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Chapter 761

I am the owner of the family!

“Husband, you scared me to death,” Olena Jiang held Abe Zhang in his arms.

Abe Zhang also hugged her and asked clearly what happened to Youjia?


Olena Jiang said it all, and Abe Zhang was taken aback.

Unexpectedly, my mother can be profited by the fisherman. This Yu Shiwen, because of that shot, has changed too much.

“But, I didn’t shoot that shot,” Abe Zhang sighed.

what is this?


Jump into the Yellow River and can’t wash it.

“No? The gun?” Olena Jiang didn’t think so, but how could someone be willing to lose the sniper’s gun?


Abe Zhang said everything, Olena Jiang must believe in Abe Zhang, then

What is this!

Was it deliberately framed, or unintentionally?



At this time, You Shiwen hates herself so much, and now she sits in the position of the head of the You family, so from today, she will be busy!


At this moment, You Tianle may have arrived at Youjia, so how should You Shiwen face You Tianle?


Worried, Abe Zhang is still worried about You Shiwen!

Hey, I don’t know if the misunderstanding between myself and You Shiwen can be solved.

If you can, the two will be as good as ever.

But what if not?


Then there is only one result, let’s not die!


After a while, my mother took Emily out and we boarded the plane together.

In this case, medical facilities on the plane must be used.

Surgery on Emily’s tongue as soon as possible, this kind of precision surgery is something that the careful Tina Li can do.

Everyone got on the plane together!

Tina Li seemed to have discovered something.

Looking at a place, Maya Tang was asked to fly away.

Tina Li retracted his eyes and operated on Emily.

“Mom, what did you just watch?” Abe Zhang asked.

Tina Li sighed, “You!” She didn’t say much, and operated on Emily!


This operation is very difficult.

Abe Zhang watched, Alice and Olena Jiang watched.

Olena Jiang took it seriously, she wanted to learn this.

Seeing the appearance of Abe Zhang and Olena Jiang, Alice was sad, she sighed in her heart… “It is unreasonable that Tina Li was a step ahead, it is unreasonable!!” Here, on a large invisible plane, Nora Wan was furious.

The flying speed just now was already very fast, but in the end Tina Li came first!

“Miss, calm down, isn’t Abe Zhang alive?” The man was cautious.

“It’s good to be alive, but?!” Nora Wan calmed down.

She was also relieved, didn’t she come to save Abe Zhang to hope that he was safe?

Abe Zhang is safe now, should he?

Nora Wan was uncomfortable, so he should save Abe Zhang by himself.

It’s right to take Abe Zhang away!


After being angry for a long time, Nora Wan hummed coldly, calmed down and recovered from laziness.

“Abe Zhang, Abe Zhang, don’t die, I don’t allow you to die…” The man was careful not to speak.

At this time, isn’t it a bad thing?

He didn’t dare!

“Tina Li can come over so quickly, so it should be almost as I expected…” “Miss, what do you mean?” the man asked cautiously.

He is increasingly unable to understand Nora Wan’s mind.

“You Shiwen is still smart. In this case, it’s me. I will be the first to think of using Tina Li’s abilities… Now, You Shiwen makes good use of Tina Li’s chess.

It’s a son,” Nora Wan became interested. You Shiwen, able to think of it with herself, means that she really has the ability to play with herself. The man was shocked, he understood what Nora Wan meant, You Shiwen Can you actually do this?! “At this time, You Tianle should have arrived at Youjia. It depends on how You Shiwen handles this matter. It should be…” Nora Wan smiled. Obviously, You Tianle will be the loser! From start to finish, I haven’t been optimistic about You Tianle. “It’s kind of interesting,” Nora Wan lazily, “Go back!

The man ordered the pilot to turn around. The stealth plane began to fly back. “Abe Zhang must have been seriously injured this time. The medicine was delivered, the best medicine.

“Nora Wan ordered. “Yes!”

