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Chapter 676 mighty!

Of course You Tianle laughed. You Jia is a hidden family, second only to Wan Jia, the world’s number one family. How can it be a trash that can be eaten?

One bite can kill him!


Still want to eat all?

I really don’t know that the sky is so great!


“I have a big belly, you will know, but now, you still don’t understand your situation!” Abe Zhang was meaningful.

You Tianle was immediately angry. Of course he knew what Abe Zhang meant, and he was also panicked about this!

“Abe Zhang, what do you want me to do, just say it! But don’t blame me for not reminding you that you can’t eat my Youjia!!” You Tianle got up by himself.

The woman with him was already crying too much, Abe Zhang’s word for word really scared her, she didn’t want to die!


“I will tell you!” Abe Zhang shrugged!



You Tianle suddenly became grimace, “Will you tell me? Ha ha ha! You really caught me off guard this time. The two losses I suffered in this life are in your hands, but there will not be a third time… , You seem to forget, this is my place!!!”

He sneered and joked!

Because he heard footsteps outside the door!

Ha ha!

My own people are back, but some of the better bodyguards in the family are back now!

What if Abe Zhang took a photo?

Just grab it with your own bodyguard!

The only thing You Tianle feels regret is that Abe Zhang cannot be killed now, because Nora Wan has said that Abe Zhang’s life will be left!

He is so jealous!


Maya Tang, whom he liked, actually went with Abe Zhang, and Nora Wan, who he first liked, actually liked Abe Zhang!

What is so good about this garbage?


“Your place?” Abe Zhang was surprised.

“Haha, you forgot, are you overwriting? My bodyguard is back, now it’s time for you to beg for mercy!” You Tianle laughed!


Three people rushed in outside the door!

Yes, the few bodyguards who went out to chase Black Rose just now, three have returned, and the others continue to chase Black Rose!

The three of them stared at Abe Zhang and the boss behind the scenes!


You Tianle was beaten, and their consequences would not be good. Fortunately, they are back now, otherwise?

Abe Zhang pulled the behind-the-scenes boss behind him. He didn’t expect these people to come back so soon. It seems that Black Rose has done his best!

In this situation, what Abe Zhang can do is to take the boss behind the scenes to leave safely. Anyway, what he wants is already in his hands. At that time, You Tianle will come over and beg for himself!


The boss behind the scenes was astonished. He was suddenly pulled by Abe Zhang, protected by Abe Zhang, and standing behind Abe Zhang, he felt a sense of security!

She hasn’t felt this way for a long time.

She actually had a kind of surprise.

Yes, the boss behind the scenes suddenly felt that he hadn’t been protected by a man for a long time, and he tried again.


It’s still pretty good, like first love.


“Sister, I’ll take you out!” Abe Zhang said.

“Well, if you don’t take me out, I will also take you to take me out.” In a daze, the boss behind the scenes has a sweet feeling.

He must still care about himself in his heart!


“Hmph, why can’t you leave this time, you three, give me his phone back to me! Then… Give me a slap in the face until I’m satisfied,” You Tianle said grimly.

He looked at the boss behind the scenes, “As for her, hehe! Let’s do it first!” “Yes, Master!!” The three people stared at Abe Zhang, their fists banging over like a hammer!

Three fists!


Where does Abe Zhang dare to neglect?

There is no meaning to hide his strength. He knows that his strength has improved, and he is considered a master of fighting, but he also knows that he is unlikely to be an opponent of this kind of master. One may be possible, but three together, then hang Up!

But Abe Zhang knows better, don’t be afraid

, In his own hands, but there are still a few bombs, the big deal is to throw the bombs out, and then take the boss behind the scenes to leave.


Abe Zhang just took out the dagger given by Alice and dealt with these three people, and it rang out with a muffled hum!



Outside the door, a fist suddenly came in, with a ring on his wrist, made of special metal, weighing tens of kilograms!

Such a punch, right on the fist of a bodyguard!

The bodyguard was stunned, and then at a loss. Why does his fist hurt?


When he was thinking about this, his body flew out uncontrollably!


He smashed his body on a table, and the table fell apart. He twitched and hit the ashtray with his head. When he got up, he touched the bloody back of his head blankly. After being shocked by fear, he closed his eyes and fell to the ground. Not moving anymore.



The two bodyguards were dumbfounded!

Abe Zhang looked at him and was pleasantly surprised, “Mom!” It was the mother who rushed over. Abe Zhang breathed a sigh of relief, but the boss behind Abe Zhang was a little far away from Abe Zhang subconsciously, and now he can’t let Tina Li knows that she likes Abe Zhang.

If you know it now, the boss behind the scenes will really blush.

You Tianle was shocked.

“You. Tina Li, you.. What are you waiting for? Don’t you call me?” You Tianle is angry, these bodyguards are rubbish?


The remaining two bodyguards reacted and immediately furious!


Tina Li’s expression was cold, and he rushed in. The fists that were punched out were hit twice in a row, and they came out in two circles!


The two bodyguards were astonished, because they felt that when Tina Li hit her hand, it hurts!

It’s the same as being hit by a hammer!

When they were astonished, their bodies had already retreated involuntarily and hit the wall. All the paintings hanging on the wall fell to the ground.

The two were shocked, vomiting blood, and couldn’t raise their arms!



Everyone just received a punch, but he couldn’t hold it. In the room, there was no sound again?


Silence as death!


You Tianle is afraid, his bodyguard is rubbish?

Was defeated so easily?

Black Rose then rushed in. She was panting. She did her best to lead out these people just now.

At the same time, she finally realized, why I assassinated Tina Li before and couldn’t assassinate Tina Li. It turns out that Tina Li’s strength is still hidden!

Tina Li closed the door.


You Tianle knelt down as if he had been hit by a fist in the face. He thought he could subdue Abe Zhang and then tortured Abe Zhang, but he reversed in an instant!

The woman with him was even more terrified!

