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Chapter 641

I will not follow you!

“Okay!” Maya Tang wiped away her tears again. She had a headache, but she was no longer confused, no more painful, because… it was very simple, the person she had always liked silently said to take herself out of here!

She also didn’t want to know why Abe Zhang appeared here, she didn’t need to know, because it was enough for Abe Zhang to appear when she was the most painful and loneliest!

He is taking himself away from this painful place!

“What are you talking about? b*tch!!” You Tianle was annoyed!

He was on fire, and on fire again. Just now he discovered that there is no need to be angry with Abe Zhang’s ants, but his future wife is also facing Abe Zhang. Can he bear it?


The owner of Youjia, You Batian, is overcast and cold!

You Tianle’s father is even more angry!

This Maya Tang doesn’t know what is good or bad?


Damn it!


All the descendants of the You family are angry and cold.

It seems to be freezing here!

This is trampling on the dignity and majesty of the Youjia!

“It’s her! This btch turned his elbow out? Tianle, you have to think about it today! Damn this btch!!” An old man said angrily, his nose blowing and staring!

Youjia is a hidden family, when was it provoked by this kind of ant?

Never had!

But today has started, so it must be washed with blood!


“Yes, Brother Tianle, where there is no grass in the end of the world, how is this woman no matter how beautiful? She actually wants to go with others? Must die today!” A young man scolded!

This is simply an insult!

He can’t stand it!


All the descendants of you family can’t stand it!



There are so many people on the scene, everyone’s eyes are like a sharp sword, full of murderous intent!

But Abe Zhang is not afraid of him, why!


Because of simplicity, Maya Tang is willing to go with her, she is willing!

“Okay, I’ll take you away,” Abe Zhang said with a smile.

“En,” Maya Tang was moved in her heart, she smiled, this is only a gentle smile for Abe Zhang!

She knew what to face next, she knew clearly.

But it’s enough, and Abe Zhang’s words are enough, no matter whether she can leave or not, she will never be as painful as before!

“Maya Tang, I’ll give you a chance, you say it again, who are you willing to talk to!” You Tianle ferocious?


“Tianle! What did you say? Give her a chance?” You Tianle’s father was angry!

You Batian is gloomy and cold, his dry and cloudy eyes are gloomy and cold!

“Yes, Brother Tianle, what are you talking about? She is a b*tch!” Someone scolded!

Especially don’t understand!

“Dad! I know, but I have my own thoughts. She embarrassed me today. I will let her go so easily? I want to torture her!!” You Tianle’s hideous features have reached the point of abnormality.

You Tianle’s father nodded in relief, “Okay!” Other You family descendants are also hideous, this is the best!

“Maya Tang, I’ll ask you again, who are you with?!” You Tianle sneered at Maya Tang.

“You know? I’m still surprised that you can think of it. It’s really unexpected, but you know who I am? Know where you are? Know more about where you and him are now! So, think about it, you Follow who!!” You Tianle said with a sneer.

The threat is so natural!

Yes, this is a Yujia!

Can you Maya Tang and Abe Zhang leave?


It’s just a dream!

“Maya Tang, don’t you understand what I said? It doesn’t matter, I tell you, if you follow her, you will die very miserably today, but if you choose to continue following me, you can still live! But I, You Tianle, keeps you alive, but you will suffer. I keep you alive…” You Tianle smiled slightly. This smile was resounding in the hall, crippling!

“No matter if I follow you or not, he will die, right?” Maya Tang beautiful woman squinted!

Restored the look in the past!


“Yes! But there is a difference! Then I’ll talk to you, if you follow him and walk down here, then I will chop him into meat sauce and feed the dog! You are the same!!! But what, You follow me, you will live! Then I will be barely happy so a little bit, I will leave him a whole body! Cut off his hands and feet, cut off his head, and then put it together, you see, this is better than Is it better to chop into meat sauce?” You Tianle laughed coldly!

“Haha!! Brother Tianle

so good!

“That’s right, this is how you should deal with these dog men and women!”

The children and grandchildren of the You family laughed, happy! “No, he won’t die!”

I won’t let him die!

Maya Tang shook her head. “Oh, then you mean you don’t follow me?”

“You Tianle’s eyes are like beasts, staring straight at Maya Tang?! “No, my head hurts all the time, I suspect you are the one who caused the ghost.

“Maya Tang’s beautiful eyes have murderous intent! She is smart. Just now, she thought of her pain and tingling. She thought about it. After so long, how could she have been groggy all the time? She understood. It turned out that You Tianle had no plans at all. Let yourself remember! Abe Zhang’s eyes flashed murderously, and he also understood that Maya Tang had amnesia!! “Oh, do you only know now?

It’s a bit late!

Well, since you have chosen him, then I will slowly watch you die next, and you will regret it!

“You Tianle sneered. Anger to the extreme! All the descendants of the You family are also angry. This b*tch doesn’t know how to promote! You Tianle’s father is angry, and You Batian is more gloomy and cold! “Damn!