“You Shiwen became the master of the house. Then, the good show started. You Shiwen misunderstood Abe Zhang. Then he will definitely deal with Abe Zhang. She will deal with it. I will come out at the most critical time, Zhang. Ce will be touched…” She said, she laughed, but after a while, she was worried and absent-mindedly sighed, “Abe Zhang, I miss you a little bit…” … Youjia!!! The descendants of Youjia , Are waiting for someone to arrive! This You Tianle who killed his grandpa! You Shiwen is full of authority. Suddenly, she frowned and walked in front of You Tianle’s dad, kicked and clicked!! Three ribs broke! You Tianle His father screamed! “Ah!

“You Shiwen took out his cell phone, dialed You Tianle, ten seconds, and answered. “According to your distance, it should be there. I haven’t come here yet. Don’t you dare?”


“You Shiwen’s ironic voice resounded in this Youjia hall!! This is the majesty of the head of the family! The descendants of the You family can hear every word clearly. “Don’t dare to come over?”

“I guess he didn’t dare to kill his grandfather in order to be the master of the family. It’s crazy!”

“I definitely want to watch him die!”

Revenge for grandpa!

“You family descendants said fiercely. Ten kilometers away from you family!! You Tianle was flying on the plane, yes, when he came out in a rage, he vowed to kill You Shiwen! Dare to take his place? However, his anger was awakened by reality. If he went back so hastily, could he still survive? He stayed with the green hills, not afraid that there would be no firewood! He chose to retreat and regroup his strength, looking for a chance to kill You Shiwen by surprise! Everyone’s bodyguard looks the same, and You Tianle persuaded. They are in a complicated mood! Who are they with?? “By the way, I am not coming, not today!

“You Tianle is extremely angry! He can’t wait to kill You Shiwen right away! “I will find you!”

“You come, I will go to a place you can’t think of, don’t

Want to find me!

“You Tianle laughed loudly! “From today, you are no longer a descendant of the You family, and I have to take everything back to you, because I am the owner of the You family!

“You Shiwen in one sentence! The descendants of the You family are shocked! It is too aura, that You Tianle is not coming, absolutely guilty! You Tianle’s father paled, “Son, you don’t care about your father?

“I will take it back,” You Tianle ferocious! “Okay, I’ll wait for you!”

“Pop! You Shiwen hung up the phone, “Go!”

Ten kilometers to the east, ask someone to fly out to chase!

“It’s the Patriarch!”


Someone ran out. You Shiwen stepped forward, with a shocking momentum, “From today, I am the head of the You family!”

Chapter 762

makes you regret it! At this moment! No one of the descendants of the You family opposes, they all look respectful to the extreme! They are not fools, I can feel that this You Shiwen aura is different from the tyrannical You Tianle, this will He is a good master of the family!! Starting from today, Youjia will improve one step further! Facing the conviction of Youjia descendants, You Shiwen has no mood swings, not even any other expressions. This was originally hers, but now she only But it’s justified, just take it back. “Tian Le, Tian Le, what should I do with your dad?

“You Tianle’s father fell into despair. You Shiwen stared at him coldly, “carry him out!”

” “kill him!

“Yes, he was an accomplice in killing Grandpa, he must be killed!”

“You family descendants, they are angry!! The anger is too great. You Jia’s bodyguard came over and lifted You Tianle’s father up. “No, Patriarch, spare my life!”

“He was begging. At this time, You Tianle gave up on him. He really regretted giving birth to You Tianle at that time! Sure enough, even grandpa can kill someone, what is Dad?” “Carry out!”


“You Shiwen is indifferent! The majesty of the Youjia must be established! You Tianle’s dad begged more! “From today onwards, if anyone dares to do something sorry for the Youjia, just like him, die!


“You Shiwen said coldly. Her majesty makes You family’s descendants feel that winter is coming, and the air is a bit cold. No one dares to speak! “Also, starting from today, I will redesign the entire Youjia structure!”

You need to be prepared!

You Shiwen continued. Tina Li was able to break in, indicating that the existing structure is full of loopholes!! The descendants of the You family have no objection. All of them were really scared today. Suddenly someone broke in and pointed a gun at them. Ah! This is really scary! It must be reinforced again, others can break in, what kind of hidden family is this called? “You can go down and rest,” You Shiwen said. The descendants of the You family are scattered!! An old man Come in, this is that

A bar owner who helps you with Shiwen.

