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Chapter 826

Don’t Tell Abe Zhang, “What can you do with Abe Zhang?”


“Instructor Qiu Shui asked. “Oh, it’s okay, it’s okay, Coach Qiu Shui is busy, I’m going back.

“Tiantian shook her long legs and went out. Coach Qiushui shook her head, thinking about continuing to set Abe Zhang’s training. Tiantian ran back. “Tiantian, have you seen Abe Zhang, you are such a big beauty, take the initiative Go find his pauper, he must be very happy!

“I didn’t see him.”

“I didn’t see it?”

What is he doing?

“I’m training, do you know?”

Did I know what I went to coach Qiushui this time?

Tiantian looked excited. “I know

What’s the matter?

“Yes, just say it!”

“Abe Zhang’s mother is actually Tina Li!”


Tiantian said it! The girls were stunned for an instant, and their faces were shocked!! “No?

is it possible?


“Maybe, Abe Zhang is so good at playing, he must be highly talented. Isn’t this inheriting Tina Li’s abnormal gene?”


“My God, no wonder he can beat Ma Hao!”

So this is ah!

“Last time we mentioned Tina Li, Abe Zhang still laughed. Did he laugh at us stupidly?”

“The girls are like chicks, chirping and haggling. “They must be laughing at us!”

Unexpectedly, Abe Zhang actually has such a powerful mother, and Tina Li is such a powerful, isn’t Abe Zhang also a rich second generation?


“Absolutely, he is so low-key!”

Sweet, are you satisfied with Abe Zhang?


Tiantian’s face blushed, “I still imagined that there is a mother like Tina Li, I didn’t expect it.


“What are you doing?”

Do you need training to learn?


“Liu Li appeared angrily! Abe Zhang is gone, she has only four students left. She swears that she must train these students out, even more powerful than Abe Zhang! “Coach, let me tell you that Abe Zhang’s mother is.


“Tian Tian didn’t finish. She was interrupted by Liu Li! “From today, if anyone is to mention Abe Zhang in front of me!”

I will drive her out of Wumen!

Did you hear me!


Liu Li scolded! “No, I mean Abe Zhang’s mother, she is.”


“Tiantian is speechless. The same goes for a few girls. Abe Zhang doesn’t want her in public. Liu Li is a little perverted, and it makes sense. “Who the f*ck has anything to do with me?”


I’ll say it again, don’t mention anything about him, remember, it’s anything!

If anyone doesn’t listen, I will drive her out now!

Still not training as I told you?


Liu Li finished speaking and left. “Liu Li hates Abe Zhang in anger!

“Of course, Abe Zhang was in the freshman competition, so Liu Li’s face was lost.” “I want to know, if Coach Liu Li knew that Abe Zhang’s mother is the myth of Wumen, Tina Li, she would be What kind of expression!

Dare you not mention Abe Zhang?

“Haha, I want to know too!”


Liu Li went to her brother Liu Ge angrily. Liu Ge was knocked out by Abe Zhang, and his swelling didn’t disappear until today. Liu Ge is so annoyed! “Liu Li, I can’t swallow this breath, I must find Abe Zhang Trouble, I want him to regret everything he did to me!


“Brother, Abe Zhang has entered the gate of Qiu Shui. You don’t know Qiu Shui’s ability. She will train Abe Zhang more and more. We both fight him together, and there is no chance of winning!”

“Liu Li knows herself! To know the result of the last time, Liu Ge was still

Punch spike.

And he was even pinched by Abe Zhang!

This is molesting!


How can Liu Li tolerate it?


She was so mad that she couldn’t sleep, and she dreamed that Abe Zhang pinched her face in her dreams, and she woke up with anger every time!

He hated Abe Zhang already!


“I’ll find a way, don’t worry, I will get back your shame!” Liu Ge sneered, he had already decided in his heart.

… “Miss Hui, Abe Zhang went to Wumen for advanced studies,” Nora Wan was bored, and her bodyguard reported Abe Zhang’s situation at any time.

