!” Suddenly, there was a scream in the toilet.

The boss behind the scenes was astonished, the woman’s voice?

Is this really Alice’s?

The boss behind the scenes was suddenly a little sour and angry, Abe Zhang, did you really do that?


Why do you want to pull Alice to the toilet?

What do you want, I can’t give you?


The boss behind the scenes was sour and felt jealous.

“Oh, I just said, that bastard Abe Zhang forced Alice into the toilet. Now, Alice must have been insulted by him, alas,” the boss mother behind the scenes quickly ran over.

I must let my daughter get caught!

Look at Abe Zhang


Then my daughter would kick such a person!

Several relatives also tried hard to kick the door at once.

The boss hummed behind the scenes, feeling sour: Okay, Abe Zhang, pretend to be timid in front of me, right?

Be bold in front of others, right?

How can I clean up you when I go back?




The bathroom door was kicked open!

“Oh, you bastard, you’re right…” Behind the scenes, the boss’s mother, and a few relatives were originally angrily, but when the door kicked open, they were stunned and stunned!


Including the boss behind the scenes, her beautiful eyes are turning.

Abe Zhang in the toilet was stunned, including the beauty Alice.

Alice subconsciously said, “You Chinese are all kung fu? Mom, look, he was really good just now!” Alice ran out with a look of excitement.

The women looked at each other and were stunned. How come Alice is not untidy?

So happy?


What happened just now?


Shouldn’t Alice seduce Abe Zhang?

“Alice, what are you fooling around? What are you saying about him? Quickly, did this bastard pull you in?” A charming young woman scolded!


Winking at his daughter.

“Mom,” Alice lowered her head.

She felt regretful. When she was in the toilet just now, she tried her best but it was useless. Abe Zhang didn’t touch herself at all and kept her distance.

She was angry and planned to throw something, but accidentally almost fell to the ground.

But Abe Zhang grabbed her, it should be regarded as hugging her, the speed was too fast, and Alice was shocked.

However, Abe Zhang didn’t do anything to himself in this good contact, and his relatives were also honest, so he helped him stabilize and let go.

Look now, Abe Zhang is a gentleman!


So the beauty regrets it and shouldn’t do it.

“You speak, did he force you in?” “I…” The beauty lowered her head.

“Alice, to be honest, isn’t it?” the boss behind the scenes asked.

“I, no, I came in by myself,” the beauty said with her head down.

“Oh, you!!” The mother of the boss behind the scenes, and a few relatives were all angry and heartbroken. What happened?

“Mom, this is a misunderstanding. I have said that Abe Zhang will not be messed up.” The boss behind the scenes looked at Abe Zhang, “You still can’t come out?” Abe Zhang came out speechlessly. He was confused and went to the bathroom by himself. Is it time to kick the door?

The faces of several women were ugly, and they were so angry that they could not cheat Abe Zhang?


“Sister, what’s the situation?” Abe Zhang asked.

“No matter what the situation, you performed well today, go back and give you a big red envelope,” the boss behind the scenes smiled slightly.

Yes, she was sour and a little angry just now, but when she saw the situation in the toilet, she was not angry at all.

Because he was right, Abe Zhang was still “cowardly as a mouse.”

“Okay,” Abe Zhang was going to forget it when someone gave a red envelope.

Several women snorted and went to other places. After all, there were a lot of people in the house.

This beauty of Alice stuffed a note to Abe Zhang, and ran away shyly.

Abe Zhang opened it in surprise, and it turned out to be a phone number!

Abe Zhang was stunned, what’s the situation?

I was actually blocked by someone?

Thinking that this beauty is also beautiful, Abe Zhang muttered. After all, she was not bad. The beauty just now, but she has the standard and beautiful figure of American beauty!

“What are you doing? You are not behaved, are you? Aren’t you lost?” the boss behind the scenes hummed.

Abe Zhang shrugged and put it away.

The boss behind the scenes was angry and grabbed Abe Zhang’s hand, “I ask you, are you still behaved?” “Uh.” “Let go, I lost it for you, go back and make a red envelope for you.” “Uh, good Right,” Abe Zhang was helpless.

The boss behind the scenes took this note, then tore it, in front of his own face, still want to contact other women?


Abe Zhang coughed, “Sister, I…” “Hmph, follow me, be my little lover, be obedient, be good, or go back and beat you,” the boss behind the scenes hummed.

