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Chapter 831

is a fierce fight!” Coach Qiushui, are you sure?

Several coaches are puzzled. It is not possible, because Abe Zhang is a trainee of Coach Qiu Shui. If the coaches are the last hurdles, is it possible that the trainee Abe Zhang will be released? This is definitely not possible! “Yes, several coaches don’t worry. The reason why they brought it up is to see his strength better. I will try my best!

“Qiu Shui coach Meimu Shuoshuo. It took only an hour and a half for the two levels. How amazing is this speed? This may be the beginning of a new record! Coach Qiushui, let’s see, under his own guidance, Abe Zhang, How far has it grown. Several coaches discussed it, and finally agreed. How to say, Coach Qiushui has always been selfless. This shows that Coach Qiushui will not deliberately release water. “Well, since Coach Qiushui said it,” So who else will come?

After all, the last level requires three people!


” “Let me do it!

It’s been a long time since I saw a student who surprised me so much!

I want to see if he really has real materials!

It’s still the two levels just now, just a speculation.

Said a gray-haired man. “I’m the one too!”

“The other is a short, but very strong man. “Well, you three go in!”

Coach Qiushui and the two coaches went to the third level.



Seeing that there are more and more people, new students who have only been in for thirteen days will enter and break through. This is big news for Wumen!

Many people will pay attention!

“Oh, let me see, I’d better come over tomorrow. It’s not a day or two to break through the barriers. It’s a waste of time to stay here and watch it!” “I also think, I’ll go back too, tomorrow No, the day after tomorrow, the day after tomorrow. I think Abe Zhang will stay in it for at least four or five days.” They all think that Abe Zhang will have no results if he stays there for a few days.

So it’s a waste of time, what are you waiting for here?

It’s boring!


Many people started to go back in small groups.

Tiantian kept watching.

“Tiantian, let’s go back too, today and tomorrow, it is impossible to have results.” “Yes, I think it will take three days at the earliest. You know, Abe Zhang’s mother uses them all in it. It took two days to pass, and Abe Zhang will definitely not be able to break this record that has been kept for so long.” Tian Tian didn’t want to leave, “You go back first, I’ll wait,” “Okay!” They left.

Tiantian keeps waiting.

“Brother, should we also go back? There can be no results today,” Liu Li said.

Liu Ge also felt that it was impossible.

Can you come out in just one day?

This may?


Don’t waste time here.

They also left. Outside the barrier, the number of people left has gradually decreased. Their departure represents the feeling that Abe Zhang will be inactive and trapped in the past two days. live.

After three days, let’s see the results again!

Abe Zhang breathed a sigh of relief. There are a hundred wooden men. If Abe Zhang fights hard, it will definitely not be possible for a while.

So, Abe Zhang thought of a way. Like parkour, he jumped on the shoulder of the wooden man, and quickly passed by stepping on his shoulder.

Fortunately, there were no accidents when running.


In the darkness, the third door opened!


In the third pass, Coach Qiu Shui said, it will be the three most powerful coaches in Wumen to check it!

This is the hardest!

Because of the three most powerful coaches, this represents the best level of Wumen.


Empty room, the lights are on!

Three figures appeared!


Abe Zhang was stunned. “Coach Qiushui, is it you?” “Yes, it’s me. You did a good job in the two stages just now, and in the third stage, it depends on whether you have this ability. I will try my best!” Qiu Shui coach Mei Mu Shuo Shuo.

You know, she had the first two levels at that time, but it took three days to reach the third level!

Where is Abe Zhang?


Less than an hour and a half!

At this speed, Coach Qiu Shui is ashamed of himself!


More than autumn water

Practice, the two coaches who came together are ashamed!

This is amazing!

“Well, I will too! Three coaches, let’s get started!” Abe Zhang shrugged.

“It seems that you are quite sure. Usually the third level is that the three of us deal with you alone at the same time. Do you know??” a coach asked.

“I know.” Abe Zhang knew, and he didn’t expect a wheel fight!