“Training? Why study? I won’t do anything to him!” Nora Wan was lazy and even more bored.

Because she hasn’t seen Abe Zhang for a long time.

she was.


Think Abe Zhang.

Even if she is attacked by Abe Zhang, she wants to see Abe Zhang.

She has been to China for so many days.


“This should be what Tina Li meant.” “Hmph, Tina Li is really troublesome, will I let Abe Zhang die?” Nora Wan’s beautiful eyes flashed through the long-lost murderous intent!


“I also think this Tina Li is too intrusive. She wants to train Abe Zhang against you in a short period of time! Is this OK?” The man seized this opportunity, but he still remembers Tina Li today. It hurt him and made him almost ashamed in front of Nora Wan.

“Tina Li has taken pains to improve Abe Zhang’s strength to turn Abe Zhang and you. Without Tina Li getting in the way between you and Abe Zhang, I think you and Abe Zhang have a great chance to get together!” Wan Zi Wen Mei’s eyes shone!

The man was delighted. This meant to move Nora Wan, “Miss, you think, Tina Li is still a day, Abe Zhang’s confidence is still there, you have to force Abe Zhang, in fact, the best way is to stop Abe Zhang’s confidence…” Nora Wan is more murderous, “I don’t need your majority, I already have that meaning. With Tina Li in one day, she would never agree to go with Abe Zhang. Now I use However, she agreed or disagreed, because…I can’t hear the opinion of a dead person, and Abe Zhang can’t hear it too!…Let her come out!!” “You mean, the strongest person in the Wan family… …” the man asked.

This one hasn’t done anything in Wanjia for a long time!

Because no one challenged the majesty of Wanjia, how could the strongest make a move?


“If you don’t let her take the shot, you can kill Tina Li unconsciously?” Nora Wan said coldly.

“I…” The man got stuck in his throat.

He knew from You Jia’s side that Tina Li had already killed that You Jia’s strongest bodyguard!

“You can’t kill, only let her do it! Now it’s our young people’s world. Tina Li should lie in the coffin and do it! Say I let her out!” “But, she only has the head of her family to mobilize! “I’m about to be home

Lord, can’t she still be mobilized?

Pass my original words to her. If she is still not obedient, I will tell my grandpa to let her go!


“The domineering power of the head of Nora Wan’s family is fully revealed! The man is shivering, so he will do it immediately. “Be sure to remember, and be clean. Don’t let Abe Zhang know that I asked someone to do it. Kill Maya Tang, it’s not clean at all!

“Don’t worry, I will tell her all these words!”

do not worry!


“Nora Wan was lazy, “Abe Zhang, don’t blame me, it’s the blame. Your mother Tina Li gave me a bad sense of threat. As a woman, she is so terrible. I hate it most in life. Threatened, not even the slightest threat!

To stifle this threat in the cradle, this is my favorite thing to do… Kill her, just doing something I like… Abe Zhang, you have to understand, I like you… “Nora Wan smiled slightly, but the smile made people tremble!

Chapter 827

Breakthrough! Abe Zhang’s five-day load-bearing running training has ended. In fact, Abe Zhang did not carry 150 kilograms on his back for the five days. In it, not a day was lazy, and even Abe Zhang broke through his own limit. He changed the 20 kilometers per day set by Coach Qiushui to 30 kilometers per day!! On the last fifth day, Abe Zhang had broken through to four. Thirteen kilometers, this is Abe Zhang’s physical limit. When he came back, Abe Zhang had never experienced it. His body was exhausted to the extreme!! But Abe Zhang was happy. He didn’t know what the number of 43 kilometers was. Abe Zhang doesn’t know what record there will be! Abe Zhang only knows that in five days, Abe Zhang broke through the limits of his body again and again! Every time he adds more kilometers, Abe Zhang’s physical fitness has the same quality. It’s no exaggeration to say that Abe Zhang himself felt that before and after entering Wumen, Abe Zhang’s strength was improved by himself! Once, the result of breaking the limit!! Abe Zhang is very excited! He inherited the super fighting talent of his mother, and added Abe Zhang’s death training to break the limit every time. How strong is the current self? Abe Zhang I don’t know, maybe it won’t take half or even one-third of the last time to fight Ma Hao! Now, it’s time for Coach Qiu Shui to start teaching Abe Zhang what she has learned over the years and the fighting she has studied. Three days of teaching is the real purpose of Abe Zhang’s coming this time! Three days later, that is to break through! Break through the barrier of Wumen, then it is called a real postgraduate graduation!! “Abe Zhang, you can put the burden on your body first Let it go, in the next three days, I will tell you in detail

