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Chapter 776:

I’m not short of money. “Okay, you say you don’t want to do it.” Abe Zhang is speechless. What is this Liu Na doing with such a temper?


Didn’t you offend her?

Lu Youwen was speechless in the middle, but fortunately Abe Zhang didn’t mind.

The second rough stone was photographed and it cost three million!

Many people don’t shoot.

It seems that many people are not optimistic.

“Look, betting on rocks is not as simple as you think. It’s not as pleasing to the eye, you can start, there are many ways! If you just started to shoot, although it only costs three million, you are losing three. Millions!” Liu Na said coldly.

Spending money to shoot a waste stone is something a fool can do.

“En,” Abe Zhang accepted the criticism humbly. He just understood a little bit, so of course he should listen more to others.

Accept with an humility, then there will be room for growth.

Liu Na was surprised, Abe Zhang would not refute it?


Next the third rough stone.

The atmosphere of the scene was ignited. Abe Zhang saw Liu Na hesitating, Abe Zhang felt that she should want to take this.

“Is this going to be filmed?” Abe Zhang just came into contact with gambling. Just now, he heard a few old men briefly talk about the method of identification. Now this one should have green.

“Don’t affect my judgment!” Liu Na said coldly.

Abe Zhang is speechless, this is to shut himself up!

Alright, Abe Zhang shut up and said nothing.

In the third piece, Liu Na tangled up and didn’t shoot, so an elite spent 30 million to shoot it.

This elite looks very happy.

It looks like it’s still something.

Liu Na sighed regretfully, regretting that she didn’t shoot just now.

“Actually, you could shoot just now!” Abe Zhang couldn’t help saying more.

Liu Na is waiting for the final auction item, right?

So now you can’t make a move?

Afraid of losing money in the end?

“You can close



Liu Na said coldly. “Well, in fact, I don’t have any money. If you don’t have enough principal, I can pay a little more. It’s all right, mainly because there is hope, so I don’t want to miss it.

“Abe Zhang wants to enter this industry, so this Liu Na is the one who led Abe Zhang into the door. “You are not short of money?”

Liu Na sneered. “Yes, I’m not bad for money.”

“Abe Zhang shrugged. Now the casinos in the U.S. account for tens of millions of dollars every day, and the money is bad? Surely not bad! Liu Na thought it was funny, just like Abe Zhang, what could be bad money? “You know , How many billions are there on the scene?


“I don’t know, I don’t know.”

“Where did Abe Zhang know?” There are not many people who have been in contact with this area. Lu Youwen has been in China, so she should have known each other. Liu Na felt even more funny. Even some elites at the scene didn’t know or knew, and she had the face to say that she was not short of money? Liu Na made a joke when Abe Zhang said. “When I trouble you, please write a draft first!

“I didn’t brag, what draft?”

“Abe Zhang is speechless. This Liu Na thinks she doesn’t have much money?? Liu Na snorted!! Abe Zhang shrugged, “Okay, there should be few auction items next, I want them all, let you count. It’s good.

“Hehe, do you know how many auction items are still available?”

Five, the next few things are likely to be sold for hundreds of millions. Do you want to take all of them?

Do you have this strength?

“Liu Na laughed more and more. It turned out that I encountered a stubborn product today! All the photos were taken, it may cost about 1 billion yuan. This Abe Zhang looks like a person with so much money? The people at the scene are all big bosses. Dare to say this kind of stupid thing that was all filmed, Abe Zhang actually said, how stupid is this person to say this kind of thing?! “Yes, I have said that I am not bad for money,” Abe Zhang said “Don’t make trouble!

Shut your mouth, or I will terminate cooperation with you!

“Liu Na played the ultimatum!? Abe Zhang sighed, “All right, you come!”

When they were bickering, they were already on another rough auction. Now, Liu Na finally had the intention to bid. “Ten million!

“Twenty million!”

“Many big bosses are optimistic about this rough stone, so many people are interested in taking it. Liu Na is no exception. This rough stone can definitely be green! It can definitely make a lot of money! She estimated that she continued to shoot! “Abe Zhang, Don’t mind, Liu Na is such a person, she is actually pretty good.