“That’s good! The three of us go! Work hard and go all out. It is possible to respectfully witness this new record of martial arts breakthrough!!” The three of them went on!

Coach Qiushui tells the truth, she will go all out!

This is responsible for Abe Zhang, and also for Tina Li, and even more responsible for his own teaching for a few days!



The three of them besieged Abe Zhang. At this moment, they were caught in a fierce fight!

This is a real battle of strength!


“Beatrice, what are you talking about? Abe went in and broke through? It only took an hour and a half for two levels?” Call.

This is Beatrice’s call to Tina Li.

When Coach Qiu Shui went to the third level, he received a call from Beatrice. Coach Qiu Shui knew that Beatrice was from Tina Li, and he also talked about Abe Zhang’s situation.

Beatrice was stunned and immediately called the news to Tina Li.

“Yes, yes!” “What did Abe do?” Tina Li felt anxious.

Beatrice said everything, Tina Li’s first expression was dumbfounding, and then he was very pleased, “Thinking that when I was 20, I went in and went through the barrier, the first level, the snake pit, I just walked back and forth for 30 minutes. I adjusted the state and passed. I spent a day and a half on the second level! I broke all of the hundreds of wooden figures!! How come I didn’t expect to run over at that time? It seems that Abe is still much smarter.” She is really relieved!


“Yes, Coach Qiu Shui just praised the young master for being smart! Calm! You know, Snake Keng, four or five minutes have passed, and now the young master’s psychological quality is very strong.” Beatrice sighed.

Abe Zhang’s growth is so fast!

She didn’t even react, and Abe Zhang stayed long, to the point where she couldn’t catch up now.

You know, at that time she also taught Abe Zhang a bit of fighting!

Now, I can’t teach anymore.

The strength gap is wide.

Abe Zhang has completely surpassed Beatrice!

Beatrice is also happy.

“It’s the third level. I don’t know how long it will take Young Master!” Beatrice wanted to know the current situation of Abe Zhang.

“At this rate, Abe must have broken my time record. I estimate that he will succeed in breaking through the level in less than an hour!!” People will laugh when they hear this, because they want to pass the third place in an hour. turn off?


It’s just kidding!

But, Tina Li believes in Abe Zhang!

Because of what?


Because Abe Zhang is Tina Li’s son!

Chapter 332

This is a genius!



Abe Zhang was kicked by one of the coaches!


He hit the wall!

The coach who played Abe Zhang was excited, “Your speed is so slow? It’s the same as a primary school student! Don’t think about these three levels at this speed!” Yes!

He is very strange, Abe Zhang’s attack power is enough, but why is the speed so bad?


Qiu Shui coach Mei Mu Shuo Shuo, she didn’t expect that Abe Zhang’s speed would be much slower today!

If this continues, three top martial arts coaches will join forces and Abe Zhang’s breakthrough this time will stop here!




Abe Zhang stood up straight, he patted the dust on his body!

The weight training that broke the limit time and time again in five days made Abe Zhang’s muscles firm as a rock.

Fighting ability has improved too much!

The strength of the coach’s kick just now is absolutely amazing!

Abe Zhang wore the clothes given by his mother’s technology company, and with the improvement of his ability to fight offense, he could bear it.

The three coach Qiushui attacked!

Abe Zhang sighed suddenly!

Coach Qiushui was astonished. What did Abe Zhang sigh for now?

Do you want to give up?


“He sighed and wanted to give up the third level?” “It’s possible! It’s a pity, I passed the first two levels so quickly, and this third level is going to be abandoned.” “Abe Zhang? You?” Coach Qiu Shui was silent for three seconds, thinking. Persuade Abe Zhang!

This may be a new entry record, you Abe Zhang had to go all out, everyone went all out to be worthy of this entry!


How can you give up halfway?


“I also figured out the martial arts before unlocking it, but I didn’t expect it to be unlocked here.” Abe Zhang muttered to himself.

The three coaches looked at each other.