“Mom, I’ve got it,” Abe Zhang said.

Tina Li smiled slightly, and at the same time glanced at the boss behind the scenes, who snorted.

Tina Li didn’t say anything else, of course she knew what Abe Zhang meant by success.

“Let me go, don’t kill me!” You Tianle begged, this is scary!

After all, Tina Li defeated his strongest bodyguard with two moves last time, and he still remembers this situation. You Tianle knew that he couldn’t escape.

So only pleading.

Abe Zhang was in charge of him. He walked over to beat and kick You Tianle. Just now he wanted his bodyguard to beat himself?


Abe Zhang smiled, You Tianle screamed, his woman was even more shocked.

After playing enough, Abe Zhang walked back, “Mom, I am going to let You Tianle do something so that he can tell us about the situation of your home at any time.” This must be asked to my mother, because in this regard, my mother must have Planned.

“En,” Tina Li nodded. In fact, her sixth sense told her that she could also roughly guess the movements of You Jia.

“Abe, do you think that besides letting him tell You Jia’s movements, what else can he do?” Tina Li began to train Abe Zhang.

Abe Zhang thought about going, staring at You Tianle who was fainting for three seconds, suddenly thought of it, and said in his mother’s ear, “Mom, or let him bring a bomb back and kill their traveler, you Say it’s okay?” Anyway, that kind of bomb can’t be detected, and it can be controlled remotely, but what is the only disadvantage?

It is impossible to determine how many visitors from that bomb can kill.

Because there is no surveillance on the bomb!

It can only be controlled by luck.

Tina Li was shocked. This idea is actually good, but it is very risky!

“Mom, what do you think?” Abe Zhang asked.

Chapter 677:

Tina Li thinks that it’s okay to do this, but it’s a difficult problem to control the number of people killed!

Therefore, Tina Li felt, don’t do this for now.

“Cer, the method you said is fine, but there are other?” Tina Li asked.

Abe Zhang thought again, “Uh, mother, I can’t think of it anymore.” “Well, don’t you have You Tianle’s handle in your hand? You are like this…” Tina Li’s voice became quieter, and Abe Zhang was shocked after listening. !

Sure enough, my mother’s ideas are much more mature than her own, so she still has to study more!


“En!” Abe Zhang nodded.

Tina Li didn’t say much, just looked at the begging You Tianle, her eyes narrowed.

“You can let me do anything, don’t kill me.” You Tianle is desperate, Tina Li is too strong, and the bodyguard he usually trusts is so vulnerable to Tina Li!

Abe Zhang shrugged, “Why would I kill you? Waiting for my good news, yes,

Don’t expect to ask me for a mobile phone, because after I go back, I will copy the video in my hand and then copy it again. If you threaten me, I may copy it to your family’s mobile phone. Then don’t blame me. !


“No, don’t do that!”


“You Tianle is afraid. This is what he is most afraid of. To be pointed out by the people in the family!? “Don’t be fine, then you continue, we won’t bother, remember to turn on the phone at any time, I will contact you, If you don’t turn it on, then I can only call into your house, so don’t blame me…” Abe Zhang said. “Don’t worry, absolutely turn it on. As long as you don’t show things to people in my house, don’t let them. If I know, I will listen to you everything,” You Tianle said panicked. “Remember what you said, then you continue.

“Abe Zhang shrugged and walked outside. Tina Li, the boss behind the scenes, and Black Rose all walked out. Only the three bodyguards who were wailing in the room, the desperate You Tianle, and the woman who was crying in fear. “Tianle, you took the phone back, let the people in the family know, we are dead!

The woman was scared, her makeup was crying. Boom! You Tianle slapped the woman on the face in anger, and the woman screamed and fell to the ground. “Shut up, after you return to me, be honest. If you show a little bit of a horse, I The first to kill you!

“You Tianle said grimly. The woman nodded in fear and was very flustered. Where would she dare to speak out? “Abe Zhang, Abe Zhang!”

You Tianle was overcast by you!

“You Tianle is full of regret. What exactly does Abe Zhang want to do with himself? He is uneasy. The wailing of a few bodyguards made him more and more angry. He took two bottles of wine and smashed the two bodyguards. On the head. “Trash, you trash all go to death!

“You Tianle has become savagely perverted. The anger he had just received. At this time, he wants to find it from these three people. The two bodyguards are holding their heads, and they dare not resist at all. They screamed more and more. The woman was even more frightened. You Tianle seduce a perverted person?? She fell into regret… Abe Zhang was waiting in the car. At this time, he had already reached the house of the behind-the-scenes boss. What are the mother and the behind-the-scenes boss talking about? Policy, Black Rose is waiting in the car. “You didn’t get hurt just now, right?

“Abe Zhang asked. Black Rose’s face is not very good. After all, she has just led so many people out, and some of them will get hurt! It’s just that Black Rose hasn’t said it out in silence. She is used to it. When she was alone before, I’m used to no one caring. So she won’t show this at all. “No.

“Black Rose is indifferent.” How could there not be?

Look at your hand, it’s unnatural,

Was it hit?

“Abe Zhang is concerned. “No,…Hey, what are you doing?”

Abe Zhang, do you believe I shot you to death?

“Hei Rose was annoyed, and Abe Zhang was actually checking her arm. Yes, because there were too many people, Hei Rose was punched with a fist just now and hit her shoulder. At this time, her shoulder was no longer conscious. Zhang When Ce touched, the corners of Black Rose’s eyes were beating, and it was really hurt. “Don’t move,” Abe Zhang said. He would not do anything else. Seeing Black Rose’s shoulder being hit, then rub it to invigorate blood and remove blood stasis. Understand. At least Black Rose won’t be so uncomfortable! “You stay away from me, or I will shoot you to death!

“Black Rose is angry.” “Beat me to death. I have no other meaning, just press it for you to make you feel better.”

“Even if Abe Zhang was pointed at by the gun, he did not stop, because Abe Zhang knew that Black Rose would not shoot. “You!