“Lu Youwen said something nice to Liu Na. Just now when Liu Na said Abe Zhang, she was also angry, but she couldn’t help it. “It’s okay,” Abe Zhang shrugged. What do you mind? “50 million!”


“Liu Na shot. In her hands, plus Abe Zhang’s 200 million, it’s 400 million.

No, if you take this one, you can bid for the last one.

But the premise is that the price cannot be 70 million!

She is nervous.

“This rough stone is very good?” Abe Zhang didn’t think much at first glance, but several big bosses were all taking pictures, which shows that this is a good thing.

“Hmph, of course, this rough stone, 70 million yuan will definitely make a profit! But if it exceeds 70 million, then there is no value in shooting.” Liu Na explained coldly.

“En,” Abe Zhang understood.

I also looked at this rough stone carefully, and studied it silently in my heart.

It seems that gambling on rocks cannot be learned overnight, it requires experience!

Liu Na was right. A few big bosses bought 70 million, so no one made any bids. Even if they did, it would be an increase of one or two million.

Liu Na’s analysis is also good. Of course, those who can become a big boss have a good vision, and their psychological estimate is about this number.

“Hey, I can’t take this one,” Liu Na decided to give up and just take the last one.

“Oh, the customer on the tenth bid 73 million. Are there any customers who bid higher prices?” The auctioneer was trying his best to shout.

Abe Zhang watched for a few seconds, made a phone call to his mother and made a video call, and showed his mother the rough stone auctioned for a while. Abe Zhang nodded and raised the sign, “80 million!” The price came out. , The language is amazing!


Liu Na was annoyed, “Abe Zhang, what are you doing? 80 million shots, there is not much money to make!” She was really angry to the extreme. She spent 80 million on this rough stone, so how much can the last auction item have? Money shot?

“There is money to be made.” Abe Zhang shrugged.

The boss who made the last bid sneered, “Fool, if this rough stone exceeds 70 million, there is not much money to make, just a few million, and you have to take such a big risk!” “Haha, what a fool, this is a Lengtouqing, right? A newcomer?” “Surely, we old guys stopped shooting, he still shoots? Isn’t this what Liaotouqing is? Waiting to lose money!” The auction house jokes Zhang As for Ce, Liu Na said coldly, “I see it, I hear it, others say you are a fool!!”

Chapter 777

is also mine. “Who is a fool is not always certain!” Abe Zhang shrugged .

Just now, Abe Zhang specifically called and asked her mother if she would bet on rocks?


Mom’s first reaction was stunned.

Abe Zhang knew it, and my mother must understand this.

During the video call, my mother asked Abe Zhang’s lens to pull in a little, three seconds, and my mother said that I could shoot!


My mother said so confidently, so I ignored Abe Zhang and wouldn’t listen.


My mother said, this rough stone can be earned after 100 million photographs.

Now 80 million can be photographed, who is the fool?


It’s clear at a glance.

“Hmph, if you photograph this stone, you will definitely lose!” Liu Na said coldly.

The big bosses on the scene are all veterans, and they feel that there is no need to shoot. Then Abe Zhang, who is stunned, still shoots. What does this mean?

It shows that Abe Zhang is a fool!


“It’s not that you have the right to lose!” Abe Zhang laughed.

“Huh!!” Liu Na was dizzy!

I kindly remind you that you still say such things!

The dog bites Lu Dongbin and doesn’t know good people!


“Okay, this piece was photographed by customer number 20!” The auctioneer appeared mockingly.

When they were on the auction, professional people first estimated that this rough stone was 60 to 70 million at most!

This Abe Zhang actually spent 80 million to shoot it, making them an extra 10 million. What’s wrong with it?

Met a fool.

Abe Zhang shrugged.

Too lazy to be familiar with these people, this kind of person who considers himself a veteran, in the eyes of my mother, is nothing at all.

Next, there were other auction items.

