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Chapter 821

Tina Li’s vision!

Abe Zhang won unexpectedly!

This is the beginning, no one knows!

You know, Ma Hao is so strong, he was defeated by a little-known Abe Zhang!

The audience was silent for a minute!


“I didn’t expect that this time the freshman competition will be the first one, he will be! Why? He obviously doesn’t look like this? How could it?” Coach Qiu Shui muttered to herself, and she did not expect it.

However, she suddenly thought of one thing, that is, when Abe Zhang was looking for her last time, he seemed to mention whose son it was?



In an instant, coach Qiu Shui’s beautiful eyes shone.

“Abe Zhang? He actually won!” Liu Li was dumbfounded!

Abe Zhang, her least optimistic, actually won this competition!


What does she say, she is dreaming anyway!

Liu Ge’s eyes are sinister, “He hides so deeply? Then, was it him who stunned me last time??” He thought it was Ma Hao!

But if Abe Zhang defeated Ma Hao, was it more likely that he was the one who killed him with a punch that night?

“Brother, did you see it? Abe Zhang won. She is our student. We have a long face this time!” Liu Li smiled slightly!

At this moment, it was pleasing to see how Abe Zhang looked.

“Tiantian, did you see it? Abe Zhang defeated Ma Hao!!” Several girls were in shock


The sweet eyes were dull, “He, will he be the one who saved me?” Several girls stared at each other!


“He has this kind of strength, of course he can save you, but why did he encounter danger in coach Liu Li, why did he choose to escape?” “I see, is there a holiday between Abe Zhang and Liu Li? So I don’t save it?” “Oh, this is possible! Sweet, Abe Zhang is so powerful, it may really be the one who sacrificed his life to attract the grizzly!” Sweet eyes Shuosuo, was it you that saved me?

Abe Zhang?


“Is anyone still challenging me? Just come up!!” Abe Zhang’s voice was like Hong Zhong.

Resounded in the ears of every new student.

There is no one among every new student here, even if the breathing sounds still.

Because of this battle, they deeply shocked them!


“No one?” Abe Zhang shrugged.

No one answered!


No one dared to answer!

Those who defeated Ma Hao with such overwhelming strength, they know and understand!

“Coach Qiushui! You seem to be able to announce it,” Abe Zhang said.

“En? En!” Coach Qiu Shui was taken aback, he recovered, and said in public, “Ma Hao was defeated! The first freshman competition this time is the student Abe Zhang from the name of Coach Liu Li!!!” Phew!

Cheers from the audience!

This is truly deserved!


Abe Zhang shrugged, “Then I can make a request?” “You are the first, of course you can!” “This is my student!” Liu Li was named by Coach Qiushui.

She is excited, this is giving her a face!

“Coach Liu Li is really amazing, and he has taught such a good student!” There was an enviable compliment from another coach!

“Hey, why haven’t I received such a powerful student! Alas, envy and jealousy!” Liu Li was in a good mood!

It’s been a long time!

Her fighting talent is very average, and she can be a coach in Wumen because Wumen has taken a fancy to her diligence.

In the huge martial arts, she has always been unknown. Today, Abe Zhang made her face long!


For the first time she was envied by other coaches.

For the first time, I was stared at by so many eyes, as if it were in focus.

These are the honors Abe Zhang gave to himself!

Leaving aside, Liu Li is looking at Abe Zhang anyway, and the more he looks, the more pleasing to the eye.

“By the way, Coach Liu Li, you are Abe Zhang’s coach, so you can come up too! You can also make a request!” said Coach Qiushui.

Liu Li can’t wait to run into the ring!

“Abe Zhang, congratulations on your winning the first place! You deserve it!” Liu Li smiled slightly.

Abe Zhang shrugged.

“The coach sincerely hopes that you will get better and better! Rest assured, I will continue to teach you in a stricter way!” Abe Zhang still shrugged.

“Of course, I’m not so unkind, this

If you won first place this time, I will give you three days off. You can do whatever you want during these three days.

