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Chapter 731

needs medicine “Mom, how is the situation with Black Rose?” Abe Zhang regrets it, if he didn’t force it.

Go to You Shiwen, then Black Rose will not be shot!

But now it’s useless to regret it. The most important thing is to wake up Black Rose!

“The place where Black Rose was shot is very close to the heart. I still need to perform an operation on her.” Tina Li sighed. Black Rose had just been taken out of the bullet, but there are still some fragments that need to be cleaned up!

This process is not something that can be done on an airplane.

Beatrice had already called someone to prepare, and now the plane flies directly to Tina Li’s technology company!

Abe Zhang was stunned.

This means that Black Rose will die anytime!

Olena Jiang and Maya Tang like Black Rose very much, after all, they have never met Black Rose!

The three of them are all women, and they can be regarded as sympathetic.

Now that Black Rose is unconscious, they feel particularly uncomfortable in their hearts.

Abe Zhang didn’t know how he got off the plane.

Anyway, this operation has been going on for a long time, only Tina Li who is professional and careful can perform this operation!

No problem with surgery!

But medicine is needed!

This kind of medicine, Tina Li’s science and technology company, has only recently started research and development. She is developing medicines for various diseases. This kind of gunshot wound, this kind of wound medicine near the heart, is still under development.

So… Tina Li explained this, and Abe Zhang understood, “Mom, what kind of medicine is needed? I’m looking for it now. This time I killed Black Rose! I want to save her!” Abe Zhang felt guilty to the extreme!

When Black Rose came over, she didn’t complain, knowing the danger, she followed and kept protecting herself.

Why is Abe Zhang willing to let her die?



Tina Li was relieved that Abe Zhang was able to know what was wrong, and she felt relieved that she realized that it was wrong, “This medicine, there are two places…” “Which two places?” Abe Zhang asked.

Maya Tang understood this, her beautiful eyes flickered, and she roughly knew where the two places Tina Li said were.

“The first one is in the hands of a doctor, but this doctor has recently disappeared and it is not easy to find him.” Tina Li said.

“What about the second one?” Maya Tang sighed, Olena Jiang was astonished, but also understood what, and understood whose hand the second medicine was in.

“Nora Wan, Nora Wan’s family has a dedicated family medical team.” “She?” Abe Zhang was startled, how could it be in her hands?

Abe Zhang understands that Wanjia is the real first family, and there must be a variety of drugs for Wanjia. I don’t know how many years and how much manpower and material resources this research and development lasted!

So after Abe Zhang was shocked, he also understood.

“Yes, but I won’t let you find her.” Tina Li shook his head.

Looking for Nora Wan?

Bow your head to her?

This is something Tina Li can never do!

“Cer, you go and pack your things, and Beatrice will prepare the plane for you. In three days, find

Go to that doctor, get the medicine back!

This is your chance to change!

“Tina Li is serious to the extreme! “Mom, I know,” Abe Zhang nodded. Looking at the unconscious Black Rose, his heart aches. Let Black Rose wake up, Abe Zhang won’t let her protect herself. It’s too dangerous!! “I want to go too.

“Olena Jiang said. “I’ll go too!”

“Maya Tang said! How can the two of them rest assured that Abe Zhang will go alone? “Let Abe go alone. If you do something wrong, you don’t have to bear the consequences?”

“Tina Li was so serious for the first time. Olena Jiang, Maya Tang was speechless! Only impatient in her heart! “Cer, go and pack your things!”

Tina Li said. “Well,” Abe Zhang ran out. Beatrice also went to prepare the plane. “Is it too dangerous to let Abe go alone?”

“Maya Tang couldn’t help it. I was particularly worried about Abe Zhang. “You, me, and Olena Jiang, didn’t they all come here?”

If it is wrong, remedy it!

How else would people grow?


