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Chapter 716

The audience was in an uproar!


Five billion dollars is not enough?

Actually mentioned 10 billion US dollars to start, this is really a game among the rich!

Many people were daunted.

Some American stars in the backstage heard about this and immediately came out of the backstage and saw this young casino owner!

They were surprised.

“What? This casino owner is so young? He is still a Chinese man!” “Unbelievable! What kind of American boss did I think it was? Or where would the money invite us? Suddenly, this Chinese man is a little handsome!” I think so too! I don’t know if I have a girlfriend. If not, I will find him.” “I also think, I don’t want to make a movie anymore, I’m so tired!” The stars all came out to watch, the atmosphere of the scene followed Zhang With a simple sentence, the strategy has reached its peak!


The fat man was startled and sneered, “Ten billion dollars? Are you serious?” In his opinion, most people can’t afford such a big bet!


This Abe Zhang actually said so calmly?


“Of course it is true, twenty billion dollars will do, whatever you want, but do you dare to play?” Abe Zhang asked him in the same tone.

“Haha, I don’t have anything, I just have money. I’m not afraid of anything for serious betting!” The fat man laughed.

“What to play?” “Play big and small! Dare? I’m a master of dice betting!” “Whatever.” Abe Zhang smiled. He didn’t know much about other things, but he couldn’t help catching ducks on the shelves. Even if you play poker with him, you have to play.

Fortunately, it’s playing dice, but my hearing is good. Last time I was behind the scenes with the boss, but I won a lot. If I didn’t meet the gambler, Abe Zhang would win.

Now Abe Zhang’s physical stamina has improved in all aspects, and he feels more sensitive, so his hearing will be better!

“Let’s start then! Haha, ask your people to prepare! Ten billion dollars in bargaining chips!!” The fat man laughed, his expression told everyone now that he would win this ten billion dollars!

The guests in the casino are of course excited, you can also see the real strength of the casino owner!

If this fat man has won so much money, can he take it away?


If they can, they will feel more at ease in the future!

Du Pei worried, “Abe Zhang, is this too big?” She knew Abe Zhang had

Money, but this is 10 billion dollars?

This casino doesn’t need so much money to open. On the first day of opening today, you actually took so much money to gamble?


“It’s okay, you ask someone to prepare!” Abe Zhang shrugged.

“Okay!” Du Pei asked people to prepare.

The scene is quiet!

“Mom, I’m here, don’t worry, the things have been delivered, but now someone is making trouble in Abe Casino!” Emily received a call from Alice.

“What? What’s going on? Tell me quickly?” Alice asked.

How could such a thing happen?

Emily made it clear, “Mom, Abe Zhang must be betting, where is he going to gamble? Good luck. Last time I won a little money from my friend, I thought I gambled very well? I don’t know. There are people outside, there are heaven outside the world! The bet is so big, 10 billion, if after losing, there is another person who wants to bet with him? How much is this going to lose?” Originally, Abe Zhang won thousands of dollars last time. Wan, you think you are the god of gamblers?

It’s far from it!

“Oh, why is Abe Zhang so impulsive?” Alice sighed, gambling is not something ordinary people can play, let alone playing so big!

“I’ll just say it, but it’s already started, there is no way back, I hope Abe Zhang will win, although it is impossible.” Emily said dejectedly, if Abe Zhang loses, she will not feel good!

She also hopes that Abe Zhang can win, but is it possible?

Such a big bet!

“Mom, let it go, it’s already started,” Emily hung up and squeezed into the crowd.

Seeing that the gaming tables are full of chips!

She was worried, Abe Zhang, you are too impulsive, people just use radical methods against you!

Alice walked around the room worriedly, and she regretted it.

I should have gone with Emily, but I didn’t go!

She immediately ordered, “Prepare the plane! I want to go out!” Olena Jiang looked at it softly, Maya Tang was different, she hadn’t seen Abe Zhang gamble, let alone such a large amount?