“Liu Li smiled slightly. Abe Zhang shrugged and smiled. Liu Li felt relieved, this Abe Zhang is still very easy to get along with. Then I have to be strict with him in the future, too strict is not enough, just loose and tight. In Liu Li’s heart, he has already thought about the next course of training and teaching Abe Zhang. “Coach Liu Li, as a coach, you can make this request first!

Coach Qiu Shui reminded. “Me.


“Liu Li hasn’t thought about this issue yet! Because where did she think that Abe Zhang, she was not optimistic, would actually win? “May I think about it?”

Abe Zhang, let’s talk first!

Liu Li smiled slightly. “Sure?”

Abe Zhang smiled. “Yes, I haven’t thought about the coach yet.”

“Abe Zhang was disrespectful, “Well, coach Qiushui, can I do a lot with this request?”


“Yes, you can mention anything Wumen can do!”

Coach Qiu Shui said. This is the rule of Wumen for so many years. “For example, the strongest freshman in Wumen, you shouldn’t have heard of a person, Tina Li, she put forward a request within the power of Wumen!

“Coach Qiushui recalled. “Me.


What request did she make?

“Abe Zhang wanted to know what requirements his mother would make as a freshman? “This requirement seems to be useless for Tina Li now.”

“Not useful yet?”


“Abe Zhang was astonished. Twenty years ago, my mother’s request was actually useless? “Yes, this Tina Li’s request is that when she needs it, all the people in Wumen must help her.” once!

Coach Qiu Shui was also puzzled. This request has been in the past twenty years, but Tina Li’s need has not been raised until now!? The senior Wumen thought that Tina Li did not want this request! Abe Zhang was stunned. Mom made such a request?? At this moment, Abe Zhang admired his mother. Twenty years ago, his mother was so far-sighted! Abe Zhang understands that his mother’s twenty years of development can become what he is now, this vision That’s amazing! I have a long-term vision to have my mother today!! “You can also make similar requests, of course, I’m just suggesting.

“No, I’m old.”


“Abe Zhang shrugged, and his mother raised it all, so what else did he ask for?? “Well, what do you ask for?”

“Liu Li also flickered beautiful eyes, what request would Abe Zhang ask for? Will she always let herself be his coach! Liu Li was too excited today and started to think about it. “I.


“Abe Zhang shrugged, “I want you to be my coach!”


Chapter 822

You are so passionate! “Abe Zhang, what are you talking about?”


I’m your coach, why are you

What do you say to Qiushui?


“For a moment, Liu Li was angry and blushing!!! She was ashamed to the extreme! She thought that Abe Zhang would ask her to continue as a coach, but actually let Coach Qiu Shui be his coach?? Coach Qiu Shui was shocked! She did not expect Abe Zhangti That’s what I asked for?! Why do you want to be your own coach? “I think you made a mistake. The purpose of my coming to Wumen is what my mother said. Let me find Coach Qiushui to learn how to fight. My mother didn’t mention it. you!


“Abe Zhang said politely. Liu Li was annoyed, “Abe Zhang, you’re such a bastard, you cross the river and break the bridge!”

“What river have I crossed?”

What bridge was demolished?

You taught me my fighting?

Abe Zhang asked coldly. “Me, me.”


“Liu Li’s throat was stuck, she stamped her foot fiercely, “Abe Zhang, don’t regret what you said today!”


I will never regret it!

“Liu Li blushed and was humiliated. The coaches below were laughing at herself, and a group of new students laughed at herself. Liu Li was extremely angry, so you Abe Zhang, you have a premeditated plan! Humiliate yourself in public! Liu Li remembered the time to be humiliated! “Well, this is what you said!

“Liu Li said coldly! “I said it!”

“Abe Zhang didn’t look at her anymore,” Coach Qiushui, this is my request!

“You mentioned your mother just now?”

Who is your mother?


“Coach Qiushui wants to know about this. At such a young age, he can beat Ma Hao! This talent is not much genetic, and it is definitely impossible! “I will tell you this. My request has already been raised.” Coach Qiushui considered for three seconds. “I generally don’t accept students, but since you mentioned it, then you can!