Understand my knowledge of fighting and fighting skills!

Coach Qiu Shui suggested that Abe Zhang put down the heavy objects. “I want to carry it all the time. I have become a little used to it.” Abe Zhang wants to race against time to improve his physical fitness! “Get used to it?

Coach Qiushui was taken aback, he deserves to be the son of Wumen record holder Tina Li, what kind of abnormal physique is this? 150 kilograms, and he is still getting used to it? “Well, Coach Qiushui can start!”

” “OK then!

By the way, your body, legs, shoulders, and arms have varying degrees of strength. I don’t think you have trained as I said 20 kilometers these days!

Coach Qiushui’s beautiful eyes are dignified! Abe Zhang’s arm muscles, especially his legs, have a feeling that they can burst clothes. This is the ultimate state of muscles! “Well, I added a little myself.

“How much did you add?”

Twenty-five kilometers?

Coach Qiu Shui felt that this is the limit of Abe Zhang. How much can I add? Abe Zhang shook his head. “Twenty-eight, thirty kilometers?

Coach Qiushui was so surprised and unexpected. Abe Zhang still shook his head. Coach Qiushui was astonished, “Thirty-five?


Not yet?

Is it forty kilometers?


“She was surprised! A hundred and fifty kilograms, it can carry forty kilometers? How abnormal is this? “Forty-three kilometers!

“Abe Zhang told the truth. Coach Qiushui has already dull eyes, “You?”


Are you kidding me?

” “No.

“What are Coach Abe Zhang and Qiushui joking about? How much is it? It’s only five days, and Abe Zhang is confident that if he trains for a month, 60 kilometers may be possible! “It seems, I underestimate your physical fitness. It’s true that genes are really important,” Coach Qiu Shui has already murmured. Abe Zhang’s endurance comes from perverted genes! If others know that Abe Zhang can run forty-three kilometers with a load, it’s not a simple surprise. To be honest, Coach Qiu Shui is envious! If your child wants to have this kind of abnormal gene in the future, how good would it be? “Well, in the next three days, I will teach you everything about me!


“Abe Zhang was excited. I waited too long for this day! In the next three days, Coach Qiu Shui gave Abe Zhang everything! Some moves, skills, and Coach Qiu Shui were all covered up, and Abe Zhang learned with relish. Forget about it!! “Well, you are the son of Tina Li, as expected, in three days you have learned how to walk!

The remaining 20% ​​is for you to understand!

When fighting, the situation is ever-changing, but remember, see the first opportunity, be fast and ruthless, and kill the opponent in the fastest way!

This is the essence of fighting!


“Coach Qiu Shui made the final words of graduation!!

In three days, Coach Qiushui felt what a fighting genius is!

Just teach it!

Just one click!

Anyway, Coach Qiu Shui has deeply remembered Abe Zhang. She has taught some students, but Abe Zhang has such enviable qualifications!


“Well, I will remember!!” “Well, you take a rest for one night, and you will start to break through tomorrow! Your mother only spent fifteen days, and you still have two days! See if you can be better than blue , It’s up to you!” Coach Qiu Shui told the truth and looked forward to Abe Zhang!


She also hopes that her students will be better than each!

The record created by my own mother, broken by my son, is also a special kind of inheritance!


“Okay!” Abe Zhang went to rest.