“Cer, will you?” “Yes, he has a good hearing,” Maya Tang was relieved, there would be no big problem with good hearing. I didn’t expect Abe Zhang to have this talent. It’s no wonder that the first project in the US is a casino. .

The black rose said nothing, her big blue eyes turning.

“How to play the rules?” Abe Zhang wanted to ask clearly.

“It’s big or small, do you know how?” The fat man laughed.

The onlookers stared at each other!

“This boss is still too young. He is a veteran of casinos and can be compared to others?” “I can’t help but be forced to go!” “Hey, if he loses later, we will follow He bet, it’s okay to win his billions of dollars, isn’t he only betting with other people, not with us? Then he won’t be able to open this shop anymore!”

I have this idea too!

It must be a lot easier to win the boss’s money!

“They all have ghosts, and winning or losing is good for them anyway. If Abe Zhang loses, they will take turns playing with Abe Zhang. As the boss, Abe Zhang dare not play? Discrimination? This shop still wants to open? “Okay,” up to you!

“Abe Zhang doesn’t matter. “Start!”

Two wins in three games, everyone will be a witness.

If I win today, if something happens tomorrow, someone did it!

Everyone help me witness!


“The fat man said loudly. The guests laughed, tacitly! Abe Zhang is not one of them, let him go! Du Pei is angry, this is a regular place, as long as you have the ability to win, you can take away as much as you win!! Isn’t that an insult? Saying that she’s going to play tricks in the casino? Tina Li clearly told her that she must be serious and she must not have any thoughts in this regard. Reputation is very important!! “Don’t worry, you can take as much as you win. Go, if you need it, I can send a bodyguard to escort, this is the rule in my shop!

Can win, just win!

let’s start!

“Abe Zhang said. This is what the fat man wants, or why would he take this risk?” “This is what you said, well, the first one!”

“The fat man shook the dice! He smiled grimly. If you say so, then you are not welcome! Abe Zhang is the same. Both started rolling the dice! “I think he won’t win once, it must be two games. lose.

“Someone chuckled. “Follow him!”

“These guests think that Abe Zhang is determined to lose. How can novices play with veterans? In their opinion, Abe Zhang agrees to mean a loss.

Chapter 717

is so simple! The casino lobby is a smashing dice. Voice! There are ridicules, watching, and expecting, anyway! Peng! The fat man fell into the cup!!! Abe Zhang also fell into the cup! The fat man laughed, “Hey, I have my own when I shake the dice. set!

Are you ready to lose!

Uncovered!! The audience was in an uproar! “Two sixes, one five?”


“Is this good?”

That’s great!

Steady win!

“The guests in the casino praised them, and they shook out this kind of penalty. This is also an absolute casino veteran! This casino owner Abe Zhang, he is a novice at first glance, and he must lose! “Hey, his performance is not normal, but It’s okay to win, mine is already open, let’s uncover it!

“The fat man smiled. This penalty is not expected, but it is also good! “Abe Zhang, don’t open it!”

“Emily is in a hurry. Abe Zhang seems to be a novice. Don’t open it, it will be ugly to lose! Olena Jiang faced calmly, Maya Tang was a little worried, why? Just now Olena Jiang said that Abe Zhang has better hearing. But now it’s compared to the technique of rolling the dice, which has little to do with the sense of hearing.


Of course she hoped that Abe Zhang won, but.


Can Abe Zhang win?


The big black rose blue eyes kept their eyes fixed, and there was a little nervousness in her heart.

When she came back to her senses in an instant, she was astonished. Why was she so nervous?


Du Pei’s forehead is full of nervous sweat, her fists are clenched, Abe Zhang, want to win!

Abe Zhang shrugged, stared at the audience, and opened the dice cup!


For an instant, the audience was shocked!


“What? It’s three sixes? He actually shook three sixes! Is it my dazzling?” “My God! Isn’t he a novice?” “It must be good luck!” The casino guests are here. Time is boiling, all sounds of wonder!

It’s beyond everyone’s expectations!