Abe Zhang still secretly gave his mother a video call, and looked closer. Mom was commenting, of course Abe Zhang listened carefully.

I didn’t expect my mother to be proficient in this, you know, when you come back, you should let your mother teach yourself this.

In fact, where Tina Li wanted to get it, Abe Zhang would suddenly come into contact with this gambling stone!

“Cer, Liu Na next to you, in terms of gambling on rocks, it’s okay, you can find her to learn experience first,” Tina Li said.

Looking at Liu Na, she still thought it was good. She was so young that she already had the eyes of a veteran.

“I know my mother,” Liu Na had already bid, but the big boss with rich financial resources also took a fancy to the stone she was fond of, and the price would be hundreds of millions in a while.

Liu Na is in a hurry!

It’s all Abe Zhang, who just spent 80 million to buy a piece of trash that was losing money, otherwise he would have a lot of confidence!

“Two hundred million! The number one guest bid two hundred million!” The auctioneer yelled.

Liu Na sighed, if this goes on, she will go home empty-handed tonight!

“Three hundred million!!” Abe Zhang raised the sign!

Lu Youwen was shocked!

The guests who were still bidding looked at each other!

“What’s the situation? This stunned boy is still shooting? It has also been directly increased to 300 million? Is it a fool?” “I doubt it is a fool. Could it be that he came here to make trouble?” “This rough stone exceeds 250 million. Oh my god, does this fool still spend 300 million?” There are different opinions, and they all mock Abe Zhang.

“Abe Zhang, what are you doing?” Liu Na was extremely angry.

It’s been twice, the last auction item hasn’t been on the market. You spent the money ahead of time. What about the last auction item?

“Nothing, I’m shooting momentum.” Abe Zhang was speechless.

“I warn you, your 300 million, you do it yourself, don’t use my money!!” Liu Na said coldly.

what is this?

Take your own money to buy the same high-priced stone?

Waiting for a loss?


“Relax, I’m really not bad money, and I won’t use your money.” Abe Zhang said.

“That’s the best!!” Liu Na was annoyed, so Abe Zhang’s money is probably used up, so he still needs to cooperate with Abe Zhang?

Liu Na is even hotter.

Who told his friend Lu Youwen to introduce it?

It’s not good for her to stop cooperating now, she can only finish cooperating this time, and she will never cooperate anymore!

Liu Na felt that this was the worst cooperation in her career!

It seems that next time, you must carefully look at talents!


Abe Zhang’s offer of this price aroused ridicule from the big boss on the scene. No one continued to bid any more, because it was not worth it!

Buy 300 million back, absolutely, you will definitely lose money!

I can’t compete with a fool!

The big bosses laughed mockingly, and when the meeting started, you would cry.

The last auction item appeared in the crowd’s attention!

This is a rough stone the size of a bucket.

“The starting price of this rough stone is 100 million yuan! Let’s make a bid! It’s definitely worth the money!” The auctioneer didn’t introduce anything at all, but the atmosphere on the spot had been ignited!

We all know that the things that appeared on the finale are definitely good things.

Liu Na sighed, absolutely unable to shoot, absolutely.



Stop shooting!

Liu Na is not in the mood at all, the big bosses on the scene are eager to try, how can you compare with this kind of big boss!

Abe Zhang spent 380 million just now, and he can spend up to 100 million, or 50 to 60 million, for cooperation.

What’s the use of this money?


Adding to my own less than 200 million, it would be a hell to be able to photograph the final finale.

“Boss Liu, don’t you make an offer?” Abe Zhang asked.

What is Liu Na thinking?


“What’s going on? This will definitely cost about 500 million, and I have less than 200 million in my hand. Do you have the remaining 300 million?” Liu Na couldn’t help it.

Abe Zhang didn’t shoot the two rough stones just now, so he took out RMB 380 million, and he could still have a chance to photograph the final final product. But now, what chance is there?

“Two hundred million!” “Three hundred million five!” The price is still rising, and many big bosses are here for this rough stone. What opportunities are there?

No more.

