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Chapter 771

Abe Zhang’s enemy, Lu Youwen, went downstairs, absent-minded.

She got in the car, her beautiful eyes kept staring at the front, and she sighed for more than ten seconds.

Laughed at himself.

Did you make a mistake?


The relationship between a serious boss and an employee is nothing but a mistake, right?


What are you thinking about?


Lu Youwen firmed his mind. He had already thought about how many days and nights he had. He had no idea about Abe Zhang, and Abe Zhang was just his boss.

That’s it!


Lu Youwen thought it through himself, drove back, and had to work hard tomorrow, she felt it, Abe Zhang came back with a solemn breath.

This is going to be done in the mall!

As an employee of Abe Zhang, how can I not work hard to support it?


… Abe Zhang opened the door and entered Gina Mo’s house.

Inside Gina Mo was wearing pajamas, and Abe Zhang coughed, “Sister Ziyi…” “Talk to me and tell me what happened to you in the United States.” Gina Mo leaned over and lay on Abe Zhang’s chest.

She had dreamed about what Abe Zhang might encounter in the United States. Looking at it now, Gina Mo wants Abe Zhang to speak out.

These should be interesting.

“Uh, before I say, sister Ziyi, can you change a dress, this…” Abe Zhang was speechless.

Gina Mo’s figure was already perfect to the extreme. At the moment, wearing pajamas, the beauty is beyond Abe Zhang’s mind.

“Don’t change it,” Gina Mo blushed.

“Um.” Abe Zhang was embarrassed. He took a few deep breaths and Gina Mo chuckled, “Okay, listen to you, I want to hear you tell a story today.” Gina Mo got up and changed clothes, from the room. When I came out, I put on my usual clothes at home, which was much better.

“Is this all right?” Gina Mo was still happy, at least Abe Zhang had thoughts about herself.

“En,” Abe Zhang laughed.

Snuggling in Abe Zhang’s arms again, Gina Mo whispered, “Tell me.” “Okay.” Abe Zhang nodded, thinking of the United States where he had gone because of Olena Jiang’s killing order. Abe Zhang went from here. Let’s start talking!

When it came to Abe Zhang and Emily, Gina Mo was obviously angry and distressed. Her body was trembling. Obviously, she thought that Abe Zhang might be caught by Emily at that time. Killed.

When she heard that Abe Zhang came out from Amazon, Gina Mo was very nervous all the way through the thrill, and she fell into it.

Following Abe Zhang’s words, she seemed to have experienced it with Abe Zhang. She was nervous, scared, happy, or sad… At the end of the speech, Abe Zhang fell silent.

When talking about Alice, that time

Besides, Abe Zhangrtainly ignored the past.

This kind of thing cannot be said.

It’s not good for Alice, even if Gina Mo knew it, he would definitely not say it.

“Hidden family? There is such a family in the world??” Gina Mo muttered to herself, she recovered from what Abe Zhang said.

She was stunned and shocked when she heard the words Hidden Family. It was the first time she heard of it.

This is too normal. Gina Mo’s net worth is barely over 100 million, and of course it is impossible to get in touch with this aspect of things.

“Yes,” Abe Zhang’s eyes flickered, You Shiwen’s Youjia… Abe Zhang has a headache, Nora Wan’s okay to say, another secret family that hasn’t shown up, it’s okay to say that it hates him so much now. You Shiwen, this is Abe Zhang’s heart disease now.

“Then can you deal with this You Shiwen you said?” Gina Mo became frightened.

Abe Zhang didn’t have many introductions to the hidden family, but in these few words, Gina Mo had already heard the horror of the hidden family!

In the world, there are families that have passed on for thousands of years?


This is something that Gina Mo never dreamed of.

“I don’t know, it’s definitely not possible now, so this time I came here to build my own business empire at the fastest speed and fight against You Shiwen!” Abe Zhang still felt.

Sooner or later, I will turn my face with Nora Wan of the hidden first family Wanjia.

Because Nora Wan, a woman with such a strong desire for control, has always refused, Abe Zhang can already think of what she will do in the end.