He is also the only person You Shiwen believes now!

“Patriarch!” The old man bowed his head.

“No need to,” “Yes, Patriarch’s aura is much stronger than the former Patriarch.” The old man lowered his head and said.

You Tianle being the master of the house is to make people scared, while You Shiwen is different, and the descendants of the You family are convinced. This is the difference.

“Then, Patriarch, what are your plans now!” the old man asked.

He believes that You Shiwen can lead Youjia and surpass Wanjia!

Become the real first family in the world!

All this depends on You Shiwen!


“There are many things to do, but you, I want you to pay close attention to the news of Abe Zhang and Tina Li, I want to know all their movements!!” You Shiwen was indifferent to the extreme.

With this shot, You Shiwen is still fresh!


“Yes? The Patriarch is going to deal with Abe Zhang, Tina Li?” the old man asked.

“Yes! Now I will play with the two of them!” You Shiwen’s beautiful eyes are really beautiful, but at this moment, there is only the coldness of murder!

This is cold, right is Abe Zhang!

“Abe Zhang, I want you to regret shooting me!!” You Shiwen said coldly.

The old man was shivering, it was too cold, and at this moment You Shiwen was all murderous!


The phone rang.

You Shiwen answered, this is from Nora Wan.

“Not bad, you have become the head of the house, I congratulate you!” “Nothing to congratulate,” “Oh? Forget it, don’t forget what I asked you to do, I hate others forget what I said If you do, don’t let me hate you!” “Know!” The phone hangs up!

“You let me force Abe Zhang to ask you for help? I will, I will force him to regret everything he did!” You Shiwen said coldly, at this moment, she is just a piece of ice.

There was a time when she couldn’t do anything about Abe Zhang who knew her, but now, there is no saying that she can’t do it.

Because that shot shattered You Shiwen’s unbearable heart… Emily’s operation was completed very well, but she hadn’t woke up yet and fell into a coma.

After the operation, Tina Li left to investigate the situation of Youjia.

She missed this time.

For the first time in so many years, Tina Li was thinking, sometimes, is he too soft-hearted?


A wry smile.

“Abe Zhang, I have called my sister to come over, and I will take Emily back.” Alice was heartbroken.

Her family is still there.

Just go back.

“Well, I’ll give it to you.” Abe Zhang Sangsong also feels relieved.

“No, you are too close to me, they will find the relationship between me and you, don’t be like this.” Alice must not bear it.

Abe Zhang was silent for three seconds, and finally sighed.

Some things, at this stage, are only in the dark.

This is not fair to Alice, but

Abe Zhang can’t help it now.

“My sister is here, I’ll take Emily away.” Alice’s sister came over, there are already professional people, and took Emily to the plane.

“Goodbye, I don’t regret what happened with you,” Alice shed silent tears in her beautiful eyes.

“Me too.” Alice left, and Abe Zhang stayed at the door for a long time, until his mother came over to find herself.

Olena Jiang and Maya Tang are both here.

“You Shiwen has become the owner of the Patriarch,” Tina Li solemnly!

What this means, Tina Li knows better than anyone.

What else can Abe Zhang say besides being silent?


All of this was caused by him. Wouldn’t it be enough to kill You Shiwen at that time?

Nothing will happen now.

This is setting up a strong enemy for yourself!

I don’t know how You Shiwen will deal with himself!

Anyway, Abe Zhang knew that the two were already hostile strangers.

“Mom, what should I do now?” Abe Zhang knew his mom’s pressure.

My mother has only developed for more than 20 years, and there is still a big gap between the hidden family that has developed for thousands of years.

There is no alternative.

“You Shiwen, the girl’s thoughts, are completely different from You Tianle. She doesn’t play yin, but she will use her strength to crush you! So now, Abe, I want you to quickly build your own strength, your own circle, Own business empire!!!” Tina Li considered it again and again!

This is the best way.

Abe Zhang has a business talent. Maybe he can make a lot of money in a short time?