“What did he say? What to untie?” “I don’t know, talk to yourself!” “He, what is he doing?” Suddenly, the two coaches fell into horror!

Coach Qiushui was also taken aback.

Abe Zhang squatted down, actually explaining something, piece by piece.

this is?







Put it underground one by one.

The two coaches were stunned. This is a 100 kg load?

This guy actually carried a hundred kilograms just now and beat himself!

They didn’t know that the ring on Abe Zhang’s finger was fifty kilograms!


Playing with a weight of 150 kilograms.

“This guy, really!” “It’s no wonder his speed was not fast just now, even very slow… Ah, no!” Suddenly, Abe Zhang rushed over, speeding up to 100 meters!


Abe Zhang, who has dragged his load, is already as light as a swallow, and of course his speed is like a gust of wind!

After rushing over, a punch came out!

This is a coach, he was shocked!

He didn’t pay attention just now. When Abe Zhang rushed over, he could not react.

Coming, hit by Abe Zhang’s punch!

He flew out!

Abe Zhang kicked, the coach screamed and fell to the ground and fainted.

Abe Zhang knew that three people were besieging him, and he wanted to break through, so he must solve one person!


Coach Qiushui was surprised!

Another coach was also surprised!

This is one of the best coaches in Wumen!


Although he was killed by a spike, Abe Zhang was surprised!

But being able to seize this opportunity to solve a coach is not something ordinary people can do!

“Okay, it is indeed much easier now, let’s start!” Abe Zhang shrugged, feeling as if he might break the world record if he participated in the high jump competition!

He stepped forward, with a punch already!

This is what the coach Qiushui taught, unexpectedly!

Win with one move!


Another coach was shocked!

Angrily resisted!

Coach Qiushui’s beautiful eyes were dull, and Abe Zhang unloaded the load. At this speed, she could not see clearly.


She is relieved, this should be the most powerful student she has taught before and after it arrives!


She went to help!

Already Abe Zhang defeated the coach, Abe Zhang took advantage of the victory to chase, and he has also stunned him one by one!

“Coach Qiushui, it’s up to you!” “Come on!” Coach Qiushui hasn’t felt the same excitement as when he met an opponent for a long time!

Abe Zhang gave her this feeling that hadn’t been for a long time.

Abe Zhang decided to win or lose with one punch!

His fist hit!

Qiu Shui coach Mei Mu Shuo Shuo, the same punch!


Abe Zhang smiled slightly. Coach Qiu Shui looked down at her hand, a little numb. She was silent for three seconds, “You won!” Yes!

The gap is out!

Abe Zhang’s physical fitness has improved like flying, and Coach Qiu Shui punched him as if he had hit a rock!

Physical fitness surpasses oneself, so when the strength is similar, there is no need to fight down!

“Thank you, Coach Qiushui!” Abe Zhang shrugged!

I am excited too!

“Don’t thank me, your improvement makes me very gratified! What’s more, you didn’t use your full strength with your punch just now!” This is a feeling, she thinks Abe Zhang still has reservations.

Abe Zhang smiled slightly and put the load on his body again one by one.

Abe Zhang is used to this weight.

Physical fitness anytime, anywhere!

This is what Abe Zhang urgently needs!


“Congratulations, for breaking your mother’s record!” Abe Zhang smiled, “Well, since I succeeded in breaking through the barriers, I will leave Wumen tomorrow!” “Good!” Coach Qiu Shui was very rare and smiled.

Especially good-looking.


Abe Zhang put on the load himself, and he went out.

“Tsk tusk, it’s incredible, this is a genius! Whoops, he just kicked, but he took me

This old set of bones is going to fall apart!

“I’m almost the same. It seems that we are getting old. Just looking at the speed, we can no longer compare to the young.

“The two coaches woke up, but ah, they were still in pain. Abe Zhang was not polite with a few strokes. “Coach Qiushui, you have accepted a good student!”

He broke this new record!

“Well, I also think that he is a good student!”