“Hei Rose is furious, and she can’t shoot either! But Abe Zhang! Actually!!! She is mad at her. “Oh, I got a punch here, right?”

Forbearance, I will help you invigorate blood and remove blood stasis.” Abe Zhang seriously found the redness and swelling on Black Rose’s arm. This punch is very heavy! Maya Tang taught Abe Zhang the basic rescue techniques before, and Abe Zhang handled it according to Maya Tang’s teaching. “You, hurt, lighten up!

Will you, don’t torture me!


“Hei Rose is annoyed, Abe Zhang, where is this to invigorate blood and remove blood stasis? It is simply torture. Take the injured place and squeeze it as a soft persimmon?! “Yes, you can bear it, you are afraid of pain?

Abe Zhang said. Black Rose glared at Abe Zhang with beautiful blue eyes, gritted his teeth, “I am not afraid of pain.

“Is that all right?”

I will handle it for you soon.

“Abe Zhang continued to deal with it, the injury is still serious. Black Rose closed her eyes and endured it, this bastard! Are you using herself as a test subject?! How long will it take to die of pain!! … “You…” Tina Li was outside the car, she wanted to ask the boss behind the scenes something. “What are you?

I went back to sleep,” the boss behind the scenes didn’t want to say much, and went straight into his home. “Wait, thank you.

“Tina Li said. The boss behind the scenes was astonished and turned around. “Why thank me?”


This is not your character!

“You have never understood my character. This time Abe was able to catch You Tianle’s handle because of you, so thank you.

“Tina Li looked serious. The boss behind the scenes was silent for three seconds, “No need!”

“Wait, what are you doing in such a hurry?”

I still have something to say.

“Tina Li came over. “Then tell me!”

“The boss behind the scenes hummed. “You gave Abe the bomb?”

“Tina Li asked. The boss behind the scenes gave Abe Zhang to such an important thing… “Yes, I gave it. I like to give it to him, okay?”

“Behind the scenes

Qi, what is this, question?

Why do you Tina Li question me?


“Well, then I hope you just like to give it to him, not for other reasons.” Tina Li was meaningful.

The boss behind the scenes is angry and understands what Tina Li means. This is to remind himself not to hit Abe Zhang’s attention.

“What if I have other reasons?” The boss behind the scenes was angry.

“Yes, that is your business. I have no right to interfere with you, but I can interfere with my son.” Tina Li became serious this time.

Is the boss behind the scenes really interesting to Abe Zhang?

is it possible?


“How do you interfere? Hit him? Scold him? Still not letting him out? If you do this, I will never finish with you!!” The boss behind the scenes was annoyed.

“I won’t beat him, I won’t scold him, let alone detain him, I need to tell him about this, he will know how to do it, so…” Tina Li stopped.

“Stop, I see!” The boss behind the scenes looked cold.

Tina Li was stunned, with a weird look in her eyes, she was quiet for three seconds, “You, the real strategy, have… ideas? Are you serious?” “Is it serious, what is your business?” The boss behind the scenes angry and replied. Home now.

Tina Li was stunned for three seconds, and then gave a wry smile, “Of course it has something to do with me…” Tina Li looked back and saw Abe Zhang treating the wounds of Black Rose. Tina Li was helpless, “This kid, accidentally treats others Okay, but I don’t know, to control the distance…” She didn’t know whether it was happiness or worry, so she could only sigh.

“Okay, it doesn’t hurt anymore, right?” Abe Zhang breathed a sigh of relief.

“I’m numb and tortured by you.” Black Rose hummed.

Abe Zhang was speechless and didn’t explain much, “I tried my best…” “You really did your best just now,” Black Rose meant something. If you don’t try your best, it will make you sore?


Abe Zhang smiled bitterly.

At this time, my mother came back and Abe Zhang asked, “Mom, what did you tell her?” “Nothing, go back first.” Tina Li didn’t say much, and drove back.

Abe Zhang didn’t ask much, and Black Rose said nothing.

In the house!

The boss behind the scenes saw Abe Zhang leaving through the window. Her beautiful eyes were gloomy. Tina Li reminded her that she was ashamed!

I also feel that this will not work, but I finally have a person I like!

How did that happen?


Behind the scenes, the boss was absent-minded and couldn’t sleep at all. He could only drink boring wine… After returning home, Abe Zhang went to Olena Jiang’s room, with Black Rose resting next to him.

Protect Abe Zhang at any time.

In fact, Abe Zhang wanted to ask his mother, now that You Tianle has the handle, how likely is it to deal with Youjia?

Anyway, after thinking about it for a few days, Abe Zhang made a decision. If he really can’t deal with Youjia, then he has to find Nora Wan himself.

After all, myself

Don’t hurt your family!

One cannot only live for oneself!

There are still many people around you who care about yourself, so you have to be considerate of these people!

But Abe Zhang didn’t ask about this, because his mother was very worried.

As for making You Tianle do things, his mother will tell herself what to do, and Abe Zhang doesn’t need to rush.

Anyway, Abe Zhang also feels that You Jia will make a big move recently?


Abe Zhang sighed and went to see Maya Tang when he came out to take a drink. Seeing Maya Tang resting quietly, he also felt relieved. He went back to the room and fell asleep with Olena Jiang in his arms.

The next day, Abe Zhang got up and exercised, but Olena Jiang was obviously absent-minded, and she went out to deal with the affairs of her house.

After working out in the morning, Abe Zhang received a call from Du Peixin, saying that he wanted to let Abe Zhang go over and take a look at the decoration side.

Abe Zhang said that she didn’t have time and let her handle it by herself.

On the casino side, if soon, it will open soon, and then the opening ceremony will be held!


Let Americans know that a new casino is about to open!

Abe Zhang’s answer made Du Pei happy and worked harder to deal with the decoration of the casino.

Abe Zhang is now considering the casino, only after the decoration is completed, he can choose a good day to open.