“Impossible!!” The fat man jumped up from his chair, his face in disbelief!

Abe Zhang is clearly a novice, how could this be?

“Start the second one,” Abe Zhang closed the dice cup!

“Okay, I got you lucky, but the second one!! Ah!!!” The fat man hasn’t finished his words yet!

Abe Zhang has already shaken the dice.

Three six!


The casino was silent for a moment!

Their faces are full of shock!



It’s so simple!

“You shake yours, if it is also three six, then it is tied.” Abe Zhang said.

The fat man’s chin is almost astonished, and his open mouth can be filled with an egg!

Olena Jiang smiled, and Maya Tang breathed a sigh of relief, “This kid…” “It’s boring,” Black Rose, who was intently looking at it just now, didn’t bother to look at it, but her rosy lips still showed a faint smile inadvertently.

Du Pei was unbelievable!

She thought Abe Zhang was trying to catch the ducks on the shelves, and she absolutely lost, but Abe Zhang actually did a miracle!

Actually both of them shook out three sixes!

“You, cheating! I have a problem with this dice!!” The fat man trembled with anger.

The casino is dead silent again!


These guests looked at each other!


Without saying a word, Abe Zhang stood up and walked in front of the fat man, shaking and snapping, the dice cup fell off the table!


“My God! It’s actually three sixes again!” The audience was shocked!

Lucky once, two hundred may be deceived, but three times?

This is not that simple.

Some people’s eyes changed, and Abe Zhang appeared in awe.

“Is this person the God of Gamblers in China?!” As soon as these words came out, the audience was in an uproar!



“God of Gamblers? Is it really a God of Gamblers?” “It’s really not a good person. This young man owns such a big casino at such a young age, and he is still a God of Gamblers, which is too powerful!” “Yes, no one else

How can it be possible to open a casino with a little skill?


“I think he has tried his best to challenge other casino owners!”

“The fat man was dumbfounded and dumbfounded, “You, you, you…” He was slurred! “I didn’t cheat, did I?”

It’s okay, you don’t believe it, then I’ll shake it once.” Abe Zhang shook it again indifferently, and opened it to see, it’s still three and six! Just kidding, I have a casino and don’t practice practice? This move, Aroused the excitement at the scene! The fat man sat slumped on the ground, tears came out. “Me, my money, my ten billion dollars!

“He is a veteran. It is usually difficult to shake out three sixes. What’s more? Now this time? People have three sixes. How can this compare? “Thank you, boss. Thank you for giving me such a big gift!

“Abe Zhang smiled slightly. The fat man cried, “My money, my money…” Abe Zhang shrugged and said to all the guests, “Everyone, do you still have fun with me?”

I am happy to accompany you!


“All the guests were convulsed. They were planning to win a fortune just now, but how did they think that Abe Zhang is so powerful? He’s completely like a gambling god! Who dares to go! Some people even showed shame. They were just preparing to fight Abe Zhang. Now! I didn’t expect people to pretend to be pigs and eat tigers. When you go on your own, it must be a gangster. “No?

Then I wish you all have fun today!

“Abe Zhang laughed. The fat man cried more loudly. Ten billion dollars is most of his property, but only two of them are gone. He cried like a child. The guest of the casino, laughed, and started playing with himself. Yes! “Call someone to clean up,” Abe Zhang said to Du Peixin. Du Peixin was at a loss, “Abe Zhang, are you the God of Gamblers?

“No, I will play dice.”

“Abe Zhang told the truth in her ear! Du Pei was astonished. “Abe Zhang, you actually won. You are so amazing!”

“Emily just recovered from the stunned stunned just now. She thought Abe Zhang would lose very ugly, but she didn’t expect that she won! “It’s okay!”