“Liu Na, don’t get excited, Abe Zhang has the money,” Lu Youwen said.

She doesn’t know exactly how much Abe Zhang has, but billions are definitely there.

“He has? Lu Youwen, are you kidding me?” Liu Na said coldly.

“No, why am I joking with you?” Abe Zhang held up the sign when the two of them were talking!

“Five hundred million!!” Liu Na was annoyed.”

500 million?

Do you have so much money?

I am at most 200 million!


“The audience was shocked! Turning around, it was Abe Zhang bidding again! “This kid is crazy?”

Who knows him?

” “I do not recognize.

“I don’t know either,” “A hairy boy with so much money?”

It was 380 million just now, but now it’s 500 million?

Boy, do you have that much money?

“Yeah, do you have one?”

Don’t mess with her mother if you don’t!

“The guests are all annoyed. What is it? How much does one want to take? “Yes!”

“Abe Zhang said lightly. The auctioneers are all stuck, he has been a betting auctioneer for so long, how many auctions have been held in large and small auctions? I have never seen Abe Zhang! “I’m paying 500 million, if no one bids, Then this piece is mine too.

“Abe Zhang’s voice sounded! Everyone is annoyed!!

Chapter 778

can’t imagine! “Hmph, I want to see how much money you have!”

I pay 600 million!


“A big boss said coldly! “I’m out too!”

Six hundred and thirty million!

“A bald man said coldly. “I also came out, six hundred and fifty million!”


“At the auction site, several big bosses were irritated by Abe Zhang’s words. Liu Na was annoyed, what chance is there now? It was directly raised to nearly 700 million yuan, which is a sky-high price! Now there is even no chance! Liu Na really is I’m so angry that I want to swear! “Tsk, this kid must be scared, six hundred and fifty million, he dare to bid?

“Surely not!”

I have already spent 380 million just now, how can I still have money to shoot?


“The guests were all talking and expressing their opinions, thinking that Abe Zhang must have no money to shoot. There are big bosses at the scene, and everyone with a little knowledge knows how can you compete with such a big boss?! A word from Lu Youwen Not to mention, just look at Abe Zhang. This time when Abe Zhang came back, she also felt the change of Abe Zhang, from the inside out, calm! At this moment, Abe Zhang is calm! However, Abe Zhang’s expression fell on In Liu Na’s eyes, she can only be angry!! Without so much money, are you calm and useful? “The tens of millions of dollars are boring!



“Abe Zhang said with a sign. The audience was in an uproar! “Billion?

Am I right?

“A direct increase of 350 million yuan!”

“Is this guy a super rich second generation?”

“Who knows this?”

“Everyone in the audience exploded because of Abe Zhang’s sudden sentence. Lu Youwen was astonished, one billion? She knew it was nothing to Abe Zhang, but Abe Zhang’s expression told her that Abe Zhang was even more than she had estimated. Rich, and much more rich! Liu Na is shocked! He actually called out a billion, does he have so much money?? The auctioneer’s jaw is almost shocked.


He has hosted so many auctions, and the price of one billion has not yet appeared!

This is a sky-high price!

“Okay, this customer bid one billion, is there any other customer who bid higher than this customer?” The auctioneer roared excitedly!

The few people who had just arrived to bid were all annoyed!

Abe Zhang’s words made them feel insulted!

Was actually insulted by a stunner who had just come into contact with gambling?


“Hey, kid, do you have that much money?” the bald man said coldly.

With a one-time offer, close to 1.4 billion people, they are a bit reluctant, let alone Abe Zhang, who is still a face?


“Do I have any money, what does it matter to you?? If you want to shoot, you will charge your price. If you don’t, then you will shut up.” Abe Zhang said coldly.

“Damn, you!!” The bald man was irritated to the extreme.

There was a lot of discussion on the spot!

This strategy is looking for death, don’t you know that this bald man is powerful?

To dare to make a bald man embarrassed in public is really fatal.

Lengtouqing is Lengtouqing!

It’s not wrong to die!