“I won’t regret it!”

“Maya Tang took off the jewelry from her neck and ears, and then tore off the long skirt behind her. She didn’t need this kind of burden, because she knew what she had to face next! Whoosh Maya Tang suddenly made a move. He wanted to catch You Tianle, so he could possibly go out! Because there were too many people on the scene and too many bodyguards for Youjia, no matter how powerful she and Abe Zhang were, it would not be possible to stand out! So, Take someone as a hostage! “b*tch, you still want to take me?

“You Tianle showed disdain, but he followed the bodyguard at any time. The fist of this bodyguard came out! Maya Tang was originally weak! The head injury was not healed! So she couldn’t receive a single punch, she was beaten into the air! The moment she fell to the ground , A powerful arm hugged her!!! Yes, Abe Zhang ran over! Maya Tang coughed, “Cer…” Hug! The two naturally hugged! If she were to die today, she would have no regrets! Abe Zhang also felt that it would be best to see Maya Tang, but Maya Tang has been helpless for so long, and she wants to take her out of here!! This is what Abe Zhang thinks now! “Kill them for me, oh, Kill slowly, I want to appreciate how the two of them died, how they wailed, how they begged for mercy…” You Tianle snapped his fingers! He just saw Maya Tang didn’t touch him, so he was beaten off. He didn’t have any. Distressed! This kind of b*tch woman who doesn’t know good and bad, let her die!!! It’s just that he has a little regret! Now, to this day, I haven’t got Maya Tang, this woman is the best!

This is the only regret!

But this kind of regret was burned away by his anger. Is this kind of b*tch woman worthy of touching herself?

People in black at the scene surrounded Abe Zhang and Maya Tang!

This is a killing intent!

It’s scary!

The descendants of the You family watched coldly, and those who dared to trample on the majesty of the You family would end up like this!



“Auntie Tang, are you afraid?” Abe Zhang calmly!

Abe Zhang knows that these ten people are only a small part of the bodyguards of this Youjia. The really powerful people have not yet come out!

Because, the disdain in the eyes of these people told Abe Zhang, the really powerful people disdain to shoot themselves, these ten bodyguards are the bottom of the Youjia!

But they disdain, and told Abe Zhang with indifferent eyes, they felt that with ten of them, Maya Tang would be more than enough to solve Abe Zhang!


“Don’t be afraid, Abe, you are by my side!” Maya Tang smiled softly, but her pale face made Abe Zhang feel distressed!

Who caused Maya Tang to be like this?

Maya Tang has been helpless for so long, but that person is the cause!

Abe Zhang vowed to find out the person who harmed Maya Tang!

“Aunt Tang, let us go out!” Abe Zhang calmly.

“Okay! I really want to go out!”

Chapter 642

was shocked. “Do it!” You Tianle indifferent!

This sinister voice, like a god of death, announced the deaths of Abe Zhang and Maya Tang!


The fists of ten people all came!

Abe Zhang was indifferent and protected Maya Tang behind him. Maya Tang was injured. How could he let Maya Tang take action?

One person faces ten people!


Abe Zhang is not afraid!

Similarly, how can Maya Tang bear Abe Zhang facing so many people alone?


She shot immediately!

Two people, facing ten masters of fighting without fear!

Fierce fighting, at this moment, broke out!

Explode like a bomb!

Ten people, this is a seamless cooperation, and everyone who can enter the Youjia is chosen by thousands, and there is no one in a thousand!

Among the bodyguards of Youjia, there is no rubbish!


They fist out, on behalf of Abe Zhang, Maya Tang will be defeated instantly under their combined attack!

“Huh!” The descendants of the You family were watching coldly, without saying a word, because they were making a sound, would they bother themselves from watching this torture and death drama?


You Tianle smiled viciously!

Maya Tang, Maya Tang, I kindly spare your life, if you don’t, then die, die!


Nora Wan’s lazy expression is changing slightly!

The little expectation in her heart was gone, she turned into a bit of anger!

Abe Zhang!

Are you blind?

My Nora Wan is here, can’t you see it?

beg me!

In this case, your only possibility to survive is to beg me!


My Nora Wan can save you with one sentence!

But Zhang

She didn’t even glance at Nora Wan, her lazy eyes changed again and became cold.

Abe Zhang, you let me down!


Abe Zhang, I want to see how long you can last, you will eventually beg me, you will!

Because only I Nora Wan can save you!

The man felt happy that Nora Wan didn’t mean to get up yet. Well, look, Abe Zhang was beaten so badly!


He was sneer in his heart, very happy!

His intent to admire no picture!

See how long you Abe Zhang can last!

… “It’s her, I can’t help it…” In the dark room, someone scolded and stood up.

Yes, he looked at the tied black rose!

The black rose is so beautiful, especially when unconscious!