“Abe Zhang shrugged. Nothing, the dice is controlled by the wrist. He learns to fight, and his hands must be well controlled. In addition, he has good hearing, and he can hear any penalty kicks from the cup. Then he can shake it. Three and six are not difficult! So this fat guy and Abe Zhang play this, what does Abe Zhang Xu do? How much do you play! “Anyway, you are great,” Emily’s heartbeat speeds up, Abe Zhang is really like this besides fighting. Versatile! She feels in love. But at this time, people are coming outside! The guests who have just dispersed are watching again, there are a lot of people at the door, and they are actually giving gold, box by box, who is this Ah! The audience was shocked again! Fat man duo

He got up, regretting in his heart, this Abe Zhang knew so many amazing people, did he play at the gate of Guimenguan just now?

However, Abe Zhang frowned, this is Nora Wan’s person coming!

Chapter 718

is leaving with your things!

Abe Zhang knew that Nora Wan would come, but he didn’t expect such a big movement. How much is this to give away?


Isn’t Wanjia not a hidden family anymore?

The guests of the casino have been stunned. Who gave so many things?

Some people’s eyes have changed when they look at Abe Zhang again, from being polite and respectful to others, and some are afraid!

Abe Zhang didn’t know any good people, it was absolutely impossible for someone to give so many things!

Maya Tang sighed, she was injured by Nora Wan’s bodyguard last time, and it was almost better, but Nora Wan appeared again, she didn’t know what to do!

This first family, future heir, Nora Wan, her ability is too great!

Maya Tang called for rain in China, but when she reached the world, she felt a deep sense of frustration.

Nora Wan is like a big mountain that cannot be crossed!

Emily, who gave the cannon just now, was jealous, “What, it’s useless to give so much, do you think my family can’t afford it?” Of course her family can afford it!

In other words, her family is also the four major families.

“Ten thousand catties of gold! Ten vases from the Ming Dynasty!…Miss my family, congratulations to the opening of Boss Zhang Casino!!” A man came over, politely, and said all the gifts!

Everyone he brought over repeated this sentence, deafening!

Resound in the sky!

This sound shocked all the guests.

“Who is the young lady they are talking about?” “I don’t know, but in this case, what a big family is absolutely!” “This casino owner is terrible! He knows so many big families in the United States!” The exclamation was endless!

Just now Emily represented the Luo Fu family, it was enough for them to imagine, and now there is actually another big family giving gifts!

The fat man who gambled with Abe Zhang just now was horrified!

Who was he betting with just now?

Abe Zhang was expressionless, “Take these things back!” Brush!

The audience was in an uproar!

Oh my god, the person who gave so many things must also be from a big family, this Abe Zhang actually refused directly?


“Sorry, Boss Zhang, let’s…please Boss Zhang, will you accept it?” The man who took the lead turned pale.

Nora Wan has given a dead order and must be delivered!


If it is not delivered, they should not go back.

“I beg Boss Zhang, will you accept it?” There was another deafening voice, and their faces were pale!

Abe Zhang’s refusal scared them.

Everyone is stunned, please accept it?

What is this operation?

Abe Zhang sighed, Nora Wan here

You are forcing yourself!

“Forget it, let it be here.” Abe Zhang understood the embarrassment of these people, helpless!

Nora Wan understands that he can’t bear it!

“Thank you!” They were so grateful that they put down their things and left neatly!

Everyone was left with shocked faces!

“Du Peixin, you ask someone to put these things away first,” Abe Zhang will definitely not move. Even if these things are precious or rare, they must be returned to her!

“En,” Du Peixin was also shocked, who was it that gave Abe Zhang things?

The last time she gave gold and laid golden bricks, she still gave gold this time, and there are so many ornamental antiques that she could not imagine.

But she can be sure that her Du family counts nothing in front of such people!

The guests in the outfield were all surprised, Abe Zhang smiled and let them continue to play, and then they dispersed!

The casino opened, it was a success!

Abe Zhang is also confident that he can build his own business empire!

Abe Zhang, Maya Tang and Olena Jiang, went inside to talk, and Emily ran in too. Abe Zhang didn’t call her at first, but seeing her running all the way over, she just followed her.