Olena Jiang went out. After Abe Zhang exercised, he went to see Maya Tang and found that Maya Tang was much better. Abe Zhang wanted to take her out to relax. After all, Maya Tang had been in the ward for a long time, so she should have come out for a walk.

Maya Tang didn’t refuse, she agreed with a smile, she was actually almost better.

I also look forward to getting along with Abe Zhang.

Of course, when Olena Jiang was not present, if Olena Jiang was present, she would definitely keep a distance from Abe Zhang.

Abe Zhang brought Maya Tang out. In fact, after Maya Tang recovered well, the gentle smile from before appeared again. Abe Zhang felt comfortable and wanted to stay with Maya Tang.

It’s just a pity that you are about to deal with Youjia now, and you may be defeated, and even go to marry Nora Wan.

So, Abe Zhang’s heart is very heavy?


That’s it, but Abe Zhang didn’t have any other places to go, so he said to go to the renovated casino to have a look. By the way, what’s going on!

After all, Abe Zhang still has great expectations for this casino?


Of course Maya Tang would not refuse, “En, Abe, we will go wherever you say to go.” Abe Zhang shrugged and drove Maya Tang with him.

Black Rose still followed, expressionless, anyway, where Abe Zhang went, where did she go, but she looked at her arm beautifully, after last night, it really didn’t hurt, Black Rose muttered, “So hard, it hurts me To die, you did it deliberately! Humph!”

Chapter 678

The boss is so good “Torture me deliberately! Come revenge!” Black Rose hummed, she remembered her before

When dealing with Abe Zhang, he also fought Abe Zhang so many times. Yesterday Abe Zhang took the opportunity to take revenge. Black Rose felt that the revenge was over, right?

“Next time, I will never finish with you!” Black Rose drove after Abe Zhang’s car.

When I drove with my arm, I really didn’t feel any pain in my arm at all. The black rose was astonished, and the beautiful eyes were a little different.

She herself was also strange. If she kept it in the past, she would never have a man press her to promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis!

Black Rose thought about it and felt it had a result.


It’s because I can’t kill Abe Zhang.

Abe Zhang had no fear, so he forced himself to invigorate blood and remove blood stasis. He also resisted yesterday, and he resisted more violently.

However, it is useless to Abe Zhang who is confident!

He was forcing himself to invigorate blood and remove blood stasis, but he resisted, um, that’s it.

Black Rose came up with such an analysis, and felt a lot better!

… Abe Zhang was originally taking Maya Tang out to relax, so he drove to the casino that was being renovated and didn’t call Du Peixin in advance.

Because I only talked to Du Peixin on the phone in the morning.

Looking at Abe Zhang now, it is true that his mother called a special person to come and decorate. There are hundreds of people who do decoration alone. They work in two shifts day and night. Abe Zhang is very satisfied with the progress!

It is already very large, and you can see the scale, design, and luxury of this casino at a glance!

I believe it will be ready to open in a few days!

Abe Zhang is full of confidence, this should be his first project in the United States, and the business empire has begun to expand!

Seeing that Abe Zhang was happy, Maya Tang was of course also happy. This kind of industry, doing well, is really not what Rijindoujin can describe!

“Cer, I think this place is very good. It will definitely make a lot of money.” Maya Tang said sincerely.

She also has many companies, but she doesn’t have one in this industry, but from her point of view, this is very good!

“Thank you Auntie Tang.” Abe Zhang smiled slightly.

Maya Tang said that Abe Zhang was very happy.

“What are you doing? How can you come in casually in a decorated place? What should I do if something goes wrong?” A foreman came over scoldingly.

“I’m looking for Du Pei’s heart.” Abe Zhang said with a shrug, the foreman was in charge.

“President Du? What are you looking for Mr. Du for? Wouldn’t you be Mr. Du’s suitor!!” The foreman frowned and looked up and down Abe Zhang.

Since Du Peixin came here every day, Du Peixin’s superb beauty has attracted many men’s pursuits. Yesterday, three men driving sports cars came to send flowers!

It’s just that Du Pei is so busy with work that he would never be called that kind of person.

In the eyes of these workers, Du Peixin, a supervisor, is really a workaholic.

Today this man actually brought a superb beauty


What is this for?


“No, I know her,” Abe Zhang shook his head. It seemed that women like Du Peixin were welcomed everywhere.

However, Abe Zhang also knows where Du Pei’s focus is. She is a strong woman, and she is only second in her heart!

Career is always the first!

It can also be said that Abe Zhang asked her to work with herself for five years, and Abe Zhang also took a fancy to her professionalism.

It was the same as Lu Youwen, the square manager at that time.

Both women are career-oriented, so that’s great!

“You know? Don’t be kidding, Mr. Du is so busy, can you know?” the foreman questioned suspiciously.

“Of course I know, I’m her…” “What is Mr. Du? Don’t mess around, where is cool, where can you stay,” the foreman waved his hand and continued to work.

“You…” Abe Zhang was speechless.

At this time, an unexpected voice rang from behind, “Abe Zhang, why are you here!” The voice was a little surprised!

Yes, Du Peixin, who had just inspected a decoration area, went downstairs and saw Abe Zhang. She was a little happy.

Why are you happy?

She also didn’t quite understand, how to put it, Abe Zhang’s incomparable trust in her, let her deal with it, is one of the reasons that makes her happy.

The second reason is not clear to her. Anyway, if Abe Zhang were not there at that time, she would definitely be taken by the bastard.

This may be another reason why Du Peixin was surprised to see Abe Zhang!

Du Pei’s surprised appearance made the foreman astonished. Really know him?

The foreman was envious in his heart, but he didn’t expect this to bring a superb beauty to him, and he actually knew Du Peixin who was also superb!


They are all men, so why is this gap so big?


“Come around and take a look,” Abe Zhang said.

“Well, you should ask them to call me directly when you come over.” Du Peixin said.

The surprise on her face faded, but in fact, she also had the feeling of meeting her deceased in another country.