“Well, thanks,” Abe Zhang shrugged. Liu Li was furious, and this face was so embarrassing today! Abe Zhang, I saw you already pleasing to my eyes just now, and I want to teach you well. At this moment, you let me Liu Li hates you!! “Go and prepare, go to my mountain and be my closed student!

” “it is good!

“Abe Zhang stepped off the ring. The new students here are full of envy and jealousy. To be a closed student of the No. 1 beauty coach in Wumen, this is the same meal and living! What’s the difference between living together? “Abe Zhang, that night It’s definitely you!

“Liu Ge is angry. Isn’t Abe Zhang’s request obvious yet?? The one who went up the mountain together that day was Abe Zhang. He found him, so he knocked him out! Coach Qiushui asked Liu Li, “Coach Liu Li, what do you have? Claim?

” “I!

“Liu Li resented Coach Qiushui, “I want you to leave Wumen. Can you do it?”

Coach Qiushui frowned, “Your request can only be applied to you, not to others!”

” “Humph!

I will remember my request!

“Liu Li left the scene angrily! Left an enviable one

All students!

Ma Hao crawled out of the ruins severely injured. He stared at Abe Zhang resentfully, “I’m Ma Hao never ending with you!!” … “Abe Zhang! Do you want to go? Ask me if I don’t!” Liu Li chased to the dormitory!

Abe Zhang has already started to pack his things, he has been in Wumen for five days, so he must hurry!

He doesn’t have a mobile phone and doesn’t know what’s going on outside.

I also want to know what happened to Lu Youwen and the others?

So Abe Zhang didn’t want to delay any time.

“Why did I ask you?” Abe Zhang said coldly.

“Abe Zhang! You’re such a bastard! Do you know that you made me embarrassed in public?” Liu Li’s beautiful eyes resented, and the ridicule of the new life was still vivid in Liu Li’s heart!

“So what? Are you going to hit me?” Abe Zhang was indifferent and approached step by step!

Liu Li was surprised!

Abe Zhang is that kind of strength, she is not sure to agree to Abe Zhang!

“I’m telling you, people must be self-aware, and you can’t teach me!” “Who said that I let you enter the martial arts! Without me, you can come in?” Liu Li was annoyed and said to Abe Zhang. She is not ashamed of the act of crossing the river and breaking the bridge!


“You can come in!” “Are you dreaming? You wouldn’t be able to come in without me! It’s good for you to do this to me!” Liu Li was annoyed when she thought of it!

“I think I have treated you good enough. Last time I was in the hospital, I could abolish you and your brother, and I let you two go!” Abe Zhang was really angry that day.

Unspeakable anger!


“You!!!” Liu Li was furious!

“Huh, Abe Zhang, you are too full of words, you abolished the two of us, do you have this strength?” Liu Ge stepped forward!

He closed the dormitory door with his backhand and locked it.

“Brother!” Liu Li was emboldened.

“Tell me, did you stun me that day?” Liu Ge took it step by step.

“Yes! What, do you still want to try?” Abe Zhang smiled slightly.

Liu Ge was annoyed, “You are looking for death!!!” Boom!


This is Liu Ge’s angry punch!

This time I have prepared, and I won’t be killed in seconds like that night!

“You are poor, don’t you know?” Abe Zhang shook his head in disappointment, hitting back with a punch!


Still in the same position, it hit Liu Ge’s cheek!


Liu Ge let out a scream, and fell to the ground like the trash that was thrown out, and passed out like a faint. When he closed his eyes, he realized that he was vulnerable in front of Abe Zhang!

No matter what, it was the result of being killed by Abe Zhang!

Liu Li was in shock!


He was actually killed by a spike again!

“Abe Zhang, are you hitting my brother again?” Liu Li rushed forward angrily.

She asked and waved her fist!


Abe Zhang is unmoved!


Grab her fist, hard!

It’s so easy!

Liu Li was stunned, and she was also killed in seconds!


There is pain!

“You are also very

Bad, don’t you know?


With this kind of strength, you still have the face to teach me?

You have a thick skin!