“Miss, Abe Zhang didn’t know what was good or bad just now! He refused directly!” The man in a luxury car was dissatisfied with this.

Nora Wan didn’t have much expression. She had long thought that Abe Zhang would be like this, but didn’t she accept it in the end?

“Miss, shall we continue to wait for him?” the man asked.

Nora Wan looks like this, is he trying to have a celebration dinner with Abe Zhang?

“Wait, Abe Zhang’s first project, I have to support it!” Nora Wan lazily closed his eyes and rested.

… In the background, Abe Zhang also met some big stars, Maya Tang, Olena Jiang all went to the casino to help, and Emily did the same.

Abe Zhang told her to go back, but she refused to let her go and insisted on staying here.

Abe Zhang didn’t want to drive her away, so he had to follow her, and I would go to have a supper together later.

Abe Zhang came out and learned that Nora Wan must be nearby.

He found Nora Wan. Hei Rose looked at from a distance, and she would not let Abe Zhang leave her sight.

“You, have dinner with me, I must be ready for the location, to celebrate the opening of your casino! But I only invite you, and the others can’t go.” Location, Nora Wan has been prepared for a long time, a variety of special dishes , Abe Zhang has what he wants to eat, and the chefs are all private chefs of Wanjia.

“Go, I won’t go!” Abe Zhang shook his head. He came here to say this to Nora Wan.

“Abe Zhang, I have been very patient to talk to you, what are you going to do?” Nora Wan was angry.

Her bodyguard smiled coldly, thinking in her heart, irritating the lady, whoever you are, you will die!


“I don’t want to be so.” Abe Zhang calmed down.

“Okay, you really polished my patience.” Nora Wan closed

Eyes, “Drive, go!” The man drove Nora Wan away!

Abe Zhang was silent for three seconds before going back to the casino.

He found that Black Rose’s eyes were cold, “What the hell did you do to her? Why are you pestering you?” She felt uncomfortable.

“I didn’t do anything,” Abe Zhang sighed.

Nora Wan’s eyes were terrifying just now, and Abe Zhang wondered what she was going to do.



Abe Zhang couldn’t say much, but he felt that something was going to happen.

But at this time, Abe Zhang heard the sound of the helicopter. Abe Zhang looked up and found that it was Alice. He was astonished. Why did Alice also come here?

Black Rose didn’t expect Abe Zhang to have a relationship with Alice, so she saw this and thought that Alice was making a relationship with Abe Zhang.

We can cooperate better, so I came here.

The helicopter fell.

Alice came out, and Abe Zhang went over, “Why did you come?” “Worry about you, didn’t you bet with someone just now? Did you win?” Alice came all the way, worried that Abe Zhang would lose.

“You won, don’t worry about me.” “How can you not worry about you? You know, you are my second man…” Alice whispered, and she couldn’t help coming over.

“En.” “It’s fine if I win, then I’ll go back.” Seeing this, Alice was relieved and can go back.

“Stay for supper.” “No, my daughter will see it.” Alice had to leave quickly, but as soon as she got on the plane, Emily ran out, “Mom, why are you here?” After

Chapter 719

was released, he suddenly heard Emily’s voice, and Alice’s face turned pale, “What should I do, Abe Zhang, how should I explain?” “Don’t panic, we have nothing to do now , Calm.” Abe Zhang smiled slightly.

Alice’s nervous look was a little cute.

Abe Zhang hadn’t noticed before, but now he has noticed, and her age has no sense of contradiction at all.

“En,” Alice calmed down, but when she found Abe Zhang was laughing at her, she blushed embarrassedly, “Don’t laugh at me, okay? You know, I’m actually rather shy…” Abe Zhang coughed, and Alice controlled her blush. .

Emily ran over, “Mom, why are you here?” “I’m going to Base 18, just passing by here, and I will take you there,” Alice said calmly.

Seeing Abe Zhang smiling, she was ashamed and strange in her heart.