So now I have an established enemy, that is the powerful You Shiwen.

The possible enemy is Nora Wan.

The last secret family, Abe Zhang doesn’t understand this family, whether it’s an enemy or a friend, Abe Zhang hasn’t figured it out yet, because this family hasn’t had any movement until now!

Gina Mo muttered to himself, “Then, I will help you.” Abe Zhang smiled, Gina Mo was extremely serious.

“Although I am inferior to an ant in the eyes of other people’s hidden families, but I have to stand behind you!” Abe Zhang was moved.

Gina Mo was able to appreciate Abe Zhang’s pressure. It turned out to be like this, so it’s not like the time when the blood was strong, but now the pressure is too great.

“Abe Zhang, I believe in you and can resist, I believe in you.” Gina Mo relied on Abe Zhang.

Under such great pressure, Abe Zhang’s sense of security is no less!


“Hope!” Abe Zhang sighed, he came back to China, Nora Wan, You Shiwen, they should all know, then what will the two of them do?


Will you also come to China?


“Don’t sigh,” Gina Mo comforted.

“En.” Gina Mo knew Abe Zhang’s pressure. She didn’t tease Abe Zhang, but she nestled against Abe Zhang’s chest.

“Can I put my arms to sleep?” “Of course I can.” “Then I will go to bed.” “Good night.” “Good night,” the two went to sleep together.

… “Miss, this is China.” Nora Wan came to China.

“This is it?” Nora Wan is here, in the largest hotel in China.

She shook her head, “There are still many opportunities in Huaxia. Abe Zhang chose to come back here to do business and make money. This is a good choice.” “Yes,” “Where is Abe Zhang?” “Abe Zhang has one. The city square, there is also a hotel. There is also a construction site, a nightclub, I think he should go to the city square,” “Well, take me to see.” Nora Wan thought of something, “Let me check Clearly, Abe Zhang has several women on Huaxia’s side.” “Miss, what do you mean?” The man understands, this is to solve all Abe Zhang’s women?

“Check it out first, don’t miss one.” Nora Wan leaned on the sofa lazily.

The man will do it right away. This matter is still a bit complicated, and it still has to be checked non-stop.

Nora Wan looked at the night scene, feeling lost to the extreme, “Abe Zhang, I have come to look for you, I am so good to you, for your first visit to China, why don’t you appreciate it? You should like me, you should. ……”

Chapter 772

the boss of the square!

the next morning.

Gina Mo made breakfast, and Abe Zhang had breakfast before going to Lu Youwen.

“By the way, where’s Murongqing?” When Abe Zhang left, Murongqing’s company had problems at that time. Abe Zhang gave her money, but Abe Zhang didn’t pay attention to the later period.

I don’t know what happened to Murong Qing.


“How do I know? You are at my house and mentioning other women is not so good!” Gina Mo pretended to be angry, but in fact she was not angry.

However, she really didn’t pay attention to Murong Qing’s situation.

Just knowing Murong Qing, it seems not very good.

Abe Zhang coughed.

“Okay, I only know that Murongqing’s situation is not very good, and I didn’t pay attention to the others, because I have been busy with the branch recently.” Abe Zhang was shocked, shouldn’t be!

Murongqing should be pretty good when he left by himself!

“Okay, I’m leaving.” Abe Zhang felt that he still had to check Murong Qing’s situation.

In any case, I already have a relationship with Murong Qing.

“Are you going to find her?” Gina Mo was jealous.

In any case, her relationship with Murongqing is not good at all.

Watching Abe Zhang go to Murong Qing, how could she feel comfortable in her heart?


“Uh, no.” “Okay, I don’t ask, I remember, come here when I’m hungry, come when I’m tired, I don’t care about everything else, okay?” Abe Zhang was moved in a mess, Mo

Ziyi is too understanding.

“En.” Abe Zhang came out of Gina Mo’s house and called Beatrice, “Sister Li, help me check Murongqing’s situation.” “Yes, master, wait a moment. After I check, I will call you back. “Beatrice said here.