With the strength, we can fight side by side with Tina Li!

“En,” Abe Zhang has long been thinking about building his own business empire.

I just came to the U.S. and I have been busy. How can I have time!

The only project I did was the casino that my mother helped!

I have to work harder!

My mother is so good, how can a son be bad?


Maya Tang and Olena Jiang also agree.

Olena Jiang has her family and is also doing business. Maya Tang is the same. She can help Abe Zhang.

“But, where do you start?” Abe Zhang asked his mother’s opinion, is it still the United States or… China?

Chapter 763:

“It’s up to you to see Abe,” Tina Li said.

Abe Zhang is thinking, how to put it, Abe Zhang is actually very entangled, this misunderstanding between the ten texts, it will definitely be insoluble for a while.

The home of You Shiwen’s home is in the United States, and Nora Wan’s Wanjia is probably also in the United States.

Well, in the U.S. side, there may be a lot of troubles!

Abe Zhang thought, should we go back to China first?

For a long time, I haven’t returned to China, and I don’t know how Gina Mo and Murongqing are.

“Mom, I’m going back to China.” Abe Zhang decided.

Back to China, Lu You

Wen should have done a good job. You can expand your business empire on Huaxia, and then continue to expand in nearby countries.

Only by strengthening your own strength can you fight against You Shiwen’s Youjia.

“Well, you decide for yourself!” Tina Li had no objection.

Abe Zhang has grown up and can make his own decision.

“Then, Olena Jiang, Maya Tang, you two?” Tina Li knew that Olena Jiang’s mind should no longer be in China.

What she wants now is to surpass Tina Li.

Olena Jiang was silent, she looked at Abe Zhang reluctantly.

Tina Li understood.

As expected, she wanted to find a place to surpass herself.

Olena Jiang did not answer, and Abe Zhang also understood that there was nothing else in his heart but a sigh.

Maya Tang doesn’t need to ask another question, she will return to China with Abe Zhang.

“Alright, Abe, prepare yourself,” Tina Li said.

Abe Zhang nodded and had already left.

Olena Jiang also went out silently.

“I, I…” Maya Tang hesitated. Now the situation is special. The Hidden Family is really a stone that weighs on Maya Tang’s heart, and it is very heavy.

“You are in the U.S., or you can go back to China, it’s up to you.” Tina Li said.

“I, I’ll stay in the United States first. I also have a company here. After I take care of it, I will return to China,” Maya Tang said, lowering her head.

Tina Li had no objection, she just sighed, “You are afraid that if you go back with Abe now, you will be misunderstood by Olena Jiang?” Yes, that’s what Maya Tang thought.

Olena Jiang didn’t go back with Abe Zhang, so why would he?


This is Maya Tang’s lack of confidence, because that drunk night happened with Abe Zhang, so let it go.

“Oh, I can’t control your business, it’s up to you.” Tina Li can’t control it.

Maya Tang silently bowed her head.

in the room.

Abe Zhang was packing things, and there was a hug behind him. This was Olena Jiang.

“Husband, you go back to China first. I’m going to stay in the U.S. for a while, or go elsewhere…” Olena Jiang wanted to improve himself.

She can’t wait.

“En,” Abe Zhang continued to pack things gently.

“Will you blame me?” “No, but if you want to fight my mother, you must tell me in advance, otherwise I will be angry!” Abe Zhang was serious.

“I will, I will not attack her, I will tell you in advance.” Alas!

This battle is definitely unavoidable.

What should I do at that time!

Abe Zhang has nothing to do.

After packing up her things, Abe Zhang would go to Du Peixin to take a look and explain her a little bit. On the casino side, after she felt that she could spare her energy, then Abe Zhang would give her the right to open a branch.

As long as she can manage it.

These are just minor problems.

Because Du Peixin had her own strength, but the premise was that she had to let go of her.

Let her do it, Abe Zhang believes that Du Peixin will surprise herself.

After staying with Olena Jiang for a while, Olena Jiang is going to pack things up.

Abe Zhang still has a few places to say goodbye. The boss behind the scenes must say hello.