She sighed secretly in her heart. It seemed that once a relationship had happened, he had completely knocked her heart open, and she had fallen completely. She knew it was bad, but she couldn’t control it.

Knowing that something happened to Abe Zhang Casino just now, she couldn’t bear to come over. She couldn’t control her heart and couldn’t help but worry.

At her age, once she has it,

She is the kind of person who pays silently. She doesn’t ask for anything in return. She just wants the person who knocks her heart out. She can be very good. Even if there is only one thing bad, she will worry and think about it.

“I don’t want to, I want to stay here.” Emily whispered, she hasn’t eaten supper yet!

I haven’t said a few words with Abe Zhang, how can I leave at this time?

“Okay, go back by yourself!” Alice sighed and gave Abe Zhang a complicated look. As Emily’s mother, why didn’t she understand what Emily was thinking?

Abe Zhang was stunned and winked at Alice. He would never have any feelings for Emily, let alone do anything to Emily.

Alice understood what Abe Zhang was thinking, and sighed even more. She left by plane.

Emily breathed a sigh of relief, “I think my mother is kind to you,” “It’s okay,” “What’s okay? My mother hasn’t been kind to any man, so you can be content!” Emily said.

Abe Zhang replied secretly, content, he was already content.

“Go for supper!” Abe Zhang invited.

“You have a conscience!” Emily rejoiced.

Abe Zhang, Alice, and Black Rose are back in the casino!

After about a few people, Abe Zhang asked Du Peixin to ask someone to eat supper, and everyone would eat together.

Many employees are from the casino on the mother’s side, so we must treat them well.

Several celebrities who had been invited over also ate together, and a beautiful celebrity asked for Abe Zhang’s number. Abe Zhang was speechless and gave it politely.

How to say, today Abe Zhang calmly handled everything about the casino, which made Abe Zhang a high place in women’s hearts.

Who doesn’t like money, strength, and good looks?


Olena Jiang and Maya Tang have seen it, of course they wouldn’t mind.

It was almost three o’clock in the morning, and Abe Zhang asked these employees to go back to rest.

Anyway, I can’t go back today, so Abe Zhang decided to live at Du Peixin’s house. Anyway, the place that Du Peixin had arranged before was very large, with several rooms.

Emily wanted to go too, Abe Zhang would definitely refuse, she must keep her distance!

When she opened a nearby hotel, Emily was very angry and left, and she didn’t know if she went to that hotel.

Everyone get in the car!

Including Black Rose, they all went to Du Peixin’s house. Everyone drank a little and drove slowly. When they got home, Maya Tang made a little sober tea for everyone, and everyone drank and went back to their rooms.

One is Maya Tang and the other is Black Rose. Du Peixin must have one. Abe Zhang and Olena Jiang are in the same room.

Did nothing, hugged and fell asleep.

Maya Tang couldn’t sleep. Here, something happened with Abe Zhang, but now it’s with Olena Jiang.

Black Rose couldn’t sleep either, she just closed her eyes anyway, she kept thinking about it, she didn’t know what was wrong, what should she do?

Why has sleep been affected recently?


What’s wrong with me


Black Rose did not understand.

… “Grandpa, you should be better now?” Youjia!

You Shiwen passed the secret road and came to You Batian’s room.

Tina Li’s medicine has been given to You Batian, and the medicine obtained from Nora Wan has also been given to You Batian, but the condition is much better, but he has not yet woken up.

No one else in the room, she sneaked in!

She walked to the backyard and looked up in a direction. In fact, she wanted to go to a place today, where?

As the only person who understands himself, he opened a casino, which is also the first project in the United States, and he was absent, shouldn’t it?

It’s not interesting enough.

She could think that Abe Zhang would definitely say so.

“Surely many people bless him, and there is no shortage of myself. Besides, he is his own enemy. Why should I congratulate him?” You Shiwen said to himself.

I don’t think I can go, and I don’t know if Abe Zhang will be angry. If he is angry, he must call him!

Now it is not.