Abe Zhang shrugged. “Abe Zhang, are you scolding me?”

Liu Li was annoyed, and a gust of wind blew over! This is a slap! To her pretty face!!! “Ah!


Liu Li screamed! She closed her eyes. The next second, she didn’t feel the pain. She trembled and opened her eyes, Abe Zhang’s hand stopped on her cheek. “What are you doing?”

Liu Li’s lips trembled. With this slap, how can she see people! “Look how thick your face is!”

“Abe Zhang pinched her cheek. Liu Li went crazy with anger, “You bastard!”


“The skin is thick, but it’s still a bit tender!”

Forget it!

“Abe Zhang threw her away?” Liu Li fell to the ground. Liu Li was so angry that her coach was pinched by a student of Abe Zhang? She was really angry, but isn’t it Abe Zhang’s opponent! “Can you still do it now? I coached?

“Liu Li blushed, “Go!”


“”You said it yourself.

Abe Zhang went out with his luggage. “Brother, brother, wake up!”

“Liu Li shook Liu Ge in a coma. Where did Liu Ge wake up so quickly? Liu Li was annoyed, “Abe Zhang, I’m never ending with you!”


Chapter 823

My mother is Tina Li “Abe Zhang, are you going to coach the mountain in Qiushui?”


“Speaking is sweet with a few girls back. “Yes, something?

Abe Zhang shrugged. “It’s okay, by the way, was it you who saved me that day?”


Tiantian asked nervously. When she came back, she had already figured out the situation at the time, and she felt that Abe Zhang was more and more! It’s just that she didn’t show up at the time. “No, how could I save you?”

What you said, I will only attack you!

Abe Zhang was taken up the mountain by his luggage. “Abe Zhang, stop, hey.


Tiantian anxiously stamped his feet! It is a pity that Abe Zhang left without turning his head. “Tiantian, is it he?”

“I think it’s him!”

He saved me that day!

“Tian Tian can be sure. Abe Zhang’s words were obviously angry just now. Doesn’t this make it clear that he is the one who saved him? “But why did he save you?”

I know, does he see Tiantian you beautiful, so he secretly saves you?

“Sweet and blushing, “Not really!

“I think it is. I didn’t expect Abe Zhang to like you!”

“Tiantian shy red shook his head, “Don’t talk nonsense, he just passed by, so he saved me.

“What about Coach Liu Li?”

He also saw that Coach Liu Li was in danger, why didn’t he save Coach Liu Li!

“I, how do I know?”

“Sweet and sweet looked at Abe Zhang who had left to go up the mountain. What was your mood to save me?” “Ah, Abe Zhang is very good at fighting, and he has a good heart. We misunderstood him before!”


That’s right, suddenly seeing Abe Zhang pleasing a lot!

” “me too!

A few girls talked about Abe Zhang… Abe Zhang went up the mountain with his luggage. There was a person watching at the foot of the mountain! “Master!


This person beats you up like this, Master, let me teach him a lesson!


A man stood beside Ma Hao. “Huh, this guy actually surpassed me in fighting.”

Ma Hao is too embarrassed today. He has been hiding his identity as the rich second generation, but today he was so angry! He was so irritated by Abe Zhang in public!! “I saw him make a move, and it was indeed fast!

“Check all his information!”

Ma Hao said coldly! “This kind of person, he seems to know people with no background.

“Hmph, even if he has a background, would I be afraid of him?”


Ma Hao said coldly. “Yes, of course there is no need to be afraid of him, Master, I will check his information!”

“Give me to guard Wumen, I want him to lie down!”


“Ma Hao became venomous. This kind of shameful shame must be washed away with Abe Zhang’s blood!! “Yes, don’t worry, Master!”

I will do it now, and I will never let him out alive!

Ma Hao’s eyes flickered coldly, “Abe Zhang?

You shouldn’t slap me in the face in public!


I had no choice but to make up for your life.

“…Abe Zhang visited Coach Qiushui’s house last time, but he didn’t go in at night. Knock on the door! “Come in!”