The two were reluctant to leave.

Olena Jiang went out, and Abe Zhang went to Maya Tang.

“Aunt Tang, won’t you go back?” Abe Zhang asked.

“I, stay a few days and go back in a few days.” Maya Tang said.

At this time, Maya Tang really wanted to give the person in front of him a hug, but Maya Tang didn’t dare, he.


It should be scared.

“En,” Abe Zhang didn’t say much.

Recently, Abe Zhang also felt that Maya Tang was a little bit depressed.

I don’t know what the reason is, maybe, there are a lot of thoughts!

Abe Zhang didn’t quite understand either.

Asked, Maya Tang, as a concern, wouldn’t say more!

“Then… Aunt Tang, I’ll be waiting for you in China!” “En.” The two were silent.

Abe Zhang gave Maya Tang a polite hug.

Maya Tang trembled, trying not to be discovered by Abe Zhang.


“Then, Aunt Tang, I’m going out first.” “Okay, be careful on the road.” Abe Zhang came out of the house, Beatrice’s side was ready, and he had to fly Abe Zhang back to China.

Abe Zhang first told her that he was going to Du Peixin.

Knowing what Abe Zhang was thinking, Beatrice went to fly the plane with a smile.

Abe Zhang left!

Maya Tang’s beautiful eyes were full of reluctance, and she sighed.

Behind him, Olena Jiang came over, “Aunt Tang, in fact, I don’t follow him back. You can, I don’t mind…” Olena Jiang really doesn’t mind, she knows, because Tina Li killed his father and enemy. The reason is that it is impossible for himself and Abe Zhang.

She doesn’t want to occupy, she wants Abe Zhang to be happy.

So gentle and considerate Maya Tang is a person who can give Abe Zhang happiness.

“I know, but no.” Maya Tang shook her head.


Olena Jiang has nothing to say, and so is Maya Tang!

The two of them just looked at the plane!

Keep watching like this.

Beatrice flew the plane and brought Abe Zhang to the casino side. Beatrice waited, and Abe Zhang went down to explain to Du Peixin.

Seeing Abe Zhang again, Du Pei was a little happy in his heart and couldn’t wait to invite, “Abe Zhang, are you here? How about going to my bar tonight!” “Uh, I’m going back,” “Where?” Du Pei was stunned.

“Back to China.” “You…” Du Pei was stunned, back to China?

So there will be no people drinking in the future?


Abe Zhang wants her to drink less. The last time she was drunk at home, if she changed to someone else, what would she do?


When she woke up the next day, she would definitely cry to death.


, Be careful on the road,” Du Peixin sighed, said nothing, and became lonely.

“No, I want to work for you. I will definitely work to satisfy you in five years!”

“Suddenly, Du Pei felt like crying. Why? Didn’t Abe Zhang go back? He went back, why did he cry? Is there no one who drinks in the future? Well, it must be the reason. “Du Peixin, don’t put pressure on yourself, you are also a woman.

“I am not a woman, no.”

Du Peixin shook his head, feeling sad.

Chapter 764:

Unexpected alliance Abe Zhang didn’t say much. “Safe journey.

“Du Peixin said softly. This is when she was silent for more than ten seconds. “Good.

Abe Zhang left and went to the boss behind the scenes. In fact, Abe Zhang wanted to go to Alice’s side, but it was not good for Alice. Du Pei looked at Abe Zhang who was leaving, and she sighed, “What is she thinking? ?


She turned to work hard. She was thinking of a question suddenly. Five years later, when the time agreed with Abe Zhang came, how would she choose? Will she continue to work for Abe Zhang or leave?! She was desolate to go to work in the office. “Hey, Du Peixin,” Abe Zhang’s voice came so suddenly. Du Peixin was astonished, “What?

“When you have time, let’s drink together!”


“Du Peixin smiled, he still remembers this. Abe Zhang left. Du Pei feels sad, you are back to China. Who do you want to drink? “I don’t want to drink with other people, and I will feel at ease if I drink with you.”

“This is the truth, she is particularly relieved Abe Zhang. “Master, the business of your casino is very good. After a while, you can open a second one, no, you can open several at the same time.