Coach Qiu Shui said. “Oh, I thought Tina Li 20 years ago was abnormal enough. I didn’t expect that after 20 years, there will be people even more abnormal than her. Just now in the third level, he used It took more than an hour, so in three hours?


As he said, he couldn’t believe it! “I’ve taken it today. Tina Li’s record has not been broken for 20 years. He broke it today…” “It’s normal!”

Abe Zhang broke Tina Li’s record.

Coach Qiu Shui said. “Why is it normal!”

Don’t you feel shocked?

I was shocked anyway!

“Me too!”

“Because the son broke his mother’s record. Isn’t it normal?”


” “what did you say?


Abe Zhang?

Tina Li’s son?

The two coaches were stunned!! “En.

So I said it was normal, because Abe Zhang inherited her genes.

“The two coaches have dreamed about the same thing, “This is a cycle. Twenty years ago, Abe Zhang’s mother Tina Li broke the record!

To create a record, today, being a son broke the record and set a new record.


“Qiu Shui coach Mei Mu Shuo Shuo, yes, both records were created by the family… The next record, won’t Abe Zhang’s children break it??

Chapter 833

was stunned! Outside There are already very few people, and no one is watching. Three hours have passed, and Abe Zhang must be still in distress, how can he pass the first level? Abe Zhang must be stuck in the first level and cannot move. Come and take a look! “Abe Zhang should still be in the first level!

“Tian Tian muttered to herself. She also felt that Abe Zhang was still in the first level, and was still thinking about how to pass the first level. Because only three hours had passed. Suddenly! The door of the house where he went through the barrier opened. Come out alone! Abe Zhang!!! “Abe Zhang is out?


It came out in three hours?

“What’s so strange about this, he must have never even passed the first level!”

I applied for it myself!

“Yes, yes, it must be the only reason for coming out so quickly!”

“I didn’t expect Abe Zhang to be so spineless, without any effort, so he gave up directly!”

How long is this?


I’m still waiting here!

If I knew this was the result, I might as well go home and sleep!


“The people who are still at the door are disgusted. Abe Zhang said nothing.

, Go up the mountain silently!

Tian Tian hurried over, “Abe Zhang, don’t be discouraged, you can’t get through this time, and there is another time! Don’t give up!” Abe Zhang has already gone far.

Sweet and helpless, Abe Zhang gave up passing through the level by himself. He must be very disappointed at this time, so he shouldn’t bother too much.

“Forget it, let’s all go away!” Those who are left have to be scattered, and what is the meaning of being left?

However, three people walked out of the door!

It’s Coach Qiushui!

“Coach! You, what’s wrong with you?” Among the crowd, someone exclaimed!

Two of the coaches were injured to varying degrees. What does this mean?

what happened?


Stay inside well, why do you get hurt?

Who did this!

They are stunned!

“Don’t look again, Abe Zhang succeeded in breaking through the barrier! It took three hours!!” Coach Qiushui said.

Silence as death!


Everyone’s jaws are open and they are about to fall to the ground!

Is this horror?



It’s as horrified as overwhelming!

“Coach Qiushui said that Abe Zhang succeeded in breaking through the barriers in three hours? Did I hear you wrong? Didn’t I hear you wrong?” “No, you didn’t!” “How is this possible!” “Alas, I scolded him just now. He is really a genius. “Of course this is a genius! I admire him! They have done something that ordinary people can’t do!” They shook their heads and couldn’t accept it. They thought Abe Zhang just came out and gave up. They didn’t expect it!

It turned out to be a successful breakthrough and came out naturally.


“Coach Qiushui, is this true? Abe Zhang actually succeeded in breaking through the barrier?” Tian Tian muttered to herself.

“Yes! He succeeded in breaking through the barriers. Wumen started today and has a new record of passing through barriers!” Coach Qiu Shui could see Abe Zhang going away.

He, is this going back to pack things, are you leaving tomorrow?


Tiantian was stunned.

At this moment, the whole Wumen is boiling!