The next day, the news that Abe Zhang, who had only been in for 13 days, was going to break through the barrier was communicated in Wumen. Everyone knew that Abe Zhang was about to break through!

Chapter 828

is impossible for him to break through!

There is a lot of excitement in Wumen, and Abe Zhang is going to break through today, but there is a lot of uproar!


Abe Zhangcai came in Wumen for a few days!

Thirteen days, how about going through the barrier?


Many new students who came in with Abe Zhang sneered!


Thought it would be great after defeating Ma Hao?

In thirteen days, this is the first time since Wumen opened the door, only two of them have achieved the first one. This is Tina Li, the record holder of Wumen to date!


Successfully broke through in two days!

The second one is Coach Qiushui!

It’s also thirteen days!

Unfortunately, it took five days to break through!

These two are fighting geniuses!

Only in such a short period of time, to break through!

What is your Abe Zhang?


Didn’t you just agree to Ma Hao?

Are you Abe Zhang a fighting genius?

How can there be so many fighting geniuses?

“Master, have you heard of it?” This is a subordinate from Ma Hao’s family, disguised as a new student in Wumen.

“What did you hear?” Ma Hao is not spending time and drinking, he is training with weights!

In the same place as the gym.

“Abe Zhang is going to break through!” Touch!


The two-hundred-pound barbell was thrown to the ground by Ma Hao!

The floors are cracked!

Ma Hao took a sip of water, especially disapproving, and ridiculed, “Are you talking about laughing?” He knows the record of the fastest crossing!

Abe Zhang?

Ma Hao doesn’t think so!

“No kidding, the whole Wumen is going viral,” Ma Hao frowned, “How is this possible? He came in with me, only thirteen days! Does he want to challenge Tina Li or Coach Qiu Shui’s record? “Should it! Otherwise, why would he be so anxious to break through?!” “Hmph, I thought it would take him at least a month, but I didn’t expect it to be done in thirteen days. These Wumen pass several levels, I have I’ve heard that it’s similar to Murenxiang,

This kind of place is not something you can get through if you think it is!

Abe Zhang, he definitely can’t!

After Ma Hao analyzed it, he immediately came to a 200% conclusion. “I don’t think it is possible either!”

Master, do you want to go out and have a look?

“What are you going to do?”


He couldn’t succeed. It would be possible to stay inside for more than ten days, and finally came out begging. What’s so good about this?

Don’t delay my exercise time, you go see it?

Report the situation to me at any time!

Forget it, nothing to report at all!

“Ma Hao is still so disapproving! He picked up the heavy barbell again and started to continue his exercise plan. His men went out. “Abe Zhang, I mean you are ignorant or something?

I want to break through in 13 days, you are too pretentious!


Ma Hao laughed and continued to exercise his body. He has already decided and will start to break through the barriers in ten days!! Abe Zhang will definitely fail this time, so shall he be the third record holder!? Ma Hao is excited!… … “What, Abe Zhang is going to break through!

Tiantian is already boiling. “Yes, everyone in Wumen knows that Abe Zhang is crazy!”

“I think so too. Even if Abe Zhang is Tina Li’s son, he is not so fast. Is Abe Zhang breaking the f*cking record?”


“I think it is true, but I am very optimistic about Abe Zhang!”

“Me too, too impatient!”

The preparation is definitely not enough, but only a few days?

In only eight days, even if you learn the skills of Coach Qiushui, how much can you absorb in eight days?


This is completely brave!

“Hey, Abe Zhang is too uncontrollable!”

“Tian Tian shook her head. She also felt that with insufficient preparations, the chance of success in this entry is basically zero! It is also 100% zero!! They are not optimistic about Abe Zhang! Here is Liu Ge and Liu Li. , I also knew the news. Liu Ge’s first expression was not surprise, but ridicule! Because this is a big joke! Who do you think you are, Abe Zhang??? Planning to break the record of Wumen for so many years, and don’t look at it. Look at what Abe Zhang is yours! There is a record-breaking one? “Brother, this Abe Zhang is too self-righteous. Go inside, he has suffered a lot,” Liu Li hates Abe Zhang. Because Abe Zhang pinched her face. Molested her. “Sure!