Abe Zhang shrugged and went in. This house is the same as the dormitory. There are many rooms. Coach Qiu Shui lives alone on the mountain and in such a big house. Did he accidentally panic? “From today until you After graduating from Wumen check-in, I will teach you and I will!

Coach Qiushui was expressionless, with the majesty of a coach. “Well, where do I live!”

“You can live in the rooms on the first floor!”

Without my permission, you are not allowed to go up to the second floor. Once found, I will expel you from my school!


“Coach Qiushui is cold. Abe Zhang shrugged and agreed, and what do you go up to the second floor? Abe Zhang came here for advanced training! “Today you rest, and tomorrow I will start training you and teach you!”

” “Oh!

“Abe Zhang’s body is in pain, and he wants to sleep. He casually found a room and went in and took off his clothes. Fortunately, his mother’s clothes blocked Ma Hao’s cut. Otherwise, he must have bleed too much. Abe Zhang I lay down and fell asleep. Coach Qiu Shui heard the sound of breathing and went up to the second floor! … Boom!! Abe Zhang stepped back and hit the wall! He got excited! In the early morning, Coach Qiu Shui really started to teach himself to fight. She and Maya Tang, my mother taught a little bit differently. But Abe Zhang knows that this is definitely useful!! “Your flaw is still big!

Too eager for quick success and instant benefits, causing your foundation to be unstable!

When are you

When did you learn to fight?

“Instructor Qiushui asked. “Me?”

Most of the year.

“You mean, you have only studied for half a year?”


Coach Qiu Shui was shocked. For more than half a year, he has been better than others for more than ten and decades. What kind of perverted talent is this? “Well, it’s almost a year now.”

” “how old are you?

“It’s almost twenty,” Coach Qiushui stared at Abe Zhang, as she approached step by step, “Who is your coach?”

“She was surprised! Who can train a person like this in less than a year? “I have several coaches. The first one taught me boxing, and the second one taught me how to fight!

” “the second?

who is it?

“Qiu Shui coach asked. “Maya Tang.

“Coach Qiushui was familiar with the name, she remembered, and at the same time, Huaxia, she had heard that there was a strong woman in Beijing called Maya Tang. “Maya Tang you said is Jing…” “Yes,” “She Why teach you?

“She is my Aunt Tang!”

“Abe Zhang missed Maya Tang. I don’t know if Maya Tang is back in China at this time!” “Well, relatives?”

Coach Qiu Shui understood. “So there is a third one?”

” “Correct!

It’s my mother!

“Abe Zhang said proudly. This pride is sincere. There is no mother and there is no self! Without a mother, I don’t know what I am doing!! “Your mother is also a master of fighting?”


Coach Qiu Shui asked in surprise. “Yes, my mother is very good.”

Maya Tang helped me open the door to fighting, and my mother taught me all the skills and methods of fighting!

“That’s true. Maya Tang trained herself at that time. Without Maya Tang laying the foundation for herself, she would not have the current fighting strength. Mom’s sternness is taught by everyone! The current fighting strength is created. And ah , That is talent! This is really important. Without inheriting his mother’s fighting talent, it is impossible for Abe Zhang to have such strength at this time. “This, it belongs to my mother.

“Abe Zhang took out what Beatrice gave. Coach Qiu Shui looked at it for a while, but couldn’t understand and asked, “Then who is your mother?”

“You know too!”

” “I know?

I do not know.

Coach Qiu Shui shook his head and definitely denied it. She hasn’t met Abe Zhang again, how can she know who Abe Zhang’s mother is? “You know, you mentioned my mother yesterday.

Abe Zhang smiled slightly. “Me?”


I didn’t mention your mother, nothing.


You, you mean?


Coach Qiu Shui was suddenly astonished. When she thought of something, she suddenly asked, “Are you Tina Li’s son?”


“Yes, my mother is Tina Li.”

“Abe Zhang said proudly.

Chapter 824

is not the last call. Abe Zhang personally admitted that he was Tina Li’s son. This brought Qiushui

The coach’s shock is undoubtedly huge.