Abe Zhang is speechless, this woman, treats herself as a child?

chapter 628

Abe Zhang felt that what happened just now was a bit weird, so he honestly followed the boss behind the scenes. Anyway, he had to eat.

Family gatherings in the U.S. are still different. When Abe Zhang participates in this kind of occasion, he feels a little relaxed, and Abe Zhang eats honestly.

“Oh, eat this, it’s delicious.” The boss behind the scenes gave Abe Zhang food.

Abe Zhang thinks that this woman is on the surface not to get close to strangers. She is really familiar, and she is especially good at taking care of people.

The mother of the boss behind the scenes couldn’t help it, “Abe Zhang, what do you do?” Seeing her daughter, she kept feeding Abe Zhang, as if she was taking care of a little boyfriend, she stopped getting angry. .

My daughter is so good, she didn’t come to serve you, a Chinese person.

“Me?” Abe Zhang was surprised.

The other relatives all looked at Abe Zhang. During the work just now, many relatives of the boss behind the scenes saw Abe Zhang upset.

“Yes, what do you say!” The boss mother behind the scenes snorted coldly.

“I’m cheating on the old…” Abe Zhang said. Although he has a lot of properties, it is basically the money his mother paid.

I’m really gnawing old.

“You still have the face to speak out? You have a face, don’t you?” The boss behind the scenes laughed.

The other relatives sneered and sneered.

Still speaking out so openly?

This is the Huaxia people?


Chapter 629 Shameless!

Faced with the ridicule of relatives, the boss behind the scenes became angry. She brought Abe Zhang over to stop these relatives’ mouths, but she did not expect to see it.

Abe Zhang was said to be his own mother.

She was very angry and felt wronged by Abe Zhang.

“I’m gnawing old for a while, but I have my own goal.” Abe Zhang said calmly.

Find Maya Tang, then Abe Zhang will completely expand his business empire and make himself the real richest man!


“Goals, what are your goals?” The mother of the boss behind the scenes laughed. She wanted this effect. When Abe Zhang was ridiculed by her relatives, her daughter would wake up. Why did she find such a trash?


“I won’t talk about that,” Abe Zhang shook his head.

The boss behind the scenes watched Abe Zhang. What goals does he have?

Of course she knows Tina Li’s strength, and Tina Li’s current money is enough for Abe Zhang to spend his entire life. What is there to chew on?


His mother is rich, so she can chew the old?


“Sorry to say? I think you want to be a prodigal son, who is in your family? Let me see, how long can your family be gnawed by you,” a relative said with disdain.

The people in the family behind the bosses have the worst net worth in the tens of millions. They are truly rich, but they always think that Abe Zhang is like this, there is no money in the family!

There may be a few million, tens of millions of dollars, how long can this be eaten up?


“Looking at his appearance, he is not a rich man. There is no aristocratic temperament at all, really,” another relative mocked.

“You have asked too much. What is Abe Zhang’s family? What does it matter to you?” The boss behind the scenes couldn’t sit still, she didn’t want to see her little lover being wronged.

This is not okay, my little lover can only say it by himself, and no one else can!

“Bella, let’s just ask, he said to cheat the old, then his family should be rich?” A relative laughed.

“That’s right, so rich, we should say it, let us open our eyes, let us have a long experience.” Several relatives all smiled and said, of course, their smiles were especially mocking. This look, according to Huaxia, is just hanging wire!

There are tens of millions of people in this family!

What kind of money is this?


“You guys.” The beautiful eyes of the boss behind the scenes were cold. When she came back, she suppressed herself, and did not reveal her as the boss behind the killer organization at home.

Today, these people are pushing themselves.

“Sister, don’t be angry, it’s all your family,” Abe Zhang patted the boss behind the scenes, and he shrugged.

The boss behind the scenes was shocked, but Abe Zhang was not angry at all?

Yes, what’s so angry about this?

They are all relatives of the boss behind the scenes, and Abe Zhang doesn’t want to do anything to them.

No need.

“Little guy, have you been wronged? Go back and my sister will give you a big red envelope and give you a hug, okay?” said the boss behind the scenes.


After all, she could see that Abe Zhang was thinking about it for herself!

If you really want to say Tina Li’s name, everyone in your family will be shocked!