Just watch, that guy Abe Zhang, will beg for mercy to let the people inside the door let him out!


“Liu Li smiled slightly, “This is no more suspense!”

I think it should be particularly interesting to see his embarrassed look after being tortured!


“… Wumen, all freshmen don’t like Abe Zhang, and many coaches are the same!! Abe Zhang is not affected by this! He has already arrived with the coach Qiushui, where he went through the barriers in Wuwen! Qiushui

The coach has detailed the difficulty of these three levels!

Snake pit!

A hundred people fight!

The third level is also the most difficult!

Composed of the three most powerful coaches in Wumen!

Only after defeating these three coaches can you truly graduate from Wumen!

This breakthrough has attracted Quanwu Sect, many new students, don’t take it seriously, because of what!

Normally, there is no need to break through the barriers. By that time, after a few years of study, you will graduate!


Isn’t this just pretending!

It depends on how you Abe Zhang continue to install it!


“Okay, Abe Zhang, you’re at the door of the barrier, you can go in!” Coach Qiu Shui is optimistic about Abe Zhang, and Abe Zhang will definitely be able to break through the barrier successfully!


But how long does it take?


There are too many people here!

They are all paying attention to Abe Zhang’s breakthrough!

They want to see, when can Abe Zhang be released?


“En!” After taking a rest, Abe Zhang strode in toward the gate of Wumen Climbing!


Chapter 829


Abe Zhang entered the place where Wumen broke through!

This is a place like an abandoned building, but outsiders can’t see the situation inside!

Nothing to close your eyes to see!

Abe Zhang will definitely ask for it.

Some people are already betting, what are they betting on?


Bet on how long Abe Zhang can eat and last!

Coach Qiushui and some of the most powerful coaches in Wumen have this qualification to see the situation of the on-site clearance!


“Several people, let’s go to the monitoring room!” Coach Qiu Shui said.

Several coaches entered the monitoring room.

Go slowly, not too slow or tight!


“Qiu Shui, Abe Zhang, if I remember right, you have only trained Abe Zhang for a few days. Does he have the ability to break through the barriers?” asked an older, but still, a lot of muscle coach.

The voice was faint, without any interest.

Yes, he is really not interested, if it is not for the duty, he does not want to come!

This is just nonsense!

waste time!


“Yes, his talent is very good!” Coach Qiu Shui didn’t elaborate too much.

“I know, I defeated Ma Hao last time. The talent is not top-notch, it should be considered excellent. However, according to the eight-day training, plus the strength to defeat Ma Hao, I want to succeed in the level. Low is very low! Qiushui, this kind of student, I think it’s better to be safer! At the very least, you have to train for a month or two before you think about going through the barrier! Going through now, it’s too trifling!” Other coaches analyzed Zhang. Tackling things.

“If it is a general student, I will do as you said, but Abe Zhang is not, you don’t know, Abe Zhang’s mother is…” “Coach Qiushui, who his mother is, has nothing to do with us, let’s talk about it. In my opinion, he never used to be better than the average student

Click it!

“Yes, we don’t care who his mother is, what do we care about?”

A housewife, no matter how bad, may be a rich woman?

What’s the use of this, can it help Abe Zhang pass?

Can’t help!


So I have no interest in knowing about Abe Zhang’s family affairs!


” “me too.

Coach Qiu Shui didn’t say anything. Several people entered the monitoring room. The first level was opened, the monitoring screen of the snake pit! There are thousands of snakes in this pit! All kinds! Pythons with thick thighs All kinds of venomous snakes, anyway, people who are afraid of snakes will come in and they must have fainted. This is a test of courage!! Coach Qiu Shui had to pass through the level at that time. She spent a long time on this first level! Because of what? She is not afraid of anything, that is Fear of snakes! So, for the first level, she convinced herself for a long time before daring to pass! Now, Coach Qiu Shui still has a creepy feeling when he sees the snakes in the surveillance. “The serum in the snake pit is still there!