“Stop, you want to die? Let the young lady know, we both have to die!!” Another person yelled!

Don’t you know that there is a knife on the head of the color word?

Still knowingly committing a crime?

This scolding voice calmed the person down. Yes, if you do, then you must die, and you will die very badly!

He shuddered and shook his head, “Well, I won’t move her. By the way, for a few days, she hasn’t eaten or drink. She has been in a coma for so long. Is the boss too strong and pinched her to death?” “Should not be? Don’t scare me, the lady is attracted to her, and wants her to be a close-knit maid. If she dies, we will die too!” “Property, go, go and take a look. I haven’t moved for a few days, I guess…” “Okay, let’s take a look!” Two people ran over, checked Black Rose immediately, and raised Black Rose’s lowered head.

Yes, I haven’t moved for a few days, and I haven’t woke up. I can’t hold anyone without eating or drinking!

Everyone thinks about it!

But this person raised the black rose head for an instant!


This person was shocked, with tearing pain, because Black Rose suddenly bit her finger!

“Ah!…” the man screamed.

“What? She woke up a long time ago?” The other person was shocked!


When someone screamed, Black Rose stood up forcibly from the chair. Yes, as a killer, and also the number one killer, how could there be no way to save his life?

Black Rose woke up a day ago.

She secretly cut the rope with a blade. The rope was too hard. She only cut it slowly just now.

The black rose kicked on a person’s heart, and it clicked, and the ribs were all broken, this foot, but the black rose has held back an angry kick for so long!



Black Rose cut off this person’s neck with a blade in her hand that could not cover her ears!

He was shocked, himself, he was actually killed by a spike?

is this real?


The uncomfortable breathing made him unbelievable,

But I was horrified, it turned out to be true… I was dying!



Black Rose grabbed the chair and smashed it on another person’s head!

Scream too!

too fast!


The head was bloodied and screamed!


With another angry kick, he was kicked three ribs by Black Rose, and kicked out for five meters!

Black Rose chased him, cold, bloody blade facing his neck, he was afraid, “Don’t kill me…” “Where did Abe Zhang go?” Black Rose asked indifferently.

It has been a few days, her heart is anxious, but there is no way, she woke up and tried to get out of trouble, at this moment, is there anything Abe Zhang has?


“I don’t know, I don’t know,” he screamed in fear.

He is also a master of Wanjia, but he did not expect to be subdued by the sudden attack by Black Rose, and he was also shocked!


“Ah, don’t kill me, I really don’t know! Ah, I said, Miss took Abe Zhang by plane and left, I don’t know where I went, and Miss will not tell me this kind of inferior person, don’t kill me , Just now you told him not to touch you, don’t…ah…” This is a scream, Black Rose ended up with him!

Black Rose quickly stood up vigilant, took a bottle of water, ate a hamburger immediately, found her mobile phone, and everything she owns, gun!

She rushed out!

There was no one outside, she immediately called Tina Li!


“I, Black Rose, Abe Zhang is missing…I’m going to find it now! He should have gone to a place, Nora Wan’s men said, Nora Wan took Abe Zhang away by plane…” Black Rose hung up the phone There was surprise in the big blue eyes, and Tina Li told her a news!

She looked for it and saw a helicopter, she immediately sat on it, she would drive!


The plane is about to take off, to a place!

…… At high altitude, on the plane!

“Auntie, how is it?” Olena Jiang was crying anxiously.

For a long time, there is no clue about Abe Zhang. She is desperate. Where did Abe Zhang go?

But just now, Tina Li received a call, Olena Jiang was clever and heard a voice like a black rose!


“Black Rose said, Abe was taken away by Nora Wan, I guess…” Tina Li stopped.

Olena Jiang’s heart is about to stop, what is it estimated?

Tina Li was silent for three seconds, “Beatrice, start a secret satellite, I want to know, where did Nora Wan’s plane go!!” “However, the secret satellite technology company has just posted it and is still in the testing phase. “Beatrice is also anxious, but there is no way. This hidden satellite can be said to be a collection of the science and technology of Tina Li Technology Company!

It’s only recently succeeded, in one day, a secret place, without any

When people found out, they launched into the sky!

But it’s still in the testing stage!


Can it work?

“It’s okay, start!” Tina Li had cold eyes!

“Yes!” Beatrice immediately controlled and contacted with her mobile phone, “Activate the hidden satellite!!” Three minutes later, Beatrice breathed a sigh of relief, “I found it. Nora Wan’s plane passed through this gorge, but I don’t know what’s next. …” This is because the hidden satellite has been rejected, or it can be said to have been interfered, so it cannot be monitored.

Tina Li stared at this place, the light in his eyes suddenly flickered, “Here is near the hidden family Youjia!!!” “What?? Abe Zhang was taken to Youjia by Nora Wan? Why?” Olena Jiang was stunned. Now, Beatrice is also very surprised.

Yeah, why?