At the very least, Tina Li has a big business in the United States. As the boss behind the killer organization, of course she knows that some people in her family have actually worked with Tina Li, but they have made money.

So, speaking of who Abe Zhang’s mother is, those who return will be particularly surprised!

Abe Zhang smiled and shrugged, “Well,” “Why don’t you say it? I’m embarrassed to say it?” The boss mother behind the scenes became aggressive.

Other relatives urged.

They want to see how “rich” Abe Zhang is!

“It’s not that I’m embarrassed, but I don’t have to say, anyway, I’m really gnawing old, I will never finish gnawing for ten lifetimes,” Abe Zhang shook his head, his expression calm.

“What? I can’t finish it for ten lifetimes!? Haha, are you going to laugh at me?” A relative immediately laughed and laughed.

The mother of the boss behind the scenes sneered, “You can’t use it for ten lifetimes? You use one piece every day? It’s only a few hundred dollars a year. Of course, it will not be used up for ten lifetimes. According to you, my money can’t be used for tens of thousands. Life?!” “Yes, this person is not honest! You can say this? Really no tutor! No wonder he doesn’t say it, afraid of embarrassment!” The ridicule of other people sounded at this family dinner. It’s endless, they are all mocking Abe Zhang.

But the sentence just now touched Abe Zhang’s negative scale, saying that he is home?


Abe Zhang’s face became cold, and he said that he had tolerated it just now, but he said that his mother and his mother would definitely not work!

The boss behind the scenes saw that Abe Zhang was angry, and she didn’t stop Abe Zhang from being angry. After all, Abe Zhang couldn’t bear it anymore, she couldn’t bear to lose her little lover.

“What are you talking about?” Abe Zhang stared at the man.

“Oh, it looks like you still want to hit me? I really don’t have a tutor! You get angry when you say a few words, right?” This man was particularly sneered, with disdain on his face.

Others are tall, afraid of Abe Zhang?


“Bella, do you see what’s going on with your boyfriend? Want to fight, don’t you? This is a family dinner!!” Behind the scenes the boss mother scolded!

“That is, Jiayan is still angry? Ask you if you don’t say it, it’s your own fault!” Other relatives were also angry.

Behind the scenes, the boss quietly sat beside Abe Zhang, like a little woman for the first time.

She thought it was all right.

“From the looks of you, I think you are rich? You look down on me? You think you are richer than me, right?” Abe Zhang said.

“I still need to think? If you didn’t talk just now, you just confessed it and gnawed your old age. What did you have to gnaw at? The funny thing is that you have a face to say something just now. You can’t finish gnawing for ten years. Where are you brave

Angry to say this?

“The mother of the boss behind the scenes sneered. It’s really ridiculous! She felt ashamed that her daughter was looking for such a man in front of her relatives? Are all the men in this world dead? Abe Zhang looked at the mother of the boss behind the scenes, calm Said, “I respect you, so don’t say it.

“Why didn’t I say?”

Let me be honest with you, I just don’t think you are worthy of my daughter, you just want to eat swan meat!

You just don’t deserve it!


“She was very angry, her eyebrows frowned! “Then what kind of man do you think is worthy of your daughter?”

“Abe Zhang faintly. “Huh, anyway, it’s not yours, and I don’t have much money. I’m still pretending here!”

“I didn’t pretend, I’m gnawing old, and I really can’t gnaw for ten years…” Abe Zhang said calmly. “Shut up, you, what else are you pretending?”

Why are you so thick?

“The boss’ mother behind the scenes scolded impatiently! “Then you just don’t believe it?”

Abe Zhang asked. “Why should I believe you?”

Looking at your virtues really disgusts me!

“I proved it to you, so am I qualified to be her man?”

Abe Zhang was still calm. “Yes, but what ability do you have to prove?”

“The mother of the boss behind the scenes stared at Abe Zhang with a sneer. The faces of the other relatives present were mocking, proof? You can prove a ghost! “Wait a minute.

“Abe Zhang took out his cell phone. “Huh, don’t waste time. Today is my family dinner. You, an outsider, leave me here!”

Never pester my daughter again!

forever and always!

“The mother of the boss said coldly behind the scenes. Seeing her daughter’s passer-by was knocked by a pig, she was angry! “Oh, what is this kind of person doing here?”