“Okay.” Abe Zhang hung up, with Beatricecha, it would be much simpler.

He can rest assured to find Lu Youwen first.

Borrowing a car from Gina Mo, Abe Zhang drove to his city square, feeling deeply moved!

This is Abe Zhang’s first investment in the true sense. Looking at it now, this investment is very good.

Many people played in the square this weekend.

You should know that when Abe Zhang took over, the flow of people was sluggish, and many shops were not rented out. Now they are dozens of times better.

The only pity that Abe Zhang felt was his first real investment. Because he went to the United States, he didn’t witness the growth of his square with his own eyes. This is a pity!

But it’s okay.

Abe Zhang went in.

Several college girls from other schools were talking excitedly.

“The popularity of this square is really good. Who would have thought that when this square used to be, we were not willing to come over?” “Yes, my classmates were not willing to come. Now I don’t know when it started. My classmates , And most of the people in the school, as long as they rest and go shopping and eating, they come here…” “Me too! I also heard that the owner of this square is a college student, a sophomore! “Really, my goodness, I thought the owner of the square is at least fifty or sixty.” “Definitely not. I heard that this boss is young and very low-key. At the beginning, his classmates were not They knew that only later did they know that their classmate, an unknown boy, is a super rich second-generation!” “Listen to you, I really want to see this boss!” “Me too, Hello, classmate, are you in the same school as the boss!” A girl in jeans asked Abe Zhang.

Abe Zhang coughed, “Yes, what’s going on?” “Really, do you know the boss of the square? Are you his classmate?” Several girls looked at Abe Zhang expectantly.

“Uh, yes.” “Is the boss handsome?” “Uh,” “What are you? Tell us!” “You can ask other people.” Abe Zhang can’t stand this kind of little girl.

“Cut, you don’t know, forget it, don’t ask you,” “Yes, let’s go and ask other people, I see him, forget it,” the little girls blanked Abe Zhang a few times. , Disappointed in my heart.

Yes, the boss of Renjia Plaza is so low-key, not everyone can know it!




Elvina rushed over in surprise. He couldn’t believe it just now because Abe Zhang came. He actually drove a very ordinary car. Gina Mo also has a lot of good cars, but Abe Zhang didn’t bother to drive a good one, low-key. Just click. Abe Zhang has gone through so many things. It’s already past. He is old enough to pursue a car, a house and so on. Now he can have a car. “Elvina.

“Abe Zhang smiled slightly. Elvina has changed a lot. At that time, Elvina was pungent and unreasonable. Now it has changed. There is no bangs in her hair and the goddess of the center. “Abe Zhang, long time no see.

“Elvina is about to cry. Abe Zhang has changed so much. Before leaving China, Abe Zhang was a big boy, but when he went to the United States, when he came back, he is already a man today. This obviously Abe Zhang went to the United States. Let him grow too big! What exactly did Abe Zhang meet in the United States?? “By the way, it’s been a long time,” “Come here, I’ll buy you milk tea, come on.

“Elvina took Abe Zhang to her shop. “Elvina, you are Elvina. I watched your movie. You acted that b*tch so well.”

These little girls exclaimed. Elvina is also a star! Elvina is embarrassed, “Thank you.

“Abe Zhang was astonished, Vixen? Yes, Elvina was a Vixen at that time, and she was performing in her true colors. Elvina blushed and shy when she saw Abe Zhang smiling, “I am not like that now, I am gentle.”



“The little girls were astonished. Elvina is also a star, why do you treat this ordinary person like this?” “By the way, Elvina, do you know who the boss of this square is?”

“The little girl asked, expecting. “Boss?

You should ask him.

“Elvina pointed at Abe Zhang. Abe Zhang was speechless, this Elvina! “Just now, I asked him, he didn’t say it, I think, he won’t know.

“The little girl curled her lips and shook her head. “That’s right, Elvina, you said it, I seem to know him!”

“What do you know?”

“Elvina is not happy. “He is rich, and I heard he is handsome!”