After all, she rarely went abroad before, this time should be considered the longest, and in the next few years, she should be in the United States.

The real acquaintance is probably only Abe Zhang.

So this is one kind.


Familiar feeling far away!

It is also the unique intimacy of Huaxia people.

What’s more, she has been in the U.S. for so long, and there is no one who can talk and talk. Abe Zhang has come, and she can talk.

“Um,” Abe Zhang glanced at the foreman.

Du Peixin instantly understood, and said with a cold face, “What are you doing? You recognize that this is my boss, this place is owned by him!!” “What?” The foreman was startled!

The investment in this place is a lot of billions of dollars. He thought it was the big American boss who invested it. Now he is such a young Chinese?


He finds it hard to put


“Mr. Du, I don’t know. How did I know that he is the boss? Boss, I’m sorry!” The foreman hurriedly apologized to Abe Zhang with a look of fear.

He took over the renovation project, but compared with this big boss, what is he doing?


Can you let yourself go at any time?


Abe Zhang waved his hand, “It’s okay, you’re going to work on you!” This foreman is considered responsible, so Abe Zhang doesn’t need to know him more.

“Don’t thank the boss?” Du Peixin said with a cold face.

“Thank you, thank you,” the foreman burst into gratitude and didn’t know him. This is really a good boss, he is really not good-looking!

But he hurriedly went to work on his own, where would he dare to stay here anymore, what if Abe Zhang was so uncomfortable with him?


“Look here,” Du Peixin nodded to Maya Tang as a greeting.

Maya Tang nodded likewise.

Du Pei wondered, why is such a superb woman next to Abe Zhang?


Seeing Maya Tang, Du Pei’s self-confidence was also a little unnatural. After all, Maya Tang’s figure and appearance were better than Du Pei’s.

Abe Zhang came here to take Maya Tang to relax. Of course he nodded and agreed. Du Peixin carefully introduced the decoration process, and Abe Zhang nodded with satisfaction.

Maya Tang also thinks that Du Peixin has a very good working ability!


After turning around, Du Peixin said that he would go to eat nearby. Anyway, all three of them were hungry. Abe Zhang asked Maya Tang.

Maya Tang smiled.

“Listen to you.” Maya Tang will go wherever Abe Zhang goes.

Everyone got in the car, and Abe Zhang called Black Rose, “Hey, let’s go to dinner, shall you take it together, or should I bring it to you?” “Don’t worry, I will solve it myself.” After speaking, Black Rose hung up , Hummed, “Why do you want to ask me? Take it if you want to, and ask me deliberately…” Abe Zhang was speechless, Black Rose’s temper is really changeable!

Too lazy to care about her.

Du Peixin has been staying here recently, so I am more familiar with this side. The restaurant with meals is also a good Chinese restaurant.

Anyway, the three of them are all Chinese. Of course, wherever they go, they all eat Chinese food. Those steaks are not used to Abe Zhang’s own taste.

When they arrived at the place, a few people ordered food, Maya Tang went to the bathroom, Abe Zhang asked Du Peixin, “How do you feel?” “Very good, I am very happy, I care about career, other things are not important.” Du Peixin said.

This is true, and she does not regret that time, and promised Abe Zhang to work for Abe Zhang for five years.

Now it is finally reused by Abe Zhang!

“That’s good, you can tell me if you have anything, you can tell me what you need,” Abe Zhang said.

For his employees, since Du Peixin is following him, this aspect must be in place.

“Thank you, I… there is nothing needed,” Du Pei shook his heart.

Shook his head.

Chapter 679

“En.” Du Peixin lowered his head.

In other words, she is also in need, what does she need?

Chat in a foreign country.

Usually after she finishes work, she goes home alone, alone in the room, it seems a little lonely.

She didn’t feel this way before when she was in Huaxia. After all, everyone in the family is there, and you can talk to them if you have something to do. But now that the family is not around, who do you want to talk to?

Even a few days ago, when Du Peixin went back, she encountered a pervert, almost frivolous her, after she went back, she cried all night in fright.

But because of her work the next day, she forced herself to forget it.

If someone comforted me at the time, then I wouldn’t be so lonely and helplessly crying in bed.

Fortunately, Du Pei of the strong woman came over.

In fact, that night, she wanted to call Abe Zhang, but Abe Zhang was just her boss. Why should she call Abe Zhang?


Thinking of this, Du Pei felt disappointed.

“Du Peixin, what’s wrong with you?” Abe Zhang was astonished.

It seems that she still has something to say!

“It’s okay,” Du Peixin lowered his head and drank water.

“Du Peixin, if you encounter anything, just tell me,” Abe Zhang is serious and serious.

“En.” Du Peixin nodded, feeling a little warm in his heart. In a foreign country, he could still hear such words. Du Pei was moved in his heart.

Unexpectedly, I was moved by Abe Zhang.

“I mean it!” Abe Zhang sighed and pressed Du Peixin’s hand, hoping she would be better.

No other meaning, just the comfort of a friend!

Pass on warmth!


With his head down, Du Peixin blushed, and carefully withdrew his hand, “Well, thank you.” Abe Zhang was relieved a little bit. Du Peixin, such a smart and strong woman, should solve a problem well.

At this time, a voice suddenly rang, “Du Peixin? It’s really you, hello, it’s great to see you here!!” This is a tall and handsome American man!

Since he saw the Chinese beauty Du Peixin, he was fascinated by the appearance of Du Peixin.

I asked him to eat at Huaxia Restaurant, hoping to meet Du Peixin, but he didn’t expect his hard work to pay off. This time he can finally meet Du Peixin.

Abe Zhang was stunned, but it was normal, after all, Du Peixin was also a beauty.

Du Peixin actually wanted to refuse, but Abe Zhang’s sincere concern just now made Du Pei in a foreign country feel a little strange.

I can’t tell you the specifics, anyway, when Abe Zhang pressed her hand just now, she was not disgusted, but felt warm.