“No one has bid, auctioneer, don’t you drop the hammer?” Abe Zhang said.

“Yes, yes!” The auctioneer was excited to drop the hammer!

No one bids for the sky-high price of one billion!

They were all caught in anger, Abe Zhang appeared, took three of them, and let them leave empty-handed. They were angry!

“Damn, I’ll see you die soon!” “I took a look, and the final piece was worth more than 700 million at most, maybe even less. If he shoots it with 1 billion, he will definitely lose!” Ah, all fools know that this must be a big loss. He thought it would be great to take three stones. He didn’t know that it would make him cry!” “Haha!” This ridicule sounded again!

The auctioneer drops the hammer!

This auction will come to an end!


Abe Zhang went to the backstage to give money!

“He really has so much money?” Liu Na was stunned.

It’s totally unimaginable!

If you have more than one billion working capital at will, the big bosses on the scene can’t compare it.

“Yes, absolutely.” “But doesn’t he only have a square worth hundreds of millions?” Liu Na couldn’t understand!

She knew that Abe Zhang, the city square, was good now, it was already done, and it must be worth more than one billion.

However, value is value. Before it is converted into money, everything is empty talk. Under this circumstance, according to reason, Abe Zhang’s working capital will not exceed 300 million at all, but it is almost 1.4 billion now!


“Who told you that?” Lu Youwen was speechless.

“You, isn’t it you?” Liu Na was shocked.

“I didn’t tell you this. It’s just that you only asked about the square. Abe Zhang still has a construction site that has invested more than two billion dollars now. There is also a five-star hotel close to four

It was bought for one billion…” Lu Youwen said like a few treasures. Liu Na’s beautiful eyes were all stared, her head felt as if she had been hit by a fist, and she was dizzy. “What?

“I haven’t finished yet… he still invested in movies…” Lu Youwen said a lot, and Liu Na sat in a chair blankly. Then the ordinary Abe Zhang actually has more money than everyone on the scene? I can’t imagine it! “Why didn’t you tell me before?

Liu Na smiled bitterly. She was embarrassed just now. She actually made an axe in front of Abe Zhang, who is worth tens of billions. “Uh, you didn’t ask!”

“Well, I’ve missed it. He is so rich. However, the prices of the three photos he took today are too high to make money at all. A conservative estimate might be a loss of three or four billion!


“Liu Na said seriously. She heard the analysis of many big bosses on the scene, and she felt so. Abe Zhang shot too high, he will definitely lose! Lu Youwen is nervous, will lose so much?? People at the scene, They were all laughing at Abe Zhang’s jokes. Abe Zhang came out from behind and settled the bill. The doubt in Liu Na’s heart was completely gone. She was all cautious. She didn’t expect that Abe Zhang was not ordinary. It was low-key to the extreme, who I can imagine that such a person can actually spend so much money! “Just now, I’m sorry.

“Liu Na lowered her head, she felt shameless? “It’s okay.

“Abe Zhang doesn’t mind. “Really, this kid must be a super rich second generation,” “100%, look at his foolish appearance, not rich second generation, can he have so much money?”



“The ridicule is still there, Abe Zhang comes over, and everyone is here. This is about to start to lay the stone. Three pieces are worth 1.4 billion, what will come out? They will not be too surprised, they just want to know How much money will Abe Zhang lose this time! “Open this piece first,” Abe Zhang pointed to a stone. The staff, immediately arranged a cutting machine to lay the stone. Abe Zhang was full of confidence, Liu Na saw her Sigh, what about money? Bad vision, these three stones are doomed to lose money?!

Chapter 779

what look in his eyes? To be honest, Lu Youwen is also nervous! Betting on the stone, Abe Zhang I just got in touch, and I only got in touch today. However, Abe Zhang is so confident, where does his confidence come from? Will he not lose money? Lu Youwen thinks that he might have harmed Abe Zhang this time, so he shouldn’t be brought here. Oh!! Everyone is booing! “What is it?

I’ll come first, open my piece first!