“From now on, there is only one possibility, and that is You Jia. Maya Tang was actually saved by You Jia…” Tina Li said.

She knew before, it should have been rescued by someone from the hidden family, but she didn’t expect it to be Youjia, and Tina Li hasn’t found where Youjia is!

Of course, Youjia doesn’t know where Tina Li’s technology company is actually!

What has been developed!


At this level, there are things they don’t know about each other!

“So, the young master followed Nora Wan to rescue Maya Tang?” Beatrice was stunned.

“Yes, it should be like this!” Tina Li was shining brightly…

Chapter 643

is here in a dark house!

In a dark house, there was a person sitting on the sofa indifferently, and he felt a sense of laziness.

This person would be surprised if Tina Li were here, because it was Abe Zhang’s father, Zhang Qingyang!


Someone is knocking on the door!

Then a woman came in. In the darkness, no one could see her face.

“Master!” The woman bowed her head respectfully.

Zhang Qingyang waved his hand and said indifferently, “I haven’t been at home for so long. There is no need to do this. I am not used to this name anymore…” “Yes! You don’t want to be a master anymore, do you have other goals?” Woman Looking up, in the darkness, her beautiful eyes flickered.

“Yes!” Zhang Qingyang nodded simply.

“I knew, Master, when you left home, you had other goals…” The woman approached, “It’s been a long time since I saw you,” “Forget it, don’t have to be so close to me, I am married and have a wife,” Zhang Qingyang shook his head and said.

The woman stopped, a little lost, “Master, I grew up with you since I was a child, and you slept with you when I was young…” “Stop talking.” “Yes, I won’t say anything,” the woman bowed her head, Mimuzhi The light in is gone.

“I’m back this time, nothing else, is the old man here?” The laziness on Zhang Qingyang’s face is gone, a bit solemn!

Master is at home!

Don’t you see him in person?

“The woman was surprised.” Zhang Qingyang shook her head and said, “There is no need to see, I have been out since I was a child, and I am a bit risky when I come back this time. After all, the other two families have too much eyeliner…” “Then you are here?

“The woman asked in shock. “I want the old man to come forward once. My son…maybe something has gone wrong,” Zhang Qingyang said. “You…” The woman was even more astonished, even a little surprised, “You, you… ” “What’s wrong with me?

“Zhang Qingyang calmly. “You shouldn’t have feelings for Tina Li. The master fancy Tina Li, just because of her potential. Therefore, your request, the master should not agree to come forward…” the woman reminded. Zhang Qingyang fell silent and said nothing! “Master, you have been out since you were young. You know what you are going to do. You know it. It’s been so long. Do you want to fall short?

If the master came forward at this time, wouldn’t the other two families know?

“The woman continues to remind! Zhang Qingyang continues to be silent, he himself knows what the old man said to him when he left home when he was a child, and those words have been thinking back and forth in his mind, until now, he has backtracked. Family, you can give up everything! Being in the family, then you must give up everything for the family!! This is the time, what the old man said to him is still fresh in my memory! “Master, if you mention this to the old man, he will be angry. Master, I don’t want to see you scolded by the master.

“The woman said. “For the family, give up everything?”

“Zhang Qingyang suddenly felt bitter. “I see, I won’t be back until things are done.”

“Zhang Qingyang shook his head, he said bitterly, stood up and left. The woman mustered up the courage, rushed over, hugged him from behind, “Master, you stay a while, I miss you…” “Let go, I have a wife.” “Yes,” Zhang Qingyang was unmoved! The woman sighed in her heart and let go, “Yes, I’m sorry Master, I was wrong…” “You’re right!

Zhang Qingyang shook her head and walked out. The woman sighed. She left the room and passed through a corridor to the door of an extremely luxurious room. She bowed her head and almost knelt down. “Master, the master is back just now!”

“The woman lowered her head and said. There was a voice in this room, hoarse and old. “What are you doing back?”

“Master said, his son…” The woman said… … in the lobby of your home!! The scene was full of ridicule, indifference, and even a special atmosphere! Appreciate, yes, they are admiring one A scene! A great scene in which ten people besieged Abe Zhang and Maya Tang! Yes! Abe Zhang and Maya Tang today

Must die here, and still that kind of terrible death!

Trampled on You Jia’s majesty, then this is the consequence!


Abe Zhang panting, was hit by a man, and he backed away!

The pain of a torn body!

He has been training recently, and his fighting strength has improved very quickly, but the bodyguard of the hidden family is very powerful. I don’t know how long he has been in contact with fighting.

It is not comparable to ordinary people!

You know that Abe Zhang hasn’t come into contact with fighting for half a year, let alone ten people shot at the same time?


So, no accident, Abe Zhang was beaten to vomit blood!


Among the ten people, four besieged Abe Zhang, and the remaining six besieged Maya Tang!

This is what Maya Tang pulled these people over to make Abe Zhang feel better.