“Tina Li has no room for discussion this time! Olena Jiang’s eyes are red, but Tina Li’s majesty, she can’t resist. Tina Li said to Olena Jiang, “You Tianle is sitting on the Patriarch, you two, you have something to do. .

Olena Jiang, Maya Tang nodded. The situation changed suddenly, but it was still under Tina Li’s control. After all, Tina Li designed You Tianle to sit in the position of the Patriarch! Now You Tianle is seated, so the plan is ahead of schedule. Tina Li told Maya Tang, Olena Jiang detailed what to do, Olena Jiang, Maya Tang went out. Tina Li cast the glass and saw Abe Zhang running to the plane, she sighed, “Cer, don’t blame me. Growth requires cruelty. If you make a mistake, you should make up for it!

This is the truth, you have to understand… Hope you come back safely!


“Abe Zhang got on the plane, Beatrice was ready to fly the plane, Abe Zhang heard Olena Jiang’s cry. Abe Zhang ran out, Olena Jiang hugged over. “Husband, don’t have an accident, don’t have an accident.” “Olena Jiang is very worried! What to say? This time Abe Zhang went out without the protection of the first killer Black Rose. Abe Zhang faced how dangerous he was, I wanted to get it. “Well, I will come back.

“Abe Zhang is confident. Black Rose is still waiting for her return. In three days, she can definitely come back. “Don’t blame Auntie, Auntie also has a lot to deal with.

“I know,” Abe Zhang knows, of course, what my mother is going to do now, she can’t leave at all! On You Tianle’s side, now You Shiwen has escaped, and he is the logical owner of the You family. Next, You Tian Le will Crazy dealing with my mother and herself! She has to face it! Therefore, Abe Zhang has to come back as soon as possible in these three days to help his mother deal with You Tianle.

Plan, there should be no problem.

Abe Zhang believes in his mother!


Mom’s plan will definitely not be a problem!

“Well, be careful on the way, call something,” Olena Jiang was really reluctant.

But she also knew that she couldn’t waste time!

She kissed Abe Zhang and got off the plane!

“Master, let’s go!” Abe Zhang sat down and the plane took off!

Abe Zhang looked down and saw his mother’s technology company, Black Rose. You have to wait for me. I will wake you up and then apologize to you.

The plane flies in one direction fast!

Maya Tang was below, her face full of worry, but when she saw Olena Jiang, Maya Tang bowed her head.

“Aunt Tang, let’s go too!” Olena Jiang said.

“En,” the two of them drove out.

Tina Li continued to take care of Black Rose, and at the same time began to deal with the Youjia controlled by Youtianle!


“Master, this is the doctor’s information,” Beatrice gave Abe Zhang the information.

Abe Zhang took a closer look. This doctor is relatively young and a genius doctor. He specializes in various intractable diseases. He has also developed some medicines with his team. The medicines needed by Black Rose are among his research and development.

However, he disappeared a few months ago. Abe Zhang’s eyes flickered, and he is fine if he disappeared. In three days, he will definitely be found and Black Rose will wake up!


Chapter 732

Acquaintances “Master, here you are!” Beatrice said, pointing down.

It didn’t take long for the plane to fly, and it took Abe Zhang here for two or three hours.

“Where is this place?” Abe Zhang is not quite sure, he has already left the U.S. anyway.

“This is a small country, and it’s yours too…” Beatrice introduced.

Below this, Tina Li has already spent money to buy all of them. Although there is no such name as king, Abe Zhang is here and the prince is here.

“My mother, did you buy this place?” Abe Zhang heard that his mother bought several small countries before, but he didn’t expect it to be the following.

“Yes, President Li bought this place ten years ago, and all the people below are yours,” Beatrice said.

Abe Zhang couldn’t help but look at it a few more times. His mother was really insightful. She bought this place ten years ago.

“That was stopping at the airport. When you arrive, Master, you have to find the doctor alone! Three days later, I will come to pick you up, Master.” Beatrice actually wanted to accompany Abe Zhang to find the doctor.