The news was passed on one by one, and everyone in Wumen knew about it. Many freshmen came here to watch again, wanting to see this man of perverted strength!

It’s just.

Those who are not optimistic about Abe Zhang missed the scene when Abe Zhang came out!

They regret it!

Every one of them is talking about Abe Zhang, this is a new record in Wumen!


Unimaginable time, three hours, how to do it!


Liu Ge threw the water cups on the ground, shaking his body, “What did you say Liu Li! Abe Zhang succeeded in breaking through the barrier in three hours?” “Yes, yes,” “Is that kidding? How is this possible?” Liu Ge decisively denied.

For three hours, thought you were playing?

“Really, there has been an uproar in Wumen. He really succeeded in breaking through the barrier.” Liu Li couldn’t believe it, but this was announced by Coach Qiushui. The other two coaches.

He was also injured, which shows that Abe Zhang fought when he broke through!


Liu Ge was dull, “Impossible, impossible!” Liu Li was at a loss, what should I do with this kind of strength?


“Brother, do we have to trouble Abe Zhang!” Liu Li couldn’t swallow this breath.

Abe Zhang molested her and pinched her face.

A student, pinching the coach’s face, what style is this?


Liu Li couldn’t swallow this breath!

“Yes, how can I not find it? If he hit me, I will let him go? Impossible!” Liu Ge was annoyed.

“Brother, what should we do?” “Let me think about it…” Liu Ge felt that this must be considered long-term!

He thought, horror appeared, “Why is there such a perverted person? Who are the parents of this guy?? Who gave birth to this perverted?” “I don’t know… It may be an ordinary family!” Liu Li Muttered to himself.

“Master, master!!” In the room, a person ran in.

Ma Hao is still working out and lifting weights with a barbell.

“What are you doing in such a hurry?” Ma Hao didn’t want to be disturbed when he was exercising.

“Abe Zhang, Abe Zhang…” The man was panting and couldn’t speak.

“What’s wrong with him?” “He came out!” “Oh, gave up? It’s normal. I heard that there are three levels in it, and each level is a kind of extreme test. He only entered the martial arts. In thirteen days, I want to successfully pass the level? I don’t do this in my dreams. Okay, I already know it. Go out and don’t bother me to exercise!” “No, Abe Zhang came out because I succeeded in breaking through the level!” Snapped!


“My feet!” Suddenly, the barbell hit Ma Hao’s feet. He twisted his face and was filled with unimaginable words, “Successful breakthrough?” “Yes! He successfully broke through! Master, master, what should we do? Do it, if he succeeds in breaking through the barrier, it means he will leave tomorrow!” Ma Hao was already in horror, and soon, he was jealous and hated.

“This record should be broken by me. How can I let you Abe Zhang come!” Ma Hao grinned, “Go, get someone ready! I made a fool of myself in front of so many people, and I want to leave! Wait for him tomorrow. After Wumen, just stop him for me?!” “Yes, young master!” “Take a few more people! Be sure to keep him!” “Yes, young master, don’t worry, you will bring more than a hundred people when you leave! Absolutely! You can catch him and hand it over to the young master!!” “Go!” The man ran out.

“Abe Zhang, Abe Zhang, who are you? It surprised me time and time again. It’s a pity, you can’t leave tomorrow because I want to keep you!!” Ma Hao grinned.

Chapter 834

No wonder myself!

“Coach Qiushui, thank you for these few days

Training, teaching!


“Abe Zhang is leaving Wumen. Abe Zhang doesn’t regret the fifteen days he came here this time. There are really too many gains. This gain comes from coach Qiu Shui’s teaching. If it is replaced by Liu Li, Abe Zhang It won’t improve so quickly. “No thanks, I should.

“Coach Qiu Shui is a little bit reluctant. I don’t want to be such a high-quality student. You know, this kind of fighting genius, but there is no one in a million, I don’t know when I will meet again… When he taught Abe Zhang, Coach Qiu Shui was particularly relaxed. Because of what, basically, if you teach it once, Abe Zhang will do it. A particularly smart student, why don’t you like it as a coach?! “Then I’m leaving, if there is a chance, Coach Qiu Shui can find me in China, or It works in other countries, because my mother has industries in many countries.