There is a kind of cold winter that is too long,

The feeling of a ray of sunlight coming in was like taking advantage of it, but she was not disgusted.

She didn’t know what she should think, she just wanted to behave the same in front of Abe Zhang, or perhaps show her own charm!

“Hello,” Du Peixin said.

“Wow, you finally talked to me, hello.” The handsome American guy was ecstatic!

He just saw Du Peixin eating with a Naoteng, he thought it was Du Peixin’s boyfriend, but he didn’t expect it to be.

Yes, Du Pei is so beautiful, how could he find such an ordinary boyfriend?


“En,” Du Peixin saw that Abe Zhang didn’t react at all, and even smiled, which was a blessed smile.

Seeing this, Du Pei felt more strange in her heart, and sighed a little unknown.

“I’ll invite you to dinner!” said the handsome American man.

“No, thank you,” Du Pei calmed down, not knowing what he was doing.

“Why? Aren’t you very happy just now?” The handsome American man was astonished.

“No,” Du Peixin shook his head.

“Is it because of him?” The handsome American man stared at Abe Zhang.

Suddenly stared at with such malicious eyes, Abe Zhang is really speechless. Can he lie down while sitting?

What’s your business?


“No, I just greeted you just now,” Du Peixin shook his head.

“No? Oh, I see, you deliberately want to piss him off, right? Talk to me deliberately to see his reaction? What do you take me?” The handsome American man was furious!


Du Pei was flustered and his expression was unnatural. Was this the mentality he was just now?

It depends on Abe Zhang’s reaction?


“What nonsense are you talking about?” Du Pei berated angrily.


The handsome American slapped Du Pei’s heart, “b*tch!!” The sting of one cheek made Du Pei’s heart red immediately, and even tears rolled in his eyes.

Thinking of what happened a few days ago, Du Peixin tried not to let the tears flow out, but when he was wronged, he let the unsatisfied tears roll from his eyes.

Abe Zhang was shocked. Is this man sick?

It was okay just now, when Du Pei slapped Du Pei’s heart suddenly, Abe Zhang didn’t expect to turn his face too fast!

Du Pei was aggrieved in tears, Abe Zhang was uncomfortable, and he stood up coldly and scolded, “What are you doing? Stop!” Abe Zhang gave himself a head, Du Pei’s unsatisfactory tears flowed out more, and he couldn’t control it.

“Damn, what do you want to do, you dwarf, still want to fight me? Let you get ahead! Kill you!!” The handsome American slapped Abe Zhang angrily.

Abe Zhang’s face was cold, Du Pei was frightened, and hurriedly tried to pull Abe Zhang, “Abe Zhang.” However, Abe Zhang just raised his hand, and easily grabbed his wrist, hard!

Abe Zhang’s wrist is powerful!


“The handsome American man screamed, shocked?! Where did he think that Abe Zhang could actually grab his hand!? Pop! Abe Zhang was expressionless, and slapped the handsome American man with a slap! Let his handsome face, Suddenly it was red and swollen into a pig’s head! Boom!? Abe Zhang kicked out and kicked on his stomach. He arched his body like trash and flew out! He fell on the ground in embarrassment! This handsome American man looked terrified, even if he crawled. I couldn’t get up anymore, but I fled here in a panic. The Huaxia people who were eating nearby were shocked! “Tsk tsk, it’s really our Chinese Kung Fu!

“Yes, it gives us Huaxia people a long face!”

“The people in the restaurant talked a lot, and they were all gratified! After all, Chinese men, compared with American men, are still thinner. They are the first time they have seen that Chinese people are just like the one who solves a tall American man. “Du Peixin, are you okay?


“Abe Zhang felt guilty and asked Du Peixin to eat together, but she was beaten. The main reason was that Abe Zhang was embarrassed just now. He didn’t expect that this American guy would suddenly beat Du Peixin?! “It’s okay.

“Du Peixin has wiped away her tears. Abe Zhang gave her a head, and she felt warm in her heart, and she felt like crying. Isn’t she ugly at this time? She was beaten and cried. “Why is it all right?”

Don’t go there today, don’t go there tomorrow, take a good rest,” Abe Zhang said sincerely. “No, I want to go, that’s my job, I can’t let you down, absolutely can’t!

“Abe Zhang was helpless, she was really a strong woman. At this time, the food came and Maya Tang came back. She was astonished, seeing Du Peixin whose face was red and swollen, and her eyes were red. She asked in surprise, “What happened just now?”


“In just a few minutes, why Du Peixin became like this and was beaten?! Abe Zhang explained guiltily, Maya Tang was also angry, “Why is that man like this?”

“I hit him,” Abe Zhang added. “Come on, eat first.” Abe Zhang watched Du Peixin still crying. That’s the only way to say it! Du Peixin, Maya Tang sat down. The three of them finished the meal, and Du Peixin kept a pair of beautiful eyes. They are all red and gloomy. In fact, in the middle of the journey, Du Pei wanted to go back alone and cry for a while with his arms around the quilt, but Abe Zhang finally came over again, she had to accompany her! “Or, go to see where you live. Optimistic.

“Abe Zhang sighed. Of course Maya Tang had no objection. She was a smart woman. She knew that Du Peixin in a foreign country was not easy, so she needed comfort. “En,” Du Peixin couldn’t refuse, so she agreed. Abe Zhang asked someone to pack two more. A dish, when I went to check out, I found that someone had already given it.

“Young man, someone paid for you just now, you are not bad, you beat the Americans! Protected our Huaxia people, you really have a face for us Huaxia people!” The boss said with satisfaction.

Abe Zhang really couldn’t laugh or cry, “Thank you.” “It’s okay, yes, everyone is in a foreign country and should be united! You are doing well, I hope you keep it! Me!” the boss said solemnly.

“Yes, we must unite! I will keep it!” Abe Zhang also got serious and said a few words to the boss. Abe Zhang brought the packed Chinese food to Black Rose!