“The little girl is a nympho. Elvina wanted to laugh. At that time, when Abe Zhang was unknown, she really didn’t find Abe Zhangshuai. Now that Abe Zhang’s aristocratic temperament has emerged, he is really charming. “Do you think he is handsome?”

Elvina pointed to Abe Zhang. “It’s okay.”

“The eyes are good-looking, very calm eyes, young and old!”

Several little girls said, Abe Zhang touched his nose, young and old? Elvina chuckled, “Alright?

He is not okay, he is the person you want to know, he is the boss of the square!

Chapter 773

Business begins! The little girls were stunned immediately. “Elvina, what are you talking about?”

Is he the owner of the square?


“Yes, I don’t have to lie to you either,

“Elvina said. They looked at Abe Zhang again, their faces flushed, full of shyness. They were in front of the real boss just now and said something like that. What a shame. “Hello boss,” the little girls looked forward to. Looking at Abe Zhang. I suddenly felt that the boy who looked down on just now has really changed a lot. They felt the temperament of Abe Zhang, low-key. They all said that the square owner is very low-key. It’s too low-key! If Elvina doesn’t say it, they really don’t know. It’s really more pleasing to the eye. “Hello.

“Abe Zhang smiled. The little girls blushed. It’s rare for such a big boss to be so approachable! “You guys have fun.

Abe Zhang and Elvina went to her store. “Wow, it’s really low-key!”

“I just don’t know if he has a girlfriend.”

“I guess there is. How can someone be so rich without a girlfriend?”

The little girls became disappointed. “Ah, I forgot to ask him for WeChat.”

“A girl said. “Don’t worry, Elvina knows him, Elvina must have his WeChat account, just ask Elvina.

“That’s right, I’ll find Elvina later and ask him to WeChat.”

“The little girls are looking forward to it again. “Oh, this is my new milk tea with myself. Try it.”

“Elvina gave Abe Zhang a cup of milk tea. Abe Zhang smiled and drank a sip, it feels good, Elvina has this talent. “Rosy Yang, long time no see,” Abe Zhang greeted Rosy Yang who was busy inside. Yang Harumi’s eyes lit up and she said softly, “Well, it’s been a long time.

“Then you guys are busy, I’m going to find Lu Youwen for something.

Abe Zhang waved his hand. “Well, you are busy.”

“Abe Zhang went upstairs. Elvina and Rosy Yang looked at each other, and Rosy Yang sighed, “Abe Zhang has changed a lot. It’s not the big boy at that time.” “Yeah, this time I come back, I feel like seeing the hero I don’t know what Abe Zhang encountered in the United States this time. Maybe…it’s a bitter!

“Elvina said distressedly. If it wasn’t bitter, how could Abe Zhang change so much?” “Elvina, why didn’t you just ask him to eat?”

” “what?

Cousin, do you miss that again?

Elvina blushed, and the two of them had done something to Abe Zhang last time. But they were rescued by Maya Tang. Then she tried the same trick again? Elvina felt that she couldn’t do that. “No, why would I think that way?”

Abe Zhang has grown up, and we have to grow up too, I won’t be messy.

I just want to invite him to dinner.

“Rosy Yang blushed and shook her head. She was ashamed when she thought of this. “That’s okay. I’ll talk to him later, and see if he wants to.”

However, I think he should not have time.

“Elvina muttered to herself. “Why?”

Don’t want to talk to me

Are you two?


“Rosy Yang was lost. “I don’t know. I think Abe Zhang’s eyes have changed a lot this time. At that time, he would look at us a few times. When he came back, his eyes were dull and ambitious. I want Abe Zhang this time. Come back, do something big, should it, want to start his business!

“Elvina said sadly. Then the gap between herself and Abe Zhang is getting bigger and bigger. Abe Zhang’s changes have faded from the appearance of a big boy. Elvina is absolutely confident in her figure. But what about it. Abe Zhang didn’t even look at it just now. There are no evil thoughts, this change is the process of a man’s growth, which shows that his pursuit is different. “Really?