“This is the first person to shoot the rough stone.” “Sir, this…” the cutter asked Abe Zhang. “Whatever, he can come first.

“Abe Zhang doesn’t matter. He hasn’t

Have seen this picture!

“Okay, let’s open Mr.’s piece first,” the cutter saw Abe Zhang agree, what can he say?


“Wow!” The cutter’s voice was harsh, cutting into the stone.

Everyone’s attention!

Abe Zhang is also particularly interested in watching.

The cutting machine goes deep, and a bit of green appears!

“Wow, it’s green!” “Boss Liu has a good eye. It’s okay to make at least five or six million yuan for your piece…” The guests were all surprised.

Unexpectedly, the first piece I opened was green, and the color was pretty good!

“How about it, Lao Liu, I’ll buy it with 15 million.” “I’ll pay 16 million!” Several big bosses all spoke.

This rough stone is good.

As long as you buy it, you will definitely make a profit, so why not buy it?

It’s kind of robbing.

The boss laughed and negotiated the price with others.

In addition, all the other auctioned stones just came to cut the stone, and Abe Zhang also asked them to cut it first, it didn’t matter.

In fact, this bet on rocks is a bit interesting.

“Boss, it’s you.” The cutter said to Abe Zhang.

“Okay, this piece!” Abe Zhang still pointed to the smallest piece.

Everyone’s attention!

It’s all about watching the fun.

Cutting maneuver, slowly cutting the stone!

Starting from the edge, cut a third!

“Hey, didn’t he buy this piece for 80 million? I see, this piece has a loss of at least 20 million!” “I think it’s definitely more than that. It’s possible to lose 30 million!” “Haha, you guys. I’m not confident, I think it’s possible to lose half of it!” They all laughed, and Liu Na was silent for three seconds, and felt that everyone was right, and all the veterans present.

Everyone agrees that there will be a loss, so the probability of a loss is almost 100%.

Liu Na thinks it should be around 20 million!

Stone gambling is not something that can be played with money.


Abe Zhang’s vision is not good, he is destined to lose money!

Fortunately, it is also a good thing for Abe Zhang to buy it like this and quit the gambling business.


The turning of the cutting machine was harsh and dusty.

“Hey, there is green!” “There must be green! Or else you will die.” “Wow, it’s so full, it’s all green inside, is this kind of green emperor green!!” “What? My OMG, the emperor green, it is really emperor green!” Everyone was shocked!

Two words were written in their eyes, shocked!


Even the cutter was moved, and he was more cautious when cutting.

“What an emperor’s green! The value of this piece is definitely hundreds of millions. This is 80 million bought and made at least 30 million!” They were shocked!

This piece, everyone looked away, it was not a loss, but a profit!


It’s incredible!

“It’s actually, Emperor Green, how did he see it?” Liu Na muttered to herself, she was so beautiful that she was right.

Even Lu Youwen was shocked.

Abe Zhang’s vision is so good?


Abe Zhang smiled in his heart. Sure enough, his mother’s eyes were poisonous. It was just a video call, and his mother saw this piece of value. Not to mention, his mother’s eyes were so good.

Abe Zhang is looking forward to the next stone, what will appear?

“Continue!” Abe Zhang pointed to another piece!

The cutter swallowed and started to cut the second piece. He really did not expect that the rare imperial green could appear in the first piece.

What is this vision?

As the sound of the cutting machine rang again, everyone looked at each other!


“I guess this one should not be so lucky, right? I bought it for 300 million, and I think it will lose 50 to 100 million!” “I also think it should be so much!” They expressed their opinions in advance. However, some people didn’t finish their words, and the cut powder suddenly turned green!

Everyone was shocked again!

“Oh my god, my god! It’s impossible!” “I’m not mistaken, it’s another piece of emperor green!” They were stunned!

The chin is about to fall. It’s really rare to see it. No, it’s rare. The rare imperial green appears twice in a row. This kind of luck is too bad, right?


Liu Na was stunned, she opened her mouth completely involuntarily, her pretty face was filled with horror!

Both pieces are imperial green, is this luck?