If Maya Tang was not injured, she would not fight against ten people. But at this time, her head injury was not healed, and she kept tearing and stinging. She had worked very hard.


Abe Zhang coughed, and there was a smell in his mouth, which was the smell of his own blood.

Fortunately, I have clothes from my mother, otherwise I really can’t hold the punches and kicks of these guys who have practiced for decades!


“Cer!” Maya Tang guarded Abe Zhang distressedly. Today, even if she dies, she will send Abe Zhang out safely!


“I’m fine!” Abe Zhang shook his head, still bearable!

The clothes that my mother gave can be blocked by bullets, not to mention fists, they can all be resisted, but they were beaten too much, and the stamina still hit Abe Zhang’s body!

After accumulating time and time again, Abe Zhang has only trained his body for half a year, and he can’t hold it any more!

After all… the fighting talent is important, and Abe Zhang has a high talent!

This is Tina Li, Maya Tang thinks!


But these people have been leading Abe Zhang for decades and have begun to learn to fight, and the gap is obvious!

“It’s okay, I vomit blood, hehe, this evil pen can resist for so long, it’s not bad!!” A descendant of the You family said with cold eyes.

“Yeah, it’s really comfortable to see him being beaten!” The other children and grandchildren all smiled, that kind of smile, with endless mockery!

It’s cool!

Seeing Abe Zhang being beaten, the anger in their hearts slowly calmed down, and they felt particularly comfortable.

Yes, the members of the travellers are all secretive families that are superior to others. To be honest, it has not been so happy for a long time!

Abe Zhang looked at these people indifferently, and these people watched, the arrogant look in Abe Zhang’s eyes was extremely cold!



A sunspot man, kicked over!


That kind of power is particularly amazing!

Abe Zhang was expressionless, fighting, a person’s fighting strength was achieved in actual combat!

Abe Zhang was in pain all over, but with that kind of numb pain, he has become more and more willing to fight


What about more people?

I’m Abe Zhangzhao!

What about it?

Even if I lose, Abe Zhang will stand!


The amazing fighting will makes Abe Zhang’s eyes chill.

“Cer, be careful!” Maya Tang exclaimed!

Abe Zhang might not be able to stop the power of this kick!

Maya Tang passed by immediately!

“Aunt Tang, I’ll do it myself!” Abe Zhang’s fighting will made him indifferent, his fist clenched, and he twisted the ring on his finger!


This is a special metal ring made by my mother. It is ten kilograms. Abe Zhang has been carrying it for a long time. It can be used as a weapon!

After twisting, the ring becomes sharp!


Abe Zhang made this punch with all his strength!

The fist hit the sole of the man’s foot!

The man laughed, ridiculed!

With this kick, the stone could be broken, this Abe Zhang actually hit with his fist?

Haha, let’s do it!

Don’t you know that your arms can’t twist your thighs?

Okay, I’ll kill you!

All the descendants of you family laughed, what a fool!

Hit the soles of your feet with your fists?

This is an act made by a fool!

You Tianle sneered, “This shameless pen, but it’s true. My Youjia’s bodyguard is so noble. Your hand is really only worth fighting with my Youjia’s bodyguard’s leg!” Everyone thought Abe Zhang would be there. At this foot, I was kicked for more than ten meters, and then vomited blood to beg for mercy. This is absolutely true!

Because, a fool hit the sole of his foot with his fist… Abe Zhang didn’t back up, his fist had already been punched out, and the man’s sole flew over. In an instant, this fist touched the sole of the foot, and You Tianle smiled slightly, “Kap, your hand is going to be useless. It! Shabi!”

Chapter 644

This is Abe Zhang!

“Why didn’t you call me? Why didn’t you look at me now? Abe Zhang, will you call me if you are abolished?” Guest area!

Nora Wan was surrounded by anger, she really saw Abe Zhang being besieged by so many people!

When she first saw Abe Zhang being besieged, she felt anger in her heart, because Abe Zhang could call herself at the moment of the siege, even if she just glanced at herself, Nora Wan would come forward!


However, Abe Zhang is now willing to be beaten and will not let himself come forward!

Nora Wan is annoyed!

She also contradicted at the same time!

Because in her heart, Abe Zhang will definitely join the family and become her husband. When she saw Abe Zhang being beaten and kicked, she also…distressed!

Yes, she really hurts!

You know, Abe Zhang is her future husband!

But, but!


Abe Zhang has never looked at himself, Wan Zi’s literary spirit, this is angry!

Abe Zhang, do you know, I can save you with a word!

do you know?

“Miss, calm down! Abe Zhang, isn’t this person spineless now? Let him continue to be spineless! Spineless? Huh, in front of death

, What is spine?

“Nora Wan’s bodyguard, the man said. He looked so cool! Especially Abe Zhang was beaten back with a punch just now, ha ha ha! “The backbone is nothing, but if Abe Zhang continues like this, it will be useless. I don’t want my future. My husband is a waste!