“Rosy Yang sighed and continued to work absent-mindedly. Elvina didn’t want to work anymore, and sat down with a sigh. Abe Zhang came upstairs, and Lu Youwen was already carefully planning the pharmaceutical factory. Abe Zhang went in and she didn’t even notice. She didn’t bother her until she was tired and lazy and found that Abe Zhang was in her office. She was astonished, “When did you come here, Abe Zhang?”


As a woman, Lu Youwen smelled the scent of Abe Zhang. She and Gina Mo had known each other for so long, and remembered that this was the scent of Gina Mo, indicating that Abe Zhang spent the night at Gina Mo’s house last night. Lu Youwen is also an adult, and he definitely knows what will happen to a lone man and woman this night. Lu Youwen sighed secretly, that inexplicable feeling of loss came out again. Why is this happening?? “How?

“Abe Zhang asked. Lu Youwen just breathed a sigh of relief. It was obvious that the plan was made. The plan was made. “It’s almost done. Today I will go to the boss of the abandoned factory and buy it.”

“Lu Youwen’s valuation of the abandoned factory has also been completed. If you buy the land together, it should be less than 50 million yuan! This is relatively cost-effective, because the factory is huge. “Well, I will go with you.

“Abe Zhang has no other plans. Lu Youwen definitely didn’t refuse. She had been running around all by herself. At this time, Abe Zhang suddenly helped, with at least one company! It feels much better. This In one day, both of them were busy with this matter. The boss of the abandoned factory heard that someone was about to buy his factory. He was so happy that he didn’t hesitate to sell it. Tens of millions are of course nothing to Abe Zhang. , Directly transfer the money. The factory owner was stunned, but he did not expect that the young man in front of him is so rich! The procedures in the afternoon are almost the same, and all the procedures should be completed tomorrow. Lu Youwen did enough homework in advance, and she was already in the afternoon. Arranged for someone to come over to renovate the plant according to the specifications of the pharmaceutical factory, and found several construction teams. Because Abe Zhang

No shortage of money.

As long as the renovation is completed as soon as possible.

In addition, Abe Zhang called his mother and asked her to send someone to pick up the doctor. His mother definitely agreed.

Here, Lu Youwen’s classmates also came to see him, and Abe Zhang didn’t mean to give his ancestral prescriptions, anyway, just let him participate.

In addition, Abe Zhang is thinking about other projects in China, so he must quickly occupy China’s market!

But this process is painful, how can it be so easy to do?

When he was busy until the early hours of the morning, Abe Zhang rubbed his eyes and said, “Lu Yuwen, you go back!” Abe Zhang was embarrassed to keep a girl working overtime.

Lu Youwen smiled slightly, “No need, I will back up and go back, you can go back first,” she said, and suddenly received a phone call, revealing surprise.

“Abe Zhang, my friend has a big project, are you interested?” Lu Youwen asked.

She is helping Abe Zhang to ask about this.

“Yes!” Abe Zhang said seriously.

“Well, you go out with me now,” Lu Youwen said impatiently, Abe Zhang was taken aback and smiled, “Lu Youwen, I will give you processing capital!!” Are you kidding me?” Lu Youwen smiled.

Lu Youwen is pretty sincere, and her smile is charming at this time.

That’s right, Abe Zhang suddenly said this, and this made her laugh.

“No, really,” Abe Zhang was serious about it.

“Well, this is what you said, don’t talk about it, go to my friend’s side,” Lu Youwen smiled.

“En.” When Abe Zhang heard about the big project, of course he had too much interest.

He and Lu Youwen got off the parking lot.

This car was bought by Abe Zhang, and it is full of Lu Youwen’s taste.

It’s almost half a year.

Still the same as new!

“Lu Youwen, why don’t you find a boyfriend.” Abe Zhang smiled.

“Why look for it? I’m fine alone,” Lu Youwen drove and replied like chatting.

She doesn’t want to look for it, she feels that she is in a good working condition now.

“Okay.” Abe Zhang’s eyes rolled on Lu Youwen.

chapter 774

Only then discovered that Lu Youwen’s figure is better than before, and it is rare to have long legs.