“Instructor Qiu Shui asked. This is a student who was bitten by a venomous snake. This is a must! Because the snake inside really bites people, and the venomous snakes don’t have their teeth extracted. I was bitten and I didn’t get the serum in time. It is very likely that the students will die. Wumen still has to ensure the safety of the students after going through the barriers! “Of course, coach Qiushui, don’t worry!

Well, the serum is all there, Abe Zhang can see the serum as long as he comes in!

No matter how bad we are, we see him bitten by a snake and lying on the ground. Are we still dead?


Coach Qiu Shui was relieved. “Hey, why hasn’t this Abe Zhang entered the snake pit?”

Are you afraid to come in at the door?

“I think it’s very likely. Last time there was a student who was scared out at the door?”

“Coach Qiushui is speechless, Abe Zhang, are you afraid of snakes? Don’t you dare to come in? “Forget it, wait for him for a while, anyway, nothing will happen.

“They found a place to sit down. Coach Qiu Shui wanted to know the result, and Meimu watched the monitoring unrelentingly! Ten minutes passed, and twenty minutes passed! Abe Zhang hasn’t appeared yet! The door to the snake pit is still tight. Close!! “Not in yet?

Was it hard to reach the first level?

Isn’t it?

“This is too courageous!”

“A few coaches are no longer interested in watching. What are they doing when they come over? Finally, they shot at the third level! Now I am stuck in the first level, and it is difficult to move. How can there be a third level? You can go back and rest. “Abe Zhang, what the hell are you doing?

At the very least, you have to push the door and try it out. Convince yourself, it’s not that difficult!

“Coach Qiushui is disappointed! She has hope for Abe Zhang! But never expected that Abe Zhang could not even pass the first level.

This kind of strength, want to break Tina Li’s record?


“Coach Qiushui, let him train for a few more months! Let him come out and we will go back.” Coach Qiushui sighed. She clicked on the monitor screen with the mouse and looked at the entrance of Shekeng. what’s the situation!

But, after I ordered it, there was no one!


Coach Qiu Shui was astonished. “He’s not at the door!” “Hey, he’s really not there!” “Not at the door, nor in the snake pit. Couldn’t he have gone out by himself? This is too bad, right?” Several coaches shook their heads. Disappointed!

What is this!

Retired in trouble!

Really spine!

If you don’t even try, you give up. Such a person dares to break through the barrier in 13 days?

Isn’t this a joke?

“No, Abe Zhang won’t go out so quickly, there is no doorway, and there is no snake pit, so would it be possible? During the few minutes when Abe Zhang came to the monitoring room, before we saw it, Already passed the snake pit and passed the first level? But we don’t know??” Coach Qiu Shui asked.

Chapter 830

is so fast?

“Is this impossible?” “That’s right, we just came to the monitoring room, and the road was delayed. In four or five minutes, this Abe Zhang walked through the snake pit in four or five minutes?” It must be impossible! We all know where the snake pit is. The poisonous snakes in it are scary to me. I must walk carefully. This way of walking carefully, it will take at least half an hour without making mistakes. In one hour! Why did Abe Zhang pass the snake pit in four or five minutes!” “Ignore me! Abe Zhang must have surrendered. I guess he must have been laughed at outside!” The coaches are denying!

It’s impossible to have this kind of speed. The snake pit is full of snakes, but it’s not a place to walk, and you can walk directly.

There are snakes on the ground. If you walk over, you will step on snakes. How do you go?


Step on the snake, some snakes will avoid, but some snakes that do not kill, but bite back on the spot.

You can hide a snake, how many, dozens?

How to hide?


So what Coach Qiushui said, Abe Zhang used four or five minutes to pass through the snake pit, how do they believe it?


How to believe in impossible things?


Coach Qiu Shui didn’t listen to the words of these coaches, and clicked the second level of the screen with the mouse!