“Nora Wan shook his head. A pair of beautiful eyes stared at this scene! “Miss, what do you mean, am I doing it now?”

“The man is actually unhappy. After all, how comfortable is it to see Abe Zhang being beaten?” Nora Wan’s eyes kept intently, “Abe Zhang, are you so strong?”

You will not call me now?

You idiot, I don’t know how to fight and know that people use feet, and you also use feet. What are you doing with your fists?

You silly!

“Nora Wan said, “Don’t make any move, let this person destroy him and kill him!”

Isn’t he spine?

Don’t you call me?

Knowing that I can save him, he won’t bark, well, I won’t let you bark!

” “Yes!

“The man nodded excitedly in his heart, and he was thinking about it! Tina Li, if you know that your son will be a useless person in the next second, how would you react? The more men think about it, the happier he will be! Nora Wan said it for a moment, gritted her teeth, she didn’t want to see this man who had saved her before, and wasted, she didn’t want this at all! “Abe Zhang, you bastard!

Get out, save him!


The man who had just been surprised was taken aback, but Nora Wan had spoken and he must listen! But when he was about to make a move! Just when everyone thought Abe Zhang would be a useless person, suddenly, a piercing scream screamed in the hall. It rang!? Boom! Abe Zhang backed up and bumped into a table, and the drink was spilled. His face was ruddy and his fists were numb, but blood dripped from the ring in his hand! “Ah, ah, ah, he has something in his hand. what!

“The man who kicked Abe Zhang with his feet just now fell to the ground. Because of the sudden pain in the soles of his feet, he couldn’t hold back his strength. He fell to the ground. Unfortunately, his leg hit a wine bottle and plunged directly into him. On his thigh! He hugged his thigh and screamed! This pain is really hard for him to handle! It was too sudden, and he never expected that Abe Zhang would have such a thing in his hands? Others! The audience was shocked! !! “what’s the situation?

He actually came next, am I right?

“I’m going, this shameful pen is actually playing yin.”

What do you see in his hands?


“It’s her, it’s too shameless. Our bodyguards hit him with bare hands. He actually used this sneak attack method. Sure enough, this kind of slut is like this. Why should she be stunned?

Fight, keep fighting!

“An old man flushed with anger! Too annoyed! Maya Tang’s beautiful eyes were stunned, and her sweaty beautiful face was loose.

In a tone, she was frightened just now, thinking that Abe Zhang would be scrapped, but that’s okay!

Maya Tang felt gratified that her own strategy has grown up and she can be alone!


You Tianle was so cold, was Abe Zhang followed by him?

Ha ha, just struggling to death!

Nora Wan’s beautiful eyes were stunned. She also thought that Abe Zhang would be abolished, but unexpectedly, Abe Zhang actually resisted!

She was astonished. She immediately snorted, her face returned to her indifference, “Don’t do anything, huh, Abe Zhang, I want to see how strong you are!? How long can your backbone last you! You will beg me to save you, you will definitely! Because of this scene, I am the only one who can save you Abe Zhang! I am the only one!!” She is confident!

The self-confidence of the fan!

Laziness, indifference, appeared on her face again.

When the man was picked up by Abe Zhang, the man stabbed to the ground, and he was stunned for a moment.

This shameful pen!

He heard what Nora Wan said again, and of course he was more willing, after all, he didn’t want to make a move!

why not?

Abe Zhang is just a fluke, the kind of master who suffers once, it is impossible to suffer twice!

Then, the angrier your own lady is, the better, then you can appreciate Abe Zhang being beaten even more!

Haha, interesting too!


…… These ten people, now one of them has a broken leg, and their main arteries have been punctured. Of course, they were annoyed, and they attacked in an instant, at that speed!

What a shock!



The power of the fist, the power of the soles of the feet, flooded all around, this fierce battle of siege, once again opened!

Too much time has been lost now!

In the past, less than one minute, thirty seconds was enough, but now, it has taken so long!

This is the first time!

With a fist boom, someone hit the injured Maya Tang with a punch!


Maya Tang stepped back. She held back the strength, but it was too heavy. Even if she bit her pale lips, it was useless, and the blood was beaten out mercilessly.


Maya Tang was so pale that it was pitiful!

If you haven’t been injured before, how can it be better?

“Aunt Tang! Ah!” Abe Zhang was surrounded by anger, and he rushed over, like a furious death god!


Protected Maya Tang who was almost fainted!

She was so lucky. During this time, she didn’t have much rest at all, she ate very little, didn’t have the strength, and was seriously injured. Maya Tang has survived until now, she has broken through the limit!

“Auntie Tang, you have protected me so many times, let me pay you back today.” Abe Zhang said with tenderness.

Maya Tang’s eyes were blurred with tears, she was touched… Touched Abe Zhang grew up, and also touched by what Abe Zhang said just now, to protect herself!

“All of you are going to die!” Zhang

Ce’s eyes were red.