“Abe Zhang said.”

“Coach Qiu Shui knows that Tina Li is so high in fighting, and the whole world may have her footprints. “I have nothing to thank you for. Accept this!

“Abe Zhang took a card, and there was not much money in it. One hundred million is also what Abe Zhang meant. “What are you doing?

Coach Qiu Shui shook his head and refused. “My little heart, accept it!”

“Coach Abe Zhangsai Qiushui hands. Coach Qiushui helplessly, “Okay, I take it, but I won’t use the money in it.”

“It’s up to you, then I’m leaving, goodbye!”

“Abe Zhang shrugged. When her heart came, then how she should deal with it is her own business. “Okay… By the way, when will your mother’s request be mentioned?”

Coach Qiu Shui thought of this question. Tina Li won the first place in the freshman competition at that time. That requirement is useless until now. Just let Wumen go up and down once. When did this go out? “I don’t know this, I Mom knows,” “Well, goodbye.

“Abe Zhang went down the mountain. Coach Qiu Shui looked at the card given by Abe Zhang, “Give me the money?”

I’m not going out… This is the first time someone has sent me money directly, so I should keep it.

“Coach Qiushui put this card away, which is a bit special!! … “Abe Zhang, you are leaving today!”

“Tiantian waited for Abe Zhang. Abe Zhang has packed everything. Doesn’t it mean that Abe Zhang is leaving? Tiantian didn’t give up. “Well, I still have a lot to do,” Abe Zhang shrugged For fifteen days, I don’t know what happened to Lu Youwen. What happened to You Shiwen and Nora Wan. Abe Zhang was worried that You Shiwen might have to do it. So Abe Zhang can’t stay any longer and must go out. !! With the current strength, there is no big problem to build your own business empire again. “Then tell me that day

The one who led away the grizzly bear, was it you?


Tiantian asked nervously. She knew it was Abe Zhang, but she wanted Abe Zhang to admit it himself. “Yes,” Abe Zhang was about to leave, and she said. “Really?

Why are you saving me?

Me,” Tiantian has never been so surprised. “You are not too bad, knowing that you let your companion go first,” Abe Zhang said. This is the only reason Abe Zhang saved her. “No other reason?


Not at all?

“Tiantian’s beautiful face was slightly pale. “No.

” “I am leaving.

“Abe Zhang left Wumen. This is just a passer-by for his further study. I may never have the chance to meet again in the future. “Tiantian, what did Abe Zhang say?”

Did he like you to save you?


A few girls ran over. “No, he doesn’t like me. There is no desire for me in his eyes.”

“This is what Tiantian saw herself just now. “How could this be?”

“A few girls couldn’t understand. Tiantian is beautiful, all in one body. Men like it, why would Abe Zhang dislike it?? “Hey, I misunderstood.” Tiantian ran into the dormitory with a loss. Tears have come out. Abe Zhang left Wumen, called Beatrice, and asked her to pick it up at the foot of the mountain. Abe Zhang didn’t want to lose any time on the road. It was better to go back to Lu Youwen and ask about the situation. Suddenly, Abe Zhang was there. Stopped in the deep forest, “Come out!

“Hey, I found us!”


“Behind the tree, twenty men in black appeared. “Are you from Ma Hao?”

“Abe Zhang is not stupid. He was intercepted when he came out. Only Ma Hao has this ability. Only Ma Hao wants to catch himself!! “Yes, Abe Zhang, you are still a little conscious, knowing that these people are mine!”

“A person appears! Yes, it is Ma Hao! He is not worried, but wants to see Abe Zhang being caught by his own people! This process should be enjoyed! “Ma Hao, I advise you to leave !

“Abe Zhang only said this! “Haha, leave!”

No, no!