However, everything below this one belongs to Abe Zhang, so don’t be afraid of too much.

“This thing can prove your identity, Master. When necessary, the president here will help Master solve all problems. There is a car outside the airport. This is the car key.” Beatrice exhorted.

“En,” Abe Zhang accepted this thing.

When excited, the plane has fallen.

Abe Zhang put on his backpack and went down.

“Young Master.” Beatrice was worried.

“It’s okay, you can come and pick me up in three days…” Abe Zhang had already ran out.

Beatrice was worried, and sighed, “Master…you must be careful…” Beatrice stayed for a while before driving the plane back reluctantly.

Abe Zhang left the airport and used the car key to find the car Beatrice said. It was an ordinary island country car. Abe Zhang came here, surely he didn’t want to be too ostentatious!

This car is just right!

Abe Zhang drove to the doctor’s place.

Seeing that the houses, roads, and even all the land on the street are their own, Abe Zhang felt an indescribable feeling in his heart.

However, this is not the time to think about it. In fact, it’s the same as visiting your own square, and it’s nothing.

When he arrived at the place, Abe Zhang rushed to find clues. The information provided by Beatrice stated that the doctor was too focused on researching and developing medicine, so he was either in the company or at home.

Not at home, and definitely not at the company. Otherwise, my mother wouldn’t say that he was missing, so where would this doctor go?

Abe Zhang has been searching at his house for a long time, and finally Huangtian has paid off and found some clues.

The doctor hinted that he had developed a new drug, but when someone discovered it, he would find a place to hide, otherwise others would catch him and produce this new drug specifically for his own life. Don’t hide.

However, rather than hiding, Abe Zhang could see from this clue the doctor’s determination, the determination to have a showdown with the person who fancyed his new medicine!

Because this doctor knows that he has been hiding and fleeing. This is endless, and people will collapse sooner or later!

He chose a showdown!

Abe Zhang also found out who the doctor was. Abe Zhang’s eyes flickered. After so long, did the doctor go to this person for a showdown?

When Abe Zhang thought about the problem, he had already left the doctor’s house.

Just go to that person’s place and say hello. Anyway, this place belongs to your own. What are you afraid of?


Abe Zhang drove over!

…… At the airport, there was a beautiful woman dragging her luggage off the plane and out of the plane. This beauty has a charming temperament and a very good figure. She came out of the airport and attracted the attention of many men!

If Abe Zhang were here, he would be surprised, because this beauty is Qian Yueying of the Qian family, the four major families in China.

Yes, she chose this place in order to expand the family business and grow her own family!

Rich in products!

It is suitable for starting a food company and then shipping to China for sale!

Qian Yueying got off the plane. She saw that this place was good and was satisfied!

“Hi, beauty, do you want a car?” a man asked.

Qian Yueying came here for the first time, and she took the initiative to ask someone at home

Yes, so there is no one to answer her.

In fact, besides expanding the family business, there is another reason why she came to such a strange and never-before place, that is to relax!

Why relax?

Because of Abe Zhang!

Qian Yueying admits that she likes Abe Zhang, but because of her identity, she has been depressed recently.

She went to Abe Zhang’s hotel and Abe Zhang’s square to find Abe Zhang, but she didn’t see Abe Zhang. She also knew that Abe Zhang had gone to the United States.

She actually wanted to go, but she didn’t have the confidence to go.

Her choice of this place will make her forget Abe Zhang, and hope to forget it.

Because, she knew, it was impossible for herself and Abe Zhang!

“Yes, take me here…” Qian Yueying dragged her luggage over.

The man stared at Qian Yueying’s perfect figure, and he smiled in his heart. It was really superb. Bad thoughts grew in his heart.

“Okay, no problem, get in the car.” The man smiled and helped Qian Yueying carry the luggage and get on the car.

Qian Yueying got in the car.

The man drove Qian Yueying out of the airport. She didn’t know the way. She absently looked at the strange scenery outside the window.