“Huh, we are all going to die? Hehe, we will die, but we are dead, you have no chance to see it, because you are going to die now!!” A young man mocked!

“Do it, give me a call!” You Tianle sneered!

“Yes!” The fists and feet of the nine people all smashed over. This is a siege. No matter how powerful Abe Zhang is, there are only two fists and two feet. What’s more, is the gap between them and them so big?

No surprises!

After Abe Zhang injured two people with all his strength!

In the end, one by one, he kicked and kicked like a sneak attack. Abe Zhang didn’t catch it, and he kicked Abe Zhang!


Abe Zhang fell from the sky and smashed on a wine table, and the bright red wine was spilled!


“Hey, really embarrassed. Didn’t you say that we are going to die? Haha, we are watching you die now!” said a beauty sarcastically.

Abe Zhang got up from the ruins and stood still even if he lost!


The seven people rushed over again, they were already angered by Abe Zhang, even angry!


They have been bodyguards for so long, and they have never met someone as tenacious as Abe Zhang!

I was kicked, beaten, and even vomited blood. I didn’t even say a word. I completely endured it. He stood up like steel. At this time, Abe Zhang was dying, but he was still not afraid?

Boom, boom!

Seven people punched and kicked, Abe Zhang blocked three but couldn’t block the fourth!

The soles of the feet hit his chest, one, two!


Abe Zhang was kicked, he smashed into the wine table, was overwhelmed by the ruins, embarrassed!

You Tianle smiled slightly, “It’s useless.” All the descendants of the You family smiled and laughed. You can’t stand up this time, right?

“You can’t go there yet, I want to see him kneel down for me! Interrupt his leg first, I want him to kneel!!” You Tianle said coldly!

Chapter 645

Why underestimate me?

Seven people came here indifferently!

Their eyes were cold, they wanted to listen to You Tianle’s words, interrupted Abe Zhang’s leg, and wanted Abe Zhang to kneel down!


Approaching step by step, the sarcasm of laughter in the hall, from here to from there, are all the kind of ridicule with such a trace of interest!

Maya Tang panicked, she rushed to Abe Zhang’s side, but Abe Zhang in the ruins got up, he tried to get up!

There was blood in his mouth, but he wiped it off.

Pain is okay, you have to stand up!

Strong willpower supports Abe Zhang, he can’t shame himself, he is a man!


Maya Tang’s beautiful eyes are wet.

Abe Zhang has grown up, really grown up… “Abe Zhang, you bastard, you are almost beaten to death by now, don’t you look at me? Don’t you beg me?” Guest area!

Nora Wan is already angry

To the extreme, but also distressed.

Yes, every time Abe Zhang was punched, every time she was kicked, she felt distressed.

Because Abe Zhang is her future husband!


She really wants to fight, and only she can fight!

No one else can!

The man sneered, quite spine. Seeing how long you can last, what’s the use of spine?

When you really want to die, your spine will collapse and make you kneel to beg for mercy!


“Miss, do you need me to take action?” the man asked deliberately.

“No, absolutely no, let him die, die well!!” Nora Wan closed her beautiful eyes, she simply didn’t look at it, she could not see!

But, the sound of Abe Zhang coughing and vomiting blood seemed to touch her heartstrings, lumps, lumps!

Nora Wan couldn’t help it, and opened his eyes again, looking at Abe Zhang who was still standing upright, her beautiful eyes were moisturized: “Hurry up and ask me to help you! Hurry up!!” Nora Wan shouted in his heart. While taking the initiative, Abe Zhang coughed and vomited blood during this process. She still didn’t look at herself and Nora Wan was so angry that she was distressed again. She opened her eyes, but she didn’t want to look anymore!

“You bastard! bastard!” Boom!

Seven people punched and kicked Abe Zhang again!

It’s mainly kicking. A person has already kicked past, and he wants to kick Abe Zhang’s leg!


Maya Tang was protecting Abe Zhang, how could she let the seriously injured Abe Zhang be beaten again?

“Hands, hands!” Nora Wan couldn’t stand it anymore and said actively!

The man nodded, but when he did it again, Abe Zhang spoke indifferently, even calmly.

“Wait!!” The voice was like thunder, and there was a sudden shout!

The eardrums of Wanjia’s children and grandchildren feel tingling!

Then, all the sounds of mockery!

“I C! This shame pen is begging for mercy, haha, it’s really useless!” “Yes, I thought this shame pen was very spineless, but I didn’t expect it to be a coward! The spine just now was all pretending!” Yes, I can’t pretend to be any longer, I must compromise! The person who knows the current affairs is a good man, but even if you beg for mercy, it’s useless. Today you’re dead!” The descendants of the You family laughed!

You Tianle smiled slightly, “Why wait? You want to beg me for mercy? Hahaha!!” His face reluctantly, with a bit of pride, took away my woman and made You Tianle embarrassed in front of so many people. You should beg for mercy. of!