Beatrice felt that Abe Zhang had found the right person, and Du Peixin really had the ability in this regard. “Hope.”

“Abe Zhang got on the plane. To the boss behind the scenes. Abe Zhang went to her bar. Nothing to say, just a hug when I entered. I’m still alive. “Little lover, are you going back?”

“The boss behind the scenes is a smart woman. There is Beatrice on the plane outside, indicating that Abe Zhang is going back to China. “Well,” “Shall I go back with you?”

“Um, no,” Abe Zhang shook his head and refused. The boss behind the scenes pinched Abe Zhang, “You are not allowed to say no to me, next time, I will beat you,” she was reluctant. Abe Zhang looked on after seeing You Tianle There are still obvious scars. It is obvious how difficult it is for Abe Zhang to come back alive! “Go away.

“Who let you go?”

Can you stay with me for a while?

” “Row.

“Abe Zhang shrugged and smiled, “I want to accompany you

what are you doing?

“Little guy, what are you willing to do?”

Sister, I will do whatever you want.

“The boss behind the scenes showed the smile of Abe Zhang finally “opening up”. “Um, I don’t dare, let’s forget it,” Abe Zhang waved his hand busy. He must not dare. Besides, he didn’t have this thought. Come here to say goodbye. The boss behind the scenes snorted, “Coward, afraid I will eat you?

” “no.

“Abe Zhang is speechless. At this moment, the boss behind the scenes is very beautiful. She is sexy and perfect, but it is a thorny rose. It won’t hurt much when touched, but it will be poisoned. Poison that cannot be left, so it is still considered. Abe Zhang didn’t want to provoke too much. The boss behind the scenes was disappointed, “You, you are really a coward. When you first saw me, where did that courage go?”

“Uh, hid it.”

“Abe Zhang was embarrassed to the extreme. “f*ck you.”

“Sister, I’m leaving,” “Let’s go, let’s go, I don’t want to see you anymore,” the boss behind the scenes drank by himself, which is boring. Abe Zhang was so embarrassed that he used to comfort and drink, and suddenly, the boss behind the scenes came over. Abe Zhang hurriedly backed up and dodged. Then, embarrassed… “Three seconds, disappear in front of me, or I will never end with you!


I will kill you with a hunting order.

“The boss behind the scenes is annoyed and aggrieved, how can this be done? You take the initiative, and you still hide?! Hide you big-headed ghost! “Sorry, I’m not ready,” Abe Zhang coughed. “Go to hell!

“The boss behind the scenes smashed a cup and hit Abe Zhang who hadn’t dodged. She was busy and distressed. “Did you hide well just now?”

Why didn’t I hide from you?

Does it hurt?

Let sister take a look.

“It doesn’t hurt.”

“If it doesn’t hurt, get out!”


“Oh…” Abe Zhang came out and boarded the plane. Beatrice took Abe Zhang back to China. “If you want you to go, you go?”

Didn’t see you being so obedient?


“Behind the scenes, the boss continued to drink sullenly. … “What are you talking about?”

Tina Li, there is a plane flying to China?

“Alice was shocked, what does this mean. She wanted to get it. She put down her phone in a daze, and sighed, “Are you back to China?”

Why don’t you come to see me?

Ugh… don’t want to see me, still.


Safe journey.

“Mom, what are you talking about?”

Emily, who was pale, woke up. Her tongue was bitten and Emily couldn’t speak clearly. “Nothing.


Alice continued to take care of her daughter carefully. “Mom, where is Abe Zhang?”

“Emily already knows, it was Abe Zhang who rushed over to rescue her, and also rescued Alice. “He, back to China.

” “what?

What is he doing back to China?

“Emily got up from the hospital bed with excitement. Abe Zhang rescued her again this time, and she was grateful in her heart. “Maybe, there is nothing he misses in this place.

Or, if you go to work in China, everything is possible…” “Mom, can I go to China too?

Emily asked carefully. “You?