Very beautiful, I hope it can be useful.

Qian Yueying had been silent all the time, she was lost in memory, and when she woke up, it was because of a man’s laughter.

“Beauty, here it is! I’m at my house, look, how am I to you? I took you directly to my garage!” The man’s saliva was about to flow out.

He has never seen such a beautiful Chinese woman here. He must get Qian Yueying today!


“Ah, let me out, let me out!” Qian Yueying was shocked, she didn’t expect this driver to do this.

In broad daylight, she actually took herself home, mainly because Qian Yueying was in a daze just now, she was totally unconscious!

Qian Yueying’s face turned pale, she opened the door madly, but the door was locked, and the man crawled over from the front, with a man’s smile all over his face, “Beauty, stop struggling, this is my house, you call it Du No one knows…” Yes, no one really knows, his home is very remote, so he dare to do this!

In addition to Qian Yueying, there were a few others who had succeeded before.

More bold, not to mention Qian Yueying’s body is so good, so beautiful, he will not let it go!

“Let me go, I will give you how much you want…” Qian Yueying fell into fear, how could this be?


“I don’t want your money, as long as you!!” The man smiled grimly, and his claws stretched out…

Chapter 733

is desperate Qian Yueying is frightened, she kicks crazy with her feet!

She wears high heels close to ten centimeters!

The man was clutching somewhere, his face distorted to the extreme, “Ah!!” He screamed


She was about to faint, Qian Yueying’s kick was too scared, she was not serious at all. With all her strength, how could this poor man withstand it?



Qian Yueying was so scared that she crawled to the front, opened the door and ran out. She ran like crazy, exhausted, she found a place to hide, but the man did not chase.

Qian Yueying sat down on the ground panting and rested. She suddenly discovered the problem. She didn’t take anything, her mobile phone, money, or even luggage!

Nothing, no money!

What to do?


In this place, she didn’t know anyone at all!


Qian Yueying panicked, she wanted to go back to get things.

But afraid, afraid that the man would catch her, then she would not be able to escape again.

How can someone be kicked again if someone is kicked?

Qian Yueying was afraid, so she continued to run, becoming more and more at a loss, what should she do?

No money, no mobile phone, nothing, I can’t go back by myself, and I can’t contact my family.

No matter how strong Qian Yueying was, she was almost insulted after the horrific things just now. She squatted down and shed tears… In this strange place alone, Qian Yueying was at a loss, what should be done?

She thought of Abe Zhang, but Abe Zhang is now in the U.S. and can’t contact him herself.

Very disappointed and desperate!


Qian Yueying cleared up her mood. Many men were watching her. She looked for a place to hide in fear. She wanted to find a way to save herself, but how could she save herself if she was unfamiliar with her place?

She can speak fluent English, otherwise she won’t come to such a place alone, she started to ask women for help, borrowing women’s mobile phones.

But these people are not willing, even if they are also women, they are not willing.

Qian Yueying stood lost in the corner of the street.

I don’t know how to continue. She was exhausted when she ran, and now she is tired and hungry. She swallows when she sees others eating, and she has no money in her hand.

“What’s wrong with you?” Suddenly, a voice sounded.

Qian Yueying looked up and saw a woman who was from abroad.

Qian Yueying was pleasantly surprised, “Can you help me? I just met a bad guy who robbed me of everything…” “No problem,” the woman smiled, “Are you hungry? Go to my house and help you.” Qian Yueying hesitated, but this woman had a nice face and a nice smile, so Qian Yueying believed, “Thank you, you helped me, and I will thank you.” “No, everyone is a woman. You should help.” ,” the woman smiled kindly

“Here, oh, if you don’t mind, you can drink my bottle of water, I just drank it…” She handed over a bottle of water.

Qian Yueying was thirsty. She was busy opening the bottle to drink. The woman saw it, and there was a casual smile on the corner of her mouth. “Hungry? My house is right in front. You can come to my house…” “Okay, thank you,” Qian Yueying is grateful, she is really thirsty and hungry.