For an instant, Coach Qiu Shui was astonished!

“Look!” Coach Qiushui blurted out!

I saw that at the second level, someone had already walked in, Abe Zhang!


It’s really Abe Zhang!


I was really right. Abe Zhang had already used four or five minutes of time when he and a few coaches came to the monitoring room.

At that time, I passed the first level easily, the snake pit!


It’s incredible!


Several coaches were shocked!

“I’m not mistaken, did I? Really have passed the first level without our knowledge?” “Oh, I’m an eye-opener, oh, just a few of us, we are still waiting, I didn’t expect People have passed the first level a long time ago and are ready to pass the second level.” “It’s amazing! This snake pit, when I passed it, it took three hours! Why did he pass only four or five minutes? A coach muttered to himself, the snakes in the snake pit are really shocking!

“I heard that there are no fluctuations in my heart. People who are not afraid will not secrete any odor. Snakes can’t smell them, so they won’t bite people.” “Oh my God, how can you not be afraid of so many snakes? Huh?” “Oh, that can only show that Abe Zhang’s psychological quality is too good!” This was the stunned voice of the three coaches.

Who could have imagined that the first level is half a day for ordinary people, one day, two days, or even three or four days, and the first level is directly afraid of retreat, and some people actually pass in four or five minutes!

What is this gap?

There is a gap between heaven and earth!

If this is said, all new students, their jaws will be shocked!


“Abe Zhang, I was right. You really made me look at me again and again.” Coach Qiushui watched Meimu.

Because of Abe Zhang, he has already started the second level!

This second level is a hundred-player battle!

This 100-man battle is not a hundred people, and what?


It’s the kind of wooden figure similar to the wooden figure in the wooden lane, one or two is fine, but one hundred at the same time, that is difficult.

These wooden men are controlled by the machine. Each wooden man can only perform a few actions, but when a hundred wooden men do several actions at the same time, it is the same as the iron wall of Tongshan.

Many powerful students will be stuck in this level!

Can’t pass!

Abe Zhang passed the level in five minutes just now. How long does it take?


Still, there is no such good luck anymore, can’t pass?

“Why doesn’t he move?” “That’s right, what is he doing standing still? How about the speed at which he passed one level in five minutes?” Several coaches were puzzled.

Abe Zhang actually remained motionless in front of these hundred wooden men.

Isn’t this dumbfounded?


“He is observing! A master fighter must be good at observing the opponent’s rhythm. At this moment, Abe Zhang, who is motionless, is observing!” Coach Qiu Shui said.

Several coaches were suddenly astonished.

Half an hour has passed, and an hour has passed, and Abe Zhang has not moved.

“What did he observe? It’s been so long?” “I think I should try it. At that time, I passed this level, but I kept trying and passed it in a day and a half.

, This speed is fast,” But suddenly!! “What?

What is he doing!


“What is this operation?”

The jaws of several coaches were about to fall! Abe Zhang actually jumped up, like walking on stilts, running on the head and shoulders of the wooden man. This…? Coach Qiu Shui was shocked, she was also tough at that time, really. It’s as hard as going through the thorn forest! She has been thinking about the results for a long time. At that time, or even now, why do you want to fight one by one? Anyway, can it be done through a hundred-player battle? The same is true for running over! Is this foul?

“Abe Zhang was halfway there. He observed the movements of the wooden man, and cleverly avoided all the arm attacks of the wooden man! This is the result of Abe Zhang motionless for an hour!!! The accuracy is extremely accurate! “Uh, no Forget it, the Hundreds of Fighters did not say that defeating a hundred wooden talents is considered as passing, as long as they are not resisted and passing.

“Coach Qiu Shui said. Several coaches discussed and thought it should be okay. Just pass it? “Unbelievable, pass the second pass in one hour and seven minutes!”

“This is so fast!”

Who is going to go to the three levels this time!

Three people, everyone sign up!

“I count one!”

“Coach Qiushui said! She wants to test Abe Zhang in person!!

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