You know, as a student, Tina Li is the number one legend in Wumen!

Twenty years ago, he successfully passed through the barrier in just fifteen days and left. This really shocked the whole Wumen at that time!


Her departure, this record, has not been broken until today!

Few people know where she is!

Appearing again, is it her son?


Coach Qiu Shui shook his head, Abe Zhang looked a little different in any way!

She had never met Tina Li, but she heard that Tina Li was brave and brave twenty years ago, and the son she gave birth to is.


This one in front of me?


Coach Qiushui was surprised.

Abe Zhang, let’s not talk about talent. He could be Tina Li’s son, so he must have inherited Tina Li’s abnormal fighting talent, but his appearance is good.


Not that handsome, but it’s still pretty.

This is inherited from Tina Li’s talent, but not from Li Ziyang’s appearance gene?


“Are you true?” Coach Qiu Shui asked carefully.

“Of course it’s true,” Abe Zhang shrugged, “Why don’t you believe me?” “I…” Coach Qiu Shui shook his head, “It’s not unbelievable. Since you are Tina Li’s son, you can talk to her. It’s better to learn than from me.” It’s not that Coach Qiu Shui is humble, but that she knows the gap.

She knew that the record set by Tina Li could not be broken. Is this gap not obvious?


“My mother has something to do in other countries, I came to China, she asked me to learn from you, she said that you have been studying fighting, you can learn new things from you.” Abe Zhang said.

My mother wants to build her business empire and exercise her every day, but the fighting is still under the career, and there is no more energy to study fighting.

Coach Qiushui is different.

She has no career delays. It can be said that teaching others to fight is her career.

After teaching for so long, there must be new fighting skills that my mother never expected.

Coach Qiu Shui was still astonished, “Your mother said that to me!?” Is this a compliment?


Being praised by such a powerful senior, Coach Qiu Shui was a little surprised, well, it was a surprise.

In a sense, Coach Qiushui still admires this, Tina Li, who has kept the record until now.

“Yes, if you still don’t believe it, then you call me, I will call my mother, and you can tell her, like video calls,” Abe Zhang said.

The phone was put away when he came in.

“Okay, here you are,” Coach Qiu Shui also wanted to see what this Wumen legend looked like.

Abe Zhang took the cell phone and called his mother. After explaining the situation, he handed the cell phone to Coach Qiushui.

Coach Qiu Shui was taken aback and reached for his mobile phone.

On the screen is a smiling woman with a temperament


After coach Qiu Shui saw this woman, he was convinced!

This should be what Wumen Legend should look like!


Coach Qiushui was like a junior, feeling nervous in vain, as if he saw an idol.

“Hello, my son Abe Zhang has already told me about the situation, and I hope you will teach him as soon as possible.” “No problem, you can trust me, I will give you everything!” She has accepted Abe Zhang as a student Now, will teach, let alone Tina Li’s son.

“Thank you!” “No, I really admire you!” Tina Li on the screen was surprised, “Uh…” “Really, your record in Wumen, but no one has broken it now.” “Look. Can my son break it!” Tina Li has expectations of Abe Zhang!

Twenty years ago, I was at the same age as Abe Zhang now. As his son, Abe Zhang will be more blue than blue!


“Don’t worry, I will try my best!” “My son is playing late. In terms of training, let’s train the most intensely!” “Ok, listen to what you mean.” Coach Qiushui gave Abe Zhang the phone, but she, I also asked a question, “I want to ask you a question,” “Well, just ask,” “Your son, Abe Zhang, has inherited your talent, but his appearance is… it doesn’t seem to be inherited much.” What did Coach Qiu Shui say what.

Really, Abe Zhang and Tina Li are like gods, they don’t inherit too much, otherwise, Abe Zhang would be a beautiful man.

“Uh…” Tina Li couldn’t laugh or cry over there. She was a mother, and she was already having a headache for Abe Zhang.

If you are a little more handsome, how lucky is the peach blossom?

Tina Li will die anxiously.

Because Tina Li tried to instill traditional ideas in Abe Zhang, but what?