“Tsk tusk, my mother took it, such a big piece of emperor green, ah, 400 million, not 500 million, absolutely worth more than 500 million!” The scene was full of exclamation voices.

They had never thought beforehand that the stones Abe Zhang shot could make money. However, to everyone’s expectation, they made a lot of money for two consecutive dollars!

Is this still a fresh starter?


“Brother, how about you earning 500 million yuan?” a big boss said hurriedly.

“Me, I want too, you give me 530 million!” The scene fell into looting!

“Sorry, not for sale!” Abe Zhang shook his head, he was ready to do this, what was it?

It’s going to be an industrial chain.

“Boy, you just started, you can’t eat such a big thing by yourself! Sell it to me, and I will help you!” “I can eat it!” Abe Zhang shrugged.

Everyone is shocked!

how to eat!

Liu Na was incredible. Abe Zhang said this calmly, giving her the feeling that Abe Zhang wanted to go deep into this industry!

What does Abe Zhang want to do?

Is it made into an industrial chain?


How much money is needed for this!


“Open the last piece!” Abe Zhang’s eyes flickered, and he was also a little excited.

Abe Zhang has learned a lot about the stone gambling skills that his mother said, especially when he opened the stone just now.

Abe Zhang has experience.

Is Emperor Green?


Everyone held their breath!

“Two pieces in a row are emperor green, this third piece should be impossible, right?” “Absolutely impossible! This piece is still emperor green, my name can be written backwards!” “I don’t think it can be. Well, where is such good luck? Take a look, he just made two yuan and made about 300 million yuan, so he must lose the third yuan! If he doesn’t shoot the final piece, he will definitely make a lot of money. It’s a pity…” Everyone expressed their opinions. Abe Zhang remained unmoved. He stared at the third stone, “Cut!” “Wow!” The cutter swallowed, and he pressed the cutter nervously!


Chapter 780

Are you interested?

The sound of the cutting machine is harsh!

At the scene, there were no other sounds, not even breathing.

Everyone held their breath!

This is the subconscious behavior of everyone at the scene, because everyone wants to see whether the third stone photographed by Abe Zhang can be green!

Is it losing money or making money?

Liu Na’s beautiful eyes are solemn and even nervous!

Have you missed it?



The powder from the stone cutting was scattered, and the green powder suddenly appeared!

The first one at the scene was their eyes widened. They couldn’t believe it!

“Oh my god, this, this is actually emperor green again!!” “What does he think? This god-man!” “I admire him too much! Did he pretend to be stunned, in fact he is A master looking at stones?” “Absolutely! Unbelievable! I have never seen anything like this before. Three pieces were taken, and all three pieces were actually emperor green. This is a mythical record!” They were shocked. Now, the chin is about to fall, because it is incredible!

How much is such a large piece of Emperor Green worth?

At the very least, 1.23 billion starts!

In other words, Abe Zhang actually made at least 7.8 billion in this auction?



Everyone at the scene must swallow!

Liu Na was horrified!

Unexpectedly, did you miss it again?

What’s going on?


Liu Na couldn’t believe the scene before her.

Is Abe Zhang a newcomer or a master with hidden strength?


Lu Youwen is surprised!

“Well, help me put it away!” Abe Zhang breathed a sigh of relief, admiring his mother to the extreme in his heart.

What is it that my mother can’t?


The cutter listened to Abe Zhang dumbfounded.

“Ah, brother, you sell one piece to me, and that piece will go out 1.3 billion!” “I will pay 1.5 billion!” Everyone knows that such a big emperor green can be bought for money!


“I’m not selling!” Abe Zhang refused?


The big bosses at the scene felt sorry.

Alas, regret it, it turns out that some of our old people are fools, and they have missed it. If I insist on calling the last one just now, it won’t be… alas!


“Me too, how can I think of it, this is Emperor Green!”

“They are all regretful! Regret that they didn’t compete with Abe Zhang just now! After all, this is the emperor green! “Let’s go!”

Can go back today!