She drank all the remaining water in this bottle.

She followed the woman, and after crossing several streets, she came to the door of a big house. Qian Yueying was surprised, “This is your house?” “Yes, it’s my house.” “Then your family is rich,” Qian Yue Ying said, this house is definitely not for ordinary people to live in, indicating that this woman is an elite here.

Of course Qian Yueying is not short of money, and her Qian family can also be ranked in the top 100 in the world.

“You don’t have any money?” “A little bit.” The woman sneered, “Then come in, my house is ready to cook,” “Okay,” Qian Yueying followed in, and the door closed.

Qian Yueying was surprised, “Can you turn on the light? It’s dark.” “No problem!” The woman turned on the light.

This room suddenly lit up, and Qian Yueying looked at it, “This is your home?” “It’s also your home, Chinese women, you don’t know, are Chinese women popular in our place?” The woman sneered.

Qian Yueying was shocked!


“You guys, what are you doing?” Qian Yueying was afraid, how could this be?

“What are you doing? Why do you think you are so beautiful and have such a good body? I sold you for at least a few million dollars. You are dollars in my eyes!” The woman laughed.

Qian Yueying ran in fear, but felt dizzy and she had no strength at all. She fell to the ground and thought of the water just now. For a moment, her face disappeared without a trace of blood, and she begged, “No, let me go, I will give you money , I will give you tens of millions of dollars!!” “You have so much money? I didn’t see it, you still stay here obediently, I will find a buyer for you…” The woman sneered.

“No!” Qian Yueying screamed in fear. The woman walked to the door and turned back again. She slapped Qian Yueying’s face with a slap, “Shut up and hear you?” Qian Yueying was afraid, tears came out. Again, what despair is felt again?


“I’ll find a buyer for you, you should thank me!” The woman smiled and opened the door and went out.

Qian Yueying couldn’t move her whole body, her body was getting weaker and weaker, she closed her eyes with fear… Abe Zhang drove to that person’s place, how can I say, this person is not doing anything when looking at it It is a very luxurious hotel for serious business.

“Hey, can’t you get in a garbage truck like you?!” The security guard at the door scolded!


All kinds of luxury cars are parked next to them. How can such a car of tens of thousands of dollars get in?


It’s really downgrading the hotel!

Abe Zhang looked at him. There were US dollars in the car. He lost a stack of US dollars and went out. The security guard immediately changed his face, “Boss, boss, please go inside!” The security guard picked up the US dollars and showed Abe Zhang the way. , Abe Zhang drove in.

Really, there are all kinds of luxury cars inside. It’s too out of place to drive in this car, but there is no way. You must come in. I don’t know if the doctor had a showdown with that person in the hotel.

“Boss, if you are not a woman? Let me introduce a few to you.” The security guard lowered his voice. This is not a serious matter.

“No,” Abe Zhang shook his head.

“Hey, boss, don’t leave, there are both American and Chinese,” the security guard pulled Abe Zhang with an expression that you understand.

Abe Zhang was stunned, “All of China’s?”

Chapter 734

hit him out!

“Yes, there are everything, as long as you want, there are women from any country, boss, I think you are from Huaxia, so I told you that, we have a new Chinese beauty, who is very beautiful and has a very good body. You will love it…” The security guard saw a show, so Pi Dian Pi Dian introduced.

Abe Zhang became weird. I didn’t expect that this place would still have such a thing. Abe Zhang thought it would also understand. My mother just bought this place instead of managing it, so there are more or less loopholes, which is normal. !


“How beautiful?” “Anyway, I haven’t seen such a beautiful Chinese woman. She is tall, especially with long legs. She is very beautiful and she is not very old. She is almost thirty years old.” The security guard continued his warm introduction.

“Uh, no, I’m not here to find a woman, I have something to do.” Abe Zhang shook his head.