You defeated me in front of so many people that day and made me faceless, you know?

I want you to die!


“Ma Hao got angry. He still remembers the mockery of the freshmen that day. He still remembers it fresh, and urges him to catch Abe Zhang! “You should say you are not as skilled as people!”

If I were you, I would train hard and then challenge again. This is the most correct and easiest way to gain respect as a fighter!


Instead of using this method to retaliate!

You make me very disappointed!

Because I still take you as an opponent.

“Abe Zhangnong was disappointed. This kind of person is worthy of being his opponent too!? “Haha, just say it if you are afraid, why do you say so much?”



You are so amazing that you managed to break through the level in three hours!

But now I have so many people, you have to stay!

Because you can’t get through!

Ma Hao smiled slightly. These people are all bodyguards that he has raised for a long time! Some of them are very powerful! They teach him all of his fighting. Ma Hao doesn’t believe it, Abe Zhang is just a few days away. What can be improved, the most is improved. In front of 20 masters, a little improvement is insignificant!!! All 20 men in black surrounded! Abe Zhang looked at them and shook his head, “I don’t want to leave dead. !

“I think it’s you!”


This guy actually dared to beat the young master, we caught him and let the young master deal with it!

Twenty people besieged!! Abe Zhang’s eyes were cold, since these people are looking for death, then they can’t blame themselves!!

Chapter 835

is all rubbish! “Haha, arrogant?”

catch him!


Twenty people besieged! Every one of them is a master who can be alone! Together, the Abe Zhang in front of him will be caught without any suspense!! Roar! Twenty people at the same time stretch out their fists to besiege, how terrifying this is What happened! Ma Hao smiled grimly, and even wanted to find a chair to sit down and watch the show. However, facing this kind of frightening position! Abe Zhang shrugged, expressionless, and punched out! This It was his first real hands after breaking through the level!!! Fist rage! One punch weighed eight or nine hundred catties!!! The person hit was shocked! Want to hide, it was too late!!! Boom! He and Like rubbish, I was thrown away by a fist! Falling to the ground, he was already bleeding from seven holes and was seriously injured to death!? One punch actually killed one person? This is? What is this? The remaining nineteen people are already shocked! Ah, what’s the matter?




When a bald head was shocked, Abe Zhang already punched him! It hit his head! Boom! He slammed his body to the ground, his head fell to the ground, just like a watermelon, his skull cracked and blood was already vomiting. , There is no vitality!!! One more person was beaten to death! The remaining 18 people were stunned! “Ah, go, all her mother!


They showed fear. Abe Zhang took advantage of it! As long as all the people are united, then Abe Zhang won’t have the chance to break one by one! Eighteen people are united! But, what do you do at this time? It’s useless!! Abe Zhang’s punch is close to a thousand kilos, and they can’t hold it! So he punches it out, without absolute resistance, it can’t hold it! Boom! Abe Zhang just shook his fist! He didn’t waste a punch! Eighteen people flew out, hit the ground, hit the tree, deep

Knowing that there are still people who can’t get up and down the tree.

Like a broken bamboo!

As if death descended!

The so-called twenty people here are unstoppable!


“This is the person you brought? It’s not very good, it’s all rubbish!” Abe Zhang took out a tissue and elegantly wiped the blood donation from his fist!

He walked step by step, as if death was coming!


Ma Hao was already stunned!

These are the elites in my own family!

Was it so solved by Abe Zhang?


“Impossible, you only have a few days, how can you improve so fast, hallucination!!!” Ma Hao couldn’t accept this scene at this moment!

Heaven to hell!

Abe Zhang’s eyes made him feel scared at the moment!


“You honestly learn your fighting in Wumen, I will not trouble you, but why are you messing with me?” Abe Zhang didn’t plan to find him!

Even in the ring, he attacked himself!

Abe Zhang didn’t plan to find him either!

But at this moment, Abe Zhang cannot tolerate it!

“Ah, it is definitely an illusion, I want to break this illusion!” Ma Hao roared!