“Wow…” There was some movement in You Batian, You Shiwen ran back hurriedly, and saw You Batian who was awake!

She was delighted, “Grandpa…” Of course You Batian knew who this girl was. He was tremblingly supported by You Shiwen, “Shiwen…” “Grandpa, how are you feeling? I’ll call the doctor right away. You Jia has a special doctor who also specializes in serving You Jia. You Batian shook his head and was already weak to the extreme. Tina Li’s medicine caused all the hidden diseases in the elderly to come out.

He was able to wake up now, it was considered good, it was dying.

“No, I won’t live long, let me tell you, I was hit by something from Tina Li, her b*tch hurt me, cough, cough…” You Batian coughed out a mouthful of blood.

You Shiwen beautiful eyes are moist.

“I know, she did it. I asked her to get the medicine.” “Have you seen her?” “Well, I bought the antidote. I won’t move her for three years.” Shiwen, you immediately arrange for someone to kill Tina Li’s family for me!! I want to see all this before I die!” You Batian’s blood-red eyes shot out insidious poison.

He couldn’t speak before, it was all made by Tina Li.

He finally woke up, the only thing he wanted to see was that her family died!

“Are all going to die?” You Shiwen was silent for three seconds.

“Yes, Tina Li, and that Abe Zhang, must die!!” You Batian said viciously, coughing constantly, as if he would die at any time.

“Three years, she will believe in three years? Shiwen, you do it now!” “But, I have promised Li Qing…” “Soldiers are not tired of fraud! What if you agree? She is an ant to you!

She will do it!

“Abe Zhang, can you let him go?”

I…” You Shiwen murmured…

Chapter 720

must die! “Let him go?

Shiwen what do you say?


You Batian coughed violently, and he was suddenly angry by You Shiwen’s words. The cough was bleeding. “Grandpa, me.”


“You Shiwen himself doesn’t understand how to say such a thing. Maybe, Abe Zhang understands himself! I don’t want a person who understands himself. If he died, he would die in his own hands! But for the heirs of the You family, Such words are treasonous!! You Shiwen knows it clearly. “You know?

Abe Zhang, this person, I want to kill most, more than I want to kill Tina Li!

“You Batian gritted his teeth! The insult in my heart reappears! It seems to be back to the scene where Abe Zhang made a noise at the wedding of Youtianle!! This is the greatest shame in the history of the You family, and this shame was given to him by Abe Zhang He himself was actually threatened by Abe Zhang at that time! All the clansmen watched, he was threatened by Abe Zhang! This kind of hatred is already in the bone! “Grandpa.

You Shiwen sighed and understood You Batian’s anger. “Needless to say, Abe Zhang must die, absolutely!


“You Batian coughed. Alas! You Shiwen felt disappointed. She was asking tentatively, but unexpectedly, You Batian’s reaction was so big! “What I said, did you hear me!”

“You Batian’s thin hands, clutching You Shiwen tightly. You Shiwen was at a loss, “I…” “You have to understand that you are a member of the You family and the heir of the You family. Anything that hurts my You family. The person must die!

This Abe Zhang is one of them!

“You Shiwen sighed, “Grandpa, I know, you have to rest first…” In this situation, You Batian can’t get angry again, or he will die! “I can’t rest, I can live in a few days. I know my own situation. Before I die, take Abe Zhang and Tina Li’s head to me!

“You Batian can’t close his eyes. These days, he has been tortured by diseases! This kind of hatred has already made him crazy. “I.


“You Shiwen was at a loss again. “Do you want me to die?”

“You Batian coughed violently, and the black blood came out. “No.

“No, then you do it!”

All the things in Youjia belong to you, so you can move it around!

There is no need to talk about credibility with Tina Li, the soldiers are not tired of fraud, understand?

Give her a surprise!

“I…I know, grandpa, take a break first!”