More and more, Tina Li wanted strict education, but it was useless.

Maybe Abe Zhang hasn’t fully grown up yet!

“I hope you don’t mind.” “No.” Coach Qiushui gave Abe Zhang the phone.

“Mom…” Abe Zhang shrugged.

“Cer, you have to work hard when you arrive at Wumen. I will come out in fifteen days, and you have to do it. You only have ten days now.” “I know my mother.” Abe Zhang’s eyes shone, and he established himself with confidence. Up.

“Okay, hang up, just say something, don’t hold it in your heart.” Tina Li was afraid that Abe Zhang was under too much pressure.

Because the pressure of the four words of the hidden family is already great enough, let alone facing two hidden families at the same time!


There are thousands of families?


Neither of these are easy to mess with!

“Mom, I know,” “Don’t dislike me, I…” “No, mom, I’m hanging up,” Abe Zhang gave the phone to Coach Qiushui.

Coach Qiushui saved Tina Li’s number, in case there is any

When is it used?


“Abe Zhang, you have such a good mother. You should say a few more words. Why are you so anxious to hang up her phone?” Coach Qiu Shui was speechless. As an orphan, she really envied such a mother.

Fighting strength, the world’s top, and there is a lot of money.

She could see from the background of the video that Tina Li was standing in a very good place.

“Uh, it’s not the last call, what are you doing with so much.” Abe Zhang shrugged.

My mother wouldn’t mind these, besides, my mother’s strength and living ability, there is no need for Abe Zhang to ask more.

People who can live a lifetime in the virgin forest, Abe Zhang feels that there is really nothing to say.

“Don’t say that, when an accident strikes, it will always be the next second. Cherish what is right now.” Coach Qiu Shui was deeply moved.

Chapter 825

will not happen!

“Um…” Abe Zhang was surprised.

The accident is always at the next second, Abe Zhang must know!


Because no one in this world can predict the future. Everyone speaks of ordinary people who continue to be born, old, sick and die.

However, my mother’s fighting strength and physical fitness are absolutely top in the world.

You know, You Jia’s strongest bodyguard, but he lost without his mother’s two moves!

Although there are reasons for the difference in age between the two, the biggest reason is that my mother’s fighting strength is excellent.

Otherwise, try someone else?


This kind of strength is rare in the world.

It’s just that, Nora Wan’s Wanjia, the strongest bodyguard has not yet appeared, this person, who is better than his mother?


Abe Zhang doesn’t know, because Wanjia is the real first family!

“My mother is so strong, she shouldn’t be surprised by what you call it?” Abe Zhang said, also getting serious.

“I’m not cursing how your mother is, no, you heard it just now, I admire your mother, I just want you to be nice to your mother, don’t bother her.” Coach Qiu Shui is envious.

“Um.” Abe Zhang was speechless, and he didn’t do anything to his mother?


“Then I didn’t say it.” Coach Qiushui shook his head and let Abe Zhang rest tonight and start training tomorrow.

“Hi…” Coach Qiu Shui’s words made Abe Zhang want to call his mother and ask.

In other words, my mother’s pressure in the United States is much greater than her own. As a son, she should really care.

I was a bit unfilial just now!

Abe Zhang regretted it and should ask about his mother’s situation. It seemed that his mother had always cared about herself, but as a son, she had not cared about her.

Abe Zhang felt more guilty as he thought about it.

“What are you doing?” “Forget it, after I get out from here, I’ll call my mother again,” at that time, it happened to tell my mother the good news.

It’s only more than ten days. What will happen to my mother at this time?

Surely not, what can happen to my mother’s strength?


“Well, it’s up to you. Go and rest. Starting tomorrow, you will know my training method.” Coach Qiu Shui returned to the room, not to go back to rest, but to give Abe Zhang a special training method.

She had a tentative fight with Abe Zhang today, and already knew Abe Zhang’s weakness in the fight.

She wants to make a training plan.

Specifically for Abe Zhang, it is best to remove all the shortcomings of Abe Zhang’s current fighting!

Abe Zhang was also tired and went to sleep in his room.