Black Rose is eating a burger, but it feels a bit unpalatable.

When it was hard to swallow, she saw Abe Zhang coming over with something, and she hurriedly put away the burger, with a little surprise in her heart, even if you haven’t forgotten it!

But Black Rose looked indifferent on the surface, “What are you doing?!” “This is for you,” Abe Zhang put the packaged meals in her car.

“I said no more,” Black Rose shook her head.

But Black Rose can’t help swallowing secretly, why is Huaxia cuisine so fragrant?


What a seduce appetite!

“Don’t give it to you, it’s not spicy, you can eat more,” Abe Zhang turned and left.

Have to comfort Du Pei’s heart!

“I like spicy food,” Black Rose said subconsciously.

“Oh, this time it will be just a little bit, and next time I will bring you a special spicy one,” Abe Zhang said, already walking away.

“Extra spicy, do you want to kill me? Humph!” Black Rose muttered and opened the package. After taking a few bites, she couldn’t help but continue to eat.

… “This is where I live.” Du Pei sighed and felt disappointed.

The house Beatrice arranged for Du Peixin was very large, but there was only one person, not even one person to talk about things.

Abe Zhang understood, “Is there any wine? Drink some wine,” “Yes!” Du Peixin would have a drink when he couldn’t sleep at night.

She went to get wine.

Three people drink.

Maya Tang mainly wanted to comfort and enlighten Du Peixin, after all, Du Peixin was helping Abe Zhang.

But the three of them drank and drank, and Du Peixin who was in a bad mood was the first to get drunk.

He fell asleep on the sofa, and Abe Zhang drank a little because he didn’t drink well sometimes.

After Du Peixin was drunk, Abe Zhang was almost done.

“Abe, don’t drink, you are drunk,” Maya Tang is taking care of Abe Zhang gently. She is not top drinker, but because of her physique, she is only a little dizzy, which is fine.

“I’m not drunk,” Abe Zhang was confused.

“Wait later, I’ll take you back.” Maya Tang hugged Du Pei in the room and covered her with a quilt. “Du Peixin, you have to work hard to overcome it. It is hard for women to change the status quo, understand?” Maya Tang knows this pain.

Du Pei is asleep, how can I hear it?

Maya Tang Gentle One

Laugh, after finishing Du Peixin.

Going back with the drunk Abe Zhang.

When he arrived in the hall, Abe Zhang was drunk and turned into a mess. Maya Tang went to help him. Abe Zhang was confused, “wife, wife.” Yes, Abe Zhang thought of Olena Jiang. Only at night would Olena Jiang support himself. go to bed.

Maya Tang sighed, there was a loss in her beautiful eyes. Sure enough, only Olena Jiang was in your eyes, not yourself at all, and you didn’t feel any love for yourself.

Being hit again, Maya Tang was sad, but didn’t have any blame!

Because she knew that it was herself at that time who did not grasp the opportunity!

“Well, I’ll take you back,” Maya Tang gently supported Abe Zhang.

“What are you going to do? This is home,” Abe Zhang put his arms around Maya Tang.

Maya Tang was stunned and put away the loss in her heart, “Cer, this is not home, I will take you back.” “It’s here,” Abe Zhang shook his head and said in a daze.

Maya Tang smiled softly, “Not at home, behave, I’ll take you back.” But Abe Zhang struggled, and Maya Tang accidentally fell to the ground. Abe Zhang was the same…

Chapter 680

He didn’t know Abe Zhang was confused , What does it feel like?

He felt that someone was leaning against him, and Abe Zhang thought of Olena Jiang. Because only Olena Jiang could do this now, he hugged her………… The head hurt.

Abe Zhang woke up in a daze, looking at the strange room, he was puzzled, thinking about the dream last night, Abe Zhang smiled bitterly, so he had a dream!

But I feel a little pain in the lower back, maybe I slept for too long!

Abe Zhang didn’t think much, got out of bed, opened the door and went out, and found out that he was still at Du Pei’s home, and he drank too much last night!

Maybe the mood is not good, and I need to use wine to release it.

Abe Zhang looked at the room next to him, opened it, and found that Du Peixin was still sleeping and talking in sleep.

This sleeping position is really hard to describe in one word!

Sure enough, even if she was a beautiful woman, she was all relaxed in her own home, and Abe Zhang didn’t look much.

The door closed, let her continue to sleep.

After all, she puts a lot of pressure on herself and needs a good rest. Maybe she was drunk this time and let her come here for so long. This is the first time to sleep in.

But there was a sound in the kitchen, and Abe Zhang walked over curiously, where is Maya Tang?

Didn’t you come with Maya Tang last night?

Maya Tang is making breakfast?

Abe Zhang went in and saw Maya Tang. He was relieved, thinking that Maya Tang had gone back by himself!


“Aunt Tang,” Abe Zhang felt hungry, as if he had done something last night, very tired!

“Well, breakfast is almost ready. I will eat more beef and eggs later,” Maya Tang’s voice was particularly gentle.

“Well, Aunt Tang, why don’t you let go of your hair?” Abe Zhang was surprised that Maya Tang usually wears her hair when she is not fighting.

“Don’t let go, starting today, I won’t let go of my hair

Maya Tang said gently. “Okay,” Abe Zhang didn’t say much. Anyway, Maya Tang is beautiful and looks good no matter how she dresses up. Putting her hair is the kind of superb beauty, and she is really a woman with her hair. I can’t tell the feeling. It looks good anyway. “Last night, did you sleep well?

“Maya Tang asked, her voice intermittent and even a little nervous for the first time. “It’s good,” Abe Zhang didn’t dare to say. He had a dream last night, but then again, yesterday’s dream was very real?! Abe Zhang doesn’t understand it, maybe he drank too much, is it sleepwalking? Olena Jiang is not around, where does the sense of reality come from?! “That’s good,” Maya Tang breathed a sigh of relief. Last night… something happened. She doesn’t understand it herself, maybe she can’t help it! Fortunately, Abe Zhang thinks it’s a dream, maybe it’s an unspeakable dream, so I am embarrassed to say it. She doesn’t want Abe Zhang to know about this. Because, Abe Zhang I just used her as Olena Jiang last night. If he thinks it is a dream, then let him think so! Anyway, everything about him is given to Abe Zhang. “Aunt Tang, it’s a mess.