But there is no difference, in the end you Abe Zhang will die!

“No, I don’t beg for mercy!” Abe Zhang shook his head, still calm!

He was embarrassed, but his eyes were firm!

“Oh, don’t beg for mercy, then what do you stop?” You Tianle smiled.

“I have something to tell you, would you like to listen?” Abe Zhang said, with blood still in the innermost.

“Oh, I don’t want to, because I listened to what a dead person said.


You Tianle smiled and shook his head. “Well, it’s okay not to listen, but I want to tell you, no matter how powerful you are, you will have some people buried with me today!”

“Abe Zhang supported Maya Tang. His voice reverberated in the huge hall, even in the corners! “Puff!



Someone couldn’t help but smile. “This shame pen was beaten stupid, right?”

Haha, I laughed so hard!

“I was beaten stupid, it seems that he is still struggling to death!”

The ridicule of the descendants of the You family and the ridicule of You Tianle caused the roar of laughter in this huge hall!! “Oh, is it?”

You made me laugh!

You are so amazing, you can still laugh at me when you die, ha ha ha!

“You Tianle smiled slightly! Abe Zhang glanced at him, then whispered to Maya Tang, “Aunt Tang, do you believe me?”

“Believe, I believe it!”

“Maya Tang didn’t hesitate! She is very sad and guilty now, because she has made Abe Zhang a burden. If Abe Zhang does not take herself away, then Abe Zhang will not face such a danger! She is absolutely sorry Abe Zhang, Abe Zhang The strategy is still so small… How can you die here? “Well, I will really take you out, really!

Believe me?

“Abe Zhang’s pale face, tenderness appeared. “Believe!”

Abe, I really want to say something to you. It has been buried in my heart. I feel that if I don’t say it again, I am afraid that I will have no chance!

“Maya Tang bit her lip!! What annoyance she has in her life, she is buried in her heart, whether it is bullied as a child, or something else, even the feeling to Abe Zhang, from the unforgettable lovesickness at that time to I am willing to give Abe Zhang everything now! She has always buried this pure feeling in her heart! She doesn’t want to say it, because Abe Zhang doesn’t like herself at all! Saying it myself will only make the relationship between two people awkward. But now, there may be no possibility of living! She doesn’t want to regret it, she wants to express this feeling. She likes Abe Zhang, and it has been a long, long time… She wants to say this. At this time, she wants to… Confession! Confession without regret! “Well, Aunt Tang, you say, I’ll listen!

“Abe Zhang is much gentler. He didn’t know what Maya Tang was going to say, but he knew that Maya Tang must still think she was going to die, so he told himself a last word. “Cer, in fact, I have always been…” These are only a few words. , But Maya Tang seemed to stutter, intermittently, and couldn’t say it at all. When she was about to say the most important and important words! You Tianle’s cold voice interrupted her, “Maya Tang, you are all about to die What else do you want to say?

I think you should beg me, if you beg me, I might be able to give you

a chance!

“You Tianle, you shut up!”


Maya Tang was angry and used the remaining strength! She snarled fiercely for the first time!? Because You Tianle interrupted her and finally mustered up the courage to say something! You Tianle became cold and annoyed, “Okay, okay!”


Maya Tang, you did it yourself!

It’s no wonder me!

Kill, kill me!


“Maya Tang is not afraid! Abe Zhang coughed a few times. Now is not the time to listen to Maya Tang’s words. He calmly looked at everyone on the scene and scanned them. “I remember you, people from the family, I will Let you all disappear!


The voice is too calm! Let the descendants of the You family present look at each other, this calm voice is like the voice of death, why is it so?! “C!

Do it, I don’t want to see the face of this shameless pen, disgusting!


Someone scolded! You Tianle snapped his fingers, and the seven people approached again. “Haha!”

Abe Zhang laughed suddenly. Maya Tang was stunned, Nora Wan was annoyed, “What is your bastard laughing at?”

Don’t you beg me?


“Is this silly pen?”

Someone was puzzled and laughed. You Tianle frowned, and Abe Zhang’s smile made him particularly uncomfortable. Why is this? “Know why I laugh?”

“Abe Zhang smiled deeper, a calm smile. In the huge hall, echoed… “Because you are struggling to death, you are delaying your time to live!”

“You Tianle said with a cold snort. Abe Zhang shook his head, “No, no!

I’m thinking, it’s a miracle that your hidden family can be passed down to the present. Why do you look down on me so much?


“What do you have worthy of my admiration?”

“You Tianle laughed loudly! “If you think so, then you are wrong. Do you think I am really not prepared?

“Abe Zhang calmly made You Tianle angry! “What have you prepared?”

You were brought here by Nora Wan?

Oh, I see, you want to ask Nora Wan, right?

“You Tianle glanced at Nora Wan. Nora Wan’s heart fluctuated, and even her beautiful eyes were inadvertently moisturized, “a*shole, you finally beg me!”

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