He also expected that he could surpass his mother and become a new record in Wumen.

… “From today, you will be tied 100 kilograms on your hands and feet. You will have to tie them wherever you go. You can unlock them when you leave Wumen!” Coach Qiu Shui knew that Abe Zhang was in contact with fighting time. The reason is too short.

Abe Zhang’s physical constitution has always been flawed.

Talent is one thing, and the physical gap is still obvious.

So, with so much weight, Abe Zhang’s body was pushed up to the limit to make up for the vacancy of only one year in combat.

“Then I am carrying 130 kilograms?” Abe Zhang didn’t care much.

There are some heavy metals on the ground, but they are not as small as the special metals studied by my mother.

“You have always carried 30 kilograms?” Coach Qiu Shui heard what Abe Zhang meant.

“Yes, this ring was given to me by my mother. It is very heavy.” Abe Zhang has been carrying it for a long time.

I’m used to it, and even Abe Zhang is thinking about asking his mother to increase his usual weight to 50 kg!


In order to improve his strength, Abe Zhang, as a man, can bear the pain.

“No wonder you can beat Ma Hao, so you… Okay, you don’t have to do anything else in these five days. You run 20 kilometers for me every day! After five days, I will give you five more Ten kilograms, and then the training really begins! I will teach you all that I can.” This is to re-attach what Abe Zhang didn’t hit before.

This is a training plan specially customized for Abe Zhang by Coach Qiushui!

Abe Zhang’s strength will surely advance by leaps and bounds.

Because Abe Zhang’s current shortcoming is his physical fitness. If Abe Zhang has been involved in fighting since he was a child, of course he doesn’t have this shortcoming. The key is to “get out of home halfway”, which is different.

The physical fitness has improved, and everything else is easy to say.

It’s like the foundation is stabilized. Isn’t building a random building?


“Okay,” Abe Zhang obeyed.

My mother had such a high opinion of her, Abe Zhang trusted her 100%!


Abe Zhang tied the load and went for a run.

Coach Qiu Shui continued to think about the plan, how reasonable, how can Abe Zhang be able to break through and graduate in the next ten days?


“Autumn Water

Practice, are you there?


“This little voice, yes, this sweet voice. “Yes, you have something?”

Coach Qiushui went out. “Is Abe Zhang?”

“Yes, Tiantian came to find Abe Zhang. She was sure that Abe Zhang had rescued her, and she wanted to thank him! “Not here, he has already run with a heavy load.

“Tiantian disappointed,” Oh, when will Abe Zhang be back?

“It depends on his own speed, 150 kilograms, 20 kilometers, how long can you come back?”

” “what?


It’s so heavy, I can’t come back, absolutely can’t come back.

“Tiantian’s chin is almost astonished. Abe Zhang is so desperate! “What is Abe Zhang doing so desperately?”


“Because he wants to surpass his mother, and his mother is the same, he is better than blue!

“Is his mother good?”


Why go beyond?

Tiantian couldn’t figure it out. “You don’t know who his mother is?”

“I don’t know, he didn’t tell me,” Abe Zhang didn’t mention this at all! How could Tiantian know that?” “His mother is the myth of our martial arts, Tina Li!”

” “what?


Tiantian was shocked in an instant! No doubt she heard a shocking news! She knew that when Liu Li mentioned Tina Li that day, when she and several other girls talked about Tina Li, why did Abe Zhang I would laugh. Several girls admired and talked about his mother, can he not laugh as a son? She suddenly felt embarrassed to the extreme. That day, she and a few other girls laughed at him!! Despise yourself?? “Is this true?

Tiantian heard Liu Li’s introduction, she also admired this martial arts record holder, because it was too powerful, the key was a woman. “Really, I also had a video call with Abe Zhang’s mother Tina Li,” Tiantian Deeply I feel incredible, Abe Zhang is hiding so deeply! With the strength, my mother is still a martial arts myth, and it is so low-key and incredible!! Sweet and sweet eyes Shuo Shuo, a few friends analyzed, Abe Zhang is Don’t save yourself by liking yourself!!

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