Abe Zhang shrugged and looked a few more times before Lu Youwen began to introduce what his friend did.

“Betting on rocks? You said betting on rocks?” Abe Zhang was surprised.

He had heard of this kind of thing before, but he had never touched it.

This is similar to gambling. They are all gambling. There are too many doorways.

Abe Zhang didn’t understand at all.

“Yes, it’s this gambling.” Lu Youwen smiled.

“You still play this?” “I don’t play, my friend does this,” Lu Youwen explained patiently. “She told me that her annual profit is close to 100 million now…” Abe Zhang was astonished.

100 million?

He smiled bitterly and told the truth, now one hundred million is nothing to Abe Zhang, let alone to the hidden family.

But this industry is not bad, and investment can make big money.

Abe Zhang also became interested.

At the very least, if this industry does a good job, then monopolizing the global market is absolutely very good, not to mention that it can have a great return in a short time. This is what Abe Zhang needs!

After all, how much time can You Shiwen “give” himself?


Only by strengthening your strength can you fight against You Shiwen!

“Let’s take a look first and let my friend introduce you. Because there are too many doorways in it, people who don’t understand, it is best not to play.” Lu Youwen reminded.

In fact, she didn’t agree with it in her heart because many people lost their fortunes because of gambling on rocks. However, even if Abe Zhang played gambling on rocks, he was looking for professional help. He only made investments, which was actually not bad.

“I know that,” Abe Zhang smiled.

When I drove to a hotel, Lu Youwen said that there was a rock gambling on the top floor of the hotel.

It’s an auction!

Abe Zhang doesn’t understand this, so let’s take a look first. What if there are other opportunities?

“It’s up.” Lu Youwen smiled. This top floor is like a party.

Abe Zhang has participated in many similar gatherings of this kind, but Abe Zhang has not participated in stone gambling.

There are some expensive jadeites on the top floor, and Abe Zhang doesn’t have much contact with them.

I also found it a bit interesting. There were also many wealthy people watching the scene.

“Lu Youwen, here.” A tall beauty came over with a smile.

This woman is beautiful, in her twenties, she has that kind of superb beauty. This is Lu Youwen’s friend, Liu Na.

“This is your boss?” Liu Na looked at Abe Zhang.

Too ordinary.

She only heard occasionally that Lu Youwen mentioned Abe Zhang and said that he was very low-key. Now, it is out of Liu Na’s imagination. It is not good to be too low-key.

“Well, I told you.” “Hello.” Abe Zhang stretched out his hand.

“Hello.” Liu Na also stretched out her hand.

To be honest, if it were not for Lu Youwen’s reasons, she would not have contact with people like Abe Zhang.

“Are you gamble on the rocks, or take a look?” Liu Na’s eyes were very poisonous. After the rocks she had seen, would it appear green? She was sure about it!

“Look at it first.” Abe Zhang hasn’t even contacted him, so of course he should have a look first.

Liu Na didn’t look at Abe Zhang much, take a look?

Liu Na felt that Abe Zhang would definitely leave empty-handed tonight.

Such a person, fearful of the head, can’t play rock betting at all.

Those who bet on rocks must start fast!

If you see it right, you must act decisively. What can happen if you are afraid of wolves and tigers?


Don’t waste time, go home early and sleep well.

Such words

Liu Na couldn’t say it straight, she said coldly, “Well, take a look first.” “What kind of gambling are there?” Abe Zhang asked.

Liu Na frowned, “You don’t even know about betting on rocks, what are you doing here?” “Lu Youwen said this is a big project, so I’ll come and take a look.” Abe Zhang smiled.

“Oh, you can take a look at it yourself.” Abe Zhang shrugged and went to find a place to see. Anyway, there are so many professionals here, listening to them, and I can understand the gambling industry.

Abe Zhang went aside.

“Lu Youwen, are you crazy, take him here? He doesn’t understand anything, what time is it wasting over here!!” Liu Na said directly.

“It’s okay, he will take a look first. I’m optimistic, I will invest,” Lu Youwen smiled.