I wonder if he called the police?

“Haha, it’s possible, but we do everything, what’s the use of him calling the police?”

I look at him, just want to be here with a shameless face!

What a shame!

The voice of ridicule and disdain was endless! Abe Zhang faced calmly, and after the phone rang a few times, he answered it. Inside was Tina Li’s voice, “Cer, … something?

“Mother, I want you to do me a favor now.”

“Abe Zhang said.” Still mother?

Oh my god, what are you pretending?

I’ve never seen such a person, Bella, chase him away!

Several relatives persuaded the boss behind the scenes, but the boss behind the scenes ignored them. These relatives became angry and scolded Abe Zhang. “Don’t waste time, get out!”

” “Did you hear me.

My patience is limited!

You have made me very annoying!

“The mother of the boss behind the scenes was angry. She regretted that she should have driven him out just now! Let him stay here for so long!

Chapter 630

is now known? Abe Zhang hung up the phone. She had been with the old man just now. Mom said, so just wait


“Wait a minute.” Abe Zhang said.

“What are you waiting for, get out of here!” Behind the scenes the boss mother scolded!

Other relatives are about to break out.

“I want to show you that I didn’t lie, and the person who just said I don’t have a tutor, I want to show you too, you will regret it!!” Abe Zhang stared at the man who just spoke.

The man ridiculed, “Make me regret it? Haha, I will make you regret it now!!” He disdainfully walked over, a tall body, with natural power, his fist smashed over, and this punch stun you!



The mother of the boss behind the scenes sneered, such a person, such a shameless person who insists on not leaving, should punch him out with his fist!

The other relatives at the scene are ready to applaud.

This is how it should be when dealing with rogues!

Abe Zhang is calm, this man is tall and strong, with a lot of brute force, but in front of Abe Zhang, a master of fighting, he is still not enough!

Abe Zhang stood up, clenched his fists, and hit the man’s belly!


The man screamed while clutching his stomach!

The audience was shocked, and for a moment there was silence!

what’s the situation?

Such a big person was actually killed in a flash?

It’s incredible!

Especially the mother behind the boss who laughed at her just now, her eyes stared like eggs.

The boss behind the scenes chuckled. Of course she knew that Abe Zhang, as Tina Li’s son, would definitely have the true story of Tina Li fighting!

Looking at it now, it really does!

“You?!” The man’s painful face was staggered in incredible!


Abe Zhang slapped him in the thick face!


The man fell to the ground and fainted while whining.

The scene was dead silent again!

A punch may be a fluke, but a slap again will knock people out. Isn’t it a fluke?


Everyone opened their mouths, and they were shocked to put eggs in!

Because you all know that this man is amazing!

But they were killed by a spike, they felt that their dreams were just as unreal!

The black rose in the distance looked at all of this, and after a little bit of astonishment, she muttered, “Unexpectedly, her strength has improved again, huh!” She didn’t want to look at Abe Zhang anymore, because Abe Zhang was too casual and kissed others casually. How can this be done?


If it were herself, she would never do it!

Fortunately, I don’t plan to fall in love, and I will not let men touch me, even holding hands, let alone kissing!


“You, you are hitting people here!” The boss mother behind the scenes was shocked and first came back to her senses. She glared at Abe Zhang!

“Yes, hit it.” Abe Zhang calmly.

He didn’t give his full strength just now, he really did, this man has to lie down for at least ten and a half days, after all, fighting is a killer move!

Abe Zhang is the boss behind the scenes

For the sake of relatives, I have already kept it.

“You!!” Behind the scenes the boss mother is angry!

But she suddenly received a call, and she answered angrily, “Hello?” “From today, our company will not cooperate with you.” It was an indifferent voice, and she hung up after speaking.

The mother of the boss behind the scenes was astonished. She looked at the phone number and was shocked. This is the biggest customer of her company!

Cooperating well, why didn’t you cooperate with yourself suddenly?

She can’t understand!

“What’s the matter?” Other relatives asked her with concern when they saw that her expression was wrong.

“My company’s largest customer suddenly terminated the cooperation with me. Half of my annual profit is in this company. How could this be?” The mother behind the scenes was still in disbelief.