“Don’t, boss, Huaxia doesn’t like it, but the US.” The security guard was disappointed. This Abe Zhang is so generous and must be a rich man who can just sell the Chinese woman he caught.

Abe Zhang walked in, no matter which country he was from, no matter he was from China, no matter what his beauty, his figure, or his temperament, he didn’t have any interest. He came to find the doctor to save Black Rose who was dying.

Otherwise, Abe Zhang didn’t want to do anything.

Of course, it is also possible to find the person who wants to arrest the doctor.

Entering the hotel, Abe Zhang found that this hotel is very formal, but the security is very strict!


But this place is all yours, so what is there to be afraid of?

What’s more, there are still a few small bombs in Abe Zhang’s hands!

Abe Zhang shrugged.

“I want to see your boss!” Abe Zhang said to the front desk.

The front desk looked at Abe Zhang a few times, revealing sarcasm

“Are you a friend of our boss?” “No, I want to see him!” Abe Zhangmian didn’t change his face!

“Sorry, our boss, I didn’t see anyone!” The front desk shook his head, snapped his fingers, and a security guard came over.

For a front desk like her, she hates Chinese people.

Several security guards here!

To catch Abe Zhang!


Who is Abe Zhang?

Now the standard fighting master!

A few security guards were solved by three times, five and two!

The front desk was shocked, “What are you doing?” “I said, I want to see your boss and let him come out!” Abe Zhang said!

The front desk screamed, she had never encountered such a thing before, in broad daylight, making trouble here, damn it?


Do you know who the boss is here?

“Come here, here, someone is making trouble!!” The hotel’s security system was activated, and all the security guards in the security room rushed out, all around Abe Zhang!

These people are very strong, with arms as thick as human legs, just like beasts!

Abe Zhang shook his head, these are all unsuccessful!


Abe Zhang’s fighting skills are really not enough to face these people!

“What’s going on? Why is this Huaxia person like this?” “Is it making trouble?” The guests in the hotel were shocked. Abe Zhang was too powerful and knocked these people down a few times.

“Huaxia people, I count you out! Don’t make trouble here, I said, our boss won’t see you!!” The hotel security all came out, and the front desk felt confident.

What are you afraid of?

If this Chinese can fight, isn’t it going to be bombed out?

“Then I will make him come out and see me!” Abe Zhang was extremely cold!

Fist smashed out, representing the strength of terror!

Dozens of bodyguards besieged, and the scene became a mess!


The beauty at the front desk sneered, this Chinese guy is looking for death!

Next, don’t look at it, you will definitely be spitting blood out.

She called someone, yes, it must be the boss!

On the top floor of the hotel, in a luxurious room, there are a few people lying on a large bed, a man lazily answering the phone, “Hey…” “Boss, you watch TV, I will send you the monitor at the front desk, there is a Chinese person Say I want to see you!” This is the voice from the front desk.

“Oh, then you pass it over.” The boss was astonished. He turned on the TV with the remote control, and the front desk screen appeared.

A Chinese person is dealing with dozens of security guards!

He didn’t bother to look at it anymore. Many of the security guards in his hotel were mercenaries. This weak Chinese person simply didn’t look at them enough.

Turn off the TV.

“You deal with it yourself, since this Huaxia person is making trouble, you are welcome, grab him, chop me up and feed the dog!” The boss got up from the bed.

“Yes, don’t worry! By the way, Bailey said, she caught a beautiful Chinese woman.” “How beautiful?” He

Get out of bed and get dressed.

“I heard it’s very beautiful, do you want the boss? I’ll tell Bailey.” “No, I don’t like Chinese women, they are all ribs, it’s boring.” “Bailey said, that Chinese woman is very good. “Never, remember to chop up the Chinese people who are making trouble at the door and feed the dogs!” The phone hung up.

The boss walked out of the room, and several people stood at the door.

“The doctor said no?” the boss asked.