For Abe Zhang, Lu Youwen didn’t know how to describe him.

Sometimes a very impulsive person. When a person took over the city square at the time, Lu Yuwen didn’t expect it, because at that time, the situation in the city square was so bad that Abe Zhang actually took over.

It was successful. This vision is good enough!

The start is also decisive, and this can also reach the speed and accuracy of gambling!

“I think he will waste my time,” Liu Na still said bluntly, how precious her time is!

Abe Zhang doesn’t understand, why would he shoot rocks later?


She actually called Lu Youwen. She heard that in this gambling auction, there will be many stones that may make a lot of money, but her working capital is more than 200 million. In this large-scale gambling auction The scene is obviously not enough!

What if there is a lot of momentum to make money?

Therefore, Liu Na contacted Lu Youwen as an investment.

Just now Lu Youwen promised to come over, she was quite happy, now Liu Na is disappointed when people bring it over.

“No, Abe Zhang sees it right, and will make a move!” “Forget it, don’t use him to make a move. I’ll let him work with me. It’s an investment. See if he is interested.” Liu Na said directly.

Lu Youwen looked over, and Abe Zhang listened with relish to some people talking about stones, looking very interested.

Lu Youwen was astonished. Abe Zhang is now studying?

Lu Youwen smiled, “It depends on him,” “Lu Youwen, just tell me, how much can he take out?” Liu Na still asked directly.

It’s just a square of several hundred million yuan. If you can bring out the working capital, it will definitely not exceed 100 million. There is no way, it can only be done. Who can not find anyone else now?


Chapter 775

The Disgusting Reason “I don’t know this, but it will definitely not be less. Don’t worry about it.” Lu Youwen only knew Abe Zhang’s strength was amazing, but how could she know exactly how much money he had?

Definitely not less?


Liu Na was disappointed, so she said she would take it out with herself at most

The money is about two hundred million or so!

Oh, barely.

There is no one else, just barely let it go!

“Okay, but I want to talk about the ugly first. Tell him, if you believe me, then cooperate with me. The stones I photographed will make half of the money. If you lose, everyone will lose. If he can accept this , I can work with him once!” Liu Na is really shameful.

People like Abe Zhang who are afraid of their heads and tails are definitely the kind of people who can’t afford to win.

If you want to cooperate, you must make it clear!


“Okay, I’ll go over and ask,” Lu Youwen went to Abe Zhang.

“Oh, looking at him, is this going to be fooled?” Liu Na felt that Abe Zhang’s relish at this time was about to be fooled.

Alas, how can such a person have a net worth of hundreds of millions?

There is only one explanation, and that is to reincarnate well.

“I asked, and he said there is no problem.” This is Abe Zhang’s answer.

Lu Youwen relayed it.

“Well, the time won’t make any difference, you can go in and sit down and wait for the auction to start, you ask him to come over,” Liu Na didn’t expect Abe Zhang to have any other answers.

“I called, and he said he would listen for a while and come in by himself later.” Lu Youwen also found it funny. Abe Zhang seemed to be listening to the story, he was really learning, and he looked good.

She didn’t know that Abe Zhang was all talented in fighting. This kind of eye-testing gambling stone, Abe Zhang would know if he didn’t say it, but he would learn much faster than ordinary people.

This is a question of talent for learning.

The talent is good, so what to learn, as long as Abe Zhang wants to learn and learns hard, he will learn quickly.

“Follow him, let’s go in first,” Lu Youwen asked when the two of them entered the venue, “Liu Na, your boyfriend didn’t come over?” “Divided,” “Divided?” Lu Youwen was shocked to the extreme.

Liu Na’s requirements for her boyfriend are very high.

Some time ago, after Lu Youwen called Liu Na, he learned that Liu Na had a boyfriend recently.

This is very rare!


“Yes, it’s divided,” Liu Na was expressionless.

“Why did you divide it? Didn’t you say that you feel a little bit for your boyfriend?” “Now it’s gone. I hate those indecisive people, such as… your boss.” Really, Liu Na is more The more I see, Abe Zhang is very similar to her boyfriend.