His fist was fast, and the strongest blow came out!

This punch can make Abe Zhang unconscious!

This is his ultimate move!

Abe Zhang can’t hold it, he can’t hold it!


It’s just a pity!

Abe Zhang didn’t even look at him, he already slapped him in the face!


Mahao’s eardrum burst, blood flowing!

This slap not only broke his attack, but also caused him to bleed!


Abe Zhang slapped again!

Ma Hao vomited blood and was already lying on the ground.

“You can’t beat me, my family is rich, rich…” Ma Hao was terrified.

Abe Zhang is too strong, he is not an opponent!

Abe Zhang’s murderous intent made him scared!


“Rich? How rich?” Abe Zhang shrugged.

“Very rich! My family’s money…” Ma Hao did not finish.

“Boom!” But at this time, a hurricane blew up in the sky!

Ma Hao looked up, in horror!

The leaves were trembling, and then bowed down by the hurricane. This helicopter is worth 50 million dollars!

Come down from the sky!

There are no such airplanes in his family!

Can’t be customized at all!

Whose is this!

The plane is stable, and one person, Beatrice!

Come towards Abe Zhang!

Ma Hao couldn’t believe it, this is here to take Abe Zhang?


“Master, am I late?” Beatrice stared at Ma Hao coldly!

“Young Master?” Ma Hao only felt dizzy and almost fainted. Abe Zhang is also a rich second generation like himself?


“It’s okay. By the way, he said that his family is rich. You can help me see how rich his family is.” Abe Zhang shrugged and asked.

“What’s the name of the young master?” Beatrice asked.

“Ma Hao!” “Master, wait a minute!” Beatrice began to call to inquire.

So professional.

Ma Hao became even more dizzy.

Only one minute, Beatrice was disappointed

Shaking his head, “Master, his family is a second-rate family, and the total amount of money in the family is less than 30 billion…” “It’s only 30 billion? That’s a little bit less, so what does this little money call rich?” Abe Zhang It’s also speechless.

Ma Hao was stunned. Thirty billion is not considered money?


“That is, his definition of being rich is still in its infancy! Master, you go to the plane and rest for a while, I will solve him,” “Okay!” Abe Zhang shrugged.

“Master, food is ready for you on the plane.” “Oh.” “Abe Zhang, Abe Zhang, I was wrong, you can spare me!” Ma Hao knelt in front of Abe Zhang.

“Spare your life? It’s okay, then let your family die, you choose yourself.” Abe Zhang shrugged.

“Ah, don’t! Spare my life! I don’t dare anymore!” Ma Hao sweated like rain, what did he offend!

“Just be careful in your next life.” Abe Zhang got on the plane!

Beatrice came over, “Ma Hao, your family is less than 30 billion. This is nothing in the eyes of our young master, do you know?” “I know, I know now, I didn’t know Abe Zhang was too Rich second generation!” Ma Hao thought Abe Zhang was a person in the mountains.

A poor ghost!

“Wrong, my young master is the second generation of super rich!” Beatrice broke Ma Hao’s neck.

Ma Hao twitches, and there is horror on his face, “Super, super rich second generation??” Plop!

He is already on the ground!

Only then did Ma Hao realize that he was sh*t in front of Abe Zhang.


“Young master, there seems to be someone over there, are we going to solve it together?” Beatrice found someone.

Abe Zhang took a look and shrugged, “Forget it, take me to Lu Youwen!” “Yes!” Beatrice stared at a place and took Abe Zhang away!


The helicopter goes to the sky!

“Brother, brother!” Not far away!

Liu Li paled, Liu Ge was sweating like rain, and he was also pale!

“It’s horrible, so many people are actually killed by Abe Zhang, and they are still punching one!” Liu Ge couldn’t believe the scene just now!


“Brother, I won’t trouble Abe Zhang anymore. I’m afraid, I’m afraid…” Liu Li’s pale face was scared. Suddenly, she slumped on the ground, and she was already scared to pee.

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