Let’s talk about it when the injury is healed,” Alice said to her heart, silently sighing. These words revealed her daughter’s thoughts about Abe Zhang… What should I do? Alice is in pain…. “Patriarch, Abe Zhang is back to China. Up!


You Jia, You Shiwen got the news. “I see, keep staring at him!”

” “Yes!

“You want to run, right?”

Hit me with a guilty conscience?

I won’t make you wish!

“You Shiwen stood up and strode outside, her pretty face was indifferent!! … “Miss, Abe Zhang is back to China,” the man said cautiously. The lazy Nora Wan opened his eyes.” Oh, it’s normal. Abe Zhang’s mind is always in Huaxia.” “Then are you going to Huaxia?


“How do I get to that kind of place?”

I dont go.

“Nora Wan denied without hesitation. However, after a second, she was stunned, “Go to China?

If you don’t say hello to me, you are there, I won’t go…me.


Go, prepare the plane, I’ll go to Huaxia too…” The man is shocked!! What is Nora Wan talking to himself? “Don’t go?

” “Yes!

“… The people of You Tianle, resting in a place, it is very ordinary here, but suddenly, You Tianle saw a beautiful woman. He has a tall and perfect figure, a beautiful face, a Chinese person, yes, this is tracking the black rose here. Ouyang Fei by the side!!! You Tianle needs to vent his anger, so he decided to strike up a conversation with Ouyang Fei. “Stay away from me!


“Ouyang Fei said coldly. “Oh, beauty, we can talk about it, my last name is You!”


“You Tianle said bluntly, picking up girls is to be so direct. Ouyang Fei stared indifferently, “Your last name is You?”

“Yes, when she was on the mission, she accidentally heard about the secret family, one of them was the surname You…

Chapter 765

is back to China and catches Ouyang Fei’s expression, You Tianle smiled triumphantly. , “Yes, now you have time to chat with me?

” “Have.

“Ouyang Fei shrugged. Going to the room. You Tianle looked at Ouyang Fei’s perfect figure. A Chinese woman, besides Maya Tang, actually has this kind of superb quality!!! Too rare. “Tell me, you are from a hidden family?”

“Ouyang Fei asked. “Oh, do you still know the hidden family?”

“You Tianle had such a slight surprise. But he discovered and felt that this Chinese woman, with this kind of figure, absolutely must have overloaded physical training. This is also a master fighter!! “Of course, otherwise, what am I doing with you?


“A woman like Ouyang Fei has not told her now

She doesn’t care about the person who complained.

“I like a straight woman like you, what do you do?” You Tianle smiled, satisfied with Ouyang Fei.

“The killer!” “Oh, the killer organization?” “Yes, our boss, do you know?” “Yes, a bit charming, not bad.” You Tianle approached step by step. How could the boss behind the scenes not know?

He had some thoughts before, but unfortunately he later forgot.

“Do you want me to be your boss for you, and let you be the boss of the killer organization? I am happy to do this for you.” You Tianle laughed.

He now has this strength!


The answer is of course no.

He just pretended to say so in order to be in Ouyang Fei!

He can no longer use Youjia’s card.

He can’t use everything in Youjia.

After using it, the result was that you were discovered by You Shiwen!

Fortunately, he has left too much money when playing around the world for so many years.

The amount of this money is not what most people can imagine, it is enough to make him come back.

This is why he is in this situation, and he can still be in the mood for Ouyang Fei.

“I don’t need you for this, I have a method myself.” Ouyang Fei shook her head, she still had the handle of the boss behind the scenes in her hand, she kept hiding it to no avail.

“Oh.” You Tianle squeezed Ouyang Fei’s chin.

Ouyang Fei did not refuse.

“Then what can I do for you?” “You can do something for you, and I want your ability to do something for me,” Ouyang Fei said.

She now has eyesight, the aristocratic temperament in You Tianle, this can’t deceive people, it must be the descendant of the You family.

This is enough.

“Oh, what’s the matter?” You Tianle smiled, so easy to succeed, his name is still very useful!


He approached, but Ouyang Fei Mu did not refuse.