“No, his mouth is very hard!” A man at the door answered carefully.

“Hard mouth? Let me see how hard his mouth is!” The boss sneered, and several men followed.

Arrived in a room.

There was a person tied to a chair, scarred and tortured. If Abe Zhang was here, he would be relieved, because this tied person was the doctor Abe Zhang was looking for.

Ten days ago, the doctor came over with a bomb and strapped it all over to show off with the boss!

What scene has this boss never seen?


Asking his hand to stun him with a shot.

When the doctor woke up, it was like this. The boss asked the doctor to help him, but the doctor refused.

Refusing to tell the formula of the new medicine, as well as the manufacturing process, of course the boss will tie him up and torture him.

The doctor knew that he would be dead after saying that, so he resisted not saying it.

“Devil, you are the devil!” The doctor shouted with all his strength.

For him, a drug researcher before him was suddenly tortured like this. How could he stand it?

But if you can’t bear it, you have to bear it, and you will die if you say it!

“Still? Give me a call!” The boss dragged a chair and sat in front of the doctor.

The boss punched and kicked the doctor, and the doctor fainted with blood.


Water splashed on the doctor’s face.

The doctor woke up in a daze and kept calling the devil.

The boss’s people continued to fight.

At this time, the boss’s cell phone rang, and his brows frowned to answer, “Didn’t you tell me, don’t bother me?” “Boss, this Huaxia guy is too powerful. Thirty security guards have already lie down halfway down. ??” The front desk was shocked. She watched Abe Zhang helplessly, knocking people down with one punch!

This Chinese, is this going to be hit?


Chapter 735

You are looking for death!

When the hotel front desk said such words, the boss immediately furious, “What did you say?” “This Huaxia person is powerful, our people…” The more the front desk looked at it, the more panic, how can these people’s tall security guards be in front of this Huaxia person , So vulnerable!

Shouldn’t this Chinese person lie down on the ground with serious injuries from a gang beating by a security guard?


“a*shole, are those people all rubbish? A weak Huaxia people can’t solve it. What should I do to raise them?!” The boss scolded!

It’s so angry, how many

Ten security guards can’t beat one person?

“Boss, what should I do now? Ah!!! Another security guard was knocked out, ah, he vomited blood, this Chinese is a lunatic!” The front desk was terrified, and she had never encountered such a situation.

How could he be so powerful by himself with his bare hands!

“What else? I’ll call someone over!” The boss snorted coldly, annoyed to the extreme!

Hang up the phone!

“You guys called for someone to come over, there is a Huaxia guy below who is making trouble! Catch him for me, chop him up and feed the dog!!” the boss said coldly.

“Yes!” Several of his men immediately called for someone!

Also ran out.

This boss has a big background in this place, so he is not afraid of anything.

Anyone can call here!

Isn’t this Huaxia person great!

See how many you can fight!

The person who called.

One car after another, scaring you to death!


The boss looked at the dying doctor. He laughed and said, “I will let you speak, and later I will show you a good show. After you see a person who was chopped up and fed to a dog, Naturally.” “Devil, devil…” The doctor was in pain, and when he couldn’t bear it, he would bite his tongue and kill himself.

“Haha!” The boss laughed, feeling proud, the devil?

Not bad too!

“Do you still expect someone to save you?” The boss laughed.

This doctor insisted, didn’t he still have this kind of hope in his heart?

“I’m telling you, you are taken by me, no one can save you!?” The boss smiled grimly.

This hotel is not accessible to ordinary people!

There has never been a problem, and it will never appear in the future. This is the inexhaustible Diaolou!

Hotel downstairs!

The front desk stared at Abe Zhang in fear, “Don’t come here, our boss has already called someone,” She was shocked by the scene before her!

Dozens of people are lying on the ground. Some people are holding their stomachs and some holding their faces, all wailing and screaming.

Is this a gang fight?