“Yeah, how could this happen suddenly?” Someone asked, but at this time, someone rang again and someone answered, and was shocked a few seconds later, “Hey, why didn’t you cooperate with me? Is my price too high? It’s okay, I’ll lower it for you, hello, hello…” The man was downcast, “My company has stopped cooperating, what’s the matter? I have been cooperating for a long time.” Ding!



The mobile phones of seven or eight people at the scene rang one after another. After everyone answered the phone, they couldn’t believe it!

Because they have terminated their cooperation with their own company!

“My company also stopped cooperating, what happened?” “Who does your company cooperate with?” “Tina Li.” “What, your company also cooperates with Tina Li? Mine too.” “Wow , Mine is too!!” “Everyone, why did Tina Li suddenly stop cooperating with us?! The cooperation has been so long, and it has always been a pleasure!” The boss behind the scenes, mother, and these few people do not understand and are very angry !

The scene was full of angry and doubtful voices. Suddenly, within a minute, so many people were implicated, and the atmosphere of the family banquet was completely gone.

But suddenly someone spoke up.

“Do you know who my house is now?” Everyone fell silent and looked back.

It was discovered that Abe Zhang had spoken.

“She, there is a problem with our company, what are you talking about?” “What kind of presence are you looking for? I’m on fire now, get out!” “Yes, get out!” Several relatives scolded!


Behind the scenes, the boss’s mother was angry. She stared at Abe Zhang, “Don’t let me ask people to blow you away!” Abe Zhang calmed down.

“Wait, you just said, now you know who you are? Don’t you know Tina Li who works with our company??” Someone said in shock.

In an instant, there was no sound here!

Behind the scenes, the boss’s mother’s eyes widened, is it impossible?

But what Abe Zhang said just now, his company and other companies have received

Called, this is a huge loss!


Is this a coincidence?

“Relationship? Simple, my mother, I’ve been nibbling for ten years, is it endless? Auntie,” Abe Zhang calmly watched the boss’ mother behind the scenes.

For a moment!

She was stunned, “What did you say? Tina Li is your mother?” The others were dumbfounded!

I was completely shocked.

“Yes,” Abe Zhang nodded, “So I’m chewing old people, and I’ve proved it?” “S!!” The boss mother behind the scenes was shocked. How did she want Abe Zhang to get involved with her company’s big customers? Relationship?

And it’s a mother-child relationship?

“My God, is he true? Tina Li is one of the four biggest families in the world. She is too rich, but this Abe Zhang’s mother?” “It’s incredible! It should be! Yes, otherwise, how could all of our companies be terminated?” “Oh, most of my company’s revenue is based on cooperation with Tina Li. She suddenly terminated the contract, what should I do?” “My Also, what did we just do?” The relatives at the scene were full of regrets. If they had known it long ago, they would definitely not be like Abe Zhang just now!

“Zhang…Abe Zhang, you, let your mother, don’t do this, I apologized to you just now!” The boss mother behind the scenes bowed her head and spoke complicatedly.

She could say that she was tired of other relatives, and Tina Li’s company was seized by several other relatives. As long as Tina Li let go, she would definitely go bankrupt, relying too much on cooperating with Tina Li.

“You made me like this,” Abe Zhang said.

Behind the scenes, the boss’s mother was speechless. Yes, she didn’t target Abe Zhang. Why did he let Tina Li cancel the contract?


“Abe Zhang, I already knew it was wrong. Don’t do this. Your mother will bankrupt several of my relatives.” The boss’s mother behind the scenes walked over, with a complicated apology on her face.

Abe Zhang was ignored.

“Bella, you talk, mom knows it’s wrong, you shouldn’t talk to him like that, you talk,” the mother of the boss behind the scenes was anxious.

The boss behind the scenes was speechless.

“Bella, let’s talk, help us, we were wrong just now,” other relatives begged, and all the arrogance just now disappeared. After all, their company may lose money immediately, or even go bankrupt. Of course they are not willing?

The boss did not speak behind the scenes, what did she say about this?

Just now I said that Abe Zhang, and also mentioned Abe Zhang’s mother, then it is normal for others to do this!

“Abe Zhang, can you let your mother continue to cooperate with us?” the boss mother behind the scenes whispered.

“Cooperation? Didn’t you let me go? Didn’t you look down on me? Didn’t you think I was lying?” Abe Zhang looked at her lightly.

For a moment, she lowered her head in shame, the other

Relatives are speechless!

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