Ouyang Fei stared at the ceiling. She sat up and put on her clothes. You Tianle was in red, “Are you leaving in such a hurry?” “Yes,” Ouyang Fei did not hesitate to put on her clothes and said, “I want you to use your traveler’s Force, help me deal with someone!” “Beauty, who are you going to deal with?” “Abe Zhang!” You Tianle was stunned, “You have to deal with Abe Zhang too?” “What do you mean? You have an enemy with Abe Zhang?” Ouyang Fei did not expect.

“Yes, the hatred is great!” “Oh, that’s all together,” Ouyang Fei was expressionless, how could You Tianle let her go?

Pulled her to lie down again.

“When you want to deal with Abe Zhang, tell me, I want to watch.” Ouyang Fei thinks that it will be of great help to her after taking the line of the hidden family home.

But, she has capsized in the gutter for so long.

Ouyang Fei didn’t know that the relationship she exchanged with her body was actually useless, because

You Tianle has been expelled from Youjia, he is a bereavement dog!


“Of course it’s okay, but I’m going to visit Huaxia now, are you going?” Ouyang Fei chased Black Rose, but she was thrown away by Black Rose. She was very upset that she could never find Black Rose again. Ready to go to the boss behind the scenes.

However, You Tianle suddenly said that, which gave her the idea of ​​returning to China.

It’s been a long time, the transformed self is no longer the school girl Ouyang Fei who can be bullied by men!

It is possible to go back.

“Okay, no problem, I’ll take care of things, and I will go to China! After all, I am also from China! … You, there is still no end?” Ouyang Fei was extremely angry.

You Tianle laughed.

Ouyang Fei’s superb body is fascinated by him… China!

Town square!

Lu Youwen checked today’s work and patrolled the square. In the past six months, the operation of the square has started.

Abe Zhang’s vision at the time was not wrong at all!

The flow of people in this place, after six months of Lu Youwen’s management, has become extremely popular.

Whether it is daytime or holidays, there are many people. The square has completely entered the profit model. Even a few days ago, Lu Youwen was already on the top floor and built a movie theater. It was completed a few days ago. It is very luxurious and young people will love it. This can drive more traffic.

The cinema is waiting to open!

If Abe Zhang comes back, he should be satisfied!

Lu Youwen looked forward to this.

“Lu Youwen…” Elvina ran over at this time.

Asked almost every day, Lu Youwen was speechless, and asked when Abe Zhang would come back. It was almost half a year, right?


Isn’t Abe Zhang coming back in the United States?

How does this work?

“Elvina.” Lu Youwen was going to the construction site. The land Abe Zhang had bought before had already begun construction.

She was going to have a look. Besides, after asking Abe Zhang, she took over a nightclub, and the business was booming.

She is also very busy and needs to be managed.

“When will Abe Zhang come back? It’s been a long time,” Elvina didn’t dare to call Abe Zhang.

If it hits, Abe Zhang will definitely not pick it up!

“I don’t know, it shouldn’t be that fast,” Lu Youwen said every time. Abe Zhang didn’t call, and she didn’t ask. How did she know?

“Oh,” Elvina sighed in disappointment.

“What do you think of Abe Zhang’s life in the United States?” Elvina was dreaming about this.

She wanted to go to find Abe Zhang, but where did she go?

The United States is so big.

“How do I know? Elvina, your business is so good, please invite a few more people,” Lu Youwen went downstairs.

Elvina came down with him.

Yes, the increase in traffic in the square makes Elvina’s milk tea shop business superb.

She has opened a branch and is planning to buy a car recently.


It was Abe Zhang who gave her this opportunity at that time. Elvina thanked Abe Zhang from the bottom of her heart. Besides, after Maya Tang’s introduction, she had already begun to take on the play. Although she was the role of a brainless girl, Elvina Happy, because there are fans.

Many people in the school have seen her movies.

“I know, then I’m busy, Abe Zhang must tell me when he comes back!” Elvina went to her store to be busy.

Lu Youwen is speechless, what can I tell you?

Unknowingly, Lu Youwen actually missed Abe Zhang a bit. After all, I haven’t seen each other for a long time… When will you be back in

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