“You Shiwen sighed and covered the quilt with You Batian. She also saw that You Ba innocent would not live for a few days. Maybe he is asleep now and can’t wake up at all. He will die at any time. There are too many diseases. It’s not that Youjia has advanced medical care. You Batian has long been


You Shiwen sighed and came out of the secret road, looking at the sky, and You Batian’s voice kept echoing in her mind:

Abe Zhang must die!

Take Abe Zhang’s head back, take it back… These voices have fallen into You Shiwen’s brain, making her sigh again and again.

What should I do?

“Abe Zhang, if you don’t understand me, how good would it be? I don’t want to lose your friend, but what you did makes me have to treat you…” You Shiwen muttered to himself, falling into entanglement in!

She used to be decisive, but this time?

At this time, suddenly her cell phone rang, and it was a strange phone.

“You Shiwen, it’s me, my lady wants to see you!” This is a man’s voice!

That’s right, it was ordered by Nora Wan, who was angry back from Abe Casino!

“I’m not free now…” “I don’t care about you, remember to take a shower and change clothes when you come…” The phone hangs up!

You Shiwen fell into the cold, and she knew that this Nora Wan must go by herself, putting pressure on the people Nora Wan liked!

Who is this person Nora Wan likes?


Regardless of this, she has promised Nora Wan anyway. What she has to do now is to take Abe Zhang’s head and Tina Li’s head… “What did you see? Say!!” In a luxurious room .

You Tianle sneered.

A man in black knelt down.

“I saw You Shiwen appearing in Youjia’s place, she should see the master!” “Hmph, my grandpa is dying, what’s the use of seeing?” You Tianle disapproved.

He has solved all the other opponents, but this Yu Shiwen is still alive!

Now it’s the last juncture, absolutely no mistakes can be made.

“This…” The man in black didn’t know how to answer.

You Tianle’s temper, he knows, doesn’t want to be boring!

“You Shiwen came back this time. He may have brought some special medicines. Grandpa may have woke up and gave You Shiwen the last test. If You Shiwen can do it, then You Shiwen will be the master of the house, but I will let him Did she do it? Haha!” You Tianle laughed.

“Grandpa, you’re so confused, I’m the master of the house, can’t I be 10,000 times better than a woman? Grandpa, you let me down!” You Tianle appeared murderously.

“Master, what are you going to do?” The man in black was shocked.

This look is absolutely killing!

Who to kill?

“What am I going to do? That old fool wants someone to be the master of the house, I will let him do this? They have lived for so long and should be dead! I won’t let anyone block me! I will kill whoever blocks me!” You Tianle sneered out!

The man in black was so scared that he was sweating coldly. What is this going to do?



The door was pushed open, and You Batian on the hospital bed had not rested. He got up and saw You Tianle walk in. You Batian coughed a few times.

“Tianle, give me a glass of water…” “Grandpa, water.

“You Tianle poured water over. You Ba is naturally suspicious. After he is sick, he will not let anyone in the room. If something happens, he will press the bedside switch and someone will come in! “Snoring!

After You Batian drank the water, he felt better, “Tianle, what’s the situation with Youjia recently?”

Tell me about it.

“No problem, Grandpa.”

“You Tianle laughed, the gloomy cold to the extreme! All said it, Youba’s weather was trembling, “Five dead?

Who did it?

Who did it!


You Batian is angry and thinks Tina Li did it? Abe Zhang did it? Surely it is! He wants Abe Zhang and Tina Li to die even more! “Grandpa, I know who did it.”

“You Tianle approached.” Come on, did that Abe Zhang do it?

Has he dealt with us Yujia?

She is looking for death!


“You Batian is not awake, his mind is already sinking, he has slept for too long, and has been tortured by illness for too long, dying. “No, no.

“You Tianle said. “Tianle, what do you mean?”

“Abe Zhang, they did what Tina Li did, but there is also someone to help them!”

“Who, who?”

Who dares to help them?


“You Batian coughed black blood and his eyes widened!” “Grandpa, I, it’s me…” You Tianle smiled slightly, extremely ferocious!

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