“Abe Zhang reminded, Maya Tang was distracted. “Yeah,” Maya Tang was busy turning over with a spatula, but she was already battered, Maya Tang shook her head, “I lost this, I can’t eat it,” “Why can’t it?

Aunt Tang can eat everything she made,” Abe Zhang directly picked it up with chopsticks and ate it. “Don’t burn it,” Maya Tang had no choice but to eat. Abe Zhang had already eaten out of breath, and there was nothing left. Seeing Abe Zhang being scalded, Maya Tang really smiled spontaneously, “There is soot here, you go out and wait, it will be fine soon.

“I’ll just wait here.”

“Abe Zhang feels that Maya Tang is different today. How do you describe the feeling? It seems that there is an invisible thread in the invisible, connecting the two people together. It is very strange, but it makes people reluctant to break the thread. “Okay,” Maya Tang continued. She had to replenish Abe Zhang’s body. After a while, the breakfast was ready. Maya Tang made all the beef in Du Pei’s home and gave Abe Zhang to eat. “Okay.” , You go and ask Du Peixin to have breakfast,” Maya Tang said. “Auntie Tang, you are really virtuous, whoever marries you is a blessing in eight lifetimes!

“Abe Zhang really sighed, breakfast can be so rich! Normal women really can’t make it. Maya Tang smiled softly, but her beautiful eyes are sad, but you can’t marry me… But enough, I gave it to you last night Abe Zhang went to ask Du Peixin to have breakfast. I remembered that it was not locked, so Abe Zhang pushed the door directly in. Du Peixin who was about to change clothes just got up inside was shocked, “You!

Ah…” Abe Zhang was also frightened, and quickly covered her mouth with his eyesight and hands, “What is your name?

Du Pei was shocked, why would Abe Zhang meet

In your own home?

Did something happen with Abe Zhang last night?


Du Pei has a headache, how could this be?


“What did you do to me?” Du Peixin sighed. If anything happened, it was a drunk matter, and no one was responsible.

“No, you made us drink last night. You were drunk first, and I was drunk later. Aunt Tang will take care of the two of us. With Aunt Tang, what can I do to you?!” Zhang The policy is also speechless, what is Du Pei thinking about?

Du Pei was astonished, too, Maya Tang is here, what can Abe Zhang do to herself?


This is impossible. If there is only Abe Zhang and himself, then it is very likely, but there is Maya Tang, then it is possible?

This is impossible!

“Huh, you can let me go.” Du Pei felt relieved, but it was a bit strange.

How should I put it, if you are from a foreign country, if you really tell what happened, this may be entangled for Du Peixin, but it is also a comfort?

Du Pei thought to himself that he would not be angry, he might just choose to forget.

It hasn’t happened now, so, isn’t the plan you made just now for nothing?

A bit at ease, but also a bit lost!

Du Peixin didn’t understand it himself, why did he lose?

No need!

Abe Zhang let go of her. As long as she didn’t bark, she would definitely not cover her. It was just that Maya Tang had misunderstood.

“I’m out for breakfast. Aunt Tang has already made breakfast.” “Well, I will come out when I change my clothes.” Abe Zhang didn’t wait much, and went straight out. After all, Du Peixin was wearing pajamas, so it was not convenient for him to stay here.

Du Peixin changed her clothes and came out. Seeing the rich breakfast on the table, she felt ashamed. After all, she was all a woman, so she couldn’t do this.

Not to mention being in the United States, even when she was at home, she went out to eat breakfast by herself and never made it herself.

However, Maya Tang, who has succeeded so much in her career, actually cooked a good dish, so she is a woman!


She also had a question, who would marry a woman like Maya Tang?


Du Peixin admired and sat down to eat.

Eat it, feel delicious!

She is beautiful, she has a good career, has a good temper, and cooks deliciously. This is a perfect woman!

“Cer, eat more,” Maya Tang clamped beef to Abe Zhang.

Abe Zhang also felt weak, so he ate a lot. After eating all of them, Abe Zhang felt strong.

Then, after drinking the wine yesterday, Abe Zhang felt that there was no need to stay any longer, so he went out with Maya Tang.

Du Peixin said that he would continue to supervise the work.

However, seeing Abe Zhang and Maya Tang leave, Du Peixin was still a little strange. She said, “I was very relaxed last night. The wine last night was very good. I have time to drink together.” Because of a foreign country, Du Peixin only knows Abe Zhang now. ,and also

Only trust Abe Zhang, so when I feel uncomfortable, I can only find Abe Zhang for a drink!

Otherwise, if it was like yesterday’s situation, and if he was drunk and replaced with another man, he would definitely be ruined.

“No problem, Aunt Tang, you should come together then.” Abe Zhang smiled.

Maya Tang was in a much better mood. It seems that she took her out to relax yesterday. This decision was good, especially since she drank last night and slept well, but she got a little tired. Presumably Maya Tang drank last night. She should have slept well!

“En.” Maya Tang did not refuse, and could not refuse.

But if what happened last night happens again, Maya Tang is willing, but can’t let Abe Zhang know.

Abe Zhang breathed a sigh of relief, “That’s OK, Du Peixin, if you have anything to do, call me and I will bring Auntie Tang over for a drink.” “Okay,” Du Peixin was relieved, at least if someone drinks, you can let yourself vent out!

Du Peixin drove to the decorated casino by herself, Abe Zhang Maya Tang went back to her car, but Maya Tang was surprised because she found Black Rose’s gaze.

The black rose has been outside last night, did you see something last night?

Maya Tang felt a little flustered… Is there a

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