So, now Liu Na herself understands why Abe Zhang was not pleasing to the eyes at the beginning, it turned out to be because of her ex-boyfriend!


“Abe Zhang!?” Lu Youwen was really speechless, Abe Zhang was lying down with a gun.

“Yes. It’s his kind of person.” “Actually, Abe Zhang is not indecisive,” Lu Youwen had no choice but to hear herself.

When my friend said that, Abe Zhang felt uncomfortable in her heart.

“No need to explain, I can play rock betting, it means that my vision is still poisonous, I can’t think that people are wrong!” “You are really wrong.” “Absolutely not, and the other thing is that you follow this kind of boss, There won’t be much future, think about it yourself.” Liu Na said nothing else.

Lu Youwen is also a smart person, so he can remind him that Lu Youwen will want to understand.

“I think it is my blessing for him to be my boss, and I am willing to follow him for the rest of my life!!” Lu Youwen took it to the extreme.

Abe Zhang bought her a car, gave her a house, and gave himself close to ten million. The square, construction site, and hotel were all managed by her. This kind of trust, this kind of good boss, is absolutely about to extinct. Up.

Liu Na sighed, “Lu Youwen, you have to look more at this aspect of the world being so big.” “Look, he is the best to me,” “Okay, I won’t say much,” What else can Liu Na say?

Is my friend brainwashed by Abe Zhang?

The kind of indecisive person will definitely disbelieve the employees. How can Lu Youwen give full play to his abilities when he is not believed?


“Lu Youwen, I think this bet is good, I am interested, it should be very exciting.” Abe Zhang has come over.

It is true that Abe Zhang heard some stone betting techniques in the mouths of several old men.

It’s really a long experience.

Abe Zhang thinks this is feasible.



Liu Na was already disappointed and shook her head. This is just the idea of ​​being stunned. There is no excitement about betting on rocks, what is it?

Only win and win!


If you win, everyone is happy. If you lose, you can’t stand it. There are so many people who committed suicide by jumping off the building. Maybe they are dead.

What kind of excitement is this?


This Abe Zhang is not only fearful, but what else?

Also naive!


“Well, the auction will start right away. You can look for excitement, but you have to spot it,” Lu Youwen laughed, Abe Zhang like a child.

“This won’t work, I’ll watch the whole process!” Liu Na directly refused.

Abe Zhang didn’t have much cash and he was a novice. How could he take good things?

Abe Zhang’s shooting is definitely a waste of money.

Abe Zhang was stunned, “I, take a look! It doesn’t cost much.” “I came to see, I decided not to shoot, if you interfere, then I won’t cooperate with you,” Liu Na said coldly.

It would be an insult to her if she were to let a stunned person or a novice interfere with her decision!

Abe Zhang thought about it for three seconds, “Okay, you said it would be the one to shoot.” Abe Zhang is really a novice, and he can also learn from Liu Na’s vision of looking at stones. In this regard, Liu Na is an expert and must be modest.

“You will probably give me 200 million later, do you have so much money?” “Yes,” Abe Zhang shrugged.


Why not?

Liu Na frowned. Now, the gambling auction has begun.

The first one was a stone the size of a watermelon, with a green in one corner.

Abe Zhang looked at it for a while, and felt that it was no good. It should be a bait.

Don’t shoot.

Liu Na had no expression at all. Abe Zhang breathed a sigh of relief. Liu Na is indeed an expert in this area. This time he should be able to make a little money, and then Abe Zhang will find a way to penetrate the industry thoroughly.

The first stone was beaten away by 8 million people, and the second one came on.

Very small.

Liu Na squinted her beautiful eyes and looked at it for a while. After careful consideration, Abe Zhang felt that this could be photographed and commented, “This can be photographed, I think.” “Do you think? Do you know how to bet on rocks? Do you think? !!!” Liu Na said coldly. According to her experience, this stone is definitely not going to be green, so Abe Zhang actually said to shoot?

Sure enough, he was stunned.

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