“Abe Zhang shrugged. Lu Youwen, pulling Liu Na out of here! The scene is exploding again! “This young man is going to become a legend here!”

They were amazed! “Hmph, this kid is too ignorant to praise, ask him to buy it.”

He actually doesn’t sell it, three pieces of emperor green, can he eat it!

“A sinister boss said slowly, his eyes were red and red. “What’s wrong, Boss Guo still has an idea?”

“A thief-like boss, it’s a hit! “What do you mean?

This kid, these three imperial greens may be worth more than two billion, I don’t believe you are not interested!

“Hey, of course!

“Yes, aren’t you looking for someone?”

Do you often do such things?

“Boss Guo said coldly. “Hey, Boss Guo, it’s not right for you to say that. Just do it occasionally, where can you do it often?”

“Stop talking nonsense, go and prepare people!”

“Okay, I have already arranged it, but ah, what kind of super rich second-generation kid should be, if we do this rashly, will there be any problems!”

“You think too much, secretly did him, come to a ruin, who can find out?”

With a value of 2 billion, don’t take this risk?

Do you want to eat free food?

Making money is not easy!

“Boss Guo smiled insidiously. The two hit it off and asked someone to prepare. Liu Na was very cautious and nervous. Because of what? The auction just now had an verbal agreement with Abe Zhang and cooperation, but from beginning to end, she She didn’t even get any money out. What’s more, she thought Abe Zhang was wrong, and she would definitely lose money! Unexpectedly, she made a huge profit of hundreds of millions! “Don’t worry, Abe Zhang is very good. Contract spirit,” Lu Youwen watched Liu Na fidgeting. So he comforted. Liu Na smiled bitterly, contract spirit? But she didn’t do anything? Abe Zhang will give herself money for nothing?! Abe Zhang will be so good?! Impossible, one Normal people would not do this, let alone a verbal agreement. “Cer, there are some things related to gambling on rocks. First, find the girl you are cooperating with. I will sort out a data for you these days. Study hard.

“Tina Li smiled slightly. Abe Zhang is interested in gambling on stone. Just now, she said that he wanted to make gambling on stone into an industrial chain. She was quite happy. Because Abe Zhang has a good idea and really does it. Into production

Industry chain, then there is definitely money to be made!

“Well, I see, mom, it’s dead.” Abe Zhang wants to talk to Liu Na.

My mother’s evaluation of her is not bad. In other words, Liu Na has such a good experience in betting on rocks at her current age, which is quite rare.

Cultivate, she is definitely a big sister in the stone gambling world.

“Well, by the way, Abe, fighting must never stop! You know?” Tina Li was serious enough.

First of all, ensure that you can survive, and then a business empire can be built.

“I see,” “Don’t forget, I’m just your son, and you have to live well.” “Well, mom don’t say it!” The phone hung up, and Tina Li smiled slightly here. This child also dislikes me. Too much talk?


After laughing, she looked serious, You Shiwen, you really surprised me… Abe Zhang came over, and Liu Na said cautiously, “Abe Zhang, what do you plan to do with these three stones,” “Do you have a good way? “I, I can do it again. Do you want to do it? I just calculated it. The value should be around 2.2 billion. I know someone who sells it to 2.2 billion. There should be no problem.” At this time, Liu Na was already polite without knowing it.

This Abe Zhang shocked her again and again tonight. This is definitely a super rich second generation!

“I don’t want to make a move!” Abe Zhang shook his head, his tone somewhat profound.

“Don’t want to make a move? Then you. Want to do it yourself? Handling it yourself? This requires a lot of channels.” Liu Na does this and invests money. That’s not a big deal!

“Yes, how much does it cost to establish an industrial chain and establish channels? Have you ever calculated it?” “You, do you want?!” “Yes, I’m going to talk to my mother on the phone. She supports me to do this,” Liu Na couldn’t believe it, she was the second generation of super rich. “This industry chain may need tens of billions!” “Oh, only tens of billions? That’s okay! Are you interested in doing it with me?” Abe Zhang asked with a shrug.

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