This is clearly dozens of people, who was beaten up by one person!

How could such a thing happen?


so horrible.


One wants to sneak attack from behind, but how can Abe Zhang fail to find out?


The fist slammed back, and the man’s stomach was hollow. He screamed and fell to the ground, his eyes widened and convulsed.

“I said, I want to see your boss!” Abe Zhang was extremely cold!

He has a new understanding of his own strength, these dozens of people besieged, they are not his opponents!

“Ah!” screamed at the front desk!

“Unbelievable, this Huaxia guy is too powerful!” “One punch! It’s more exciting than making a movie!” “I think he is so handsome, I fall in love with him… I want to be his girlfriend.” Me too

miss you.

Inside the hotel, the onlookers were amazed! Especially a few beautiful women were fascinated by Abe Zhang’s swift actions. They felt that if they were with a Chinese like Abe Zhang, they would feel particularly safe. Abe Zhang caught After staying at this front desk, she was brought up from the front desk, “Call your boss!


” “Ah, no!

“The front desk was scared to pee. Abe Zhang’s eyes were scary and his voice was scary! “Call, I’ll say it again!”

Don’t force me to beat you!

“Abe Zhang said coldly. The front desk was struggling with fear! Suddenly, a lazy voice sounded, “Hey, the little dwarf from China!”

Let her go!

“Wow! Many people rushed in, all in uniform clothes. This is a real mercenary! There are more than one hundred! Walk in, like a dark cloud covered with majesty and oppression! Everyone is fierce and evil. Yes, with ridicule! Yes, so many people, a small Chinese, what is it? Ants are not counted! Just step on and die. The guests in the hotel are scared, and all retreat! “So many people!

very scary!

“Then this Chinese person must be miserable!”

“Oh, for sure, so many mercenaries, this is the armed forces of this place, no matter how Chinese people can fight, they won’t be the opponents of these mercenaries, what a pity!”

“Many of the onlookers felt sorry. Abe Zhang knocked down these security guards one by one just now. It is normal, but now they are all murderers, and they are really mercenaries! Abe Zhang must not be able to deal with the security guards. The same, deal with these mercenaries!!! The sigh keeps coming. This is Abe Zhang hitting the steel plate! “Ah, save me.


“The front desk was extremely pleasantly surprised. These people came, this Abe Zhang must be miserable! “I said, the short man from China, let her go!”

I said this the second time!


“It’s a scar face! The others are tall and big. The figure is burly to the point of scary! Abe Zhang slapped and hit the front desk face! Ah! The front desk screamed! The scar face flashed with sorrow.” Good boy, dare to hit someone in front of me?

Interesting, I will accompany you to have fun today!

“Hundreds of people approached in unison! This is a horrible breath like a beast. With hundreds of astonishing eyes, the onlookers shivered, so terrifying. “Ah, are you still hitting me?”

I’ll watch you die later, watch you…” The front desk was furious! So many mercenaries came, are you still lingering? However! Hey!! Abe Zhang slapped her face without waiting for her to finish. That’s it! The front desk screamed, her cheeks were red and swollen, and she passed out! Plop! Abe Zhang let go, and the front desk smashed to the ground! Scared, “Interesting!”

“Who are you?” Abe Zhang faced indifferently.

“Ask me? Haha! What do you think?” Scarface smiled grimly!

Hundreds of mercenaries all showed mockery!

This place, they are armed, they have the final say!


“A group of young people,” Abe Zhang shook his head, still speaking indifferently.

“Haha! You are really stiff! Tell you, this place, I have the final say! If I want you to die, you have to die, don’t you? I don’t know what you look like, I don’t know what to do! Look! You still have some ability, uncle, I will give you a chance, one-on-one, wild wolf! This person is for you! No problem!” Scarface cast his head and glanced at the man next to him!

“No problem, three tricks, I’ll let him lie down!” The man stood up indifferently, thinking it was a fun, and Abe Zhang was the fun.

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